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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 4, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, hurricane matthew slams the caribbean. the eye hits haiti this morning. a deadly category 4 storm. 145-mile-an-hour winds. fears of a life-threatening storm surge. and more than three feet of rain triggering floods. as cruise ships reroute to avoid the storm. now the east coast braces for its impact. states of emergency already declared in florida and north carolina. donald trump fighting back against that bombshell tax story. >> i have brilliantly used those laws. >> hillary clinton hitting him hard. >> here is my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> as new polls show the democratic nominee topping trump after the first debate. and their running mates prepare for their own big showdown
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tonight. [ screaming ] clown chaos. college campuses erupting overnight as an epidemic of clown hoaxes cause the schools to go on lockdown. hundreds of students flood the streets in one college town. what police are saying this morning. manhunt, the search for armed men who robbed kim kardashian at gunpoint stealing millions in jewelry. new details about those terrifying moments as the reality star recovers back home. new questions about her security. good morning, everyone. we're going to take a look at the eye of hurricane matthew. the storm bearing down on haiti, the strongest to hit the region in decades. and it is expected to be absolutely devastating. >> that tiny country hit so hard in so many ways. let's take a look at the massive hurricane from space, more than 600 miles wide. matthew is moving very slowly. could take it along our east
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coast by the end of the week. as we said florida and north carolina have already declared states of emergency. >> and you're right, george. there's a lot of concerns along the east coast. hurricane prep rooms are already up and running and government officials are preparing for the worst. as you can imagine we have team coverage live in the storm zone. but first, let's start with ginger on where the storm is right now. ginger. >> robin the eye of the storm has moved off that peninsula in haiti. it made landfall as a category 4. the strongest category 4 since cleo in 1964 to make landfall in haiti. it's not over in haiti. the winds and the surge are happening, especially for the far western portion. that's what we're concerned about. as this hurricane-force wind goes. it's about 120 miles west of port-au-prince. we'll see a lot of rainfall. places that have seen already 22
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inches of rain could pick up an additional almost two feet. eastern cuba will get a lot of rain. right through the bahamas it will go. wind and rain huge concerns. the warnings in place. this is the next 24 hours to eastern cuba. then it's more a tuesday night through wednesday deal in the bahamas. i want to put the future cast on. see how that eastern tip of cuba is right in the eye by tuesday, 7:00 p.m. then moves to the north. starts to pick up speed. there's a ridge in the atlantic. that will drive it. and that's going the drive where it moves in relationship to the united states. which i'll show you in a couple of minutes. >> you had port-au-prince on the board there. we're going to go to linsey davis there. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we can really feel the wind, the
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rain is starting to intensify. it is clear that hurricane matthew is slamming into haiti. the already deadly hurricane is now making landfall. hurricane matthew is now tearing through the caribbean with life-threatening rain, wind, and storm surge. thousands of people are bracing for one of the most powerful storms in almost a decade. winds reaching 145 miles per hour, potentially flattening parts of haiti, the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. we are starting to experience some strong gusts of wind. people in cuba are preparing for the worst, boarding up windows and filling sandbags. there are fears this morning that all this rain could be catastrophic. 40 inches of rain is expected to fall in parts of the island. potentially triggering flash flooding and deadly mudslides. fears that entire villages will be washed away. the deadly category 4 hurricane has already taken at least four lives across the caribbean. the powerful hurricane is forcing major cruise ship companies to alter their routes.
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so the good news is that the eye of matthew is still 100 miles or more east of port-au-prince. so that 40 inches of rain initially anticipated will now likely fall in the mountains. but, ten inches of rain is still very dangerous in port-au-prince where you have more than 50,000 people still living in tents after that earthquake in 2010. guys? >> so easy to wipe them away. linsey, thanks. jamaica has already been hit by matthew. you see the flooding right there. and abc's gio benitez is on the scene in kingston. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, we are not entirely out of the wood, the clouds you're seeing are from the edges of hurricane matthew. but jamaicans are looking at this with guarded optimism. the flooding, we've had that. some of that localized. jamaica floods very easily and we have had some dangerous surf. but right now, it appear this is
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island has fared well. but jamaicans are prepared. and i look around behind me and i can see the windows are boarded up. jamaicans are prepared for whatever comes their way but, guys, i got to tell you jamaicans all tell me, they're all concerned about their friends in haiti. >> i imagine so. thank you, gio. let's go back to ginger with the latest threat. hurricane matthew is posing to the u.s. and ginger, what is the timing of the storm? >> since we spoke yesterday, this has taken on a more western track. and so by thursday night through sunday, we're talking u.s. impacts. and that's what i want you to notice on this track right now. this is the official as of the nhc this morning, big high, big ridge in the atlantic ocean driving it farther west competing with that cold front. that we talked about yesterday. it stays a category 3 hurricane. that's extremely strong, guys. we haven't seen a lot like this. even if it just hugs along the coast, you'll see major impact along the florida coast, up through south north carolina and certainly coastal georgia. now, that's again the next
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couple of days and put this computer model on here and they have come into great agreement in coming farther west, the only good news i have for you, you guys, the east side of the storm is where the worst happens. that's where storm surge would happen. that's where the heaviest rain would happen. and we would be on the west side. >> how far up the east coast could it reach? >> so i wanted to show you this, too. everybody talked about the gfs, the american model, and the european model. they've come in great agreement as to when it hits south carolina and north carolina. we're good through the weekend. as for where this is going now. after that, it changes. if you're in northeastern new england, if you're following one model, you get very little effect. if you follow the gfs, you get considerable effects in much more to learn. >> a lot to keep an eye on. we move on and get the latest from the race for the white house. just 35 days until the final votes. and hillary clinton getting a post-debate bounce, a five-point lead right there. and donald trump is fighting back after that bombshell tax revelation. a massive loss that allowed him to avoid more than $900 million
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in federal income tax. abc's tom llamas is in farmville, virginia, where the vice presidential candidates will debate tonight. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. trump tackled that news head-on, praising his business choices. calling himself brilliant. hillary clinton said this is more proof that trump is part of the rigged system he claims to be running against. overnight, donald trump surprising supporters in the nosebleed seats at a colorado rally. >> one young man got here, you won't believe this, at 4:30 in the morning. >> reporter: then inviting that superfan on stage, who gave trump, a germophobe, a massive bear hug. >> wow. boy, that was a hard hug. he's a strong guy. >> reporter: trump, pulling out all the stops to get his campaign back on track after that front page "new york times" story revealed trump took a $916 return, something which under the law would have allowed him
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to avoid paying federal income tax for nearly 20 years. >> i have legally used the tax laws to my benefit. and to the benefit of my company, my investors, and my employees. i mean, honestly i have brilliantly -- i have brilliantly used those laws. >> reporter: but hillary clinton campaigning in ohio, where polls show trump is up saw it a different way. >> here's my question, what kind of genius loses a billion dollars in a single year? >> reporter: but trump says he bounced back richer than ever using it as a talking point, saying he can turn things around. >> i'm not fighting for me anymore. i'm fighting for you. fighting for you. with my knowledge, i knew that i would make a comeback without question. >> reporter: while trump refuses to release his tax returns, citing an audit, clinton hinting at another possible trump tax reveal.
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>> there's a lot more to this story. and we're just slowly getting it into the public eye. >> reporter: now the new york attorney general has been investigating the trump foundation and now has sent them a cease and desist letter to stop raising funds in new york. the a.g. claims the trump foundation never registered properly. the trump campaign says this is politically motivated because the attorney general is a democrat who is supporting hillary clinton. george? >> and the foundation has to produce documents by october 15th. that could affect the race as well. and, tom, meanwhile, you're there in farm ville, virginia, for the vice presidential debate. and mike pence's preparations quite different than donald trump. >> reporter: george, it's completely different. he's actually been doing mock debates with governor scott walker playing the role of hillary clinton. he's also been looking at briefing become -- books, something donald trump never did.
