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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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for the t of this advertising. well, it's a start. a little light rain hits parts of the bay area today for a second straight day. it wasn't much, but let the rainy season begin. good afternoon. i'm eric thomas in for larry biel. >> and i'm ama daetz. jackets and umbrellas are making their first appearance of the fall. >> lots of clouds all around the bay area right now taking a live look outside from our camera in emoriville, and you can see that cloud cover as we look back over the bay towards san francisco. >> check out the sierra. there's a little dusting of snow at heavenly mountain resort. you can also see the gray skies there over lake tahoe. abc 7's spencer christian joins us now to show us what's in store. spencer? >> as eric said, it's a start and we haven't reached the finish yet. here's live topler 7. showers scattered across most of
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the bay area and showers are moving out of napa county and still some showers falling to parts of eastern sonoma county as well and down in the central part of the bay area, most concentrated area of wet weather from san francisco to across the bay to mill valley and across the bay to richmond and farther inland. showers over at concord and down at livermore and altamount and here's the forecast animation starting at 5:00 this morning. we'll continue to see waves of showers and scattered showers moving onshore up until about midnight or so and during the overnight it will pretty much taper off and winds down giving us partly cloudy and drier conditions. and when we come back in a few minutes a look at powerful hurricane matthew over the tropical atlantic. ama? >> all right. thank you so much, spencer. >> well, you can find our weather resources on our nbc
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weather app. it's all there any time you need to know what weather is coming to where you live. >> speaking of the weather, it's helping crews gain chrome of the loma fire in the santa cruz mountains. containment is at 81%. the fire has burned nearly 4,500 acres in the santa cruz mountains and destroyed a dozen homes. 81 structures are still threatened by the flames. people who live along summit road are being allowed back into their homes and they have to show i.d. to prove they live there. >> a massive cash of child porn has led to the arrest of a san jose man. >> he's accused of having 11,000 images on his computer. dennis cruz now faces charges. vic lee is live in san jose with a look at what led investigators to the 61-year-old cruz. vic? >> reporter: well, santa clara county sheriff's investigators, the fbi and san jose police began this investigation sometime ago. now they began downloading
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images and videos from the suspect's computer more than they ever thought, images that were so sickening that even the most experienced seasoned investigators were taken aback. >> i'm shocked. i can't believe it's true. >> reporter: shock, disbelief, the reaction from neighbors who didn't know why law enforcement officers rushed into this home on the 1700 block of okaywood avenue. >> we saw people with regular clothes, fbi jackets and that's who we saw this morning. >> reporter: santa clara county sheriff laurie smith. >> and we served a search warrant on a sex predator that has been trafficking in child pornography, some of the most vile child pornography any of our detectives have seen. >> reporter: this man, 61-year-old dennis cruz, was arrested and charged with sharing some 10,000 images of children on his computer. >> these not only are vile
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images, many are infants, and it's -- it's horrible. it's horrible. that's terrible predator. in fact, when we did the search warrant, he was in the process of downloading child pornography as we went through the door. >> reporter: we knocked on cruz's door. an elderly woman answered through the kitchen window and said she didn't know anything. >> is this the cruz residence? >> yes, it is. >> but dennis cruz does not live here? >> i don't know. >> i'm the maid. >> >> reporter: you're the maid. >> still don't know if she's the maid or not, but the neighbor told us the house belongs to his aging mother. >> she used to live alone and then her son came to live with her. >> reporter: sheriff says the investigation continues. they want to see if any of the children can be identified and who else was sharing the images. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> a total of five people face charges in another child po pornography case based in san francisco and stretching up and down the state. police released these photos today.
