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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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yesterday fanned by winds racing through bone dry vegetation. 90 residents are forced to evacuated and many are worried. >> i had a dream last night the house burned down. i have been around the valley fire and it is very scary when it is at your back door. >> this morning several roads around the fire are closed. as mike is telling us, more heat and wind are expected today. >> a warning in san mateo county after man would tried to pick up a young boy near a middle school yesterday. >> our reporter matt keller in san carlos. matt? >> good morning, this is what the kid was doing, walking on this street in san carlos headed to a friend's house in front of a middle school. that is when something strange
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happened. a man pull newspaper -- pulled up in a car and asked if he want add ride that is the beginning of the strange interaction. here is exactly where this all happened. the boy was here on cedar street at orange avenue in front the middle school and the boy told the driver described as 70 years old with gray and wide medium hair he did not need a ride and he would call police if he kept bugging him. the driver took off and the boy talked to his mother and his mother called the sheriff and investigators say they do not know in the driver was legitimately helping the boy or intending to do something criminal. he was driving a new model silver sedan, and the sheriff said talk to your kids about this because it is good to know what they would do in something leak this happened to them. in the east bay, berkeley police are looking for the person who opened fire on a woman and young man in front of a home near
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alcatraz avenue and king before 8:30 last night. the victim are a woman and son. one was shot twice in the abdomen and the other was shot in the leg. police are expected them to survive. there is no information released on suspects or motive. >> tonight could be the largest audience ever to watch a presidential debate. >> polls between the race, between hillary clinton and donald trump show it is tighter than ever. we were at hofstra university yesterday where the debate is happening. it is chilly in new york with ten of millions of americans expected to walk the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump as they lay out their differences for voters in final stretch to election day. it is show time, hillary clinton
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and donald trump facing off. the first presidential debate between clinton and trump is divided into six segments for 90 minutes the audience is instructed not to boo or clear. how have they been preparing? hillary clinton diving into briefing materials. it unis fair to ask for hillary clinton to play traffic stop and make sure the lies are corrected and, also, to present her vision for what she wants to do. >> campaign sources tell abc that donald trump has not focused on policy or health. >> he answers as he hopes the questions go to policy and answer questions that the american people have. they deserve and expect the candidates to talk about the issues. the race could not be tighter. a new washington post/abc news poll shows that hillary clinton is holding at 46% and trump at
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two points behind. thank you. political analyst and political correspondent said that both candidates have big risks coming into the debates. >> trump has to appear presidential and control his mouth and be able to stay on point and show he has a command of some very complicated issues. hillary clinton has got to be able to, "a", -- "a" handle the trust issue and tell drivers why they should trust her and not be too inside the beltway but speak directly to the american people. >> you and watch the debate right here on abc7. get all of the local news at 4:00, followed by world news tonight with david muir at 5:30 and the debate begins at 6:00 with a full wrap up at 11:00. >> the man would brought the
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game of gulf to the masses, arnold palmer, has died. he died credit after his home in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, not far from his childhood birthplace at 87. he was one of the most beloved figures in the game. his charisma and hard charging style is credited with bringing a country club sport to a blue collar audience. in the 50 years playing the king, he won 92 championships in all. in 12 three was awarded the congressional gold medal. reaction has been pouring in, and we are tracking it. >> palmer's passing has been discussed on twitter including posts for you at the live desk and i will start with this. remembering the special times i spent with mr. arnold palmer at bay hill, and a true pioneer for our sport forever remembered. others i liked, tiger woods sent out a few tweets but part of it
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said it is hard to imagine golf without you or anyone more important to the game than "the king." that is his anything name. and jordan spieth he said it is an unto be a locker mate with you at angc, in augusta, you inspired millions, changed the game and will forever be missed. last but not least i liked the big time soccer playing pelee, saying "golf will never be the same without you." there is a lot of reaction from the sports world but politicians, and t and movie stars all racketed to arnold palmer's death on twitter. i will watch social media through the morning and bring more reaction as the newscast continues. >> happening today the suspected gunman in the seattle area mall shooting will make his first court appearance, 20-year-old arcan cetin faces five counts of first-degree murder for the friday attack. investigators are still trying
