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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 17, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. new overnight, disarming comments. donald trump calling for hillary clinton to be stripped of secret service protection. >> she doesn't want guns. take them. let's see what happens to her. >> this just hours after his birther backtrack admitting president obama was born in the united states. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. pain at the pump. the pipeline leak causing price spikes from texas to new jersey, gas shortages and lines around the block. six states under a state of emergency. how much more you could pay to fuel up. undercover video. abc news obtaining new police video from the investigation into the murder of a well-known fsu professor. his ex-mother-in-law's encounter with an undercover agent.
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>> i don't know what you're talking about. >> the very latest on the case. ♪ i'm on the edge and rocket man. the hollywood stunt artist who did his idol one better. completing the jump that evel knievel could not. eddie braun speaking to "gma" just moments after his amazing feat and what he's going to do next. ♪ the edge the edge hey, good morning and we're going to start here with the new developments overnight in the ever changing and often mind-boggling race for the white house. >> donald trump who is currently in the midst of a firestorm over his extremely belated disavowal of the false birther campaign that he perpetuated, well, he came out with another line of attack overnight. >> yeah, it happened at a rally in florida where trump was accusing clinton of wanting to take away people's guns, then he said, maybe her secret service
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detail should disarm and, and i'm quoting here, let's see what happens to her. >> it's not the first time that he's been accused of inciting violence. we have team coverage covering both of these brewing controversies this morning, but let's kick things off with abc's devin dwyer in our washington bureau this morning. hi, devin. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. donald trump supporters see sarcasm in this latest allusion to violence, but to the clinton campaign, it's unpresidential and downright dangerous. >> welcome to all of you deplorables. >> reporter: donald trump overnight in florida mocking hillary clinton and suggesting a controversial experiment to put her in danger. >> now, you know she's very much against the second amendment. she wants to destroy your second amendment. i think what we should do is she goes around with armed bodyguards like you have never seen before. i think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons.
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take their guns away, she doesn't want guns. take their -- let's see what happens to her. it would be very dangerous. >> reporter: trump didn't explain what he expected to see, but his critics say he's suggesting violence after last month stirring up a firestorm for this. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks, although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> reporter: clinton favors new gun control laws but says she does not want to repeal the second amendment and on friday she blasted trump for his rhetoric. >> let's reject the cynicism, the bullying, the divisive rhetoric that my opponent uses to make us afraid of each other. >> reporter: now, there's been no official clarification from the trump campaign. clinton's campaign manager overnight called trump's latest comments out of bounds and disturbing and called on other republicans to denounce him. dan and paula. >> all right, devin, thank you. and hours earlier in the day, if
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you remember, donald trump finally put that birther issue to rest about whether president obama was, indeed, born here in the u.s. and the president himself weighed in on it. abc's mary bruce joins us from the white house. hi, mary. >> reporter: hi, good morning. well, with just 52 days till the election, donald trump's highly choreographed about-face comes as he's courting african-american voters. he's conceding the truth about the president, but as he drops one false theory, he's spreading another one. after championing the conspiracy theory for five years, donald trump is finally admitting what has been true all along. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: a reversal but no regret and no questions. >> are you going to now apologize to the president? >> reporter: and while trump tries to close the birther book, clinton is saying not so fast. >> his campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. there is no erasing it in history. >> reporter: clinton is trying
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to turn the tables after her battle with pneumonia, and she has backup. >> a candidate is not going to suddenly change once they get into office, and there is no way to hide who they really are, and at that point it's too late. >> reporter: for years trump led the smear campaign against the nation's first black president. >> i want him to show his birth certificate. >> reporter: and when the president did release his birth certificate, trump took credit. >> i'm very proud of myself because i've accomplished something that nobody else has been able to accomplish. >> reporter: even recently trump still wouldn't say if obama was born in the u.s. >> is he a natural born citizen? >> who knows. who knows. who cares right now. >> reporter: and the president, jon karl asked what he thinks. >> your reaction? >> i, jonathan, have no reaction. i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were, as well. >> reporter: the question now is whether trump's change of heart will have any impact.