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three of the suspects live in san francisco. the arrest led investigators to two other suspect. one is from sacramento county and another was arrested in los angeles. they are accused of possessing child pornography. this investigation began back in march. stanford students received an alert a sexual assault took place in a dorm on the east side of campus. a third party reported a female was assaulted early friday morning. police haven't arrested the suspect in part because the victim hasn't spoken to detectives. >> and the perpetrator and the victim did not know each other, and this occurred in the perpetrator's dorm room. >> not hiding it from the students, especially it's a little comforting but still not something that we're proud of here at campus and something no one here condones. >> reporter: reported sexual assault happened on the same day governor brown signed two bills known as the brock turner legislation into law. the former stanford swimmer's six-month jail term for assaulting an unconscious woman triggered a call for tougher sentencing laws. >> reporter: it was a violent
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weekend in san francisco. you're looking at where a woman in her 60s was stabbed to death in lower pacific heights yesterday. this was one of five homicies in the city since friday. here's where the killings took place. the woman was stabbed on california and pierce. police arrested a suspect for that murder. the other four victims were men, all shot. no arrests have been made in those four shooting cases. >> members of a well-known san francisco shoplifting ring are under arrest charged in what prosecutors are calling an unprecedented investigation. >> abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler joins us live from union square where this investigation is now focused. carolyn? >> reporter: >> reporter: the district attorney's office created the crime strategy unit rather than investigating or reviewing cases individually also tries to link them to others, and that's how they got the thieves that have been targeting union square. union square is considered a target-rich environment for
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organized thieves because of all the high-end stores. this is a list of those hit that are part of this investigation. today san francisco's district attorney is sending a message. >> if you're intending to commit a crime here in the union square district area. don't. >> reporter: the d.a., police and the union square business community have formed a unique partnership that's led to charges against 16 people who operate like this. bum rushing stores and stealing merchandise. the so-called rainbow crew operating not just in san francisco but nationwide. >> they have traveled, and they have traveled exclusively to commit crime. they have traveled exclusively to victimize people in other jurisdictions. >> reporter: and recently they became more brazen using pepper spray, even knives. police say it's not ordinary shoplifting. >> it can be violent and scary for the employees and the loss is just, you know, tremendous. >> key to crack the cases has
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been more than 300 surveillance cameras the business district has installed. >> these are high-definition cameras. can you get clear facial features and can see license plates. >> reporter: in addition to the 16 defendants in san francisco, there are 10 in other jurisdictions around the country with thefts totaling nearly half a million dollars. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news: >> the chp is investigating a fiery crash in oakland this. suv burst into flames at 106th avenue and longfellow this morning. it was involved in a chase with the chp. it started in castro valley and wound its way through hayward. a spike strip failed to stop it, but the wheels caught fire. that forced that driver to stop. he was arrested. the chp is now trying to figure out if that suv was stolen. now to the race for the
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white house. a new wave of controversies has hit republican presidential nominee donald trump. >> meanwhile, democratic opponent hillary clinton is celebrating a big-name endorsement. abc news reporter lana zach has the latest. >> listen to this people, because this is a real shock sneer hillary clinton is hitting donald trump hard on the "new york times" report that the republican nominee may have avoided paying taxes for nearly two decades. >> now he says that he's the one who can fix things, but that is like letting the fox guard the hen house. >> reporter: according to the partial 1995 tax returns, trump filed a nearly billion dollar loss following the collapse of hits atlantic city casinos, his airline and the purchase of new york plaza hotel. on the trail in colorado trump hit back. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit, and to the benefit of my company, my investors and my employees. i mean, honestly, i have brilliantly -- i have brilliantly used those laws.
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>> reporter: and another controversy for trump, an investigation by the associated press that interviewed 20 people, former crew members, editors and contestants who describe crass behavior by trump on the set of "the apprentice." a former producer confirming the behavior and calling it complex. >> i think he sees women as something physical first. however, he does have a lot of smart women around him so it's a complex situation. >> reporter: and one former contestant disagreed with the report. >> given my cougar reputation and title, given that i always have dressed provocatively and in a sense could be perceived as encouraging negative behavior, i never felt disrespected by mr. trump. >> reporter: according to a new quinnipiac poll, clinton and trump remain nearly tied in several battleground states, including florida, pennsylvania, north carolina and ohio. lana zak, abc news washington.
