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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  September 25, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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you who talks to your dermatologist about stelara®. good morning, america. breaking news overnight. captured, the suspect wanted for killing five people in a washington state mall. picked up by police. >> he said nothing. he was kind of zombie-like. >> who he is and how they got him, all this as we learn more about the horrifying shooting. new videos of the shooting in charlotte. police feeling the pressure and releasing the video of the moment they opened fire on keith lamont scott. the new angles and what they show. >> it does not make sense to us how it was possible that this incident resulted in the loss of life. >> his hand. >> where the investigation stands right now. flash of the candidates. their date with the debate now one day away.
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hillary clinton offering a front seat to donald trump's nemesis. while he threatens to bring a woman from bill clinton's past. will things get even uglier on stage in this high-stakes showdown? and rivers rising. evacuations under way as eastern iowa braces for one of the worst floods in its history. latinos already underwater. homes destroyed. the rivers ready to crest making misery for days to come. good sunday morning everyone. we want to thank you for joining us. we want to jump right into the breaking news overnight. an arrest in the deadly mall shooting in washington state. >> there's the mugshot of the suspect. his name is arcan cetin. he's 20 years old. police say he walked into the cascade mall in washington and killed five people inside of a macy's.
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>> this morning abc news has identified a myspace page that apparently belongs to cetin, and has pictures of him posing with various firearms. >> police say tracking him down through footage. the arrest coming just as a prayer service being held for the five victims. abc's neal karlinsky is right there in burlington, washington with the latest this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: that's right, they were able to zero in on the suspect through tips and surveillance cameras here in the mall parking lot, able to identify his car and track it to a nearby town where they found him not hiding out, but simply walking around. the arrest happened without a single shot fired. >> right there walking. un-detained. >> reporter: suspected cascade mall shooter, arcan
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recent high school graduate and grocery bagger. according to his facebook page. >> i saw an individual walking northbound on the sidewalk and i instantly recognized, did an abrupt u-turn, pulled my gun and took the individual into custody. >> they found him in a community 40 minutes away from the shooting. >> reporter: officers spotted him simply walking down the street. >> he said nothing. he was kind of zombie-like. he did not have a weapon with him. he had a leather satchel. appeared to be a computer inside the bag. >> reporter: police arrested cetin almost 24 hours after the shooting rampage inside this macy's. four women and one man shot to death. near the makeup department. a my space page shows pictures of him posing with various firearms. hours earlier, police had released new images from inside the mall. cetin they say in a t-shirt and shorts, no tactical gear, and nothing to make him stand out before allegedly opening fire. >> three to four down inside. i've got one rifle left in this area. >> to see it happen 20 feet away from you is just -- it's insane to me.
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it's crazy. and i never thought that i would be in that position to be staring at somebody who was losing their life and i can't do anything about it. >> reporter: the victims range in age from a teenage cancer survivor to a senior citizen. police are looking into reports, cetin's ex-girlfriend may have worked at the macy's, but for now, the motive remains unknown. the suspect is from turkey but a legal resident of the united states. there's no believed link to terrorism at this point, and the suspect will make his first court appearance on monday. paula. >> that motive, the big question. thank you. the other big story, the ongoing unrest in charlotte. bowing to pressure, the police department releasing two videos of the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott after days of protests demanding that the footage be made public. our eva pilgrim has been in charlotte all week. there's a lot these videos show but a whole lot they don't. how are people reacting to it?
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>> reporter: paula, the peaceful protesters overnight saying, this is not enough. they want the full video released. they have been caulk for it since this shooting happened last week. meanwhile, the city of charlotte ramping up security for today's panther's game declaring it an extraordinary event prepared for more protests now that this portion of the video is out. this morning, a first look at the police video showing the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott. the dash cam video, you see scott get out of his suv, walking backwards, hands by his side. when four shots are fired. >> we got shots fired. one suspect down. >> it does not make sense to us how it was possible that this incident resulted in the loss of life. >> reporter: the body cam video showing a different angle. a uniformed officer using a baton trying to break the passenger window to get scott out of his suv.
