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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 6, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, pay area, let's get going. >> it is 5:00 a.m. and it is friday eve. >> is thursday. >> yes. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro, and alexis has traffic, and we have meteorologist mike nicco and drew is here with the weather and we will talk about
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what is happening with the hurricane. >> a contrast between the east coast and west coast. the west coast has sun and the east coast has problems. this is a beautiful shot, good morning, bay area, you are looking great. the planner the next couple of days or hours, the sun is up at 7:10 with a breeze and temperatures are comfortable. mostly in the 70s the now, the roads and alexis? >> good morning, drew. the only problem we have had is the fatal crash in the san jose area and a strange situation right off 680 and mckee the we got word that both the northbound and southbound off ramp to mckee are back open. started off as a d.u.i. occasion. the police arrived and then found another crash on the southbound side that what a rollover. the driver is dead. it does not sound like the crashes are represented. both ramps are back open.
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we are corking to confirm that with.h >> in the central valley we will look at that next. the big story is hurricane matthew is pounding the bahamas as you can see, the strongest caribbean storm in almost a decade, and this is a look at nassau aiming at the resort city. thousands of tourists are trapped. in the united states, two million people have been ordered to "get out." that is across florida. georgia. and the carolinas. states of emergency have been declared. people are urged to leave while they can. they are clearin out stores, stocking up on necessities and packing up and preparing right now for the worst. >> i love my kids dearly and i want to do what is best for them. >> you cannot replace your life. you cannot replace your child's life or your mother's life or dad or anyone.
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thing are material. can you replace the things. >> cannot stress this enough, this is a strong storm. it is picking up speed. the strongest in the caribbean in a decade and has claimed 16 lives after causing extensive damage in haiti, the dominican republic and cuba. the united states military has started rolling in aid and flying in helicopters to bring food and water. drew will tell us where matthew is. all the latest update sonds ago is that hurricane matthew is strengthening. live doppler hd is tracking it and i want to show you the center of the eye you can see it like that, we will zoom in to the south nassau that is an indication of a strong storm. the outer rain bands are making their presence known on florida and 14 mile away from miami and the latest forecast track, it is strengthening to a category four storm with rain and devastating wind. >> we are getting breaking news
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at the live desk. >> we hear that hurricane matthew is having an impact on travel right here in the bay area. what are you seeing? >> right now all flights from san francisco to fort lauderdale and miami are canceled. i will show you the boards this is from the website, sfo to fort lauderdale four flights are canceled. to miami, nine flights are canceled. oakland and san jose do not fly direct to fort lauderdale so no major impact there. i have been checking oakland for you, and they have one flight scheduled to orlando. that is what i am seeing. some orlando flights are hit-and-miss flights so you need check. check before you get to the airport. reggie? >> we have breaking news in the east bay now, hard police gathering evidence right now after finding a man shot dead inside his car. a look at scene, this is near 7th and "b" streets shots first reported at 11:30 last night. another man was injured and he now is in the hospital.
