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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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september 20. >> all day long. atrying to trick me. >> we have alexis, would you say it is light? >> surprising. >> okays then, drew? >> temperature change and hex election is happy because she does not have air conditioning. all the fog was back. it was cool in the city. it will feel refreshing to the love folks. good visibility the can you kind of see on the horizon, white is the fog we have. the day planners has the fog and you want to notice at 4:00, a cooler afternoon in the 80s inland, a last 70s around the bay the enjoy. the weather and traffic. alexis? >> looking outside at the san mateo bridge, everything is moving along okay on the westbound side of 92 but it is getting busy if you come through the hayward area, southbound 880 near the off-ramp we have reports of a disable vehicle and
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i am working on confirming that. we have more ferry cancellations to the ferry builting in san francisco and it is canceled because of mechanical issues. they will provide because service. i will keep a close eye on that. >> look at this fierce fire over our shoulders, it took crews hours to knock this down. now, four people in san jose are out of their home. >> now we are lending what started it. >> matt keller is on lieb court near south white road. >> blame it on fried chicken. the san jose fire department said it was started by someone cooking fried chicken. the 15 was charred by the films. along with the tree and major damage to the home. here are the huge flames, power pole and a gas meter c caught on fire at 7:25 last night.
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all eight homes on lieb court in east san jose were evacuated and peg shut off the electricity to 350 homes. >> when we have a gas-fed fire we cannot put it out until the gas stops flowing so we called pg&e to get the gas turn off and they could not get the gas guy in to turn off the gas until electricity was turned off. four people were forced out of their him. the video from jimmy was incredible and if you see news where you live, and you can get video or pictures use #abc7now. then you can post it on social media website. we will be able to see it and use it on abc7 news. >> breaking news in oakland this morning, this is a look at scene on foothill boulevard near 48th where police are investigating after a suspected drunk driver left a major mess
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behind. police say the woman who is in her 20 hit several cars around 11:40 before crashing into a packed car. this is debris scattered across the street. officer say she was in bad shape when she was taken to the hospital and we know she is expected to survive. >> we have new details on the deadly attack on a u.n. convoy in syria, jessica is with us tracking the story from the live desk. >> unfortunately, the death toll has again up and now is up to 28 workers killed according to the international committee of the red cross. here is the video. a limited video. soon state t is saying syrian military deny their forces targeted the aid convoy. i pentagonned earlier united states officials said it is not a coalition airstrike meaning it could only have come from either a seen or russian jet. no one has claimed responsibility. the world is watching because fought only was the attack
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deadly but this morning it is also causing the u.n. and the red cross to suspend all aid operations in syria that affects a lot of people. 18 of 31 trucks hit and a warehouse hit yesterday in the attack and that convoy was taking much needed food and supplies to 78,000 people in the area. that is a lot people affected by the news of aid being pulled out. i will track the story from the live desk. >> the bombings in new york and new jersey, investigators say the suspect is refusing to answer any questions while recovering from a gunshot wound. ahmad khan rahami was captured yesterday morning after a bar owner in linden, new jersey, spotted him and called police. authorities are looking into his past now, including recent trips to afghanistan and pakistan. he faces at last five counts of attempted murder, and bail is set at $5.2 million. >> there is new a civil rights
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investigation into the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man by a white police officer in tulsa, oklahoma, and department release the video and you can see terranceup we are his hands up, he was ordered to move toward the car, and that is when authorities say he was tazed and shot. the officer who pulled the trigger said she thoughtupper was reaching for a weapon. in gun was found. she by is on leave. >> this morning, more officers are facing charges in a sex scandal that has rocked bay area law enforcement, and former oakland police officer faces charges of felony obstruction of justice. the officers each face felony charges of a sex act with a minor. the officers were connected to jasmine abuslin, whose testimony could be important for each case. two other officers have been charged with misdemeanors, and they land to charge seven officers in all. >> family and classmates are mounting the delegate of the san