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scott is seen standing outside the vehicle, and then, the father of seven, lying on the ground. police running up with guns drawn. >> from his hand. >> reporter: officers checking his pulse begin to administer aid. >> we need to hold the wound. >> reporter: police also releasireleas releasing pictures of the evidence taken from the scene, saying scott's dna and fingerprints were found on the loaded gun they recovered. >> there's no single piece of evidence that proves all the complexities involved in this investigative process. >> what i see on the video is the failure of the police to use all of the resources that they had at their disposal to avoid killing keith. >> reporter: family members say 43-year-old keith scott was just sitting in his suv waiting to pick up his son from school. according to police officers
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were in the neighborhood for an unrelated arrest warrant. they saw scott with marijuana and a gun and made the decision to approach him. >> do those actions, do those precious seconds justify this shooting? >> what we know and what you should know about him is that he was an american citizen who deserved better. >> reporter: the police chief saying they will release the rest of the video when this investigation is complete. dan. >> eva pilgrim, thank you. let's break down this newly released video now with abc news consultant brad garrett formerly with the fbi. brad, good morning. two things strike me from this new video. first, it's really not clear that keith lamont scott is holding a gun and second, his arms are at his side in the moment he was shot as far as i can tell and he's backing up. so do you see what i'm seeing here? >> i'm seeing the same thing, dan. so it raises the following questions.
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he steps out of the vehicle as he moves backward, does his arms come up? you hear the cops yell, drop the gun. drop the gun. he apparently doesn't drop the gun. at some point from their vantage point he must have raised the gun. because i can't think of any other justification to shoot him. >> right. is there some other tactic they could have used in that moment like tasing him or letting him continue to back up? >> either one is a possibility. and it also raises the bigger question is why did you just not leave him in the vehicle and sort of wait him out? >> the other thing we see on the earlier videos is the gun on the ground after scott has been shot and some people have pointed out that the gun seems awfully far away from him. does that raise any suspicions for you? >> no, because typically, you move a gun away from somebody that you have just shot or arrested for the obvious reason so they can't reach for it if they are still conscious. >> thank you very much.
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so many questions still. we appreciate you helping us clarify to the extent possible. thanks again. just the beginning of those questions. thanks dan. in politics a huge development just one day before the highly anticipated presidential debate. this race, it is tighter than ever. that's according to a new abc news "washington post" poll that shows the candidates are just two percentage points apart. hillary clinton has 46. donald trump has 44. here's a look inside the debate hall at new york where hillary clinton and donald trump will spar in their first of three presidential debates. abc's cecilia vega joining us in studio with more, on what we can expect. that's the big question. good morning to you. >> i think we can expect fireworks. good morning to you. the super bowl of american politics just a day away and it is expected to draw a super bowl sized audience. 100 million americans likely to watch this showdown. but this morning, all eyes on two people who might be watching from the front row right inside that debate hall. >> i'm going to fight. >> reporter: t-minus one day to
7:10 am
that epic face why you haoff, t couldn't be any higher, and the invite list couldn't be any wei weirder after hillary clinton's team offered a ticket to one of the best seats in the house to donald trump's reality tv billionaire nemesis mark cuban. >> i'll give you 25 grand for 33%. just say yes. >> reporter: trump took to twitter threatening to offer an invitation of his own saying if dopey mark cuban wants to sit in the front row perhaps i will put gennifer flowers right alongside of him. gennifer flowers being the woman who had an affair with bill clinton decades ago. she reportedly told the new york times, yes, i will be there. the trump campaign would not say whether an actual invitation was extended. >> we are going to show the whole world that america is back. >> reporter: trump attending a rally in virginia, take a break from debate preps where he's not
7:11 am
holding mock debates but question and answer sessions with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. some aides concerned trump hasn't spent enough time practicing, and gets easily distracted. clinton deep in briefing books and mock debates, her team finally revealing a tightly guarded debate prep secret. the person picked to play her opponent, a long time aide known for being shrewd and combative felipe reigns. okay. so gennifer ploflowers might be the audience tomorrow night, while clinton's camp says hillary clinton plans on using the debate to discuss issues that make a difference in people's lives. it's not surprising donald trump has chosen a different path. i know you want to come with me. but i'm sorry. i don't get any tickets. >> are you sure you don't have an extra ticket? >> yeah. >> i'll hide in your luggage. there's so much intrigue about who will be there in the audience, but both parties feel like they're going into this particular debate with an unfair disadvantage. how are they trying to gain the system in their favor? >> they're trying to work the
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rev rev reves refs right now, and he has already called the system rigged, and going after the debate moderators talking about which parties they may or may not vote for. hillary clinton is complaining about the moderators, too, saying she doesn't feel like she'll get fair questions, he will not have difficult questions like her because the bar is lower for him. i think what we'll see is big fireworks on that stage. >> do you think george might be able to hook me up with a ticket? >> ask him. george. >> good luck with that. thank you. for more on that let's bring in george stephanopoulos who is going to be hosting "this week" later this morning. let me ask you about what kind of impact do you think in the end a debate like this is going to have? our poll shows 74% of americans say they're going to watch, but 80% say they don't think it's going to change their mind. >> there are big debates about debates. and how much difference they really make. most people believe that have watched for a long time, believe that generally the debates don't make a big different. in these final weeks. tend to re-enforce the trends inside the race. here's why this year may be different. number one, the size of the audience.
