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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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huge fire und control tonight.
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now from abc7 live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news is in san jose where spewing flames forced more than half a dozen homes to evacuate. the video up loaded to instagram shows a dangerous scene facing firefighters. good evening. i'm dan ashley and ama daetz has the night off. this house fire forced the evacuation of an entire city block tonight. it started at dinner time, about 7:15. one viewer shared this video showing flames and thick black smoke filling the air. a power pole and gas meter caught on fire. all homes were evacuated. abc7 news was in the neighborhood as the smoke still filled the air nearly two hours after the fire started. look at the scenes. the gas meter complicated things for the firefighters. >> when we have a gas-fed fire we can't put the fire out until the gas stops flowing.
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we had to call pg&e out to get the gas turned off. they couldn't get their gas guy to turn off the gas until the electricity was secured because the power pole was on fire. >> as i said it was complicated. they shut off electricity to 350 customers so they could turn off the gas and then put out the flames. despite the mayhem no one was hurt and four people are out of their homes tonight. when you see news where you live use the hash tag on social media and you may see your picture here on abc7 news. a tuberculosis scare at an east bay high school. officials sat skyline high school in oakland held an emergency meeting for parents tonight after word a student has been diagnosed with active tau tuberculosis. alyssa harrington went to the meeting and is in the newsroom. >> health officials plan to test hundreds who may have been exposed. they are focusing on skyline and are investigating other
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schools and businesses where this person may have been while contagious. >> up to 300 students and staff in oakland may have been exposed to tuberculosis. a person there was recently diagnosed with the disease. those at risk have been in close contact with the patient like sharing a classroom or studying together. >> when somebody has tuberculosis they can have the night sweats and the fevers. it is fairly common to become infected and not ever have symptoms. >> doctors with the alameda county public health department held a meeting are to parents. their message is tuberculosis is treatable and they will offer free testing for those who were exposed. >> it is a treatable disease. it is a bacteria that can be treated with antibiotics. >> they would not reveal if it was a student or a staff member who got sick citing
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patient privacy loss. >> i wanted to see if my son was exposed and the ramifications. >> i want to see if my granddaughter was here at school. >> the patient has been in isolation getting treatment and has not been on campus since september 6th. health officials say out of the hundreds they are testing they only expect a small number, if any at all, to test positive for infection. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. nay in developing news, a man wanted in connection with the bombings in new york and new jersey is in custody while recovering from a shootout with police in the hospital. our sister station wabc in new york was rolling when he was captured. elizabeth herr says they wanted to know if he was alone or had help. >> reporter: the search for rahami ended at this new jersey bar with a gun fight that left the afghan native bloody and these two lyndon
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officers wounded, but all three are now recovering from nonlife-threatening injuries. >> oh man, it was wild. >> reporter: the bar's owner found the suspect sleeping in the hallway and called police. when an officer approached -- >> within a matter of seconds the suspect fired on him. he had his vest on. he was hitting his vest. that saved him. >> reporter: he fled on foot with the gun in hand and other officers in hot pursuit. >> you heard a lot of shots. jay we heard people screaming. >> reporter: he was lying on the ground and brought down by law enforcement. less than 48 hours after a bomb went off on this new jersey boardwalk and this powerful blast that rocked a manhattan neighborhood. the next night, five pipe bombs were found at this new jersey train station as police tried to disarm them and sir valence cameras -- surveillance cameras spotted him planting the bomb and then later caught him at a second
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location where this unexploded bomb was recovered. he worked at his family restaurant beneath the family's second floor apartment. the fbi found more explosive devices when they searched the apartment. investigators are looking into the suspect's background and his travel history including his visit to afghanistan two years ago to help 0 in on a motive and to see if he truly acted alone. abc news, lyndon, new jersey. abc's manager editor tweeted this picture of the president in new york. he and the first lady were blocks from the explosion site in chelsea. the president and other world leaders are in new york for u.n general assembly meetings. the bombings in new york have lead to increased security across the country and certainly here in the bay area. let's continue our team coverage with lilian kim. she is in the newsroom and san francisco with how bay area transit agencies are keeping the passengers safe tonight. lilian?
