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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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coast with temperatures in the 40s there. a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. good visibility. half moon bay, 59. and looking at clear skies at the embarcadero. spare the air alert continues third day in a row with poor air quality east bay and south bay. look at the triple digits inland. 90s north bay and south bay. into the 80s on the shoreline. >> thank you. developing news out of new york city this morning. an explosion in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood that has injured at least 29 people appears to have been an intentional attack. surveillance video shows the moment the explosion happened around 5:30 last night. of the 29 injuries, one is considered serious. law enforcement sources say the explosion happened in a
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dumpster, now a mangled piece of metal. new york city mayor bill de blasio says it appears this was not a terrorist attack, though it was intentional. authorities safely removed the possible secondary device, a pressure cooker which was found a few blocks away. >> i was driving a car and then the car tilted over and then came back down. what happened was i just blacked out and next thing i know i'm in the ambulance. i'm a little traumatized. just thought about that i was close to not actually seeing my son again. that was the scariest part of the night. >> mayor of new york, de blasio, says no credible and specific threat to the city. the cause of the explosion has not been determined. president obama has been briefed on the incident, but has not issued a formal statement yet. he's expected to arrive in new york city later today. democratic presidential
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candidate hillary clinton talked about the explosion with her traveling press corps, saying not to jump to conclusions. >> well, i think it's important to know the facts about any incident like this. that's why it's critical to support the first responders, the investigators who are looking into it. trying to determine what did happen. >> donald trump offered a different statement in colorado. >> i'll tell you that just before i got off the plane, a bomb went off in new york and nobody knows exactly what's going on but boy, we are living in a time, we better get very tough. >> new york city authorities are declining to answer specific questions about the cause of that explosion. officials say another explosion at a 5-k race in new
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jersey yesterday morning doesn't appear to be connected to last night's incident in new york. the race to benefit marines and sailors was cancelled after a pipe bomb went off. state police found the device inside a trash can along the raceway. it went off in the area where thousands of runners were about to start the charity race. the race was delayed because so many runners had signed up so no one was nearby when the bomb exploded. >> had the race gone on time, many people would have been around the area of the garbage cans where the explosion did take place and there would have been massive injuries. >> what the intentions of the individual we don't know at this point. whether it's criminal or terroristic. i mean, it's obvious it was meant to affect the run. >> new jersey state police and the fbi are working together to find out who is responsible. even though the incidents happened thousands of miles away, san francisco police aren't taking any chances.
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late last night, they released a statement saying although the -- there are no known threats to san francisco, sfpd has increased uniform high visibility presence throughout the city. and as always, san francisco police are stressing if you see something, say something. we have been sending out push alerts about the explosion in new york city. for breaking alerts, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. and more developing news, minnesota shopping mall is still on lockdown after a man stabbed at least eight people. that attack happened just before 5:30 yesterday afternoon our time at the crossroads mall in st. cloud. police say an off duty cop shot and killed the suspect. all are expected to survive. detectives don't have a motive for the stabbings but say there's no further threat.