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probably 100 million people, and maybe more. the biggest debate audience ever. number two, voters are unusually fluid this year. usually by this time in the race the number of undecided voters is 5% to 7%. this year it could be double and they're going to be watching to see how they do. >> it's mind-boggling to think people haven't made up their mind. we have been digging into this poll that shows it's tighter than ever. we want to talk about the candidates and their challenges. particularly donald trump, 60% see him as unqualified, untrustworthy, temperamentally unsuited and insufficiently knowledgeable to serve as president. can he use this debate? >> those numbers have been coming down. he has been making progress over the last month. his job tomorrow night is to appear calm, in command and he knows what he's doing, knows what he's talking about. we'll see whether hillary clinton will call him out on that. remember in past debates donald trump is usually one of 10, 11, 12 people on stage.
7:14 am
never one on one for 90 minutes with one moderator. we'll see if he can fill up the time with policies that hold up. >> a whole new dynamic for him and for clinton, really, it's all about her honesty and her health. only 36% see her as honest and trustworthy and after that recent bought with pneumonia 53% think she's in good health to serve as president. can she made it on either of these issues? >> safe to say she can't afford one of those coughing fits on the stage. other than that i don't think the health is going to matter. it's this issue of honesty and trustworthiness, her biggest hurdle no question about that, can she find a way in this debate to handle that liability to appear authentic, to appear a little more warm, to appear a little more warm, but also in command and put the debate to donald trump? >> i have to say, i'm just plain looking forward to this thing. a combination of breaking news, the super bowl and the series finale of "downton abbey." >> we're going to talk to the campaign managers. about the debates. i would be shocked if the commission on presidential
7:15 am
debates let's gennifer flowers or mark cuban in the front row. >> we'll see. this would take it definitely further into the reality tv zone. thank you very much, george. appreciate it. i want to remind everybody, he's got a big show coming up later on "this week." on the eve of the debate. he is as he said going one on one with clinton campaign manager and trump campaign manager, plus libertarian presidential nominee gary johnson. >> and tomorrow night george will be leading our debate coverage joined by martha raddatz, david muir, jon karl, raddatz, david muir, tom llamas, cecilia vega, matthew dowd and cokie roberts. monday night, tomorrow night starting at 9:00 eastern on abc. get your popcorn ready everybody. this morning, extreme concern in the midwest as several rivers in both iowa and wisconsin are in major flood stages because of heavy rainfall. rob, that flooding is expected to get worse over the next hours and days? >> this week they have seen a tremendous amount of rain and
7:16 am
there's more rain coming in right now. rivers high in wisconsin and minnesota, but the more urgent situation is in eastern iowa where the river continues to rise and cedar rapids, it is not flooding right now but tomorrow is going to be a whole other deal. several rivers rising dangerously high in iowa. cedar rapids bracing for what could be one of the worst floods in its history. tomorrow will be a whole other deal. >> reporter: we need to need to pitch hard to be fully prepared for that crest. >> reporter: pushing hard and hoping sandbags will help keep flood waters at bay. >> everybody is working together as a team trying to get the houses safe from the water coming up pretty fast. >> reporter: residents beginning to evacuate before the rising waters hit mondays night. >> we figured it would be a good idea to get everything out of the basement and getting some important stuff out. to the main level. >> we know it's a very stressful event for someone to have to leave their home. >> reporter: the cedar river at
7:17 am
cedar rapids, now expected to crest at 23 feet on tuesday. farther north in cedar falls three days of destructive flooding already with water critically high. the governor of iowa issuing a state of emergency for 13 counties in the state. >> this is a true testament of a community coming together. >> reporter: fresh in their minds, the flood of 2008, record-shattering numbers. they are ready for this. they are preparing for this. at this point 23 feet is below that record stage but down town will flood and they are evacuating for at least 7 days and some water into the mississippi and flooding as well. big situation there. this front, no slouch either especially across texas. flash flood watch. could see 3 to 4 impnches of rainfall, and flood prone areas like parts of austin and san antonio, and further west, we'll be watching over the next 48 hours. santa ana wind event, we have seen the winds blow. no big fires have sparked yet but today will be a critical
