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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 17, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. the early indications, the initial indications is this was an intentional act. breaking news, an explosion rocks the streets of new york city, officials there on high alert as they try to determine what happened exactly. i'm eric thomas, the incident happened about five hours ago in the city's chelsea neighborhood. 26 people were injured, one seriously, make that 29. crews are looking at possible device. live from the news room. lisa? >> reporter: eric, a scary night for new yorkers as the authorities now investigate the discovery of what may be a second explosive device a few blocks away from the original explosion site. the mayor explaining tonight, new yorkers will not be
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intimidated. the explosion rocked the area. >> it shook the ground and everyone ran out of the restaurants and the street, the whole city was in the street. >> and we heard a loud boom, you're in the city so we're used to a lot of loud noises but all of us had the feeling that something was wrong. >> reporter: something was very wrong, as those close to the explosion suffered cuts from flying glass, the explosive device could have been hid in a dumpster. mayor de blasio quick to dispel the idea of a terror attack. >> we have no indications of a terror attack, but we do want to be clear this was an intentional act. >> reporter: the mayor said the authorities saw the explosion on 23rd street, authorities will not confirm if this was a bomb. but while dealing with the crime
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scene, a possible second device, a pressure cooker, was found on 27th street. it has wires and tape around it. which is why the investigators deemed it suspicious. >> i have lived through 9/11. and you know, it was a concern for humanity. >> this is my neighborhood, not a tourist attraction, just the middle of the city and it does frighten he. >> reporter: now, this is still a very fluid situation, i'll moderate the latest developments in new york, we'll have more for you later. thank you, lisa. president obama has been briefed on tonight's incident but has not yet issued a formal statement. yet tonight hillary clinton addressed what happened to her traveling press and stressed the importance of not jumping to conclusions. >> well, i think it's important to know the facts about any incident like this. that is why it's critical to support the first responders, the investigators, who are
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looking into it trying to determine what did happen. >> reporter: donald trump offered another response, just moments after the explosion at a campaign event for colorado. >> i must tell you just before i got off the plane a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what is going on. but boy, we are living in a time we better get very tough. >> new york city officials and the fbi have not said the explosion was caused by a bomb. officials say another explosion at a 5 k race in new jersey this morning doesn't appear to be connected to the event in new york tonight. the race to benefit citizens was cancelled after a pipe bomb went out, it was found in a raceway area, going off where thousands of runners were about to start the charity race. luckily the race was delayed because so many runners had had signed up. nobody was nearby when the bomb
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slow exploded. >> had the race gone on, many people would have been there where the cans were, and it could have been terrible. >> it was obvious it was meant to affect the run. >> new jersey state police and the fbi are working together to find out who is responsible. even though the incidents happened thousands of miles away san francisco police are taking no chances. late tonight they released this statement on both saying although there are no known threats to san francisco, sfpd has increased uniform high visibility presence throughout the city. san francisco police stress if you see something say something. and we have been sending out push alerts throughout the evening about explosions h s in york city, for breaking news, download the app and enable pushl alepush alerts. and here, a minnesota shopping mall is still locked
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down after a man stabbed at least eight people, happening before 5:30 p.m. our time at the crossroads mall in st. cloud. police say the suspect is dead. the detectives don't have a motive for the attacks yet. sploud is about 70 miles north of minneapolis. and the effort to fight sex trafficking, coming just after files of a scandal. sergio quintana talked with the mayor today and has more. >> reporter: this is a street music and art festival with an aim to focus attention on sex trafficking in oakland. >> it is shameful, oakland is one of the hubs of human sex trafficking. but it would be even more shameful to be silent about it. >> reporter: on friday, charges against a former oakland police officer and a former livermore officer were filed by the
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alameda county district attorney the first of seven to face criminal prosecution in the sex scandal. also today, the mayor commented on the $6 million lawsuit filed. >> we have tremendous compassion for the victim in this case. we will work through the process. this is active litigation, so there is not a lot i can say to you about the lawsuit. >> reporter: the organizers of this event say they're trying to empower residents to take action against all types of exploitation. >> awareness is everything, and an aware community is a community who is less at risk for exploitation. >> reporter: along with this music and art festival there is also a website called report that was launchlaunche >> they can do it on the web, the mobile phone, the smartphone, and then put it on the license plate, the sight they have seen. >> reporter: it allows them to
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report to the special victims unit, the owners of vehicles spotted in areas known for exploitation and trafficking will get a warning letter. >> the power of shame and exposure can be just as effective in stopping this poor type of behavior. tough stories there, something to smile about here, it was a gorgeous warm day across the bay area, a live look now from our central tower showing you the lights across san francisco, and guess what, a warm day tomorrow. and eric, the final weekend of the summer is not disappointing at all. the warmer spots got well into the 90s today. overnight tonight it is going to be mild. as you look at your morning planner hour by hour on your sunday. first thing at 7:00, patchy fog, getting wiped away by 9:00. we are warming up rather quickly, lower 80s inland and 70s around the bay.