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trump's campaign manager saying that on the stage tonight we'll see a feisty mike pence. george. >> tom llamas, thanks very much. we'll get the latest on the clinton campaign. abc's cecilia vega is on the trail in pittsburgh and, cecilia, what is the clinton campaign hoping for from tim kaine tonight in the vp debate? >> reporter: well, robin, in one sense, his job tonight is really simple, right? he's got to not mess up the wave of momentum that hillary clinton has been riding in the wake of that last debate. on the other hand, though, his toughest job is that he has to debate two men tonight. he has to take on mike pence and donald trump. tie mike pence to trump's policy and the clinton camp has been heavily involved in his prep sessions. there has been intense studying going on. he's also holding mock debates. and the same person playing mike pence for tim kaine is the same person who played bernie sanders in hillary clinton's mock debate, robin. tim kaine has said he is feeling the pressure tonight given clinton's performance in the last debate. >> is there one issue he's preparing to hit hardest on? >> reporter: well, you heard tom mention it. it's got to be taxes. you can imagine that he's going to hit hard on that front just like hillary clinton has been on the attack out here on the campaign trail.
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one source close to kaine telling me he knows how to throw a punch but does it with a smile. and robin, check this out. i also just found out these two men have never met before. the first time they will come face to face, robin, will be on that stage tonight. >> and a lot of people will be watching tonight, cecilia, thank you. all right, thanks to cecilia and let's turn to abc's jon karl with the breakdown on the new polls ahead of tonight's debate. and jon, what are the new polls showing? >> well, the first thing is, michael, there is no doubt that hillary clinton has a post-debate bounce. take a look at this new national poll from cnn. she has a five-point lead over donald trump and this very same poll before the debate, trump was up. and if you look at the states, you see that trump is down, but he is not out. the state of ohio, this is the one real bright spot for donald trump. he leads hillary clinton in ohio by five points. the biggest factor here is not the debate, but that gary johnson, third party candidate,
7:13 am
was way down. he was at 14 many the last poll. so trump is up in ohio. but all the other states we have new polls in, michael, take a look at this. florida, hillary clinton up three. north carolina, hillary clinton up three. the state of pennsylvania, hillary clinton, up four. so it basically leaves us where we were before. and that is if you look at our abc news race ratings, hillary clinton has the lead. even if she loses all of the toss-up states she still has 273 electoral votes, that is enough to win the presidency. and i've got to say, the big thing here, the biggest worry for donald trump is the state of florida. if he loses the state of florida it's hard to imagine how he gets the electoral votes to be elected president. >> we'll keep an eye on that. let's talk to matthew dowd about it. we see the polls. hillary clinton solidifying her lead, 35 days to go. many states already voting. donald trump really needs a circuit breaker. >> yeah, this is a good news/bad news, mostly good news for hillary clinton. and the major change we saw in this was not a change among undecided voters, but enthusiasm
7:14 am
of hillary clinton voters. what her debate performance did was basically give a 5-hour energy drink to her supporters. she was behind by nine points on enthusiasm. now she's even. that is also bad news. if she has a poor debate performance donald trump's enthusiasm advantage will reassert itself in the course of this. and still, 70% of the voters are dissatisfied with the direction of the country and did nothing to change the perceptions of herself in that debate. >> that's his strongest argument. he can bring change. the vice presidential candidates tonight. 40% don't even know who they are. that might not change much after tonight. because as cecilia was talking about, tim kaine will be talking about donald trump. mike pence is going to be talking about hillary clinton. >> yeah, they'll both be talking about the people that will debate next week. 50 million will probably watch this and it can have some importance. in 2004 after george w. bush lost that first debate and cheney and edwards had a debate bleeding. soy think mike pence's strategy
7:15 am
is a little bit like a m.a.s.h. unit and he has to basically put a tourniquet on, stabilize the body, stop the bleeding, and get it to the next debate. he can say, you may not like donald trump, but i'm here sitting in the white house. >> matthew dowd, thanks very much. the next debate on abc. sunday night. martha raddatz is the co-moderator and i'll anchor our coverage tonight of the vice presidential debate with matt dowd and our whole political team. but first now, we're going to get to that georgia father on trial for murder accused of intentionally leaving his son to die in the backseat of a hot car. the jury hearing the prosecutor's opening statements on monday. now the defense is set to make its case. abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: prosecutors this morning are painting an ugly picture of justin ross harris, the father accused of leaving his son to die in a hot suv on a summer day two years ago. >> there's no doubt the defendant is responsible for cooper's death. messaging the morning of the murder that he needed an escape from his son. >> reporter: in opening
7:16 am
statements, they question how he could forget to drop the boy off at day care that morning, especially after they had breakfast at this chick-fil-a restaurant down the street just minutes away there both the day care and his office, where the boy died. 22-month-old cooper harris was trapped in a rear-facing car seat for more than seven hours. his father che in the middle of the day. police say while his son was dying outside, the married father was sexting with other women. >> the defendant's own words show that he's guilty. i love my son and all but we both need escapes. >> reporter: harris is charged with murder and second-degree child cruelty. he's pleading not guilty saying it was an accident. his ex-wife agrees he's innocent. her lawyer says the sexting doesn't make him a murderer. >> i've never believed this shows motive. it just shows bad character. texting somebody is not a negligent act. >> reporter: witnesses who saw him pull into the parking lot after discovering his son's body on his way home from work
7:17 am
say he looked genuinely upset. >> he kept saying, what have i done? what have i done? >> reporter: but prosecutors were saying that was for show. since the death of cooper harris in 2014, dozens of other children have died after being left in a hot car. it's become a national issue. defense attorneys give their opening statements, robin, this morning. >> steve, thank you. we go to amy with the other top stories including new tensions between the u.s. and vladimir putin. >> that's right. good morning. the u.s. has broken off talks with russia over a cease-fire in syria. the state department increasingly frustrated with russian air strikes bombarding aleppo. another hospital was destroyed on monday. 400 civilians have been killed in just two weeks. and in a sign of rising tensions, moscow has now suspended a deal that regulates the disposal of nuclear weapons material. back here in this country, a baltimore ravens football fan in critical condition after a brawl during sunday's game against the raiders. joseph bauer, a former marine, is on life support, after police say a verbal fight with two raiders fans near the concession stand turned physical.
7:18 am
police say bauer was pushed to the ground and suffered a brain injury. the two raiders fans now face charges. there is new fallout from the phony account scandal at wells fargo. the state of illinois now pulling $30 billion in inve investments from the bank. this follows a similar move by california aimed at punishing the bank for opening accounts without customers' permission in order to meet sales goals so this story far from over. >> keeps going. >> thanks very much. back to ginger. more on that hurricane. >> yes, i want to put on here the probabilities of getting tropical storm-force winds. i think it's really important for folks on coastal florida to watch this. remember, we're talking thursday night through friday. 80% shot through miami right around melbourne. more than 39 miles per hour. it will change in the coming days and you know we'll be on it.
7:19 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. here's a look at your highlights. becoming dry and sunnnn cool nights, wararr da. the warmest will be friday and saturday. today temperatures low 60s along the coast. mid to upper 60s around t the . going to be cooler tonight with 40s inland and 50s for the rest of us. by the time we get to friday and saturday, 60s at the coast. the rest of us in >> another note.n when you're looking at this path, don't just look at the line, look at the cone. because a 20-mile shift west or east will be a huge difference in what you see. >> we learn so much from you, ginger. thank you.
