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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, police are searching for this man. they want to talk to him about the college baseball player shot and killed while playing pokemon go. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> this shooting happened last month at aquatic park in san francisco. he was playing pokemon go when he was mysteriously shot and killed. >> lilian kim is live with the new details. >> reporter: ama, it has been nearly eight weeks since the fatal shooting and now a development that could provide a break in the case. police are counting on the public for help. u.s. park police describe him as a person of interest in the shooting death of calvin riley. 920-year-old -- the 20 kreerld college student was shot in the back playing pokemon go. it is a senseless killing that put locals on edge. >> it was horrible and tragic
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and unexpected. i hope they figure this out. >> police say this is the vehicle the person of interest was riding in. the car driven by a white woman is believed to be a 2 have 13 to -- a 2013 to 2 vr 15 -- 2015 toyota avalon. it was going up and down van ness avenue. >> it was driving down van ness and at some point pulled overy near the dumpster or turn around area and it pulled over and parked and then drove back down. >> reporter: regulars at aquatic park are happy to hear they are making progress. >> i was shocked and heart broken for the family. obviously he was looking at his phone and not paying attention to his surroundings. senseless for sure. >> here is a look at the person of interest and the vehicle.
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in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> a recovered cell phone could hold clues into the violent attack on the couple in uh rein do. orinda. our media partner, the bay area news group report that they located the phone after receiving a ping from it in the oakland hills. he was pistol whipped outside the couple's home on monday night. and now to developing news. new numbers from cal fire show the fire spread to 2800-acres. >> containment is now at 22% and good news for homeowners forced to leave their houses. some were allowed to return. >> katie is live with the developing story. >> reporter: the sheriff's office lifted the evacuation order for santa cruz county this afternoon. you will see signs like this thanking the firefighters all along summit road in this
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area. people who have homes to return to are eternally grateful. >> they are neighbors in the santa cruz mountains and timothy chose to stay in his house as the loma fire burned a half mile away. >> the flames were huge. they were like 400 feet high. >> dan left on day two of the fire. >> when i was driving off they dumped a big thing on my truck. i couldn't see out of it. that's what you get for stwhaig they evacuate you. >> on this day three, cooler weather enabled them to use a tactic called a firing operation where they spark their own fire at the top of the hill. >> we let the fire burn down slowly to where it is burning below. if the fire were to come up the hill on its own it is much more intense. >> reporter: it september a massive new plume of smoke into the air. they were fishing at the reservoir when they captured this video. the reservoir is where
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firefighting helicopters are picking up water to drop on the fire lines. it is a hard fight in steep, rugged terrain. >> anything can happen. the winds can pick up at anytime. >> evacuation orders remain in effect. abc7 news. >> dan: the abc7 news eye team has been investigating marijuana grows on the mountain where the loma fire was burning. >> neighbors were worried about the fire danger from the illegal pot operations. >> reporter: ups driver had to cut his route short when he came upon this, the loma fire just getting started. he took out his cell phone: he sent these out on facebook. >> that was awe and shock. i had never seen anything like that from my first person view. >> they watched the first cal fire helicopter on the scene.
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>> you come out your left side. >> a source with knowledge of the cal fire now under way took carlos' video and he believes the probable ignition point and where the fire may have started in los gatos. that's one of the spots neighbors claim was an illegal marijuana grow operation when they came to the eye team last month complaining about strangers and gunfire on the mountain. >> they are heavily armed and there has been shootings in the past. >> sources close to the cal fire investigation say they are concentrating on that spot. it appears to contain a legal marijuana grow and suspected it illegal pot farm and possible meth lab. they are curious of the video. they thought it was the sound of trees exploding in the fire. >> i thought that makes sense. when you put a piece of log you hear it popping.
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imagine the whole tree exploding with the heat. >> it could be ammunition blowing up. >> reporter: the eye team investigators are looking into whether the sounds were butane canisters exploding. they are used in the highly flammable process of making hash oil. while they fight the blaze, the investigation into how it started is underway. >> it can take weeks, months or years to do that. >> they are an llc with no name attached. the previous owner said there was no drug operation on it when he was there. by the way sheriff deputies saw several growers in tears upset about their crops going up in flames. dan noyes, abc7 news. >> and you can stay on top of the loma fire with the abc7 news app. en able the push alerts to get breaking news as it happens. it burned more than a
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dozen petaluma homes and killed a cat and caused by a passing driver's cigarette. that's according to fire investigators of the the fire destroyed four homes and damaged 10 others. and in the east bay, a string of small fire and called arson. several fires erupted over the trail leaving neighbors concerned. >> dan: there will no longer be a statute out of limitations in rape cases in california. it goes into effect next year. the bill is widely believed to be inspired by claims against bill cosby that surfaced years after the alleged crimes occurring. new at 11:00, music lovers in the east bay searching for their favorite albums will soon be able to supplement their tunes with medical marijuana. they have received the green light to open up a dispense re.
