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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the bridge entrance. they chased their own police car driven by a man on the run. he crashed into two vehicle on the san mateo bridge. the innocent victims in the two vehicled had minor to moderate injuries. the suspect was arrested. the westbound said of the bridge was closed for a couple hours. my news app let me know that san mateo bridge opened up around is 2:30 this morning. i put on my push notifications and it sent a message. all clear this morning. >> berkeley police are searching for a man who shot and killed another man on corner of fairview streets. the shooter walked to a small group of people at 7:30 last night. words were changed. the man pulled a gun. he fired into the group hitting and kill the victim. police have not released information of the shooter or
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motive. >> calmer night in north carolina after the mayor issued a citywide curfew that just ended. demonstrators marched for a third night in a more peaceful scene. police watched them and did not make them leave. veries are calling for the release of the police footage showing the deadly shooting of keith lamont scott. his family viewed the video yesterday. they say they still have many questions. the police chief said it doesn't clearly answer a critical question. >> the video does not give me absolute definitive visual evidence that would confirm a person is pointing a gun. >> he will not release the video publicly until after the investigation is over. >> president obama is weighing in on the violent protesters and how to bridge the decide with police. it is an "good morning america" exclusive. >> it requires being peaceful it
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requires being thoughtful about the specific reforms. >> the interview is this morning on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here after abc7 morning. >> new database is up and running tracking any time someone is killed or injured at the hands of police. it is tied to a state law passed last year requiring law enforcement agencies to report use of force incidents. the database was officially launched yesterday and will cover everything from deadly shooting to a broken finger. the program is named after a grizzly bear on state flag. the public can look at the type of information officers will have to enter such as gender and race, able, whether the opinion was armed. it will be analyzed by the state justice department. >> it is back to normal at la guardia after being evacuated. >> there was an abandoned car but in light of the bombings in
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new york city and what we saw in new jersey the last weekend, that area certainly is on heightened alert and the new york police department bomb squad responded at la guardia. this is brand new cell phone video posted on twitter. there is the car being towed. you can see in the cell phone video people are walking out calmly out of laguardia's terminal "b" and the video coming in from several users and a lot of people posted about it and passengerred waited outside the terminal for an hour until it was deem "safe," and they were able to tow the vehicle that you are seeing, the black s.u.v., and they do not have the driver or whoever owns the vehicle. they are still determining that pending an investigation. >> thanks, jessica.
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>> the underage sex scandal affecting multiple bay area police departments and one oakland police officers charged will be appearing in court. the officer is charged with felony obstruction of justice and engaging in prostitution involving jasmine abuslin who had sex with 50 or more officers in exchange for money, protection or information. at time she was a minor. seven officers will be charged and so far five have been charged. attorneys for abuslin have filed a $66 million civil claim against the city of oakland for failing to protect children. >> san francisco is pushing wells fargo out of a program that helps people with trouble with finances one of 13 financial institutions taking part in the bank on program, that pairs people with low income or credit problems with banks to open checking and savings accounts. wells fargo is the center of a fraud scandal with employ ease
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opening two million accounts without customers' knowledge to hit unrealistic sales go. >> there was a racial incident on san jose state campus, and two students confessed to placing swastikas and hateful minimum on the resident walls. the president met with the students to calm their federals. >> i thought we had an animate and trek conversation. >> the president of san jose state university working into the night answering questions of the swastikas found on campus, with the meeting taking place in dining comments and we were not allowed inside. >> i wanted to reassure them we are thinking about how we can work together to live our values and our values of social justice and of community. >> she said that although some of us pay not realize how rude it is to draw things like that, other people are affected.