7:18 am
day. winds gusting in the mountains over 50 miles an hour. very, very dry here. high fire danger. critical fire danger as a matter of fact, and heat advisories. temperatures in san francisco over 80 degrees and we'll see things cool off. those are the weather good sunday morning, a heat advisory in effect today and tomorrow. temperatures will be soaring near 100 inland, even 100 in livermore, and well above average around the bay with 90 in oakland and 94 in san jose and 87 in san francisco. the heat advisory continues tomorrow and another hot day before temperatures tumble by next weekend. >> if you live in the east you're feeling a fall crisp out there. sure feels good but also hurricane season. we got something to watch in the atlantic. we got that in the next half hour. >> you're just full of good news
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this morning. >> we have a lot to cover. >> how does that feel? >> i do miss you, ron. but it feels good. >> and you should say this is where we do check in with ron for the rest of the morning's top stories. he's off today. hopefully you're having a good weekend, ron, so we are going to share the news reading duties. >> or at least try to. >> and we begin with more violence in syria. >> it's a horrifying story. heavy bombing leaving nearly 2 million people in the city of aleppo, syria with no access to clean water. the air raids are worse than they were before last week's failed cease-fire. the u.n. is calling for an emergency meet. and we have breaking news this morning. miami marlins' pitcher, jose fernandez has died. reports are he was killed in an early morning boating accident off the coast of miami. he is said to be one of three people killed in that crash. the miami marlins are calling the loss devastating. they have cancelled tonight's game. >> bill nun has died.
7:20 am
nun played the character known as radio rahim, and familiar robby robert sob from the spiderman trilogy. he had been fighting cancer for years. bill nun was 63 years old. >> a scary moment to show you on the sidelines of the auburn lsu game saturday. an auburn athletics photographer goes to catch the ball, she misses. and she is nailed right in the face. that photographer -- >> oh, marcia brady. >> her name is not marcia brady. her name is ashley ward and she does -- she is saying she is okay. she is just a little red. we should say that lsu lost a pretty controversial game. last second finish there. she's okay this morning. >> ouch. >> yes. finally, remarkable moments from yesterday's opening of the new smithsonian african-american museum in washington. here's one of them. this shot of first lady michelle obama giving former president george w. bush a big bipartisan hug and former president bush having trouble taking a selfie and gets an assist from the current commander in chief barack obama in a time where we
7:21 am
have such divided politics, very nice to see some of that. >> can you imagine george saying barack, would you mind taking this for me? >> i don't have the imagine it. i just watched it. >> i never thought i would see that. pretty cool. >> i know it is pretty cool. >> really great to see, too. coming up on this sunday morning, prosecutor's emotional closing argument in a murder case. a man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's son. >> he wanted to be 12 years old. not be dictated to. and that cost him his life. >> emotions running high. in that case. will it be enough to overcome what the defense is calling a lack of evidence? and consumer advocate, erin brockovich will be joining us on her new battle. "good morning america" is brought to you by target style. expect more, pay less. brought to you by target style. expect more, pay less.
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you don't have to be a foodie to appreciate what's happening in oakland this weekend. abc 7 news was at jack london square for the eat real
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festival, from hamburgers to oxtail tacos, it features fresh, locally sourced and sustainable food. nothing cost more than $8 and the festival continues today from 10:30 to 5:00. prepare for the heat. here's francis. >> and a cold drink with the food you're going to eat. it's 58 in oakland. it's going to be a hot day today. temperatures climbing to near 100, even 87 in san francisco. 94 in san jose. hot days continue into tomorrow, carolyn.
