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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry biel and i'm daetz. >> it's beautiful right now. clear, blue skies and this weekend you might want to think about oh, heading to the beach because it's going to be very, very hot. >> just how hot? spencer christian is here with a look at the forecast and the upcoming heat advisory. spencer. >> okay. going to the beach might be a great idea this weekend despite the doppler 7. we'll have quite a forecast in effect.
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heat-related illnesses a possibility. should not leave pets or kids in cars when there's a heat wave going on and it's advisable to try to stay cool and hydrate and limit strenuous outdoor activity. here's a look at how warm it's going to be sunday in our mike climate. half moon bay 81 and downtown san francisco and oakland up to 86 degrees. over the hills and into walnut creek a high of 97 expected on sunday and a little bit farther inland, antioch 98 degrees on sunday. even hotter on monday. by the way, if you plan to be out and about this evening, skies clear and sun will set at 7:04. temperatures will drop down into the 60s after the sun sets inland and around the bay and into the 50s in our coastal areas. if you want to keep up with all weather alerts and updates use the abc 7 news app, and if you don't already have it, you'll find it easy to download. larry? >> thank you, spencer. the first of many police officers criminally charged in a widespread sex scandal was arraigned today in a heyward courtroom. you can see the video of oakland
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police officer brian buntin as he waited for court. nbc 7 news reporter laura anthony was at the half justice and joins us live with more on this ongoing case. laura? >> reporter: hi, lar. brian buntin was surrounded by television cameras here inside this brief hearing. he entered not guilty pleas to two criminal charges, but afterwards his attorney told us that buntin is sorry for his actions. a solemn oakland police officer brian buntin walked into an alameda county courtroom. the first officer arraigned in a widespread sex scandal involving a teenage prostitute. >> at this time we'll enter pleas of not guilty. >> bunt season among seven officers charged with involvement with a young woman named cleft gaup. her real name is jasmine abuslin and she's the daughter of a dispaefrp. on the force for two years
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buntin accused of nell any obstruction of justice texting abuslin to tell her to stay away from a screening operation and he's also charged in a misghoenor engagmisghoen or -- a misdemeanor. >> he expressed remorse and took responsibility for some of the actions that they were discussing. >> reporter: among those in court for the arraignment, the attorney for jasmine abuslabusl >> we hope that brian buntin will talk about the conspiracy and the scope of this problem within the oakland police department. >> reporter: married with children, the 40-year-old buntin has until monday to be booked and post bail of $12,500 at the santa rita jail n.heyward, laura anthony, aches 7 news.
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richmond police officers are facing demotion, suspension and the possibility of even losing their jobs because of this sex scandal. abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington will have the details coming up on abc news at 5:00. we're also waiting for a news conference with the mayor of richmond and we'll bring you that live right here as soon as it happens. a woman was swept away by a wave and drowned in the north bay this afternoon. it happened at goat rock beach in sonoma county. rescuers rushed to the beach to try to save the woman. the woman's identity hasn't been released. new details in the theft of a heyward police cruiser last night. authorities say 28-year-old jeffrey chambers of heyward stole a patrol car and then crashed it near the san mateo bridge toll plaza. multiple implications of what turned into a wild crime spree, and can you see them all on this map t.started when chambers got in a crash at oakes and roxbury
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and when the police got to the scene he stole one of the crews errs and took off. the suspect eventually crashed on the westbound lanes of the bridge forcing a closure which lasted several hours. police say chambers hit two vehicles with their cruiser in the process. those victims have minor to moderate injuries. chambers was arrested and the bridge reopened just after midnight. the suspect is in court right now and abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley smoke to his parents. we veal a live report coming up at 5:00. the elderly woman attacked in her home last week remains in intensive care. today the man accused of beating 88-year-old florida douglas made a brief court appearance. zachery cuen forces several felony accounts. several members of the douglas family attended the hearing wearing green ribbons. green is her favorite color. >> when i saw the young man in the courtroom, my heart started
