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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a trash can near new jersey transit station in the same area overnight. an accidentally exploded as crews tried to secure them. the f.b.i. took the rest away to investigate. this is on the heels after two explosions one in new york and one in new jersey on saturday night. right now, there is heightened alert and mass transit is stopped in the area. amtrak trains have been stopped from new york to new jersey. also, in the trenton area of new jersey unable to pass through elizabeth, new jersey, as a result. it is a morning commute mess and a major concern as we see the f.b.i. in the area. we do not know in all of this is connected but it seems to be the case. we will monitor the shots and the information coming from the area at the live desk through the morning. reggie? >> thank you, this morning in new york five people are being questioned in connection to the saturday bombing. we are in new york city with the
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latest. >> good morning, reggie. right east top, abc has learned the f.b.i. will be putting out aen watching poster for 28-year-old suspect. we understand the five people who are currently detained are possibly family members of the suspect. multiple law enforcement answers are telling abc that the explosion that happened here behind me and the one that happened in new jersey possibly, possibly, possibly could be linked based upon similar cell phones used to detonate the devices. all the new york metro area on edge, another device scoffed overnight in new jersey just miles away from new york city. five devices found in a backpack, one exploding after bomb experts attempted to disarm it. this while authorities say it was right near the bridge on sunday night where f.b.i. agents stopped what they call a
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"vehicle of interest," connected to the bombings. federal authorities trying to get a clearer picture who is responsible for placing the device in the manhattan neighborhood. explosion, chaos on a balmy saturday night, law enforcement on the hunt. >> the evidence we collected is taking to quantico for review and we are following every lead as we work with the new york police department. >> investigators are analyzing every piece of debris including looking at this dumpster, twisted and mangled in the aftermath of the explosion. >> a it was louder than thunder but it was just a large "boom." the building kind of shook. >> some time of explosion inside of a garbage can. authorities looking into whether a pipe bomb which exploded in this trash can 60 miles away in new jersey is related to the bombings in new york city. >> the word is that both devices are pressure cookers and are
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similar in construction. all the explosions and a stabbing rampage in minimal which is "potential act of terrorism," sparking renewed fears across the country. new york city is bracing for an onslaught of security with hundreds of world leaders coming to the u.n. so everyone is urged to be vigilant and report anything suspicious in this area. >> dramatic cell phone video shows a man coming to the aid of others after the explosion. you could find the video graphic. >> you are okay. nothing will happen. you are okay. >> ramon took this video as he helped injure victims to the ambulance the one had blood stained clothe asking said something hit her in the eye and another had shrapnel in the arm.
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29 people in all are hurt and all released from the hospital by yesterday morning. the explosion has had a ripple affect in san francisco including at oracle open world with security beefed up today. there is a suspected terror attack it is normal to ramp up the police presence. center officers are patrolling high traffic areas and police need the public's help anding residents and visitors to be aware of surroundings. >> stick with abc for coverage on air and on-line of the terror investigation in new york and new jersey. i just tweeted out a picture of a man police are looking for in new york in connection with the balling. >> a fire caused major damage to a menlo park home that is a daycare center. officials say flames started in
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the back of the home on graceson court. a covered patio was involved. the woman who lives in the home returned before firefighters arrived and suffered burns trying to save her pet rabbits. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> and condolences after it appears an object from a drunk killed a man driving on 101. >> we are in palo alto with the results of a preliminary investigation. matt? >> good morning. it making you think when you drive along highways and freeways here in the bay area but c.h.p. said there was nothing this man could have done differently that would have prevented this. look at the object, described as a bolt used in plumbing, the side of a baseball. the 82-year-old was driving north on highway 101 at 1:00 in the afternoon on friday and this
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large projectile hit him in the neck. the van went off the road and hit the center divider. he died at the scene. the object, check believes it fell off a water track traveling along the stretch of we early in the day. we reached out to caltran and they said it was driving between job sites and caltran will cooperate with c.h.p. as they finish their investigation. they offer deepest condolences to his family and friends. investigators are looking for witnesses to accident. >> flags in san francisco are going to be flown at half staff this morning in away of a woman who was never elected to office but held tremendous clout. rose pack was a mill force to be rock conned with, the 68-year-old was found dead in her chinatown apartment yesterday morning. friends and family quickly gathered outside expressing their love and add militiaation for a woman who would not take
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no for an answer. >> very close friends. very close friends. she was...very much part of every public decision i made and almost every private decision. she headed fundraising efforts to rebuild the chinese hospital and persuaded leaders to sign off on the central subway. a family spokesperson said she died of natural causes. police escorted the van carrying the body. >> c.h.p. is investigating the certificates surrounding a deadly crash in santa rosa. it happened early on sunday morning. c.h.p. said the toyota was seen speed through the west side before it crashes and a residents called 9-1-1. >> i looked out of the door saw a police officer there and i said don't worry someone is here. the police department observed the vehicle and tried to make a stop and a pursuit ensued. >> the opinion kill is identified at 19-year-old.