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they are not sure how he is check the to the shooting. we will bring you more information as we get it. >> new detail on sexual assaulted at stanford there were two recent incidents in a week. elissa is tracking this on campus. >> we learned that the assaults happened days of each other but officials only alerted students about one of them. this week we told you that back on september 30 a campus-wide safety alert was issued after a student report the being raped in a dorm. now we know only a few days early a graduate student was arrested for a different sexual assault and it happened in the early morning of september 24 inside graduate student housing on campus. the suspects with arrested later that same day. the san jose mercury news asked campus officials why an alert was not sent out on the arrest. a spokesperson told the paper that they require a timely warning with a threat but
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explained that the person who has been arrested does not pose an ongoing threat. they requires the universities to put together a list each year with crime statistics named around campus. the number of sex offends in stanford has climbed recently in 2013 there were 26 reported offenses, 30 the next year and 39 reported in 2015. 25 were classified as "rape." >> governor brown just signed two bells help expired by the brock turner case requiring longer sentences for defendants who sexually assault an unconscious person. >> concerning, thank you. we want to switch gears and talk about our giants off and running for a post-season run after a thrilling win in the wild car game. bumgarner pitched a shut out against the mets and like previous playoffs an unlikely
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hero provided the power, gillespie was not even on a team a year ago and hit a three run homer in the to which the 9th. gillespie and bumgarner talked after. >> all our guys, we love each other, we love coming to work each day the. >> you look forward getting ahead. in the post-season. just to help the team. is...i'm a lucky guy. >> today the giants travel to chicago and take on the cubs in game one of the national league division series tomorrow night with first pitch at 6:15. >> we love the headline on espn, the team is summing up with "sorry, madbum owns october." >> facebook post is vile a 9-1-1 call from a woman who saw a man dressed in all black carrying what she thought was a
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gun. >> what kind of gun? >> i don't know the it looks big. like bigger than a handgun? >> yeah. >> what color? >> everything is black. everything is black. >> two important things, this was not a grown man, it was 14-year-old, with an airsoft gun not a real gun. the orange tip that shows it is not real was removed. police found him hiding in a bush. the department included this photo challenging the readers to identify which gun is a fake. they stressed the response of looking the tip on and officers only have seconds to figure out in the gun is real. >> the united states state department is helping bring home the remains of a uc davis researcher killed during a roast in ethiopia. the university said sharon gray was in ethiopia to attend a meeting of her work, a post doc researchers in department of plant biology and killed when citizens were hurled at her car during an anti-government
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protest on tuesday. another member of the department was not injured and now is on her way home. >> flags at state capital are flying at half staff following the death of a los angeles county sheriff sergeant. officials say sergeant owen was shot to death yesterday while answering a burglary report. the gunman was arrested. authorities have not released the name of the 27-year-old suspect and owen died two hours after being shot. he was 53. a man considered the pile suspect in the san francisco murder is now free this morning. police released 59-year-old eugene bell without charges yesterday. officers arrest bell in connection with the murder of 63-year-old woman stabbed to death on sunday. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to file charges. >> in scrum july hundreds of thousands of marijuana seized from a property in the loma fire zone and a man has been booked into james.
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>> sky 7 was overhead with the marijuana operation was busted, and there is a charge of cultivation and possession of marijuana. 89 plants were recovered. investigators estimate that the street value of all of the seized marijuana was approximately $up $700,000. >> the operations could start a fire in santa clara county so we take the allegations seriously and partner with other agencies. >> it is important to know that the property is not exactly where the loma fire started but it is in the same general area. the fire has burned 4,400 acres and now is 95% contained. >> now the accweather forecast withdrew tomb pa. >> when you wake up for a few cool spots with some 40s including napa at 44 and half moon bay at the coast is 46. 45 in morgan hill. elsewhere, holding in the bay area in the low 50s.
