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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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le at know better sleep. breaking news is happening right now in the north bay. sky 7 is just arriving at a serious fire in petaluma. there are reports of at least two structures that are burping. just east of highway 101. you can see the plume of smoke there. in fact, several plumgs of smoke. the northbound lanes are closed at lakeville highway because of this fire. we have a closer look at this area where these fires have been reported. it's on stewart drive. that runs parallel to the highway. one of our viewers alison holmes shared this picture with us of a strip mall. we'll check back when sky 7 is directly overhead to give you a better look and updated information as it becomes available. good afternoon, everybody. i'm larry biel. >> and i'm ama daetz. we turn south now to that fire burning in the santa cruz mountains. >> here's the late on the loma
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fire. it's burned 1,500 acres since it started yesterday. at least one home has burned. >> firefighters are having a hard time controlling the fire which is just 5% contained. one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a minor eye injury. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen is live near morgan hill with this developing story. >> reporter: this fire erupted so fast that resident barely had a enough time to escape. i'm going to step out of way so you can take a look at the smoke behind me hovering over the santa cruz mountains this afternoon where some of the neighbors are still waiting to find out if their homes are still standing. in the santa cruz mountains community members try to lean on one another for support. >> they lost their house and their animals in front of their eyes. it was heart wrenching. >> reporter: just below loma prieta on casa loma road many gathered to wait it until as crews worked to contain the loma fire. >> seniors up there that's lost everything. some of them are on medication. they didn't even have time to get their medications out of the
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house or anything. >> reporter: sky 7 shows the smoke dominating much of the santa clara valley skyline this. woman's childhood home has been spared but her grandmother's house a few doors down didn't make it. >> i didn't think it would hit us and all of a sudden, no, it's coming. i can see flames from mini pateko. >> reporter: fire personnel will on the ground with more to arrive in the coming case. temperatures on the fire lines are anywhere between 90 and 100 degrees this afternoon. >> we have very, very, very dry fuel up. there. we have steep terrain and territory that hasn't burned in 50-plus years kind of making the perfect storm for this event right now. >> reporter: residents nearby say they are trying to keep their heads up. >> do you know that the community is here to help support in any way they can, and it's a wonderful feeling. >> reporter: a devastating 24 hours, but an ordeal that's brought these neighbors closer together, and those numbers, again, at least 1,500 acres have burned. the fire is just 5% contained. we expect to get another update
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from cal fire at 7:00 tonight. reporting live in santa clara county, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> video from sky 7 shows firefighters hosing down flames next to a building and home on casa loma road as severalhorse s nervously pace back and forth. residents grant pets they can and head to safety. >> the cats, that's important and i don't really know. i mean, we're agrade that even if nothing goes wrong with our house we won't be allowed back in so we're not sure where we'll be staying, grabbed a few days worth of clothes. that's all we've got. >> three shelters have been set up for evacuees. most of the rescued large animals are being taken to the kanata cruz county fairgrounds in watsonville. fifth, are keeping a fire from growing in cloverdale. the sawmill fire is 55% contained. it's burned 1,500 acres since breaking out on sunday.
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more than 1,000 firefighters have endured high temperatures, dry conditions and steep terrain. investigators are working to figure out what sparked that fire. >> here at least 11 wildfires currently burning across the state of california right now. one of them is that soberanes fire. we've been talking about this for a long time. it was started by an illegal camp fire back in july and still only 81% contained. the fires are causing some air quality issues. just take a look at this. you can see the smoking haze off in the distance looking towards the loma fire. >> spencer christian here now with a closer look at our air quality. >> all right, larry. air quality should begin improving this evening as well as tomorrow and you can see on live doppler 7 nothing back at the coast and its cooling effect and it will bring a change in wind directions. conditions near the loma fire. 89 degrees. still pretty warm though not quite as hot. relative humidity up. the wind is generally light, about 4 miles per hour, but gusts have exceeded 10 miles per hour.