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to determine what triggered this rampage inside a macy's store in burlington, washington. police arrested arcan cetin walking down the street near his home. the file any said there is that intermediate link to terrorism. >> we could get some answers this morning of san francisco's sinking millennium tower with the association holding a media briefing and taking reporters on a turf site at 9:00 a.m. today, engineers will collect data from the soil. 58 story tower sunk 16" and tilted 2" since 2009 come place. it was only expected to settle 4 to 6". last week supervisors grilled officials of would knew what and when and got few answers. the data collected bit soil engineers could determine who is to blame and who could possibly be forced to pay millions. >> governor brown signed a law to protect dogs from overheating in a locked car saying if you see an animal trapped in a car
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on a hot day you can break the car end. you have to call 9-1-1 or animal control first or try to find another way in. even with the windows cracked the temperature inside a car can be 10 to 30 degrees hotter than outside. >> they do not realize in the car how suffering you can do in the closed situation. >> poor animals are panting and evenings to are cannot fine the owner. >> the new law allow as person to rescue an animal without fear of prosecution and applies when the weather is too cold. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will talk about the big story today. you felt it yesterday. you will feel it harder today inland. heat-related illnesses possible from 11:00 this morning to 8:00 this evening and that means check on the young and elderly and those susceptible, do not eleven the kids and pets in car is a big issue across the country. stay cool and hydrated and find
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air conditioning and drink plenty of water. stay away from the adult beverages. 61. that is a cool spot. in berkeley. castro valley is 72. in hayward we are 68. alameda is 67. fremont and oakland is 63 degrees. it is cooler in some spots and pleasanton is 59, and mid-50s across the north bay and 68 down here in san jose. near the shark tank. san francisco has average high of 71. we are already there by 11:00. we are going to be in the 80s and 90's all throughout the afternoon hours and a lot of low 90s in twin peeks. 80s at the coast. 90s at the bay and 100s inland. if you see an asterisk that is a record high. tomorrow, you can see the heat is breaking and as we head it was wednesday, only a few 90s and that is inland the we have a "spare the air" day and i show
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you what we are dealing with this afternoon and now. stay tuned. >> alexis? >> the roads are okay. i told you of the rollover in santa rosa and it cleared from the boards. a nice quiet start in the south bay, northbound 101 at the 880 split in san jose. we have light volume. mass transit shows the golden gate field kicking in the ferry with the 12:25 return eliminated for the weekend and a lot of cancellations in sausalito weekday and weekend schedule to check before you head out. central valley filling in. >> coming up a hate crime targeting bay area tourists and san francisco police have a lead. >> another fiery incident involving a samsung devic
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>> hundreds of thousands attended the folsom street fair but two men from new york have a darker story, a hate crime that happened before the party even started. here is our reporter. san francisco's folsom street fair draws locals and tourists celebrating the bold and
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different. two men make the trip from new york but it is what happened the night before that still is unsettling. i waked out there was a band that pulled up and was yelling at him i was, like, leave us alone. >> i was waiting outside i started getting verbally assaulted. being called every name you can with a negative connotation. >> they came to the mcdonald's here in the western addition neighborhood for a bite to eat and they say the name-calling started. and then it turned into pepper spraying. all of it taking place cross the street from the police station. the new yorkers never expected to be hate crime victims in a city then for tolerance and acceptance. >> they were like, you do not understand we have values here, family values here, there are children here, you don't belong here. ahe said the five guys in a van continued yelling homophobic slurs. >> i thought he was going to
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wing and he sprayed with a can of place and other others came out, one after him. >> officers from the northern station responded but the suspects drove off. now the detectives of revealing surveillance video. the two are determine not to let it ruin their trip or change their love for san francisco. the city has character. >> in convicted the suspects face assault charges with a hate crime enhancement, which could result in a state prison sentence. >> an alert for uc berkeley students after reports of a man groping women on campus. a witness said the suspect was in an electric wheelchair accused of inappropriately touching a woman on friday evening at the martin luther king are j student union building. he is described as white man with curly brown hair and matches discretion of a man seen touching other women. so far, no victims have contacted police. all the f.a.a. is looking into a new incident involving a samsung
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device that forced a delta flight to make an emergency landing over the weekend. it left detroit on saturday on the way to amsterdam but was diverted to england. officials say a tablet fell inside a seat and started smoking. the device involved is not part of samsung's recall involving galaxy note 7 phones with batteries that have been watching fire. no one on the flight was hurt. the seat was swapped out and the passengers continued on the journey. >> stanford is distributing free bicycle helmets to the freshman class and because of a donation from two parents, 1,600 receive a new helmet and one door know suffers from brain trauma after a bicycle accident the he and his wife hope wearing helmets is the norm fog students on campus. >> if you enjoyed sweating over the weekend you will enjoy it even more today. meteorologist mike nicco we have been breaking records? >> four records yesterday and more on way today.