7:20 am
coming up the latest on kim kardashian's terrifying ordeal. how social media may have led robbers to her and the manhunt for the thieves right now. and a "gma" exclusive. the former fox news anchor speaking out for the first time on tv about her sexual harassment lawsuit against the cable news giant. she's telling her side of the story this morning. giant. she's telling her side of the story this morning.
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due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. . good morning, it's 7: 23. i'm reggie aqui. let's look at your traffic outside with alexis smith. >> we have some heavy traffic both directions on the nimitz. traveling through hayward, problems on both sides. southbound 880 before 92, a disabled vehicle blocking the lane. we have a collision and that's causing backups on both sides of
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thanks for sticking around. starting off milder this morning because of the cloud cover but dry. san ramon, 51. oakland the warm spot at 60. drier air rolls in. increasing sunshine. little bit warmer, 60 at the coast. 63 inland. you'll need a jacket this evening. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast. it is fleet week, temperatures will warm to saturday with mid t the bay, 82 to 88 inland. we'll be above average thursday through sunday. temperatures will start to pull back monday as the storm system passes us to the north. it won't bring us any rain. >> looks like the perfect weather for the blue angels. coming up, the latest on the kardashian robbery in paris. we're live from paris with new details on that investigation. that's next on gma. another abc 7 update in 30
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minutes. a live look for those driving
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welcome back to "gma." you are looking live at hurricane matthew. it is going to hit haiti this morning. category 4 storm stretches more than 600 miles. wind gusts up to 175 miles an hour. you see flooding there in jamaica. and here in the u.s., states of emergency have already been declared in north carolina and florida. ginger following all the latest. >> a slow-moving storm. also right now the vice presidential candidates are preparing to face off tonight in their first and only debate as a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton with a slight lead after last week's showdown. out west a 3,000-acre wildfire is burning in colorado. nearly 2,000 residents forced to evacuate as the flames spread, destroy buildings, firefighters are battling the blaze. thankfully, no injuries have been reported at this time.
7:31 am
and also this morning, a lot of people reacting to those reports of clown sightings. amy, do you like clowns? >> i hate clowns. penny wise started it for me. look down there. >> keep your eyes open. they're all around. there from small towns to college campuses. you just saw that video. students at penn state hunting for one overnight but is it all a hoax? >> i'm telling you, people are calling in a lot of the crew members saying that their kids are calling. they're very concerned about this. >> my kids were asking about it all day yesterday. >> it's really a hot topic. >> we'll get into that coming up. right now we'll get the latest on kim kardashian back home safe in the u.s. after that terrifying theft of millions of dollars worth of jewelry in paris. big questions now about kardashian's security. alex marquardt has new developments in the investigation. on the scene in paris. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right. this hotel where kim kardashian was staying is known as the no-address hotel, because of how discreet it is. but many, including the police,
7:32 am
are now saying that it was kardashian's indiscretions online that made her such a target. this morning, french authorities on the hunt for the gang of thieves that quickly turned kim kardashian's paris fashion week vacation into a nightmare. >> kim, how are you doing? >> reporter: she arrived back at home in new york monday afternoon with husband kanye west. this video taken by tmz. the entrance under heavy guard by her own security, as well as nypd. the ordeal started just after 2:00 a.m. in paris on monday. not long after kim posted this snapchat from the exclusive apartment she had rented for the week. >> welcome to paris. >> reporter: the luxurious and discreet hotel featured in this 2014 episode of "keeping up with the kardashians." five masked men enter the building and two into her apartment. official french sources tell abc news, they tied her up, put duct tape around her head, plastic cable ties around her wrists, and locked her in the bathroom.
7:33 am
a "people" magazine source describing her as hysterical. not screaming. quietly trying to save her life. she eventually got her hands free. she ran to a balcony where she screamed for help and called her bodyguard who was at a nearby club with her mother and sister. the thieves taking off with more than $10 million worth of jewelry including her $4.5 million ring, reportedly a gift from kanye west she showed off on instagram days ago. >> i'm sorry, family emergency, i have to stop the show. >> reporter: the news quickly reaching the rapper, who was thousand of miles away in new york. who abruptly stopped the show. the couple's children, north and saint, were reportedly with their father in new york. >> celebrity children have become almost as famous as their celebrity parents. and for kim and kanye, i think probably that priority is to make sure that they are as secure and safe as possible because of their two children. >> reporter: this high-profile break-in, an embarrassment for paris and the no address hotel, the parisian home for a long
7:34 am
list of celebrities. >> the security is done by the authorities so it's confidential, no name on the door. >> reporter: the social media queen now getting backlash for her online antics. paris police saying that it was really the celebrity who was targeted with possessions that had been seen and noticed by social media and it was these goods that these attackers targeted. something that a former member of kanye's security agrees with. >> you shouldn't be snapchatting you're home and what you have with you. it's almost a criminal paradise to have that. >> reporter: the authorities said very little about this case and what little they have said has been very defensive. tourism here in france has dropped off the cliff after all the major terror attacks. and as one person here told me, this is the last thing that paris needs right now. >> no question about that. thanks very much. let's talk to brad garrett, former fbi special agent. now an abc news consultant. matt fiddes, former bodyguard for michael jackson, as well. brad let me begin with you. high priority for paris. what are the big clues?
7:35 am
>> this was planned, george. my guess is they knew the bodyguard was not in her apartment. they knew how to get into the apartment. the big key here is control. and they knew where the jewels were, and they moved them rather quickly. >> you said they knew the bodyguard was not in the apartment. does that imply someone inside the kardashian camp tipped them off? >> maybe. or they do great surveillance. they may have her phone hacked. all sorts of ways to find out if she was alone or not. but the key with these guys is, they know what's going on. and they control the scene. through the concierge, through movement of the jewelry and i would be willing to bet that within hours, that jewelry was out of france. >> and matt, you have been a bodyguard for high-profile celebrities as well. what is the breakdown here? what happened, matt? >> i wouldn't like to speculate. there's no new information coming out. it's very bizarre for me to get my head around after looking after high-profile people for 20 years, how somebody of kim kardashian's huge fame, i mean,
7:36 am
worldwide in a capital like paris, which is one of the biggest target risks for terrorist attacks in the world in the last 12 to 14 months that they've had three attacks there. and to have a high-profile american there she would really be a target. soy really do not understand it. it's totally beyond anything i'm used to. i've never had any of my clients or celebrity superstar friends experience anything other than someone jumping over the boundaries of a gate, or a parachute landing in neverland and guards jumping on them. i can't get my head around it. it's very odd to me. >> should there have been a bodyguard in the apartment with her at the time? >> absolutely. absolutely. to give you an idea how we did things room to the suites or to the apartment. you would have body guards inside, as well as surveillance equipment. sensor mats.
7:37 am
cctv. a link up to the local police station. and bodyguards outside. permanently. normally in suv-type cars. that would be a process. and we would sweep the bed rooms and make sure everything is in place. and what concerns me, too, is, about five or six days ago, i believe, there was a situation where she was approached. and there seemed to be just one bodyguard, this gentleman in question who said -- they didn't do the job well. >> there should have been more security in place. okay, matt, thanks. >> should have been a wake-up call for him. >> final question, brad garrett. this jewelry is so high profile how could anyone sell it? >> they're not going to sell it as is. they moved it into another country. they're going to shave off or cut off or polish off any identifying, like, i.d. numbers et cetera. break it up. place it in other jewelry. it's probably already in watches some place else in another jewelry store. >> brad garrett, thanks very
7:38 am
much. coming up here our exclusive with the fox news anchor who says she was sexually harassed at the cable giant. plus, a travel warning. could your airline complaints get you blacklisted? that's coming up in just two minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, jesse. who are you?
