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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 30, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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of a marijuana farm and the owner has ties to a dispensary in santa cruz. >> we tracked down the owner and another issue ts today. neighbors told me they've been complaining about a year about the pot farms in the mountains. the man listed as ceo owns the 80 acre farm where the fire may have begun. and he issued a statement to his attorney. >> to our knowledge nothing illegal was going on on the property. no butane, no meth lab, no illegal marijuana grow. >> he would not tell me if the owner was running what he considered to be a legal marijuana farm. he says they all want answers about what sparked the blaze. >> we're actively investigating and cooperating however we can. >> new law enforcement and sources confirmed what i reported wednesday.
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investigators are concentrated on that farm as the origin of the fire. neighbors identified the farm as a marijuana grow and more neighbors are speaking out. they don't want you to see their faces or know their names. they're concerned about the danger of the many marijuana farms that have popped up. >> the rapid amount of money and guns. you can hear ak47s. >> you can hear that? >> yes. yes. >> reporter: law enforcement told me they have had shootouts with mexico drug cartels. the neighbors showed letters and e-mails that support they've been complaining for more than a year about the pot farms. the public safety and risk of wildfire. >> this is what we've been telling the county for a couple years now. >> they've been drawing water out of the creek, they build structures and run pvc pipe up the hill. we've seen barely anything going
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on to eradicate this situation. >> reporter: katie marzulo asked mike wasserman about the complaints that he failed to take action. >> we responded to the e-mails and forwarded them owe the sheriff's department. >> reporter: neighbors say wasserman and other officials could have, should have done more. of course, the question is what will happen if the law passes? there are concerns that conditions could get worse on the mountain without enough oversight. >> what a story and situation, thanks, dan. the loma fire is new 50% contained tonight. cooler weather and higher humidity have given crews a break. some evacuees remain out of their homes, including one man, who made this comment for someone living in the strange space. >> i miss my home.
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i really miss my home. makes me want to cry every time i think about it. >> reporter: the fire destroyed 12 homes up from eight homes yesterday as well as 16 other buildings. >> now, in berkeley a church fire spread quickly this afternoon. the building is a first congregational church. sky 7 was overhead for hours off the fire started. firefighters quickly evacuated once realizing the roof was about to collapse. all inside of the church evacuated including kids at the day care center. wayne, what happened to the kids? >> they went to the berkeley
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city club and some are still this so they should be fine. >> five and a half hours later it is water everywhere in what had been the first congregational church in ruin. >> i thought it was containable and became this. >> what it became was a blaze that decimated this landmark. >> it looked like a fire and started off small. >> berkeley fire says the size of the building contributed to the building. it is half a block long with an attic that runs from one end to another. nothing to stop the flames in route. one jumped from a window. >> it's like the building there
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are reports of floors that are sagging and with partial burn throughs. it's an inconvenience that spread through the neighborhood. evacuation of the hall across the street has been cleared but as of of now, students are just trying to get back in. we have a mess here. expect firemen to remain on the scene into tonight and into tomorrow. >> we've sent out multiple breaking news alerts. you can get those by down loading the abc7 news app and enabling push alerts. >> police in el cajon showed a fatal shooting of an unarmed black man this week. some of what you'll see may still be very graphic for some. police say they released videos quote for the sake of the well
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being of the community and to address misinformation. now, one video shows a 38-year-old albert olango backing away from the officer. the second shows a second angle, taken by a witness. the death sparked days of protests in the community. new at 6:00 a marin county judge ruled two drifters accused of double murder will go on trial. morrison lampley and aligood are accused of killing a canadian tourist audrey cary and steve carter in a hiking trail nearly one year ago. one suspect, sean angle will testify as part of a plea deal. a former contra costa county sheriff's deputy was arraigned
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on felony sex charges in a scandal involving numerous police officers. attorneys for the young female accuser said they've filed legal action. vic lee is live with the latest. vic? >> reporter: the da said she'd charge seven law enforcement office owers involved in the sex scandal. lawyers for this victim served legal notice saying they had not done enough to protect her, a sheriff's deputy resigned from his post this summer as details of the sex scandal unfolded. he reportedly had sex with jasmine abuselin, a 19-year-old woman who went by the moniker, celeste gaup. 28-year-old perez has been accused of criminal sex charges
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with abuselin. the judge released him on his own recognizance. >> this is a double standard because he's a police officer, he's being treated specially. if he were a black man, charged with a felony, he would certainly have to post bail. >> perez is one of the five law enforcement officers charged by alameda county prosecutors that include oakland police officers and a livermore officer. oakland police officer brian bunton was arrested on charges in the case. her lawyer says they'll filed claims for failure to protect the young woman who was sexually exploited. >> i don't remember the amounts. it breaks down to $6 million per officer. >> prosecutors have yet to charge an oakland officer and
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another that resigned in the wake of an investigation. a third officer has been charged but the case was continued today. >> california state law is changing because of the case involving the former stanford swimmer brock turner. >> how much harsher the punishment will be for crimes like his. >> a three year criminal investigation. i'm michael finney. what the alleged victims are saying. >> i'm spencer christian. this is rain headed our way and snow to the sierra. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. larry beil live at at&t park. the giants' playoff fate be determined to weekend. thee huge games against the dreaded dodgers. we'll have a preview, coming up.