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the latest polls show two in ten americans believe the president was born in another country. now, as for that apology, no one here is holding their breath. the white house press secretary says the president doesn't care much. dan and paula. >> two in ten still believe that, interesting. all right. thank you, mary. let's get more on all of this with abc news political analyst lz granderson who joins us from l.a. this morning. hey, lz, thanks for being with us. let's start with trump disavowing the birther movement five years after the fact, even though he personally helped spearhead the thing. does his statement yesterday have any chance of putting this thing to rest for him? >> probably not because the clinton campaign is not going to let him put it to rest. you know, this is a very useful tool, because as secretary clinton said, he was sort of the figurehead for this movement, but this is a conversation in regards to president obama that actually began in the first campaign, if you recall, sarah palin sort of insinuating he wasn't a real american and
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there's a real america and there's this sort of fake america that president obama represented. this is all part of the othering of the first african-american president, and i doubt severely that secretary clinton lets this rest because it's an effective tool to keep minorities and others away from donald trump. >> yeah, it's probably not going to help him with that minority vote, which he needs. okay, so deliberately or not, lz, trump has, this effect, changed the conversation from his comment overnight that maybe hillary clinton's bodyguards should disarm, that's what he said. of course, he's made a long string of controversial comments and bounced back every time. do you think this time is any different as we're 52 days away? >> of course not. i mean, this -- we could have an entire series based solely upon the controversial things that donald trump has said that people like me and you have said, well, this is the final straw, this is the final nail. this is the thing that's going to put donald trump away. what his supporters have shown is that they're going to go with him until the bitter end. the conversations from now until november is always about the
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movable middle, and they aren't really moved by what donald trump sort of throws against the wall. they're more moved by the views of hillary clinton and whether or not they think donald trump's temperament is enough for them to get behind. >> yeah, if we only had a dollar for every time we thought it was going to hurt him and never did, we may be millionaires by now. lz, thanks for joining us. and a reminder, everybody, you can hear more from lz as well as political contribute matthew dowd in the livestream "straight talk with matt and lz" this monday at 7:00 p.m. eastern. >> it's a great show. reminder, you can download the abc news app and get livestreaming breaking news reports from the campaign trail at any point. we are now though going to move on to another story, it's the gas crisis that has six governors declaring states of emergency. it all started after a pipeline leaked that is causing price hikes. crowds are now lining up at gas stations afraid the supply will run out, and abc's kendis gibson is in new york city with a look at how big of an impact this could have for all of us. kendis, good morning to you. >> reporter: dan, good morning. it could be a painful couple of
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weeks for drivers straight up and down the east coast as well as many in the south. this is a major pipeline and it remains out of commission this morning and will be for some time. these scenes all across the country, gas shortages, lines around the block at stations and panicked drivers. >> all my money is going to gas. >> reporter: six states declaring a state of emergency because of possible gasoline supply disruptions after 250,000 gallons of oil was found leaking into this pond in alabama. >> i feel like we're being charged unfairly. >> reporter: drivers now forced to wait in long lines to refuel and gas prices, well, those are expected to increase as well. >> you know how it is, times are hard anyway, so gas is going up. yeah, it's going to make a big impact. >> reporter: the colonial pipeline, which delivers nearly 40% of the east coast's gasoline stretches from texas all the way to new jersey and is now being repaired by nearly 700 workers but the damage at some pumps may already be done. some stations in tennessee and georgia have seen prices go up by 30 cents a gallon.