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aching, and i was almost brought to tears because what he did was heinous, and he needs to pay for his crime. >> family members say douglas is now dealing from complications from the beating sand in very critical condition. they are asking the public to wear green ribbons until she comes home from the hospital. a san francisco fifther was burned fighting a fire in a three-story victorian on prospect avenue. the fire department says the firefighter was on the top floor of the home when the roof fell on top of him. he was rescued and taken to sf general hospital. late this morning fire crews were able to save family photos belonging to one of the residents. that fire displaced eight people. >> today the president vetoed a fwhal would allow familiar lives 9/11 victims to sue foreign sponsors of terrorism. congress could overwide the veto with a two-thirds majority vote. the white house is concerned the bill allows families to sue
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countries for their roles in the attacks. 15 of the 19 attackers were from saudi arabia. president obama said such action wouldn't protect americans and would make foreign policy more difficult. alice hoagland whose son mark bingham died on 9/11 sent a left to dianne feinstein seeking her continued support of the bill. >> through your words and deeds you have reminded citizens all over the plan that a proud rugby playing gay man in california now the to make sure that the dead and injured contained names of all those affected. it was announced they would drop the bank as a partner in the bank of city program. >> saying wells fargo cannot be trusted. more from live downtown san francisco with the story. >> reporter: well, yeah, you
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know, the city's treasurer said he got so tired of hearing people say that they would hide their money, their cash under their mattresses, he wanted them to trust the banks, and now he says so much for that trust. >> reputable banks have gained the trust people living in underserved communities through a program called bank upon san francisco. wells fargo was one of those banks until today. >> given their widespread egregious and potentially actions i am suspending wells fargo from the bank on san francisco program effective immediately. >> wells fargo reacted by saying it will continue to address the needs of the so-called under banked and wrote that it's disappointing that mr. cisneros has chosen to take an action that will only deter these efforts. for years wells fargo has pushed existing customers to open more accounts calling it cross-selling, but thousands of wells fargo employees went too far opening secret accounts
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without customers' permission in order to boost sales. during a recent senate hearing the ceo was accused of promoting that culture of greed during 12 quarterly earnings calls from 2012 to 2014. >> and in all 12 of these calls you personally cited wells fargo's success at cross-selling retail accounts as one of the main reasons to buy more stock in the company. >> so far the financial institution is not saying how the scandal has affected business. this former wells fargo employee from daly city has started a grass roots effort to try to persuade people to close their accounts. >> vote with your money by close your account and moving your money out of wells fargo. >> reporter: city says it's time for wells fargo to reach out to those affected. >> and help them to repair any credit damage that they have experiences. >> reporter: and the city is not waiting for wells fargo to act.
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the city says it's now offering free credit reports for people who think they may have been affected and also to find out what to do next. live in san francisco. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> regarding that cross-selling strategy, it's been noted wells fargo wanted customers toss have eight bank accounts. that seems a little excessive for most people. >> absolutely possible, larry. take, for example, if you have two to three kids. open a savings account for each minor, that's one, two, three, and then you have your own checking account and own savings account and may have a markets maybe two mortgages, an i.r.a. and that's eight so far and perhaps a credit card so it's nine. it's quite possible. now it was the ceo who came up with that number, eight, because, get this. the number eight rhymes with great and he truly believes that wells fargo is a great
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institution. >> not sure a lot of people would agree with that characterization at this point, but thank you. coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," twitter stocks soar on word that the company could soon be sold. >> a look at the possible bidders. >> can't overreact in the moment. she can't talk down to the audience. >> advice for the presidential candidates as they get set for monday's big debate. i'm michael finney with the -- i'm in fremont at fremont street where we have an ask finney program going on so come down and ask fin' question. >> all right, and a big surprise for someone expecting a pizza delivery from domino's pizza. the big pile of cash they received instead of pepperoni. >> no cash for you. we've got traffic on 4:11 on a getaway friday. a live look at the san mateo bridge. actually moving nicely in both directions.
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twitter shares surged nearly 22% today after reports that the ailing social media company has moved closer to being sold. multiple reports say the san francisco-based company has initiated talks with several tech companies about a possible sale. cnbc says those companies include salesforce and alphabet, google's parent company and an offer may be coming soon. the reports come as twitter grapples with its slowest revenue growth since going public in 2013. it appears owners of the recalled samsung galaxy note 7 phones, they got the message to turn them back in.
