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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 15, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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abc7, live breaking news. >> all units respond.
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this is a 406. >> that breaking news is out of san francisco. a gunman opens fire shooting a police officer in the head sparking a massive manhunt. >> abc7 news camera is there as an ambulance rushes the suspected it gunman to the hospital after a violent take down. good evening. i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. that san francisco police officer is expected to be okay. it started at everglade drive and slope boulevard on the western edge of the city after an hour long man hunt it ended in a shootout at 27th avenue near strong grove park. >> we begin our coverage with sergio with how police managed to take the gunman into custody. sergio? >> reporter: we know that when police officers spotted the man there was an exchange of gun pier. it was blocks from where the initial exchange of gunfire
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happened. this is next to an elementary school that's the sound of a flashbang grenade. it is clear police were using everything at their disposal to take this man into custody. we watched as the tactile team moved in and responded to parkside square and bob cheney field. four gunshots and then a person on a stretcher was carted away and loaded into an ambulance. we watched as he was rushed off scene. i talked with one neighbor about how this all went down. >> i was walking to the market and thought i would check it out a bit. then i started to hear it was a manhunt. then i heard something that sounded like an explosion. >> again, that was the sound of a flashbang grenade being used to try to flush the suspect out of a hiding area in the park. when we first got on scene there were officers all over the place holding automatic weapons, rushing through the
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neighborhood with their lights and sirens and desperately looking for the gunman. >> and there were dozens of police officers that fanned out throughout thissen tear neighborhood. now when we first arrived on scene here, we did hear that flash brang grenade and way are trying to figure out if that man was barricaded in the park. police did issue a shelter in place order in this neighborhood. obviously it has been lifted since the man is in custody. reporting live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> ama: sergio, thank you. let's continue our team coverage with katie. >> eric: she is live with more on what lead up to tonight's gunfire. katie? >> reporter: we're told the officer tried to contact a man who was mentally ill. this is according to the police union. that's when the man shot the officer whose sources tell us is a young male officer.
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i want to show you the scene where they are still investigating. the roadways are back open, but we spoke to many witnesses who rushed for cover as they heard the shots fired. >> i was inside and i heard three gunshots. i looked outside and i saw a cop limping and running and tried to chase the suspect. i saw the cop run toward slope so i figured the suspect ran down slope boulevard and took off from there. >> how did the officer look? jay he was limping. >> reporter: the initial confrontation started around 8:15 and witnesses say they heard the initial shots. sfpd quickly surrounded the area and a party of 70 people in the park was put on lock down as the manhunt ensued. the suspected it shooter lead them to residential neighborhoods as well. >> right down the street here, i think it was inverness, and
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he was hidden in a driveway and about seven or eight officers had their guns drawn and surrounded a home. >> paramedics took the wounded officer to general hospital. we are told he was conscious as he was transported. that is a good sign. many stood vigil at the er. i was told that was common procedure in the case of the shooting. the suspected it shooter is at sf general, but we don't have an update on his condition at this point. traffic is moving now that police reopened the roads at 10:30. thisy will leakily be in the area for hours investigating. the police cannot release anymore information about the officer at this time. they are asking for you to keep him in your prayers tonight. live in san francisco, abc7 news. >> katie, thanks. stay with us on abc7 news. we will bring you updates on this breaking news during this newscast. we just learned mayor ed leigh is at san francisco general hospital right now visiting
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with the injured officer. we first told you about the story tonight with a push alert from the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable those push alerts and you will get breaking news updates as they happen. >> ama: turning to weather here is a live look from our abc7 roof camera. the rain isn't over yet. you can expect more wet weather and dangerous wind. let's get to drew. >> we are expecting higher winds with our storm arriving tomorrow. we are getting a brief break in the activity. in its wake it left some soaking showers. some areas outside the south bay a good soaking. san francisco a third of an inch and as you go to palo alto, a 10th of an inch of rain. live doppler 7 is showing you it is approaching the west coast and the storm impact
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scale comes back and this storm will be of moderate intensity. it is a two on the storm impact scale. the next storm, our wind gust is 50 miles an hour which could be destructive in terms of tree limbs and power lines. we'll look at when we can expect the stronger winds in the accu-weather forecast. >> ama: thank you, drew. several restaurants and businesses are affected. the steak house on west richmond avenue couldn't see diners because they didn't have electricity. they were one of those businesses who had to close early because of the storm. in the bay area more than 8,000 customers are without power. 36 in san francisco and 135 on the peninsula. in the north bay, 845 customers are affected. 7,000 in the east bay, the most in the bay area. more than 300 customers are in the dark in the south bay.