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lcom welcome back to "gma." happening right now on this sunday, under arrest, police capture 20-year-old arcan cetin, the man accused of opening fire at a mall in washington state killing five people inside the macy's there. this as a community comes together to warn thomourn those. the videos have been released. after mounting pressure. charlotte police going public with dash and body cam footage of the shooting of keith lamont scott. that shooting set off five days of protests. scott's family says the videos raised more questions than they answered. and hacker suspected of breaking into pippa middleton's icloud account has now been caught. scotland yard says they have a 35-year-old man in custody. this cyber thief allegedly got access to about 3,000 pictures,
7:31 am
including some private shots of middleton's niece and nephew. princess charlotte and little prince george. >> i think i would need to hire somebody to hack into my icloud account. i have no idea how to access it. do you have any idea to access your? >> you just invited hackers all over the world. >> i just don't know how to get there. also coming up, britain's royals arrive in canada and tell all the details of the family visit and the first tour for princess charlotte. the baby everybody wants to see. i just want to squeeze their cheeks. >> so adorable. meanwhile, the folks over at anonymous are gearing up to hack into everything paula faris related. we'll see how that goes. >> luckily i don't take incriminating photos ever. >> smart move. we're going to start here this half hour with the murder trial that is now in the hands of a judge. >> yeah, the defendant is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend's son. prosecutors say he allegedly blamed the boy for the fact that the couple had broken up. but the defense
7:32 am
attorney is asking where is the evidence. things got emotional in court. and abc's linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: it was a murder that shocked and divided the small upstate new york town. a soccer coach and father of five accused of strangling his ex-girlfriend's 12-year-old son seen here on a facebook memorial page. >> he wanted to be 12 years old. >> reporter: prosecutors say he became obsessed with garrett's mother, and blamed garrett for causing their breakup. hillary so angered by this, prosecutors say he killed the boy. >> he could finally be brought to justice. >> reporter: nick hillary maintains his innocence. his defense team says a lack of evidence or history of violence. >> they found no hair. no fibers, no trace evidence connecting him to the death of garrett phillips. you cannot ignore the lack of evidence in this case. >> reporter: in surveillance footage played in court, hillary's car is seen about
7:33 am
15 feet from garrett as he went home. prosecutors allege hillary was hunting for him. >> he goes home and the defendant begins to move after him. >> reporter: hillary's defense team argues, however, it was a coincidence that the 42-year-old, a former head soccer coach at clarkson university was scouting players from a high school parking lot and was with his daughter and later at an assistant coach's house when garrett was killed. >> how could he possibly have known garrett was leaving school at that time? nick hillary is not a violent man. >> reporter: hillary's fate is now in a judge's hands. the verdict could come as early as this week. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> wrenching for everybody involved. time for the weather. let's get it back to rob. hey, man. >> again, it's time of year for snow. also the aspens are turning colors in the rockies. a beautiful time here. a little dusting in keystone. there you can see the reservoir unfrozen, at least for the moment. all right. we're unfrozen for the northeast but it's a little bit of fall in
7:34 am
the air. don't you feel it? cool, crisp, invigorating. temperatures, 30s, 40s, 50s some cases. this afternoon getting maybe to 70 degrees but tomorrow morning off to school and work. maybe one of the first times you really want to give your kid a jacket to keep them warm on the way to school or at the bus stop. staying warm across south. temperatures in 90s memphis and atlanta. piece of cooler air the next couple of days. a little chunk of the front. but until then it's awfully warm. it's an ice cream day, temperatures will be climbing to near 100 inland. a heat advisory in effect today and tomorrow. san francisco hitting 87. 94 in san jose, another hot day tomorrow before things cool l l this weather cast is brought to you by flonase. i'm so excited about the cold, forgot to talk about the tropics, we have a long wait until we're worried about it. we'll talk more about it.
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>> coming up, the royal road trip. condition canada going crazy for prince william, dutchess kate, prince george and especially little charlotte. keep her away from paula. she wants to squeeze those cheeks. >> like you don't. look at that. they're so squeezeable. >> oh, my gosh. welcome back to "gma" this when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by overproducing 6 key inflammatory substances. most allergy pills only control 1. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. with flonase, more complete relief means enjoyment of every beautiful moment. flonase, six is greater than one, changes everything. ♪ scan each season to change checyour air filters.nders so you can relax and your family can breathe easy all year long. now save 15% on a year's supply of 3m filtrete air filters, at lowe's.
