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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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three quarter mile visibility half moon bay, three miles petaluma and about six miles in napa. a 2 on the storm impact scale will be arriving later on this afternoon with sustained winds up to 25 miles an hour and gusts up to 50. anywhere from a tenth to an inch of rain. here's look at live doppler 7. where the rain is now somewhat in the santa cruz mountains, just sprinkles, but the main system well to the north will take all day to get here. wind advisory 2:00 this afternoon until 2:00 in the middle of the night where the winds will continue to gust. you may want to secure those loose outdoor objects, the trash cans, make sure the lids are on. could see some downed trees and powerlines. a coastal flood advisory along the shoreline here. it copy insides with the as to strow mom cal high tide and the moon. and the northwesterly swells with high surf. 61 in morgan hill. so i talked about the rain taking its time getting here. we will time it out for you in a
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few minutes. chris. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news out of the east bay. it's in san leandro. officers tried to stop a speeding car on eastbound i-580 but they say that driver you turned off his lights to try to get away from him. when the car got off the freeway, the driver sideswiped a gas pump. he smashed into the concrete. the driver was the only person in the vehicle. we have developing news out of san francisco. a police officer is conscious but in critical condition after being shot with a bullet grazing his head. this started around 8:15 last night at everglade drive and sloat boulevard on the western edge of the city. after an hour-long manhunt, it ended in a shootout near stern grove park. 27th avenue and vicente
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avenue. the police department said the suspect is mentally ill. the officer tried to contact him, but that's when the man shot the officer. the sources tell abc7 news it was a young male officer. police quickly surrounded the area and a party of 70 people in the park was put on hold during the manhunt. witnesses say they heard the initial shots as at the stood near stern grove. >> i was inside and i heard three gunshots, i looked outside and i saw a cop running, trying to chase the suspect. >> i saw the cop run this way toward sloat, so i figured he ran down sloat boulevard and took off from there. >> how did the officer look? >> he was limping. >> the injured officer was taken to san francisco general hospital. police say his injuries are not life-threatening and he is expected to survive. officers fired shots when they first spotted a suspect at park side square. police say he was hiding in a bush before leading them on a brief chase.
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it was a violent take down when the suspect refused to let his gun go. officers got him to surrender. neighbors describe how it went down. >> i was walking to the market and saw the police coming. i thought i would check it out. then i heard it was a manhunt. then i heard something that sounded kind of like an explosion. i came closer and i waited a bit, and then they told us to get out. then i guess i heard gunshots after that. >> the suspect was also taken to the hospital, but his injuries and condition are unknown at this time. he is in police custody. mayor edwards lee visited the injured officer at the hospital. he commended the officer's bravery and thanked both the police department and the hospital for their hard work. >> i also want to be thankful for this hospitl because everybody is alert, working at their highest level to make sure that this man can recover. and i'm thankful that the police department is doing what it's
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doing and also has to make sacrifices in moments we are all very concerned about. >> again, that officer is expected to recover from his injuries. we first told you about this story last night with a push alert from the abc7 news app. download the app for free and enable the push alerts to get breaking news updates as they happen. 6:04 is our time n her state of the union speech, oakland mayor libby shaft made no mention for las vegas to approve funding for a stadium for the raiders. she said any move for the team is far from a done deal. abc7 news ama daetz has more. >> the nevada vote is something we expected. again, it does not mean the raiders in las vegas is a done deal. >> oakland mayor libby shaft said it did not come as a surprise that nevada lawmakers approved spending $750 million in public funds to approve building a stadium in las vegas.