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it is time now for our big board and our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories. dan abrams joining us at the table. we'll start with the provocative new reality series that comes on the heels of recent police shootings across the country. a&e greenlighting "live pd" which will give viewers unfilters, real-time access inside six of the country's busiest police forces. and you know what? dan will be one of the hosts. you're going to be the host of this? >> i am. >> we heard from one of the executives and says this answers citizens' calls for clarity. there does seem to be a lack of trust. >> this is a huge topic we have talked about many times. right? which is this idea of body cams on police officers. we've all agreed that's a good idea.
7:41 am
it's helpful to both the police and the people who are potentially being arrested. this is now a way to do it in realtime. no editing later on to see exactly what is happening as it's happening in numerous police departments around the country. and i think that's only a good thing. >> it's going to air on delay, because there's potential for disturbing things to be seen. but i have a two-part question. do the police departments have any input into what can be aired and what won't. be aired? and was it hard to get them involved to agree to do this? >> on question one the answer is, no, the executive producers are longtime news people who you guys probably know, john zito david doss, others making the calls on what exactly goes on the air. and the second is, my understanding is that the police departments have been very receptive. why? they want people to see what they do every day. right? not just that news story about what happened. but they've been welcoming in a&e and big fish and the crew
7:42 am
there to come and join them because they're joining them. they're effectively embedded with them as they work. but, look, it's going to catch all sorts of things because it's real and unedited. >> there are more good cops than bad, we know that. some people are going to say, of course, they'll be on their best behavior if they know cameras are rolling. >> you know what? then that's a great reason to have cameras. then if that's going to make the cops behave better i say more power to them. >> this is groundbreaking. i can't wait to see it. looking forward to it. >> congrats. >> keeping up with you on all the jobs and everything. >> he's got more than me. well, another lawsuit that's moving forward against johnson & johnson, a california woman alleging that talcum powder found in the company's baby powder contributed to her development of ovarian cancer. and our board-certified ob-gyn dr. jen ashton is joining us live. cases similar that have resulted in $127 million in damages awarded but others were tossed out. so what is the evidence or is
7:43 am
there any evidence linking the talcum powder to cancer? >> this is so controversial, michael. to be clear we're talking about asbestos-free talcum powder. some studies show there is a slight increase in association of ovarian cancer. most studies, the thinking is the data just is inconsistent and they don't have the scientific support. and most gyn cancer specialists feel if there is an increased risk, it is slight and minimal. but we err on the side of caution. if this is something under your control to control, then avoid using it. >> jen, you know people watch us in the morning, and they see something like this, and they're concerned. how do you ease their concerns? >> well, when you talk about ovarian cancer which in my field is called the silent killer. there are factors that up your risk and there are factors that reduce the risk. it's very important that all women know what the common signs and symptoms are. pelvic pain or pressure. bloating or increase or change
7:44 am
in urination or urinary habits. if you have those for more than half the month, speak to your gynecologist. there's no screening test for ovarian cancer but there's a workup that we do. >> so hard to detect, you're right. >> and dan, i want to bring you in on this. johnson & johnson released a statement saying we are defending the safety of our baby powder because science, research, clinical evidence and decades of study by medical experts around the world continue to support the safety of cosmetic talc. why are these decisions so varied in the cases from 127 million in judgments to nothing? >> right, because you're seeing, "a," a divide in the scientific community about whether there's a link. that's probably the most important thing. and second, there's a legal matter. they still have to prove they knew or reasonably knew of the danger. that's a big challenge. two big issues leading to varying verdicts. >> oh, boy, all right. thank you both. >> a tough one. >> it is a tough one. now to a warning for fussy flyers. you know you've seen these viral videos like this one.
7:45 am
>> there is no flight! i've been sitting here since 8:00! and you're all going to pay for my disney cruise! >> passengers just losing it at airline employees because travel can be frustrating. but could issuing a complaint get you tagged, or even in extreme cases, get you blacklisted? abc's david kerley is joining us with more on this. okay, we all fly here and i see dan like leaning. come on, this can't be true. >> oh, yeah, it's true. yeah. it's totally true. and, robin, what did your mom tell you about being polite? it pays to be polite, because you can get tagged, especially there at the counter. we talked to a travel industry expert, henry hartveldt. this is what he said about what happens inside the industry. >> the airline employee or hotel employee could take a look at your reservation and change your seat assignment. they could change your room. they could do all sorts of things to make your life anywhere from unpleasant to a living hell. >> when it comes to the airlines
7:46 am
that's usually just something that happens when you're flying on that particular flight. but they could put it on your frequent flyer, and then you're tagged for awhile. >> i heard one time a guy was fussing and so he was put in a middle seat and given a child's meal. so he got a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. they have that power? really? >> yeah. >> hopefully, they don't have a long flight. i have a question, we all fly a lot as you said earlier, robin. has anyone ever thrown a little tantrum? >> i was upset about the one person per bathroom rule once. joke, it's a joke. it's a joke. it's a joke. i'm joking. >> dan! >> it's a joke. >> hey, guys, this actually -- >> david? >> this actually worked both ways. i checked into a hotel just last week. i had answers a survey, and i said something positive. they said, we're going to upgrade you. both ways. >> jen, you want to weigh in. >> yeah, i've thrown a little bit of a hissy conniption when people put the handbags in the overhead instead of suitcases. >> lost luggage. >> i'm on a flight at 11:45 so
7:47 am
i'm going to be really good. i don't want anybody to see me and -- >> all i can say congrats on your new live show. "live pd." >> thank you. october 28th. 9:00 p.m. >> no live traveling with you. all right, thanks to david, dr. ashton and dan. thank you so much. coming up in two minutes, that clown chaos that is striking college campuses and schools across the country right now. everybody's looking for those clowns. my mother passed 2003, but she always told me i don't care if you turn out to be a great athlete or whatever but, you need to make sure you get your college degree. sometimes i call the house, just to hear her voice. (phone ringing) answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry. i just want to let you know that uh, i fulfilled the promise that you held me to. love you. (beep) that gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties.
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7:49 am
we're back with strange clown scares all across the country right now. abc's t.j. holmes here with the story. hey, t.j. >> yeah, george, police say this has got to stop before somebody gets hurt. >> the clowns! >> reporter: thousands of college students poured out of their dorm rooms to march, chant -- >> [ bleep ]. >> [ bleep ]. >> i got a balloon for you. don't you want a balloon? [ laughter ] >> reporter: and do some late
7:50 am
night clown hunting. [ chanting "who do we want?" ] >> reporter: rumors of clown sightings at penn state spread on social media, triggering the clown mob. one student tweeted the clowns have come to penn state. this is not okay. and the school newspaper shared this photo of a clown projected on to campus apartments. clown-phobia is now sweeping campuses across the country. after what authorities are now calling a series of social media pranks gone awry. at merrimack college in massachusetts, the campus was on lockdown after a twitter report of a clown with a pitch fork in a dorm. police say generally speaking these are pranks but the way people feel about clowns creeps them out. but generally speaking, this happens every few years. we see these rashes of these clown sightings. >> halloween doesn't have -- >> of course, it does. yes. of course. >> thank you. hurricane matthew has made landfall. ginger will have the latest coming up. accept i'm not the deep sea fisherman i was. i accept i'm not out on the ocean wrestling marlin.
