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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. . >> good morning. it's saturday, september 17th. i'm colonel barnard in for chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning. the marine layer is being compressed and as a result the visibility has been reduced. a look at live doppler 7 right now and you notice we have clouds into the east bay. also, a mile and quarter mile
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visibility petaluma, and 4 miles on the coast. so from the exploratorium camera, it's cloudy, 630 san jose, 54 half moon bay. another lack outside you will see the temperatures have cooled in the north bay. 48 napa, 56 livermore. and sfo looking at not only the poor air quality today, the spare the air alert burks for tomorrow, as well. tomorrow should be the hottest day out of the next several. so this morning in the 50s. mid-60s by 9:00. and look how quickly we warm up. i'll have a look at the full forecast in your neighborhood coming up. colonel. >> thank you. family and friends of an elderly woman brutally beaten in a san jose home held a vigil last night. she's hoping she can make a full recovery after a friday attack. we were there and spoke with those who know miss flo. >> a community gathering through songs, prayer and candles. family and friends and the
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community honoring an 88-year-old woman known as miss flo. >> a very devout christian. prayer and singing is a big part of it. >> earlier this week the elderly woman was severally beaten in her home during a home innovation robbery. >> she was beaten beyond recognition to the point that when i first saw her, i had to question if it was her. >> but in a hospital the visit, her nephew said she made remarkable progress. >> she responded to our voices. both her eyes were open. >> how did she respond? >> she smiled and one of my cousins told her i was there, and she mutterd, i know. >> she's a strong woman. her mind is like -- her mind is sharp. she's a young 88. >> the sheriffs detectives arrested 19-year-old zachary cuen in connection with the crime and they are pursuing other leads. there were even prayer requests for the suspect. >> as for ms. flo's family and
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friends, they are hopeful she'll pull through. >> she's a mate try arc in our family. she's small in stature, but her spirit is strong. >> we know now the identity of a mountain view man who was killed yesterday afternoon in palo alto. a projectile came through his windshield and hit him in the neck yesterday afternoon. abc7 news katie marzullo has the details. >> this is the object the chp came flying through the windshield of the minivan, killing the driver. >> while searching the vehicles the officers found a brass, sort of like a plumbing material, like a nut, approximately the size after baseball. >> the 82-year-old was driving north on highway is 01 when he was struck in the neck. his van went off the highway and careened along the center divider before coming to a stop.
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other drivers pulled over and tried to help him, but it was too late. first responders pronounced him dead at the scene. investigators are asking witness toss come forward. hope any they can shed more light on exactly what happened. >> to see maybe this fell off another vehicle, or did this come off from maybe it was kicked off, maybe it was already in the lane and got kicked up which somebody's tires as they were driving by. >> an unusual and terrible accident that cost an innocent driver his life. >> there's nothing he could have done to avoid that. >> two northbound lanes were closed for two hours while chp investigated and cleared the scene. the man indentifying as louis schaefer. >> a suspected carjacker ran from the wreck after this arrest in berkeley. a the s.u.v. hit a car and a house on sixth street staying persistent. witnesses saw a man run away from the vehicle. officers captured him as he ran toward a moving twain. an officer was hurt while
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arrest, the suspect. >> you see on this map where a baby was shot in his mother's arms in richmond. yesterday morning shooting broke out at second street and bissel avenue. one bullet wounded a man and another wounded the baby more than two blocks away. the baby is expected to recover after being shot in the leg. >> a civil claim has been filed against thezy of oakland on behalf of a young whom who said she's had sex with dozens of bay area police officers when she was underage. the attorney filed the notice. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the story. >> price and bonner filed a $66 million civil claim against the city of oakland, something they announced was in the works earlier this week. >> she's entitled certainly to compensation from each one of the jurisdictions where officers have violated the law and violated her civil rights. >> a spokesman for the city attorney said they cannot comment on pending legal actions. the mayor libby shaft also did