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the governor is expected to sign the bill on monday. abc7 news will be at the bill signing. in a statement, davis said all parties have worked extremely hard to develop and approve this tremendous stadium project that will serve as a proud new home for the entire raider nation. three quarters of nfl owners still need to okay the deal. they will meet tuesday in houston. mayor shaft said not so fast. she said the city is working on a plan to keep the team in oakland, one that doesn't leave taxpayers on the hook. >> it does not distract our focus on doing our job, which is to develop a responsible, viable option for the raiders to also consider staying in oakland. >> ama daetz, abc7 news. a former 49ers owner, eddy, is also showing interest in the coliseum. it is confirmed they met with oakland city officials to discuss developing land at the oakland coliseum and possibly a new stadium. several east bay restaurants
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and businesses were left in the dark last night after the storm knocked out power. point richmond was one of the areas that was affected. a steakhouse on west richmond avenue could not see diners last night because they department have electricity. it was just one of a dozen or so businesses that had to close early because of the storm. throughout the bay area more than 8,000 pg&e customers are without power this morning. 38 in san francisco, 135 on the peninsula. in the north bay 845 customers are affected. as our 7,000 in the east bay, the most in the bay area. and more than 300 customers are in the dark in the south bay. in the north bay a jackknifed big rig closed three of four lanes on highway 101 in ran rafael after the driver lost control yesterday morning. the chp says the crash was weather related and the truck
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was going too fast coming down the hill. that led to a bottleneck. they shut down lanes in both directions of 101 for nearly three hours on the peninsula, strong waves pounded the seawall in pacifica. the coast has been hammered by the constant pounding of waves. this weekend's rain isn't expected to do much damage or produce much flooding. in the south bay it may not seem like there was much rain, but parts of the county above ben lomand saw three inches. an area of high concern is the loma fire burn area. a team checked out canyons and team to figure out where flooding and mud slides could happen. 40 miles per hour winds are expected in the area tonight. yesterday's storm led to dozens of cancellations at san francisco international airport. 91 departing flights were nixed because of weather.
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a similar number of arriving flights were cancelled. officials at the oakland say they were not impacted bit storm. >> the treasure island music festival begins today. it's one of the biggest events of the year there with thousands expected to attend. those setting up the venue kept going yesterday despite the rainstorm. abc7 news caught up with one group putting in pathways for festival-goers. >> we are doing good. just trying to keep dry, you know, bundle up, hide in the tents for a little bit and get things done between the rains. >> the festival is today and tomorrow, rain or shine. umbrellas aren't allowed, so be sure sure to pack the ponchos. delays are expected on the bay bridge. as always, we have up to the minute weather information for you on the abc7 news app. after you open the app on your phone or tablet, tap on the temperature on the top right corner.
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that will give you custom forecasts for where you live or work. you can also scroll down to see live doppler radar for your neighborhood and everyone else in the bay area. 6:09 is the time. weapon know so many people headed out to treasure island for the festival. how is it looking? >> the weather is going to go downhill late this afternoon. if you have a dog walk or bike ride, do it this more than and early afternoon for some of you in the south bay and east bay. it should be cloudy. winds are kicking up and the rain arrives for the afternoon throughout the entire evening on the peninsula and south bay. we have to time it out. a very different forecast depending on where you live. as we look outside, it's 61 in oakland. we will talk about how much more rain and exactly when you can get your head wet coming up >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, two more women come forward to make groping accusations against donald trump. the graphic details they are now sharing with the public. and no longer the tallest.
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a new building has passed the transamerica pyramid as the tallest in san francisco. soon it will be the tallest on the entire west coast. >> today's storm is level 2. that means moderate rain. so gear up before you go out and drive safely. track today's storm anytime on the abc7 news app. download it
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, good morning, everyone. calm conditions now but we are expecting changes later on today. lisa lets us know when we can expect the rain coming up. and an update now on the 2002 murder of transgender teen in newark. yesterday one of the men convicted in the killing was granted parole. the killing exposed some of the dangers faced by the transgender community. one of her killers, 36-year-old jose mayrel was granted parole by a state parole board yesterday. it will take one year before he can be released from prison. the other man convicted of the murder told the board he was not ready for release. former presidential candidate bernie sanders is back in the bay area today. he will be alongside san francisco supervisor james kim in support of proposition 61, the california drug price relief act which aims to lower the price of prescription drugs.
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supporters say it would give more people access to potentially life-saving drugs. the rally starts at noon at the hotel on mission street. republican presidential candidate donald trump is categorically denying two new allegations that he behaved inappropriately with women. he is blaming the media for what he calls a global conspiracy to rig next month's vote. here's reporter chuck severson. >> reporter: donald trump came out swinging friday. more women accusing him of groping them or kissing them without their consent. >> these allegations are 100% false, as i think you all know. it's a total setup. they are 100% made up. >> reporter: two more women came forward after hearing trump talk about women on a bus. >> grab them by the [bleep].