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>> also on the campaign trail, the vice presidential candidates gearing up for their first and only debate tomorrow night. republican governor mike pence and democratic senator tim kaine will square off at longwood university in farmville, virginia. you can watch that debate right here on abc 7. our coverage starts at 6:00. that's followed by "dancing with the stars" at 8:00 and then a special edition of abc 7 news at 9:00, "jeopardy" and "wheel" at 10:00 and 10:30 followed by the abc 7 "news at 11:00." coming up, the key role the bay area will play cleaning up the great pace forecast garbage patch. a massive trash heap in the middle of the ocean. >> move over, blue angels, the marines land at the presidio for a fleet week event that's serious business. >> preparing for the worse. the powerful hurricane moving through the caribbean and the efforts to get american out of harm's way. >> 7 on your side's michael finney is taking your questions on facebook and twitter.
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he'll answer the questions here live a little later. >> had a live look at our traffic on this monday. san jose 101 southbound as that backup that you see and northbound is looking clear and great as usual and 880 appears to be moving in both directions over the top. stay with us.
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an effort has taken flight from the south bay to try to help solve a growing problem floating in the pacific ocean. the great pacific garbage patch. there are actually two that you can see them here. one in the western and another in the eastern pacific. researchers are focusing on the one that's about 1,000 miles off california's coast and abc 7 news reporter david louie spoke to people taking part in the
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project and he's live hat moffatt field. hi, david. >> reporter: ama, until now the principal way researchers have determined how much plastic is out in the pacific is from observation from boats. the new area expedition will provide much greater detail as to how much plastic needs to be rounded up and taken to shore. the converted c-130 hercules dubbed ocean force 1 is back from one of two flights set for this week to do a low-speed, low altitude survey of the great ocean garbage patch, a huge debris field made up of discarded fishing nets and assorted plastic buoys and containers. about 1,000 miles off the california coast. >> it's worse than we thought, and, again, this underlines the urgency of why we need to clean it up. >> reporter: 22-year-old veteran and entrepreneur is behind a campaign to clean up 150 million pounds of trash. about half of a total in a decade. this week's mission will give his team a better sense of the
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value and waste of the waste using an imaging sense it called lidar. it's a system that helps researchers create a 3-d image of the objects they are seeing on the ocean's surface. the 3-d images will take longer to process. >> a lot of different sizes of objects out there, and it is amazing so you have your giant, giant nets and your smaller contape sneers a boom containment system is being developed to collect the debris for recycling. the first wave of kleinup will begin about a year from now. environmental students were invited to learn more about the project and they found a new role model in the inventor. >> we want an upswell of young people all over the world working on this problem of the oceans. >> reporter: at moffatt field, david louie, abc 7 news. >> it's the beginning of fleet week in san francisco and the blue angels will soon be soaring overhead. however, today was devoted to a
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more practical matter, earthquake preparedness. a spot that marines from san diego saw a possible landing zones they could see from helicopters bringing water to earthquake victims. today's grils also provided the opportunity to coordinate strategy with neighborhood leaders. >> this drill is great. what we really get out of this drill is building our partnerships with our local communities, right, that individual partnership where they know they can pick up the phone and call us and know we are coming. >> organizers chose today to drill because all respond remembers in town for fleet week. >> there's a new promise for oakland students, thanks to a very generous donation. abc 7 news was at castle m ho nt high as the mayor and student officials announced the expansion of oakland promise. it's thanks to a $2 million anonymous donation. the oakland promise program provides everything from mentoring to college scholarships. >> this will leave a legacy, you
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have younger siblings being motivated and inspired by their older communities in the college. >> reporter: the goal of oakland promise is to triple the number of oakland students who graduate from college. facebook jumped into the online classifieds business today challenging e xheers sites like kraft and ebay and they call the new service marketplace. once a seller posts on marketplace it can be shared anywhere on facebook and buyers can filter results by category, price and location. facebook doesn't facilitate the transaction. >> i saw a rainbow this morning. that cool. >> not surprised. >> i didn't see the rainbow but i saw her tweet about it. >> despite this rather damp and dreary start to the week, it's going to be a fantastic week for fleet week because the weather is going to steadily improve, improve meaning getting sunnier and warmer because people want to get outside and enjoy it.