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hotter temperatures to finish off the weekend. we'll let you know how hot we get tomorrow and more importantly, when the cooler weather arrives. just hours before the start of tonight's game in berkeley, a two-alarm fire put out a lot of smoke downtown. mike finger, a reporter from texas, shot this video just before it started around 3:45, beginning in an historic building. nbc was there as firefighters worked to get it under control. the uc berkeley theater offices are inside. people living next door had to evacuate for their own safety. >> thick clouds of smoke, and i saw it from my son's window as well, so i just hurried up and grabbed our things and got out as quickly as possible. >> the fire was tough the put out, one firefighter suffered a minor arm injury, nobody else
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was hurt. and police in san francisco are looking for a man who attacked a person with an axe today. te victim was loaded into an ambulance, the investigators said he was hit in the chest. the suspect ran off as the victim made it to a safeway. police say it started as a dispute over a card game. and donald trump taking heat for his off the cuff remarks, what he said that still has some demanding answers. also ahead, suing samsung, reports of the phones exploding and catching fire. and they helped him recover from a brutal beating. the message from a fan to those who brought him back to life. and returning here with the 68
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before tonight's incident in new york it was another day on the campaign trail for both candidates. donald trump doubled down on his startling statement about abc reporter elizabeth hur has more. >> not one more american life should be given up in the name of open borders. >> reporter: donald trump back on the stump and back on track with his signature issue. >> every day our border is open, innocent americans are needlessly victimized and killed. every day sanctuary cities are left in place and americans are in harm's way. >> reporter: earlier, he suggested putting her in harm's way by disarming her secret
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service detail. >> take their guns away, let's see what happens to her, it would be dangerous. >> reporter: it is not clear if it was just rhetoric, trump accused her of opposing the second amendment, which she denies. she wants more gun control. clinton addressed the black caucus group. >> mr. president, not only do we know you're an american, you're a great american. >> are you going to now apologize to the president? >> donald trump has yet to explain friday's abrupt reversal. >> president obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: after years of suggesting president obama was not a natural born american, trump will have a chance to explain at the first presidential debate now just a week from monday. elizabeth hur.