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for work and school, a light jacket. a cool start in some spots. a lost sunshine. in the afternoon you do not need the jacket a warm afternoon and mild fall day. 60s hang the coast. at the half 70s inland and perhaps you can see a few 80s popping up her today. forecast is calling for comfortable temperatures, account mild fall day with a last 80s inland and a couple of 70s around the bay and san francisco up to 70 and 74 is the lie in oakland and 77 in san jose. as we head into friday the temperatures are going to rise out there a couple of degrees afternoon day at 72 in san francisco. 79 in oakland. 85 in san jose. we welcome the wick and it will be warm to hot but not as warm as last week. you can camp the temperatures with the news app. alexis? >> we hard that ace one is 30 minutes late but it is moving. that was due to such problems. i will make phone calls and hopefully get an answer on ace and we will not have other trains delayed. right now we have zoomed in to
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san francisco soma neighborhood between 3rd and 4th through monday due to the dreamforce conference so the last few days i know you know that is congested at 45,000 people attending that each day. the drive times westbound 580 castro valley is 33 minutes no problems northbound 101 or 280 of the the ace update is next. >> coming up, showdown over a united states senate seat. the heated moments in the debate with two women want to replace senator boxer. >> do
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>> the search is on for an inmate who cut off his ankle bracelet under house arrest for violating a court order. the sheriff wants it find him and deputies want you to know he is not considered a threat to public safety. >> the two candidates aiming to fill senator boxer's seat squared off in a fiery debate. kamala harris and loretta sanchez covered a wide range of issues at cal state los angeles. this is the only debate between the two before the election. the candidates had many heated exchanges. >> you can travel and have a lot of starches in your passport but when you have been appointed to be the clay of the
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anti-terrorism task force and you do not show up once. >> my opponent has passed one bill in 20 years in congress to rename a pest office. >> my opponent is disingenuous. trump university, where people got skin telled were from california. she was taking money in her campaigns to fly around in first-class air fare and first-class hotels and taking trump's money. >> the time is expired. >> a poll has kamala harris up by 11% on sanchez and 31 bernie sanders are up decide -- 31% of voters are undecided. >> that was more heated than the v.p. >> whenou go to the polls you have plenty of company, the number in california registered to vote is a record high. 18.2 million of us are now registered more than 73% of eligible state residents. when it comes to party preference 45% are registered at
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democrats and 26% at republicans and 23% listed "no previous republican." we have valuable tool to prepare for ocean day, at enter your zip code and street address for the candidates and measures on the local ballot. you will find details on where, when and how to vote and create a personal ballot. that is at it is on the app. >> never state legislate use will meet in special says on monday to consider funding for a raider stadiums in las vegas. lawmakers decide whether to approve a record $750 million in taxpayer money to build the $2 billion stadium. raiders owner mark davis said he will move the team to las vegas in the stadium is approved and league owners buy in. oakland, though circumstance not -- though is not give up.
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>> in first look we regularly hear of professional athletes suffering from concussions. now a cheerleader is sounding the alarm about brain injuries. >> in the "first look," sports and concussions worded associated with football, soccer, and maybe baseball. but cheerleading? tumbling results in tumbles happening more often than you think and can have catastrophic consequences, ask kaitlyn. >> it has been a year and i still have headaches. 60 to 70% of the day after suffering five concussions all from cheering. i missed the nfl and hit my head on the floor. by concussion four at the university of texas she began to see the long-term affects. >> i started having memory issues, short temperature, not being able to remember where i parked my car.
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>> we weigh in with dr. ashton at "first look," for "good morning america" from new york. >> there could be a connection between intelligence and the length of your yawn. >> biologists studied 24 animal species and found longer yawns are a sign of a bigger brain and more intelligence. >> look at the little guys yawning. >> humans yawn 50% longer than the next closest animals which were elephants. so we have bigger brains and are smarter. >> i am fighting that yawn. >> hold that yawn. real long. >> five minute yawn. >> draw you are a long younger. i yawn all the time. live doppler hd is show you we have clear skies, a nice start to the day on this thursday. we talk about our highs today and you notice a lot sunshine and comfortable numbers for this time of the year, at 70s in san francisco, and 74 in oakland
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today, and 77 in san jose, and that is normal. and 80 is the high in concord and 82 in antioch, and napa up to 80 degrees. in san francisco we have fleet week and folk are coming in tomorrow and the week and the weather could not be betterwith a last sunshine on friday that continues into saturday and we will not have the main layer so no fog and perfect visibility as the blue angels fly over the golden gate bridge with a few high clouds moving in and that will 8:00 us off into the mid-to-upper 60s. the seven-day forecast shows the next seven days with a mild fall day, and rising temperatures on friday, and warm to hot around saturday, and by sunday, a little cooler and columbus day is nice and the cooling continues into tuesday and wednesday and the forecast any time with the news app. how are the roads on thursday? >> we okay. the bay bridge toll plaza shows for the negligence 10 minutes i am getting we will have the metering lights flipped on by 5:30 and we only have had one blocking issue but it is no longer a blocking issue, the
5:21 am
fatal crash on 680 the off ramp to mckee on the northbound side, it was closed due to a d.u.i. situation and crews arrived they saw a flipped vehicle on the southbound side of the road and that driver did not survive. an investigation is ongoing and the off-ramps are open and the main line is not exacted. also, ace train, at 30 minutes late this morning we have a switch problem reported and they are on the move now, just about to get into tracy and half an hour behind schedule so far ace three said that it is on time but we are watching that closely with another update at 5:30. >> check out the video, officials are release the h.d. video, a lava lake on the hawaiian volcano that provides a closeup look of the powerful ler reduction. this is lava breaking through the crusted mantle. happening since march of 2008.