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jose state student would drowned at sequoia natural park. the 19 year old william billy wynn was traveling with the adventures program swimming in eagle lake on saturday and he struggles and sank. rangers recover his body yesterday. he was a san jose native and studying kinesology. >> a move to create affordable housing in oakland, the east bay teams said the city council consider sweeping changes to pack requirements including reducing the number of spots that residents have to provide and eliminating the requirement for pack at offices, retail buildings areas near the bart station. that will clear the way for developers to use the space, instead, for more housing and charge less for units because parking costs are not included. >> regulators are expected to issue new guidelines for self-driving vehicles. about three dozen companies are, working on autonomous vehicles several in the area requiring
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new self driving to follow specific standards. the head of the department of transportation said that states usually set the rues for licenses, but in this case the drivers are computers and the federal government needs to get involved. >> next, a form facebook employee explains why he left his dream job in silicon valley. you may have guessed it: cot -- cost of living. the oakland raiders are on the virg of cashing in on a big
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>> now the accweather forecast with draw tuma. now to the east bay. yesterday we were in the 90s. a lost spots. today we stay in the 70s. 72 in oakland. cooler in the afternoon. 75 in hayward, and san leandro around 73 the everyone is cooling off. 66 in san francisco, compared to 83 of yesterday. and chilly 72 in oakland and 80 in san jose, 74 in vallejo and antioch out of the 90s and a high of 88 degrees. now, alexis? >> it is taking a look at our
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680 camera through walnut creek. it did not look different so we have a last brake lights southbound 680. on the traffic maps a couple of problems in the east bay to get you southbound 880 before you get to net at the on-ramp we had a disabled vehicle blocking one lane. we have red there. the 580 westbound ramp to northbound 238 multi-car crash reported blocking the last lane. an update on that and ferry cancellations. >> a former facebook employee making a six figure salary said he quit his dream job because the bay area is just too expensive. the business journal said that he quit facebook, moved to arizona, he and his four member family could no long are afford live here. he writes about this in a blog saying the technical giants should consider move out of expensive cities to retain workers. he writes that facebook pays well in absolute terms but if you are a single income family you have to live frugally.
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>> how many can relate to him in bay area, right? >> coming up, another big company is getting ready for the holidays and we have the details on a sental hiring spree. >> heartbreaking video of the world's saddest polar pair, inspiring change. sweeping movement t only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. abreva.
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>> it is 6:14. this picture is so depressing. in it doesn't pull your heart string i'm not sure your heart is beat. sad and lonely polar bar in a shopping center in southern china. his name is bizarre, pizza. animal rights groups is not only trying do get the enclosure shut down but trying to get the aquarium to go identity of business, in england, a group said they would take pizza in the aquarium does not replace him with another animal. so far more than 250 million people have signed petition to shut it down. look at that small pathetic space. if you want to sign the petition we have ally on our website at can we get him a better name? >> the flu is not reach california yet but doctors are encouraging people to get vaccinated as soon as possible the cases of the flu have cropped up on the east coast and doctors recommend getting your
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vaccine sooner rather than later. the nasal flu is not as effective as the flu shot. a warning to protect women to safe out of the arts district of miami is lifted with no new cases of the zika virus have been reported since august. aggressive spraying of pesticides that targeted adult mosquitoes and larvae, and in miami beach the transmission zone has grown three miles after a cluster of new zika cases was recorded there last week. >> the ramp up to the holiday shopping season is not you have to help k-mart planning to close 6 more stores before christmas. that is according to the business insider. three of the stores are here in california in end enand montana and los angeles. thousands of workers will now be laid off. the close evening start on thursday and be complete by christmas. the news is much more positive for kohl's planning to hire more than 69,000 additional workers
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for the holiday season across the country. they expect to have all of the positions fill by the middle of november. several other retailers and businesses have started ramping up their hiring practices for the holiday shipping season and around nation, u.p.s. will liar 95,000 people and significant,000 at target. training camp for worse starts next week and basketball is still on the back butcher for a warriors player. >> we were at the country club as iguodala teed off yesterday from the first hole one of several if -- pros laying for the high school, and other hall. fakers hit the course to get money for local schools. >> the school challenges kids to exceed more than they are expected. >> the school is expected to give out $3 million in student financial aid, this year. >> maybe a day for golfing if