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welcome back to "gma" this sunday. well, it's will and kate's second official visit to canada and a lot has changed in the five years since their last visit. they're now proud parents of prince george and princess charlotte who threatened to grab all their headlines, of course, in the best possible way. abc's lama hasan joins us with more. good morning lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, rachel. we were right there at the airport in victoria. front row seat. the excitement building watching william and kate and their two little ones begin their tour as they received a ceremonial welcome fit for a future king and queen. it was a royal family affair as william and kate touched down in canada with prince george once again stealing the show. all eyes on princess charlotte mastering the royal wave on her first ever royal tour. well, this is it. this is the moment william and
7:40 am
kate along with prince george and princess charlotte kick off their highly anticipated tour of the west coast of canada packing in more than 30 engagements over the next seven days. can canadian prime minister, justin trudeau and his wife rolling out the red carpet welcoming the cambridges. complete with military honors and a 21-gun salute. >> we are so pleased that george and charlotte can be with us in canada this time around. beginning their own lifetime of friendship with this wonderful country. >> reporter: kate looking regal in a blue jenny packham dress with a bling borrowed from the queen, a diamond maple leaf broach. the duke and duchess beginning the tour with a royal walk-about and a solemn moment remembering those who served. the prince taking the stage thanking their hosts for their warm welcome, and saying a few words in french.
7:41 am
or trying to. [ speaking french ] [ cheers and applause ] >> it's a little rusty. work with me. >> reporter: so that was great french there. this is an action-packed tour. the palace describes as casual. more than 30 engagements on this tour, we are going to do our best to keep up with them every step of the way, wish us luck. >> i took french in high school. i think he ordered frogs legs there. [ speaking french ] >> sounded like -- >> charming no matter what he says. >> it's hard to sound bad. >> yeah. >> except if you're actually french and you hear us. >> he tried. that's what matters. >> i think lama tuned us out already. coming up on "good morning america" we have top environmental activist erin brockovich. she's right here in studio. hey erin. she'll tell us how we can be proactive about potential dangers in our water and she's got a new cause that's very dear
7:42 am
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now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics, exclusively at safeway. man, does that promise to be an epic night. man, does that promise to be an epic night. george stephanopoulos will be leading our coverage of monday's big debate joined by martha raddatz, david muir, tom llamas, cecelia vega and cokie roberts starting at 9:00 eastern on abc and we will be covering it live all through the evening. paula. over to you. >> thank you, dan. we want to bring in a name and face familiar to you at home.
7:46 am
consumer advocate erin brockovich is here. thanks for joining us. we know you have taken on a number of high-profile cases since you made a name for yourself. we'll talk about your cause in a moment. and what you are championing. i want to talk to you about these environmental threats. they aren't going away. we saw that with the huge sinkhole in florida and contaminated water, and now there's a class action lawsuit? >> yes. there was a class filed. you know, that is a horrific situation. and these environmental issues and our water quality is deteriorating every single day. it's not going away, and as a matter of fact, it's a whole lot worse than it was way back, and when. but the situation in florida is with mosaic, a big mining company, phosphorus plant and have all these ponds where they separate out the radioactive material. these ponds sit on top of a prolific aquifer system in florida, one of the best in the world, and why we put those type of ponds with radioactive
7:47 am
material on top of a drinking water supply for the state of florida in an area prone to sinkholes baffles my mind. but a 70-acre sinkhole opened up and the radioactive material got sucked right down into the floridian aquifer. >> the placement defies logic. i want to talk to you about empowerment. you're always been empowering yourself. there are things we can do to protect ourselves especially when it comes to our drinking water. >> oh, there's so much that people can do. i think you're seeing that happening right now. we're in a whole new world of social awareness and information. and it really is back to power to the people. don't be afraid to ask questions. a lot of times people will move away from an instinct where they think their water looks or smells different or something is going on, and i encourage them to follow through. there's a lot they can do from making phone calls to talking to your neighbor, to even getting online and ascertaining
7:48 am
information about educating yourself about what's going on. >> let's talk about your championing a new cause, mesothelioma, cancer related to asbestos. why did you choose this? >> oh m my gosh. because it's about public health and welfare. there's a lack of transparency that goes on. it's been a long time where we have had asbestos-related diseases. mesothelioma is awful. millions of people have suffered. again, going back to social awareness. we're seeing an influx of this again, and it is up to us to speak up and out and create awareness. help raise funds, get research so we can begin to change and eradicate diseases and how we move forward in a better environment with good public health. >> you are the ultimate change-maker and empowering all of us to do the same. erin, it is a delight and an honor to have you in studio. thank you so much. >> thank you. be right back. "pop news" is next. grandma! oh!