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st. cloud is 70 miles north of minneapolis. oakland mayor libby schaaf has helped launch a multimedia campaign to fight sex trafficking in the bay area. this just two days after the first criminal charges were filed against police officers in a wide ranging child prostitution scandal. abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana talked with the mayor and has more. >> reporter: this is the street music and art festival with an aim focus attention on sex trafficking in oakland. >> it is shameful. oakland is one of the hubs of human sex trafficking, but it would even more shameful to be silent about it. >> reporter: on friday, charges against a former oakland police officer and a former livermore officer were filed by the alameda county district attorney. the first of seven expected to face prosecution in the sex scandal and the mayor commented on the $66 million civil claim
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filed by attorneys for jasmine, the woman formerly known as celeste gaup. >> we have tremendous compassion for the victim in this case. we will work through the process, this is active litigation so there's not a lot i can say about the lawsuit. >> reporter: the organizers say they're trying to empower residents to take action against all types of exploitation. >> awareness is everything, you know? and our community is a community who is less at risk for exploitation. >> reporter: along with the music and art festival, there's a website called report that was launched. >> they can do it on the web, smartphone. they put in the license plate and anything they have seen. >> reporter: you can submit anonymous information to the special victims units. they will get a warning letter. >> the power of shame and exposure can be just as effective in preventing this type of
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>> reporter: sergio quintana, abc 7 news. police are looking for a man who attacked another man with an ax near fisherman's wharf. first responders loaded the victim into the ambulance yesterday. investigators say the man was hit in the chest. the suspect ran off as the victim made it to the nearby safeway store. according to police, it all started as a dispute over a game of cards. just hours before the start of last night's cal game in berkeley a two alarm fire put out a lot of smoke downtown. mike finger, a reporter from texas, shared this video taken just after the fire started around 3:45 in the afternoon. it sparked in the courtyard next to the historic mcfarland building. abc 7 news was at university and shattuck avenue as firefighters
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worked to get it under control. the uc berkeley theater offices and a vacant copy store are inside. people who live in the five story apartment building next door were forced to evacuate. >> thick clouds of smoke. you know, i saw it from my son's window as well. and so, you know, i just up and grabbed our things and got out as quickly as possible. >> the fire was difficult to put out because it got in the walls of the buildin. one firefighter has a minor arm injury. and fortunately, no one else was hurt. well, it will be a hot time in the old town tonight. >> yeah. the fog really isn't going to come back for the next several days. that's what helps with us the relative humidity and today, it is dry. right now, live look outside. 56 degrees, san francisco 48. at the coast upper to mid 70s inland already. its above 1800 -- it's above 1800 feet and we'll talk about
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how hot it gets and when fall arrives how cool it will be. that's all in the next seven days. talking about hot, donald trump is taking heat over his latest off the cuff remarks. what he told his supporters that has some demanding answers. and brian s
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before last night's incident in new york city it was another day on the campaign trail for both presidential candidates. donald trump doubling down on his startling statement about hillary clinton's bodyguards. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has more. >> not one more american life should be given up in the name of open borders. >> reporter: donald trump back on the stump and back on track with a signature issue. >> every day our border remains open, innocent americans are needlessly victimized. >> reporter: on friday, trump seemed to suggest putting hillary clinton in harm's way by disarming her secret service detail. >> take her guns away. she doesn't want guns. let's see what happens to her.
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it would be very dangerous. >> reporter: it's not clear whether that's just campaign rhetoric. trump has accused clinton of opposing the second amendment which she denies though she wants more gun control. clinton addressed the congressional black caucus foundation. >> mr. president, not only do we know you're an american, you're a great american. >> mr. trump, mr. trump, are you now going to apologize to the president? >> reporter: donald trump has yet to explain friday' abankrupt reversal -- abrupt reversal. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: after years of suggesting he was not a natural born american. trump will explain at the first presidential debate now a week from monday. elizabeth hur, new york. the vice presidential
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candidates mike pence and tim kaine will go up on one with martha raddatz this morning. you can watch the full interviews on "this week" at 8:00 right here on nbc 7. four people are dead after a charter bus carrying a junior college football team crashed in north carolina yesterday afternoon. it happened near rockingham, about 70 miles east of charlotte. the highway patrol says a front tire blew out causing the bus to swerve and hit a guardrail. the players werefrom two colleges in south carolina. 42 people were hurt. there's concern over the growing number of stoned drivers in the bay area. some police believe the problem will get worse if the marijuana initiative passes in november. tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00,
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we take a closer look at police concerns and the invention of a bay area company which helps to keep the streets safe. giants fan bryan stow thanked the rehabilitation staff that helped him recover from a near fatal beating outside dodger stadium. abc 7 news was at the santa clara valley medical center yesterday for the reunion. stow suffered brain damage and other injuries during that attack. he was in a coma for nine months. stow had to relearn how to talk and how to write. yesterday, he spoke in a clear voice as he thanked the rehab staff and those who still help him every day. >> my caregivers, amazing. they come there at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning and help me for two to three hours. first they stretch me. help me get dressed. shower, bathe. >> stow has become a public speaker through the bryan stow foundation.