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not comment. 12 police officers are named in the multimillion-dollar civil claim, informing the former police chief. they accuse him of failure to take action when he learned what the officers were doing. they are also planning on filing lawsuits with other police officers connected to the case. >> we have at least five bay area counties of that been implicated in this scandal. >> there were only two officers charged and five others are expected to be charged later. the former police officer lee roy johnson is accused of failing to report child abuse, which is a misdemeanor. former livermore police officer daniel black was also charged. he's accused of participating in participation, lewd conduct and providing alcohol to a minor. they will be in court october 1st for a first appearance. sergio quintana, abc7 news >> we are getting a first look at a gun the santa clara county sheriff's deputies say a man pointed at them before being shot and killed in saratoga. the man held this 38 caliber
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inside his home on monday night. someone called 911 asking deputies to see if the man was okay. they knocked on the door and called him on the phone several times before forcing their way into the house. campbell police are asking for your help to find this man who they say robbed someone's phone. it happened around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. or wednesday afternoon, rather, in the parking lot of a save way on west hopping ton avenue. police say he approached the witness who was sitting in a car, talking on the phone, reached in and grabbed it. the suspect was last seen in this mazda r-8. police believe he was involved in prior thefts at the safe way store. victim was not hurt. this morning there was a warning for parents in the east bay scammers for falsely claiming their children have been abducted and hurt in hopes of getting ransom money. at least two families declare mont metal school in oakland received the frightening phone calls. in both cases the parents called the school and determined their
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parents were safe. fbi calls it it a kidnapping attempt. >> the grandparent was called and said their child at the school was injured, broken his nose and they needed money to pay for the medical treatment. >> now the fbi said parents who get the phone call should hang up immediately, call the school to check on their child. >> a small plane made an emergency landing in a marsh not far from highway 1601 yesterday afternoon. investigate -- highway 101. the pilot reported engine failure around 2:30. sky 7 was overhead after the pilot safely landed in the open space preserve in east palo alto. the two people on board were not hurt. happening today, thousands of people across the state will volunteer their time to clean up our beaches. it's part of the 32nd annual california coastal cleanup day. there are location, statewide.
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the cleanup usually collects more than 1 million pounds of trash off the state waterways. lisa argen is here. it's going to be a great day for the clean up today, huh? >> yeah, we are going to have fog at the beach. you heard about the warmup and spare the air alert with 90s and possible 100s tomorrow. 60s and gray sky from half moon bay, but there will be sunshine along the coast. we will talk about that and how hot it's going to get in a few minutes. >> also next, a new controversy brewing between hillary clinton and donald trump. what trump said about his rival's secret service protection. codogs just won't quit.! neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold.
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>> in fort worth one officer was shot several times of a answering a concerned call about a possible suicide. it was unclear if the police shot him or if service self inflicted. and two people involved in a fatal shootout in west philadelphia. the civilian and the gunman died. a sergeant was sitting in her patrol car when the suspect ambushed here. she was shot 8 times. the gunman ran from officers and shot into are a nearby bar and into a car using a woman as a human shield. officers chased him down in an alley and shot and killed him. the two officers and three other
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people are expected to survive >> put the guns away! she doesn't want guns. lets she what happens. >> a new controversy in the race for president. you just heard donald trump suggesting at a rally in florida last night that hillary clinton's armed guards shoes disarm. he made the suggestion while criticizing his opponent for her stance on gun control. the comments come after trump reversed his position yesterday on president obama's birthplace. abc news reporter chuck sievertson has the story. >> you look at the numbers -- >> from donald trump a full retreat from a longstanding allegation. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> whether trump was expecting credit, hillary clinton's campaign called his statement a sickening display. >> he has led the birther movement to delegitimize our first black president.
