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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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heard another pop, more pops. >> the suspect fired on him. >> found sleeping outside a bar, the man wanted for the new york bombings is arrested. a bay-area congressman says the bombs are a familiar design. >> the investigation of a bay-area teacher under scrutiny. what the sheriff is telling only abc 7 news. >> and the king-makers remembering a san francisco power broker who change the the way a city is run. >> every important position in this city has some form of chinese representation. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. a shift in wind direction will bring a significant change in the weather. details in the accuweather forecast coming up.
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>> after a shootout and a frantic manhunt, the prime suspect in a sires of bombings in new york and new jersey is captured, and late today ahmad rahami was charged with five countsch attempted murder. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks for being here. it took just under four hours for authorities to capture this man after police publicly identified him today. >> his alleged crime spree started saturday with an explosion in seaside park, new jersey. later, another explosion rocked manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. >> it injured 29 people. a few blocks away on 27th street an unexploded pressure cooker bomb was found and sunday five devices were discovered at an elizabeth, new jersey train station. police captured the suspect this morning in linden, new jersey. more live with how rahami was caught. >> well, 28-year-old ara manny is already facing attempted murder charges for a shootout he
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had with police in new jersey his morning. u.s. attorneys and local authorities in new jersey and new york city are also weighing charges for the bombs they say he built and set off. this is 28-year-old ahmad khan rahami laid out on a stretcher marking the end of a two-day manhunt. >> there's the guy shooting a gun. shots fired. shots fired. >> reporter: minutes later a bystander shot cell phone video of a shootout at a linden, new jersey bar. rahami was spotted by the bar owner. his friend described the scene. >> he saw a man asleep in the little entranceway in the vestibule, and -- and i believe that's when the police -- i'm not sure exactly what happened then, but i think the police showed up at that point. >> also said show me your hands, and the person went through the side of his body and pulled out a handgun and fired a round at the officer, striking him in the abdomen. >> reporter: that officer was thankfully wearing a bulletproof vest and another officer was also grazed by gunfire and not
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seriously injured but rahami was hit several times. overnight law enforcement agencies shared surveillance video of rahami walking away from the manhattan bombing scene just before the explosion. this suspicious item was spotted just a couple blocks away. >> i walk right by here and there's a pot on the street with wires sticking out of it, and think that it's probably a kid's science experiment. >> reporter: investigators say it's similar to the bomb that exploded, a cell phone attached to the undetonated pressure cooker was traced to ahmad rahami's father in eliz jette, new jersey. his family owns a fried chicken shop and a member of the house intelligence committee says the bombs are a familiar design. >> the pressure cooker used and was designed in a way and manner prescribed by al qaeda's "inspire" magazine. >> reporter: federal investigators say so far they have found no links to foreign terrorism groups. sergio quintana, abc 7 news.
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as you might imagine, safety precautions are taking place throughout san francisco, including a heightened police presence at the moscone center where the oracle openworld conference opened today. 60,000 attendees are expected to converge there this week. police are reminding everyone to remain vigilant and report anything unusual. >> coming up at 6:00, abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom looks at who has control over amber alerts and how it might used in the bay area. continued updates on the terror investments be sure to download our free abc 7 news app and get the push alerts for breaking news at any time. >> an absolute traffic mess along 280 it in los altos hills where southbound traffic is backing up for miles. caltrans crews are cleaning up
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tons of rocks that spilled on to the freeway when a big rig overturned earlier this afternoon. right,000 four of the five southbound lanes are closed near magdalena avenue and the fire department says it will take another hour or so to clean things up. now, you can see what the mess looked like right after it happened, and in this picture tweeted by santa clara county fire. the rocks spilled just before 2:00 this afternoon and today's mishap sent one person to the hospital. >> more officers has been charged in a sex scandal that's rocked bay area law enforcement. today the alameda county danchlgts charged three officers. former opd officer brian buntin faces fellnoneobstruction of justice, giovanni laver deand ricardo perez each face nell any charges of oral copulation with a minor. the charges are connected to prostitute jasmine abuslin. her testimony would be important and two other officers have been charged were misdemeanors.