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>> a look at live doppler 7. not sunny and warm at the moment. areas of scattered showers all across the area and mainly through the central part of the bay area including san francisco and southern mar ann county and over to san ramon and concord and up in the northway we have a few lingering showers right now as well. this is the view from our rooftop camera. you can see it's quite cloudy and that's the sky condition all across the bay area. these are the forecast features. showers will taper off tonight and warn trends begin mid-week and summer-like with high temperatures soaring well into the 80s. right now we're looking at a temperature of 60 degrees. mainly mid to upper 60s from oakland to fremont and places like concord and danville in the low 80s and santa rosa in the low 50s. this is how things will look overnight. a few patches of scattered showers will develop, but it will mainly be winding down the
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shower activity overnight. low temperatures will be mostly in the mid-50s and then on we go to tomorrow. here's the day planner. the day will start with lots of clouds and maybe isolated patchy drizzle, and by mid-morning we'll be looking at peeks of sunshine and then by afternoon, nice sunny skies and temperatures in the 70s, inland up to around 70 around the bay and 60 degrees on the coast and then we'll go into a mostly clear evening as the sun sets at 7:47. breezy tomorrow near the coast with highs mainly in the low to mid-60s right around the bay and upper 60s to low 70s in our inland areas and still a bit below average for this time of the year. let's take a look at powerful and dangerous hurricane matthew hover in the south atlantic and caribbean. a category 4 storm right now overnight tomorrow and expected to clip the western portion of haiti. it could cause extensive wind damage and power outages and mud slides and devastating storm surge as it continues northward and a by the northwestward and weaken slightly to a category 3
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as it travels over eastern kubuya and up over the bahamas by wednesday. still a category 3 along the flat coast, florida's atlantic coast and then continuing later in the week up along the coastal areas of the carolinas still as a category 2 hurricane. very powerful and potentially damaging storm. here's a look at our accuweather seven-day forecast. tomorrow, mostly sunny after a bit of a cloudy start. high temperatures start to rise a little bit tomorrow and into wednesday, but the real warming begins on thursday as high temperatures move into the low 80s. inland and mid 70s by the bay. by the weekend upper 80s inland and low 80s around the bay and mid to upper 60s on the coast. quite a bay to lead us into fleet weekend. >> definitely. we'll have more on the storm preps for the hurricane coming up later in the newscast. >> thanks, spencer. still to come on abc 7 "news at 4:00," the new abc drama turning up the heat on politics, drugs and scandal. >> and later, the frightening
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dose ref at for reality star kim kardashian robbed at gunpoint of $9 milli they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56.
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politics, scrugs drugs and scandal. abc's newest drama turned up the heat on all three in the heart of the big apple >> a preview now of "conviction" premiering tonight. >> ace morrison. sam, spencer. >> while, this is golden boy. i took your job. >> in conviction a one-time first daughter who has spent her life in the public eye and not always favorably. her latest misstep has her getting blackmailed into taking a job that she really doesn't want. as a lawyer with the conviction integrity unit. >> conviction and integrity unit is given five days which to pick a case, hash it out and see if there was any kind of injustices that happened and resolve it, and that's going to be the
4:25 pm
struggle to see if they can do that and fulfill that every week. >> eddie cahill plays her new boss new york city's district attorney. >> you know, there's some seriousness and then there's some levitt. do you like the idea that you both get to do a little bit of each. >> i think at the heart of the relationship is play and that play sometimes gets rough and it gets mean at times but it's play, play, play. >> very stimulating for them and both intellectually their equals and they -- they are very witty and sharp and they want to win all the time and that's what they are going to do at all costs and push each other's buttons. >> i don't think they pull punches. that's what's exciting when you set up characters who aren't meant to be friends who get along and have a common goal to opens up an avenue where by you can come at them. sometimes it lands like a shot to the jaw. >> i never know what's going to come out of your mouth on this show and i kind of love that.
4:26 pm
>> i don't think she does either. >> i'm in charge of forensics. >> very first day of school. >> thanks. >> i did not vote for your father. >> me neither. >> i think she's making it up as she goes along and having a lot of fun. >> catch the premiere of "conviction" tonight at 10:00 right here on abc 7 and stay tuned for abc 7 "news at 11:00." >> coming up at 4:00, it's a monster. you'll see what's happening now in the caribbean as hurricane matthew churns towards land. >> also, it's the first monday in october but it was anything but business as usual today as the u.s. supreme court. >> and the football legend being called a traitor by raider nation.