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two others suffered critical injuries but they do not know why the car was speeding, who was driving or in druze or come played a role. >> this could help the morning commute the new i-80 smart corridor is in full operation and the agency turned on some of the signs between the carquinez bridge and the bay bridge and have been activating more since that time. in a lane is blocked the signs tell drivers of trouble ahead to change lanes and avoid the gridlock. 25 crashes or stalled block lanes on i-80 each day, and caltran is going to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony with federal and state and local officials this afternoon. >> your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> this is drew, here for mike nicco, he is getting well deserved r&r and he picked a nice week to take off because we are in 60s in many spots. and hog log is hadding at 79 so
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the hot weekend we are coming off of, we are still retaining some of the warmth early this morning. the hour-by-hour forecast in oakland we start out in the 60 and we are quickly warming into the 70s by 10:00 in the morning, into the upper 70s by noon, and we are on our way to 80 degree heat today in oakland, 74 in san francisco, it will be mild again and 89 in san jose and it will be 87 in santa rosa and 96, though, in fairfield, and watch what happens, on tuesday, bam, we are much cooler out there and it will feel nice, noticeable, in terms of the temperatures tanking on tuesday, and even into wednesday midweek we go below average and you are getting the summer gear now, and the cooler gear as you get into tuesday and wednesday and we could repeat this heat again in the full seven-day forecast but, first, a check of the roads. >> good morning, drew, a look outside at the walnut creek camera, southbound 680 start to fill in a little bit through walnut creek, but, so far, nothing major to worry about, we
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have a new issue in the south bay, on northbound 85, before you get to union avenue, we have a report of a single vehicle collision and this is debris that spread across the roadway and it is blocking lane three. a tow truck is on way. so far, no delays with that. central valley commute is ramping up. we will look at drive times in less than 10 minutes. >> tesla is -- tests are underway on the extension on bart to san jose extension. and trains can be stopped automatically in an emergency. >> there is no dragon or white bronco in it, go hope. >> jimmy kimmel kills it as hosts of emmy awards, laughs, tears a
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>> south bay you still have to wait a year for bar extension to the area but it is testing trains and an important security system. according to the silicon valley business journal the system uses intelligence video to stop bart trains before the operator is aware of danger. the pictures are from the santa clara v.t.a. and is necessary because it is possible that a heave freight train could derail and block part of the bart tracks. all the president of lyft is
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predicting a bold prediction, john zimmer believes private car ownership will end in major city by 2025. he calls cars a "$9,000 a year ball and chain," and their cars will be self driving in five years and taking aim at elon musk saying he is wrong to think the auto revolution will hinge on private ownership. who much wad the emmys? >> i did. >> too late. >> it was historic for one show, entertainment reporter has the memorable moments. >> "game of thrones." >> the dark fantasy on hbo >> sadness. we lost the story. an emmy for went
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silent. we will get back to that with the highlights. >> another story in east palo alto, a big shout out greater facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg touting 11-year-old new game called spike rush and stuck said he started coating when he was this boy's age but the games were not so complex and said spike rush is available in ios app store and looking forward to what he creates next. >> drew tuma i lie the heat you are bringing and i am not just talking about your tie. >> it is color coordinated to let you know what is going on. it is mild. first thing, live doppler hd, we have zero fog on here right now and that means it will be warm from the get go and planning the morning hour by hour with the sun getting up at 6:55 this morning and from that time it will quickly warm by 9:00, we have bomb coins so we allow the sea -- we have calm winds and
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the coast will be in the 60s and in the 70s inland and warming further. look at the highs on your monday, similar in the 90s again, 98 in antioch and 96 in fairfield. oakland yesterday got to 90, today, not is warm but, still, feeling mild and 80 degrees and 74 in san francisco and 89 in san jose and 87 in santa rosa. the seven-day forecast is a roller coaster, here we go, temperatures are downhill as fall arrived on thursday, and then we will likely repeat this heat again next weekend. that is weather. now a check with traffic and alexis. all the roads are okay. i-80 if you are on the westbound side it is filling in through the berkeley area to emeryville and as just mentioned that is where the smart corridor i-80 is fully in affect. we have been rolling that out. westbound 580, tracy to dublin up to 36 minutes from central valley and not too bad if you head out of the tri-valley on
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southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard at 15 minutes, northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino no delays 16 minutes but a blocking collision along the stretch with more details before 5:00. >> a spectacular half time show for the super bowl and the superstar who will take over texas. >> word of more samsung phones capping fire. where it has happened this time. >> sometimes there really is never too late a man who win as decades old competition and a trip down memory lane but, first, the techbytes >> in techbytes a possible glitch for the new iphones, some say a his sexting sounds starts with a heavy processor work loads. not with all iphone 7 and 7 pluses but in word from apple that districted the 7s this weekend. >> lyft is picking up passengers in san francisco and phoenix with driverless cars and they
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expect them to rely mostly on self driving vehicles in the next five years. >> emmy i wards trended all night on twitter thanks to "game of thrones" and leslie jones joked about the emmy account saying the account as are projected that no one wants to steals they should protect her twitter account instead making
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the apartment building where the fire was.
