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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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homes, a desperate effort to protect them from danger and the loma fire is only 10% contained and it's now burned 2,200 acres since it burned out monday. >> team coverage starting with chris nguyen live in morgan hill. chris? >> reporter: at this point it's a waiting game for many of the residents who have been forced out of their homes. you can see behind me the smoke coming from the loma fire. while the past three days have been difficult many neighbors are trying to keep their spirits up, grateful that they were able to make it out of their homes without getting hurt. at this open space preserve a gathering point for residents as they take in the loma fire. >> keeping our fingers crossed. those guys are doing a good job. i mean, they are moving. >> reporter: doreen bellamy has lived in the santa cruz mountains for 25 years and is among twhoes have been evacuated from their homes. >> we had a truck come by and yelling on the loudspeaker evacuate evacuate. >> a look from sky 7 shows us some of the rocky terrain the crews are facing on the fire
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lines. >> reporter: they are having acce access equipment to get a road in. there's certain areas dozers cannot work and that's why we bring in the hand crews. >> reporter: down the street at the coffee house in girl roy. >> our heart goes out to them and you want to do what you can. >> reporter: owner connie thomas is part of a volunteer group that's been collecting donations and even providing free coffee to first responders and evacuees. >> if that happened to me and if i was coming down off of there and worrying about my animals and stuff like that, i just wanted to do what i thought i would want. >> reporter: a simple gesture but one that hasn't gone unnotice and now as neighbors wait to head back to their homes. >> i don't want to see anybody get hurt, you know. our houses are not worth somebody's life, flat out bottom line. >> reporter: a sincere message to crews fighting the flames atop loma prieta. we've been in touch with cal fire and expect another update within the hour. so far the fire has burn at least 2,200 acres and is 10%
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contained. live tonight in morgan hill. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> still a long way to go there. winds in the area have been a big concern. let's check in with abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with the late on the conditions on the fire lines. >> yeah, dan, and the humidity is rising. higher humidity near the loma fire. cooler weather and gusty at times. fires create their own winds, as you know, and that's part of the problem and even though you take a look at live doppler 7 and see all the fog has actually moved in. we're also seek some of that smoking picked up by our radar here and here's a look at those conditions near the fire line. 72 degrees right now so it is cooler. relative humidity has come up and winds are dropping to 8 miles per hour and as i mentioned winds get creed by the fire itself. surface wind gusts over the next 24 hours expected to remain light and now you fast forward to thursday night and going into friday and this is when those winds will increase. 15 gusting to possibly 22 miles
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an hour, and you are looking at those temperatures following hopefully. that will help the firefighters on the fire lines. dan, kristen. >> sand yeah, thanks so much. now team coverage with abc 7 news reporter david lieu who spent the day with helicopter fighters fighting the loma fire. >> he's live in gilroy tonight. david? >> reporter: dan and kristen, as you know, it takes a great deal of coordination on the ground and in the air to fight a wild land fire. in fact, it was a cal fire helicopter pilot who first spotted the loma fire when it broke out monday afternoon. he called it in, and they have been focused on that fire ever since. you've seen them over the loma fire. helicopters dropping buckets of water ranging from 200 to 2,600 gallons, so how is that helping? dan clark has been a cal fire pilot for 13 years. >> we're just trying to slow it down and the aircraft don't put out fires. we just slow it down so the guys on the ground with their tools and their water hoses actually can put the fire out
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>> reporter: ground attack he's describing is supported by 15 helicopters and a quickly as bald base. this is a helicopter based at the station near the lexington reservoir near los gatos. the others belong to contractors who joined the effort from the state as as far away as oregon. the goal is to make a precise drop. >> yeah. everybody miss eds, you know. we try and do the best we can with wind shifts and sometimes in canyons and sometimes places that you just can't get to, and, you know, we're all human >> reporter: bucket has a register name, a bambi bucket created by a canadian company. the water is released through a valve. >> the weight of the water keeps the valve closed and fills the bucket and when you want to release it you hit the electrical release and it released this cable and the valve kind of falls out the bottom. >> reporter: all the air traffic has to be coordinated first on the ground.