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>> it was brutal. >> donald trump is a disgusting fraud. >> this man cannot be elect the. he's a hater, he's a bigot, and he's a racist. >> president obama himself was philosophical. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. >> the first lady michelle obama warned against electing trump. >> the minute that individual takes that oath, they are under the hottest, harshest life there is. and there is no way to hide who they really are. and at that point it's too late. >> a large miami rally friday night a few supporters held up signs blacks for trump. and they said they are exploiting race. >> when they are in trouble they always pull out the racist word. thank you so much. >> in new york city hillary clinton followed donald trump's path to the tonight show where post hillary clinton had fun with the recent diagnosis of
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pneumonia. chuck sievertson, abc news, new york. >> he calls trump's commence about the security guards out-of-bounds, and suggested he was once again trying to insight people to violence. >> the first presidential debate is exactly nine days away. candidates had to have at least 15% support in recent national polls to be invited. there are a total of three debates scheduled. people spend millions to live there and residents of a san francisco highways are paying more money to find out if their seeking homes are safe. the news just learned the homeowner's association at the millennium tower hired seismic and soil consultants the to dig deeper. drilling and other tests will start in two weeks. the millennium is seeking soil tests more than 16 inches. they said they knew about the sinking before the luxury condos went on sale.
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>> millennium had an obligation to disclose that to their future buyers and they failed to do that. that is obviously the subject of litigation. >> the supervisor plans to hold hearings next week to learn more about the high-rises with similar foundations. happening today, the 21st annual international dragon boat festival take place this weekend. it's a a free event featuring world-class dragon boat racing and cultural performances. new this year is the dragon field filled with kid friendly activities, games, arts and crafts. there will be shuttles from the 19th street bart station to lake maric. opening statements start at noon at lake maric in oakland. >> good morning. we are looking at low clouds and fog not only at the coast but locally across the bay. a live look. you will notice we are looking at visibility anywhere from about just a mile and a half in
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petaluma, a mile and three quarters santa rosa. the fog is locally into hayward, as welch it's going to take a little time to retreat burks when it does, temperatures will warm up quickly. 5 3 in san francisco. 59 in mountain view. gilroy dropping down to 49. haver moon way, cloudy skies at 54 degrees. the nights get longer and we are getting closer to autumn, which arrives on thursday. so the temperature went up there to 38 degrees. it's 56 fairfield, 55 concord. did you see the full moon last night? the harvest moon. it's the full moon closest to the equinox that happens on thursday. it's been pretty nice the past couple nights with the clear sky. we are looking at an air quality alert today. poor air quality in the inland east bay and tomorrow it will get worse for the south bay as tomorrow we should see some of the warmest temperatures. heating up. mild to warm at the coast. looks like you will see more sunshine on sunday.
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today looking particularly gray at the shoreline. but sharply cooler, appropriately so. why not? it's as the seasons change. as you check out the forecast hour by hour, through the afternoon the fog is banked up to the shoreline here along the san mateo coast but you might see more sun towards marin here. but elsewhere hooking at the fog, and a shower overnight. could be patchy and dense in spots. tomorrow notice it's full sunshine and temperatures climbing quickly with numbers approaching 100 degrees inland. so if you are headed up to sonoma today, it's going to be a warm one. check it out. temperatures in the upper 80s by 3:00 and then looking at numbers dropping off quickly as that sun sets. so if you want to head to the beach. santa cruz nice and sunny. upper 70s today. the warmest day tomorrow at 80 degrees. still beachy for the next several days. and if we are looking at the activity planner here, notice the seas will be choppy due to
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some gusty on-shore winds. but looking pretty nice for the beach weekend. along the peninsula not so great but swimming inlands, should be a nice pool day. tomorrow 100 degrees fairfield, 99 concord, 87 in may ward. then we look for the hot, still weather monday. tuesday we are much cooler with numbers dropping off into the 70s and 80s. around the bay today 9/11 in san francisco. 82 palo alto. look for 87 in san jose. 90 in morgan hill. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, today it heats up quickly. fog will dissipate for the most part except at the beaches. but tomorrow it's full sunshine and by monday not much change. tuesday and wednesday as we approach autumn temperatures drop off. it should be very nice. we have to watch out for the extremely dry conditions and low relative humidity. >> it was so cool for a while i thought summer had gone away but making a big comeback. >> always.