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look at the direction in which the smoke is blowing on this satellite image. you can see the smoke is sweeping southward away from the bay area right now. that pattern will continue into tomorrow, so not only will the cooler air here in the bay area improve our air quality but the fact that smoke is moving away from us will also be helpful. not helpful to the firefighers will be the stronger winds tomorrow. midday winds will be generally 9 to 12 miles per hour. at least the gusts will be, so that may complicate the fire fighting effort just a ilwill bit. however, on the helpful side. temperatures will be dropping off sharply and cooler over the next seven days. much cooler over the loma fire and relative humidity will be increasing. all weather factors except winds will be favorable to the fire fighting effort. ama? >> all right. thank you so much, spencer. now back to that fire burning near petaluma. sky 7 is over this scene of that fire where there are reports of at least two structures burning just east of highway 101. >> the northbound lanes are closed right now at lakeville highway because of this fire,
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and we have a witness on the phone right now with us jody hicks. jody, how close are you to this fire? >> reporter: i' . >> i've actually moved away from the fire. they were asking people to step back because a lot of people were clamoring to get a view, so i was kind of clogging up the streets so i've actually moved far away to get out of the way of the fire trucks. >> so were you just standing there looking on? >> honestly i was in my apartment like two blocks, three or four blocks away and i looked out the window and saw the smoke, and i thought it was the safeway or, you know, like much closer, because the smoke was so large. as i started to walk down the street, i realized this is much further away, and once i got closer i realized this was actually right near the 101 by the overpass, the pedestrian walkway over the freeway. >> well, what we're seeing right now it looks like two homes that are on fire unless they are attached right there. >> it's a little bit hard to tell and firefighters are on the roofs of those homes trying to
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vent the smoke. does it look like there ego's anything else aside from the brush in the area that's presently on fire? >> no, and while i was there, you know, it would turn to white smoke, and then would you hear kind of a popping noise which is customary when trees and such catch on fire and so you could see a big blume of black smoke but then it would quickly go back to white as the fire department was getting control of the fire, but, no, people on the streets were, you know, obviously -- it's all hear say because we don't really know and people were saying it's six houses or three or four houses. there was a woman, you know, that ran by crying. she said her mother's house is over there, so out of respect for everyone involved, we -- we all kind of stepped back and just let the fire department do their jobs. >> well, that is very kind of you, yeah, we are seeing it. we've confirmed two structures on fire and what we're seeing right now, seeing a little bit of the brush smoke as well at this point, but it seems like it's a fairly densely populated
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area when we take a wider shot. can you talk about the area and what's in there, a lot of businesses or just mainly homes? >> it's mostly homes right in that area. you know, the 101 is right next to most of the homes. at least i could estimate it was in proximity to the 101. you know, as people were coming by they were saying, oh, it's right by the overpass. initially it was just a tree, and -- but, yeah, it's mostly homes in petaluma. petaluma is, you know, a quaint little small town with a densely populated area of homes and apartments. there is a little business area, you know, further up off of -- off of mcgregor, but it's not -- it's mostly people with, you know, one-family homes living in that area, and it was spreading pretty quickly until the fire department got a handle on it >> you mention that had you live in an apartment complex nearby, and we're showing some scenes from our helicopter so traffic
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is backed up because the highway is shut down near sturlt drive, but what's the level of general anxiety because you could see how this type of thing could spread rather quickly? >> of course. yeah, you know, where i'm at, you know, there's a major road between myself and where i live and, you know, the fire. i would say the level of anxiety is largely with those losing their home or think they have lost their homes. the majority of the rest of the people that i witnessed, they were largely calm and all too willing to just step to the side and get out of the way of the professionals and the let them take care of this. there was no kind of hysteria or anyone, you know, being kind of out of control except, as i mentioned, those that were fearing that they had lost their homes or their loved ones. >> we can all understand that. jody, we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us about what was going on, what you've been seeing and being so respectful and letting firefighters do their job. >> for sure.