7:51 am
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and this is where it lives. the 503-horsepower mercedes-amg c63 s coupe. back here on "gma," hurricane matthew a category 4 storm has made official landfall in western haiti. you can see right there along the peninsula that eye wall coming onshore just after 7:00 a.m. and now it's going to move north. so the track takes it right into and paralleling parts of the coast. much more on this to come.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by petsmart.
7:56 am
. good morning, it's 7:56. i'm reggie aqui. i know you want to plan your day. mike nicco has your answers. >> hi, everybody. starting off gray and mild, temperatures in the 50s and 60s except for santa rosa. as we head throughout the day, increasing sunshine, 60s. inland in the 70s. look at friday and saturday, 60s at the coast. minimally 80s elsewhere. >> we have typical delays through the bay bridge toll plaza. that strange point where the cash lanes are moving along better than fastrak lanes. highway 80, 57 minutes. westbound 80, bay bridge, 16 minutes. san francisco to sfo, in the yellow at 17 minutes. coming up, how to have a
7:57 am
quicker recovery after surgery. that's next on "good morning america." we'll have another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. always on our app and on join us every weekday for abc 7 news
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. direct hit. hurricane matthew makes landfall slamming into haiti. a dangerous and deadly category 4 storm. states of emergency now from florida to the carolinas as the east coast braces for impact. our team is live from the storm zone. former fox news star andrea tantaros speaking out for the first time on tv since filing a lawsuit against fox news, saying she experienced a nightmare. why she's taking on the network and roger ailes. here with her story this morning. rapid recovery. the secrets of bouncing back after major surgery. lara on her feet and walking just hours after her hip replacement. why doctors want everyone on their feet as fast as possible. dr. ashton here live.
8:01 am
and we love mario, and molly shannon. they're firing up your tuesday. and she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. how's that? one more time with feeling. molly shannon. how about that? good morning, america. great to have her here. >> also, the couple at the center of this people video. okay, it's been shared tens of thousands of times on line it's been trending. the groom stating the surprise of a lifetime for his bride. he proposed and then married her all in the same day. >> all right. >> all in the same day. >> you know how many guys are like, aah. because he just raised the before for everybody out there. congratulations to those two. we're talking to the newlyweds about the big day. and find out how he pulled it off. and we're hungry. mario batali is here, i was going to say hangry.
8:02 am
i when you're so hungry, because you're angry. hi, mario. >> looking forward to that. now the latest on hurricane matthew and the morning rundown. >> the big story hurricane matthew, a powerful category 4 storm has made landfall in western haiti and could dump more than three feet of rain triggering potentially catastrophic floods and mudslides. abc's linsey davis is in port-au-prince with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, amy. hurricane matthew is certainly making its presence known this morning with gusty winds and heavy rain. this hurricane has already claimed at least four lives in the caribbean and will be the most powerful hurricane to hit haiti in decades, packing with it winds of up to 145 miles per hour. and bringing what's being described as life-threatening rain to an area still recovering from a hurricane six years ago. it's still miles away so the 40 inches of rain initially anticipated will likely fall in the mountains. but flash flooding and deadly mudslides are still a very real
8:03 am
concern. amy? >> that's right, linsey, thanks so much for that. path ewe is headed toward eastern cuba and the bahamas. and back here at home, a state of emergency has been declared in florida and north carolina. ginger is following the storm's track and has the latest. ginger. >> this is the first category 4 landfalling hurricane in haiti since 1964. the eye made landfall this morning and now in that peninsula of haiti and headed north at nine miles per hour still. hurricane warnings go right through the bahamas and quickly time it out for you. it goes just east of eastern cuba tonight and then through the bahamas wednesday into thursday. so in the northern bahamas there by thursday 3:00 a.m. of course that track everybody is concerned about right here in the united states. looks like it will hug along the east coast until et gits to south or north carolina. much more to come. >> we know you will be watching. thanks. turning to politics now and donald trump's taxes. the focus of the latest attacks as hillary clinton takes the lead in most battleground states. clinton accuses trump of abusing his power and gaming the system,
8:04 am
after leaked tax returns show he could have avoided paying federal taxes for years. brilliant advantage of the unfx code for his benefit. meanwhile, trump is under fire for appearing to suggest soldiers who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder might not be as strong as those who don't suffer from it. the vice presidential nominees will face each other on the debate stage tonight and live coverage begins 9:00 eastern right here on abc. authorities in san francisco say they busted a major shoplifting ring that targeted high-end stores across the western u.s. including barney's and louis vuitton. police say the 16 suspects hit stores in eight cities grabbing millions in merchandise and sometimes becoming violent before eventually fleeing. well, finally a 102-year-old woman in missouri has one thing on her bucket list she wanted to check out. edie simms wanted to be arrested so she could be a bad girl for the day. police in st. louis answered the call but didn't take her to jail. instead drove her to a senior center where they delivered handmade crafts.
8:05 am
i love this. when they were asked when she was asked if she enjoyed her ride she said, oh, yes, handcuffs and all. >> oh, boy. >> i was wondering if you were going to go there on the handcuff. >> it's a direct quote. direct quote. >> edie. >> okay. >> something tells me she's already been a bad girl at some point in her life. >> yeah. >> those are the old days. >> that was great, amy, thank you. news that goes pop. >> we begin with harry potter fans, you need to rejoice in anticipation of the release of the potter spin-off, fantastic beasts and where to find them. warner brothers and imax will re-release all eight harry potter movies for just one week. muggles who go will get a glimpse of a brand-new trailer and in-person appearances. if you happen to go in london and los angeles.
8:06 am
that's october 13th. all this and then fantastic beast premieres november 18th. >> great idea. >> so look forward it. >> drop your kids off. >> that's true. >> beautiful baby-sitting idea. >> absolutely. also in "pop news" this morning, a fantastic discovery. an historian shooting a tv show on britain's lost masterpieces was showing viewers a copy of a painting by raphael in order to illustrate the real one that was missing. he got a hunch that painting hanging above a door had been deemed a copy in 1999 given a value of $25 back then but upon close inspection and a very delicate thorough cleaning it was determined it was, in fact, the real deal painted by raphael between 1505 and 1515. >> how much? how much, how much sh how much? >> hiding in plain sight, robin. the painting now going to a museum and the value has gone from $25 to cha-ching, $26 million. >> oh. >> all those years sitting there above a door in an old home in scotland. and that is why -- >> you brake for yard sales.