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the companization almost half of the devices sold in the u.s. have been returned so we're talking about 500 million phones. the u.s. consumer product safety commission order an official recall last week over fears that the devices could overheat or catch fire while charging. a wake will be held for a san francisco political icon rose pak. the chinatown political powerhouse died sunday at the age of 68. one of her friends said she died of natural causes in her apartment. pak was active until the very end, having had a throw-hour dinner with friends the night before. tonight's service in san francisco is open to the public. the wake is scheduled from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the green straight mortuary. second chances. that was the theme of a special ceremony in san francisco today. aches 7 news was at the hall of justice as several veterans graduated from a superior court program geared towards turning their lives around. veteran justice court. it the targets veterans who have committed a crime. instead of going to jail the
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vets undergo treatment programs that can last up to 18 months. the judge who started this special court says it's a way to pay them back for serving in the military. >> we have a treatment team that works closely with them on a one-on-one basis to help support them through the course of the week to get them to the treatment and get them to counseling programs. >> veteran justice court seems to be working. of the 84 vets who have completed the program so far, only one has been convicted of a new crime. well, it's time now for a special edition of ask finney. 7 on your side's michael finney is on the road today. >> out live in fremont taking your questions at fremont street eats between bites. michael will appear. how are you doing, michael. >> reporter: i'm doing great. you hungry for food or hummingry for great consumer information. either one. we have you covered tonight like you said. fremont street eats. that's here on fremont street in downtown fremont. let me show you what's going on
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right now. they are just setting up. here's a bunch of food trucks and during the summer down here, on almost every friday night they have a food truck event. let's walk on over here and show these food trucks. they are just setting up. it actually gets under way 459:30. oh, brother, smelling very good where i'm standing right now. it's movie night so there's going to be people watching a movie once it gets a little bit darker. let me show you where we are set up so that you can find the 7 on your side crew. we have a ton of us here. the whole idea of us being here is to answer your question and take care of your consumer concerns. now, any time you can go to #askfinney on social media or go to our website and ask a question. come down in person and talk to me, talk to the staff, bring your paperwork and let's get these problems solved. let me show you all the people of we have over here. buds hanging out. we'll be talking to them and solving your problem, too.
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hang around. we're going to be here up until 7:00 tonight. we'll keep going live on tv. right now we're streaming live on facebook so go to facebook and check it out. special reports there. we'll be here until 7:00. come on double. you get off work early. >> regrettably, i do in the get off work early and would love to be down there with everybody. you get food and you get advice. what else do you want? >> doesn't get much better than. >> thank, mike. >> and you get great weather. >> it is beautiful. michael will be back with you in a bit. looks warm and sunny down in. >> yeah, and going to get even warmer the next couple of days. a little bit of a heat wave coming our way. good day to go to the beach. >> perfect. >> live doppler 7, a few clouds around the bay area right now and that's not going to keep things from heating up. as a matter of fact, it's going to get kwai hot the next couple of days. the warmup is under way and look at the 24-hour temperature change and eight degrees warmer in livermore than it was this
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hour yesterday. seven degrees warmer in san jose and it's going to get warmer still as we get through the weekend into early next week. a beautiful view right now from the tower overlooking san francisco. 82 in gilroy and 63 at half moon bay. this is how the western sky looks from our east bay hills cameras, under sunny conditions. 81 is in santa rosa and upper 70s at napa and low 80s fairfield and concord and 79 in livermore and a great view of mostly sunny skies over the bay from our abc 7 exploratorium camera here at pier 15 in san francisco. these are our forecast features. much warmer beginning tomorrow. we'll see high temperatures inland reaching triple digits on sunday and monday and once again a heat advisory is in effect both of those days, sunday and monday. overnight skies will be clear through the overnight hours. low temperatures will be mainly in the low 50s on the coast and up in the north bay valley,
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mid-50s around the bay and the inland east bay and then tomorrow the heating or the warming conditions with highs around 70 degrees or higher. at the coast look for a high of 75 in san francisco and low to mid-80s right around the bay and low 990s inland and concord, livermore and morgan hill and over at oakland a high of 81 tomorrow and beach forecast. here's a view at santa cruz right now and great place to be over the weekend and among our other beaches as well. sunny and mild tomorrow with a light breeze at the beaches. a high of 71 at ocean beach and bodega bay and 89 at santa cruz and 72 at morgan hill. let's talk a look at the heat advisory on sunday. highs will reach upper 90s inland. in many inland locations on sunday. upper 80s to low 90s right around the bay and 80 degrees or higher at coast. it will be even hotter on sunday as temperatures will be about 15 to 20 degrees above average so numerous inland locations will break the 100-degree mark on