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you have the opportunity because it will not be hot. >> it will great. >> really nice. i feel chilly compared to yesterday. >> refreshing and nice and more like the end of september. outside, from sutro tower the fog is back and the marine layer has returned bring, in our changes, especially for the cooler this morning. good morning, semi i don't is at 58 degrees, and 59 in hayward and 62 in san jose, and napa is chilly with current temperature of 52 degrees. hour by hour the morning planner, we have the fog at least through 9:00 and you will notice the temperatures are slow to warm this morning. unlike yesterday where they took off. by 10:00, we will call it high clouds and temperatures in the 60 to low 70s. you can track the hour-by-hour forecast anywhere, in the news app and great down led to have. highs are cooling roof across the board, 66 today in san francisco, and that is radically
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different than the 83 year, 80 in san jose, and 81 in petaluma and antioch, yes, 8 sounds warm but better than the 99 of yesterday. the seven-day forecast shows a fromming of the school down through thursday as fall comes in, and like that, summer runs over the weekend and saturday into sunday we are turning hot again. that is weather. alexis? don't put the fans away yet. we have heavy traffic through the bay bridge toll plaza but it took a while to get here this morning. the metering lights not on until 5:40 so a full 10 minutes later. we have had lighter volumes today so public a lot of fogs hitting snooze. and a new problem southbound 101 beyond the golden gate bridge toll plaza, and it is not causing major delays. so far. we have ferry cancellations again with the san francisco bay ferry 8:00 a.m. vallejo to the ferry building not happening, again, due to mechanical issues
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with buses provided instead and that is the only one i have seen, yesterday we had quite a few. also, good news on our early inning issues in the east bay, an update coming up at 6:30. >> members of a las vegas committee could support a plan to build a new stadium for the raiders but voters are not lying it so much. a poll of how likely voters in nevada found 52% oppose reagan the hotel taxes to build the $1.9 billion stadium. 32% favor and 14% are undecided. the southern nevada tourism infrastructure committee sent the almost addresses to the governor. he will decide whether to move the issue on to the state legislature. >> the oakland library is going deeper into digital launching digital that gives patrons free mobile access to digital service. it offers 24/7 access to 500,000 movies, music and e-books using smartphones, tablets, pcs and
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apple tvs, the 35th library in the cam system to offer the service. >> i remember renting vhs tapes from the library. >> east bay school is alert, someone is being treated for active tuberculosis
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>> fans have snapped up tickets to next in's prince tribute concert in st. paul. tickets to the october thin concert were on sale at 10:00 am on monday and gone instantly according to the newspaper. stove you have wonder, and john mayor are among the performers. he died of an accident am drug overdose at the recording studio in april. >> it should be some show. >> now, ask michael finney. a we on traveling. manufacture's has the answer. >> when is the best time to purchase an airplane ticket or
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how far advance do you plan the drip? >> a lost controversy around this. why? more and more organizations are running their numbers, look at these statistics but here is what we know. the cheapest tickets are bought between 60 and 43 days before director trip. the best day and time to buy is tuesday around noon. however, remember, these are just averages. it is best to download an app that keeps track of the flights thank you want to take like hopper and informs you when the prices go up and go down. good luck with getting a cheap flight. >> a good one. if you have a question record it on your smartphone or tablet. you coe see your question answered right here on abc7 mornings. >> the new iphones have not been out a week and this seems to be a problem according to business insider, there is a software glitch with apple's new
6:26 am
phone, lightning ear pods be the control button stops working as you left it plug into the lightning port for a few minutes. so you cannot adjust the volume, activate siri. apple said the promise will be fixed in the future software update. >> the search for the new top cop in san francisco is heating up and it appears that interim chief has a lot question. >> bart said bicycle thefts are declining but there is a disturbing pattern to want out for. >> google is planning to make it easier for you to go on trips. >> new information to the deck of the new york and new jersey suspect, ahmad khan rahami. i will have the latest on that investigation, including new details of the whereabouts of his family. >> our heat is retreating and we will look at