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you can see the flames now erupting from the roof there. this may get worse on that one particular home, that situation, before it gets better, but we've got the firemen on the ground, and you can see on the right of your screen they are trying to deal with hot spots in that area. >> it doesn't seem like the brush is burning anymore at this point. it looks like maybe they have taken care of that, but that is what appears to be a home or perhaps some sort of -- >> could be a garage. >> yeah. it's hard to tell, but you can see the flames just shooting through the roof. petaluma, stewart drive, and we did see most of the businesses are on the other side of the freeway. >> sure, sure. the concern, i guess you would have, if you're a homeowner in that area is any kind of debris or particles that get whipped up into the air could easily hop across the street, and then you've got a much bigger problem to deal with, and i guess we have a chp officer on the line right now, john, can you hear us
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us? >> yes. >> what's the situation with respect to the chp, and i can see the 101 is closed, at least in this area. >> our officers came at about quarter after 3:00 and what they thought was a vegetation fire. turns out multiple houses were involved. petaluma pd requested we shut down the freeway so that they could get fire equipment in there, so as of right now northbound 101 is being diverted off lakeville highway. we are trying to get at least one lane open as of right now, but that's probably at least half an hour in the future here, so if you're coming in from marin county into sonoma county just be prepared for a very long commute on 101. >> yeah, certainly, and so it's the northbound. southbound not affected except for people, of course works will be slowing down and looking, but no closures there? >> no closures on that side. it does look like we have some pretty slow traffic on that side. again, people sitting there watching and so it is hard getting through petaluma in both
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directions right now. >> what's your advice to anybody that has to go in that direction? is there any other alternate route? >> there are a couple of alternate routes. if you're still in marin county, you might consider 37 to lakeville highway. if you're coming in around the county line, you can take san antonio road and hit the back roads into petaluma. i think either way you're going to see some -- a lot of congestion in all the back roads. >> yeah, certainly. >> we are showing some helicopter video, and it looks like traffic is backed up basically forever there while firefighters work to try to contain this -- this blaze. do you have any information from the -- have they told you whether it's one home or two homes? we can see the brush that's on fire. it's a little bit hard to tell how many homes may be impacted. >> according to our officers first on scene there were multiple homes involved. >> okay. >> he said two to three at that time and that was almost an hour ago. >> john, thank you so much for
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giving us that update. just tuning in, again, you're looking in from sky 7. a live look in petaluma at this fire that's burning. multiple homes. you can see the flames come out on 101 northbound shut down in that area. people are being diverted off at lakeville highway so that the firefighters can get any vehicles that they need to get to that fire. >> but as the officer mentioned, 101 will be closed for at least a half an hour and it doesn't look like they got the fire in this one house really contained at this point. you're still seeing smoke coming up and active flames and this may take longer than half an hour. >> absolutely and even to get one lane open in half an hour probably won't do much good for the evening commute. we're keeping a close watch on this and will bring you the late as we continue on the abc 1 news
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introducing tiny toast. the tiny cereal with the big taste of real fruit. want to continue with our breaking news coverage of this fire in petaluma at stuart and mckenzie drive there. that has closed down northbound 101. i was just checking in the weather center with spencer christian, and he says the temperature right now is 82 degrees. 33% humidity which is not bad, and the winds are from the northwest at 8 miles an hour. so these conditions are actually favorable for the firefighters, especially given what everybody was dealing with over the weekend when we were in triple digits in many neighborhoods. >> yeah. it was certainly quite hot. fortunately we're on this cooler trend as we start to bring the temperatures down a little bit. you can see on the map where this fire is burning. you can see petaluma where stuart drive, is and now as we
4:17 pm
take a look at the traffic, you can see that northbound 101 is what is affected, is what is closed right now. traffic is getting off at lakeville highway. southbound is still open, but, of course, people are going to be looking, and -- and that will definitely slow down a little bit through the-year. >> it's going to take forever there, and even with -- we saw the earlier shot there just a few seconds ago, the traffic being diverted, but this is kind to wind for miles perhaps. >> yeah. >> so it's going to be a pretty slow commute in petaluma tonight. another big mess today on the richmond san rafael bridge, and there a big rig caught fire in the eastbound lanes. crews have been trying to clean up that mess pretty much all day long, and the road is still closed there as well. not expected to open until 6:00 tonight. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman has been following this story and joins us now with the latest. wayne? >> well, it is good news, bad news, larry. the good news it will reopen at 6:00 tonight. that's an estimation but the california highway patrol.