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monday. we'll see lots of 90s around the bay and on tuesday coastal cooling kicks in, and it will be a little bit less warm in the inland areas on tuesday and further cooling after that. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast, and it is a warms up, i'm catching a cold so pardon my choking here. highs around or above 100 degrees inland on sunday and monday. coastal cooling on tuesday but it remains quite warm inland where highs will still be in the mid to upper 990s and cooler in all areas on wednesday and by late next week we'll see temperatures dropping below average after this wave of heat. >> you're not calling in sick to go to the beach, are you? >> that never happens, larry. >> never. >> if i call in sick, you'll not see me at the beach. >> thanks, spencer. >> he'll be in the wine country. >> good point. >> yeah. >> coming up, the nba is crack down. the draymond rule that will be in effect this season. >> and a bit of fitness history is up for grabs and your time is running out. aches 7 is celebrating
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hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed and today we recognize chef diaz of agave uptown and oakland. that's him in the back row. he works the latino foundation to discuss the most pressing issues affecting latinos in the bay
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when the nba season kicks off next month referees will be cracking down on what many people are calling the draymond rule for that. refs will closely monitor what they are calling unnatural acts such as draymond green's infamous kick to the groin of okc center in game two of the western conference finals. the warriors all-star was suspended for one game in the nba finals and proved to be very costly after hitting lebron james of the cavs in game four of the finals. well, jane fonda fans, this is your moment. the fitness queen is parting ways with her iconic red and
4:25 pm
black leotard and time is running out. she wore it on the cover of her first workout book and video in the '80s. one of hundreds of items from fonda's closet on the auction block. the leotard is expected to sell for at least $3,000. the 78-year-old says she kept it all these years because it's very meaningful to her. other items like a versace bustier have already sold for $3,000. the auction is expected to end at $5 to the. a ground breaking biographical film opens in limited release depicting the life of a ugandan chess player who rose to fame after her performances at the world chess olympics. it follows the life of thena who grew up in one of the country's poorest slums. she drops out of school and after enrolling in a chess program she becomes a star, rising out of poverty and hardship to become one of the top women in ugandan chess history. golden globe winner david or
4:26 pm
yellow plays tessie's chess coach. >> i'm a big believer in the fact that genius can be found anywhere and everywhere and a lot of times it's not realized because it remains hidden. >> the film is playing in san francisco today and opening nationwide september the 30th. the film is produced by walt disney pictures, as you know, the parent company of abc 1. coming up on the "news at 4:00," the countdown is on for the much anticipated debate between the presidential candidates. why it's expected to be nearly as big as the super bowl. a deadly officer-involved shooting causing anger across charlotte and the country. ahead the growing defense for police to release the in
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and here's what's making headlines at 4:30. the first of seven oakland police officers charged in a sexual misconduct scandal involving a teenage profititude appeared in court this afternoon. officer brian buntin pleaded not guilty. also today, richmond police announced disciplinary action for nine current and former officers for their relationships with the same teen. abc 7 news reporter vic lee reports command staff within the san francisco fire department
4:30 pm
are being disciplined following the harassment of a female nflter by her male colleagues. vic will have the details on the shake-up coming up at 5:00. and in charlotte, north carolina, today, the family of the man shot to death by police released dramatic video of the encounter with officers. in it you can hear the victim's wife pleading with police not to shoot her husband and then you hear gunshots. more now live from charlotte. heather? >> reporter: the shooting death of keith lamont scott has shaken the the city of charlotte and protesters continue to demand the release of video, and a state of emergency is still in effect tonight. >> don't shoot him. don't shoot hi. he has no weapon. >> reporter: this dramatic cell phone video capturing the moment just before and after the shooting death of keith lamont scott but police in charlotte, north carolina. the person who shot the video and whose voice you hear is
4:31 pm
scott's wife, pleading with officers not to shoot her husband and then this, gunfire. >> did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> reporter: the charlotte mayor and police say they have body cam and dashcam video of the shooting but say they won't release the videos until the investigation is complete. >> the intent is to get it out and release it in a package so that it can be consumed and fully understood. >> reporter: chief putney said he had a gun and the object seen his his feet is that gun and in the video released by his video the gun was not seen. they are calling on the videos to be released by the public. demonstrators acree and and protests peaceful this time, some even thinking the national guard. earlier this we are a protester justin car died and our violent
4:32 pm
criminal a head team of -- >> police have not released any more details on that arest. in the charlotte. heather waliga. >> several key state and political figures are also calling on price to release their video? >> that's right, ama. we head today from the state attorney who urged transparency and we also heard from democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton calling for release of the video immediately and that police should do that without detail. city officials and a mayor maintain they do not plan to release it until the investigation is over. back to you. >> all right. heather, thank you. authorities in georgia say it's home security video like they have never seen before. at resident opened fire on armed intruders during the middle of a home invasion robbery.