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>> good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> i need to stretch. >> okay. it is tuesday, september 20. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have the team, jessica castro, electrics let, drew team ma here for meteorologist mike
6:30 am
nicco, and bringing the cool down. >> numbers are dropping. 10 to 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. outside, part of the reason is the fog, the parent -- marine laser back. the next 12 hours, at 4:00, much cooler. original in the upper 80s inland. at the love 70s around the bay. secretaries on the coast. that is weather. >> good morning, we are looking okay with weather filling in on the south northbound 101 from 680 to 280 split. mostly green on the traffic flows. a up cough early remembers, a disabled vehicle southbound 880, but it is cleared. the same area, castro valley westbound 580 ramp to northbound 238 another collision, it is minor with all the vehicles driving on their own accord to make it to the off ramp. nothing blocking currently. drive times and mass transit note to pass along at 6:38.
6:31 am
>> breaking news in oakland investigators say a suspected drunk driver crashed into cars last night. amy hollyfield is near where it happened at foothill and 48th. >> i got off the phone with police source gave me more information of drunk driving crash. he is working the case. 23 years old. the woman who crashed. she is police need "critical but stable," condition. it is wait-and-see situation. the investigation going on behind me shows tow trucks getting cars out of here. they are helping to be able to open up this section of the boulevard. soon. by the time will morning rush hour starts. look what is left of her car. police say they believe she was drunk and speeding. she lost control of her honda civic at 48th avenue and crashed into three packs cars
6:32 am
after crossing all lanes. this is no sign she hit the brakes of the no one else was hurt. this happened at 11:40 last night. this section between 48th and 47th of foothill has been closed since that time. they hope to have it open in time for the rush. >> doctors will test next week for anyone who may have been exposed to tuberculosis from east bay high school. someone has been in isolated getting treatment and not on campus since september 6. officials held a meeting for patients at school and doctors reassure them that tuberculosis can be treated with antibiotic as relief to a mother we talked to. >> one someone has tuberculosis they can have the coughing and the symptoms and night sweats and fevers what you think of with continue tuberculosis but it is fairly common to have no
6:33 am
symptoms. >> up to 300 students and staff from skyline may have been exposed to the disease. in addition to the school, health officials are investigating restaurants and businesses that may is visited. >> the c.e.o. of san francisco-businesses wells fargo is about to claim into the hotseat on capitol hill. he will go before the senate banking committee in 30 minutes, and he will be grilled about the fact his employees created over two million fake accounts to meet unrealistic sales goals. customers were signed up for products they did not grow to, 100,000 accounts were i funded for everdrafts and other fees. they are trying to figure how high the misconduct went. the company has been fined $185 million. and 5,000 workers were let go. he apologized. there are still calls for him to be fired. the russian hill resident made $19 million last year. >> we have new developments of
6:34 am
the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings. >> investigators are focusing on his wife. and we go to thely with the -- we go to the live desk with the details. the f.b.i. poster we saw yesterday when police lacked for ahmad khan rahami and i point out right here under his picture you can see the word "captured." that is significant for the f.b.i. also, new this morning, cnn reports law enforcement officials say the wife of rahami left the united states a new days before saturday's attacks. he is the rhyme suspect in the new jersey and new york bombings. and yesterday morning. authorities are now going to be working with officials in pakistan and the united arab emirates to get access to the wife and they want to ask her quotes what she knew leading up to the attacks. the story obviously constantly developing as we look for more information but that is the
6:35 am
latest here at the live desk. >> investigators are not getting any information from rahami who is refusing to cooperate as he recovered from a gunshot to the leg after a shoot out with police in linden, new jersey. this morning he faces five counts of attempted murder with bail set at $5.2 million. investigators are still trying to determine a motive. they are looking into his past. >> if he has made frequent trips to afghanistan investigators and particularly the fighting irish are going to have to figure out would he visited and what was the real purpose of his trip. >> rahami is a naturalized american citizen born in afghanistan and living in new jersey. saturday's bomb united states in new york and new jersey injured 29 people. no one was killed. >> despite the arrest, the attacks continue to spur beefed up police presence in the bay area. bart is making the police force more surprise el and running