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>> they are not certified by the faa, but they are able to coordinate the airspace on the ground and we actually have a helicopter coordinator that flies over the fire and he works as the air traffic controller in the air to maintain visual separation so we don't have any incidents. >> in san martin, david louie, abc 7 news. at least one south bay school district is being proactive and keeping its students away from smoke from the fire. the san jose unified school district has recommended to principals at old campuses to keep students indoors during pe, recess and lunchtime. no official warning has been issued by air quality officials. this is just playing it very safe. the district says the recommendation was down as a precaution. remember, can you stay on top of smoke concerns and the fire itself obviously by downloading the abc 7 news app and enabling push alerts so we can update you immediately. all right. take a look at this. the u.s. parks police say the man in this sketch is a person of interest in the death of a college student killed while playing pokemon go in san
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francisco. remember when we brought you that story? police are also looking for this car, a newer model white four door toyota avalon seen leaving the scene shortly after the shooting. 20-year-old calvin riley, a high school grad and baseball star playing the game at aquatic park on august 6th. investigators have yet to determine a motive. california state treasurer john chung is hitting wells fargo where it hurts and for one year the state will no longer use wells fargo for buying investments and underwriting bonds and will not invest in the bank's securities. he says he's imposing the sanctions after allegations that wells fargo fleeced its customers. impact could be $500 million, maybe more. >> how can my office continue to entrust the public's money to an organization which has shown such little regard for people placing their financial well-being in the care. >> chink says the state's
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break-up with the bank could be permanent. bank employees are accused of opening, as you know, fraudulent accounts to meet sales goals. wells released a statement saying they take responsibility for what happened and are sorry. officials in oakland hope an upgraded surveillance system will be a deterrent to crime in a fruitvale park. the system wasn't working three weeks ago when two men were shot and killed execution-style in the park, a terrible crime. in fact, we're told the equipment stopped working more than a year ago because of vandalism and water damage. the system is expected to be up and running very soon. >> imagine if this happened to your student. some high school students are upset after a paperwork glitch is making it harder for them to apply to college. abc 7 news was at oakland's madison park business and art academy. madison park began offering high school classes three years ago but the oakland unified school
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district didn't complete the accreditation process. that means two dozen seniors now need to take extra steps when applying to uc or csu schools. >> we're going take this that's on our face. we know that we messed up in this situation. it's our fault. we're on jettic about it and not happy that this happened. >> the problem doesn't affect students applying to out-of-state or private colleges. administrators plan to hold a meeting tomorrow evening to answer questions from parents and students. >> good news for california teachers. the governor signed a bill that will allow school district to use any surplus property to build affordable housing for teachers and even some stuff. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live from the middle school in the city. lyanne, boy, that really could have an imsnookt it will, dan, because now the districts have the pressing of the state to begin creating partnerships, and now they can build affordable housing for teachers with no
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objections. it's no secret teachers in san francisco struggle to pay for housing in the city. >> it's very competitive for our school district to be able to hire teachers at the salaries that we can pay them and then they have the enormous burden of housing costs. >> reporter: but now state senator mark leno's bill has opened the door for any district to build affordable housing on any surplus land and still have access to federal tax cred sglits we do have some options for developing a housing development on a piece of property that's underutilized now. >> reporter: this empty lot on seventh avenue and lawton street in the sunset district is one of them. there is also the old francis scott key school. it would have to be torn down first. a lot located in mission bay has been earmarked for a new school which could include housing for teachers. ironically more than ten years ago the district had plans to build apartments for teachers behind the new dianne feinstein elementary, but back then teachers rejected the idea
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because most of them didn't want to live in the same building with other teachers. today their union told us 97% of teachers polled say they support that kind of housing. >> what's changed now is it's such a desperate situation. >> the district is in conversations with the union and the city to come up with the funds needed to build more affordable housing. santa clara unified did it. this complex has 70 teacher housing units. the union supports the idea but says more incentives are needed. >> we definitely need more. we need to see a salary that will keep people here in san francisco. >> as of yesterday, the official number of vacant teaching positions within the district was 98. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. still ahead on the "news at 5," ticket anger. >> really can't help a situation like this, when someone paints around you. >> a san francisco woman says the city painted a new red zone while her car was parked and then wrote her a ticket.