4:33 pm
the security video shows three men bursting into the home guns drawn and moments later a gun fight begins and check that out. the intruders take off as the female resident opens fire and one man seen crashing through a door and tried to get away. the woman emptied her weapon killing one intruder. the other two got away. the first presidential debate. with polls showing a tight ration nationally hand in the critical battleground states hillary clinton and donald trump have a lot on the line hon monday night. abc's karen travers with a preview of this epic showdown. >> reporter: hillary clinton, donald trump, finally sharing the same stage. polls are tight and the first debate could be a game-changer. >> i am not looking to go in and treat her with disrespect. >> i take nothing for granted. >> reporter: what does clinton need to do? >> get him to react, either with facial reactions or say
4:34 pm
something that might be considered outrageous. >> and trump's focus. >> is to come across as calm, cool and collected and somebody that people could see in the oval office. no surprise they are preparing for the debate very differently. she's watching footage of trump of past debates and holding mock debates and trump is also watching old debate footage and occasionally meeting with a team of advisers, but sources tell abc news the sessions are more relaxed, not really serious prep work. so what do the candidates need to avoid? >> he can't overreaction in the moment worth or action and she can't talk down to the audience making people like she's another person out of washington, d.c. that doesn't see our needs. no cheers, no boos, and experts
4:35 pm
say a more somber event will help clinton and trump won't be able to feed off a fired-up crowd. >> and television audience watching at home, the one that really matters, could be record-breaking, talking super bowl lefls. after a long wild campaign season just 90 minutes could define the final sprint to election day. karen travers, abc news, washington. on monday -- yeah, the first debate is monday, as we're saying, and you can watch it here on abc 7. abc news coverage that debate will follow at 6:00 p.m. followed by "dancing with the stars" and then a special edition of abc 7 news at 9, "jeopardy" and "wheel" at 7:00 and 7:30 respectively. >> dallas mavericks owner will be in the front row. just got a seat at the humbling
4:36 pm
on hofstra. it is own. cuban endorsed her two months ago. the "shark tank" co-host has clammed the republican nominee for not releasing his taxes. texas senator ted cruz officially threw his support behind donald trump, a stunning reversal for the former trump opponent. for month he refused to back the presidential nominee and in a message he vote hillary clinton is manifestly under fet to be president. >> behind the scenes we go of a national history museum. >> and michael finney is live caking. >> i'm spencer christian. we have some intense heat coming your way and i'm have theage weather forecast coming up. >> this is 101 in the north bay in san rafael, and traffic
4:37 pm
moving slowly
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the smithsoniania's new there is museum of african-american history and culture opens tomorrow in washington, d.c. "good morning america" cohost robin roberts went on a tour of the museum with president obama and the first lady. today mr. obama shared his first impressions on the museum that he helped break ground for back in 2012. >> you are not just getting a
4:40 pm
chronological narrative of slavery and the civil rights movement but you're also reminded of how much the african-american experience has contributed to american culture and american music and sports and film. this will end up being a museum for all americans. >> the smithsonian collected more than 37 thou art facts for the yewsium and only 3,000 will be on display in the inaugural exhibits. >> and we start with a few high clouds and our warming trend continues. high temperatures 70s near the coast and low to mid-90s in the warmest inland locations and then the heat really cranks up on sunday and monday as we'll see highs up to or above 80
4:41 pm
degrees the coast or around 90 or higher in the bay and near 100 degrees or above in the hottest inland locations. as i mentioned earlier, a heat advisory is in effect sunday and monday from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. both days and the increased heat will have an increased fire danger and heat-related illnesses are possible under these conditions. please remember not to leave kids or pets in cars on hot days, and it will be good advice to stay cool if you can and remain hydrated on those very warm days. limit your outdoor strenuous activity. livermore over the next several days will have a hot temperature like this. 102 on monday and down to 95 on tuesday and then there will be fooling cooling or that. accuweather seven-day forecast and you can see that it's going to be hot in all inland areas and pretty warm around the bay as well through tuesday. and temperatures will start to tumble in all locations by wednesday of next week and temperatures below average again
4:42 pm
after a little bit of a heat wave. >> still ahead at 4:00, a new look for drones. a bay area companies lets you make your own out of legos. we'll show you how that works. >> i'm michael finney and "70 on your side" has a pop-up right now in fremont. on fremont i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ i can take tresiba® any time of day. so if i miss or delay a dose, i take it when i remember, as long as there's at least 8 hours between doses. once in use, it lasts 8 weeks without refrigeration...