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he talks to kids about bullying two or three days a week. a florida man is likely the first person to file a lawsuit against samsung because of those exploding phones. the suit contains a galaxy note 7 phone exploded in his front pants pocket. he claimed he got severe burns to his thigh and thumb trying to remove it from his pants. it seeks medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering and samsung has received 72 reports with nearly a third of them injuring a person. abc 7 news was at oakland's park as people picked up close for clean-up day. one of dozen sites cleaned up yesterday. last year, more than a thousand volunteers cleared 16,000 pounds of trash from parks all over the city. the project helps beautify parks
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while keeping pollution out of the bay area's key waterways. happening today, six miles of san jose streets will be shut down for the second annual viva calle celebration. it's a free program encouraging people to enjoy the neighborhoods on foot, bikes or skates. there will be live music and local vendors all along the streets. the department of transportation is giving away 500 bike helmets to kids. the celebration runs from 10:00 to 3:00. now, your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. usually we show you the fog around the bay and there isn't any right here. if you see any it will be patchy. mainly to the south of us, from santa cruz into monterey. it will be a warm day in santa cruz. well into the 80s. a live look outside, you can see
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another 40 minutes or so the official sunrise. 50 in gilroy. 58 for you, and 59 in san jose. look at this vantage point. nice and clear from our sutro tower camera. 48 in novato. 51 in santa rosa. it feels good out there, except higher elevations have retained a lot of the warmth. that's no wind until later on this afternoon. and with that, we'll -- we'll warm up quicker today. been a slow warm-up each and every day since friday. and today will be the warmest day of the week. five degrees warmer than we were yesterday at this hour in concord. livermore and hayward, four degrees warmer. it looks beautiful here. now another spare the air alert day today with hotter temperatures. much cooler on tuesday. tomorrow, about five degrees cooler from the inland east bay, but more significant cooling as
6:19 am
that sea breeze kicks up and a system drops down from the pacific northwest. so the air quality today of course in our inland east bay and the santa clara valley where it's the warmest locations will have the poorest air quality. fire danger of course. a probability in some areas. so if you have our app you can always look and see if any red flag warnings have been issued. but right now, we do have a beach hazard statement. that too would be on the app where you can see the northwesterly swell increasing current wave heights, five to six feet. look at the rip currents, and with temperatures well into the 70s at our beaches and little to no fog, it's going to be a beautiful beach day. but of course very, very dangerous out there. so where is the fog? well, it's going to be swept away, it's not going to be back until monday on the overnight hours. temperatures closer to the bay and coast will be anywhere from six to eight degrees warmer.
6:20 am
oakland 83 today. average high 75. take a look at napa, concord and san jose. 11 to 13 degrees above where you should be. so temperatures taking a big dip on tuesday. in the 80s and even cooler wednesday. by thursday, fall arrives. it will feel like it. afternoon highs, very warm from the coast. call it mild there, but with very little sea breeze. 84 san mateo. livermore, 100 degrees. five degrees of cooling perhaps inland tomorrow, but the big dip in the temperatures on the tuesday. all these beautiful weekends of september carry the risk of high fire danger. >> that's the down side. thank you, lisa. just ahead, an incredible show in the sky. the breathtaking view of the northern lights captured by a photographer. and abc 7 is celebrating
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hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today we recognize latino futures, brand-new bay area think tank specializing in research and education. focused on the importance of the country's growing latino population. we h
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if you make your house payments on time that should protect you against foreclosure. but a south bay woman with a perfect payment record still got the scare of her life. 7 on your side's michael finney helped her avert a disaster. 71-year-old caroline white bought this house 42 years ago. she has no intention of leaving. >> this is home. it will all be home for all the children and grandchildren. this will always be home. >> to make sure it's protected, she set up her bank account to automatically pay her mortgage every month. >> so i don't have to mess with it. >> reporter: so she was terrified when she received this delinquency notice. it said she was late on her mortgage payments and if she didn't pay $3,100 she could face late fees, foreclosure and the loss of her home.