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"good morning america" is br "good morning america" is brought to you about silk dairy-free plant milk. silk, do plants. >> yes, we are, paula. time now for "pop news." always a good sign when paula says are we on? >> i didn't know. i wasn't sitting down so i wanted to get back in. >> get your head in the game. rachel has important news. what's happening? >> we do. great stuff. first up, when it comes to voting america's youth aren't making their voices heard. in an effort to boost voter registration rock the vote and doritos paired up with this vending machine at college campuses. the students are asked whether they registered or not. if they answer no they get a special flavor of doritos just for them. >> oh. >> if you're not registered to vote, this bag is for you. >> no taste. no crunch. >> no choice because if you don't vote, someone else chooses for you just like this. >> that's deep. >> yep. >> that's deep. >> that's deep. you did ask -- may i eat those? are those edible?
7:54 am
they are the no-choice bags. which have no taste, no crunch, no chips. not edible. >> not edible. >> you can attempt. if you would like. it's cardboard. >> i opened it and it's just cardboard. >> that's to show if you don't make a choice, you don't get a choice. >> is everybody here registered to vote? >> yep. >> of course. >> there we go. then you can have doritos. >> i'll take the whole thing. >> the students can use the machines to help them register. voter registration date is what, the 27th. national voter registration day to celebrate that and election day is november 8th. creators of snapchat have their eyes set on the latest technology. glasses. they're called spectacles. check this out. it will connect wirelessly to smart phones, and with the tap of a button on the side of the
7:55 am
specs, capturing ten seconds of video from the wearer's point of view. they look pretty cool. >> haven't glasses been called spectacles for a long time? >> you know, this is the 2016 terminology. i mean, this is the 2.0 version i guess, dan. >> i'm just harassing you. >> you're getting sassy. it's all about capturing memories the way you experience them. the specs will be available in limited release for about 130 bucks this fall. they want to create the circular motion of how you see what it is you're experiencing in real life. when you go back to view it that's what you experience again. >> so what you're telling us is we could experience the world according to dan. >> over and over and over, dan. >> okay. >> that's a reward ladies and gentlemen. >> we got to get to this. do you smell this? oh, yeah. we're bringing the bacon home. shocking. it is a big weekend here in new york city where we are holding the great big bacon picnic. pork fans get the chance to pig out on dozens of creations. all sorts of sweet and savory delights, including
7:56 am
a full bacon bar with nine different flavors. sounds like hog heaven to me. right paula? >> i have nothing to say. i'm just eating. >> she is chowing down. we have a bacon coming home this morning. paula, as you can see, and we all know is a huge fan of bacon. we got these bacon donuts from a couple restaurants here thanks to trace and infirmary. >> they're really good. thank you. >> thank you. good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. celebrating the 150th anniversary of the san francisco fire department wraps up today. antique fire engines rolled down
7:57 am
city streets yesterday morning. fisherman wharf for the special parade. fire departments from all over the bay area as far out as san diego brought historic fire trucks to celebrate the occasion. the trucks will be on display again from 10:00 this morning until 3:00 between piers 29 and 35. the warriors hosted their fourth annual family basketball clinic at the team's practice facility in oakland yesterday. klay thompson and kevin durant and draymond green were there to meet 100 parents and kids. all proceeds benefit the warriors community foundation which is committed to supporting youth development in the bay area. training camp begins on tuesday. let's get a check now of your accuweather forecast. here's frances. >> temperatures are rising in san francisco at 61, oakland at
7:58 am
62, mountain view, low 60s, half moon bay, 54 degrees. sweltering today and tomorrow with a heat advisory in effect and red flag warning until 3:00 this afternoon. spare the air today, most likely tomorrow as well. 94 in san jose and near 100 in the inland community and it will be feeling hot, hot, hot through tomorrow before things cool down next weekend. carolyn. >> thank you, thank you for joining us
7:59 am
8:00 am
starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos, one day away. >> i am so looking forward to debating donald trump. i can't wait. >> well, they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's slick. >> hillary clinton and donald trump toe to toe in the debate stage for the first time. >> donald trump is unfit. >> she's a dangerous liar. >> our brand new poll showing the candidates in a virtual tie ahead of the high-stakes showdown. can clinton win undecided voters and put the questions of trust in the rear-view mirror? >> let's make sure love trumps hate. >> can trump make the sale and prove he's qualified for the job? >> let's just win in november.


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