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at an everyday price with no extra monthly fees. keep calm, you internet's on. silicon valley may be home to many high-tech companies but often students in east san jose are left behind. today a program paid for by one district is giving the kids new tools to break through barriers. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has the story from med oh, elementary school. >> reporter: does it seem like everyone you know has an ipad? it may seem true but in east san jose accessibility to tech. heck, even getting on the internet is a luxury many kids don't, have but that changed today for hundreds of elementary school students in east san jose's franklin mckinley school district. a big announcement at meadows elementary letting third through sixth graders know they have 1180 ipads available in their classrooms. the technology will help give personalized learning to students in a school that has 40% english learners.
4:46 pm
>> take a sixth grade class for example. third grade readers and 12th grade readers and for a teacher of 32 kids to be able to differentiate both levels with traditional just books is very challenging. >> meadows is a is the t.e.m. school and teach coding and even robotics and the ipads will be used for traditional subjects as well. >> i like to use it for history. >> it will also give students access to a secret us adults have been keeping from them for years. >> reporter: do you think adults are pretty smart? >> yeah. >> reporter: it's because we have access to google. may not be smart as you may think. now you have access to google. you'll be as smart as an adult now? >> yeah. >> reporter: the goal is to have all 16 schools having ipads in the classroom by 2018. in san jose, matt keller, nbc 7 news. >> google is your friend.
4:47 pm
the people leading the bay area construction boom gathered in san francisco for a special event. that's the boy scout color guard at the 39th annual construction event lunchery. a great opportunity for the construction people to come together and support the boy scouts. this year they expect to raise $400,000 for bay area youth programs and since the program begin in 1978 this event has raised more than $7 million, and bob miers, the general manager of the golden state warriors, he was the keynote speaker, a great, a cub scout at one point himself so he talked about how it helped him growing up and just a great day. >> perfect. well, it's time now for ask finney with 7 on your side's michael finney only today he's not here in studio with us. >> no, he's in fremont answering your questions there live. michael, take it away. >> reporter: hey esit's a party
4:48 pm
down here. everyone should come down here to fremont street. we're here for an event here every friday called fremont street east. food truck shows up and they always have a party. here tonight is a free movie. 7 on your side, taking your question or concerns and bring any paperwork is that you have and talk to us. damara hall is one of the guys we asked. you said you get a lot of phone calls. >> yes, yes r, yeah, it's very frustrating and my friends have been getting called from different scammers and different businesses we don't understand if it's true or not. how can we make this stop. >> that's a tough one.
4:49 pm
here's the deal. if you hear from theu on the phone, it's a cam. they never ever call. they don't text or do eel. they use. if it's not from the irs. they are lying now. >> if someone is referring who they are. need another way to get ahold of me. >> all but impossible for you to stop the calls but the federal government has jumped on corporations and said it's time for to you stop these and they are working on it now and i think in three or four months they will be all but gone so that's the good news. >> that's great. that's great, because, you know, it's real scary getting threats over the phone and not knowing whether to take it seriously. >> action luftly. >> thanks a lot for the question. appreciate it. glad we could answer it. if you have a consumer question come down here and answer is it on.
