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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> some people even have trouble breathing as a terrible odor spread into the city of vallejo. as the effects linger the coast guard is investigating whether the source is an oily fuel spill nearby. good evening. i'm kristein sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> crews are business cleaning up two oil sheens in san pablo bail. the first a mile long and 40 yards wide interrupted ferry service between vallejo and san francisco. a worker at the phillips 66 refinery in rodeo spotted the second sheen this morning surrounding a tanker. teams from bay cooper and the stat fish and wildlife department are now on the scene. >> there's a lot of sensitive wetland communities in that area. we want to make sure the areas around point san pablo and point pinoell and wetlands aren't indated. >> this map shows you the areas
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impacted by the foul stench which made some people sick sending them to the hospital, in kt if a. for more on this let's go to nbcp news reporter vic lee live at the vallejo marina. vic? >> dan, as you said at this hour the source of that older is still a mystery. all we know is that it was a bad, strong smell and that -- and that enough people were sick to go to the hospital, but we did speak to a public health officer who told us that everyone who went to the e.r. was treated and released. no one was admitted and no one became seriously ill. nervous many wearing masks, pourld into emergency rooms at vallejo's two hospitals. >> 100 people showed up or went to the hospitals in vallejo with symptoms such as nausea, headache, dizziness. >> reporter: countless others smelled the strong odor but didn't go to the e.r.
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>> all outside and inside the house it's starting to smell. >> reporter: by 8:02 p.m. the fire department had received more than 500 calls from people complaining about the mysterious smell. people described, it well, differently. >> it smelled more like asphalt. you know, and like someone was perhaps putting new roofing, like if you were to burn something in your frying pan, in. oil sitting in >> it smelled like gas. >> reporter: but all agreed about one thing. >> it was very strong, let's put it that way. >> reporter: everyone was talking about it today at the senior citizens center. mildred foster has asthma. >> nausea, my eyes was burning and nose was burning and stuffed up. >> reporter: and this woman had a rough night. >> and my oxygen machine takes the the air to generate oxygen, and i could smell it. i had to take the machine off. i couldn't sleeve last night. >> reporter: by 11:00 p.m. the fire department determined the odor was not coming from within
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the city. the mystery continued. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> we first told you about the mysterious smell in vallejo with a push alert from the abc 7 news app. download the app for free and enable push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. >> fire fighters are mopping up after flames shot through a building in san francisco's portillo hills and let's go to lyanne melendez for the latest. >> reporter: we know this. 66 firefighters responded to the blaze. it's a single-family home with some commercial space below. now, we were told that the fire started somewhere in the back of the building between the top floor and the roof. the owner of the house was there at the time. his wife arrived later and the two dogs were also safe and when firefighters responded they were told by the owner that he had gunpowder in the garage below. that's why the bomb squad was called in. on the lower level there is some
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commercial space, including a new dental office which just opened in march. the people who work inside were quickly asked to leave. >> tragic, tragic for these people. i feel so bad for them. >> if you look at the building here, it's a large building, more towards that far corner on the top floor and towards the roof. asked if it was a kitchen or a bedroom i don't have that information. >> and rightt from the fire is a high school and north natalie it's wednesday which means schools let out early so most of the studentsgo. the school district told me just a short time ago there were only two people inside at the time. they were told to shelter in place and they ended up leaving. now, right now investigators are just cleaning up and sorting things out to try to determine how that fire started. fortunately no one was hurt. i'm live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abcws.
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>> city manager dee williams ridley accepted and announced the berkeley police chief's resignation this morning and expressed gratitude for service. no details have been released a toss why he resigned. meehan is the fifth in the bay area to step down from the force since may. greg suhr resigned at the question of mayor lee following racist and homophobic texts found among officers. oakland had three chiefs resign within nine days, remember, that back in june, the last being paul figueroa amid a scandal involving racist texts in that department and heyward city manager placed administrator dine stuart on administrative leave pending a personnel investigation. >> a man is recovering after being shot near a high school in oakland. officers looked for clues hey long 28th street.