6:36 am
security alerts more frequently and tweeting passengers to remind them in they see something say something. >> be aware of surroundings and in there is anything suspicious, let the authorities know. >> this is how i travel when i am here. didn't think a thing about it. always take public transportation. >> official say in security adjustments have been made and the same for caltrain. bart's heightened level of security, no word on how long. >> eight new arrests in the truck attack in france taken into custody yesterday and they are somehow linked to the attacker. the islamic state group claimed responsibility for the july 14 attack in which he plowed through a crowd in a 19 ton truck. >> we know that acting san francisco police chief toney chaplin is among the finalists
6:37 am
to get the job. there are 11 people in the running according to a report in the examiner, with the commission narrow the list from 60 applications. five of the 11 are from within the department. the commission is expected to forward the names of three finalists to mayor lee next month or so. >> preliminary hearing is scheduled today for two of the three drifters charged with the murders in marin county and san francisco. this is lila alligood, sean angold and lampley charged with shooting steve cater on a hike trail in october. and accused of killing a canadian tourist in golden gate park. angold has agreed to fifa -- has agreed to testify against the other two in exchange for 15 years. >> and rose pak will have her funeral and wake on friday and saturday both services open to the public seating is limited.
6:38 am
she was found inside her chinatown part on sunday. she was only 68. authorities say she died of natural causes. the locations and times of her services go to >> now your voice and your vote. support is slip for hillary clinton in california but she is still way ahead but has last all of her democratic convention bounce. the latest poll shows the percentage of likely voters has dropped to 50% which is down from 57% in july. donald trump has 33%. clinton's image also taking a hit. now a majority of likely california voters, 53% view the former secretary of state as unfavorable. >> and speculation over a spokesman for former president george h.w. bush is responding to the report claiming the 92-year-old republican plans to vote for hillary clinton in the election. curing to "politico" he made the reference known to the daughter
6:39 am
of the late robert f. kennedy. a spokesperson said he is not commenting saying and i quote, "the vote cast as a private citizen in some 50 days will be just that, private." >> it is 6:39. drug smugglers are getting pore creative and look at the rough: mexico's national security commission found a homemade bazooka that may is launched narcotics over the border. it was found in a van reported stolen across the border from dougless, arizona. the customs and border protection say they saw this last used in 2013 in california. >> we have new detail on the sob fire burn -- on the sob fire burning in california, the most expensive fire in california history at $197.8 million to fight. thursday is two months since flames broke out. the fire is still going strong in remote section of the we
6:40 am
national forest. so far it has destroyed 57 hopes. it was started by an illegal camp fire. >> now the accweather forecast with drew tuma. >> you will notice it fools cooler today, numbers are drops with cool air arriving to break our heat. 57 in san francisco. mountain view is at 60. 59 in oakland, 62 in san jose, and 50 in novato and the light sweater is needed first thing in the morning and the hour-by-hour forecast, concord, especially, yesterday we top out at 99 degrees and today, though, a gradual warming trend, by 1:00, only at 80 degrees and hour-by-hour forecast for any city in the newsup. the forecast high today, cooling off very nicely around here at 72 in oakland, 80 in san jose, and a comfortable high of 82 in napa. alexis? >> good morning, we have a pretty start to the day on the bay bridge traffic camera, and it is moving along okay as we
6:41 am
head to san francisco, to get through the bay bridge toll plaza, that will take you longer with in problems on the east bound side on the lower deck. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, tim california drive from the central valley, 39 minutes and westbound 4, antioch to concord ramping up, and now in the red. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco we had a minor collision on the south end of the golden gate bridge and that has cleared. mass transit is look okay with the exception of the san francisco bay ferry the 8:00 a.m. departure not happening due to mechanical issues and bus service is preside instead. i got a net from amy hollyfield on the scene of a crash in oakland an update of road closures in less than 10 minutes. >> a bay area difficult is asking you not to give money to the homeless. they want you to be part of the solution. >> finding a parking spot in the bay area is as addressful as driving but waze is about do launch a game changer. we will tell you
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6:44 am
palo alto the thieves break in and ransack a home. they got in on thursday night after smashing the back door. the burglars pull out drawers and rummaged through the house leaving a few minutes later with a tablet computer. no one was home at the time the.