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and a florida man is now the first to file a lawsuit against samsung, the suit contends the galaxy exploded in his front pants pocket. he claims he suffered severe burns trying to remove the phone from his pants, the lawsuit asks for medical bills paid, and pain and suffering, samsung has caused a third of the phones to injure people. and a man recovering after a fatal beating outside dodgers stadium, we were there today for the reunion, stowe suffered brain damage and other injuries after the attack. he had to relearn how to talk and write. today he spoke in a clear voice as he thanked the rehab staff and those who help him every day. >> my caregivers, amazing, coming there at 8 or 9:00 a.m. and help me two to three hours. first they stretch me, help me
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get dressed, shower, bathe. >> stowe has become a public speaker through the brian stowe foundation and talks to kids about bullying two or three days a week. abc news was at the vallejo park as people picked up track for cleanup day, one of several sites in the bay area being cleaned up today. last year more than a thousand volunteers cleared 16,000 pounds of trash from across the city. they keep pollution out of the bay area's important water ways. now, your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. and tomorrow we are in store for a hotter afternoon than we had today and one of the main ingredients you need for a hot day is the absence of fog. and live doppler 7 is showing me we have mainly clear skies across the board the only exception being a patch of fog near monterey. but that is about it. so a shady picture outside, a live look from the east bay hills camera.
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it is busy tonight, with great visibility in the city. it is just sparkling tonight. so the forecast will call for a spare the air day sunday as the temperatures continue to rise with poor quality inland and south bay you thought today was warm. tomorrow will be even hotter on your sunday afternoon, and then if you're not a fan of these warm temperatures you will absolutely love tuesday. tmperatures will tank as we get into mid-week. out there right now, current number, 50s the exception, we have a lot of 50s, 60s and 70s so we're in store for a very mild overnight period across the bay area. so let's plan the day hour by hour, by 7:00 a.m., we have a little bit of patchy coastal fog limited to the immediate coastline. it's out here very quickly, 90 inland, mid-70s around the bay and by 4:00 p.m., we are just warm to hot across the entire region, triple digits likely
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inland, 80s around the bay, you can get the app coming in handy as you plan your day tomorrow. a closer look at the highs tomorrow, 90 in santa clara, hot in san jose, 95 degrees, 95 morgan hill, cupertino warm, 86 redwood city, mountain view, even the coast, half moon bay mild at 74 degrees, the average high this time of year, low 60s, 77 downtown san francisco, warm in the city tomorrow, 70 for daily city, even the sunset at 70, 92 napa, 74 sausalito, bodega bay. and san leandro, even richmond, 80 degrees. here we go, the central mark in brentwood, and livermore, 99,
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antioch, stay hydrated, lots of water in the heat. the giants game afternoon, the 70s at at&t park, even at the raiders game in oakland, take it easy out there. if you can do that exercise first thing in the morning. that is the coolest hour. here is the accuweather forecast, tomorrow hot out there. take it easy, enjoy, it's the last season of the summer season, watch what happens tuesday, eric, these numbers just drop, sharp and cooler, and by wednesday, below average, perfect timing for fall's arrival on thursday. and now, all indications friday into saturday, temperatures going right back up. and saturday we can see a repeat of some heat right here again in the bay area. >> thank you, i think. pal, summer. fall -- maybe winter it will be stable. >> and we'll get some rain soon.
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still ahead, one incredible show in the sky, see one photographer's incredible view of the northern lights. you know, there is concern over growing number of stoned drivers in the bay area. some police believe the problem will only get worse if the state's marijuana any passes. tomorrow after the emmys we take a
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. back now with a spectacular show in this sky, this is video shot earlier this month in denali national park in alaska, the photographer stayed up all night to capture this beautiful time lapse. look at the color, gosh, the northern lights, the park is only accessible in the summertime, which is just about over. but football it's here.