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without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing... fast heartbeat, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. ask your doctor if you're tresiba® ready. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ you're looking at a red zone in san francisco that suddenly appeared after she parked her car. wait until you hear what happened next. abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us live from san francisco with the stunning story. vic? >> reporter: well, kristen, this is franklin street near lombard, and this is the red zone we're talking about. this is where the woman parked her car. now, it's really a pretty simple story. simple, that is, until the sfmta, the san francisco
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municipal transportation agency made it complicated. the story begins july 11th. rebecca put her car here on franklin street near lombard, a legal parking space. >> i parked there because it was not red. >> reporter: rubbia who lives nearby also has a city parking permit so she could park on the spot longer than the two-hour limit. she was going on a business trip. when she came back five days later. >> i came up and saw a red zone violation ticket on my car. >> reporter: her parking space had been painted red while she was away. can you still see the fresh paint on leaves and litter in the gutter. the crew was nice enough to paint around her tire, but not nice. this $110 ticket for a red zone violation. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: we went to sfmta spokesman paul rose who confirms the space was painted red when the car was parked, but he says the woman was cited not for the red zone but because she parked
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in that spot too long. >> and according to the california vehicle code you can't park in the same location for more than 72 hours. >> reporter: but she said her ticket says red zone violation. >> she did protest the citation and she was told that her protest was denied for these reasons. >> reporter: but nowhere in this rejection letter which she got from the sfmta after appeal does it mention a $72-hour parking violation. she tells us she will appeal again, this time in person. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> reporter: stanford is offering to pay a big chunk of tuition for its mba program on one condition. the grads have to agree to work in the midwest for two years and the school will cover $160,000 in tuition. it's part of a fellowship program recently announced by the university. the intent here is to help spur economic development in underserved areas. the fellowship will be awarded to three students with a financial need. the sacramento kings newest
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arena will be the first in the entire world to offer transgender friendly rest rooms. the team announced today that its 23 bathrooms have been labeled all gender. owners say it's about accommodating all of its fans. the nba pulled the 2017 all-star game from charlotte, north carolina, after lawmakers in the state passed the bathroom law which struck down measures against gays, lesbians and transgender people. >> tonight on "modern family" there will be an openly transgender child actor. 8-year-old jackson makes his debut tonight as lily's friend tom and lily's parents learn they have to teach her a lesson about acceptance so here's tonight's primetime lineup on abc 7. at 8:00 it's "the goldbergs" followed by "speechless." at 9:00 p.m. that special episode of "modern family and at
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9:30 "black-ish" and at 10:00 p.m. my new favorite show "designated survivor." followed by the news 1591:00. critics say a new law raising minimum wage will cause employers to cut jobs. >> and a new study says low-wage jobs are the ones that will grow the most in the coming years. 7 on your side's michael finney is here to talk about it. >> members of california's work force development board say low-wage jobs will keep increasing even with a higher minimum wage. the economists predict food service jobs will grow along with tourism. they also predict more jobs for health care assistance as baby boomers age and retire. the economists said a higher minimum wage won't discourage job growth. the problem is these wages aren't keeping up with the costs. the federal communications issue is taking up a weighty issue. should you have to pay to rip your set top back for your pay tv. the fcc may require the pay tv
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companies to provide a free app. right now consumers pay on average, get this, $230 per year to rent the settop box to watch tv. collectively companies rake in $20 billion in rent al tv. the fcc will take up this issue at its monthly meeting tomorrow. in order is recalling $40,000 hatchbacks because the hatches open too easily. they are being recalled from model years 2013 to 2017. the hatch can unlock and be unlatched by a single push of a button while the cars are moving. now, the federal safety standards require two actions to operate a latch release. ford says it has no reports of accidents or injuries. dealers also fix a problem. of course, no cost to owners. we'll let you know when that starts occurring. >> thanks, michael. >> sure. well, some new time lapse
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video from nasa shows how much rain the entire country has received over the past four months. unfortunately, as you probably notice, the bay area and california did not see any measurable rain really. that could be changing a little bit over the weekend though. >> you're exactly right. i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. right now we're tracking fog along the coast and it's started pushing in over the bay. it's 13 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time in oakland and down 18 degrees in san jose. this is why from our east bay hills camera you can see that marine layer has really re-established itself. up above we're seeing some layers of smoke. 57 in san francisco. it's 62 in oakland and 73 in san jose and a cool 55 in half moon bay and that loma fire can be seen from our san jose camera. you can see the smoke layers
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there as well so if you're the santa clara county you may want to stay inside. low 7 as from santa rosa and 48 in livermore. highs so far in the mid to upper 50s at the beaches to the low 90s in places like livermore and the cooling has gotten under way and will continue. from our kgo roof camera you can see why. we'll be dealing with more nothing. cooling continues over the weekend with a chance of showers on sunday. i do want to show you the air quality for thursday. do not have a spare the air but smoke from the loma fire will continue to impact the south central bay and the santa clara valley and moderate for those areas and good for the rest of the bay area and first thing tomorrow morning temperatures will begin in the 50s. watch out for that fog. we will als see some areas of mist and drizzle. patchy mist and drizzle. 7:00 tonight hour-by-hour forecast showing you the low clouds and fog pushing well into the east bay, the north bay. we're looking at a gray start for many of you tomorrow morning and at 11:00 most of you will be seeing the sun and we'll hang on
5:21 pm
to a little bit of fog and then for the afternoon should see patchy fog at the beaches. breeze at the coast. cooling continues. upper 50s to 60s at the coast and inland areas you'll be cooler and mild conditions expected in the low 80s. about where you should be for this time of year and not for long. take a look what's ahead for friday. fire danger rising and the temperatures will be dropping some more and windy conditions expected so keep that in mind. a cool afternoon for your saturday. 60s and 70s and on sunday we do have a chance of showers. you heard right. so we bring in our storm impact scale. we rank our storms from 1:00 being light to 5 severe. weave been doing this all winter long. last season. we'll continue to do this. autumn showers expected and do expect slippery roads as we haven't seen rain in a while. a tenth to a quarter of an inch of rain expected.