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and here's what's making headlines at 4:30, a 61-year-old san jose man has been arrested in a large child pornography sting. authorities say dennis cruz was in possession of 10,000 graphic images and videos depicting infant and toddler pornography. he's been booked on child pornography charges. it's been a wet and gloomy day throughout most of the bay area. live doppler 7 has been hard at work tracking it all. we'll get an update from spencer christian in just a few minutes. >> san francisco firefighters hope to address an alarming rate of cancer within the department of having crews decontaminate themselves at the fire scene. it's believed debris from fires leads to chronic illness. he'll have that story for us at 5:00. americans are being urged to leave the caribbean islands as
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hurricane matthew churns towards land. the storm is blamed for four deaths. abc 7 news reporter elizabeth hur has the story. >> hurricane matthew churning in the caribbean, packing powerful winds and marching towards the islands and it's already forcing businesses to close and residents to board up their homes before hunkering down and seeking shelter. >> my family. i just want to know that they are safe and secure. >> we want people to heed the warnings coming from the authorities and take them very seriously. >> emergency responders also preparing for the monster storm from jamaica to haiti and cuba. the storm could dump up to 40 inches of rain and possibly trigger life-threatening mud slides in areas still reeling, including haiti where 50,000 people still call these makeshift tents their home after the deadly earthquake in 2010. the state department is now
4:31 pm
warning americans in the region to get out. 700 military family members have already been evacuated from guantanamo bay with officials from florida to north carolina on high alert. >> i'm hoping that this is a false alarm and we can't gamble and we won't gamble with people's lives. >> forecasters say right now it's just too soon to talk about what, if any, impact hurricane matthew will have here in the u.s. but, yes, officials say preparations are under way just in case. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> the u.s. supreme court opened its new term today, one just as short with a vacant seat unfilled. the court appears to be shying away from blockbuster cases. abc 7 news anchor krinzy is here with details. >> the term opened with eight justices. gone is ultra conservative justice antonin scalia who pass the away in february while visiting a texas ranch.
4:32 pm
president obama's nominee to replace him-maker garland remains in limbo with republicans refusing to hold confirmation hearings so with a 4-4 split the court is taking up fewer political cases. for example, the court refused to consider president obama's overhaul. immigration sentence after a ruling in juan that blocked its implementation. cupertino-based apple is asking the court to make samsung pay $1 billion as a jury had ordered for infringement of its design ideas. now, there is a case that could be put on the docket that's more of a political hot potato. the high court may consider a virginia case in which a lower court ordered a school that let a transgender student use the bathroom and the court may be stuck in a holing pattern this entire term. no one expects confirmation hearings before the election and even after it could be next summer before a new justice is
4:33 pm
confirmed and seated. ama and eric? >> thank you so much, kristen. on a day when the u.s. suspended cease-fire talks with russia over syria president vladimir putin has had a scrapping of weapons grade plutonium. putin cited unfriendly actions announcing the suspension and didn't elaborate and cut considering off the cease-fire talks said russia hasn't lived up to its agreement to ensure piece and assure deliveries of humanitarian aid. >> this afternoon the head of the revolutionary armed forces in colombia said sunday's rejection of a peace deal has, quote, no legal effect whatsoever. voters turned down the deal by less than a percentage point confounding expectations. the deal was to end 50 years of war dwobetween the government a rebels. >> a drug trafficker could be
4:34 pm
responsible for the overdose death of pop star prince. more than five months after prince was found at his minneapolis estate, investigators are focusing on two questions. did doctors illegally prescribe the opiods that killed the pop star, or did the drug that killed prince come from the black market? the 49ers learned today they have lost one of their best defensive players for the season. linebacker navorro bowman tore his left achilles tendon during the third quarter of yesterday's loss to dallas. bowman is one of the last links to the 49ers winning years earlier this decade. he played in three straight conference championships and one super bowl. he came back following 2014. >> football howe of famer howie long is getting ham her bid supporting the team's possible move to las vegas. the raiders agreed at a rally today to support a plan to build a stadium using a record $750 million in public money. nevada's governor is expected to call lawmakers into special
4:35 pm
session this month to consider financing a stadium and convention center expansion. oakland fans aren't having it. dr. death tweeted no sit should ever be fleeced for $750 million. howie long should know bert and edward johns tweeted this one hurts. howie long is dead to me. just ahead on abc 7 "news at 4:00," need some somebody? up next the tiny talking robot that can sense how you're feeling. >> i'm michael finney. "ask finney" is just ahead. i'm still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post with the #askfinner and i'll answer your questions right here in a little bit. >> i'm spencer christian. what a dreary afternoon looks like from our camera. a look at sunnier days ahead coming up in just a moment. >> and taking a live look at our traffic over the golden gate bridge. it's moving in both directions and looks a little thick on the right-hand side. that's your northbound traffic. stay with us. we're back after a quick break.