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>> reporter: kristen anderson and one explains what happened to her when she was sitting next to trump in a trendy nightclub in the '90s. >> the person on my right, who unbeknownst to me at that time was donald trump, put their hands up my skirt. >> the campaign dismissed the accusation, and one was summer zervos, on "the apprentice." said it happened in 2007. it was after of the run of the show ended. >> he grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me again very aggressively and placed his hand on my breast. >> zervos registered as a republican in 2003. hillary clinton did not directly address the new allegations when she blasted trump at a fundraiser in seattle. >> if we do our job in 25 days donald trump will stop being on the news every single day. >> reporter: president obama hitting the campaign trail for clinton, went further. >> democracy on itself is on the
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ballot right now. >> reporter: chuck sievertson, abc news. the third and final presidential debate airs wednesday night here on abc7. it will be live from the university of nevada he las vegas. you can watch complete coverage on wednesday at 6:00 here on abc7. >> we have a valuable tool to help you prepare for election day. click the icon for your voice, your vote, voter's edge election guide and click on your street address to get a comprehensive resource hats personalized to your exact ballot. some say it's one of the hottest and fastest growing parts of the tech industry. not self-driving cars, but the technology of marijuana. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom attended a conference in san francisco where can bus is big business.
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>> that's what you think it is. call it pot, weed or marijuana, but in the industry they call is cannabis. >> long gone, the days of the stoner dudes that are doing business behind the 711. we are legitimate businessmen here. >> and the new west summit is a legitimate conference. >> this is our second year at the conference. >> he sells this contraption. >> this is our explosion-proof, 20 leiter rotary evaporate tore. >> and this is used in topical jells. people rub it on like bengay to help with joint pain. >> and he serves the recreational crowd. with have a vaporizer that's been amped up to go through waterpipes. >> you will see some of the same faces you see at conferences on other hot, new technologies, but with one difference. >> the fact is, as the industry grows up, it's starting to need
6:18 am
a lot of the same things other industries need, anything from software to, yes yes, investors. >> a few years ago people were used to an underground experience. >> but now they have a sales force for weed. they signed up 200 dispensaries. >> big names are sniffing around eat vent today. >> because california lax poised to legalize marijuana in the upcoming election. california is one of five states with recreational use on the ballot and a whole industryis%,
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unusual bruising or tingling. if you have had spinal anesthesia while on xarelto watch for back pain or any nerve or muscle related signs or symptoms. do not take xarelto if you have an artificial heart valve or abnormal bleeding. tell your doctor before all planned medical or dental procedures. before starting xarelto tell your doctor about any conditions, such as kidney, liver or bleeding problems. to help protect yourself from a stroke, ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. >> late actor robin williams had a love of cycling. now his family is giving fans a chance to own a part of his impressive bicycle collection.
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87 bikes that were once his are now up for option. they include tour de france racing bikes to even more impressive machines. the proceeds from the auction will benefit two charities that were deer to williams. it's official, there's a new tallest building in san francisco. the iconic transamerica pyramid had been the tallest structure in the city for 43 years, but that record was wiped away yesterday. only abc7 news was there as construction crews poured the concrete for a tower to new heights, claiming to be the tallest building in san francisco. >> it's hard to put in words how it feels, but it's definitely very exciting. >> they are working 24 hours, six days a week, and we are doing a lot of work on sundays, as well. as you can see, we've been building the building about two floors a week and going up very fast. >> and when it's done, the building will be the centerpiece of a new south of market, which will also include the new transbay terminal. both are set to open late next year. still to come on abc7
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mornings, the bay area isn't the only area getting rain. the wild weather that hit the pacific northwest. also, stepping up to help veterans. big donation that will get a wounded warriors event back up and running.
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>> good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going.