4:18 pm
the bad news that for eight hours the richmond bridge eastbound, you're looking at westbound, the richmond bridge eastbound has been closed. it is the one big rig that took up and snarled two eastbound lanes of the richmond bridge, the only two lanes. >> it happened during commute. >> but the aftermath extended on through the day. 8:00 a.m. this morning this big rig or what remains of it hit an eastbound guardrail and careened another 150 yards and caught fire. big hollywood productions have nothing on this. >> the crash is still under investigation, but we do know that the driver was not intoxicated. >> there were no injuries, no other vehicles involved and what a mess from diesel spilled on the road bed to metal to a cargo of contaminated soil to concerns about structural damage in the fire to the re-routing of traffic off the bridge and backwards. >> meantime on the western side of the richmond bridge some eastbound commuters waited. read this woman's lips as she said i left two hours ago.
4:19 pm
her name is beth miller from santa rosa. she's a teacher. >> what are you runing? >> patience and tolerance and acceptance. >> that would be a good start until the next stop. >> two jammed lanes and one long day on the richmond bridge. >> and -- and a lot of people trying to get across the richmond bridge will look like this gentleman right here sitting in his car waiting for the bridge to reopen supposedly at 6:00. this is the parking lot near san quinton prison. it's been filled, let's just call them optimists. filled with optimists all day long and they are still optimistic at 6:00 that this bridge will reopen. live at san rafael, sam freedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you. abc 7 viewers have been sending us pictures of the big rig fire. gay timmons actually saw the fire from a dissins it a. you can send us your pictures using the #abc7now and you might see your pictures like this. >> the road is not expected to
4:20 pm
open for a few more hours and that's creating a huge mess for the evening commute as you take a look at the traffic map and the red lines show the slowest areas for drivers, and we've got a considerable amount of red all over the place. >> what a mess. >> the best place to be is at home watching us and not in your car. >> exactly. >> spencer, as were you mentioning earlier, at least the temperatures are starting to trend downward a bit. >> they are indeed and humid city going up a bit. winds relatively light and that's good news for your concerns. a look at live doppler 7. you can see fog has returned to the coast and the cooling has begun significantly near the coast and bay. still pretty warm in our inland areas, but the marine layer has brought the relief we've all been looking for. check out the 24-hour temperature change. it's 25 degrees cooler right now in half moon bay than it was this year yesterday. 17 degrees cooler in san francisco and palo alto and just as hot in concord though as it was at this time yesterday. inland areas are still pretty warm. this is the view from sutro
4:21 pm
tower and spilling through the golden gate and reaching out over the bay. it will continue its push late evening hours. 69 degrees in san francisco and near 90 this year yesterday. oakland 80 and 83 in mountain view and 92 at san jose and 96 at gilroy. inland areas quite warm. 59 right now at half moon bay. here's a view from emoriville of the fog rolling through the golden gate. bring it on, the cooling, that is, and it hasn't reached inland. santa rosa is 90 degrees and napa 87 and 91 at novato and 98 at fairfield. a look from across the embark droe. foggy conditions near the coast and bay and cooling trends overnight and much cooler by the end of the week. forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening showing the movement of the fog down along the coastline and just locally out across the bay tonight. overnight lows mainly in the mid to upper 50s. still quite mild in most locations except north bay valleys and right along the coast.
4:22 pm
tomorrow's highs will range from 62 at half moon bay and 86 at concord and 9 at and yok and 82 down south at san jose and 84 north at santa rosa hand here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. it will be even cooler on thursday and the cooling continues on friday. by the time we get to the weekend, inland highs in the low 70s and well below average. certainly going to feel like fall over the weekend, and there's even a slight, slight chance of some light rain late monday and early next tuesday so we appear to be getting into a cooler pattern. >> that would be most welcome >> thanks, spencer. let's take another live look from sky 7 of this fire burning in petaluma on stuart drive which runs parallel to the highway. affecting your northbound 101 traffic because the highway is closed there. we will keep
4:23 pm
4:24 pm
and now we want to go back to our breaking news of this fire that is burning near
4:25 pm