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>> this could quickly turn into a problem of finding gasoline over the weekend and into early next week. >> reporter: hard to believe, right. while right now the national average price of gasoline is about $2.18 a gallon, that is still down significantly from the same week last year, but with all of the problems taking place right now in the south, we can no doubt expect that price to tick up. paula. >> yeah, still untimely news for those that are struggling, a possible 30-cent hike. kenny thomas, thank you. and there are big concerns this morning in florida where a massive sinkhole opened up draining radioactive water into an underground water source. our linzie janis is here and there are many worries about what this could do to people's tap water. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the residents near this toxic sinkhole are extremely concerned about their drinking water, and they say the worst part is it was weeks before they found out the problem existed. inside this gaping hole in the earth at a central florida fertilizer plant, more than 200
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million gallons of wastewater laced with radioactive chemicals is seeping into the water table below. this morning, neighbors are outraged and terrified of their drinking water. >> first word that comes to your mind when you hear radioactive is cancer. >> yeah, i got kids. i don't want them drinking it if it is contaminated. >> reporter: famed activist erin brockovich joining neighbors in criticizing the company's handling of the leak including a nearly three-week delay before the public was notified. on her facebook page, brockovich writing, "this is a crime against humanity. this could destroy the groundwater resources in this area forever." >> any time you have a discharge of the acidic wastewater, it's something to be concerned about. >> reporter: mosaic, which operates the plant, says it did notify the state back in august and activated a containment well telling abc news, "we went well beyond our regulatory reporting requirements" adding, "there was no announcement because testing shows no contamination outside
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of the 1,600-acre site." >> the water is safe to drink, and it will remain safe to drink. we are assuring that the recovery is capturing all of it. >> reporter: mosaic says it is working around the clock to recover the toxic wastewater. but warns the process could take months to complete. mosaic is offering free water tests for people who have wells in the area in order to ease their concerns. i know i would be having one of those tests. >> absolutely. >> but the same fertilizer plant had the same exact thing happen 20 years ago. it was under different management. it took nearly a year to clean up and cost $7 million. >> what a nightmare, especially for anybody who has kids. >> very scary. >> bottled water. >> i'm stunned by the massive size of the sinkhole. >> and all of that toxic water, yeah, going into it. >> quite an image. linzie, thank you. we're going to go to ohio now where they're investigating whether they may have a serial killer on their hands. shawn grate facing a judge on murder and kidnapping charges via video link, he was arrested after one woman's
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desperate call for help. her story is truly harrowing, and abc's ryan smith has the latest on the case now. >> reporter: this morning, suspect shawn grate held on a $1 million bond and facing double murder and kidnapping charges. >> do you understand the nature of the three offenses charged in the complaint, mr. grate? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: police arresting the 40-year-old after receiving this disturbing 911 call on wednesday. >> does he have a weapon? >> he's got a taser. >> reporter: that same woman helping law enforcement officials locate the suspect in this suburban ohio home where she allegedly was being held captive. >> where is he? >> that's him sleeping. >> he's still sleeping? >> serial killers don't stop until they get caught. >> reporter: authorities searching the property making a gruesome discovery. >> police found two bodies in the house where the suspect was found. >> reporter: those two bodies belonging to these women,
7:14 am
stacey stanley and elizabeth griffith. stanley's son demanding answers. >> i would like to know the reason why he took my mom's life. >> reporter: grate, who did not enter a plea during the hearing, allegedly leading police to the remains of a third person at this burned down house more than an hour away. >> the police need to continue to have a conversation with him. you're going to have to go to every jurisdiction he lived in and look for any missing persons case in or around that area. >> there's no reason for people in this county to live in fear. their families want justice. i want justice. >> reporter: for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, ashland, ohio. >> all right, thanks very much for that report. we do want to say a warm welcome to nick watt. we're going to join you in just a little bit with a wonderful story, right? >> excellent. i'm here. >> i know. waiting in anticipation but first we want to send things over and check in -- >> filling in on the "pop news"
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desk, but let's get the actual news. >> the actual news. >> with dr. ron claiborne. what's happening? >> i'll let you know in a second. here it is. >> we're here. >> we're going to begin with breaking news this morning out of philadelphia, west philadelphia where an ambush style attack leads to a fatal shooting spree. one victim was killed and five others shot including two police officers. police say it all began when the suspect shot a female officer in her patrol car hitting her eight times in the arm. he then led police on a chase firing into a bar and a passing car wounding several more people and killing a woman inside that car. finally police fatally shot that suspect. another officer injured in that shoot-out. police do not yet know a motive for those shootings. also overnight, an amtrak train outside of los angeles evacuated as a passenger reported to be carrying a weapon barricades himself inside one of the cars. passengers called police saying that an armed man was on board that train. all 187 passengers and 5 crew members safely exited the train. the suspect is now in police custody. and in chicago, a former police officer has been indicted