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seven officers in total will be charged. a milbury teacher charged with being in an inappropriate relationship with an underaged student was arraigned today on the peninsula. 40-year-old heather butts is charged with committing lewd acts with a former student. the case became even more complicated when abc 7 news learned that the sheriff's office may have dropped the ball in the investigation. aches 7 news reporter vic lee is in the newsroom with the story. vic? >> reporter: milbury middle schoolteacher heather butts apparently had a long relationship with a girl. >> a relationship with a young woman who is just 15 years old and 25 years her junior, well, i think everybody in our community is concerned about that and wants to ensure that it does not happen. >> reporter: butts pleaded not guilty to felony charges, among them committing a lewd act with a child. her lawyer is paula cannon. >> it's complicated. it's a very complicated situation and a very complicated case. >> reporter: abc 7 news is not naming the girl who has since
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graduated from taylor middle school where butts teaches. butts was arrested last month after police found her with a 15-year-old girl in a parked car here on santa helena avenue in san bruno. also disturbing, abc 7 news learned that a school parent went to millbrae police as far back as last october, ten months ago and filed a police report after he learned about the illicit relationship but the shiver's department apparently nailed to investigate and then february, that same parent went to the high school where the victim now attends and told an administrator the same story. the school district called the sheriff's office but, again, they failed to act. san mato county sheriff carlos bolanos has launched an internal investigation. >> clearly we believe a breakdown did occur. it is not the type of service that we try to provide to our residents, and we're very sorry about that. >> the millbrae school district
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has suspended butts while it conducts its own investigation. vic lee, abc 7 news. this man answered chargesch attempted murder and elder abuse in san jose this afternoon. prosecutors believe savmry cuen beat an 88-year-old woman during a home invasion woman, this woman florida douglas. she suffered bleeding in her brain and her eyes after being kicked in the head. she's back in the hospital or has been in the hospital since being attacked in san jose last month so she's been there a week. sheriff's deputies say cuen threatened to kill him if she didn't give him cash. cuen remains in child. >> the fires are still burning in monterrey county and the forest service september out this picture. the fire is now 67% contained, and it's burned 113,000 acres. that's about the size of san jose since it started eight weeks ago. nasa satellite captured smoke from that and two other fires.
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bay-area skies are not just smokey though but they are smoggy which has air quality officials doing something today they have never done before. nbc 7 meteorologist sandhya patel joins you now with more. >> obviously it was a little too late and the air quality continues to suffer. looking at poor air quality for the inland east bay and moderate elsewhere. there is a spare the air alert right now. the sea breeze is coming in but it's a little too late because it failed to show up. here's the end result. warm to hot one. 101 degrees in liver more and 83 in san francisco and plenty of 90s right around the bay and as you take a live look at doppler hd we're looking for the fog. down around the big sur coast and it will work its way northward. when it will arrive and when you'll feet charges the cooler air, all those questions are there. i'll be back with all the answers coming up.
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dan? >> sandhya, thanks very much. tributes are just pouring in for san francisco chinatown activist rose pak. pak transformed the city's growing asian american population into a politically connectled community with power. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler is in the newsroom with more on her legacy. carol carolyn? >> reporter: well, she was a ledge end, but if you don't live in san francisco, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. well, the mayor credits rose pak with helping the city's asian community have one of the strongest voices in the country. rose pak's passing is front page news. >> all the chinese community, you know, love for her, you know, because she was are in service for the -- for the community. >> reporter: hand that's what made rose pak and icon, a reporter for the chronicle back in the '70s pak quit and used her know-how how to volk for chinatown. this city did not have one
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chinese office hold er when ros pak really decided to focus. >> reporter: now there's the first asian mayor whom pak convinced to run and dozens of other police cozy and her influence goes way we beyond that. the central subway going all the way into chinatown, rose pak. housing projects for immigrants, rose pak. there one has a garden named after her. the new $180 million chinese hospital slated to welcome patients next month rose pak was the biggest backer. >> hospital ceo brenda yee says this is part of pak's legacy. >> she wanted to make sure that we had the best facility ever knowing how the chinese were denied health care prior to building any of the hospitals in chinatown. >> reporter: p parak did not like the term power broker, but her influence inspired a younger generation.