6:25 am
>> that blew my mind. they said, you owe. i don't owe anything. >> reporter: she checked her bay -- her bank account and just as she thought the automatic payments went directly to her mortgage company right on time. so why did ditech say she was late? >> they said it was a glitch. and that wasn't my fault. >> reporter: she says ditech told her there was an accounting error, it would take time to fix and for now, pay the $3,100. but she didn't have the extra money. >> i don't have the money. i said you've got the wrong sister here. >> reporter: another notice arrived, her account was still overdue. she worried about foreclosure. >> i wouldn't have no house after all these years. >> reporter: she contacted 7 on your side. we asked ditech to fix the mistake and they did. caroline's account is all paid up, no late fees, no foreclosure. just a stable home. ditech says it can't discuss client accounts saying we
6:26 am
appreciate your team bringing this issue to our attention so we could provide a resolution for our customer. >> you better believe it. you better believe it. michael finney is the best. >> reporter: the mortgage company should never ask you to pay more than you owe and we appreciate ditech correcting that mistake. if it happens to you, contact me. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> want to see something spectacular, take a look at this show in the sky. this is video shot earlier this month of the aurora borealis in denali national park in alaska. the photographer stayed up the entire night to catch this beautiful time lapse of the northern lights. you can see all of those beautiful colors. this section of the park is only accessible during the summer. still to come on abc 7 mornings, an arrest caught on camera at san diego state university. it's prompting protests on campus. what students are angry about.
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good morning, north bay. let's get up and going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with the look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, good morning. we're look agent the clear sky out over san francisco. no fog to speak of. and the sea breeze is going to come back pretty late. we'll warm up here in the city significantly. 58 mountain view. it's 46 at half moon bay. here's -- it's clear over richardson bay. 58 in livermore. another spare the air alert. fire danger, always a concern this time of the year. look at the 4:00 p.m. temperatures. 100 degrees inland. we'll get that sea breeze. when is the fog coming back and with fall arriving the temperatures will plummet.
6:31 am
i'll explain coming up. >> lisa, thank you. back to our developing news this morning in new york city, right now an active manhunt is under way to find who's behind the blast that injured more than two dozen people. abc news reporter ray raimundi has the latest developments. >> reporter: the second device has been removed and the mayor of new york city said there's no links to terrorist and this morning we're getting our first look at the surveillance video. watch this surveillance video catching the moments when the blast occurred. look at the debris flying, pedestrians running. >> we heard an explosion. we heard boom! >> it was so loud. it was shaking my body so i turned around and i walked in the middle of the street. it was a big cloud of smoke. >> reporter: police say chaos erupted around 8:30 saturday night. this aerial footage showing the
6:32 am
aftermath of the explosion. debris scattered everywhere. the explosion reportedly coming from a dumpster on the street. >> like a big flash of light. and it was pretty loud. >> nothing going to happen. nothing's going to happen to you. >> reporter: this cell phone video capturing the moment a good samaritan helped a victim, one of 29. >> there's no evidence at this point of a terror connection. >> reporter: but the mayor of new york did say authorities believe the explosion was an intentional act. counterterrorism officers and k-9s searching the area. >> as of this time, the exact cause of the explosion has not been determined. >> reporter: new york city now on high alert with the president expected to arrive here later today and hundreds of world leaders coming to new york ahead of the u.n. assembly starting on monday. in new york, ray raimundi, abc 7
6:33 am
news. breaking news out of the south bay. chp is investigating a fatal accident in san jose. one man day died after he crashed into a tree. it happened before 4:30 this morning off highway 101 at blossom hill road. the chp said that the driver was going 80 to 95 miles per hour when he drove off the freeway. the tree came down on the car and the officers when they arrived. no officers were hurt. a video of an arrest has prompted protests. a man appeared on drugs and resisted arrest, but some are skeptical of the tactics used to subdue him. reporter richard allen has more now on the investigation into the use of force. >> sit down. [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the cell phone videos shows the confrontation