petaluma. sky 7 is over the scene where there are reports of at least two structures burning. it may be up to 4 at this point. we just know that multiple structures and multiple homes are on fire. this is just east of highway 101. >> right. which is now closed in northbound direction. we talked with the chp a few minutes ago, and they suggested that if you've got to go in that direction, dry 37 to lakeville highway where san antonio road to petaluma, but it's going to be slow going because there's so much traffic that's already backed up in the area, and we continue to see that one home in the upper left of your screen which appears to -- to shoot out active flames. >> still has some flames coming out. >> so it's going to be a while before they have this completely contained. apparently it started as a brush fire with one of the trees, at least that's what one of the earlier reports suggested. >> and they continue to try to work on this, and abc 7 news anchor kristein sze has been
4:26 pm
following this. >> reporter: sky 7 is giving us a great vantage point from the air of this fire and what we wanted to see what the social media community is tweeting from the ground. chris holmes, fire explosion in midtown petaluma. you can see the smoke right behind that shopping mall we were talking about. and also want to show you this one. chris, also captured the chopper dropping water and taking it from a pond near the senior center on mcdowell and dumping it on the fire, and, look, this is what the drivers are seeing. we talked about this being the cluster of homes right near 101 so the drivers passing by can see the flames and the smoke. definitely a dangerous situation, and, you know, you're going to want to try to keep your eyes off of that as we're making our way through the area for safety and ken mcalister and look at this one, jody hicks, check this out. fire department dropping water on the fire, and she's got another one. look at this. if you can go tight, this man is actually putting water on his own roof as the fire starts to
4:27 pm
approach to try to protect his roof and his home. a lot of great pictures here. if you have them, use the abc 7 news hashtag and also petaluma. we'll find them and you can see the congestion on the local roads as people see the smoke. be careful driving in that area. aaron tweeted a really good one of the chopper there, again, dropping water. we'll keep our eye on social media. windsor fire saying a sglerlt h -- a sigalert has been issued for petaluma. both directions under the sigalert and larry and ama, back to you. meantime, we'll keep minding what's out there for you. >> thank you, kristen. and we're taking a look now and actually traffic is now moving again along northbound 101. the hp say they hope to have one lane open within half an hour and it's been 15 minutes from when we heard that, and it seems to be at least one lane hope. >> it is one lane at this point
4:28 pm
it looks like. >> that's the best anybody can hope for given the circumstances, because as you can see it's just a short distance off to the left here with the one home in the middle, and it looks like the flames coming out of that one home have worsened, at least. >> yeah, it's interesting because it doesn't seem to be as much smoke, but we do still see the flames coming out of the roof and you can see all the first responders lined up on stuart which runs adjacent and runs parallel with the highway. >> that's getting worse for the one structure right there. we'll keep you posted on this and the good news is that 101 is opened up for the commuters. not good news for whoever happens to own that home, but the firefighters are doing whatever they can to try
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and we continue to stay on top of the breaking news in petaluma where it appears as many as four homes are on fire right now. this is the worst of the structures that we've been showing you since the beginning of this newscast about half an hour ago. sky 7 is live over the scene. this fire had forced the chp to close all northbound lanes on highway 101 at lakeview highway, but one lane has just reopened to the relief of motorists there. the extreme lane, the right lane, if you're heading in the oncoming direction, as you can see, is dotted with fire trucks. fires on stuart and mckenzie
4:32 pm
drive just to the east of highway 101, and firefighters have been busy trying to put out. it looks like they got actually the brush fire part of this under control. it's just that one home at this point that still seems to be giving them some problems, but keep it right here on abc 7 news for updates throughout the afternoon and into the evening and always a reminder. download the abc 7 news app so you can get breaking news alerts 24/7. >> all right. larry. here what sells making headlines at 4:30. yesterday we were watching that loma fire break out near morgue anne hill and it's now actually jumped the county line and is now burning in both santa clara and santa cruz counties. sky 7 was over the fire now that's grown to 1,500 acres, and it's just 5% contained. look at all the smoking put off from that. temperatures on the fire lines today are between 90 and 100 degrees. dozens of people have been evacuated. 300 structures are threatened and one has been destroyed. abc 7 news reporter david louie found 27 horse and these four