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we will jump in to it, dangerous heat, unhealthy air possible today, and the heat will ease tomorrow and i put starting tomorrow because not all of us feel it tomorrow it could take a couple of days to work inland and by the time we get to the weekend, autumn in october will arrive. look at the calm conditions we have a few breezes, napa at 6 and half moon bay at 5 and fairfield, where the marine layer is, and the nice sea breeze, only three miles per hour. look for the asterisk that is where we will tie or set a new record high, 99 in san jose, gilroy is 104, and los gatos is 102, the cool spot sunnyvale and milpitas at 96, mountain viewing is day record high, 98 and 92 in millbrae, cool 69 on the peninsula. and in the 90s and pacifica. 92 in san francisco. to 92 in south san francisco. as we head into the north by we
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will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 90s along the east bay shore, low-to-mid 90s and in inland we are well over 100. temperatures are cooler than this morning, 50s and 60s, but, still, not where we should be. when we get there, the heat eases at the coast tomorrow, and around bay on wednesday and finally inland by thursday, we are back to average by friday and we will hold steady saturday and sunday with a lot more cloud cover in the morning. we will look at our occur. air quality and the "spare the air" forecast. >> alexis? >> a look outside at our golden gate bridge camera, light volume as you can see from the north end. our one and only blocking incident was in santa rosa and that cleared in the last 20 minutes. a lot of green on the traffic map getting you to the central valley with red and yellow filling in, no surprise. if you are inbound, westbound 205 to westbound 580 through the altamont pass we are starting to see involves pick up, so an average of 25 miles per hour but no blocking issues to speak of.
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drive time is slowly starting to fill in and we will look at that before 5:00. >> a bay area project is making good use of your dog's waste. >> it is sounding weird but when rubber duckies attack, what sent this giant duck down a busy city street. >> a bay area hospital gives kids a second chance at prom. >> today in techbytes snapchat has its own eyeglasses, recording ten seconds of video at a time by towning a button. coming in three colors but just one size and costs $130, distribution is limited and snapchat c.e.o. admits they are something a toy. >> and bloomberg said apple has a new siri type system but could
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be scratch. >> google has a new messaging app that is downloaded more than a billion times since wednesday. it allows users to answer messages without typing. it uses -- learn -- it uses -- learning technology to think of
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>> this is what happened when a giant inflatable duck breaks free from its restraints. there it goes. it blew away from a car dealership in scotland after there were strong winds in glasgow. this was taken at a dealership across the street from where it was. this is not what people expected to say on the way to work in the morning. >> two strong earthquakes rattled opposite ends of japan last night simultaneously. first was a 5.5 on the northern most island. the second was a 5.7 on okinawa in the south. in reports of damage, injury or tsunamis. >> teens enjoying a second chance at a rite of passage: prom. something they missed because they are battling life threatening diseases and injuries. they look great.
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music is filling the air, while they were dancing to the beat at kaiser permanente medical center in oakland. saturday night's party provided 100 teens with distraction from their every day battle with disease like leukemia. >> it is just incredible how life works battle through it, you try your hardest and you over come it. >> [ inaudible ] >> this is great, too, they got a glam squad, receiving free hair and makeup, kaiser permanente hopes to hold more of the proms in the future. >> happening today, oakland raiders players reward a school district with a grant for efforts to keep students healthy partners with the national foundation on fitness, sports and nutrition to give hayward unified $20,000 grant. the district schools will use the money for wellness programs. they encourage young people to have a balanced diet and
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achieving 60 miles of physical activity each day. >> it seem like a good idea, san francisco is testing a way to good rid of dog waste. we are in portrero hill where dog owners can compost their best friend's...dirty work. so to say. new composite bags are there made by a local company that said the goal is to keep an estimated 32 million pounds of waste a area from going to the landfill. >> dog parks are collecting dog waste already and have the truck and the guy who gets account and takes to a landfall so we are only changing going to the landfill and taking it to the composter. >> it is turned into top soil. the program has been successful in europe for 20 years. >> 20 years? it is time. >> and my little woodstock can contribute to that. grow some stuff from his...stuff.
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>> good morning. i want to start off with a serious situation that could develop this afternoon. here is a look at san jose. this is one of the areas inland east bay that could have poor air quality. extremes today, gilroy and livermore, and los gatos, well over 100. now, usually we see 60s and 50s on the other end, but, neotiation 80s at half moon bay and daly city and the sunset. an issue earlier with a walker across the bay bridge and how is the toll plaza now? >> we are doing okay. you got caught up in that, this morning, mike and we do not have anything like that now. that person was arrested and there are no distractions cross the bay bridge. the toll plaza is still looking good. we should have 30 more minutes before get the metering lights turned on. the drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is the slowest this early at 45 minutes, southbound 680 dublin to mission
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boulevard look good. we will look at the north end in less than 10 minutes. >> next at 5:00 a.m. a new development in the wells fargo account scandal, and what former employees are doing now. >> sacramento mayor kevin johnson is talking about getting hit in the face with a pie. >> verizon customers complain they do not get overage alerts. >> a deadly crash on the yellow causeway mes ago and i am working on pictures from our colleagues in sacramento. stay tuned.
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>> good morning, east bay let's get going. >> this is abc7 onlyings. >> it is 5:00 a.m. but everyone slept well. no one was hot. except for me. >> i thought it was a little warm... >> nice of you not to take it out on us. >> that comes later. mike, nice to talk to you. hello, election. >> your co-workers could be grumpy in they are in san francisco or other areas that do not have air conditioning. just one more d


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