8:07 am
yes, yes. finally i am so excited about this. chuck barris, we love you so. if you're old enough to remember "the gong show." let me tell you. it was pure tv magic in the most ridiculous kind of way which is why our network, abc, is wise enough to give the green light to a revival. of this '70s classic. each episode will feature uniquely i dare to say talented performers. this time around, though, pulled from youtube and other social media outlets. >> great idea. >> genius. put them on the prime time stage judged by a revolving panel and abc ordered ten episodes the new "gong show" taped in front of a live audience and will arnett from "arrested development" will host and produce. i'm excited for that. >> i used to love that. >> those little dances. >> remember chuck -- >> he would just -- barely moving. barely moving. >> had his own thing going on. >> thank you, lara. coming up fox news host andrea tantaros is speaking out
8:08 am
about her allegations against the cable giant and what she calls its playboy culture. plus, lara, you made a quick comeback from hip surgery. >> i sure did. thank goodness. >> we're happy you are here and you and dr. ashton, you have the latest research on the key to a speedy recovery. >> show us your hip. she can still do it. she can still do it. ou seven days to consider their offer. why seven days? science. join me as we walk through the seven stages of decisioning. 1. consideration. 2. questioning. 3. deciding. 4. queso. 5. nap. 6. sudoku. 7. tambourine practice. i think i made my point. they'll give you an offer for your car, you take seven days to think about it. ♪
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8:12 am
back now with fox news host andrea tantaros speaking out on tv for the first time about the sexual harassment she says she experienced at that network and her lawsuit naming former fox chief roger ailes who resigned this summer. we will hear from her in just a moment. first abc's rebecca jarvis has a closer look at her story. >> i'm gretchen carlson. >> reporter: gretchen carlson's sexual harassment lawsuit against roger ailes was settled by tweent yet century fox
8:13 am
stunned viewers and rocked the company. and the architect of fox news was forced to resign. >> major change at fox news. >> reporter: after 20 years -- >> roger ailes is resigning. >> reporter: but the accusations continue. >> this is outnumbered. i'm andrea tantaros and here with us -- >> reporter: like carlson fox news personality andrea tantaros is speaking out. naming the former ceo in a sexual harassment suit filed last month. >> the republican race for president -- >> reporter: but unlike carlson tantaros claims the harassment was widespread. alleging fox news operates like a sex-fueled playboy mansion like cult. steeped in intimidation, indecency and misogyny. the fox news commentator also alleged former ceo roger ailes would often ask her to twirl and show off her body in his off. and would inappropriately pry about her personal life. in her lawsuit, tantaros alleged she refused his advances and was
8:14 am
consequently demoted, and told by network executives that she needed to let this go and that ailes was a very powerfulman. >> does he feel he has a right to do this? >> reporter: fox, however, denies her allegations claiming she's seeking retaliation after her suspension from the channel after a dispute over her book "tied up in knots." fox filing in the first full response to the suit that she is not a victim. she's an opportunist. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> and andrea tantaros and her attorney judd bernstein join us now. welcome. and good morning. >> thank you. good morning. >> you just heard fox lawyers calling you there an opportunist. they say your lawsuit is retaliation for being suspended over a book you published this year. what do you say to that? >> i had been complaining about sexual harassment and retaliation a year before the scandal broke out at fox news channel, the first to complain. >> before gretchen carlson. >> before gretchen carlson and my complaints crescendoed about
8:15 am
harassment and retaliation and when they got to a fever pitch, that's the point where all of a sudden they made up this pretext that i had violated a book contract. fox had approved my book. i had not violated any of the contra contractual guidelines. so it's just made up to basically act as a smokescreen for their behavior. >> in your lawsuit it says that beginning in the summer of 2014 he experienced a nightmare of sexual harassment by roger ailes and others. roger ailes denies that. fox says the suit is filled with falsehoods. what are you specifically alleging that ailes did? >> well, ailes sexually harassed me numerous times. i'll give you an example. i was walking to a taping once and just said simply hello to him and he looked at me and said, we need to get you a tighter dress. and i responded, i think, you know, pretty forcefully. but this was, amy, after
8:16 am
numerous times of him insulting me, making degrading comments about my personal relationships. about my figure. that's what he did and then the retaliation was even worse. >> you complained about him and said last year you say but in your book it's important to note, i'd like to thank roger ailes for seeing in me the tour de force i've become. why did you publicly thank him in your book and then name him in your lawsuit now? >> you had to thank roger ailes or your book didn't get published. and if you notice, it's the most carefully crafted non-thank you. i wrestled for hours with that thank you. >> fox has released a couple of statements in response to this lawsuit. among them,21st century fox made clear its commitment to providing a safe work place at fox news. you fwan wobegan working there , a place you say was defined by a culture of sexism. how so? >> well, it was pervasive. i mean comments here and there that were made that you were expected to just ignore. and if you complained, you were punished for them. you know -- >> how?
8:17 am
>> you would get your air time taken away from you. i mean, i haven't even been allowed to participate in the election coverage as a political analyst. i was demoted from a show i launched "the five" after i rebuffed roger ailes. and then i had my book destroyed 12 hours before the launch. they could have come to me and said, we have objections with your book. my lawyer was in contact with them for weeks and they didn't do that. it was deliberately designed to hurt me and cause pain and that's what they did there. >> your lawyer says you were already offered a seven-figure deal to settle this lawsuit. >> that's right. >> roger ailes is out. he's gone. so what do you want? >> well, first of all, the seven-figure lawsuit would have had me renouncing my sexual harassment complaints, one. two, they wanted me to publicly admit, lie basically, to the public and say i violated my book contract, which i didn't do. so i wasn't going to lie. and three, they wanted to
8:18 am
guaranteeh was never going to he what they don't have is accountability. >> what is accountability to you? >> well, i think a culture change at fox news is in order. a culture of misogyny and sexism. if you get vocal or loud, it will be -- they will act punitively. >> you're getting loud indeed. andrea tantaros, thank you for being with us. >> thank you, amy. >> striking. when we come back, how new research is changing the recovery process after surgery. exhibit a, lara spencer, come on back. ♪ >> again with the shot. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra... can be a sign of existing joint damage... that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal, events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders,
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welcome back to "gma." i just want to give you an update on rainfall totals. still could see 20additional inches of rain in haiti, and eastern cuba. and now the numbers are starting to pour in for the united states here. this is far out. only one computer model but still some areas could see good morning. i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. here's a look at your highlights. becoming dry and sunny, cool nights, warmer days. the warmest will be friday and saturday. today temperatures low 60s along the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay. going to be cooler tonight with
8:23 am
40s inland and 50s for the rest of us. by the time we get to friday and saturday, 60s at the coast. the rest of us in the and we are back now with the latest research on joint surgery and recovery. studies say moving shortly after your operation could be the key to getting better faster. something i experienced firsthand. this is me just 24 hours after having my entire right hip replaced in august. on my feet walking like so many who have had joint replacement surgery, my doctors got me moving immediately. 20 hours after surgery. >> 24 hours after. look at that. >> in the past there was more bedrest prescribed to make sure that patient didn't damage anything related to surgery. what we've come to learn is that patients don't do as well when they're on bedrest, so being horizontal is not a good position for us to be in.
8:24 am
>> reporter: one recent study of patients who had knee replacement surgery found those who started rehab within the first 24 hours had fewer days of hospital stay with reduced pain and improved physical function including better balance, muscle strength and greater range of motion. marnie is a professional ice skater and coach and at 49 she was told, like me, she needed a hip replacement. all those years of jumps and twirls catching up with her and only three hours after her surgery, her doctors had her moving. >> i was taking baby steps then walking up stairs and they said, time for you to go home. >> reporter: within 24 hours she was back in her apartment. marnie said getting her on her feet spurred her to get better faster. >> gave me more confidence to be moving quickly. that in itself allays any fears i won't recover soon. >> reporter: it is clear, mobility is the key to recovery. >> it improves your cardiopulmonary and skeletal system functioning and addresses your immune system, so things like blood clots or pneumonia or
8:25 am
atrophy for your muscles are all targeted with mobility as an intervention. >> and dr. jen is back with us now. dr. jen, as you saw, this worked really well for me, in fact, made my pain feel less for some reason. but is that the case for everybody? >> so, it depends on someone's condition. preoperatively and what type of surgery. and to be clear, this is not just for hip replacement or joint replacement. this is really is the mantra now for almost all of surgery in general, people recover faster if they're out of bed moving sooner rather than later. >> people were horrified how quickly i was out of the hospital. some said they're kicking you out. not true. >> it's not true but we have to think like a surgeon. in general, we think of by organ system, when we get someone back to baseline. we start with the lungs. many people don't take deep breaths after the surgery and that can set you up for fever
8:26 am
and mu moan ya. and when you go down the body to the intestines, they are slowed down by a lot of pain medication. that can cause constipation, vo system blood clots can form in our legs when we're not walking around, moving after surgery helps all of these issues and more. >> i can tell new my case, the surgeon had me up within, i think, it was hours. i want to say about three hours and i was not allowed to leave the hospital until i could walk up and down the hallway and climb stairs. i thought no way it's happening and the body is a pretty amazing thing. >> it is. but you shared something with me thaw didn't get good rest in the hospital. we have to remember hospitals run 24 hours a day. checking vital signs in four hours so people get more rest at home and more comfortable. >> and this is all great advice. more on this coming up. dr. jen, we thank you so much. >> good for you. coming up, molly shannon is with us. stay with us.