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scientists say the sierra nevada yellow-legged frog is no longer on the brink of extinction. it's making a comeback after rangers stopped planting a non-native trout into lakes for fishing. the frog also appears to be adapting to disease raising hope for the survival of other types of frogs worldwide that are disappearing at alarming rates. >> toyota is showing off its
4:39 pm
latest creation. it's a tiny talking robot that can sense how you're feeling. >> bye-bye. >> the robot supposedly has the intelligence of a 5-year-old and it's designed to provide companionship. toyota says it can identify human emotions. if you're feeling down the robot will look at you and ask why you're sad and will detect when you're happy. pre-orders start for about $400. no word yet if it will be sold in other countries. let's look at live doppler 7 showing a few areas of scattered showers across the bay area mainly right through the part of the bay area. that's the wettest region right now. looks pretty dreary. coming out over san francisco. cloudy skies all across the bay area right now. here's a look back at our 48-hour rainfall total from yesterday to today and up into sonoma county.
4:40 pm
we've said that the north bay would be the wettest section of the bay area. concord had almost a tenth of an inch and san francisco .2 and oakland .1 and on we go to tomorrow. it will be a mostly sunny day tomorrow. the south bay will see high temperatures mainly in the low 70s. about 70 and on the peninsula and highs will range from about 6 a 5 at san mateo and up to 70 at mountain view on the coast. it will be relatively cool with breezy conditions. highs of 59 at daily city and downtown san francisco will top out at 62 degrees and up in the north bay and 71 petaluma and 71 at napa. over in the east bay near the bay. 66 at berkeley and 68 at oakland and san leandro, the inland east bay will warm up into the low to mid-70s tomorrow and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll get warmer weather still on wednesday but the big warmup actually begins on thursday and as we get to the weekend we can expect high temperatures inland to reach into the upper 80s on
4:41 pm
saturday. low 80s around the bay and mid to upper 60s on the coast. just going to be quite a nice almost summer-like weekend and then we'll start to get a bit of a gradual cooldown early next week. >> fleet week. absolutely. good for the weather people, too. a little bit of everything. >> that's true. >> thanks, spencer. still ahead at 4:00, new information about the kardashian caper. the reality star was robbed of millions in jewels. >> also, the new device that will help you track how much activity your child is getting as well as how well they are sleeping. >> i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. is there a
4:42 pm
they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians.
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i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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one of the world's biggest reality tv stars was robbed at gunpoint. kim kardashian was held up at gunpoint while in paris for fashion week. millions of dollars worth of jewelry was stolen. abc news report er has the details. >> reporter: kim kardashian west back in the united states after being the victim of a violent robbery in paris.
4:45 pm
>> how are you doing. >> videos shot by tmz show kim and husband kanye west arriving at an apartment in new york city. french police say kardashian west was robbed at gunpoint of more than $10 million worth of jewelry sunday night. a source telling abc news five gunmen dressed as police officers participated in the robbedry. two of them made their way into the private residence where she was staying. police found kardashian west tied up and locked in a bathroom. her rep tells abc news she is badly shaken but physically unarmed. kim was in paris for fashion week posting pictures from fashion shows and events on social media. her husband finding out the news during a performance at a music festival in new york city causing him to abruptly end the show. >> i'm sorry. family emergency. i have to stop the show. >> reporter: other celebrities who were also there for fashion week reacting to the news. >> i know it's terrible, but thank god she's okay.