4:33 pm
alpacas evacuated because of the fire. he'll show us how volunteers are getting the animals to safety coming up at 5:00. also at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter laura anthony spoke to a man in orinda attacked in his driveway by two men wearing halloween masks. his wife was shot twice but survived. in marin county, one of three drifters accused of killing a north by a man and a canadian tourist at golden gate park gave gripping testimony today against the other two murder suspects. abc 7 news reporter vic lee was in the courtroom an joins us live from san rafael with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, this is the fifth day of a preliminary hearing for those two defendants charged in those murders. now the main question here is sean angold, the third person in the killings when he said he is not the shooter, or is he lying to save his neck. >> reporter: shaun angold previously struck a deal with
4:34 pm
prosecutors pleading guilty to second-degree murder and in return angold agreed to testify against the other two suspects, morrison lamply and lila alligood. the prosecutor let his star witness through the chain of events. canadian tourist audrey carey was murdered in golden gate park october 2nd. the three befriended her and decided to rob her and took her to the ground. lampley, he said, central arteriled her and hit her in the face and spoke tearfully about her final moments. she said get off me. what are you guys doing. i heard mr. lampley say should up or i'll kill you and her last words just kill me then and then i heard a pop. and just three days erler steve carter was killed on a hiking trail near fair fenway park. the three wanted a car and he picked carter who drove to the trail to walk his dog and angold herd them confront carter and i heard what are you doing, man,
4:35 pm
and then i heard a shot. i seen the individual we were supposed to rob turn around and stagger. angold says more shots were fired and he also said the dog was shot in one of its eyes. prosecutor, did it make a noise? angold, the dog cried. during cross-examination the defense team's line of questioning focused on this. >> he is lying to save his skin. >> reporter: the hearing continues tomorrow. vic lee, abc 7 news. a new york battalion chief was killed today when a house exploded in the bronx. debris flew into the street and hit the battalion chief michael fahy. this morning's blast injured 19 other people including 9 fifthsers and 6 police officers and two utility workers. this incident started as a report of a natural gas leak. the house may in fact have been a front for a marijuana operation. fahy served as a firefighter for 17 years and leaves behind a wife and three children. fighting terror took center stage on capitol hill today. the head of the fbi pledged to
4:36 pm
see if anything could have been done differently when his agents were contactled by the father of a man later accused of a bombing in new york city. fbi director james comey testified before a committee. comey believes isis can be defeated but warned what may happen as the terror network is toppled. >> there will be a terrorist diaspora sometime within the next two to five years like we've never seen before. we must prepare ourselves and our allies, especially in western europe, to confront that threat. >> comey also told senators fewer americans are trying to head overseas and try to join isis. new details today on deadly pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. each of the estates of the 49 people killed in the mass shooting will get $350,000. it's part. one orlando fund which raised nearly $30 million for victims. each of the 68 people who were injured will receive $35,000 to
4:37 pm
$300,000 depending on how badly they were hurt. >> typhoon medgie has slammed into taiwan and so far that storm is being blamed for four deaths and more than 300 injuries. some people tried to brave winds that were clocked at more than 140 miles per hour. howling gusts scattered debris across taiwan's capital of taipei and the storm has knocked out power to 2.7 million homes in taiwan. and we take another live look from sky 7 of this fire burning in petaluma. this is on stuart. this is just off of 101 where northbound lanes are moving again. one lane is moving again. stay with us. we are keeping watch over this and will the latest after a break. >> i'm spencer christian. this is a few from mt. tam showing had a little finger fog moving in from the coast. yes, the cooling
4:38 pm
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want to continue to update the breaking news. northbound 101 in petaluma is open now, and i can't even see a whisper of smoke. now as we some into that one home. there is a little bit of smoke from what was at least four structures on fire. at least those were some of the reports and it looks like the firefighters have done a nice job.