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>> this is abc7 mornings. >> thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. she's tracking the condition where's you live. hi, lisa. >> hi, chris. we have fog along the shoreline. the rain will arrive this afternoon, the winds will pick up. we are in between systems right now. live doppler 7 showing a mile and a quarter visibility half moon bay, four miles petaluma and we are anticipating a rainy second half of the day with gusty winds up to 50 miles an hour. right now the storm system is up in the pacific northwest. so it will take the bulk of the first half of the day to get here, and then by the afternoon look at the winds. they are gusting to near 50 miles an hour all the way down the san mateo coast. i know you have the half moon bay pumpkin festival today, and many more oktoberfests activities that will feature windy conditions. the rain, about 4:00 you can count on it for most of you. look at these wave heights. we are looking a the a flood advisory tomorrow, coinciding with the high tide, the full moon. 60 hayward, 57 brentwood.
6:31 am
we are looking at temperatures on the mild side with the rain, the wind, and i'll tell you how much you can expect, show you where it's going to call coming up. chris. >> lisa, thank you. it isn't just the bay area that is seeing some rain this weekend, a downpour hit portland, oregon last night, flooding streets and stranding drivers. the national weather service in portland said there's been wild weather in the area. two tornadoes touched down on the coast a last night. one came with winds up to 130 miles an hour. it damaged more than 120 homes in its path. after today's storm another one could move in on tuesday. the kind of storm we are seeing always brings high surf, which then adds to the erosion of the coast. abc7 news reporter lyanne melendez continues the storm watch coverage from pacifica. >> reporter: the waves may be a sign that our winter has arrived early this year. >> some years it starts late, some years it starts a little early.
6:32 am
but we need rain, so i guess it's a good idea we are getting some. >> we had maybe only a couple weeks of good indian cover on the peninsula. >> reporter: in the past, pacific as has seen its share of red tagged homes while the coast has been hammered by the constant pounding of the waves. the rain wasn't enough to do much damage or produce much flooding. for those unable to cope, there was some shelter. for surfers there was no getting out and proved their allegiance to the waves. many said the best skim border out there is the one having the most fun. >> is that beer keeping you warm? >> oh, heck, yeah. i'm super warm out here. the water is great. it's feeling good. >> slow right now. but it's been okay this year. >> rusty of hook and tackle feels this may be a wash. >> if this weather stays like this, yeah.
6:33 am
until crab season opens. then i'm counting on that. >> he is staying positive crab season begins on november 5th. like it or not, it's not over yet. as another storm approaches, people and canines may see a repeat. in pacifica, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. in nevada, a 200-acre fire burning between reno and carson city is threatening 500 structures. nearly two dozen homes have been destroyed in the fire burning out of control. crews have zero percent containment. some have been sent to nevada to help with the firefight. another fire near lake tahoe and emerald bay has forced the evacuation of 500 people. the fire dubbed the emerald fire started in the area of cascade lake and emerald bay yesterday morning. 210-acre wildfire is currently burning near camp richardson and has closed the closer of highway 89. the fire is 80% contained. federal transportation
6:34 am
officials have issued an emergency order immediately banning all samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones from u.s. flights. it's in response to the reports of the phones catching fire. the ban will take effect this morning at 9:00 a.m. passengers and flight crews are prohibited from bringing the phone on board or packing them in checked bags. federal officials say those who violate the order will have the phones confiscated and could face fines. samsung recalled 200 million -- 2.5 million note 7s this week and discontinued the product. new this morning, president obama is highlighting the white house frontiers conference to talk about leading innovators who empower people through science. he traveled to pittsburgh, pennsylvania to see how investing in science and technology can create new jobs and discoveries to improve and save lives. he vowed to invest in research to lead communities to a better future. >> that's what it's about,
6:35 am
making sure america leads the nation into the next frontier. that's why i'm so committed to science and innovation. because i'll always believe that with the right investments, and the brilliance and ingenuity of the american people, there's nothing that we cannot do. >> the president said science ensures that we can keep our competitive advantage as the world's most the innovative economy. monday we reported a truck filled for donated supplies filled for a wounded warriors event was stolen from a street. this morning we have a nice ending to that story. vic lee has the update. >> still missing. it was parked in front of his home friday night when it was stolen. a truck filled with donated supplies for a wounded veterans group. his housemate was injured in the