4:46 pm
thank god she's okay. it could have been worse. >> french police will examine surveillance video from the area where the care-ians were staying. french politicians saying this could be another blow to the city's image with the mayor of paris saying this was a very rare act. >> time now for "ask finney." abc 7's michael finney here to answer your questions. the question question from vadaa. is it true my power is cheaper during the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m.? >> maybe, maybe. here's the deal. pg&e which most of us have here in the bay area have three different supreme court tours of payment. one is you pay this much as long us a only use under this amount and you pay a little bit more per kill watt after you use a little bit more and it's got three tiers. there are two other plans where if you restrict the amount of
4:47 pm
electricity you use during the peak hours during the day and on certain days like on weekends, then they give you a break on your power so instead of washing your clothes, for instance, you know, in the afternoon, you wash them in the middle of the night so if you sign up for one of those plans it's actually cheaper. should you sign up for one of those plans if you're willing to keep track. this gets complicated. you need to keep track of it. >> we hear these ads all the time. john h. from antioch said do you recommend using a tax relief company to settle irs debt? if so, is there a company you recommend? >> you know, i don't recommend any companies, and in this case i would really want you to talk to the irs right from the beginning because you might be able to cut a deal and pay less than you owe. it's called an offer in compromise. go online and look it up. offer in compromise. they also, even if they don't cut you one of those kind of deals, they will let you pay over time. now, depending on how much you owe you should go get a professional but in that case
4:48 pm
start with an attorney and see where you stand legally so you don't end up in jail or something. >> right. >> all right. marcy or mary c. e-mailed when is the best time to book hotels? if cheaper on certain days like flights? >> i don't know of know of any certain day to book and it's kind of like flights but not as specific. with airlines we figured those guys out. hotels, too many different properties. it's not exactly the same, but here's what we do know. when you're booking a hotel in the united states the best time is 60 days out. when you're booking in europe, it's three to five months out. the very best time to book, if you're gutsy and can do it, the very last minute because if they don't put you in the hotel, they are not going to make a dime off of it. >> true. >> so even if they get half price it's better but you're taking a chance. >> all right. >> now, i want to hear from you, the 7 on your side hotline open monday to friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 415-954-8151. can you also reach me on my facebook page and through
4:49 pm >> michael, thank you. >> facebook's latest apple focus on users with slower internet speeds. the social networking site launching a slim down version of its messaging app. it's designed for lower end android devices and takes up less space on smartphones and tablets and rolled out yesterday in kenya, sri lanka, kenya and venezuela. it will come to other countries in the come months. you probably already noticed flu shot offers at pharmacies and where you work. it might be a good idea to wait longer to get that jab, especially if you're older. imol jiflts believe it's better for the people of age 65 to hold off until halloween. that way you're protected throughout the majority of the really bad flu season. the cdc says it usually peaks between december and march. immunologists say the flu vaccine wears off faster as we get older. >> in today's wellness report, a
4:50 pm
beauty compan owned by a top hollywood star pledges to remove a controversial ingredient. >> and there's a crop of new therapists specializing in millenials. >> jess alba's business that focuses on natural and organic products is removing a controversial ingredient, sodium lauryl sulfate and the "wall street journal" uncovered some of its items tested positive for it. it's associated with irritation of the skin and other problems. the company is now preparing to roll out a new laundry detergent in 2017 that doesn't contain it according to people familiar with the plans. garmin has introduced the vivo fit fite necessary tracker for kids encouraging young people to stay active and comes with swim friendly and durable features. the device is built to provide everything that a smart band should, especially when it comes to tracking a child's sleep patterns, steps and activities that complete the 60-minute play
4:51 pm
goal per day. millenial therapists are mostly millenials themself argue that the generation needs a tailored approach and they are better able to relate to young adult concerns that others might dismiss. millenials are increasingly requesting referrals to those with experience treating their generation. from the nasdaq market site in times square, i'm joy adoss. here's to your health. >> abc 7 "news at 4:00" continues. >> manning the rails. it's fleet week in san francisco and everything appears to be ship shape. >> and kristen is here with a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, liveability versus accessibility. the swimming pool problem pitting neighbor against neighbor in lafayette and the stretch of highway 101 now listed as the worst for traffic in the bay area and how hundreds of kids are going to summer camp for free. these stories and more when i join eric for abc 7 news at 5:00.