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>> lisa, thanks so much. just ahead, blasting off into the sky, a daredevil zooms across a massive canyon in a high-speed rocket. and celebrating hispanic american month with our instagram feed. they recently provided 30 years of
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> kitchen transformation can improve a home but only if they are done well. there are common renovations mistakes homeowners make and
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tips to keep you on budget. >> looking to get your most bang for the buck on a kitchen remodel. consumer reports said take care to avoid the biggest budget busters like change youth mind t can drive the dunket up an average of 10%. >> the average kitchen remodel costs around $28,000. spend more time on the design and stick to that plan no matter what. >> don't rely on rough sketches. these days 3d drawings and tools like virtual reality software helps you visualize a space before you even take down a wall. >> you are seeing changes right here then. >> as a veteran kitchen designer, i can't imagine making a large dollar purchase that i will hold on to for decades without having a full sense of standing in that space ahead of time. >> also don't overpay for high-end materials. fore go pricey, exotic marble countertops and less maintenance schwartz ones are top rated by
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consumer reports. and you can get floors with the more durable porcelain tile look-alikes. while looks are important, don't forget function. save room in the budget for improved preparations and improved things hike drawers. >> it's not the sexiest stuff but the little things that you interact with every day that will influence your long-term satisfaction in a major day. >> the kitchen can be a reality if you plan wisely. >> it's also important to do your due diligence about who is doing the work. consumer reports found that a credited contract ther are good at holding down costs of remodeling projects when unexpected problems crop up. check the references of contractors on your short list, and asking clients about their experience and how their work held up overtime. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> thank you, michael. thousands of people joined in on a new-time walk along
5:25 am
san francisco's waterfront yesterday. abc7 news gas on the embarcadero with organizers say an estimated 10,000 people took part in the annual heart walk. among them giants manager bruce bochy. he knows the importance of a healthy heart. he underwent an emergency heart procedure just last year. >> i had a stint put this about a year and a half ago. i lost my father due to heart disease. something close to home for me. >> survivors of cardiovascular disease took part in the walk. it raised $3.5 million for heart disease and stroke research this year. >> kevin durant through out the first pitch at last night's giants game at&t park. and durant also met with hunter pence, crawford and signed autographs for some lucky fans before the game. larry beil will have the game highlights coming up in sports. a professional stuntman has done what legendary daredevil
5:26 am
evil knievel could not. he successfully jumped over the snake river canyon in idaho yesterday. wow! knievel tried the same jump in 1974 but ended up at the bottom of the canyon because his parachute deployed too soon. he spent three years getting ready for the jump and $1.5 million of his own money. he said knievel was his boyhood idol. one area police chief discovered an aspiring police officer who deserves a promotion for just being adorable. san jose police chief sent this tweet yesterday. it includes a disney link about a girl named joe lee to dreams of being a dancing police officer. >> my dream is to be a dancing police officer. i will have a badge and an officer's shirt. and then aim going to dance just like in a pattern. >> we love it.
5:27 am
she said she wants to be a police officer so she can do nice things and help people while dancing, of course. by the way, disney is the parent company of abc7 news. still to come on abc7 mornings, the new plan to get more people to go to angel island. there still isn't any running water here but you can stay connected some in some pretty cool cabins. and one
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codogs just won't quit.! neither does frontline. introducing new frontline gold. with its new easy applicator frontline gold delivers powerful protection that doesn't quit for a full 30 days. its new triple action formula is relentless at killing fleas and ticks.
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frontline gold. the latest innovation from the maker of frontline plus. for persistent protection you can trust... good boy! go for the gold. new frontline gold. available at your vet. >> good morning. i'm cornell barnard in for chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we have against fog at the shoreline. be careful if you are headed out this morning for a jog or you are at the beach. the fog is also in the north bay a live look outside. you see isolates pretty dark out there. we are looking at the longer night. the sun not coming up until 6:54. temperatures, they are mild in san jose at 60.
