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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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freeway. a police officer
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live, where you live. >> a department in mourning. tonight, east bay police officers are remembering one of their own, killed on his way to work. >> ken zinc was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a pickup truck and a big rig. >> we are live where the community is grieving. lisa? >> reporter: ken zinc was with here before coming to this department to be a police officer. the department is set up with photos to remember him by and have started a go fund me page that has already raised more than $9,000.
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>> we loved you and miss you already. >> reporter: sadness over the loss of officer ken zink is not just expressed in the cards, it's written all over the faces of the students. he was on the way to work when his motorcycle crashed in to a truck. he was ejected and then hit by a flat bed trailer. the word of his sudden death spread through the school. >> i was not thinking that anything like that would happen to him. >> reporter: zink as they called him was well though of by the students, many of the students were at risk students. >> he was like a father figure to me. i'm so sad he is gone. >> reporter: taylor adams expressed her grief in a poster she hopes to give to his father.
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>> i will miss you. i miss your advice, i love you and hope i can see you again. >> reporter: zink joined the police department nine years ago in that time, he was named officer of the year. and recognized for his work in n narcotics investigations. >> a long time algebra teacher in a prep school in san jose is accused of sexual assault of a former student. he is on leave, police arrested him in school today, he taught the student last year. she told a friend and the friend reported it to police. the school released a statement saying that they were shocked when the incident was brought to their attention and they are cooperating with the investigation. sad day. now to the wild fire that is burning in the santa cruz
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mountains. we are showing the assault on the loma fire. it has now destroyed eight homes. the flames have spread to more than 4100 acres. we are live in los gatos where neighbors are gathering for a community meeting. >> reporter: dozens of neighbors gathered. at one point they applauded firefighters. they are grateful but they are frustrated. they want more physician information and want it faster, especially when it comes to their homes. >> can someone here tonight give us an answer so we can see if our home is there or not. >> reporter: for some, the biggest question is what cannot be answered. >> i know part of it is home, the part that had all of my children's things and my paintings. >> reporter: her home is in santa clara county, she lost her art studio is waiting to hear
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about the rest of the home. >> it's terrible. >> reporter: they say the damage assessment team has only begun the process of identifying the homes in the burn area. >> there could be a chimney a bath tub, a sink, something of that nature that will survive the fire. >> reporter: the loma fire has grown to 4,000 acres but containment is growing too. >> with the six tankers and the two helicopters up and how aggressively with how they are fighting the fire. we are thankful with that. our cal fire up here is our life blood. >> reporter: neighbors are doing everything that they can to help the fire. they are bringing up the need for better roads and they are worried about land slides and they want to know when power will be restored. questions that can be answered when the fire is contained. >> and good news. horses that were just yards from the flames of the loma fire are
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safe. in other parts of santa clar county, we were where the horses are waiting until their owners can come get them. the county's large animal evacuation team has been working nonstop since monday. owners have picked up the horses in some cases and taken them to temporary ranches. we sent out a push alert before 6:00 p.m. and you can enable that app to get updates as they happen. >> the man in the center of a bizarre kidnapping case last year, accepted a plea and changed his plea to guilty. he changed that plea when the prosecutors decided to not seek a sentence of more than 40 years. he is accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman. they thought that the woman was murdered by her boyfriend. and they later called the
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kidnapping a hoax. today the victim's family reacted. >> this is more justice than we have gotten, there's not more justice until the people who botched this investigation are held accountable. >> the couple is suing the police department in civil court for what they called a botched investigation. >> we are getting the first look at the new jersey woman killed this morning when a train over ran its tracks and crashed in to a station. she died in the crash. she was the mother of a young girl and a lawyer with german software company, s.a.p, more than 100 others were injured. we have the latest. >> reporter: the verthss are inside the train station and will be working through the niempt their priority is to gather and collect evidence and collect the facts and determine