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>> dan, i am at the bart station and bart follows certain protocol after an incident like the one we saw over the weekend and that includes a more visible police presence. bart increased police patrols and over the pa ran security alerts more frequently. bart even tweeted a reminder to pass -- passengers that if they see something, say something. >> be aware of your surroundings and if there is anything suspicious that's what the system is in place and let the authorities know. jay the elevated security is the direct result of the new york region over the weekend. followed by pipe bombs the in a train station in new jersey. passengers didn't seem rattled. >> this is how i usually travel when i am here. didn't think a thing about it. usually take public transportation. >> reporter: muni didn't make adjustments and neither did
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cal train who said since there is no threat to the west coast it is relying on the, quote, high degree of patrols it had in place for years. as for bart's heightened level of security, no word on how long it will continue. lilian kim, abc7 news. we sent out a push alert when the new york city bombing suspect was taken into custody. you can be the first to know when breaking news happens. download the abc7 news app and enable those push alerts. sky 7 was over los altos hills where a big rig flipped on its side. it was south of magdalena avenue. it blocked all but one of the southbound lanes for much of the evening commute. the truck driver went to the hospital with minor injuries . in palo alto, sky 7 was over alma street and west meadow drive where cal train headed to red we city struck a pick up truck. cal train said it was stopped behind a car that had broken down in the intersection.
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that's why the truck was on the tracks. everyone on the train was okay and a new train came to pick them up. >> let's move out to the weather and take you outside. these are live pictures from san francisco from oakland and san mateo after a day of hot temperatures across the bay area. guess what. a cool down is underway. that will be welcome. here is meteorologist sandhya patel with live doppler 7. sandhya? >> sandhya: gist as the seasons are -- just as the vns about to change we are tracking some fog, but it is not in our area. it is down around the monterey bay. it is eventually going to work its way mortar ward. we will see a windward switch from north which brought our heat to south. that will cause the temperatures to tumble m up to 20 degrees cooler in oakland from mint today to 70 tomorrow. you will notice it and feel it. san jose is down 14. you get the drift. cleaner, cooler air as the wind shifts.
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so for your tuesday afternoon do expect changes. let's just say as we get closer to fall you might be looking for a wardrobe change. all of the details coming up. dan? >> dan: thanks, sandhya. coming up, the man accused of violently beating an elderly south bay woman makes his first appearance in court. the long list of charges high is facing tonight. and a freezer health scare. tonight 100,000 waffles are under recall. and hillary clinton scores a new supporter. she is getting ready to cross the aisle for the democratic nominee. all of that is coming up in a few minutes. here is a look at what is coming up on gem me kimmel live after abc7 news at 11:00. >> after the emmies we are back to work. >> i managed to make 260 episodes of "24" and i don't think i watched a single one. >> they were really good. you would like them.
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new details of the home invasion in the south bay heevment made his first court appearance today facing a long list of charges. here is abc7 news reporter katie mar -- marzulo. >> he stood quietly in court as the judge ruled he will be held wallet bail. he is charged with premed day tiff first degree murder, first degree robbery and elder abuse on flo douglas. >> there is an allegation that the defendant inflicted great bodily injury on the victim and multiple enhancements given the victim is over 65 years of age. >> reporter: santa clara county investigators say he broke into douglas' home on
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september 12th and threatened to kill her if she didn't give him money. >> she stated she didn't have any money and he started punching and kicking her multiple times. ms. douglas fell to the floor and he continued to kick her. >> reporter: the district attorney's office said she suffered bleeding in her eyes and brain. the details were hard to hear for ms. flo's family. >> it is disheartening. >> reporter: her nephew said she is in critical condition and communication is limited. >> she is able to just say hi and that's about it. hi. >> reporter: he is expected to enter a plea next week and he could face life in prison if convicted. investigators continue to look into the possibility that there could be a second suspect. 234* san jose, abc7 news. this young man, a san jose state student drowned at sequoia national park, sadly. he was traveling with part of the school's outdoor adventures program. they were swimming in eagle
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lake on saturday when he started to struggle and went below the surface. the others couldn't find him as much as they tried. park rangersers with snorkeling gear recovered his body. he was a san jose native studying kaw -- ky nesiology night. thieves are looking for guys who ransacked a home. they got in on thursday night after smashing a backdoor. they pulled out drawers and rummaged the whole house. they left a few minutes later with a tablet computer and no one was at home at the time. in the race for the white house there is word tonight a major republican plans on voting for hillary clinton in fall instead of donald trump. politico reports george h.w. bush will cast his vote for the democratic nominee. he made his preference mown to the daughter of the late robert f kennedy. a spokesman for bush would
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neither confirm nor deny this report. tonight 100,000 frozen eggo waffles are being recalled because they could be contaminated with listeria. check your freezer. the kellogg company made the announcement and only eggo eggo-nutri-grain are affected. it could affect pregnant women, children and the elderly. it can lead to death. know illnesses reported. california is not one of those states states affected. you in all likelihood do not have this product at home. let's move on to the weather forecast. it is getting ready to school down as we inch toward fall. >> sandhya: that's right. we were simmering in the heat today, but we will see the temperatures tumble as we head into tomorrow. you will feel the difference. by midweek you will look for your boots and long sleeve shirts. you are going from long johns. look at this incredible picture, dan, and everyone out