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when things like this happen, i think you find a new perspective on life. hi. red cross put us in a hotel so we were able to stay together. we're strong and, if we overcame that or if we can overcome that, we can overcome anything, so. [ sniffle ]
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>> a chinese battery company is refuting that one of their batteries start add fire. the chinese battery supplier said they conducted their own investigation and it believes that something else is causing the heating problem. the u.s. government issued an official recall for the note 7 phones last week. after several burst into flames unexpectedly. i was on several planes this weekend, and they tell you as you are about to leave the gate, if you have a samsung 7 to turn it off immediately. interesting to see how widespread the situation is. >> and now the emmys a historic might for one show, and here is entertainment reporter. "game of thrones." the hob dark fantasy "game of thrones" earned the best drama series emmy, but it is now the most honored prime time series,
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ever, with the total of 38 emmy awards, one more than frazier. >> great grandfather can make you look better and great actors make you seem smarter, we are lucky we work with who we do. and "veep," repeated the best comedy series with the actress winning a record breaking six emmys. and jeffrey was the sold in "trans parent," and best limited series the people vs. o.j. saw three at reports take home emmys >> back stage, she said she has been rehearsing acceptance speeches for most of her life. >> i was seven when i would do that in the mirror, commercials and award accept an speeches and tooth brushes so the real thing is much better than what i
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imagined. >> and king won the second emmy for "american crime." i'm happy to be able to stand with this in my hands for the team. happy there was no one from people vs. ago in my category. >> and the star of mr. robot was overwhelmed after he earned his first ever emmy. >> as soon as i want back stage the remain motion just poured out of me and it was hugging jimmy kimmel and crying at the same time and trying to get anything on his suit. >> i love to watch julia making a tribute to her father. now, gaga again at the super bowl, lady gaga will perform at the half time next year. show sang the national anthem in february at the super bowl here in santa clara calling singing at the super bowl one of
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highlights at her career. it is drawing more viewer than the game itself, super bowl 51 is in houston, texas, and lady gaga's new album comes out next month. >> moving over steph curry, his wife is sharing in the spotlight. >> he tweet add photo of his wife serving as the grand marshal of the indy car season finale at the sonoma speedway and looked great. he talk how sheehan delhi wife pore staff dome. >> she has the book coming out, tv show how is it? >> unbelievable because it is her passion, what i have known about her from day one. she loves being in the kitchen and cook. >> i want them. >> she has a cookbook coming out, and the cooking show with the full interview this morning on "good morning america" right after abc7 mornings. >> good morning, drew.
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>> they are cute as could be the today, the big story is it will be mild outside. our 24-hour temperature change and everyone is warmer than this time yesterday morning, seven degrees warmer in san francisco, eight degrees warmer in oakland and five in san jose. beautiful san francisco, no fog so sunshine from the get go and that means mild to hot again this afternoon. upper 60s and low soviets on the coast and 70s and 80s an the bay and warmer spots upper 90s. alexis? >> taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks like we need more cash lanes open with quite the backup forming. if you use car pool lanes it is okay and we should have another 30 to 35 miles before we get the meter lights on. >> also, good news in the south bay, northbound 5 of with you get to union avenue we had a collision a so low vehicle crash waiting for the tow truck right now. all lanes now are back open.
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busy out of tracy and we will look at that at 5:00. >> hundreds in the south bay are vowing to be more careful around light rail trains and track. california leads the nation in annual rail deaths. many students in san jose ride the light rail to school and this morning they gather at the light rail station near their school to take part in a public safety campaign. >> here is a story that proves sometimes it is never too late, a 70s-year-old man took a chance on an old contest and submitted an entry 59 years later. as he cleaned the house he found a bubblegum contest from 1957. to enter he had to write in the scores of two base games from 59 years ago so he did. >> did not have a year so i
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thought in i wrote the scores in, and sent it in by that date, it would be a joke for somebody. awanted to do something to make the situation even more fun. >> she said i won. >> you got that again call, he won the contest and they made good on the word and gave him a new glove, pillow, t-shirts a lot of gum and he said three did it in honor of his brother who was a jokester. >> she made political careers and helped change the city, next, remembering woman would throughed san francisco without ever holding office. >> popular bay area country store and designing spot goes up in flames and the investigation interest what happened next. >> new information coming in on the f.b.i. raid happening in new jersey at this very minute. a look at the man police are looking for. >> right now a look
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> 5:00 am on monday september 19. glad you here. >> if you are just going us we have several developments on the east coast in the terror investigation. more on that in a second and we will talk to jessica and alexis in a moment. drew is here for meteorologist mike nicco. glad to have you here. >> we have another warm day out there. prepare for mild tens again. 90s inland and 80s and 70s and the bay so if you liked yesterday, you will like today. live doppler hd is showing you this is no fog outside, from the exploritorium camera, san francisco you have clear decides on the way to a sunny start and right around


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