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what caused the fatal crash. the historic train station now a mass of mangled metal, concrete and glass after this train rammed the commuter platform that was supposed to be the last stop. >> we heard a kaboom the whole place shook. just shook. >> i saw a couple of gentlemen bleeding. some people could not walk and some people were covered in debris. >> reporter: uncoming trains are restrik restricted to a speed of 10 miles an hour. this train jumped the platform and caved in the glass roof. >> it just didn't stop. >> it went through the air. and traveled another 40 feet. came to a rest. when it hit the wall. >> reporter: commuters crowded in to the front cars took the worst of the impact. >> they were pulling people out. >> reporter: on the street,
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triage, dozens of ambulances rushed the many injured to hospitals. some needing surgery. the train engineer, 48-year-old thomas gallagher has been released from the hospital, and is said to be cooperating with investigators. >> from the event recorder we hope to get information such as speed and braking. >> reporter: those injured are expected to survive. the train had video recorders on both ends, but because of how unstable the terminal is, it's yet to be determined when investigators will be able to collect those items. in hoboken, new jersey, abc 7 news. back to you. >> all right, ray, thank you very much. abc 7 news was at the cal train station in san francisco, where the agency is in the process of installing a safety system that is supposed to prevent crashes like the one in hoboken, it's
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called positive motion. te agency has had trouble coming up with the $230 million for the project. it's a federal requirement to have it. any time an unfortunate situation like this happens, we are going back and looking at our protocols, san francisco's metro system has a similar system in the market street subway. b.a.r.t. has the technology across its entire system. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00. a close call on a california side walk. the dangerous police pursuit that was inches away from a horrific injury. and this man who boarded a bus. and now it's official. we know who will follow cold play, beyonce and bruno mars at next year's super bowl halftime show. >> we are getting closer to the weekend and our prospects for rain look better.
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when we will track it. coming up. >> all of that is coming up. here is a look ahead of what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. >> look what we did. look at it, so, i start jumping in the elevator and it goes -- just drives. and now my wife is pregnant. >> oh, no. >> from being in the elevator? >>
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hey. so, you know i check your facebook messages, right? your date of birth as a password? come on, that's just dumb. but, did you see katie was making out with tom that guy is gross. and now i'm getting all these things from a shirtless guy named dave saying "i love you." what? he loves you. i don't know, but shouldn't we tell mike that it's over? no! you are right i am just gonna text him,
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"dear michael..." nah, it should come from you. keep it cool. throw an emoji at him. ♪ smart. a wild police chase in san fernando valley sent people running for safety to avoid being run over by this black prius, watch it t-bone a car after going throughauto red light, the car thief drives
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through the sidewalk and people jumping out of the way. including a person pushing a baby stroller. look at people running for their lives. there's the woman with the baby stroller. new at 11:00. police are looking for the man boarding a bus. they say he could provide clues in a hit-and-run accident that left a pedestrian with critical injuries. we are live in fremont with the story. >> reporter: dan, we don't know her name, but police say the victim who is from fremont is improving in the hospital after being struck by a hit and run driver here on fremont boulevard, police are hoping to find the only known witness who may have information about what happened. this could be the sole witness to a hit-and-run accident. it happened wednesday night as the woman was crossing fremont
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boulevard when she was struck by a vehicle in northbound lanes. a bus was first on the scene, and the driver told police as he rolled up this man was standing near the victim on the street. he was captured on the bus' security camera, appearing nervous. >> at the same time, the bus driver is trying to call 9-1-1 they have a small interaction at the door. the man steps on and steps off and leaves the scene. another camera got a pukt of the man's car. a gold toyota camry. it's too dark to see if the car has damage. they will not say if the man is responsible for the collision. >> we would really like to get in touch with him. he was there, at the scene before the bus driver got there. > it's unfortunate that it happened, i'm not surprised. >> porsche smith calls this stretch of fremont boulevard dangerous for pedestrians day or night. >> the cars are going at high speed. since i've been working here, there's been two people that i know of that have been hit by
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cars. >> reporter: the search goes on for this man who may have clues to a hit and run mystery. >> from space, to berkley, today a former astronaut shared his unique experiences, with a group of lucky bay area students. only abc 7 news was at the school as retired astronaut scott kelly talked about what it was like exploring and live engine zero gravity. he returned from the international space station after spending a year there. >> was it scary to come back from space in the fire and stuff? >> can be scary. but like i said, it's also a lot of fun. >> kelly was there to promote two science apps that allow students to conduct experiments on their smartphones. >> no doubt his presence will encourage the kids. imagine having a real life astronaut in their class.