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on federal civil rights charges for allegedly shooting at a stolen car full of black teenagers while he was a police officer. that shooting almost three years ago was caught on camera, a video that the city sought to keep from becoming public. a judge later released it to the media saying it showed a reckless and callous disregard for human life. and a midair scare when a spare cell phone battery began smoking on a delta flight just after it took off from norfolk, virginia. that flight ended safely. the plane landing in atlanta after a flight attendant poured water on the battery. this happened the same day the company agreed to an official recall of the samsung galaxy note 7 cell phones because of more than 90 reports of overheated batteries. and pulitzer prize winning playright edward albee has died best known for the drama "who's afraid of virginia woolf." albee was considered one of the greats of his generation. he died at his home in montauk, on long island here in new york. he was 88 years of age. and finally, this is a great
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story, cameras catch a robber as he cleans out the cash register at a children's center in indio, california. i'm smiling because of what happens here. >> okay, thank you. i was wondering. >> here you see it. the man is dropping down from the ceiling. >> this is not a happy store. >> hang on for the ending. patience, paula. he opens the cash register and takes the money and runs down the hall to the exit. here's the register, it was a toy. >> it looked like a toy. >> yeah. >> even better, all the loot that this guy got, allegedly got or actually got -- >> i don't think you need to say allegedly at this case. >> we've been going over this. that was fake money too. >> if we have video evidence such as you're presenting in this particular story, you're right, dan, we don't need to say allegedly. you just like to cover your tracks, don't you? >> weather next. >> weather next. speaking of tracks and covering and all that -- >> you don't want to have a legal argument? i can't imagine why not. >> yeah. >> you guys can go about it while i trach care of this business. we take you to illinois overnight. we had some rain, some wind, some hail right on the border there actually and it kind of
7:18 am
bled over to missouri where they had some flash flood warnings overnight, a couple of inches of rainfall with some storms rolling through there, even some power outages further away in indiana, indianapolis, specifically all with this front pushing across the mississippi river. we'll get into the ohio and tennessee valleys really today and tomorrow. it's a slow mover, so expect a fairly wet go of it here and tomorrow along the i-95 corridor actually could use the rain. we often talk about southern california for the extreme drought. we have extreme drought in upstate new york and new england. one of the driest summers on record. we have rainfall deficits, about 10 inches in boston and more than 16 inches in manchester, so we'll maybe get an inch or two out of this. beautiful day, although it will get really warm tomorrow. at the coast, we'll see patchy fog. sharply cooler, though, as the seasons change. the air quality, not so great
7:19 am
today and tomorrow. in fact, high temperatures today, any where from the 60s at the shoreline to the mid 90s inland at hunter tomorrow. >> if you didn't see it last night, a beautiful full harvest moon. we'll have some pictures of that and you can see it almost full tonight and i think nick watt is here. >> yes. >> have we mentioned nick watt is here? >> a strange guy sitting at the end of the desk. >> you're not strange to all of our viewers. we usually see you on the west coast. thanks for joining us here on the right coast, i can say, new york, but it's great to have you. >> thank you very much. listen, i'm an older, gnarled version of sara haines. >> that's okay. >> i'll do my best. in that's one way of putting it. >> but just as brave as the man in the story you're going to tell us about, right, nearly as brave? >> no, this guy, this is a stuntman who was a lifelong fan
7:20 am
of evel knievel. he tried to emulate his lifelong hero. usually these stories end very badly, mercifully, not this time. ♪ the edge yep, eddie braun just jumped over snake river canyon, idaho, in a rocket. >> i would never do this again. it just sucked. it hurt. it was hot. it was uncomfortable. >> reporter: he nailed an audacious leap that the great evel knievel famously failed over 40 years ago. braun told us yesterday the why, oh, why. >> i met evel knievel as a small child, and he inspired me so much when i met him. >> reporter: really? this much? >> i mean, this was a man with a cape. come on. >> reporter: a hollywood stuntman, 30 years. brown's doubled for the likes of charlie sheen in "navy seals" and now this. 2,000 feet in the air, 400 miles
7:21 am
per hour, holy smokes, he's only gone and done it. >> now the emotion is going to sink in, but right now it's just, you know what, we did it. listen, i got to go get a job tomorrow because i just blew $1.6 million on a rocket. >> i mean -- >> how much? >> that's a lot of money. >> $1.5 million. >> maybe he should take sara haines' job. >> and he also -- >> stop. >> he wasn't sure he was going to make it. he spoke to like his little son and said, okay, if daddy dies, you have to give your sister away at her wedding. >> yeah. >> that's what he said? >> if that's what you're thinking, just don't do it. >> well, you know what, stuntmen are wired a little bit differently, i'm assuming, than most of us. yeah, he has four kids. we spoke to him yesterday on "gma." we were like, people might think you're crazy, but this is something that he's always wanted to do. >> thank you, nick, for helping us boost the testosterone quotient here on the desk. >> some estrogen, please, please. coming up here on "gma" this saturday morning, abc news obtaining a new police video from the investigation into the murder of a well-known fsu
7:22 am
professor. how police went undercover to try to find out who was behind dan markel's death. plus, a woman thought she was getting a free trial until she got slapped with the bill and asked for help from the abc news fixer. the mistake that you need to look out for. >> the fixer. "good morning america" is brought to you by prevnar 13. when i was diagnosed with pneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it.