5:22 am
the lava has brought into and out view for the visitors. >> the first lady is making sure whoever wins the white house will keep the garden she created on the south lawn dedicating the kitchen garden yesterday and said it was the first things she did when they moved into the white house in 2009. the first laid said she hopes the garden is a symbol and reminder for family and childrens to lead healthy live through better diets and hopes it will continue regardless of who takes office in january. >> the dog consider add hero making the round a last time. >> see the ultimate ice bath if you cannot wait we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety.
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5:25 am
states particularly florida as early as tonight. >> all flights from san francisco to fort lauderdale and miami are now canceled because of the hurricane. oakland and san jose do not fly directly to fort lauderdale or miami so no major impact at the airports. >> live doppler 7 hd is tracking a strengthening hurricane matthew. look at radar. it is tightening and spinning to the florida coast. it will did so and increase in strength. by tonight it will be a category store former with winds over 130 miles per hour. with rainfall. >> it has been a fairly quiet morning on the roads so far and we are seeing delays from the central valley, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, you are in the yellow up to 40 minutes and we have issues with ace one and that is late and all coming up a. >> break be news in the east bay a man found shot dead inside a car in hayward and another was injured and police are trying to figure out how they are connected.
5:26 am
>> police say five people have been arrested in connection to illegal pot growing operation. more than 2,000 mature plants were seized from four separate homes. the street value of more than $400,000. the giants are moving on with san francisco winning last night with gillespie hitting a game winning homer. >> a lost love for a special marine who is ready to retire. >> mascot. >> ready? >> look at his ears, we caught up with him at pier 39 yesterday. he is an eight year marine corps veteran, serving as a patrol explosive detection dog and is considered a "hero," making sure that paths are safe for his comrades. >> a without him i would not be able to do my job. my job is to go out and look for explosive devices and make sure everyone comes home.
5:27 am
he is the key tool. >> he will demonstrate all of his abilities at the park on saturday with other military dogs for fleet week. >> you that is cute. zookeepers in organize led their one-year-old polar bear named nora lay in aitty pool of ice now designing a new polar bear habitat is seeking the input of the public. nora should be ready for public debut this month. she will need a bigger pool. >> she need as bigger pool. >> we have a full 90 minutes of news including increased security for weapons own by south bay law enforcement officers equipment installed in their vehicles. >> hurricane matthew is slamming into the bahamas as we speak and we are look, at the storm account problems it could
5:28 am
create. veesk from the middle eastthe major world leader in the hospital right now the full story ahead. >> new detail on a southwest flight forced to evacuate after a samsung phone began smoking before take off. the worry for phone owners this morning. >> looking outside the golden gate bridge
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> lot going on at 5:30. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we have alexis smith with the roads and drew deem ma -- drew tuma. >> a look outside, sutro tower is showing you the beautiful bay area, traffic is going this morning as folks are off to work. 7:00, in the 40s and 50s.