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>> eric: strong waves pounded the sea wall in pacifica. they have been tagged with their share of constant pounding rains. >> in the south bay, it may not have seemed like there was a lot of rain. >> but parts of santa cruz county received the most rain in the area. katie is live in scots valley with more on that. >> eric and ama, yes for the most part the south bay got off easy. no major storm damage to speak of. i can tell you the air is still and there is a fine mist falling. when you look at the rainfall totals it was the santa cruz mountains that got the most rain, more than three inches. we are on highway 17 and it is wet and potentially slick. there is signage asking drivers to slow down as they head into the mountains. an area of high concern is the
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loma fire burn area. they have been checking out the canyons and the streams to figure out where flooding and mudslides could occur. they are inspecting on air and on foot. i want to mention the winds down here tonight looking at 20 miles an hour. tomorrow night the gusts could be 40 miles an hour. way know what that means of the trees weakened by the fire. live in the santa cruz mountains, abc7 news. a storm lead to dozens of cancellations. 91 departing flights were nixed because of the weather. officials in oakland and manetta san jose was affected by the storm. and we have up to the minute weather on the abc7 news app after you open the app on your phone click on temperature in the corner and you can scroll
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down to see live doppler radar in your neighborhood and everywhere in the bay area. >> in her state of the city speech she made no mention of today's vote to approve a las vegas stadium for the raiders. abc7 news caught up with the mayor after the speech. that's when they say any move by the team is anything but a done deal. >> it is not too late. this is something we expected. this does not mean the raid you -- the raiders in las vegas is a done deal. >> they say it cont shouldn't be a surprised that they would spend the funds to build a stadium in las vegas. the governor is expected to sign the bill. mark davis will booy at the bill signing. in a statement davis said all parties have worked extremely hard to develop and approve this stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the entire raider nation. three-quarters of nfl owners
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need to okay the deal. they will meet in houston. the mayor says not so fast. she is working on a plan that will keep the team in oakland and one that does not put the taxpayers on the hack. -- on th. >> our job is to help them consider staying in oakland. >> the oakland city councilman says representatives met with the oakland city officials to discuss land at the coliseum and maybe even developing a new stadium. >> eric: coming up, two new women making groping allegations against donald trump. the graphic details they are going ahead with. >> and riding with robin williams. you can own a piece of his expansive cycling collection.
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>> eric: and the second storm that will soak the area this weekend. your hour by hour forecast when abc7 news
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>> an update on transgender teen in newark. one of the men convicted in the killing was granted
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parole. it exposes the dangers faced by the transgender community. one of her killers was granted parole by the state parole board today. it took at least a year. the other man con vehicled it in the -- convicted in the murder told her he was not ready for release. >> donald trump is cat tau your clear denying two allegations he was inappropriate with women. he said it is a global conspiracy to affect next month's vote. >> donald trump came out swinging. there are more women accusing him of groping them and kissing them without their consent. >> these allegations are 100% false. it is a total set up. they are 100% made up. >> reporter: two more women came forward after hearing trump talk about women on a
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bus. hearing trump talk about sexual assault when she was sitting next to trump in a trendy nightclub in the 90s. >> the person on my right which was donald trump put their hand up my skirt. >> reporter: trump and his cam pain dismissed the accusation. the former contestant on "the apprentice" who talked of an alleged sexual misconduct in 2007. >> he grabbed my shoulder and kissed me aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> reporter: hell reclinton did not -- hillary clinton did not address the allegations in seattle. >> if we do our job, in 25 days donald trump will stop being on the news every single
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day. >> reporter: pome hitting the campaign. >> abc news. >> ama: the third and final debate is wednesday night and will be live from the university of nevada las vegas and you can watch coverage wednesday at 6:00. >> that was quiet -- now to something quieter. our weather. >> it will start off quiet. it is the second half of the day it will ramp up in the afternoon and the evening. live doppler 7 is showing you the wet weather of today. if you are overnight we will be left with the cloud cover and the quiet conditions. the temperatures have been slow to fall. low 50s and 60s at this hour. tomorrow we will only gain 5 or 10 degrees thanks to a lot of cloud cover and limited
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sunshine . we will give you an idea of what to expect with each one. the one on saturday is a moderate storm. the biggest concern are the wind gusts getting close to 50 miles per hour along with additional rainfall. the future tracker wind gusts shows you as you get into the morning hours by 11:00 the breeze picks up between 15 and 25 miles per hour. it is really the evening hours at 5:00, 6:00. the winds are whipping between 30 and potentially as high as 50 miles per hour. it is for that fact the national weather service is issued a wind advisory. it covers the coast including the city of san francisco and north bay and east bay hills. the thought is the winds get high, 40 to 50 miles per hour. the threat for down #ed trees could happen. good idea tomorrow morning to secure loose objects out seed such as furniture or holiday decorations.
