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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  September 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> you hear the wind gusts, combine that with high temperatures and low humidity and you have prime wildfire conditions. that's the situation right now in the north bay where a wildfire is spreading on one of the hottest days of the year. hello, i'm eric thomas. thanks for joining us. a wildfire is racing through dry terrain in sonoma county. it's grown to cover several hundred acres, burning along the sonoma border. for the latest, here's cal fire and captain amy head. thanks for joining us. are there homes in this area, captain? >> yeah, there are a few homes.
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it is fairly remote. there's approximately 36 homes and about 90 people affected by some of the evacuations that have taken place along geyser rose in the cloverdale area. >> do you have an evacuation center set up for them? >> we're working on an evacuation center, we'll have more information on that coming out soon. >> characterize the firefight for me, what equipment and manpower do you have on hand? >> we have over 250 personnel currently at the fire. a number of engines, a lot of air tankers, a lot of bulldozers, helicopters, fire crews and additional resources that have been ordered enroute. the fire is approximately 500 acres. it looks like they're making some good progress on the fire. >> good to hear.
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i know it's very early, but any idea how it started? >> the fire is under investigation. i don't have any information on that. amy head of cal fire, thank you. we'll keep you updated on the fight against the sawmill fire later in this news cast. always get the latest by downloading our abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts. people in that who shot this vi. let's get the latest on the weather conditions firefighters are facing. lisa is here. >> yes, we're under a heat advisory, another
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there are wind gusts in excess of 20 miles an hour. there's a red flag warning in effect for the mountains of the north bay and a spare the air alert. currently 84 in san francisco. the high was 91, two degrees shy of a record. san jose at 95. overnight temperatures will cool significantly after 8:00 tonight, with the light ends, those winds will dial back. but looking at another hot day tomorrow. in fact, we have multiple triple digit readings in the east bay and a cooldown that will feel much more like fall coming up. >> good to hear there's light at the end of the tunnel.
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let's see how people are trying to keep cool. cornell bernard is in martinez with a look at how we're coping. >> reporter: it was hot in martinez, and that wasn't the only thing, temperatures around this year's bay area blues festival sizzled. break out the fans. keeping cool was the goal. marianne brought her umbrella. keeping you cool? >> yes, very much. i would say five degrees, at least five degrees. if i took this off, i could see the difference. >> say hydrated and wear sun screen. >> reporter: there was free water at the information booth. others chose their own refreshment. >> i'm keeping my hat on. it's very hot today. hot weather and high fire danger forced the closure of mt. tam state park. we have winds up to 3, and gusts a few minutes ago.
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>> reporter: michael st. john is watching the weather, concerned about a very real fire threat. >> particularly in higher elevations above 1,000 feet, if we get ignition -- >> it must be september if you can hit the beach here. it was down right hot and track live doppler 7 hd any time. go shootings this weekend in oakland left one man dead and another wounded. the most recent happened just after 1:00 this morning on
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out the reached the tank filled with jet fuel. crews and the truck driver
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prevented that fire from becoming something much worse. no flight delays caused by the fire. a fund-raiser is going on right now in the east bay to help the family of a 3-year-old killed in a car crash. "abc7 news" was there where 20% of the sales will go to the family of the boy who died when an suv slammed into the back of the family car. dunn's family says they've been overwhelmed with the turnout. >> everybody showed support. he was the best little boy ever. it was the best boy ever. >> dunn's mother was also hurt and is still in the hospital. the highway patrol says the woman driving the suv that crashed into dunn's family car was drunk at the time. major league baseball is mourning one of the league's brightest stars. pitcher jose fernandez, the 24-year-old was killed early this morning in a boating accident in florida. he was one of three people who died when a boat was discovered upsidedown in the waters. fernandez was born in cuba but
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defected to the u.s. when he was 15. he was the national league's rookie of the year in 2013. teammates today were stunned at the news of his death. >> the passion he felt about playing. >> the coast guard says drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors in the crash. the marlins canceled their game against the braves today to allow the team to mourn. new details. a man accused of hitting the sacramento mayor in the face with a pie is out of bail. chaun thompson says he shoved the pie in the mayor's face and johnson responded by throwing punches. thompson said he was angry.
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seats and became jammed. the device involved is not part of the recall. the social media app snap chat is no more. the company has been renamed snap. snap is introducing video recording glasses. here's a picture from their website. the glasses can record video ten seconds at a time, then uploaded to the app via wi-fi or bl bluetoo bluetooth. people in the south bay joined in an effort to bring comfort to military members serving overseas. "abc7 news" was there in san jose where the san jose giants hosted an operation care and comfort packaging event. frank keffer is the vice president of the nonprofit and got involved after he received a care package while serving in iraq. >> i received one. it got me through almost 14 months of heck. so i knew i needed to be part of
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this. >> i'm sorry, kiefer says the packages are filled with little things that mean everything to the servicemen and women who receive them. the warriors general manager led a contingent to a pickup game yesterday. they played a pickup game at san quinten. still to come, the modern day ship that pays tribute to the past by teaching life skills to the taylor sailors of tomor. 95 right now, the actual record was 97. we reached 96, so shy of that. many record also be tumbling tomorrow. we'll take a look at
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we have an update now on our breaking news from the lake county lines where a 500 acre wildfire is burning east of cloverdale. homes have been evacuated on geysers road. cal fire says they're making progress, but it's officially zero percent contained. a red cross evacuation centered as opened, and we'll have more coverage coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00. a contemporary ship built to honor the sailing vessels of the 19th century dropped anchor in oakland today. "abc7 news" was there as the hawaiian chieftain docked in the bay area for a brief stay. it was launched in 1988 as a cargo ship between the hawaiian islands. it's now a floating classroom
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teaching kids everywhere it goes about sailing. >> we take school kids out as a living history classroom. so they set the sails, they haul the lines, we teach them about the northwest trade history. >> it's headed now for the delta. next stop is antioch on tuesday. >> hi there, everyone. hot enough for you? we have a tiny bit of a sea breeze. san francisco not helping anybody out, i know. and possible records today from san jose, mountain view and at the airport. tomorrow, i think the records will fall into our east bay valleys where i think every temperature i forecasted is over 100 degrees. so not fog to speak of. 80s in san francisco. 87 in oakland. a warmer day on tap tomorrow. gilroy, 97 degrees. triple digits on tap tomorrow. the sun sets right after 7:00
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and rose this morning at 7:01. temperatures in the north bay, 98 in napa, and look how much warmer we are compared to yesterday at this hour. anywhere from three to 12 degrees warmer because of a dome of high pressure over us right now. so we still are looking at a red flag warning for another hour. marin, sonoma and napa, we're looking at those winds pretty breezy. at the surface, they've been flat. but critical fire weather with peak heat arriving tomorrow. a bit of a sea breeze late in the day immediately at the coast. a spare the air alert again tomorrow. the cooldown begins on tuesday. overnight lows, very mild, looking at the mid 50s, low 60s, and the fog is not going to come back tuesday. so the santa clara valley for tuesday and tomorrow, we'll be looking at things changing rapidly.