6:45 am
>> huge flames in the south bay. several people are out of their homes this morning after a fire that forced evacuations. >> now we are lending food could be to blame. we are at lieb court near south white road. matt? >> we learned from san jose fire this fire was started by someone cooking fried chicken in the back yesterday. look at damage: the fence, the home, the tree and even all the way up to the power pole. here is video sent to us by by a viewer who recorded this. it caught on first at 7:30, and all hopes on this court in east san jose were evacuated. pg&e had to shut off electricity to 350 homes, four were force out of their homes. the video officer jimmy was incredible, if you see news where you live, and you can safely get the video or pictures
6:46 am
use #abc7now. post it on your social media website we can find it and use it on abc7 news. >> thank you. jim cary is fighting back against accusation he tripped to his girlfriend's death by supply her with prescription drugs found dead in los angeles area apartment last september. the core for ruled she deliberately overdosed on prescription drugs ander -- and her husband has filed a wrongful death suit. he said you have to defend your honor against evil in the world. >> another reason to get tass precheck, long aiport security lines could be back in the fall. remember the hours long wait some passengers spended in the spring and t.s.a. increased the staff to get things moving again, but, that could change now. a government shut down could come due to congressional budget issues, and the t.s.a. chief said that in congress does not agree on a budget, the
6:47 am
additional staff they hired over the summer could be cut. >> bart plans to experiment with a new industrial grade steel rack in an effort to keep rider bicycle more secure. our media partner reports the bicycle task force found the u looks thought to be foolproof are targets. there have been 340 bicycles stolen in the first seven months. bart hopes stronger racks do the trim. >> san rafael has a way to get homeless off the street and back to work, the city is putting up these purple meters on the street mainly on 4th street. rather than handing out change, the city wents to you put the money into the meters. money will go to the downtown street team a program that helps the homeless get jobs. the meters are ready to go on thursday. >> next thursday.
6:48 am
>> google guide for search and now they want to help plan your trip. >> jane? >> good morning, to you. you see more and plan less. that is how google is promoting the new google trip feature showing you variety of lands for the top 100 cities and 200 cities in the world, actually, the entire app is veil offline by tapping the download button to save it to your phone. tesla said four shareholder lawsuits challenging a deal with solar city could delay $2.6 billion merger accusing tesla executives of not doing their financial duty in pursuing this deal. tesla c.e.o. elon musk, the majority shareholder of both companies, has raised eyebrows. self driving cars are here so why not self driving boats in some smartphones at m.i.t. have joined forces to create row-boat to explore the possibilities of self driving boats.