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>> and cardinals improved to 2 and 0, with a big win over
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abc 7 sorts brought to you by river rock casino. connecting off a little college football, stanford hosting ufc, and once again, the crystal mccaffrey show, you know stanford is going to give the ball to mccaffrey. so how does he become so wide open? off the pass, mccaffrey back to return a bunt, blocked into him,
11:29 pm
could have been dangerous, he had a hamstring the rest of the game, fourth and goal, 165 rushing yards in the game, 260 total, ronald jones touchdown, making it a one possession game. michael rector, he is fast, 56 yards, ryan burns through for 109 yards, stanford didn't need him. 2 and 0. always great to win against southern california, we like to take every game as they come, and win every game, thankfully we were able to come out on top today. >> the story typically is, the tough guys, the athletes against ufc, you really watch, you have good athletes, michael rector, nobody could catch him. >> all right, cal with first home game of the year taking on
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number 11 texas, chris warren iii, bulldozes his way for a score. longhorns going up 17. 29 yards, 31-28 texas, not long after cal takes the lead, web to see favorite target. pretty pass to the corner, 23 yards, 33-35 bears at the half. in the fourth, foreman up the middle. he is gone. 47-yard score, longhorns up 40-35, couple of minutes later, web, the one-yard keeper, they leave 43-40, the bears up 50-43 with about a minute three left in the game. san jose state playing host. kenny potter, one-yard pass to josh oliver. 10-6, sparty, quickry counter, four-play 75-yard drive. utah regains the lead 13-10, 19
11:31 pm
seconds left in the half. 20-10 at the half, 120 receiving yards, zach moss gets the call, san jose state falls, drops to one and two on the season. this abc 7 sports report, coming up, bull pen blows another game, and stick around, we'll see you then. still ahead at 11:00, the latest developments in new york city as officials investigate an explosion there. also an arrest caught on camera at san diego state university prompting protests tonight at that school. what students are angry about. and a mother calls the cops on her young daughter, learn an important lesson about seat belt safety. stay with us, abc
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live, breaking news. we continue to stay on top of that breaking news out of new york city. there was an explosion earlier tonight that injured at least 29 people. abc 7 news reporter lisa gulezian has more. >> reporter: eric, new york city mayor says it appears to have been an intentional act, but nothing to link it to terrorism. it happened in the busy chelsea neighborhood, law enforcement officials say it was left next to a dumpster, law enforcement is trying to find out who was responsible. there was a scare when police
11:36 pm
found out what may have been a second device blocks away, a pressure cooker with tape and wires attached. we just learned it was safely removed. officials say it doesn't appear that the pipe bomb was not a link to this incident, the one that happened in new jersey. nobody was hurt because the start of the race was delayed because so many people signed up. the statement released said although there are no known threats to san francisco, sfpd has increased its uniform presence throughout the city. it goes on to say they are encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities. if you see something say something. also tonight facebook activated its safety check feature so people could let their friends know they are safe. some people criticized the menlo park community because they didn't offer more information involving fatalities overseas.
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>> lisa, thank you, we'll continue to watch for updates on this story, watch for more information at 5:00 a.m. as well as our nbc 7 news app and be sure to enable push alerts. other news now, an errant u.s.-led coalition missile may have hit troops. the u.s. thought it hit an isis militant group and is investigating. a group watch dog group said at least 88 people were killed. the strike led to a disagreement between u.s. and russia. russia said the u.s. failed to coordinate with them. russia said the u.s. was just grandstanding, the incident could impact the civil war in syria. and police say a man appeared to be on drugs and resisted arrest. some are skeptical of the tactics used to subdue him.