5:30 am
57 in oakland, 53 in san francisco. but looking at the cooler numbers in the north bay with the fall, 48 napa, 56 in livermore. and sfo you can see if the distance there with the marine layer. spare the air alert today. poor air quality for inland east bay with the warmest temperatures today and tomorrow. then look what happens in the south bay tomorrow. your air quality decreases, as well as the temperatures go up. sod to upper 80s in the south bay. we will see 90s in the inland east bay. mid-70s in oakland. and a look in detail at the rest of the weekend coming up in a few minutes. cornell. >> thank you. president obama is calling on republicans in congress to do their jobs. in his weekly address he says he wants them to focus on funding, funding the fight against zika and providing resource toss help the flood victims in louisiana. he said solving these problems is within our reach. >> we just need a congress that works as hard as you do.
5:31 am
at the very least we should expect that they should do their jobs and protect us from disease, help us recover from disaster, keep the supreme court above politics and help our businesses grow and hire. >> president obama will make a speech at the annual legislative conference phoenix awards dinner in washington, d.c. first lady michelle obama will also be there. >> and there's an investigation launched into as well as fargo where where the bank opened millions of fake accounts. it is questioning documents relating to the bank's controversial sales tactics. the department of justice has already issued subpoenas to the bank as part of a federal investigation. stump will answer to the senate banking committee at a hearing on tuesday. happening today, the national a.i.d.s. memorial in san francisco will comeme rate 25 years of remembrance, healing and hope with a special ceremony.
5:32 am
the state senator mark leno and the supervisor scott wiener will be there. it will pay tribute to friends and loved ones lost to hiv-aids a boulder will be unveiled, dedicated to the city for its leadership. it starts at 11:00 this morning at the memorial in golden gate park. and there's a whole new level at one state park in the bay area. a deluxe camping upgrade is planned for angel island. >> you do not get a interview of the bay than here at angel island. >> she is leading a tour of angel island, a job she loves. >> it's not a job, it's an adventure and i love meeting all the people that come out here. >> it's a place many locals and tourists have never seen and that's a problem. >> not everyone knows what we are and who we are, but we would like to change that. >> the park superintendent amy wants to boost attendance. she hopes knew, sleek, modern cabins like these will be a draw. more than a dozen cabins big enough to sleep four to eight people will be. but on the east side of the
5:33 am
island near the historic immigration station. >> there's quite a few folks for whom camping is a barrier. that could include not having the equipment -- >> no stove or running water, but technology, yes. gorgeous views and rustic charm. what more could you want? but let's not get carried away completely. we are told every cabin will have a usb port so you can charge your phone and stay connected. the cabin project is targeting millennials who want the camping experience without roughing it. >> we have some pokey stops too. >> really? >> of course. >> these guys, who visit every month, say not a bad idea. >> my wife and i like to go glamping anyway so we will probably come and use the facilities. >> it's hard to appreciate everything you have around you if you are inside of this decked-out place. >> as for the tour guide kimmie, you should cam out in the
5:34 am
wilderness. >> reservations will be required. price for the glamping trip, still to be worked out. >> help appears to be on the way to keep tahoe blue. the u.s. senate has approved a bill that calls for spending $10 billion on water quality projects nation quite over the next decade, including $415 million for the lake tahoe restoration act. . >>. >> abc7 news reporter eric thompson has the details of a new venture that could fast track students toward college. >> they called him mr. are october because of his postseason heroics at the plate. but on this friday in september, reggie jackson was talking about the importance of science and technology education to students of color. >> as a minority, you do not get a fair opportunity, you do not get a fair shake. >> but sometimes you do get a little star power.
5:35 am
money from silicon valley and input from a local community college to help give these kids a nudge along the way. >> the focus on technology because there's such a significant lack of any kind of minority population and tech nothing. >> it's true african americans and latinos make up less than 5% of employees at the major tech companies. he hopes to help change that. it's a joint venture between silicon valley software giant sap, oakland and the city college. the goal is to get more kids of color involved in the tech industry. that's not new but this is. students in the academy will be allowed to take courses with credits at no cost, and after they graduate they have two yers to complete their associates agree for free. >> we are hoping they can get like at least a couple semesters worth of college credits before they leave so they will have a real edge. >> and they also become our employee base later. so it's a good one for all.