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the 18-year-old victim showed up looking for help at the school after being wounded around 1:30 this afternoon. staff members assisted him until police and paramedics arrived. today's shooting did not affect the students because classes had already let out for the day. a double murder case out of oakland ended when a judge sentence sentenced one. gunmen to death. abc 7 news reporter eric thomas is live at the al immediateacou >> relatives of both victims were in court on this very emotional day to hear the sentencing of darnell williams and although all the ilrelatives are grateful he's off the streets now, not every relative is happy he was given the death penalty. >> he took away a child. >> the pain is just as deep now as it was in the summer of 2013
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when the then8-year-old girl was gunned down during a sleepover at a friend's house. her brother, he has to grow up and all he'll have is a arerrance of his sister. >> back in may 25-year-old darnell williams jr. was convicted of shooting into this home and williams specifically intended to kill the man he's children but killed the little girl instead. williams was also convicted of killing 22-year-old anthony merdos who was believed to be a snitch. >> it was senseness. it was less. >> before the sentencing the judge said his crimes were an orgy of revenge, slaughter and murder. surprisingly these two would have preferred he didn't get the death penalty.
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life, you have to look behi your back and everything. >> no. i think he should do live without develop. it's now anybody's guess when a death sentence could be carried out on williams but prosecutors fully expect to see him in the death chamber one day. eric thompson, abc 7 news. >> family and friends held a funeral for elijah dunn. the little boy died when drunk dr struck his car while they were stepped on the shoulder of intertate 67 a 0. an oakland police captain has started to raise money online to help a two-year-old boy after chasing a ball.
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if you would like to >> the pipe project that needed a flyover in berkeley and how the maneuvers saved the city hundreds of thousand of dollars. >> and from 0 to 60. apple is reportedly in talks to buy two car companies. one of them right here in the bay area. >> smo honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this!
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the path to the white house included a few local stops as democratic vp candidate tim kaine made a pitch to voters in atorton and san francisco and it wasn't just democrats who came
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out to support him. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live on the peninsula to tell us more. chris? >> and one of those events was hosted today by two republican women. both who say that they are putting their country before party. both of them saying that they will -- that they will not be supporting the republican nominee for president. >> for more than two decades republican presidential tickets have been hosted at the home of silicon valley venture capitalist jillian manus. >> for many, many years i've bought the republican party and poured almost $1 million in the republican party, maybe even more. >> reporter: but this year things are a little different because the republican nominee is donald trump. >> this is about working together. this is about a united vision. >> so today in atherton manus, along with hewlett-packard ceo and reapin can meg whitman putx on a fund-raiser for hillary clinton and tim kaine, these
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democrats and republicans finding common ground. >> i've been a republican, ban republican my while life and i'm all in for hillary. >> as clinton prepares for the upcoming debates it was her running mates who spoke with supporters this afternoon. this republican is still unsure about clinton but liked what she heard from keane. >> he is articulate. he's knowledgeable on every issue thrown at him today. no teleprompter and he was a genuine candidate. >> reporter: this democrat hopes that voters can learn from the spirit of silicon valley. >> we work with people who have different political views all the time and we make these companies successful. we don't not work with somebody because they have different politics and i think that can be a model for what can happen in the federal government. >> reporter: and for man yutz choice is clear. >> they don't represent a party to me. they represent a >> reporter: cakaine also stopp
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for a meeting with zingus founder. hillary clinton held her first fund-raiser in march and returned two months later for another fund-raiser and tim kaine also held a fund-raiser there last month. guests paid between $1,000 and $5,000 each for lunch. >> a national outrage over cost increases for the epipen faced tough questions from congress. mylan manufacturers the epipens and costs have gone from $60 to 600 now and lawmakers said it's astounding. >> it's disgusting and almost any word you can think about by miss bresch by the other executives. >> mylan's ceo heather bresch said the price increase has not yield the the revenue that many assume and call it a balance