5:22 pm
11:00 sunday nothing happening. shower chance extends in the afternoon to some other parts of the bay area and as far as the rainfall total some may get $02 and some places could pick up to .2 inches of rain. that's why you want to download the abc 7 news app. accuweather's seven-day forecast, cooler tomorrow and foggier start. a breezy fire danger increasing and much cooler as we head into the weekend. you'll notice low 70s inland and upper 50s at the beaches and slight chance of a shower still on monday and on tuesday could be some early morning drops. kristen and dan, that's very iffy monday and tuesday. not exactly definitive yet. >> we'll keep the news app handy. >> thanks, sandhya. >> oh, dear. up next, a deer bucks up for rejennings. >> wild story. >> and kiefer sunderland took over the oval office on designated survivor and in real life hear from people being the
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designated survivor can be downri
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five north croon defectors are there with a message of hope and change and their hope is to find help for their mission to bring change to the world's most isolated nation. union square restaurant as the group talked about using weather blons to launch computer drives loaded with tv shows and movies into north korea to show the population there what's going on in the larger world. one of the defectors remembers picking up a television broadcast from china that really changed her thinking. >> so i have to block the windo windows. >> the delegation is also here to draw attention to the abuse of north korean women who
5:26 pm
escape. >> we'll shift gears here. a leap into the future for robots. this robot packs quite a punch. it can scale fences and climb stairs and even open doors. it's doing all of this without anyone controlling it. the dog-sized robot is expected to cost $1,500 or less when released. it could help in search and rescue or military operations where drones are not practical. pretty amazing. >> really is. that's cool. wow. take a look at this police dashcam video that caught a deer trying to dump into an sufficient moments after the suv hit it. the deer tried to leap over the driver. the driver hurt her knee in that scuffle. strange. we hope that the deer is okay as well but the deer looked pretty paniked, understandably. >> still ahead on the news at 5:00, trapped and in need of help. see the adorable moment
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i'm ama daetz. coming at 6:00, an i-team exclusive. how a ups driver and aerial video helped pinpoint the likely start of the loma fire and the source might make mad. also, letting others use your video streaming account is pretty common, but will that get you in trouble? 7 on your side investigates. plus. >> hello. jt mrs. doubtfire" is a classic and so is the home seep in the film now for sale. we have the price and another local landmark that could soon bear robin williams' name. that's coming up all in half an hour at 6:00. >> finally tonight mothers are always there for their children, of course, and one momma koala is no exception. she climbed down a tree who she heard her joey climbing out. this is video posted on social media from a farm in south
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australia. >> mom jumps on the fence and mom carries him on her back. tonight, breaking news.. shots fired at an elementary school. hitting children and a teacher, a suspect in custody. images now coming in from the scene. the deadly police shooting. the aftermath live on facebook. the man's sister saying she told police he was unarmed. authorities say he was in a, quote, shooting stance. the breaking headline here in new york city. the new image from the fbi tonight, they now know who the mystery men are, after those bombs placed in new york. where are they now? major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump moments ago with a fresh attack on hillary clinton. and, tonight, trump's team acknowledging he needs to practice for the next debate. meanwhile, michelle obama tonight not holding back against trump. and the volcano erupting. hundreds of tourists trapped.


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