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>> how to work with politicians to get them to serve of the community way they need to. >> the mayor knew her for more than 40 years. >> there's no other rose pak and nobody to replace her. >> reporter: services for the 68-year-old are this weekend n.san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> talk of dirty tricks in a local ballot measure. coming up, the half-cent sales tax for transportation projects and now there's a big argument over an argument. >> that's right. plus bikes on b.a.r.t. if you think u-locks make your bikes safe, boy, you may want to think again. >> and twitter rolls out a new look but there's a bit of a catch. >> also, the state challenge the governor is comparing t
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some taxpayers groups are crying fowl over the language that will appear in a voter
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pamphlet in contra costa the half-cent sales tax. >> reporter: california election codes really gives no direction to local officials when it comes to picking between ballot arguments for or against this particular ballot measure. some counties flip a coin and others make a choice. it's a battle over an argument. that is, the argument selected to appear in the soon-to-be mailed contra costa county voters' guide, one against measure acts, the half-cent sales tax that proponents said would raise $100 million for transportation including new b.a.r.t. cars, buses and highway improvements and road repairs and even bike lanes. >> this is the text that will appear on the ballot. >> reporter: two arguments against measure "x" were
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submitted and it wasn't the one written by two local taxpayer groups including wendy lach. >> we think they violated the state election law. >> the argument that was picked shouldn't have been because it was signed by someone who has had a member-elect of the contra costa democratic election commit, a group that recently endorsed measure "x." >> what they were told is they evaluated the quality and content and we feel it violates free speech rights. >> this is a highly unusual process. they flip a coin and do draw. >> reporter: assistant county reg star says he was one of two people who selected the argument that will appear in the pamphlet and that politics played no part in it. >> we're looking for what were the best arguments. is that subjective? >> yeah, but arguments are themselves subjective, and there is no objective criteria. >> wendy lach and her group have
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filed a formal complaint with the contra costa grand jury and district attorney. laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> a potential health care this evening at oakland skyline high school. somebody at the school has been diagnosed with tuberculosis. it's unclear if it's a skyline student or staff member. tb tests are required for both staff and students in california schools. governor jerry brown signed a bill today that regulates for the first time greenhouse gas emissions tied to dairy cows and land follows. the legislation require steep reductions in methane emissions. brown says the bill curbs the dangerous pollutants thereby protecting public health and slowing climate change. republicans say the strict regulations will hurt agricultural businesses. b.a.r.t. plans to experiment with a new industrial grade steel rack in an effort to keep rider's bikes secure. our media parter in the bay area news group reports the b.a.r.t.
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bicycle task force has found u-locks once thought nearly impregnable are becoming targets and they hope the stronger metal will do the trick now. >> traffic mess that we're talking about in los altos heading into san jose los altos hills. this is the backup on southbound 280. can you see from sky 7 it extends quite far and it's all because of what happened right there. we'll zoom in there for you. big rig filled with tons of rocks just rolled over by the magdalena exit about three hours ago. you can see it's still there and trying to clean things up and are making progress, but four of the five southbound lanes remain closed for at least another half hour. >> good evening, everyone, and if you're driving around today you probably had to crank that ac and it still didn't feel cooler and if you stepped outside it was obviously a warm to hot day today. live doppler 7 right now showing you clear conditions and that will all change.
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a live look from our santa cruz camera. really the place to go to cool off at the beach. 76 in stress coand a few wispy clouds as we look across the golden gate bridge. hot, fairfield, concord, liver more you're in the mid to upper 90s and live look from the kgo roof cameras, breezes barely blowing the palm trees. it is starting to kick in and as it comes in sooner tomorrow, we're looking at a cooler day. dramatic drop in temperatures wednesday and thursday with gusty winds developing along the coastline. hour-by-hour evening plane. still hot at 6:00 p.m. and mid 60s to low 90s. the sun sets and still hanging on to that warmth from earlier in the day, particularly around the bay and inland, but along the coastline you'll start to drop down to the 50s. clear skies at 10:00 p.m. and mild overnight as we head into the midnight hour. a few patches of fog showing up. tomorrow morning for your commute, we'll have some patchy fog. temperatures will start out
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comfortable. mid 50s to mid-60s and as you take your little ones off to school you don't have to worry about them actually being all bundled up, but they will notice a difference when they head out, south bay temperatures, 80 in san jose, high clouds and sun. 78 in sunnyvale and mid-70s san matteo and 56 in pacifica and breeze and a cooler day and north bay is low 80s and napa and santa rosa and in the east bay mild. head inland, and you'll notice that it's still warm, mid to upper 80s, but a far cry from the 90s and the 100s that we've seen today. winds will pick up mid week right along the coastline and you'll start to see wednesday afternoon gusts as high as 3031 miles an hour and into the evening hours and gusty winds will continue into thursday. notice wind direct coming off the cool ocean water, and that's going to help to take the temperatures down as we get into thursday afternoon as well. here are your high temperatures