11:38 pm
the reporter richard allen has more on the use of force. >> reporter: the cell phone videos of this confrontation between the police officers and a non-student on san diego state campus thursday afternoon quickly went viral. >> get off of me. >> reporter: and reaction among the community members was swift. >> i was disgusted to be honest. >> i think it escalated way bigger than it needed to be. >> reporter: leading to a quickly led silent protest outside the administration building. >> we're not here to attack, just demand answers about what exactly happened. >> reporter: one of the primary questions at least for this faculty member. >> would you use that type of aggression on a white student? >> it is very important we have open dialogue. >> reporter: about 90 minutes after the protest began, the police chief gave some answers while leaving others to be determined by the investigation including the significance of the cell phone videos
11:39 pm
themselves. >> although that is a very important piece, but it's also one piece of the overall investigation. >> reporter: independent eyewitness accounts both before and after provide more context according to police who say the suspect was potentially under the influence of a controlled substance. >> people who are under the influence act erratically and can become violent. >> reporter: police say the suspect resisted arrest. following protocol, the officers stopped him until backup came. police say they share the community's concerns, concerns that are still not entirely addressed according to several protesters. >> it's not really adding up. that is not the way you deal with somebody under the influence. >> is that necessary? >> more than 200 million gallons of contaminated waste water from a fertilizer plant in florida leaked into one of the state's underground drinking water areas. it happened at a phosphate
11:40 pm
company, the spokesperson said that mosaic is monitoring ground water and has found no off-site impact. >> we know that the contamination has not gone beyond the immediate area of the water loss incident. so there is not an urgency. >> why wasn't anybody transparent enough to just say you know what? sinkholes happen, we don't fkno what is going on, so we're working on it instead of doing a massive cover-up. >> the sinkhole is about four feet in diameter, a worker discovered it on august 27th. a gas line spill is threatening at least five states. more on the impact that this could be. >> reporter: all across the country, gas shortages, lines around the block at stations and panicked drivers. >> all of my money is going to gas. >> reporter: six states declaring emergencies because of
11:41 pm
the possible disruptions after a quarter million gallons of oil was found leaking into this pond in alabama. >> i feel like we're being charged unfairly. >> reporter: drivers are forced to wait in long lines to refuel and gas prices will increase as well. >> you know how it is, gas is going up, it will make a big impact. >> reporter: the colonial pipeline stretches from texas all the way to new jersey and now is being repaired by nearly 700 workers. but the damage at some pumps may already be done, some stations in tennessee and georgia seeing prices go up by 30 cents a gallon. >> this could be a problem over the weekend. those scenes are definitely hard to believe, right? the national average price of gasoline is 2.18 cents a gallon, that is down significantly from this time last year, but with all the problems it is expected
11:42 pm
to go up next week. a mother in arizona called the police to help her young daughter learn a lesson about seat belt safety. michelle forten said her 3-year-old daughter, camille, took off her seat belt monday, she pulled over to explain the seat belts. she was not so sure about the incident, so michelle called the cops about the backup. >> yes, it was an extreme choice on my part to call the police but i knew she would remember it and i knew by hearing from a police officer who was a person of authority who my kids respect i knew that would drive the point home. >> and the police said they were happy to help out. it seems to have worked. camille is quick now to strap on the seat belt every time she gets into the car. still ahead, give him a high-tech hand. the innovative prosthetic helping the local innovator reach his dreams. and a warm start to the
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weekend. sharing a ten by ten room,ng threestruggling.nding, i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life.
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the same sort of technology that finds your friends in facebook photos and unlocks your phone with a fingerprint is helping a bay area man with a much different way. we have a reporter who found a man whose left hand was different in its own right. >> always trying to come up with
11:46 pm
a scheme to make money. >> reporter: evan kimbrerl was born with the entrepreneurial syst system. >> when you grow up and have to learn to tie your own shoes. >> reporter: he has lived his life without the prosthetic hand. >> i had one until i was about six or five i think, and then went 22 years without one. >> reporter: that is until he found a micro controller from coap. >> the brain is actually inside the arm. and there are a number of sensors. >> reporter: the ceo says they pick up tiny electrical impulses when evan's brain tells his muscles to flex and translates them into prosthetic moves. he calls it a breakthrough. >> it's turning a light on, it's a big deal. >> every time i used a bottle it would just spray on myself. and it was really obnoxious, but now it's really easy.