5:31 am
and later today, a lot of sunshine on the way and temperatures are nice for october, isis on the coast and 70s around the bay and a couple of 80s popped you. in santa clara, 49ers are take on the cardinals and plenty of sunshine at 676 and 67 by 9:00 later tonight. that is both. alexis? >> good morning, the whom game for the 49ers will cause congestion in the afternoon. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza filling in. before this, back in the maze, westbound 80 to southbound 880 we are hearing after new collision. we are confirming that. more in 10 minutes. we have ace one delayed at 30 minutes. that was due to a switch problem. so for, ace 3 is schedule on time out of stockton at 5:30. >> thank you. back to breaking news we are tracking a deadly shooting in hayward. police found a man dead. another was found hurt.
5:32 am
this is near "b" and 7th. what is the update amy? >> yes, reggie, they just opened "b" street a busy street in hayward with all of the cars at 7th street. it was closed overnight. police worked the case. they gathered their evidence. at 11:23 they were told that shots were fired. this is in hayward. they found a man was killed and another man was hurt and taken to the hospital. they are not sure how he ties in to the murder. they are still trying to put it together. they have not released any information on possible suspects or motives and say it is too early. they have gathered all of their evidence they will go back to the police station and do their interviews and put it together and hope to get more information later this morning. they were out here for six hours and headed back to the police station to try and put the case
5:33 am
together. >> check out the other big story, huricane patricia and massive storm moving to the united states right now and millions of americans are told to brace for a direct hit. hurricane matthew is hitting the bahamas and this is the capital city with pounding wind and rain taking its toll on the aisle the people in the united states are bracing for what is next. maggie rulli has the story. >> school is closed for two million kids. thousands of flights cancel. millions are told to evacuate. everyone is get be ready for what could be the worst storm to hit florida in decades. >> florida is respecting for this: hurricane matthew possibly the west storm to hit the sunshine state in decades make, its way through the bahamas, hurricane matthew heads to the united states and strength everyoning over oak water at 120 miles per hour. florida georgia and the
5:34 am
carolinas have declared states of emergency can residents are forced to evacuate or stock up. a million are asked to leave their hems. >> it could be the decision between life-and-death. south carolina is expected to evacuate half a million people. traffic there has been bumper-to-bumper traffic as residents flee. >> the president warning residents to prepare in the worst. >> if you get an evacuation order you can always rebuild. you can always repair property. you cannot restore life in it is lost. all the united states navy is prepared to help. they have east coast fleet in heightened state of readiness to be deployed. i am maggie rulli from washington, dc. >> thousands of flights to and out of the southeast are canceled or delayed and all flights from san francisco and fort lauderdale and miami are canceled. oakland and san jose do not fly directly to fort lauderdale or
5:35 am
miami but there are connecting flights through the country. it is not so much of an impact there, but american airlines has canceled all flights to south florida and several airlines are waiving change fees and fare differences and airports are working around the clock to get a quiz restoring of the schedules. crew tuma is here and the florida impact starts today. all the winds are picking up this afternoon and live doppler hd is tracking a strengthening storm. the outer rain band is approaching the east coast of florida and this is the eye of mathew, ready to move over nassau the next hour or so. look at the wind gusts, future tracker gusts later this evening and west palm beach 75 miles per hour and along with that torrential rainfall so hurricane warnings are up the entire least coast of florida. >> from the live desk. >> international news, palestinian president abbas has
5:36 am
been hospitalized. that is word from a west bank hospital official. can you see him on right of the screen in a meeting with secretary of state john kerry two years ago. we learned that he is going to undercoat a heart test. officials said moments ago three was taken to the hospital this morning after feeling tired and i am tracking any new developments at the live desk and will let you know when we know more. >> happening today, deputies in santa clara get lockboxes to keep their weapons secure while they are not on the job. the sheriff smith wants deputies to use the vaults in their personal vehicles and urge marked cars to reduce the number of thefts while deputies are off duty. and prevent the guns from being in the happens of criminals with 750 portable lockboxes purchased. >> blue skies for blue angels around san francisco today. these are the practices, and they will happen from 1:00 to
5:37 am
5:00 p.m. and this is ahead of the three weekend shows as part of fleet week. the blue angels are doing what is call a survey flight this afternoon, performing the signature moves tomorrow, saturdays and sunday, from 3:00 to 4:00 during the fleet week air show and the weekend air shows are from noon to 4:00 over the waterfront. >> san francisco giants post-season magic conditions after the huge win last night. >> did you see it? there will be more baseball in the bay. unlikely hero gillespie crushed the three run homer sending the percent amounts to the national division series. san francisco resigned him in february after originally drafting him in 2008. likely hero, bum garner improved the post-season resume shut out the mets just like he did to the pirates in 2014. now to chicago to take on the cubs fly out today. >> we were at the bar in san francisco and watch this video.