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for wednesday. sharply cooler. we're looking at 70s and 80s. when you're in the 90s and 100s today and you drop that low you'll feel the difference. going to be windy. fast forward to saturday now. that's going to be a warmer weekend. 990s inland and 70s at the beaches and don't get too used to the cooler weather the next couple of days. it's really a hoot one. autumn heat for sunday and near 1 is hundred inland. as you look at the temperature trend for san jose, tomorrow you're at average and really you drop wednesday, thursday, really much cooler than normal, friday, the temperatures recover again and then as we head into the weekend you're getting warmer again as we oftentimes see and because of this roller coaster ride of temperatures you want to download the abc 7 news app. it's free. accuweather seven-day forecast will show you much cooler weather. low 160s to upper 80s and breezy and cooler mid-week and temperatures mid to upper 7 a 0s and autumn starts 7:21 thursday morning and just as fall begins we'll start to take the temperatures up. the weekend will feature heat, dan and kristen, and it's not
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just going to be an inland thing. you know it gets warm at the beaches so get ready for another round. >> thanks, sandhya. >> how good is the new iphone? what experts are telling aches news 7 next. >> the opportunity of a lifetime for somebody with really deep
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and now we're introducingew free pancakes for kids. who's crazy idea was this? well, we're pretty sure we know who. for a limited time, kids get our new pancakes in any of these flavors, free. the iphone 7 arrived in stores three days ago. now, "consumer reports" is testing them to see if they live up to the hype. abc 7 news reporter reggie aqui has the results. >> reporter: "consumer reports" began testing the new iannone 7 and iphone 7 plus on friday. the phones tout a number of upgrades including an enhanced camera and for the first time apple says the iphone 7 is water resistant up to one meter of water for 30 minutes. so "consumer reports" put those claims to the test in a pressurized tank. >> water immersion tests indicate that the iphone 7 and 7
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plus passed but we will continue to check them for functionality. >> reporter: what's missing from the new iphone is getting a lot of attention, with no headphone jack, audio testers examined the new headphone connection using the lightning charging port. >> as far as sound quality goes we found no significant differences with the new wired head maine connection. >> apple is claiming the iphone 7 plus is a photographer's dream with more mega picks ernie els on the selfie camera and the addition of a second lens allowing for optical zoom on the main camera. >> in our preliminary testing we found that the telephoto lens was sharper and had better overall image performance than the primary lens but the primary lens was pretty comparable to previous iphones. >> reporter: "consumer reports" testers are still evaluating the new phone's voice quality and battery life. >> well, guess what. you can now pack a little bit more message into each tweet. twitter announced today photos and bolts, video tweets will not
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count during your 130-character limit. the changes last year were decided to give developers times to adapt. the company hopes to make the social media service easier to use and possibly, of course, lure in new users. >> all right. and we love to see that photos you've shared with us on social media. here's one that was posted on instagram of the bay bridge. just an amazing shot. >> yeah. share your photos and videos with us. use the #abc7now so we can find and use them. >> stay with us. trading hoops for links. andre iguodala
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a fire that zinged the heart of a community, the story of a little mom and pop store that had a large impact on a san mateo town. >> nearly half a million new books and move isz are coming to libraries in the east bay, but you won't see them on the
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shelves. we'll explain. also -- >> it's something i kind of carried around for years on my own. >> not the type of topic you would expect to read about in a inwhich's book. meet a mother and marine who took a serious subject and made it the focus of story time all coming up in half an hour. finally tonight, training camp for the golden state warriors start next week but basketball is still on the back burner for one war years player. >> that's right. abc 7 news was at the claremont country club as forward andre iguodala teed off from the first hole. >> looking good. one of several pro athletes playing in the golf fund-raiser for bishop high school. >> gary payton hit the course. the scholarships benefit oakland teenagers. >> it's a great opportunity for them because the school challenges the kids to exceed more than they are expected. >> the school is expected to give out more than $3 million in student financial aid this year. >> good day for golf. great cause.
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>> "world news tonight" with david muir is next. i'm krist tonight, breaking news right here. we have exclusive pictures on the takedown. the suspect who police say left multiple bombs in new york and new jersey, running from police, holding a gun. tonight, the exclusive video of him hauled off on a gurney. and breaking right now, the interrogation. the fbi and this question -- was he acting alone? brian ross, standing by with what authorities say they have just found in his home. the race for president. and who will america trust in moments like these? tonight, donald trump's response. hillary clinton's response, too. and you decide. also tonight, the unarmed father of four and his suv breaking down. then, shot dead by police. tonight, the video here, and now, the outrage. the massive sink hole, inside, radioactive waste water.


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