6:34 am
on thursday afternoon that quickly went viral. >> get off of me! reaction was swift. >> i was disguested to be honest. >> i think it escalated way bigger than it needed to be. >> i have never seen that takedown in my life. >> reporter: leading to the silent protest by the african student union outside of the main administration building. >> we're not here to attack, but we want to know what happened. >> reporter: one of the primary questions for the faculty member -- >> would you use that type of aggression on a white person? >> it is very important that we have open dialogue. >> reporter: about 90 minutes after the protest began, sdsu's police chief gave answers and others are to be determined including the significance of the cell phone videos themselves. >> although that's a very important piece, but one piece of the overall investigation. >> reporter: eyewitness accounts both before and after provide more context according to police who say the suspect was potentially under the influence
6:35 am
of the controlled substance. >> people who are under the influence act erratically and can become violent. >> reporter: the man was restrained until backup arrived. they share the concerns that are still not entirely addressed according to several protesters. >> it's not really adding up because i don't feel like that's the way you deal with somebody who is under the influence. >> is this necessary? today is it's the 68th emmy awards, the television academy threw the annual weekend prebash for the nominees. and we asked them their plans for waking up to hitting the big show. >> i think like our girls are old enough, we'll be sleeping in and taking a run. >> just like every other sunday, get ready for church. then we're going to get the glam
6:36 am
going. so it's -- just like every other sunday. >> this year's host is jimmy kimmel. the show is at the microsoft theater in downtown l.a. the emmys air this afternoon on abc 7. coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. the awards begin live at 5:00. you can catch a replay at 8:00 tonight. still ahead on "abc 7 mornings," meet the doctor who's prescribing dance for her patients. and take a live look from our mount camera. a bump up from the temperatures
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hamming today, hundreds of people will fill san francisco's golden gate park for the annual comedy day. it's the 36th year of the biggest single day comedy event. more than 40 comedians will bring out their best jokes including diane amos. past surprise guests have included the late robin williams, whoopi goldberg and ellen degeneres. it runs from noon to 5:00 at sharon meadow. it should be hot hot hot. >> sun not quite up yet.
6:40 am
that's why we're comfortably cool in the 50s. it looks pretty from the golden gate bridge where numbers are in the mid 50s. 59 in san jose. look at the hottest day of the week today with very little fog really through late on monday. i'll have the forecast for you next. >> thank you. also next a controversial ending, the ball is dropped before crossing into the end zone. oh, no. what would have been a game-sealing touchdown against texas. was cal able to hold
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welcome back, everyone. 6:43 on a sunday morning. this is a live look from our east bay hills camera. thank you for waking up and joining us this morning. if you live in the east bay, be prepared for a hot hot hot day. near 100 perhaps in livermore. 97 in concord. what about where you live? lisa will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast. let's check out some sports. both the 49ers and the raiders will try to follow up on last week's big wins. the niners are in charlotte, facing cam newton and the carolina panthers. kickoff, 10:00 this morning. the raiders play their home opener against the falcons at the oakland coliseum. kickoff, 1:25 p.m.
6:44 am
next saturday stanford travels to pasadena to take on ucla. last night, they battled usc and it was at stanford stadium. here's all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. hosting usc in the pac-12 opener. it was the mccaffrey show as the cardinal improved to 2-0 with the victory. you know stanford is going to give the ball to christian, how does he become so wide open? off the play-action pass, 56 yard touchdown. from ryan burns. stanford up 7-0. second quarter, mccaffrey back to return the punt. usc player gets pushed into him. and that could have been dangerous, he had a hamstring issue the rest of the game. mccaffrey was okay, capped off the eight-play guy with a one-yard touchdown. fourth and goal. rushed for 165 yards. he had 260 total. cardinal at the half. 17-3. third quarter, usc opens with a touchdown run. one-possession game but stanford answers. michael rector on the reverse. he's got some speed.