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>> the campus police chief revealed they had identified two students would admitted they were each behind the swastika and hateful language found inside two residents halls. >> i don't want to go into motivation it was characterized as a joke, in essence. one was fund on monday in washburn hall put together with name tags and the or was discovered on tuesday on a white board in campus village. the cases are unrelated. the university said that the cases are not criminal because the words and images did not target a specific opinion. but the students will be subject to the student conduct process facing anywhere from education to expulsion. >> 4:36. new detail on a homicide in san jose. police say they have arrested a man suspected of killing another man in july. the victim eric ambassador were ton died after being stabbed. this man is believed to have
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stabbed hampton and they suspect him of sexually assaulting a woman before killing hampton. >> a man was accused in an east bay crime spree, this man crashed a car, abandoned another vehicle, and ended up in a third car drive the wrong way and on the sidewalks before police caught and arrested him. it started in san leandro. it ended in castro valley. police say in one case he stole a pickup after trying to shoot the driver. the gun did not go off. >> the nba season kicks off next month and referees will crackdown on what many are calling "the draymond rule e they will monitor for a natural act like a kick to a thunder player's groin in the finals. the warriors all stars was find for hitting lebron james in game four. referees were notified dug the pre-season meeting and training camp. >> i have the drew tuma rule
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when the temperatures go up, real high. >> welcome to the first full day of fall. we are going to warm up quickly with zero cloud cover. the only exception is right around half moon bay a couple of low clouds. besides that, it will be out of here quickly leading to a quick warming day. there are 40s in the north bay and a chill around an that rose and napa and half moon bay with a couple of clouds. elsewhere, mainly in the 50s the light jacket is needed and you that take it off in the afternoon. we are bright and comfortable the 69 in san francisco, five degrees cooler than yesterday. 74 in oakland. san jose is 77, 82 in fairfield. 83 in antioch. 90s return tomorrow. we will see temperatures climbing and the 70s and into the 80s even around the bay. on sunday, the temperatures are going to be hot with the full
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accweather forecast in a few minutes but, first, track. alexis smith? >> we are hoping for friday "lite", and it is quiet now. we will wait to see in it pans out. bay bridge toll plaza no issues. cash, fast track and car pool looking good this morning. for the most part we are quiet across the board. we have a collision southbound 880, in oakland area, the 16th avenue off-ramp, some vehicle lost control, hit the barrier to the off-ramp and there is a lot of debris scattered an the roadway and they are work on cleaning it up. southbound 680 in fremont, before you get to the parkway we have reports of a large coyote possibly blocking the road. >> we will look at drive times at 4:50. >> coming up, new national attention, colin kaepernick's protest against police shootings and racial inequality. >> new divorce drama between brad pitt and angelina jol
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whatcha' been doing braydon? reading let's see pictures, pictures,pictures there's a boy riding on his bicycle you can read too grandpa! ♪yea it's always better when we're together♪ >> the f.b.i. now said it is evaluating abuse allegations against brad pitt after his bombshell split from angelina gathering information of an incident involving the act report and 9 family on a private flight. the f.b.i. is trying to determine whether to open an investigation he was abusive
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during the flight toward one of their children. the department of children and family services is investigating now. jolie filed for divorce on monday. she is asking for physical custody of their six children. >> here it is, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick makes the cover of "time" magazine. his national anthem protest has sparked conversation, of course, in football circles and that now is spreading to other professional sports. melanie explains how bay area sports leaders are responding to the growing movement. >> and the "time" magazine shows colin kaepernick in his 49ers uniform, taking a knee, and said that national anthem protests led by colin kaepernick are fueling a debate about riff, pride, and patriotism. it is a debate that could soon cross leagues from the nfl to the n.b.a. >> it is very good there has been a heightened awareness. warriors general manager said the team is having discussions about who they can bring in to
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educate players on the issues. >> our players are in a unique position to is a voice. >> kaepernick refused to stand during the natural anthem in august to protest available injustice. >> what is going on is not right and he is shedding light on a situation that is heinous. >> conversations we are having with the players is a positive thing. >> it is that dialogue that builds relationships. >> the investigation continues and the sinking and planing millennium tower. the issue goes back six years but officials at the d building inspection only opened an investigation last month. a three hour hearing at city hall yesterday questioned who knew what and when. >> i received some information that the building was settling and i do not recall exactly where i got that information. >> we are live there and wondering about our safety.
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>> all the response from the city building officials has been...troubling. >> the supervisor who is questioning in the city and developer knew six years ago why wasn't the public told? several people would bought condos in the tower and attended said they were not satisfied with what they heard. the hearing did not clarify who is to blame for the leaning and sinking. >> a different controversial housing issue, mark stuck not give up on his palo alto compound plan. he bought the home in 2011 and then snatched up four of the surrounding houses after he learned someone wanted to build a house tall enough to see inside his bed program. the original land to tear down and rebuild smaller verses of the homes was rejected by the city because they said it violated zoning laws. zuckerberg could resubmit plans as early as november. >> we waved good by to summer but it is making a resurgence.
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>> we will be in the 80s in san francisco? >> 80s in san francisco and last weekend, remember sunday? it will be like that, i am set to sweat. it will be really, really warm this weekend and the speaker season is not letting go just yet. live doppler hd invite now has a clear picture and the only exception is around half moon bay with cloud cover. elsewhere, we are starting off with clear skies. the forecast will reflect the sunshine from the get goes 7:00 in the morning and the sun is up one minute before 7:00, by noon we have couple winds and it will not be so wind as as yesterday and at 4:00 on par for a warmer afternoon on the way. as we look at the heat headed our way, you look at today, oakland is in the 70s, and san francisco is in the upper 60, and slow is comfortable in the mid-70s and we will jump on sunday at 90 in oakland, the street festival and it will be warm. san francisco on sunday, 85, and full some is very warm and
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sunday in san jose, at 93. we will talk when the heat will break in the seven-day forecast in a few points. alexis? >> i don't know if i can let that slip by, the the we had a wild police chase and crash last night. all laned were shut down. it is back home. for friday morning commute. it is wide on. looking find out of east bay with no problems sound 680 or when 24. the only delays, in surprise, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is now in the yellow at 32 minutes. we will check mass transit before 5:00. >> it is definitely friday. cat lovers, your pet could make you seriously sick with a new warning from doctors next. all the first silicon valley comic-con was a huge hit and gifts who promised to make the
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spring event bigger. >> i am truly messed to have this opportunity. >> bay area astronaut kate rubins talks about her favorite moms in space and what she is look forward to most about being back on earth. first techbytes. >> yahoo reveals more than 500 million accounts have been hacked. they said users' personal data including names and passwords and dates of birth was stolen in 2014 and the f.b.i. is investigating. >> some iphone 7 users experience a software glitch with the ear pods, claiming they stop working after a few minutes meaning users can not adjust the volume or access siri. apple said it will be fixed soon. >> a study finds people who count the number of facebook "likes," may not be leading a purposeful life. >> the researchers say that the number of likes will not affect
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those with a good sense of purpose and high self-esteem as much as those who are not self confident. >> a will you like my photos if i like honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i need to let her know that i like this! i like, like, like, like... i haven't seen a movie based on a comic book in so long. i know. we're over here internet people! get high speed internet from at&t.