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between price and access. bresch said mylan will begin selling its generic version for $300 for a pair and has doubled the limit for eligibility for its patience assistance program. >> went sky wad to replace some very old underground pipes. the utility used a helicopter to airlift 2,500 feet of water mains. officials say they tried trucking the 459-foot pipelines up panoramic hills and theoo sh chopper was a first for the company. >> we're always use pipes. never used a helicopter and in this case it's complicated. >> the helicopter took 15 loads today that. saved the utility $200,000. east bay mud is 0 feet of pipeline and some 105 years old. >> all right. well, back to the future is coming back, and in real life too. >> yes. 7 on your side michael finney is
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here with the self-lacing shoes. >> first the hover boards and now this. not only are self-lacing shoes a real thing they now have a release date. nike now will begin selling its version. self-lacing shoes called hyperadapt. they go on sale november 28th, cyber monday. the shoes operate on battery power. you tighten or loosen laces with the push of a button and the shoes will only be available at select nike stores and no word yet on the price, but we do know they are not going to be cheap. >> we're only two weeks into the regular football season, but can you already buy super bowl tickets and for the first time you can get them straight from the nfl. up until now tickets were distributed through the league and it 32 teams. last year, for instance, 49ers controlled 5% of the tickets to the super bowl 50 because the team hosted the game. well, today the nfl began selling 9,500 tickets direct to
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fans for super bowl 51 in houston. tickets range from the cheap $5,500 to $12,000 each. they come with perks like pregame parties. chipotle is making a big push to win back customers by assuring its food as safe. the mexican food chain is still struggling after a series of food borne illnesses last year. hoping to restore confidence the chain has released this video ad highlighting new safety measures. in it the company ceo describes better methods for meat handling, food washing and testing for bacteria. the survey showed business declined 25% after last year's outbreaks. now you want to hear your consumer questions and i'll be in fremont on friday night and i'll be there from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. to meet you, so b sure to brings your questions including all the paperwork i might need. you can also ask those questions any time on social media.
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just post a #askfinny. >> thanks, michael, very much. good evening. the hot weather from yesterday let off some steam, and it's a big difference in our air mass today. live doppler 7 right now tracking a few clouds passing through the bay area and some real gusty winds. 46 miles an hour at sfo where an airport weather warning is going. hang on to the steering wheels. can you hear the wind howling if you're sitting near a window right now. breezy and cool at 7:00. 25 to 35-mile-an-hour winds will continue as we head into tomorrow morning and you'll want to bundle up. you'll notice at 7:00 a.m., still over 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts and the gusty winds continue for tomorrow afternoon and evening. this is going to keep your temperatures in check but it also raises the fire danger so a red flag warning is still going until can the p.m. tomorrow for the sobrames fire area. mt. tam cam, last day of summer
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going out cooler than average. 76 today in san jose and four degrees below the average. redwood city you're running 7 below and livermore nine degrees cooler than where you should be. check out the sierra nevada. live doppler 7 south of tahoe, already picking up not some showers and snow showers as well. raining in tahoe and as you take a look at the forecast for tomorrow, looking at a snow level of 7,500 feet. forget about fall. it's a beautiful look from our lake tahoe camera where we do have a few clouds right now. 62 in san francisco. in the 60s in oakland, san jose and 72 degrees hand half moon bay 59. cleaner air. notice that from our sutro tower camera where there's plenty of sun. nappa the, santa rosa and 69 in liver more and golden gate cameras, the flag is blowing, breezy conditions, cool pattern and autumn begins at 7:21. we'll have a summer-like sizzle
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this upcoming weekend for the first weekend of fall. 7:00 tonight a few clouds around. we go into the wee hours. morning and a little bit of green showing up. could see a sprinkle or a few spotty areas of dridle tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we're looking at some of that around the san) mateo coast so don't be surprised if you have to use your windshield wipers briefly. a system that's bringing the showers to the sierra and could bring snow there again tomorrow and that will bring us the possibility of some drops as we head into tomorrow morning. speaking of, it's going to start out cool. temperatures upper 40s to mid-50s so you'll need to make sure you're bundled up. possible temperatures in the 60s. fall against at 7:21. good time to grab your boots. 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. still breezy and windy to cool. highs for your thursday a lot like today. mild inland and low to mid-70s. you'll be seeing plenty of sun. windy near the coast. upper 50s to mid-60s. check out what happens on