5:36 am
>> i want people to know my name and what i did. >> i want to make sure is america continues to lead the world in computer technology science. >> everyone involved expects to give back be more than they get, especially the tech industry, they believe it creates greater profits and prosperity. abc7 news. abc7 news was on san francisco's howard street yesterday which was shut down for a big tech conference. oracle open world starts tomorrow at the moscone center. some treats will remain closed until next saturday. hundreds of people are expected to turn out for this week's surplus department's auction in sacramento. the department houses all of the property seized by law enforcement agencies, used horse saddles, computers, car parts. it's all up for auction after being retired from state offices or seized in busts. the auctions bring in about
5:37 am
$100,000, with i is used to keep the state department -- the state surplus department going. it holds five public auctions every year. thousands of fans are getting ready for beyonce's concert tonight. it's her second stop of the formation tour in santa clara at levi's stadium. if you don't want to deal with traffic, caltrain is offering hourly service from the mountain view stationy you can ride to the stadium. tickets still available starting at $89 each. the show starts at 7:30 tonight. and still ahead on abc7 mornings, a man loses his wallet on a bay area freeway. chp officer who went above and beyond to help him. and here's a live look from our abc7 news roof cam. lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes. she's going to tell us how summer is making a big comeback. you need that sunscreen for sure
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>> a new ucla study says california's drought could last indefinitely. this is the new normal according to researchers. state researchers are now talking about water storage which could be the key to keep california going through the drought. >> it's a complicated system of water governance and water rights. i think we are moving in the right direction on how to think more realistically. but there are folks that need to change their thinking a little bit and be a little more regional. officials hope to come up with ground rules by the end of the year on how to use the state's $2.7 billion water bond, which was approved by voters in
5:41 am
2014. ♪ >> happening now, the monterey jazz festival kicks off their 59th year. the all-weekend event features more than 100 performances spread out across 8 stages on the monterey county fair and event center. the tickets are still available. it kicks off today and tomorrow at noon. it's going to be a lot of fun. i went to that a couple years ago and it was chilly because it gets really foggy down there. but the sun is making a comeback, right? >> yeah, it is. we will see more sunshine along the central coast but very foggy along the shoreline this morning. check it out, the golden gate bridge, low visibility here. low 50s. and strong rip currents and surf height at about 8 feet. it's going to be awfully dicey at the coast. we will talk about the warm to hot temperatures, the spare the air alert, all in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also next, the nightmare is over for buster posey. his two-month home run drought has finally ended.
5:42 am
larry beil has the highlights coming up in sports. and the emmys are tomorrow afternoon on abc7. coverage starts at 2:00 p.m.. the awards begin live at 5:00 and you can catch a reply at 8:00 p.m.
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it's about time the taco... came out of its shell. it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury. you can never tell from the outside just how many warm, flaky layers are on the inside. but let's just say it's more than ever. share the warmth of grands biscuits, now with even more flaky layers it's baking season. warm up with pillsbury.
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>> welcome back. in sports, lots of college football. all three bay area schools are playing today. you want watch it here on abc7. cal hosts texas at memorial state. you can watch that game on our sister network espn. and san jose state faces utah as cef the-c eu stadium, home of the spartans. kickoff at 7:30 p.m.. and tonight cardinals battle the
5:45 am
giants. and last night the giants got a win over st. louis. here's sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. searching for answers. manager bruce bochy cancelled batting practice thursday night and the giants beat the cardinals. if it works once, you try it again. all right. no b. p. again last night for the giants. as allen iverson once said, practice? we are talking about practice? kevin durant threw out the first pitch. the warriors training camp starts at the end of the month. that will be fun. and the third inning. giants load the bases without a hit and then there's a pit. buster posey, two runs score and 3-0 san francisco. brandon belt to the gap. posey and hunter pence both score five. giants add another run. they explode for a 6-0 heed. posey's last homer came two months ago. longest drought of his career.