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when you confuse a brake pedal and gas pedal sometimes this happens. a school principal tells abc7 news the car belongs to one of the teachers and thank goodness, no one was on the playground and no one was hurt. >> a pet kwa lum kwa man entered a plea bargain that angered some he victims. >> he faced 65 counts ranging from grand theft to fraud
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miguel lopez could get up to a year in jail, and pay victims $100,000 in restitution. the deal with the state attorney general's office also calls for five years probation and must still be approved by a judge. she says she paid $2,000 for a mortgage reduction that never materialized. she doesn't think jail is enough. >> it's been five years since this happened. and we've been dealing with this. so give him five years to see what it is like. >> lopez is accused of taking money under struggling homeowners under a false promise of reducing mortgages. emotions have run high and this is what happened last year when lopez walked out of court past
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many alleged victims department of zus tis told the victims they'll ask the judge for additional restitution. the victims are not confident they'll see any money. >> because he's an untrust worthy person. i don't think he's going to keep his word now. >> he needs to pay dues. >> the judge will be the one what decides lopez's sentence. >> i will say god will punish him. it's not right to steal money. >> we reached out to his attorney but she did not yet get back to us. >> thank you. >> yes. >> new at 6:00 tomorrow more parts of the ti of sunnyvale will be off limits to smokers. people won't be able to smoke in
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dining areas, at public events and it extends to apartment buildings and shared chon areas, too. >> students in daily city learned an antibullying lesson from someone who knows. giants fan, brian stowe, beaten into a coma in 2011. >> bullies destroyed my life. bullies hurt my family. >> abc7 news was at the west lake cafeteria when stowe walked in with, out any help to the applause of kids. he asked the kids to pledge to not be a bystander but an up standard that helps others. >> giants and dodgers is always
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big but this is packed with playoff implications, too larry beil made it with a preview of the game. >> you would like to be out here with me, maybe you can come over after the news. these games will determine san francisco's playoff fate. two are going to go in and the giants have their ace on the mound tonight in madison bumgartner. if you've been following the giants you know the offense comes and goes and you don't knw what's happening out in the field. and two big wins against
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colorado helped. >> i'm sure you wish you're in a better spot this, spot. >> you just try to compartment mentalize and not worry about what st. louis or new york is doing. and go pitch the pitch. this is only natural to watch this and what other teams are doing. >> in adegrees you've got bumgartner and don't look at me scenario shaping up. these are the games for dodgers legendary broadcaster, vin scully, wrapping up 67 years as the play by play announcer.
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we talked to a man who does a dead on scully impersonation. that is john miller. he can do vinny in japanese. >> that is fun. >> it's fantastic. >> we want to see what you see at the hash tag abc7 now to any pictures you post and you can see them on tv. we've got a lot going on with weather. here you can see we have sunny skies and they'll last throughout the first part of the weekend but perhaps not through the entire weekend. wind gusts 35 miles per hour in
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novato and 28 miles per hour in napa. this afternoon, we have had peak gusts. this is the view from downtown san francisco. mostly sunny and breezy conditions tomorrow, scattered showers and and cooler than normal into next week. it's 57 degrees in san francisco. low 60s on the east bay shore line. inland just low to mid-60s so it's a cool evening around the entire region. other locations lows into low 50s and formation of low clouds and
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by noon, sunny skies and only mid-50s on the coast. later into the afternoon, breezy and sunnier and milder conditions with temperatures 70s inland and only upper 50s on coast and clear skies into the evening. five indicates a severe storm this, is one bringing scattered showers and there is a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. starting 7:00 a.m. sunday, pockets of scattered showers and there will be wet spots.