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saturday. it is much warmer. temperatures soar. low 90s inland. 60s, 70s beaches and as we head into sunday we'll flirting with the triple-digit mark inland. beaches will be warm. 100 show up on monday and you'll still be baking in the heat and we'll see the warm weather at the coastline. you can track all the temperature swings with the abc 7 news app any time so download it for free. autumn's arrival tomorrow morning at 7:21, and it definitely feels like the seasons are changing. warming it up on friday and heating it up for the weekend. we'll be seeing the temperatures well above average for sunday, monday and upper 90s to low 100s and beach weather for the upcoming weekend and live doppler 7 tracking all the changes. >> and in fall we do get this hot weather ever so often. >> calling all volunteers. how
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the campaign to host the 2024 olympics is narrowed to three cities. rome's mayor today rejected the city's bid to stapling the summer games saying it would bury the italian capital under mountainsch debt. that means l.a. is now up against paris and budapest all vying to host the games. apple is reportedly stepping up its efforts to develop its own automotive division. the "financial times" is reporting apple is in talks to acquire mclaren, the british sports care-maker and apple is reportedly talking to san francisco bay lit motors. the new startup is developing a new electric motorcycle. >> the youtube community launched last week to offer video creators more ways to interact with their audience. the video-sharing site is enlisting viewers to help moderate contempt. youtube heros are moderators who flag inappropriate material, add
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captions and respond to forum questions. participants will be eligible for perks like access to exclusive workshops and sneak previews of product launches. anyone with a youtube channel may apply. you're looking at a tortoise that's been reunited with her family. big bertha escaped from a backyard in los altos hills recently. animal control officers shared these pictures. big bertha weighs 14 pounds. hence the name. too heavy for one animal control officer to lift so firefighters helped bring her to the animal shelter. >> thanks to our viewer of this gorgeous picture of alcatraz on a foggy night under a full moon. you, too, can share your pictures on social media. use the nasht abc7now. you may find it on air or online. >> time to start thinking about the new basketball. >> warriors coach steve kerr
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talks about the future and
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coming it's "the goldbergs "followed b "speechless." at can the p.m. "modern family" and at 9:30 "black-ish" and at 10:00 the premiere of "esignated survivor" starring kiefer sutherland and then stay with us for "abc 7 news at 11:0" >> mark zuckerberg's new ambitious goal. >> so this is set we can all come together. >> tonight the facebook funder's new multi-billion dollar effort to cure-all diseases. >> also the end of an era, an institution on the peninsula is closing down its doors. tired of being a showroom for the internet. >>nd from bright and shine toe dull and ding a bathroom vanity begins an eyesore. see how "7 on your side's" michael finney brought back the luster. >> that's coming up in half an hour on "abc 7 news at 6:00."
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>> finally here tonight it's almost hoops series. >> the warriors begins their season with expectations and championship higher. >> coach steve kerr speaks of the upcoming season, they have two new stars, kevin durant and zaza pachulia. >> fans should not be focused on how many wins wthey should be f different we look one month to the next luck with that. >> kerr says he'll focus on pace the players to avoid fatigue which means a lot of different lineups and he's cutting training camp practice to once a day. the players will probably like that. >> can't wait for the season to start. >> "world news tonight" with david muir is coming up next. >> i'm krinzy. >> and i'm dan ashley. thanks so much for watching. we appreciate your time. >> our next newscast is at 6:00 and, of course, you can connect
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with the abc 7 news app. see yo tonight, breaking news. the mystery men. the fbi tonight releasing this image, two menthe bombs in new york city and new jersey. they need your help. and new reporting right here tonight, amid that central question -- was the suspect acting alone? also developing at this hour, the chaos erupting in charlotte, after a deadly police shooting, a father killed. police and his family with two very different stories tonight. the new poll just out this evening, hillary clinton, donald trump. just five days before the crucial first debate. where this race now stands. and donald trump with his new outreach tonight. will it work? the pilot struck on the runway.e plane coming from behi. we have the pilot, right here tonight. and the split. brad pitt, angelina jolie. and


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