8:27 am
good morning to you. we just got word that all evacuation orders have been lifted in santa clara county for everyone impacted by the loma fire there. cal fire says the fire is 90% contained. the red cross says it will resume delivering cleaning and comfort supplies to victims tomorrow. there's now an official fund set up for those impacted by the fire, we have a link at let's get to alexis smith with a check of your commute. >> we have more ace train delays today. check before you head out. southbound 680 around the on ramp for sunol boulevard,
8:28 am
8:29 am
good morning. temperatures from 50 in santa rosa to oakland at 61. here's my look at the day planner. 60s at the coast. 70s inland. the rain is behind it's. >> it looks like it thank you very much. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes, of course on
8:30 am
the app, download it now if you haven't already. join the whole team every weekday ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ the trumpets they go [ applause ] >> welcome back. to "gma." look at this wonderful, wonderful audience. i got to tell you, thank you for coming in and being a part of our program like this. makes all the difference in the world. [ cheers and applause ] and go to our website. people are asking how to be on. go to our website to find out how to be a part of this. >> yes. we come up here and kick off all these hot top picks. one thing i'm bringing to the table. you are but there's something we saw earlier. guy gets engaged and gets married on the same day. >> within hours. >> within hours. >> we have a great crew.
8:31 am
we have great staff and my stylist deandre sent this my way and said -- there he is. he said we have to -- [ applause ] >> the one and only deandre. >> i know. >> very understated today. usually the hat on and all that going on but he said he has these two friend, alfred duncan and sherrell and he told her hours later we're getting married and it was just amazing to see and here's the video he posted. >> will you please be my wife? >> oh. ♪ >> aaagh! [ screaming] >> i love it.
8:32 am
>> i'm so happy that you chose to do this for me. i love you so much. >> can you do me a big favor and put our hands together as i present for the very first time mr. and mrs. alfred duncan. [ applause ] oh. that was beautiful. all done like that. hey, y'all, would you like to see the newlyweds? they're joining us here live. [ cheers and applause ] hey, guys, alfred, sherrell. [ applause ] we can all feel the love and you look beautiful. how in the world -- >> thank you. >> did you pull this off, alfred? >> it took a lot of help. a lot of her friends helped me out with this. to organize, a lot of my family and ultimately, you know, i just study the her for a very long
8:33 am
time and i learned what she liked. what she would want and, yeah, yeah, i just thank god like it's gone viral. i wasn't expecting this, of course. not one person posted the video, i didn't care. i was trying to impress and amaze my beautiful wife. >> your wife. [ cheers and applause ] >> you love saying wife. >> now, sherrell, what did you think, the proposal, we've seen that happen before and you think you're going to have your photos taken for the engage many and what happened? >> listen, i'm still trying to figure out this all out. like, who does this? you know what i mean. so now i'm looking ahead, i got to get to know you all over again. i didn't even know you had this in you. but i was amazed. i literally was like, there's nothing but like a spirit holding my legs up because i am
8:34 am
about to pass out. i was about to throw up. i couldn't see, i couldn't hear. i couldn't feel. i couldn't breathe. i couldn't do anything. i was just -- as you can see the video, people are saying i'm dramatic. but that was pure genuine emotion. i could not stop jumping. i couldn't stop jumping. >> now, sherrell, i have to ask, there are some women that say you didn't get to pick out the dress, but alfred took care of that too, didn't he? how did he go about that? how did you do it, alfred. >> well, so, yeah, so she actually did get to pick out the dress. we are brand ambassadors for a clothing design, i mean a clothing company called young fashion so probably three months ago i told the girl, i said, listen, i need you to convince my girlfriend to, you know, get -- to design her own dress so came one a plan. she said she was coming up with this, you know, good -- this
8:35 am
thick line for voluptuous beautiful women and she came and measured her. she asked her, you know, what kind of wedding dress would you want? what kind of material, all of that so she did. she actually designed her wedding dress unbeknownst to her. >> that was so slick with that, robin. >> he was so slick with everything. alfred, i got to ask you raised the bar so high with the proposal and wedding. what are you going to do on anniversary one? >> hey, listen, i don't have to plan nothing for the next two to three years. it's all on her. it's all on her. i'm done. [ applause ] >> now -- >> i still take out the trash. >> yeah, yeah. >> but, sherrell -- >> he better take out the trash. >> hey, with that, welcome to married life, alfred. >> sherrell, come clean a little bit here because he -- when he was planning this he was out
8:36 am
late, he was doing all this mysterious things and what did you think was going on? >> listen, one more time and go out on a balcony or one more trip to get coffee at 10:00 at night, we're going to have some type of conversation. i ain't sure what was going on. i was calling my friends, i'm like listen, i don't know what's going on with him. he'll pick up the phone be and be like uh, yeah, hole on -- i look at him. is he losing his mind? get back in here off that phone. it was insane. >> i'm so glad that that's over with. oh, my god. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. that's great. well, alfred, alfred and sherre sherrell, we wish you every happiness in the world, deandre sings your praises and so glad he sent it our way so people could see the love so all the
8:37 am
best to you both. >> thank you so much. >> good morning, america. >> she got a good morning in. >> oh and the morning is only getting better. we have a superstar joining us right now, molly shannon, come on out. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> michael. mwah. hi, robin. mwah. george. mwah. lara. >> how are you? [ cheers and applause ] >> whoo! >> i love this. yes. >> thank you, robin. >> so excited to have you here. >> i like being on morning -- this show. i like mornings and coffee and good mornings and i like america. [ cheers and applause ] >> well said. well said. >> we love your new show on hbo.
8:38 am
>> thank you so much. isn't it juicy so good. >> guy, it is a great show. it's starring sarah jessica parker and molly called divorce gorse and molly plays a character that is a handful. >> yes. >> named diane. >> yes, my first episode, wow. >> started with a bang, we'll say. >> ohhers good. yeah, my character is kind of -- she's in like a volatile marriage, a very roller coaster marriage. it's a fun character to play and sara jessica and i are good friends on the show and she is a delight to work with. she is the best. >> tell us about -- or actually, why don't we show you a little bit. here's diane in action. >> i have to get to the station. make yourselves at home. don't bust up the party because of me. there's plenty of food for everybody if you want food. you're so skinny. get a little piece of cheesecake. frances, open champagne but don't be too loud because the neighbors are so strict they call the police.