4:41 pm
at least in this area of stuart and mckenzie drive it looks like things are getting under control. well, good news. cooling has bug. fog has returned to the coastline and the cooling marine layer is there which means temperatures will be dropping over the next several days. good news for firefighters down near the loma fire where temperatures yesterday were in the 90s. near 90 and tomorrow and the next couple of days highs there will only be in the 70s, and they will be dropping off into the 60. pretty much the trend the entire bay area will see. tomorrow look for the fog at the coast and fog ranging from low 60s to 80s at the bay and 80s in the warmest inland locations and we'll use livermore as our high temperature trend indicator over the next several days. down to 80 on thursday and then only 70s for the next several days and that science up with the accuweather seven-day forecast. you can see temperatures will drop into the only upper 70s for the warmest inland spots by
4:42 pm
friday and mid-70s over the weekend and inland and low 70s around the bay and low 60s on the coast and there's a slight chance of rain late next monday into early tuesday, so we do appear to be moving into that nice cooler, crisper chance of rain autumn pattern. >> that's exciting. >> yeah, it is. >> thanks, spencer. >> still ahead on abc 7 "news at 4:00." mystery at sea. a man is found but his mother is mixing after their fishing boat sink. >> can you be charged early termination fees when you die? we'll talk a i work 'round the clock. i want my blood sugar to stay in control. so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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a young man missing for more than a week after setting off on a fishing boat with his mother was safely rescued. he's now talking to the coast guard about what happened, but authorities have called off the search for his mother. abc 7 news reporter elizabeth hur has the details. >> reporter: relief and gratitude from family and friends who called this an answer to their prayers. 22-year-old nathan carmen finally back on land after spending a week lost at sea on an inflatable raft. >> we are ecstatic. we're excited. >> i was thrilled that they found them and devastated that
4:46 pm
linda wasn't with them. >> reporter: a family friend reported the two of them missing after the mother and son left for a fishing trip on september 18th and failed to return. the coast guard said rescuers searched for days to no avail, and then this past sunday nathan was picked up by a chinese freighter off martha's vineyard. the 22-year-old told authorities his mother disappeared when their fishing boat sank. >> when the boat started taking on water, he got his life raft. he went looking for his mom to get into the life raft and could not find it. >> one prayer was answered. we're waiting on the second one. >> reporter: despite the search for nathan's mother being suspended friends are still praying for a miracle. abc boston station wcvb is reporting nathan has asperger's syndrome, a form of autism and has attorney has requested to be present for any future interviews with authorities. coast guard officials say their focus now is learning everything they can from nathan to see if any changes to their search and rescue efforts are necessary to make sure that this doesn't
4:47 pm
happen again. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> a los scatos letter carrier is saved a woman on his route. a woman had fallen the night before and had been unable to get up and was calling for help. the woman told him where to find a spare key and stayed with her until the paramedics alive and walker will be honored friday at the los gatos post office. >> a new survey has found rental rates are slowly dropping in san jose and san francisco but home sales are still hot. >> 7 on your side michael finney is here with a closer-like look. michael? >> what it always seems like around here. still a hot sales markets for homes in the bay area and around the country. after surging almost 14% in july nationally, new home sales did fall more than 7% in august, but even with that decline last month sales of new homes are up
4:48 pm
more than 20% from a year ago. now here in the bay area sales of all homes grew by nearly 7% month over month and dropped one percentage point from last year. should your family have to pay early termination fees because you die? in new york known, cable and utility companies may no longer charge early termination fees when service has been discontinued due to the death of a customer. the rule was signed into law today by democratic governor andrew cuomo and we checked and apparently california doesn't have that consumer protection but 7 on your side was instrumental in passing similar laws regarding nursing home fees. this week is a great day for free stuff. it's national coffee day and pete's, dunkin and krispy kreme are among those offering free deals on coffee and check with your local coffee shop, too.
4:49 pm
many are joining in as well. also, some. p.f. changs around the bay area are offering free sushi on thursday. they are expanding their sushi offering and wants to get the word out. all these deals come with small print so make sure you know what the deal is before ordering. now i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that number 415-9 a 4-8151. you can also reach me on my facebook page and through abc 7 >> i may try to eat for free all day thursday. just continue. >> go to p.f. chang and p.f. chang. >> and get some coffee. >> got to wash it down. >> not a dime. >> i'm with you. >> all right. >> thank you, michael. in today's wellness report it's never too late to start walking. >> and farmed fish could solve a pending population crisis. here's jane king. >> reporter: waurk walking can fend off disability, even for people in their later years. walking can improve memory and
4:50 pm