5:38 am
you will see it is tense. people have their hands up to their mouths. and then, gillespie turned the tension...into triumph. whoa! >> that is fun to see. the true fans starting yelling right away, did you notice that. the other people waited. i know that a scene throughout the bay area last night. congratulations to all of fans. >> giants take on the cubs for game one, game two is saturday, will in chicago. the boys come home for game three on monday for the bet of five series. games four and five are tuesday and thursday. in necessary. >> drew, how are you standing up i know you were watching? >> i was there, fun, i am running off adrenalin.
5:39 am
amazing. everyone was cheering and live doppler hd is showing you we have clear skies on thursday. we will talk temperatures, a mixed bag. chilly in spots like san ramon is 46 degrees and 46 in santa rosa, and 44 in napa and 45 in half moon bay with spots where you need the light jacket. in the afternoon we will have a lot of sunshine and warming temperatures. in the south bay a lot of sunshine, mild, 77 cupertino. 81 in morgan hill. 75 a high for milpitas. breezy out there at 42 in san mateo. downtown san francisco is 70 spot on. 79 in sonoma, and 77 in san rafael and vallejo. oakland this afternoon at 74. a last sunshine. 76 in fremont and 77 in castro valley. inland, it is comfortable at 80 in concord, 81 in livermore and 82 in antic -- antioch.
5:40 am
plenty of sunshine and the seven-day forecast with the news app. that is weather. how is the traffic? >> i want to get straight to the traffic cameras we were able to find this and it is in the berkeley area, emeryville area, and westbound 80 connection we to southbound 880, you can see the flashing lights a vehicle was spun out facing sideways and emergency crews arrive on scene blocking the right lane of the ramp. i saw a tanker farook a short time ago ask he was able to clear himself on his own, so, keep a close cry on this and i want to flip over to the traffic maps and show you what it is doing fur coming from the berkeley area this morning, and into emeryville, jamming up 80 befre you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, so, land on delays, and hopefully they can get this cleared soon, and remember, ace one was 30 minutes late leaving the stockton area this morning because of a switch problem and right now ace three is only two minutes behind schedule and i am
5:41 am
watching that closely this morning. we will look at the drive times next. >> car break-ins are rising in san francisco, and tourists are the top targets, the move to be list car rental companies in fight bag. >> burgers, fries and
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> all news, all morning.