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they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. good morning, the first annual dragon boat festival takes place this weekend, cultural performances. new this year, the dragon land, a kid filled pavilion filled with kid friendly activities. if you take part, there will be
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shuttles to lake merit. opening ceremonieceremonies. here's lisa argen with the forecast. >> we still have fog out there. in fact, haze to san jose and 53 degrees in san francisco. we're looking at low clouds this morning, staying with us throughout the morning hours. it is a spare the air day again today, 82 in palo alto and the hottest day will be sunday. >> the news continues now with
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welcome back to "gma." happening right now, donald trump under fire this morning accusing hillary clinton of wanting to take people's guns away and then saying, maybe her secret service detail should disarm and then, quote, let's see what happens to her. the clinton camp calling those comments, quote, out of bounds. also right now, expanding the zika zone. overnight the area in miami beach that's under the virus threat tripling in size. president obama calling out congress to pass a funding bill to fight zika now. and a drone deluge. the faa saying that it gets more than 2,000 requests for drone licenses and registrations every day. the agency expecting more than a million people will have commercial drone pilot licenses by 2020. they say in the not too distant future we could look up and see millions of unmanned drones in the sky. >> i think that may actually happen.
7:31 am
>> yes. >> i feel like someday they're going to look back at video clips of the people talking about gee-whiz stuff around drones and it'll be like looking back at the news anchors talking about the internet in the 1990s. do you have one yet? >> what, the internet or a drone? >> i get way too many e-mails from you, so i know you have the internet. >> i have attempted to fly a drone and just as i'm awful at manning like a joystick of a video game, i can't man a drone. >> what go you do, crash? >> crash every time. crash the drone. >> i hit a man in the park the other day with a drone. i have a little drone, and it went up his pant leg. >> gosh. we're going to start here on a much more serious note. abc news got an exclusive in a high-profile murder case. >> we've obtained never before seen police video showing an undercover officer posing as the brother of an alleged hit man, all in order to get information about the murder of a popular fsu professor. the state attorney telling abc overnight the investigation is ongoing.
7:32 am
they will, quote, continue all avenues are exhausted and all those involved are held responsible. abc's matt gutman has more on the latest twist in the search for evidence. >> reporter: this morning the revealing police interviews. >> so there was this joke, he said, you know, i looked at hiring a hit man, and it was cheaper to get you this tv. >> reporter: and the family suspected in a murder for hire assassination. in july 2014 somebody shoots famed fsu law prof dan markel. >> he's inside. the car is running and he's got blood all over his head. he's not responding to me. >> reporter: police didn't have much to go on, but they did have that one lead, which came from the neighbor who called 911. he said that he saw a light-colored car that looked like a prius back out of this driveway and head down the street. investigators call in his ex-wife, wendi adelson. they had had a "war of the roses" type divorce. ten months after the murder police get a lead on that hybrid. police charge two miami felons, luus rivera and sigfredo garcia with markel's murder but who put
7:33 am
them up to? >> i would be investigating charlie adelson. >> reporter: charlie is wendi's big brother so law enforcement sets up a sting against wendi's family finding her mother in miami. the burly man posing as the brother of one of the alleged hit men. >> he's going through some rough times and i want to make sure you take care -- >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> she has the paper, they're walking away. >> reporter: the adelsons never pay the money, but police say the sting sets off phone calls and conversations including one in which charlie, police say, allegedly tells a girlfriend they should make the mysterious messenger disappear. "you better kill him because he's going to be a big problem. if you can't do it, i'll have someone else do it." >> the working theory of the case is that the reason for this homicide was due to the bitter divorce that was ongoing. >> reporter: but prosecutors so far still don't have enough evidence to indict any of the adelsons. lawyers for charlie and his parents say police accusations are fanciful fiction.