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katie udas has the story. >> reporter: music and marijuana is almost cliche, but combine the two for medicinal purposes purposes -- >> and we promise it will be epic. >> she campaigned for the medical marijuana legalization. it was just down the block from amoeba music. now they are opening a dispense rein the record store. >> and it brings joy to people's lives similar to music. this is one business we can get behind. >> following four and a half years of work there is a city permit in hand. >> to actually open a dispense redown the street from where we campaigned and where we dreamed we would do this and it is a dream come true. >> beyond the dream it is necessary for survival. >> i get my music on-line and from the apple store or just listening to youtube or something. >> they have operated at a loss since 2008, but the
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december pens rewill bring needed foot traffic. >> even small dispense res will see a couple hundred people a day. >> it will become the medical marijuana dispense re. but don't worry. the collection will be moved to this side of the building. it is scheduled to open in march of next year. in berkeley, abc7 news. coming up at 11:00, you just saw the hit show "designated survivor" on abc7. next, we will introduce you to the real life cabinet members who had to brace for worst case scenario in american politics. >> dan: and a popular brand of applianceses. >> and the advice the commander in chief has for quarterback colin kaepernick. >> from a fall feel to winter-like. i'm sandhya patel and i well let you knowy when live doppler 7 is tracking changes. >> dan: thank you. all of that, but first here is
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a look at what is next on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks, dan and ama. here is a sample of our show tonight. >> do you pull up or pull down when you go to the internet? >> you -- well it depends. [applause].
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you saw it here on abc7. "designated survivor" is a new drama that explores what would happen if a catastrophe struck the capitol. if a designated survivor had to be president in an instant. kiefer sutherland takes over on tv, but in real life those who say they are the designated survivor say it can
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be downright frightening. >> you are now the president of the united states. >> reporter: it is not just tv. it is reality. it is a government policy that can be sobering for those who are chosen to lead the country in the event of a catastrophe. >> the eying impel is gone. the eagle is gone. >> reporter: new york governor andrew cuomo was the designated survivor twice during his time twice in president bill clinton's administration. >> you know, the secret service is with you. you have what they call the football with you and the communication devices because if it happened you would immediately be at war. it makes you think how queachly the situation could get so bad and how fragile this whole system is. >> former commerce secretary and white house chief of staff is something they drill for.
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>> all of the agencies that were there worked through the scenario themselves. i am supposed to be, okay, mr. president, what do you want to do? >> reporter: daly was the designated survivor during the state of the union when the speech was over and the president was safely back at the white house his security vanished. >> the cars leave and i have to get a cab and go home. >> reporter: former wisconsin governor and health and human services secretary tommy thompson was picked 9 days after 9/11. >> i was shocked and upset that i would become the designated survivor. >> reporter: while president bush addressed a joint session of congress thompson was holed up in a secret government facility. >> they wanted to make sure that if that happened, if that terrible tragedy would happen, the government would continue. >> reporter: his secure location was in a mountain and it it had the capacity to run the government from there. it wasn't until later that
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thompson learned he was not the only designated survivor that night. vice president chain knee also also -- vice president cheney spent the evening in a secret bunker. >> dan: another samsung product is exploding. they are warning us about top loading samsung washers. 21 people report their washers exploded during the spin cycle sending nuts and bolts flying. there were no issue when's they used the delicate cycle. the launch of the smart trains may not happen this year because of problems with the safety gates. they are coming down too long after a train has passed. they are testing the trains on the 43-mile route. >> now your accu-weather forecast with sandhya patel. >> sandhya: here is a look at
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live doppler 7. we are tracking fog later this week. we could be talking about showers on the radar. right now visibility in half moon bay is four miles. watch out for that fog. the view from the emeryville camera is a fuzzy one. and that's what you will be dealing with if you take the ferry across the bay. for the commute 54 in san francisco and 59 in oakland and san jose 59 as well. the temperatures came down and inland was in the 80s to low 90s and coastal spots in the 50s. that cooling trend has just got started. we really will go down. gray skies as we look toward san francisco from pier15. 53 in santa rosa. in the 50s from novato to napa. a live look at the kgo roof camera and there is a breeze blowing right now. foggy and misty areas in the morning. a cooling trend through the weekend with a chance of showers on sunday. look at the hour by hour morning planner.