5:44 am
>> this morning an east bay psychologist trusted with children is in custody accused of a heinous act. the authorities say 68-year-old kenneth breslin was found with thousands of images of child pornography. the police raid his home and arrested dr. kenneth breslin after an investigation on the crimes against children task force and they raid his child school i didn't practice and found more child porn on his computers. all the crime is terrible and at least he is apprehended. >> i don't know that anyone in the neighborhood knew anything about him. >> investigators slay is no evidence that any of his patients was victimized. >> we have new detail on the creepy crown threat in the bay area, schools in oakland, antioch, san ramon, burlingame and san mateo have all been mentioned in threatening sole media posts of the san mateo
5:45 am
police department said two of the hives were named, and posts claim that a creepy clown is coming to campus, where no credible threats but police are acting with caution. >> what we did is increased patrols of the two will ands to particular that were named. and of all of our schools. so worrisome in concord a. with said a man in a clown costume and blue wig tried to grab her one year old daughter on willow pass road. investigators are hoping the businesses in the area could have surveillance video of the incident. >> we want to show you something people in san francisco are familiar with, car break-ins. new legislation introduced this week protects visitors and requires car rental companies to provide disclosures of the high number of break-ins and how to avoid being a target and place warnings inside of the car itself. officials say from 2011 to last year auto burglars tripled to 24,000 reported incidents. mcdonald's workers in oakland
5:46 am
are plan telling protest against alleged sexual harassment at restaurants around the country. yesterday, labor organizes filed federal sexual harassment complains against mcdonald's and the franchises on behalf of 15 workers. the members are part of the fight for 15 campaign. the campaign has pushed for high are wages and a union for fast food workers and doing it since 2012. today the lunch time protests are at noon in front of the mcdonald's on jackson street. >> ready for football in tonight, the 49ers are playing the arizona cardinals at levi stadium in the only thursday night game. all the 49ers are trying to rebound from the loss against the cowboys and trying to nap a losing street. if you are headed to the game do socially to avoid the congestion an the area, with parking lots at 1:5 and stadium gates at 3:25 and kick off at 5:25. how is the weather? >> fantastic. a lot sunshine. the parking lot opens at 1:00 --
5:47 am
76 at kick off. mild conditions. by 9:00 p.m. plenty of stars and temperature cool at 67 degrees. the bus storm forecast will feature a lot of sunshine and that is the only bad thing you have to deal with, bad sun glare in the morning commute a cool start, 40s and pockets in the north bay and a lot 50s so you need the light jacket. by the afternoon, 3:00, we are warming up nicely at 60s along the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s move, inland. the highs today around the region are 70 the high in san francisco, mild, and 74 in oakland, and 77 is the high in san jose and a couple of 80s around fairfield and antioch and richmond is 72. tomorrow, the temperatures are rising a few degrees. that is the trend for the weekend. 74 in san francisco. 79 in oakland. 89 in napa.
5:48 am
on saturday, we are warm to hot but not so hot as the previous heat waves. we were comfortable. now traffic and alexis. >> i have been watching the traffic camera closely and the last couple of seconds while you wrapped up with your weather report, i watched this accident scene drive away so that is the good news we have that hooked up to the tow truck quickly and this is westbound 80 the off ramp to southbound 880 and we had a vehicle facing sideways in right lane slow thins down fur coming through westbound 80 through the berkeley stretch look at our traffic maps you are a parking lot. approach the maze. we will look at the drive times shortly and a quick look at a few other drive times and it has been fairly quiet aside from this. santa rosa to petaluma is 15 minutes. westbound 580 castro valley to the maze 14 minutes. >> breaking news from the live
5:49 am
desk. >> the breaking news is kamala harris has won endorsements from senators boxer and senator feinstein in her bid for the united states senate seat. this is coming from the "los angeles times" and it come off the heels of last night's debate that aired on our chan emand overnight right here. kamala harris is running for senate running against united states representative sanchez in the "los angeles times" article, they write that senator boxer described kamala harris as the perfect choice to succeed her. both kamala harris and sanchez are vying for senator boxer's seat who plans to retire after four terms in the senate. those endorsements coming in and that is the latest. all the debate was heated. >> a wanting of student loans, and "7 on your side" and michael finney said you should never take out loans for your children. >> teething is the most painful things to watch babies go
5:50 am
through and parents my have one less obligation for soothing the pain. >> black friday backlash, the bold starches a major shopping icon is take on the sales afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
5:51 am
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5:52 am
>> if you bought tickets on-line to crab and brew festival, police want to hear from you because you might have been scammed. here is a web page, sponsor by the emeryville artist age but it doesn't look like that is a real thing. the event location is given as being in emeryville and no address. the twitter page has posted one tweet, and although it claimed the event is in the third year.