7:34 am
for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, tallahassee. >> a very layered story. thanks to matt. so we want to bring in abc's senior legal correspondent, sunny hostin. sunny, thanks for joining us. as we said, this is very layered. so the police have recommend ed charges against charlie adelson who was the brother and his former girlfriend. he even said charlie, the police say, he allegedly tells the girlfriend as you heard in that piece you better kill him, make that mysterious messenger disappear, but the state attorney is declining to press charges. why? >> so far. there is a different standard. the police, you know, don't have to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. that's a very, very high standard. the police standard is only probable cause and so my -- i suspect that the prosecution is still investigating this case. they have a lot, but they don't have enough to go forward. let's remember, this is a murder charge. very, very difficult to prove without eyewitnesses, without dna, without a smoking gun. >> right. >> we have had some arrests and some charges brought.
7:35 am
do you suspect there are things going on behind the scenes that we can't see? >> absolutely, dan. when i was prosecuting cases, we would get questions from the media all the time, questions from the family members all the time. you really can't tip your hand when you're in the middle of a murder investigation. i really suspect that we're going to be hearing much more from this case going forward. >> sunny hostin, great to have your analysis on a saturday morning. we really appreciate it. >> it's my pleasure. >> i hope to see more of you. and let's get it back over to rob for another look at the weather. hey, rob. >> hi, dan, hey, paula. again, social media just pictures like this. look at the harvest moon here. this, of course, one world trade. just a beautiful big old full moon lighting up the skies where you had a clear of it. you'll see it tonight again, not as full. 8:00 p.m. eastern, 5:00 p.m. pacific looking at sc taking on the cardinal of stanford, 81 degrees at 5:00 p.m. pacific time. that kickoff time should be a good one on abc. a lot of college football games. a little offshore wind there keeping things warm and offshore
7:36 am
winds across southern california for a red flag warning next couple of days and a fire weather watch come monday. upper level low here may spawn a couple of thunderstorms and may spark some lightning and, again, windy conditions expected here especially inland. it will be on the warm side. meanwhile, we're talking tropics. this is what what's left over of julia. not going to do a whole lot but rip currents are going to be an issue here, maybe some beach erosion and watching karl and another system a >> this weather report is brought to you by listerine. >> thank goodness. >> you've got to sit right next to him. thank you, rob. coming up on "gma," how a free trial offer turned into a case for the abc news fixer and what you need to know before you hand over your credit card
7:37 am
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here you go. i got this. i get cash back so it's like everything's on sale. with the blue cash everyday card from american express you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. everything's on sale! a home shopping show takes place on a sailboat. that's the one! banana boat dessert on me. look at you being all lactose tolerant. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. we've all been tempted by those free trial ads you see on the internet. >> speaking from experience, dan?