11:47 pm
>> materials for prosthetics are getting more detailed and lifelike every day. but for evan, the high tech look seems to be modern. >> i like technology, i may as well just own it. i like the dark look. kids absolutely love it. >> but evan loves the little things. >> i can hold a plate with food and eat it at the same time. >> he can carry groceries, as much as 50 pounds worth and fold laundry. >> now i can actually do that. >> he is already working on new innovations. >> it would be easy to cut a hole. >> the charge has fingers to type on it. in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. that is pretty amazing. let's check the weather now, here is drew. >> a hot afternoon on the way for our sunday, not only inland but even around the bay, a lot of 80s around the board. 80 in richmond, 83 in oakland,
11:48 pm
91 the high in san jose, so we are sizzling in the south bay, 100, you can see there in livermore, 90, san raphael. take a look at the forecast, if you want to hit the coast to the beach. 70, warm and sunny, we do have the risk of strong rip currents. so swim near lifeguards if you can. tuesday, temperatures tank around here, 60s and 70s name of the game in most spots. inland, 80s, cooling down mid-week on wednesday, so the heat will peak tomorrow. accuweather showing a hot day on sunday to round out the weekend. monday, hotter out there, temperatures down hill tuesday, just in time for fall's arrival on thursday, friday, into saturday, like you said, summer,al fall. summer. >> just when you get used to the cooler temperatures, jacket off again and get ready. a little baseball for you, giants on a roll at home taking
11:49 pm
the first two from the cardinals, but tonight, santiago cassin' kay single casilla blew another save. casilla.
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start you off with a little baseball, giants, with a chance to cement their wild card lead, the bull pen, and santiago casilla failed to pull out. giants down 1-0, brandon belt rips a double that scores hunter pence, jonathan taking a 2-1 lead. santiago casilla gets a chance with one out gets the ground ball from grichuk, just out of his reach, scores tied at two. they take the lead shs win,
11:53 pm
giants now tied with the mets in the wild card lead and five back of los angeles in the west. after a heartbreaking walk-off win for the angels friday night, wendell leads off, takes yu darvish deep, 1-0, a's in a flash, now, marcus system sinien, scoring 60 runs in their last six games, 11-2, final, college football, nick saban has only lost to the same team twice while he was in college. ole miss, saban and old miss coach, good friends movie the field. 7-3, rocked by speaks. ball is loose, john youngblood
11:54 pm
picks it up. ole miss, tied. fumbles to ron payne, reaches across the goal line, bama takes control, up 41-30, jonathan allen, 75-yard interception return, 48-30, bama wins, the final. florida state and louisville, cardinals honoring muhammad ali. jackson, two-yard gives the cardinals a 7-0 lead. 28-10 cardinals in the second. assisted by florida state cornerback for a huge game jackson runs it in moments later to make it 35-10, fourth quarter, louisville up, jackson at it again, 47-yard touchdown run, five touchdowns, four on the ground, 63-20, first team ever to put up 60 on the nowles.
11:55 pm
>> means a lot, that's my favorite player, coming from him i was amazed, they told me in the locker room, i was happy. >> all right, only one play you have to see from ohio state and oklahoma, the buckeyes. tj barrett, ohio state goes on to win, a big one, colorado and fourth-ranked michigan, let's try that. before the game, jim harbaugh playing catch. ball bounces around before getting picked up by grant perry, six yards, wolverines on the board, kenny kicks it off his lineman led to another wolverine's touchdown fourth quarter. showing you another colorado punt, i think you can see where it's going. 54-yard punt return for six, michigan 3 and 0 as they win big, 45-28.
11:56 pm
clemson hosting carolina state, 14-0, tigers on the kickoff, harris catches the ball in the end zone, tried giving it to the ref without fumbling. 14 tigers points without any time coming off the clock. 31 points first quarter, second quarter, watson on the run, to mccloud, watson, three touchdown passes, clemson rolls 59-0, longhorn kicker, 35-yard field goal tied at 43 with five and a half minutes to go 3:40 to go, to hansen, 12 yards, 50-43 bears, bears pull off the upset and beat 11th ranked texas, 50-43 the final. this is the abc 7 sports report brought to you by river rock
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casino how about the bears being the top 15 team so they can move into the top 20 first time for a long time. so sonny >> should i ask him about the
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