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showers won't be very wide spread. the system bringing us rain will produce snow in the sierra. and up to three inches of accumulation and there may be slippery roads. here is the accu-weather forecast mainly sunny skies and a slight chance of showers going into monday and sunnier conditions as the week grows longer and mild with highs in the 80s around the bay. >> love it's a mixed bag. something for everyone. >> yes. >> coming up next,
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>> if it's early fall, it must be time for hardly, strictly blue grass. the big names include chris isaac, winona judd and cyndi
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lauper. organizers expect 750,000 people. >> a couple options lead business watch. in may, waze, owned by google invited a handful of local employers and commuters to test out the option. a san jose tech company went public, nutanics makes software that let's their customers use the cloud. at closing bell, the stock doubled to $37 so a great start. the nasdaq added maybes are trying to keep a
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site on a seasonal farm. now, flowers are grown at cotter street. the school called golden bridges bought it with intention of relocating there. 70% of the parcel would remain open space area. >> the owner of the farm agreed to move on. neighbors want the farm to stay put. the planning department apufed the project. the board can overturn that decision. so we shall see. today is the deadline for governor brown to sign bills into law and two were inspired by the brock turner case. >> how case changed the
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definition of rape in california. >> next, what forecasters say to expect heading into the sixth year of drought. >> and a
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governor brown today, two bills were written in the wage of the case that brought national outrage, brock turner was sentenced to just six months in jail and released after three months. >> as students spent the afternoon learning about the ways they can involved at stand ford, others were using the day to educate others. >> rape is seen as a regrettable mistake. it's a crime, a violent offense.
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and it is time to be treated as that. >> governor brown mandated prison sentences for those convicted of sexual assaulting unconscious victims. the bill inspired by the case of brock turner, the former stanford swimmer sentenced to six months in jail for sexual assaulting an unconscious woman after a night of drinking. >> this is going to encourage survivors. >> governor brown says he signed the bill because it will bring a measure of parody -- >> for people who are victims in sexual assault cases i hope that this, like, sends some reassurance to them. >> santa clara county district attorney jeff rosen had nothing but praise for lawmakers.
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his office prosecuted the turner case. >> i hope this will lead to fewer campus sexual assaults. people will know this is serious and a violent new at 6:00, not much confidence, i'm afraid from forecasters we're going to have a wet winter this year to help ease the lingering drought. this winter what forecasts call neutral, that means there is no el nino, or la nina. >> we have a ground water receive sit and a snow pack did he have stit over the past five years. are we still in the drought? you bet we are.
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>> officials marked a fifth year of california drought. investigators looking into yesterday's commuter train crash is now focused on the engineer, 48-year-old thomas gallagher. abc news learned he was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. investigators collected one of the two data recorders from the train and we're hearing from a good samaritan that tried to help the soul fatality. >> i just tried to console her saying i'm not going to leave you by yourself now. she fought for her life and tried to breathe. >> the young mother just dropped off her baby at the day care center when she rushed to catch a train to work.
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>> donald trump tweeted referring to the former miss universe, hillary clinton brought up during monday night's debate. >> why did you go into that tweet storm last night? why did you do that? >> trump refused to answer questions about his late night tweets while campaigning in michigan today. hillary clinton wasted no time slamming trump for the tweets. the democratic nominee said the tirade is proof, he is quote, temper mentally unfit to be president. >> really? why does he do things like that? his latest twitter melt down is unhinged, even for him. >> clinton tweeted herself saying a man who can be provoked by a tweet should not be
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anywhere near the nuclear codes. and vice presidential nominees will be facing off on tuesday. the debate begins at 6:00 p.m. >> it was another era and time, captured in photographs that show a stark contrast to today. >> next, find out the true identifies of the people in this photo. >> a conference on creativity. at when mexico sends its people... they're bringing crime, they're rapists. are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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in san francisco there is a collection of photographs on display that will just take you back in time. >> not one is color. >> they were taken with the old stuff. do you remember film? >> reporter: around san francisco, there is big game for anyone packing heat in the form of a camera. have we stepped back in time? >> what year is this? >> the late 40s or early 50s.
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>> we entered a alternate black and white film universe. >> photography is a compulsion. >> his vision is en vogue these days as anyone touring the leica gallery can attest. this is his 91 birthday. his revealing body of work is on the walls. >> like a window into a time past. >> it is very amazing to sort of see a picture like this which is really quite special to me. i live on this street. >> enjoy adulation but i'm not convinced of it. >> fred lyon earned his living shooting spreads for great magazines and ad campaigns but as a fourth san franciscoin he had a camera in hand to capture ordinary scenes. >> i would love to have a mace
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that had chili beans for $0.15 or hot beef stew for 30. >> it is a window of time when everyone dressed up to go downtown and they still played ball in the streets or jumped rope. an era as fresh and clean as the common sight of laundry, drying on a spring day. fred lyon will be the first to admit not even he knew the value of them. they served a purpose in their time and place. half a century later, a different context. >> i thought that that era was going to go on forever. >> of all of the images... >> this is probably the most requested. >> a magazine asked for a shot of san francisco fog. fred found it just above the sutro bath. it seemed romantic but he posed his landlord and wife.