5:53 am
>> the logo looks legitimate. >> if you care for a child who is feeting a new warning: the f.d.a. wants to you stop using homeopathic teething tablets that could cause breathing problems and seizures. there is no recall, but c.v.s. has pulled the products. a company that makes the tablets said they are cooperating with the investigation. it does add that tear tablets are fully tested for safety. >> happening today a big event for video gamers in san francisco, riot games is holding the 2016 league of legends world championship at the civic auditorium that draws players from an the world, with 16 teams from 13 regions competing for the title. but 36 million people watched the finals online last year and the video game championship starts at 4:00 and continues through sunday.
5:54 am
>> tock coe bell teaming up with airbnb calling this a once in a lifetime chance to win a steak-vacation. it will transform a canada vacations into a special airbnb, with entries accepted through airbnb and the deadline is on tuesday. the winner is announced a week from today. check out this out with pillows and lamps and you can eat food and drink three friends for the steak vacation on the 17th with video games and movies and the contes is to protest the newest items a steak double-dia. >> imagine what your colleagues will something like? >> fun. >> former chuck e. cheese employee it is hard to get that out of your colleagues. >> i am googling flights to...ontario. i will there. it will be great. >> you have to bring us.
5:55 am
>> you get top bunk. >> okay. >> east bay hills camera: >> what just hand? >> a picture will show you what is going on, it is beautiful. clear skies. the day planners through hour by hour the afternoon has a lot sunshine and a breeze and temperatures are comfortable if you could see reggie's face bright red. the roads with alexis? >> good morning, we have residual delays of the last 10 minutes at 20 minutes ago both reports on westbound 80 at the southbound 880 connection in the maze and you just a parking lot, through emeryville and the good news is the crash clear asked we confirmed that 10 minutes ago and i watched all lanes back open but you are congested, westbound 80 between highway 4 and the maze 36 minutes and i would not be surprised if we got worse before we get better, and when you make it to the bay bridge you are okay at 11
5:56 am
minutes and san francisco to to >> and prince's private estate now is open for public tours. we know it will be on display with an urn with his ashes and the oscar he won and the pock he -- and the motorcycle he rode will be on display. the it estate will then close after the weekend to figure how to deal with increased foot and car traffic. >> bold move by the biggest mall could start the new thanksgiving day trend with the mall of america in minnesota closing on thanksgiving day after being opened on that holiday since 12 but they want to give workers time to be with families. given the size and status it could inspire other stores to follow suit. >> a disturbing warning of a
5:57 am
device used by diabetes patients where you could get dangerous amounts of insulin. and hurricane matthew is take aim at united states and the bahamas is hit hard right now and the storm is already impacting travel in the bay area. >> speaking of the storm evacuations for hurricane matthew want wrong and police end up in a shotout. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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- ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ - ♪ bargain market ... now it's stuck in my head. >> ing, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> coming up on can a.m. on thursday, october 6. i am reggie aqui. >> a lot is going on. we have the whole team on deck with jessica castro is leader and alexis smith and drew tuma
6:00 am
here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> clear skies. beautiful visibility and up to mount tamalpais, embarcadero building and fleet week lights and mainly clear. plan it out today, one or to degrees warmer than yesterday and the warming trend continues into friday, and by saturday this is when the heat in the area will peak at 90s inland not too bad compared to last week and a lost 80s popping up around the bay. that is the weather and now the roads. alexis? >> the biggest hot spots has been westbound 80 we had a collision on the southbound 880 connection and that really got things jammed up on westbound 80 through emeryville through berkeley and you are congested north of golden gate field but it is moving along better and the crash has been cleared for almost 20 minutes at this point, and ace one left late at 3 minutes late out of stockton and they have not been able to make up time. they are on the move. it was a switch problem and ace three left on time and it


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