4:52 pm
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off.
4:55 pm
class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. coming up tonight on abc 7, primetime kicks off with "dancing with the stars" at 8:00. that's followed by the season premiere of "conviction" at 10:00 and stay with us, of course, for the news at 11:00. if you look towards san francisco bay today, you may have noticed a large ship steaming on in through the gates, and you probably noticed that ship's crew lining the rails. there's a method and tradition to this. here's abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. >> reporter: it was a most serious face, one of hundreds on the uss "san diego this
4:56 pm
morning." >> i wouldn't say it's a drill. it's a tradition. >> reporter: they call it manning the rates, and during this fleet week you'll be seeing quite a lot of it. seeing all the young men and women in uniform with such a beautiful thing. >> it's reassuring, too. the tradition evolved from a tie before radios when sailors on a warship would man the rails in a foreign port as proof that they had no hostile event. today it's an active port. there's no moving, no talking and even in a rainstorm like the one this morning. >> you do it rain or shine. doesn't matter. >> reporter: being able to witness such a moment took considerable doing. first a helicopter ride on a navy chopper from san francisco airport. we flew under the golden gate and then out to sea to this ship as it sailed towards the city and then we met the brass. >> we're demonstrating what the navy does which is provide presence and force as necessary on a ready base is. >> reporter: this was a day where the navy hosted fire, police and other emergency
4:57 pm
response agencies in a show and tell. yes, in war this ship deploys marines and equipment but after a natural disaster like a major exit can also deploy the same men and machines to help a stricken city. >> i think this would be like a resource where you bring everybody together. you have a command post. >> reporter: all of which no doubt left a strong impression but even that matched the nobility and the dignity of the ship's crew arriving in port main manning the rails and as we said get used to it. >> and when we leave we'll do it again. >> reporter: on the "uss san diego" in san francisco bay. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much for joining us for "abc 7 news at
4:58 pm
they prey on our children, spending billions. addicting 17,000 california kids each year. eventually killing one-third of them. now tobacco companies are spending millions to... defeat prop 56. because in every state that's raised tobacco taxes, smoking rates go down. so who are you going to trust? pediatricians, cancer groups and the califronia pta who all... support prop 56. or the tobacco companies trying to kill it. vote yes on 56. at 5:00 the search for a rapist on the stanford campus. why the school says making an arrest will be difficult. >> from trees to trucks. the season's first rain creates a run of problems in sonoma county. >> in san francisco. firefighters put their lives on the line every day. we'll show you the new effort to keep them safe after they have put out the flames. >> and a swimming pool turns
4:59 pm
into a neighborhood nuisance in the east bay. why those living nearby say families need to curb their enthusiasm. >> the dark side of campus life haunts stanford students. again, the school at the center of the brock turner case is investigating a new sexual assault on campus. campus police say a female student was raped early friday morning. good evening. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashwari. >> and i'm kristein sze. thanks for joining us. the stanford public safety department says the victim did not know her attacker and an alert has been sent out to students. abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow is live on the campus with the latest. melanie. >> kristen, this is deeply troubling for the students here on campus that we've spoken with today. it was the third party who reported this rape. the public safety department says the victim has not made a statement yet and while that department very much understands why, they say without that statement it could be difficult
5:00 pm
to investigate. stanford university's public safety department says a third-party campus security authority who was required to report it notified the department about the rape that occurred early friday morning. >> victim, female student, and the perpetrator and the victim did not know each other, and this occurred in the perpetrator's dorm room. >> reporter: that dorm room according to the public safety department is on the east side of campus. campus officials sent out an alert notifying students. >> stanford is being very open and on top of what's going on and not hiding it from the students especially. it's a little comforting, but it's still not something that we're proud of here at campus >> reporter: rape happened the same day governor jerry brown signed two bills known as the brock turner legislation into law. the legislation follows outrage over the judge's six-month sentence for former stanford


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