4:50 pm
>> the loading cause of let of older americans hab to be on the raise. >> here's jane king. a top law enforcement officials declared heroin one of the most challenging challenges in the country right now. well freddo ferrer says among the most troublesome trends with the synthetic opiates used to cut heroin. ch more than 27,000 of falls made it the death making it the leading most preventible
4:51 pm
violence,ism and obesity pose the biggest risk in the united states and iceland and sweden share the top state for healthiest nation. and we're entering holiday season, and, yes, we do gain weight over the next couple of months and most of us gain.02% to .4% in weight and christmas hey lone was responsible for almost two pounds. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> you can make pretty much anything out of legos including a drone. san francisco-based fly bricks launched a do it yourself drone-building kit made out of, yes, legos. a basic version sells for $189 and then it goes. a sound up delux version goes for $249. a hand held controller is used to fly the drones. the company says lego-made drones are a cheaper alternative since you can rebuild them when they break and that happens relatively often and easily. coming up at 6:00, abc 7 news
4:52 pm
look at making the drones and how to get them up, up and away. >> a customer expecting a pizza received a very different kind of dough. the money wrapped up inside a pizza box. >> and now a look at what's coming up at 5:00. >> thanks very much. coming up off the streets. police arrest two brothers who they say specifically targeted a specific group of people. >> and from the field to the ice. how colin kaepernick's anthem protest is playing out as san jose sharks get ready for a new season. >> and mark zuckerberg's efforts to find aliens befor
4:53 pm
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we have more season premiers tonight on abc 7. at 8:00 it's "last man standing" followed by "dr. ken" and at 9:00 it's a new season of deals
4:56 pm
with "shark tank" followed by "20/20" followed by "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> a san jose woman orders chicken wings from a local dominoes and gets a rather unexpected side dish. stacks of cash. >> yeah, she wanted to return the money and turned to us for help. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the story you'll see only on nbc 7. >> reporter: at the spacetel wireless store in san jose this manager says it's a lunch order from domino's pizza she will never forgetting. >> when i opened this box, i'm thinking they are like bread sticks. >> reporter: but instead it was a different type of dough, cash and lots of it. >> like i saw my manager myself so i deposit so i assumed right it was their deposits. >> reporter: nearly $5,000 that was supposed to go to the bank. >> and i was like no way. i opened the other one, and, yeah, it was -- >> reporter: who should she call and what was she supposed to do, a another of questions running through her head. >> and i was like i can't keep
4:57 pm
it. it's a crazy amount of money. it's not like $20 that you find, know, it's almost $5,000. >> so that tuesday afternoon she called the downtown domino's store where she had placed her owner hoping to get in touch with the manager and no one called back. >> they were thinking where did that money go or right acrake -- without a response she turned to us for help. as a reward she will be getting free pizza for an entire year and her employer spacetel, a cricket authorized retailer, is giving her one week off with pay for honesty. she said she will never look at chicken wings or bread sticks the same. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> makes me want as to. mike vegas shared his story with
4:58 pm
a abc. >> thank you so much for joining us at "abc 7 news at they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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coming up. gations of harris president and the shake-up of the san francisco department. tonight the chief goes on the record. in richmond one officer may be fired and new fallout from the sex scandal sweeping bay area police departments. and how bay-area drivers will soon be the new audience for the colin kaepernick controversy. and what the san jose sharks think of taking a knee during the anthem as the team gets back on the ice. >> obviously something that's been a major issue. talk of intimidation and harassment. the head of san francisco's fire department confronts a big problem. good evening, i'm dan ashley.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm kristein sze. thanks for joining us. san francisco fire chief joanne hayes white spoke politically for the first time about the sexual harassment charges made by a female firefighter. abc 7 news reporter vic lee is live at the fire house in chinatown where that firefighter once worked. vic? >> kristen. >> this is station 2 here in chinatown, as you said, and this is where the female firefighter says the harassment took place. chief hayes white called it egregious, especially in a department she says where there are 250 female firefighters and that's about 15% of the total force, far more than the average for fire departments around the country. >> there were findings of harassment, and it's something obviously we don't tolerate. >> reporter: the fire chief minced no words when she talked about the investigation into charges that a female firefighter had been harassed at fire station 2 in chinatown. the investigation was conducted


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