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temperatures are in the 50s. it is gray and drizzly in spots. your wipers may be on at 7:00 a.m. by 11:00 a.m. we start to see the clear skies. 50s in the rest of the region. when you get going tomorrow morning, bundle up. you need to dress warmly because it starts off cool in the 50s. hang on to the extra layer along the coast, breezy and keeping it on the cool side. 50s and 60s. inland will run mild, but certainly lower temperatures compared to today with plenty of sun especially away from the beaches. look what happens on friday. the wind starts to pick up from the northwest and the fire danger will be rising in the 60s and 70s for your friday. below normal conditions and on sunday we introduce a chance of showers which brings us to the storm impact scale. it is what we use to rank the stores from one to five. five is severe and one is a light system. autumn showers will create
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slippery roads. there is a slight possibility of thunder. if you are making your weekend plans saturday is the better bet for outdoor activities. i wouldn't cancel your plans. they are hinting at the best possibility of showers in the north bay and then a better chance for the rest of you in the afternoon and the evening. as far as rainfall totals, some of you will get nothing and a couple of you will pick up to.05 of an inch. tahoe goes from the 70s tomorrow and plenty of sun on friday and saturday to snow. 5,000 foot elevation and you are looking at snow showers and if you are traveling to tahoe or back, make sure you know about this. you want to download that. the accu-weather seven-day forecast a cooling trend through the weekend. the temperatures are bottoming out at 70. one on the storm impact scale.
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slight chance of a few showers on monday morning and then milder on tuesday and wednesday. >> looking forward to it. >> dan: president obama's message to niners quarterback colin kaepernick as he
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♪ smart.
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>> ama: tonight president obama asked colin kaepernick to think about the impact to military families the next time he takes a knee during the national anthem. president obama made the comments during a cnn town hall with members of the u.s. military. >> in a democracy like ours, there are gonna be a lot of folks who do stuff that we just don't agree with, but as long as they are doing it within the law then we can
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voice our opinion and objective to it, but it is also their right. >> he ultimately defended the quarterback and others who joined him. >> dan: let's move on to sports tonight. >> ama: how are the giants doing? >> it was back to normal for the giants tonight and normal is not very good. after 12 runs last night, pure frustration against the
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alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming! we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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sharing a ten by ten room,ng threestruggling.nding, i rent this place and then i started home sharing. my roommates help out all the time. they are glad to meet the guests and that opportunity that airbnb has given me is such a priceless gift. i was able to take three months off to take car of my family during a family tragedy. the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. one night after the 12-run outburst the giants went back to their usual agonizing selves. they were shut out by the rockies.
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you heard the phrase man up? how about woman up? nice job there. bottom of the second and tyler chatwood has a man in scoring position m he beats the giants for the third time. matching him pitch for pitch and strike him out, throw him out double play. top of four and giant killer always finds a way to beat the giants. broken bat single scores carlos gonzalez and it is 1-0 rockies. para with a base hit to right. it is 2-0 rocks and it ends the night. two aboard for buster posey. it is a ground ball to third and the game ends. giants blanked for the 13th time this year, 2-0. your wild card race, the mets won so they lead the giants by a game and a half for the top wild card spot and the giants are a game up on the card -- cardinals who lost.
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a's and angels and good to see sonny gray who was out because of right elbow and shoulder inflammation. he struck out one and allowed a hit and no runs. 4-2 angels in the fourth of the coal calhoun has clout. and then a scary moment in the eighth. lookout! that was 96 miles an hour and he plucked mike trout in the shoulder. no intent there. just an accident we think. angels win it 8-6 m the 49ers host the cowboys on sunday. if blaine gabbert is ineffective, might we see the return of colin kaepernick? >> everybody has a chance every day. he is not where he was in 2013 and that's what i am pointing out. he is not 100% back from a recovery standpoint. he is 100% healed, but is he the same player he was running a 4.5 and throwing the ball
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all over. you can look at him and he is not the same guy. >> the niners may not have to deal with dez bryant. he has a hair line fracture in his knee. he could be out three weeks, or he may not be able to play. abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. as we ride the rollercoaster with the giants, we're up, we're down.
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"jimmy kimmel live," sarah jessica parker. >> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- sarah jessica parker. from "black-ish," daveed diggs. and music from dan and shay. and now, and why not -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i don't want to spoil the mood but here's a warning. on do any of y


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