6:45 am
56 yards later, touchdown, for just 109 yards. stanford goes on to win 27-10. they face ucla next week right here on abc 7. >> it's always great to get a win against southern california, you know? we like to take every game as they come. we like to win every game and thankfully we were able to come out on top today. >> and it's the toughest smart guys against the athletes of usc. you watch us, we have some good athletes too. you saw how fast rector was. nobody could catch him. and you saw mccaffrey. he ran by everybody. he was explosive too. >> and now taking on number 11, texas. chris warren in the third, he's going to bulldoze through the cal defense. and the longhorns go up 17-7. then cal takes the lead. davis webb to chad hansen. 23 yards. 35-33 bears at the half. fourth quarter, d'onta foreman up the middle he's gone. 47 yards, longhorns go up 40-35.
6:46 am
couple of minutes later, webb, the one yard keeper. bears went for two. and they lead 43-40. tied, webb to hanson. 12 yards. 50-43 bears pull off the upset and beat number 11 texas. 50-43 your final. san jose state playing host to utah. second quarter, third and goal for the spartans. potter a one yard pass to oliver. 10-6, san jose state. however, the utes would quickly counter. four plays, 75 yard drive. troy mccormick, 16 yard touchdown run. utes regain the lead, 13-10. 19 seconds left in the half, back breaker, troy williams, 40 yard td to patrick. 20-10 at the half. patrick 121 receiving yards. third quarter, zach moss. splits the "d," and san jose state falls 34-17. drop to 1-2 on the season. all right. giants with a chance to cement their wild card lead over st. louis, but once again the bullpen failed to come through.
6:47 am
aly raisman threw out the first pitch. giants down 1-0. brandon belt scores hunter pence. we are tied at one. giants take the 2-1 lead into the ninth. bruce bochy gives santiago a chance with one out. and we're tied at two. get a sac fly and they go on to win, 3-2. giants now tied with the mets for the wild card lead. five back of l.a. that's the way that the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann, have a great day. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning to you. a lack of fog makes for a beautiful sunrise, but in monterey and big sur looking at low cloud and fog. it's warm in southern california. the high fire danger possibility. weather watch all the way through monday. this is a pretty picture.
6:48 am
golden gate bridge there in the background. 58 in mountain view. still nice and cool all around the bay right now. but the temperatures will be well into the 80s before noontime. mount tamm, nice and clear. santa clara 56. so you can see already close to 60 degrees with three to five degrees warmer than yesterday. that's due to yesterday's warmth. it warmed up quite a bit yesterday but today we're going to add on another five to eight degrees. so from the exploratorium camera, looks pretty. a warm day game today at at&t park. another spare the air day. hotter this afternoon for everyone and much cooler air arrives on tuesday. tomorrow, just a modest cooldown. so with our inland east bay yesterday into the 90s. into the 100's today.