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with over 99% reliability. at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on.
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at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. when i have an asthma attack... i feel scared. sometimes my parents have to take me to the hospital. i feel like a fish with no water. you know how to react to their asthma attacks. here's how to prevent them. call... visit... or call your doctor. because... >> abc7 morning all news all morning. all the process to we elect the next president, is about to get underway. early voting is starting in five states today. a political science expert is saying that 34% will take advantage of that.
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in california, vote by mail is starting october 10. >> uber is launching a first of its kind training problem to help drivers and customs share the road safely with bicyclists. this is a look at video produced by the bicycle coalition with tips on how much space to allow between cars and bicyclists and reminds drivers to look before opening the car door so do you not hit a bicyclist. >> if you are a cat person, according to the centers for disease control scratches from the furry family member could land you in the hospital. that is because cats get flea waste on their claws after they groom. and when the bacteria enters your skin it can turn into an infection called catch scratch disease, which include a bump at the infection, and fatigue, so keep your cat indoors and use flea control products and washing your hands after you
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touch your cat. >> buzz aldrin, william shatner and the entire cast of "star trek" are name dropping, not so good but we will tell you the guests in silicon valley next year. it is not until april but tickets were on sale with a lit the celebrities. this is last year's inaugural event selling out before it began. a few "star trek" members have not yet signed up. >> halloween is not looking too scary for retailers we are spending money on this holiday, a survey bit natural retail federation project said that americans will spend an average of nearly $3 per shopper. tat is $9 per person more than last year. the poll projects $8.4 billion will be spent more than in the last 11 years.
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halloween ranks as the eighth highest in holiday dollars spent. >> what is your costume? >> clark kent thing. that is more top v.a. i usually wait for 10 days out to see what is in the headlines. >> 38 days is the countdown. until halloween. feeling like august today rather than spet. we are warm at 69 in san francisco. 74 in oakland. 77 in san jose. 81 in napa. the accweather forecast shows that it is sunday and monday are hot. prepare for that. now, the roads. alexis? >> we are okay. light volume so far. in the south bay and northbound 101 right around 80 nothing to worry about. give that another hour and we will see the volumes build. and mass transit, if you take the ferry, the fall winter schedule starts on monday for the going going so there are a lot of chains on the larkspur
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sailing 1:40 am from larkspur will not happen, 12:25 p.m. the return trip is eliminated and sausalito, during the week and the weekend we have a lot cancellations and adjustments so check that kicking in on monday. we will look at a problem in the vacaville area after 5:00. >> michael finney wants to hear your consumer questions and he is going to be in fremont today, at fremont street so fur this say hello and you are there from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. and bring your questions. you can ask the questions on social media # askfinney. >> a massive storm happened in utah and clean up is underway bringing strong gusty winds and heavy rain and flash flooding and the tornado forming touch down yesterday afternoon. no one was seriously hurt. there was widespread damage including downed trees and power
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lanes. at one point, 40,000 people were without power. >> power is slowly being restored in rico after an island-wide power outage. look at this before and after from nasa satellite giving you an indication of what happened. the image on the last shows the island with power and in the right in the dark. a fire at a major power plant is to blame and 390,000 customers are back on of the over a million. >> kate rubins is a in away from returning to work on the international space station since july. she is successfully come letted two spacewalks and the first person to sequence d.n.a. in space. >> she said looking at earth from space is never old. what is she doing when she comes back? >> there are things that draw you back, friends, family, your home, when i pass over california we have had a few passes from the north and i look down the central valley and see
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san francisco and think, it would be nice to be there right now. >> she said she is staying busy and started a microbe monitoring project and took 200 pictures of chile. >> a female firefighter makes serious allegations against her male counterparts and what they did for her. >> and a battle against neighbors who do not want to lose their view. >> the tulsa information charged with murder turned herself in, got out of jail and i am working on the booking photo at the live desk.
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>> good morning, bay area. the best news, it is friday! made it. >> thought i were talking about the fact i have a reggie straw. >> i wondered when we would talk about that. >> this is reggie. i am natasha zouves. this is the whole team. jessica castro and meteorologist drew tuma is here for mike nicco and alexis smith. where is your


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