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tomorrow morning we are waking up to overcast skies and dry conditions. it is not until the afternoon that the activity picks up first in the north bay. future weather shows you the showers at the beginning and this front will sink to the south at 6:00, 7 is:00 and then after sunset making their presence known in the south bay. then the activity is breaking down. we will see the higher totals and the north bay about half an inch to an inch of total rainfall. outside the north bay is a 10th of an inch likely. .60 near san francisco and oakland. the big question is what happens to this front? does it stall giving us a soaking rain or does it move outside the bay area for a light drizzle. it is trending closer and we will get more information and fine-tune the forecast. lisa argen will have an update tomorrow at 5:00 in the morning.
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either way it will be a breezy end to the weekend. it is windy especially in the evening. sunday it is an occasional shower and monday peeks of sunshine and tuesday brighter skies. wednesday, thursday and friday warming up. abc news app will be handy as the change comes in the next 48 hours. >> ama: one of late actor robin williams' gre (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one.
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turns out my curlsthe needed to be stronger. pantene's pro-v formula makes my curls so strong... ...they can dry practically frizz free. because strong is beautiful. late actor robin williams had a love of cycling and now his fans are giving them a chance to own the impressive bicycle collection. 87 bikes that were once his are now up for auction. it includes carbon fiber tour de france bikes. the proceeds will benefit two charities dear to williams. >> it is time to talk sports action.
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>> larry beil is here with all that. >> talking warriors. while the rest of the nba is fixated on kevin durant there is another rookie worth watching. you will hear that a lot this season. he won the gam
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>> abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> indians host editor ron toe d.a. d.a. for toronto. terry francona and this is the way to arrive in style in cleveland. scoreless in the suksth >> score less in the 6th. it gives the indians a 2-0 lead. it turned out to be huge. bluejays struck out 12 times.
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edwin encarnacion is very upset over the low strike three call. nobody woos pleased with his strike zone at all. the warrer whys played what would normally be a forgettable pre-season game except for the rookie who stole the show. the other new guy had 19 points. the car yes, sirs -- the warriors throwing it down. here comes mccaw. down threer at the end of regulation. sending it to over time. then final seconds and for the win at the buzzer. driving left and steve kerr couldn't believe it. dub win it and take on the lakers. the raiders 4-1 and are in
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first place, but living on the edge in fourth quarter. on sunday they host the 2-2 chiefs. the raiders haven't beat kc since carr's rookie year. old friend alex smith is back in the bay area. he has played well against oakland. carr knows a division game against kc will be tough. >> we didn't even beat kansas city last year. there is nothing to hold our chest out and think highly of ourselves. we need to compete and get a win by a team we didn't beat. >> a little golf. rain delays means they are hard-pressed to finish on time. phil mickelson played during the wettest part of the day. johnson wagner is due. he hasn't won in four years. two back of the first round leader. he is at mns 14 through 12.
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drew says the weather should be clear million 3:00 in the afternoon abc sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. is it okay? i did some weather m. >> thank you m. abc7 news continues on-line, on twitter and facebook and all of your mobile do vyingses with -- devices w
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thanks for watching. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm ama daetz. for larry, drew, all of us here at abc7 news, thank you for your time. right now on "jimmy kimmel live," sarah jessica parker. >> good night, everybody.
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it's october 14th, time for new viral videos "right this minute." a guy getting on a bus gets his foot caught. how his buddy sends a more direct message. >> holy cow! >> when three elephants become trapped in a watering hole. >> you'll not believe the response. >> why it's nice to know the herd's got your back. it's a sneak peek about a swiss alps rescue team. >> this show puts you in the middle of the action. >> what it's like to carry out death defying missions. plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including justin wilman's magical lesson about california's drought. >> there you go.
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>> i don't know how he's doing it. >> if you can figure out the wizardry behind the water. proof that crazy and weapons just don't go together. it's the classic case of road rage. two guys mixing it up, one pulls out the baton. >> he's not going to twirl it, is he? >> doesn't get a chance to use it because he hears something in the background. >> what's that guy got? >> is that a gun? >> stabbing the car. >> so very proper about it. >> proper goes out the window right about here. the guy stabbing at the other car now takes his car and rams it into the person he's arguing with. >> oh! >> not sure what caused the road rage. doesn't matter. it's all out of control. the guys in the next video needs to take a chill pill, too.
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here we are at a bus stop in russia. has his foot propped up on the steps. looks like he's talking to his bud behind him. door closes, foot is still in there. at this point he's beating on the door to let the driver know when his friend rolls up. >> holy cow! >> pulls out a strap. hey, stop the bus! >> shouldn't open the door. >> talk about overreacting a little bit. >> you think? >> you see another guy walk up, back up, it's cool, it's cool. >> all three look like weebl wobbles. >> they are weebl wobbling all right. >> this time you can see the driver. >> nice cubby hole there. probably not bullet proof. >> it would need to be bullet proof. what we see at the end of the video is the gunman starts to shoot. >> at the bus with these people in it? >> yeah. the video cuts off before it unfolds, but the guy was arrested and admits he had a little too much to drink. one thing i've learned during my time at "right this minute" is elephants love bath time. you s t


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