7:41 am
all right, but one "gma" viewer who signed up expecting to pay just shipping and handling found out that it was just the beginning of a credit card nightmare, so she turned to -- >> both: the fixer. >> that's right. the abc news fixer for help. ♪ >> christie serritella of chicago says she doesn't usually click on online advertisements but one in particular sounded like a good deal, a free trial of eye gel as long as christie paid $4.95 for shipping and handling, but when the package arrived -- >> there was a full size face cream and a full size eye cream. >> and then another surprise. christie checked her bank account. two debits had gone through for $89 and $92 going to two companies that christie had never heard of. she says she didn't realize it but when she signed up for a free trial, it turns out christie had unwittingly agreed to receive regular shipments of
7:42 am
both products, and because she did not cancel the trial within 14 days of ordering, she was charged the full price. >> the amount of the charges were -- >> reporter: she immediately called the company. >> she wouldn't let me say no. like she wanted to try to get me down. like she said, i'll give it to you for $75 a month. and i said, i don't want this product. >> reporter: the company finally agreed to let christie out of the deal, but they wouldn't refund her $183 because they said the free trial had passed. >> i never even tried the product. >> reporter: could the abc news fixer smooth things over? stephanie zimmermann got in touch with the company manager who agreed to refund both of christie's charges, but also told our fixer that the free trial, it kicks in when you first hand over your credit card info, not when you get the free product. >> we've seen this free trial model with all sorts of products, things like e-cigarettes or diet supplements or moisturizers, the consumer is thinking, hey, it's a free trial, it's only $4.95 for shipping and handling, but they have to be really careful and read the terms. >> reporter: as for christie,
7:43 am
she's glad to be free of her free trial. >> it's fixed. thanks, abc news fixer. >> yes, it is now a wrinkle-free says. if you have a consumer problem for -- >> both: the fixer. >> -- the abc news fixer, you can find her at >> well, maybe when we come back from the break, there will actually be professionals anchoring this newscast. we'll see. >> highly doubtful. >> maybe. >> probably not. coming up here on "gma" -- quick doable tips for helping your kids cope with back-to-school stress and anxiety in our "weekend download." and "fifty shades" versus "star wars." which was the bigger force in the online ad war? nick will have it straight ahead. >> i know the answer. >> don't tell anybody. >> it's a tease. >> yes. >> so people keep watching. >> yes. >> i got it. answer. >> don't tell anybody. >> it's a tease. >> yes. >> so people keep watching. >> i got it. would try to put his face in it all day. yeah you love it, don't you? you love it so much! i feel like when he eats beneful,
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time for "weekend download." we're right in the thick of back-to-school season, a time that can be very stressful for kids, so here with some quick tress-betting tips, emma seppala, ph.d. author of "the happiness track." hello, great to see you. >> hello. >> devil's advocate, isn't a little bit of stress healthy for kids? >> a little stress is just fine, but chronic stress is going to actually damage their productivity. chronic stress decreases your attention and your memory and it makes kids more fatigue, and it also impairs their decision-making leading to risky behavior like smoking. >> so, what is the smart play for parents in this situation? should we encourage some stress or should we tell kids to ease up? >> well, you should definitely encourage your kids to follow their aspirations and dreams but you should also teach them that grades are not the sole predictor of success. >> i got a lot of ds in high school, so i'm happy to hear that. how can we teach our kids to be more resilient in the face of stress, which really is inevitable. >> that's a great question because parents don't always teach their kids how to deal with stress. for one do some calming activities together.
7:48 am
go to yoga class, learn meditation together, take walks in nature, go for hikes. the second thing you can do is to take care of your own stress by modeling a balanced lifestyle and by creating a calming atmosphere in your home, you're teaching your kids every day. >> that's such a great point because it's hard to have happy and calm kids when the parents are not happy or calm. >> absolutely correct. >> emma seppala, thank you. that is emma seppala, author of "the happiness track." and if you want to hear much more of my conversation with emma, check out the 10% happier podcast, which is available on or on apple podcasts. and we'll be right back with "pop news." we'll be right back with "pop news." to do something nice back. maybe your aunt sent you a crocheted scarf, you sent a thank you note... and the crochet just kept on coming. well, at carmax, you don't have to return the favor. they'll buy your car even if you don't buy a car from them. because feeling obligated is uncomfortable. and tight. in places it shouldn't be. carmax won't make you feel that way.
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♪ "good morning america" is brought to you by general mills cereals. time for "pop news." what was the name of that woman who used to do "pop news" around here? >> the blond. >> stop. >> sara haines. >> sara haines. >> there we go. >> from iowa. >> anyway, nick watt is filling in, old friend nick watt from
7:53 am
our l.a. bureau, the man. what's cooking? >> sara haines, old news, people. we're going to start now with "star wars." now, that movie might have some of the most die-hard and dedicated fans in existence, but you also have to remember that plain and simple fact, sex sells and that might explain why the new trailer for "fifty shades darker" just set a new record for the most views online in a single day racking up 144 million usurping the previous record holder, which was "star wars: the force awakens" with 112 million. this saucy sequel starring jamie dornin and dakota johnson opens in theaters just in time for valentine's day. >> who saw the first movie? any of you? >> please. >> 20 people. >> no? >> no. >> no, i didn't see it. nor did i download the trailer. >> have you read the books? >> i read the books for research. yes, because we were interviewing a lot -- >> what kind of research? >> research. needless to say, i had a baby nine months later, so there you go. >> ooh! >> how does that work?