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>> they're saying for god's sake, fred, hurry up and take the pictures, we're freezing and dying for a drink. >> so says the man who made many iconic images behind the camera, a man who has become an icon him himself. >> oh, that is embarrassing. >> in san francisco, wade freedman, abc7 news. >> i'm glad he took his time. that photo, totally worth it. >> massively. >> still ahead, the
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they're setting up now for a remake festival, celebrating crafts and reyat -- creativity. >> today, folks who get creative for a living got to do something different from day jobs. >> on the left side of the heart just take the pencil. >> there may be only one where you can learn to write with
6:45 pm
chalk. >> she's a professional writer. >> when it becomes a thing to make money it becomes less fun. >> so trading in a keyboard for chalk is a outlet. >> we're product designers so we don't do water color in our daily jobs but this gets us excited to try new things. >> and for brit & co-founder, it is what the about the creativity summit. >> it's mainly women, but we're creative men. >> aside from guys in the band, it's 98% women on purpose. >> we did a survey in the life of brit & co and found 77% of women didn't think they were creative. and that shocked me and i want toed change. >> it creativity is not just
6:46 pm
anal analog. >> you can do pen and paper or this. >> sonia designed this pendant on paper and it was etched into wood with a laser. >> you put on a head set and all of a sudden you can learn sculpture. >> in a town that prizes producti productist, the brain needs to recharge. >> a lot of times we forget about the art of play. >> just maybe, playing will open some doors. >> i've met people who used to be aerospace engineers that are now running their own jewelry businesses. >> if you capture a great shot tonight, share it with us. >> please do. just add great shots. >> as we prepare for beautiful
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sunset, we prepare for a nice weekend. here we've got sunny skies and you can see clouds are adding to the chor of the sunset. highs under sunny skies and breezy conditions from 60s on the coast to mid and upper 60s around the bay and over the weekend, breezy, sunshine tomorrow and showers likely sunday but will be light showers, scattered and more than three inches of snow expected. here is the accu-weather forecast. after clouds and maybe showers,
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we'll get our high into the 80s. >> it's a nice night out for baseball. >> yes. >> looks like a lot of fans are this already. right? >> that looks good. >> this there will be a lot of people in here wondering will we get more of don't look at me? giants
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we need leaders who get it. so that we can move away from coal and oil to clean energy. i'm tom steyer. if you want to do something about climate change, you can. please. register and vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising. we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone.
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and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes directly to our classrooms. not to bureaucracy, not to administration. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. how are you doing everybody, larry beil, a brisk 57 degrees and breezy as we get set for the start of the giants and dodgers. many story lines coming in. a game behind the mets and up on the cardinals as they get set for this series tonight. you've got the final three games for legendary dodgers broadcaster vin scully. and we're wondering p we'll get
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another one of those moments between dodgers shrug we are, a week ago, the don't look at me stare down first occurred in los angeles, somethinger tated mad bum and the result was a benches-clearing confrontation. giants skipper asked about the chances of more fire works between these two face-to-face. >> i'm not a good odds maker. we'll be playing to win is all i can tell you. >> i'm trying to execute playing. >> this is the final series for
6:53 pm
vin scully. and vinny is keeping a low profile but it turns out one of his biggest fans is john miller, who, as it turns out can impersonate scully. listen. >> it's interesting to note that dusty baker who wears number 12, if you add two to that and divide by two, you get the number seven and has great biblical significance. >> and i was shocked to turn on japanese station and he was doing vin scully. there he was. that is not a true story but
6:54 pm
probably could be true. >> watashi-wa. we have the warriors with the first game tomorrow in vancouver. they're going to playing and everybody wants to get look. >> very excited to see number 35 take the court for the first time. >> different new faces you know? it's to figure out what we can do well. >> so weird. yes. i feel comfortable with the direction that is go, and there
6:55 pm
have been spots where we flowed. it's been a beautiful possession. moving it side to side. >> and we've got stanford and washington evening. both ranked in top 10 and in the second quarter it is the huskies with a 13-0 park, back to you. >> boy that vin scully impersonation. >> terrific. >> join us tonight at 9:00, coming up, an outburst in an apple store. what provoked a guy to smash iphones? >> and armed robberies stretching across several cities. police trying to figure out if the crimes are connected.
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and at ten, it's 2020. >> finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really matters. the wells fargo scandal is putting the american banking industry under the microscope. the ceo spent a few gruelling days being questioned by lawmakers in washington. and wells fargo fired 5,000 employees for creating fake accounts. customers often had no idea the accounts were created in their name, allowing bankers to artificially boost the number of accounts opened. on the capitol hill hot seat, stumpf apologized and taking full responsibility for the scandal. he's forfeited $40 million in pay and become the newest face of corporate corruption and greed. the financial melt down of 2008 exposed unseen under belly of an
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industry that often puts profits before people that led to major reforms in banking. what matters is that this reveals more needs to be done. so let me know what you think. >> that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm kristin zee. >> from all of
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