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there a live picture of the moon right now from the south beach camera. you can see the craters on the moon and how crystal clear it is. live doppler 7 as we take a look at live doppler 7 and you can check out -- you notice there is a patch of fog in half moon bay. moisture from hurricane payne is moving into southern california and how does this come into our forecast? heading into tomorrow the subtropical moisture will continue to drift northward into our vicinity. it will filter our sun in the south bay and parts of the east bay. it was hot today inland. temperatures in the 90s and 100's. along the coastline, a warm one with 70s and 80s. tomorrow it is going to be noticeably cooler. anywhere between 10 to 20-degree drop. from the abc7 news exploratorium camera we are looking at pier15. 61 in san francisco and oakland 64. san jose, mid70s. notice half moon bay though,
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it is cooling 57 degrees. from our kgo roof camera, you are seeing another shot of the moon. temperatures are 59 in santa rosa. it feels better out there and 63 napa. that's because the temperatures are running lower. still warm in concord. 78 and 73 in livermore. looking at the city by the bay with a shaky camera. cooler tomorrow afternoon. a dramatic drop in temperatures on wednesday and thursday. gusty winds are developing along the coast. patchy fog to start off the day. it will till be -- it will still be comfortable mid50s to mid60s. mix of sun and high clouds at 11:00 a.m. it will not heat up quickly. the sea breeze will be stronger and you will notice the difference. first thing in the morning i don't think you need to worry about bundling up. temperatures are starting out in the low 50s to the mid60s. highs for your tuesday in the south bay 80 in san jose. you can see the high clouds filtering your sunshine
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tomorrow and cutting back on the heat. mid70s in menlo park and redwood city. 63 in pacifica. a breezy day. downtown san francisco 66. daly city, 64. in the north bay you will see plenty of sun and cooler weather. santa rosa, napa and east bay. inland same thing. no 90s and 100's. we are going with the warm 80s. as we pick up the wind gust on wednesday afternoon that's the on shore wind coming off the cool ocean water. going into wednesday and thursday, the windy weather may have you looking for the long sleeve shirts. the temperatures will be toppling as well. sharply cooler on wednesday. the heat is back. warm to hot on saturday. by sunday we are you can taying autumn heat. temperatures near 100 degrees. accu-weather seven-day forecast, the seasons are changing here as we head into thursday. before that the temperatures begin to fall.
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7:21 autumn arrives and we start to see the temperatures coming right back up. the weekend, for the first weekend of fall, will be a hot one. abc7 news app is handy because you can track the temperatures anytime. >> summer's over. this is it. >> that's it.
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they are cued and cuddly, but the only con is he poops, but he considers that part of the standard operating system. the baby received five out of five stars. how cute is that? mike shumann is here with the sports. >> i'm just the messenger tonight. the giants bull pen, dan should back up to the paycheck window as they blow another 9th inning lead. unfortunately it was against the dodgers and bumgarn
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> well, the giants' bull pen blew another lead in l.a. and a dodge erwin puts the g-men six back with 12 to play. madison bumgarner had a great outing and tried to fire his
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team up in an unconventional manner in the seventh. a young dodger fan among a sea of dodgers including his dad. come on, dad. bumgarner versus puig and got him. called outlooking and puig was not happy. bottom of seven. then bum and puig get that a jawing match. don't look at me says bum and what are you going to do with me, says puig. the bull pen lets the giants down. bottom of 9 and justin turner singles. he is not happy with being out of the game. a deep fly and he thought he had it and it bounces off his glove. bumgarner seething as he walks out. 2-1 l.a. they are tied with st. louis for the final wild ready qua spot, one -- final wild card
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spot. could healy be the rookie of the year? he has only played two months in the big leagues and we are tied the a one. bruce maxwell, that's his first major league homerun and it has to be a thrill. ron washington is excited. a's are up 2-1. they allow houston to tie it up and then marvin gonzalez and it gives the astros the lead. they go on to win it 4-2 your final. the niners are back to earth in carolina as they destroyed them wracking up 529 yards of of total offense despite four turnovers. once again today's talk was about the quarterback position. he had two touchdowns and this one to tory smith who had a productive day with three catches and a td. five dropped and killed drives and a quarterback rating. you have two receivers and he just joined the team trying to learn an offense on the run and get a feel for the
11:31 pm
quarterback. on top of this, 65 yards rushing. that will not protect your quarterback. he was asked if there is still come paw tugs for the starting quarterback job. he said, yes, kind of. >> i think everything else. you have to go through the whole offense getting a rhythm in terms of where we are and what we are getting accomplished. he has done nice things for us. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. giants' only chance is a wild card being six back. >> they are really b
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time. i'm dan ashley and right now on jimmy kimmle, kiefer >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, kiefer sutherland, john olive, and music from die antwoord. and now, your attention please -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. very nice.


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