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so here's the hour by hour forecast of your fog. you'll notice it comes back early in the morning on tuesday. that's the source of our cooling. a stronger onshore push. 97 tomorrow in san jose. could see records here. 101 in morgan hill. on the peninsula, low to mid 90s. 92 in san mateo. 80s at the coast. 82 for you in the sunset tomorrow. 87 downtown. in the north bay, up towards cloverdale, 100 degrees. near east bay, low to mid 90s from union city to castro valley. but 102 for you tomorrow on antioch. look at all these 100s. it's going to be a scorcher. look what happens on tuesday. this seems significantly cooler. by wednesday, much, much cooler. a little change on thursday. so this certainly will feel like a good afternoon as we get into tuesday. tomorrow, look how quickly the
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temperatures rise in oakland. 83 by noon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mid 80s on the coast tomorrow. triple digits inland. and then we cool off a little on tuesday and then the trend is for much, much cooler weather. download our app and get the alerts and of course, we're watching that fire for you. but those east winds today not helping. >> that's a big drop between monday and thursday. can we just skip to thursday? >> i wish. >> thanks a lot. baseball and football today. >> a little bit of both for you today. the 49ers are winless in seattle theme continues. and the raiders defense a lot better today, forcing three turnovers. 2-0 on the road. all the highlights are next in sports.
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maybe the raiders should schedule all their games on the road. they're 2-0 away, and defense tightened up. raiders had eight penalties. first quarter, murray caps off a 22-yard touchdown run, but only 37 carries on the day. 7-3, raiders. 43 seconds left in the half, 19-yard touchdown. 17-3, raiders at the half. raiders defense was better, but still allowed 393 yards. three turnovers ticking off the
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quarterback two times. but 16 seconds left, titans with a chance to tie at the 12 yard line. the pass in the end zone falls incomplete on fourth down. raiders win 17-10. they're now 2-1 on the year. >> nowhere near what it needs to be yet. but certainly reasons to be optimistic, which i am. i'm very optimistic about the men we have, the work we're putting in, we're sitting herel rest of the season. >> the 49ers have not won in seattle since 2011. the seahawks had 14 points in the first quarter. 41 yards here, first of his two touchdowns. russell wilson threw for 243 and a touchdown. 18 yards to a wide open jimmy graham. 24-3 seattle at the half.
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blaine gabbard, picked off here, terrible display of offense. only 254 yards, most of that coming in garbage time. wilson left the game with an injured left knee. despite two late touchdowns and 102 yards, seahawks win 37-18. giants in their hunt for october, trying to keep pace in the wild card race. johnny cueto missed his start today with a groin injury. before the game, clayton richard drew jose hernandez on the mound. buster posey's 999th career hit. former a adam rosales, a home run for the second straight game, made it 3-2. cory garrett records the loss because in the 7th, will myers
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with an rbi double down the line. padres win 4-3. dodgers clinch the west with a win today. cardinals are playing right now for the final wild card spot. a's hosting the rangers in their final home game of the season. oakland explode for seven runs in the second inning. steven vote, a bases loaded double. everyone scores. next batter, ryan healey. a's win 7-1. lsu fired their head coach les miles today. we'll see you again at 6:00. >> shu, thanks a lot. it's definitely not a family
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coming up on "abc7 news" at 6:00, we'll be live from sonoma county with the latest on the dangerous fire. and the new california law supported by the crabbing industry that goes after fishermen who are entangling whales. leather pride took center stage in san francisco today. revelers this year did not let the hot weather get in the way of the annual celebration of adult themed exhibitionism. the event started in 1984, all for a good cause. it's raised money forocal
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charities since its earliest days. you've got to be fit. that's it for us. see yo welcome to "world news tonight." super showdown. the stage is set. donald trump and hillary clinton. >> donald trump is temperamentally unfit. >> she's a dangerous liar. >> their first head-to-head clash. 100 million people expected to watch. the race tightening. and a big name scratched from trump's guest list. breaking news. all-star tragedy. one of baseball's best, jose fernandez, killed in a horrific boat accident. fans and his team stunned, and just days ago announcing he was going to be a father. new police video. for the first time, the moment police used deadly force. but the man they shot, walking backwards, hands by his side. officers say he was armed. but protesters want to see all of the footage.


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