5:46 am
snapping it in the fourth. good-bye! the two-run homer. the giants one up on the mets and three up on the cardinals in the wildcard chase. how about a's and rangers in oh, wilbur. go google mr. edwards. it will be good for you. and high and deep and aloha! off of cole hamels. a two-run jack. his 38th. 2-0 a's. and ryan mats son. that's a fair ball down the line. jonathan lucroy doubles home. and joey, the walk-off win for the rangers. 7-6. once upon the time the tables were reversed. stanford wanted to be buc. and now stanford and they will meet tonight at 5:00. stanford beat the trojans twice last year. that was the third game of the season in los angeles.
5:47 am
and a pack pac-12 title game. that was wide cat, worn wild, christian mccaffrey. 207 yards rushing. caught another one. usc got crushed in their opener, and upsetting stanford would be big. >> it's really about what we've been preaching. this is game of technique, toughness, togetherness and trust. this is the one that you preach since last december. we are looking forward to seeing exactly where we are in this game. this will be a game to kind of test us and see if that work paid off. >> so it's stanford and usc here on abc7 at 5:00. stick around for after the game around 8:30, 8:45. mike shumann and yours truly will have the highlights from the day in football and live post-game interviews from the stadium. another twist in the anthony davis story with the 49ers. didn't make the trip for sunday's game with the badgers.
5:48 am
he apparently suffered a concussion thursday in practice. he took last year off following previous concussion issues. supposedly ponderd retiring again last week. who knows if and when we will see anthony davis again in the red and gold. one more reminder, stanford and usc right here at 5:00 kickoff. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and let's check your weather with lisa argen. good morning. >> hi there, cornell. all those evening games looking at some pretty nice weather. at stanford temperatures pretty much in the 60s and dropping through the 50s. as we look at live doppler 7, notice the fog into the east bay and the low cloud deck is getting more and more compressed. that's why we're are looking at four-mile visibility along the coast. just a mile up to the north, santa rosa and petaluma. the worst conditions up here but this will retreat quickly and we will a sigh not only sunshine in san francisco but approaching 70 degrees later on today.
5:49 am
53 in the city. 60 in san jose. 49 in gilroy. and we are going to sea the clouds cling to half moon bay today. but they are going to pull back temporarily around stinson and also down around the central coast. it's 48 in napa. 56 in fairfield. 35 a concord. livermore 56. we do have another spare the air alert today and likely another one tomorrow as the air quality decreases. relative humidity takes a hit. and the upper elevations looking at an offshore flow. inland east bay looking at the poor air quality. unfortunately we will be looking at the high fire danger. this is what happens, of course, here in september. warm conditions at the coast. better beach day tomorrow. full sunshine for everyone. and we will look at sharply cooler conditions as the seasons change. as you know, thursday autumn begins. looking at our cloud footprint this morning. you will notice that by 4:00 we still have low clouds and fog
5:50 am
right along the san mateo coast. but it will quickly clear on out for your sunday. so we get it back sunday morning, and then look what happens. pulling back and we are looking at a pretty nice afternoon. still cool, still comfortable at the shoreline. looking at 78 today in the northern sierra. nice day there. 96 in fresno. the jazz festival 67 with afternoon sun. los angeles 80 degrees. 96 in vegas. we will be looking at temperatures tomorrow even warmer, and sweltering, you could call it. numbers about 11 degrees above average for san jose on your sunday. 10 degrees above average for oakland. and check k it out. napa, you will be into the mid-90s. it should be about 80 degrees. concord, 99 tomorrow. 15 degrees above average. so you want to plan accordingly for all that heat tomorrow. today upper 80s in san jose. so looking above average but not as warm as it will get tomorrow. so highs around the bay, and elsewhere 85 in cupertino. look for 78 in san mateo.