6:49 am
the first prototypes will be in amsterdam next year. starts off to a strong start with the fed meeting, and the dow is up 60 boys and we do not expect interest rate increase and we are waiting for the c.e.o. of wells fargo to begin congressional testimony in 10 minutes. >> we will were -- be watching. now look at the media event in two weeks, you can see a road with date august 4 when they will introduce a new smartphone, posting a video on-line showing a search bar transforming into the shape of a phone and the invitation includes the phrase okay google, add to calendar suggesting for more voice assistant, something new to love on october 4th. we will see. >> we will see what the weather brings. i heard from a birdie it will be
6:50 am
cooler. >> very comfortable. the camera got a lost fog surrounding the city and the many layer is back bringing in cooler air. the fog is press tighter and the gray shading is the fog from daly city, san francisco, over to the east bay around berkeley. into the south bay, and live doppler hd shows clear skies. in southern california, quickly, in your travels take you there today, pack the rain gear, we have showers from los angeles to palm springs to san diego. at home it is dry. we have sunshine in the afternoon and the day planner, hour by hour, 6:56 the sun is up, a cooler afternoon on tap, and upper 80s in the warmest spot and a last 70s around the bay and coast and lower 60s. the seven-day forecast shows the next seven days we are staying cool at least through thursday and the arrival of fall and temperatures bounce back up and we are hot on sunday. remember you can track the seven-day forecast any time with
6:51 am
the app. how is the traffic? >> we have heavy volume on westbound 80 through emeryville knocking blocking just stop-and-go delays and the traffic maps, an update from amy hollyfield has been on scene of crash in oakland that happened at foothill boulevard and 47th. they have cleared the scene. foothill and 47th is back open. the investigating officers have left. a new problem on the peninsula. in redwood city area northbound 101 on legally street ramp. there was a vehicle fire that is close to being cleared. we have a disabled tractor-trailer blocking in the south bay. that is coming up before 7:00. >> if you have a car that does not require rum gas but you use it anyway, aaa said you are wasting your money. in your car is described to run on regular rum does not store
6:52 am
horse power or improve fuel economy. you wasting 50 cents more a gallon. drivers spend last year $2 billion they did not need to on rum gas. >> the traffic app waze will help you fine the best packing spot to your destination teaming up with the transportation data firm to improve their, where to park, providing parking information services to lead auto makingers including bmw and alexis and toyota will fine the best magazine by rice and location. >> we have the seven thing you need to know before you go but, first, instagram photo of the day if you have not followed us, you can see a lot more great photos like this, and share your photos and video #abc7now
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>> he are the seven thing you need to know. the breaking news in oakland, foothill boulevard and 48th just reopened after a suspected drunk driver crash into a packed car. police say the driver was a 23-year-old woman. she smashed into several other cars before stopping. she is expected to survive. >> we are learning from san jose firefighters that this fire was started by someone cooking fried chicken. the flames spread through the lieb court. it took several crews hours to put it out. >> testing begins for people
6:55 am
possibly exposed to continue tuberculosis at skyline hospital in oakland, up to 300 students may have to be testified. people be being assured it can be treaty the with antibiotics much the buy of the morning and new jersey bombing suspect left the united states just a new days before the attack. authorities are working with pakistani officials to question her about what she knew leading up to the attacks. >> the c.e.o. of wells fargo, just a few minutes from walking into the capitol hill hearing to testify. this morning who is expected to apology to customers after two million fake accounts were opened in their name. >> six, the heat is retreating. we are in store for a cooler afternoon today. high of 80 in san jose and 72 in oakland and 66 in san francisco, and 85 over this in concord and a high of 88 for antioch. >> overall it has been a decent morning on the roads and they have one new problem for the south bay and it is northbound 87 with a disable
6:56 am
tractor-trailer blocking lane three and under two miles of backup. >> we will see you in 25 minutes. you can put the tank tops away, basically. for a few days. >> absolutely. have a good day, everyone.
6:57 am
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get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. good morning, america. terror takedown. the dramatic shootout with the suspected bomber in broad daylight. >> there's a guy shooting a gun. shots fired. >> taken down in a gunfight with police, the moment he is chased by two officers both shot during the arrest. and what we're now learning about the suspect. the new surveillance footage as he planted those bombs. his trip overseas. and what authorities found in his home. and terror is front and center on the campaign trail. >> i'm saying you're going to have to profile. we're going to have to start profiling. >> hillary clinton calls donald trump's comments fuel for isis and his son sparks outrage for a tweet


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