reverse muscle loss. the yale school of medicine says older adults need to realize exercise can greatly improve quality of life by maximizing mobility as long as possible. and the research, stress that old age isn't for relaxing. okay. morning sickness could point to a healthy pregnancy. a team of government researchers say women who have nausea and vomiting early in the pregnancy would less likely to have a miscarriage. while many believe this to be the case this is the first study with high quality science to back it up. farmed fish has gotten a bad rap but it may be the only way the world will feed the additional 2 billion people on the planet over the next decade. aqua culture is the way to look to to produce enough animal protein. crops is not an answer because it takes airable land and a study at california state university says our smartphones are distracting us and maybe even making us miserable. the research psychologist says we're not communicating anymore and just connecting and
4:51 pm
sometimes this distraction is killing us such as in texting and driving. from the nasdaq. i'm jane king and here's to your health. san francisco elementary school students are getting thousands of new books thanks to generous donations. >> are you excited for all the books? >> yes. >> okay. >> abc 7 news traffic reporter alexis smith, i hope you've seen her in the morning, does a great job. she read one of the books to the kids at bryant elementary school at today's dedication of their new classroom library. the school district and the nonprofit organization first book have committed $1.5 million to put a library in every k-5 classroom. >> our belief is that invest in is the most important thing and here books and teachers and here we're giving out 3,000 books so the kids can read, learn, enjoy and build a foundation for good education. >> awesome. abc 7 and our parent company disney have partnered with first book on our magic of story telling campaign each year, and
4:52 pm
they have teamed up to donate an additional 1,000 books to the school district. >> up next, less than 24 hours after the first presidential debate, there's a big push to get people to register to vote. what's being done to get people to the polls. dan is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 "news at 5:00." >> ama, thanks. larry, coming up next, breaking news all around the bay, as you know. in petaluma spreads to several homes, and part of 101 is closed. the latest on that live. also, battling head lice. 7 on your side's michael finney checks out the products to get rid of it. are they a waste of money, that's the question, and why donald trump won't help you get ahead when it comes to beating the morning commute. those stories and
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
national voter registration day is today on the heels of the first presidential dates and millenials were a big focus. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn
4:56 pm
tyler live with what some young people are saying about the debate and upcoming election. >> reporter: millenials are social activists but researchers call them political dropouts. they voted less often than any other generation in modern history. will that change with this election? >> take this. >> reporter: at the college of marin nancy registered today, but she is unhappy that the first time she will ever cast a ballot the choices are hillary clinton or donald trump. are you swayed one way or the other? >> i'm not sure. >> reporter: and that's a challenge for both presidential candidates. there are nearly 76 million millenials. americans between the ages of 18 rand 35. they are a powerful voting bloc, jack davis, a senior at dominican university watched last night's debate and is on campus today encouraging his classmates. >> i think it's just really important that people, you know, take their opinions that they have on social media and, you
4:57 pm
know, talking with friends and take it to a vote and make something change for real. >> reporter: abc 7 political analyst carla marinucci says millenials are the big question marks in this election. >> so much is at stake here for the future of the country, for foreign relations, for domestic issues and yet less than half of the millenials who are eligible to vote are expected to vote in this election. >> neither party or candidate has been appealing to me so far. >> reporter: millenials came out big for barack obama, but will they show up this november? at cal voter registration was brisk. last night's debate was a motivator for richard yu. >> i thought both candidates were very strong. >> reporter: this is a change election. we'll learn in november if millenials decided to be part of that change. carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for abc 7 "news at
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
next at 5:00, break news. homes on fire along a major north bay freeway. we'll take you live to the scene with sky 7. >> also, the commute nightmare right now in marin county after a big rig crashes and catches fire on the richmond san rafael bridge. >> plus, live coverage of the battle against the big blaze in the santa cruz mountains and the extra care needed for the four-legged evacuees. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll have the very latest on the fire conditions, plus a look at big pattern changes ahead. >> i'm just glad like my mom is not dead. >> and a family comes to grips with a violent attack in a quiet east bay town. >> that breaking news is in the north bay where there's a major traffic backup on highway 101 northbound because of multiple fires catching fire right next to the freeway.
5:00 pm
>> now let's show you a map showing you where this fire is on stuart and mckenzie drive just on east side of 101. one lane has just reopened at lakeville highway after an earlier closure. >> now a live look now from sky 7 shows firefighters working to put out the flames in this corner of a neighbor. it happened -- it appears four or five homes have at least partially burned. vegetation is burning along the highway as well. no word yet on the exact cause of the fire, but you can see the close proximity to the highway. >> this fire put out a lot of smoke as you can see in this video that jake shared with us on twitter. you can see this is when the black smoke was really coming up and over the hills as well as over the highways and home. >> both cal fire and petaluma fire are working to put out the flames. dan lamb tweeted this picture of cal fire helicopter picking up water from a lake at a park and people who live nearby are understandably nervous. >> honestly, i was in my apartment like two blocks, three or f


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