5:51 am
64 pacifica with the clouds. 79 downtown in the north bay. 83 novato. in the east bay 81 miranda. 76 in oakland. you head inland look at the mid-90s from antioch to livermore. accuweather seven-day forecast, 62 at the coast. the hottest day tomorrow. still toasty on monday. look at the big change on tuesday. wednesday, thursday autumn arrives and friday we are comfortable. you can get all the information, the changing weather conditions when you download our abc7 news app. very easy to track all that fun stuff. >> the summer's big finale this weekend. >> yeah. >> all right. shots of sunshine for sure. lisa, thank you. you have heard about acts of kindness among strangers. here's one that breaks the mold completely. b. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman reports from vacaville. >> an unforgiving no man's land populate bid the broken down or the desperate. last friday night he fit the
5:52 am
latter category. >> all my money was for the week, all the money we had was in the center divide. >> he's an auto mechanic and father of two who made the common mistake of leaving his wallet on the roof of the family car. >> went over the blum and happened top glance in my rear-view mirror and saw everything just fell out of my wallet once it hit the ground. >> and the chp officer james moral who doesn't often receiver calls about people crawling around on the highway median in the dark on their hands and knees. >> i thought he was broken down or out of gas, something like that. >> he said $200 meant everything to the man with a family living paycheck to paycheck. >> everything is accounted for and every nickel gets spent pretty much. it was a huge loss for us. >> but there's more to the story because officer moral is second generation chp and there was something about john's polite that touched him. he noticed a cash machine nearby. while john filled up, the
5:53 am
officer withdrew $60, walked over and gave it to him. >> because that's how i was raised. my parents taught me to help everyone in every way that i'm able to could and that's again the reason why i got this job. i wanted to help everybody. >> i was pretty thankful and got a little choked up about it. because he doesn't know me from adam, you know. >> they know each other now. two strangers met by bad luck, good will, and an act of kindness on a busy highway. near vacaville, wayne freedman, abc7 news. >> awesome story. next, a big day tore canine lovers in the south bay. let's plan for this year's bark in the park. >> when it happens where you live, thousands of itt customers stranded after the customer announced it's shutting its doors immediately. the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. in hayward, menlo park, in sunnyville, live in
5:54 am
san francisco. we have your story. choose the news that matters where you live. ch
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>> is here are the winning numbers from last night's mega-millions drawing. . >> a ticket purchased in illinois matched all six numbers. but there was a big bay area winner, too. a ticket purchased at a liquor store in castro valley matched five. that ticket is worth nearly $757,000. >> happening today, the largest dog festival in the united states will happen right here in the bay area. more than 15,000 dog lovers and nearly 4,000 dogs will be at bark at the park festival in san jose. there will be a dog costume contest, dog training and vendors selling treats and other services. money raised from the festival
5:57 am
benefits local humane societies and animal care centers. it all starts at 10:00 this morning at william street park in san jose. >> coming up next on abc7 mornings, a prayer vigil for miss flo. the latest on the recovery of a woman brutally beaten in her san jose home this week. and a man is killed in a freak accident on a bay area freeway. accident on a bay area freeway. what the chp says flew through the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. honey, is the internet back yet?
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>> good morning. it's saturday, september 17th. i'm cornell barnard in for chris nguyen. let's start with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >>. morning. we have dense fog as the cloud
6:00 am
deck is compressed due to high pressure. four miles visibility half moon bay. looking at more low clouds in half moon bay. 60 san jose. golden gate bridge very foggy heading to the approach out of marin. 61 santa rosa. we are looking at poor air quality today. tomorrow the spare the air alert. likely both days. you can see the santa clara valley getting worse air quality tomorrow. we will be looking at 90s in our inland east bay. a quick warmup today but still fog at the coast. cornell. >> thank you be so much. family and friends of an elder will i woman brutally beat nen san jose held a vigil last night for her. they are hoping miss flo can make a full recovery after monday's attack. our reporter spoke with those there who knew miss


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