7:54 am
>> you know that this is going out on television, right? >> oh, yes, hi, everybody. go back to nick. >> all right. moving on, before this gets even worse, now, lots of us say for granted, lots of us are hooked on our morning cup of coffee and a new survey is shedding light on just how much we love that caffeine jolt. the for fun only online survey done for staples found that almost a third of employees said they would rather streak naked through the main street of their town than give up coffee for a year. more than half of those asked also said they would give up sweets forever over coffee forever, and 25% said that they would go without their smartphone for eternity or give up their yearly vacation time just to keep coffee in their lives. >> wow. well, ron claiborne actually streaks naked every morning before he has his morning cup. >> any survey where an option is "x" or streak naked, do we take that seriously? >> no. >> no.
7:55 am
>> absolutely not. >> we take you seriously. >> no, you don't. >> no, we do, honestly. >> that was your first mistake. >> the coffee is tlishs this morning. thank you, guys. >> yes, it is good coffee. >> okay, okay. now, the lovely sara haines warned me i had to bring you food. so we have food this morning. behold the latest creation from burger king, cheetos chicken fries. taking a lead from their successful cheetos mac and cheese, the recipe swapped potato for poultry and adds cheese puff dust to bring it on home. early reviewers praised their satisfying crunch. >> this is dust from heaven. it is so good. >> oh, wow. >> cheetos meet chicken. >> there's not enough in there. >> there's not enough dust, as well. the best thing about cheetos, you know when the dust gets stuck to your fingers and you have to chew it off. >> your fingers off, right? >> just try one, dan, but dip it in the buffalo sauce. >> i don't have buffalo sauce. you guys got the buffalo sauce? >> nick, thank you for bringing food. >> excellent. >> and, sara, we do
7:56 am
miss you, don't listen to this cantankerous one over here. >> love you, nick. appreciate it. thanks for being with us on a saturday morning. >> you have ranch? >> if the bosses allow us, we'll be back tomorrow. we'll see you then. tomorrow. we'll see you then. good morning to you. happening today in the national aids memorial, remembrance, healing apds hond hope with a i special ceremony. scott whiner will be there. friends and loved ones lost to
7:57 am
hiv and aids. it starts at the memorial if golden gate park. thousands of fans are getting ready for beyonce's concert, her second stop in santa clara. she was there back in may. if you don't want to deal with the traffic, and there be a lot. cal train is offering hourly service to the mountain view station, where you can ride the bta oh to the stadium. $89 tickets still vague. the largest duck festival in the united states, happening in the bay area, more than 15,000 dog lovers and nearly 4,000 dog also be at bark at the park. festival in san jose. there will be a dog costume contest, treats and other services. money raised benefits local human societies. it starts at 10:00 this morning down in san jose. lisa argen has your forecast. >> good morning, cornell.
7:58 am
it will be warm in san jose. you can see the clouds. it was 80 yesterday, about average. 87 forecasted high today. 54 in half moon bay. 53 in san francisco, walnut creek, you can see the sunshine. santa rose say, 58 in nevada, 58 in livermore. temperatures in the low 60s. shoreline, partly cloudy, and we'll be in the mid 90s, and poor air quality today and tomorrow. cornell. >> up next, a prayer vigil for miss flo, an elderly woman brutally beaten this week. a man is killed in a freak accidents on a freeway. what they
7:59 am
8:00 am
let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning to you, i'm cornell bernard. it is saturday, september 17th. let's start with a quick look at the weather. here is lisa argen. >> good morning. low clouds and fog that is bringing reduced visibility up in the north bay, any where from a mile to less than that up in santa rosa. we'll look for that continue to pull back. in emery, it is gray. good morning, mountain view. 53 in san francisco, and east bay hills camera, you can see the fog from down below and that


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