6:49 am
a moderate swell out of the gulf, looking at a risk of rip currents and the northwest facing beaches to be very, very dangerous. and talking about numbers in the 70s there. all along the san mateo coast. 80 around marin county. little fog all day long, it's going to about beautiful place to be. even into tomorrow, nice and sunny throughout your monday afternoon. really tuesday when changes arrive. that was the beach look out in santa cruz, numbers will be in the 80s. it was warm yesterday. today. 74 half moon bay. that sea breeze after 1:00, you'll need it with temperatures very warm in the city today. how about the peninsula there, well into the 80s. look for 87, palo alto and mountain view 88. with the numbers warming up there it's comfortable at the coast but we're talking about no relief really until later on in the day for most of you on
6:50 am
monday. so at the ballpark today, lower 70s to start off. upper 70s in the afternoon. highs around the bay, wow, 88 in milpitas. we talked about the peninsula plenty of 80s there. san francisco, upper 70s. 92 sonoma and 93 napa. 84 arun da. how about the art and wine festival over in lafayette, getting hot there today. 100 in livermore. the seven day forecast we are talking triple digit heat today. slightly cooler but the fog doesn't return until the middle of the week. we won't see much in the way of low clouds and fog. but the stronger sea breeze and it's dry right on through fall. so no fire watches officially but you know, you never know. >> keep an eye out. a good idea to have our app. >> yeah. >> you're right. >> thank you. if you love to get out
6:51 am
the dance floor imagine getting that feeling back after years of fighting a difficult condition. for patients at stanford that dream is becoming a reality. kristen sze has the story. >> reporter: finding the rhythm is laugh the fun of dancing. it takes more effort when your body is racked with parkinson's disease. but at a brand-new dance studio at stanford, more than a dozen patients are getting ready to hit the floor with the help of professional dancers. it began with capturing the fluid feeling of expressive dance along with a sense of interaction. >> with the idea that the body is an expressive and deeply feeling part of our lives. get ready for the choreography. here we go. >> reporter: with the tempoit picks up.
6:52 am
it's an opportunity to reawaken memories tucked away in both the mind and their muscles. >> [ indiscernible ]. >> reporter: the program called dance for pd was originally launched in new york but ultimately caught the eyes and ears of dr. stewart who directs the movement disorders center. a former professional dancer herself, dr. bronty stewart says it's well documented. >> plenty of documents that show dance helps those with parkinson's disease. >> reporter: this man was a runner growing up in chile and now struggles just to keep his balance. >> it's making me more optimistic. maybe it informs some of my steps. >> reporter: when stanford began construction on the new neuroscience health center, dr. bronty stewart convinced the
6:53 am
architect to add in the dance center. where they can find rhythm and the renewed sense of freedom. kristen sze, abc 7 news. >> the program was designed with the help of the mark mullus dance troupe in new york. we have more information on abc 7 coming up, adding to her resume. what steph curry's wife
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here with the winning numbers from last night's powerball drawing. at, 19, 51, 55, 62, powerball number is 14. a ticket purchased in georgia matched all six numbers. winning that jackpot. wednesday's jackpot resets to $40 million. winning numbers from $35 million superlotto plus, 16, 20, 22, 33, 41. 6. no one got all six. the jackpot increases to $36 million. happening today, iesha curry will serve as the grand marshal of the grand prix. she is one of the bay area's most dynamic personalities. a perfect fit for such a high energy event. curry will participate in prerace activities today. the gates at sonoma raceway open at 7:30 and the prerace ceremonies start at 2:15.
6:57 am
let's get a final check of your accuweather forecast now with lisa. >> warm weather continues today. we have a raiders game well into the 80s there this afternoon. so stay hydrated. good idea. 91 in san jose and we'll see triple digits inland today. 70s at our beaches, still hot tomorrow. then sharply cooler on tuesday. below average on wednesday. fall arrives on thursday and then we warm up next weekend. >> thank you, lisa. thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. i'm carolyn tyler, along with lisa argen. before we go, we want to show you this beautiful sunset. sent to us on instagram. if you have pictures or videos, share them with us, posted on social media with the #abc 7 now and you may see it on our newscast or online. the news continues now online on twitter, facebok and instagram. abc 7 news continues at 9:00.
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there's more to know. xarelto. good morning, america. breaking overnight, new york city explosion. the moments of terror caught on camera. >> i heard boom. >> and it was big, black clouds like smoke. >> dozens of people hurt. the blast going off in a popular and busy neighborhood. >> an explosion -- >> this was an intentional act. >> windows shattering in buildings, and cars, debris littering the streets. rushed to treat the injured. dazed from the explosion. emergency vehicles swarming the scene. >> the ground shook and, like, windows shook. >> city streets and subway lines shut down and the frightening discovery, a secondary device a pressure cooker with wires and a cell phone attached. bomb-sniffing dogs hunting for more.


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