8:39 am
i'll be back. i just have to go -- >> what did you do? [ cheers and applause ] >> very bad. >> that was actually -- that was your 50th birthday party on the show. >> yeah, that's my character's 50th birthday. she's just -- she's in a rocky marriage and my character's relationship makes saar gentleman jessica look at her own marriage. i'm proud of it and feel lucky to be on it. >> they're calling it a comedy and very layered and definitely is a little bit dark. >> yes. >> but i can imagine that it must be great fun to have a character like that. i mean that scene alone -- were you riding the script like, oh, yes. one part "snl" meets one part tragedy. >> i just felt -- i was such a big "sex and the city" fan so felt so lucky to work with her. years ago i worked with matthew broderick and years ago she met us for dinner and i was like, it's a real-life princess and
8:40 am
then she -- i was pregnant at the time so she was like, you can't walk home alone so walked me home in sparkly shoes and with her beautiful hair and smelled beautiful and my husband was like -- i guess guess who walked me home from dinner, sarah jessica parker. i was so esighted. >> she was so considerate. >> very nice. >> i love that. we all love all of your "snl" characters. we were wondering of these three, who would you say you are most like, mary katharine, sally o'malley or terry rialto from "difference dish". >> i'm most like mary katharine gallagher. >> yes. >> and, this is like a funny story. i have kids, i have a 13-year-old girl, an 11 girlfriend boy and play truth or dare and recently i picked my son up from camp this summer from planet bravo and we went to a california pizza kitchen and
8:41 am
my son was like -- my son and his friend said i dare you -- i always think of dares for them and they think of -- i dare, you are we're eating dinner like early dinner california pizza kitchen. i dare you to go to those people and say, you know, so i had to go over and they dared me to say, hi, i'm molly shannon. hi, i'm molly shannon and did you know that i'm a superstar to strangers and so so i did it. it was so ridiculous but the people were very unimpressed like hmm. >> the gripping thing, your kids appreciate your work. we appreciate your work and i'm sure everybody can't wait. "divorce" premieres october th on hbo. molly shannon, check her out, everybody, and stay right
8:42 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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8:44 am
and welcome back to "gma." i thought we'd get all these party faces here in times square on before we good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. here's your day planner, upper 60s to mid 70s around the bay inlet. my accuweather >> you're rather gorgeous too.
8:45 am
this weather report has been brought to you by benefil. michael. thank you, ginger. here now with penelope ann miller and colman domingo on "the birth of a nation" based on matt turner who led a slave uprising. as a child his master's wife taught him how to read. take a look. >> these books are for white folks. they're full of things your kind wouldn't understand. but i do have a special one just for you. and guess what, it's the best book ever written. [ applause ] >> and i had a chance to see it and there's so much praise for this preliminary but there's also a lot of controversy for this film and do you feel like
8:46 am
it's fair the controversy is outweighing what you feel like the film should be praised for. >> i want people to be aware as well this film was made by over 400 plus people who, you know, our director has inspired to become a part of this film that's not only just inspiring, activism, agency, so there's so much -- we're all so passionate about this about the story. >> it started with nate parker's passion but became our passion. we followed his dream and his passion and his story about national tunat turner and it became all of our, the 400 plus people he was talking about and it's the nat turner story, not the nate parker story and want to tell it and we believe in this film and from sundance from when we won the jury award and audience award to then toronto to the premiere the other night and even -- every screening i've been to people stand up and cheer and it's because i think
8:47 am
this movie has such an emotional impact on people and it's hitting a nerve today. >> especially on what we're dealing with in our country. >> people just need to see the film because it's so important and i think it transcends all of that because, you know, it's an important story. it's a story about history. it's a story that is -- >> about the american hero. >> you're the moral compass of this film. your character. and so for you how hard was it to play both sides of your slave owner but yet you want to help this young child. >> well, you know, her hands are tied in many ways and i think it's hard because there's so much guilt and it's -- you know, this burden and that i carry as this character elizabeth turner playing his master and then teaching a slave to read which was unheard of in those times and illegal and then seeing what happens to him, what happens to my own son played by armie hammer who is brilliant. i must say there is incredible
8:48 am
also female actresses in this film, black actresses, african-american, you know, from asia, you know and -- >> gabrielle union. >> esther scott and aunjanue ellis and so proud because we talk about diversity in hollywood and i just think that nate also created such rich female characters that empower, you know, this character nat turner which i'm proud to be a part of, as well. >> you both should be very proud. i've seen this film and it's -- you leave this theater and it stays with us. that says a lot about the work you've done. you both -- >> you saw the film too. >> i saw the film. >> i thought it was very -- it was incredible and "the birth of a nation" is in theaters everywhere on friday. >> yes. >> and congrats to you two. a job well done and coming up, mario batali is here live. he's going to cook for us. you two could stick
8:49 am
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[ cheers and applause ] we are back now with our friend mario batali from "the chew." best american dishes. >> yes, sir. >> all part of your new cookbook called "big american cookbook" right here. [ applause ] and one of the book's treats right now. >> yeah, absolutely. >> they're having black and white cookies from new york. we broke up america into eight regions, anywhere from new england to the great lakes to the south to the gulf region to the midwest to southeast including texas, pacific northwest, i mean and basically as i'm traveling around the world or america, on my last book tour over the last 20 years i've been collecting recipes not necessarily from the four-star restaurants but from wherever i go. where is the place i should go that can i can find something that tastes like the wind that
8:52 am
blows down main street. >> you have to go to the something-something cafe and tell you whatever it is and i go and taste the dishes and that captures the magazine enough since of the fabric of the american culture and that's what i've been doing. >> that's what you've been doing and you brought up texas. what do we have. >> a texas bowl of red. a texas chili. if you know it you don't use chili powder but real chiles and don't use beans, just meat. what we have is onions and garlic, cut up into nice pieces, dressed with a little olive oil. dump it all in. >> chuck the chuck. >> chilies and i soaked them in hot water then i took the stems off and put them in here, made a puree like so. >> voila. >> that will go in over here. >> after a few minutes of browning and brown it properly. then you add the chilies, you add the beer.
8:53 am
>> ooh. >> i mean, this is a morning audience so excited about beer, okay. >> then what we'll add is honey. >> honey. >> keep stirring, better. >> i got that. >> then a little cinnamon, a little cumin and a little salt and that's really it. we really want the flavor of the chilies to be the main event. then what we've done -- we take a corn flour and make a little slurry with water and stir it in so it soaks it in. what we like. are you going to taste it. >> i'll taste it right now. >> hi. >> hold on. let's get you a bowl. let's get you a bowl. >> you got to give me a we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. exactly why i urge you to vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts without raising taxes on anyone. and there's strict accountability in prop 55. with local control over school funding decisions. and mandatory annual audits guaranteeing the money goes
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♪ and the trumpets they go "good morning america" is brought to you by beyond the scale from weight watchers. join today. >> our thanks again to mario. you will ab honoree at the upcoming columbus day parade. >> thanks very much. >> and the weekend. >> go get the book "big american cookbook." [ cheers and applause ] with this level of engineering... it's a performance machine. with this degree of intelligence... it's a supercomputer. with this grade of protection... it's a fortress.
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good morning to you on this tuesday. let's get over to mike nicco, he has what's up with the weather. >> hi, everybody. i know it's gray outside now, increasing sunshine, low 60s at the coast. low to mid 70s inland. this is just the beginning. check out my accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s at the coast, 70s and 80s through sunday. alexis? >> i found some sunshine out there, too. if you're in the south bay you may be seeing some. this is 280 at 17. our drive times not too bad in the central and tri valleys, northbound 85, you are in the red at 46 minutes. it's time for "live with kelly" we'll be back at 11:00 a.m. for midday news.
9:00 am
reporting continues now on our >> announcer: it's "live with kelly!" today, from "the girl on the train," justin theroux. and a workout from olympic champion lindsey vonn. and a performance from singer-songwriter melissa etheridge. and after fred savage joins kelly at the cohost desk. all next on "live"! [cheering and applauding] and now, here are kelly ripa and fred savage. [cheering and applauding] ♪


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