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how cool. >> if you are curious about the meteorologist sciences, we have someone here. >> i have expertise in that area. it will feel like november. i know it's september, but it will feel like november in the weekend. temperatures today were good, 5 to 12 degrees below average. we were in the mid 50s to the mid 80s. live doppler 7 tracking low clouds and fog that pushed in to the bay. visibility down to five miles. here is a look at the hour by hour forecast. when you get going for the commute at 5:00 a.m., it is gray, not just over the san francisco and the peninsula, but in the east bay, oakland, heyward, fremont, around the loma area, and the santa clarita fire area, it could be a battle for them. low to mid 50s from san
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francisco to oakland and a live look from the emeryville camera. you will start off gray. 55 fairfield and livermore. if you are flying out of sfo for business or pleasure. low ceilings could cause delays tomorrow morning. cooling continues throughout the weekend and our highlights will include a chance of showers on sunday. which is why you need the abc news app to track the hour by hour forecasts. download it if you can. cool enough start to upper 40s to the mid 50s to where you need to dress warmly first thing in the morning, abundance he will up for the afternoon. hang on to the extra layer, it will be windy near the coast and cool, 50s and 60s there, even breezy inland with the temperatures continuing to drop. so no 80s tomorrow, we are going 70s. here is a look at the wind. 9:00 a.m., not that windy, but gust i.t. in the afternoon. 25 to 27 winds and as we go in the evening, close to 30 miles
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an hour wind gusts. the winds will be placed with the storm gusts. a one on sunday and a five is a severe storm and 1 is a light one. we are expecting less than a .10 of an inch. it will be breezy and cool. 9:00 a.m., north bay getting wet area and then by 3:00 p.m. it will be going in to the east bay. if you are making plans on sunday, have your umbrella handy enough rain to wet the ground in the sierra nevada, several inches of snow showing up at pass level. if you are hiking or camping, you will need to do it on saturday, sunday is not a good day. seven-day forecast mid to upper 50s. beaches, next two days, one on the storm impact scale.
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middle of next week, brighter, warm, and 80s come
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well, fans are going gaga over word that lady gaga will perform at the super bowl for the second straight year. >> yes the singer tweeted today she will perform during the halftime show of super bowl 51 in houston set for february 25th. she sang the national anthem during the last super bowl. that must have been a thrill. >> she was great. >> you were going gaga over the first inning when the rockies were scoring runs. in a good way. >> and then in a bad way when we had a two-run bunt. >> that is why you pay johnny
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cueto $130 million to win critical games down the stre
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good evening, giants scratching and clawing to hold on to the second wild card spot, got behind early tonight get colorado and got clutch hits, a little luck and a lot of johnny cueto to come back. baby all ready for a chilly game. 52 degrees, traffic and weather together on the sevens. rockies were ready in the first. scored twice off of johnny cueto, who was back from a groin injury. 2-0 rocks in a flash. giants score a pair in the fourth. panik blooped a single and pence
11:29 pm
in. 2-2. cueto went seven innings and struck out 11. bottom six, here is the play kristin was talking about. 3-2 giants. arenado, a gold glover, throws it away. two runs score. the giants with a ground attack go on to win 7-2 and will host the dodgers for the final three games. and pence is going insane on national coffee day. he is caffinated up. cardinals and reds, bottom of the ninth. two outs. tied at three. molina hit a homer. this is driven off the left field wall. carpenter will score. the ball caromed off the wall and the back wall. so it should have been a ground rule double. meaning carpenter stops at third and the umpires left the field. the reds manager, where did everyone go? i want to appeal. you have a few seconds to appeal. and he was too late. so everyone left.
11:30 pm
cardinals win 4-3. the reds are going to appeal and get nothing and like it and the cardinals remain a gain behind the giants in the wild card race. a's and mariners. yeah, season is almost over, guys. almost done. sixth inning. pendeltoner drills it off of miranda. for the first career home run and that ties the game at one a piece. grachb, started for oakland. struck out six. in the sixth. it's hend h-- hendriks. thursday night football. dolphins and bengals. miami wearing the creamcicle colored jerseys. a.j. green, unstoppable. the bengals kicked five field goals to win 22-7. all right, this hais the best
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all right, that is our
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report, we appreciate your time as always. >> goodnight. it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- armie hammer, from "notorious", piper perabo, this week in unnecessary censorship, and music from damian "jr. gong" marley and now, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you very coming. i am jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything, really. for those of you


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