6:36 am
persian gulf death desert fox in the late '90s. he couldn't believe it. >> it takes away from your faith in humanity and whatnot. >> their faith was restored. u-haul donated another truck. adams drove it to pepsi coast facilitity in hayward where the company replaced gatorade and water which were stolen from the truck. the u-haul was filled with cases of gatorade and bottled water for sunday's ride to recovery. a disabled veterans program that sponsors a 450-mile bicycle ride each a year from palo alto to santa monica. they never thought the supplies would be replaced. >> honestly i was a little apprehensive. i wasn't sure that somebody would be willing to donate more. >> but the two companies came through again, just in time for sunday's start of the ride where hundreds of mostly disabled vets will participate. >> if it wasn't for a company like them, a small nonprofit,, it's hard to support them where
6:37 am
they need it. >> these two veterans take the ride is therapeutic, cycling with come rats that know the kind of issues they are going through. now they can ride with much-needed provisions, thanks again to the generosity of others. vic lee, abc7 news. happening today, you can get the chance to tour bart's fleet of the future cars. bart plans to use 775 of these new cars over the next five years. the new cars will be a big upgrade to the bart system. included are digital displays, improved air conditioning and ought hate mated audio announcements. today's open house event will be at the pleasant hill contra costa stage from is 1:00 to 4:00. the first 200 visitors will receive a commemorative toy bart train. >> today a pier will be imploded and it will affect your trip
6:38 am
over the bridge. there will be rolling closers of the bridge in both directions,, plus the bike path will be closed. another peer is scheduled for implosion on october 29th. still head on abc7 mornings, celebrating a festival. and what's always remained the same. as we head to break, here's a live look outside from our san jose scam raw. this is at interstate 280. you see the break in the clouds as we wake up on this saturday morning. a sunrise in san jose is expected to be around 7:16 this morning. lisa argen returns in a little bit to let us know when the rain comes in later today.
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happening today, more than 3,000 people will be at san francisco's ocean beach for the annual sandcastle classic. leap arts hosts the event each year to support arts education programs. architects and engineers team up with elementary school students to come up with ideas for what they want to build. there will be raffle prizes and food trucks on hand. the competition starts at 11 this morning on ocean beach on balboa avenue. will it be breezy? >> it will be. the rain should hold off, but then it all comes together for a very gusty and rainy afternoon and evening. right now we are looking at a
6:42 am
live look outside from the sutro tower camera. half moon bay there's fog. upper 50s livermore. 61 oakland. the first half of your day get outside and get your work done because the second half you may get some cabin fever. i'll explain coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also ahead, a warriors rookie shines in the preseason win. larry shows us the big shots hit by anknows how it feelsiabetes to see your numbers go up,
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kickoff at 4:30 p.m.. tonight san jose state hosts nevada at the home of the spartans. kickoff at 7:30. game one of the nlcs between the dodgers and cubs is tonight at wrigley field. this afternoon the indians will try to take the heed over the blue jays in the alcs. here's larry beil with the highlights of cleveland's game one victory. >> good morning, everybody. the indians hosted toronto in game one of the american league championship series last night. from the a's perspective think of coco crisp versus josh donaldson. terry francona arriving in style in cleveland. scoreless in the sixth. here it comes, there it goes. a two-run jack to give the indians a 2-0 lead. his first-ever postseason homer and it turns out to be a biggy.
6:46 am
blue jackets struck out twelve times. edwin encarnacion didn't like the call. indians win 2-0. they lead the best-of-seven series in game one and game two is this afternoon. the warriors played a pretty forgettable preseason game last night in denver, except for the rookie patrick mccaw. and the other new guy, kevin be durand, had 15 points. they turned it over. will with the finish. and here comes mccaw at the buzzer and end of regulation and it's tied at 112. down 1. and then they go to mccaw. good night, drive home safely! the cubs in davis to take on luke's lakers tonight. >> to the nfl.
6:47 am
raiders 4-1 and in first place but kind of living on the edge. they haven't beaten the chiefs since 2014. this sunday the raiders host the chiefs. and it's a bay area battle. gave consecutive games against the raiders. the division game against kansas city. it's going to be tough. and we didn't even beat kansas city last year so there's nothing for us to hold our chest out about or to think highly of ourselves in any way. we need to go out there and we need to compete and try to get a win against a team that we didn't beat last year. >> golf, round 2, safeway open in napa. rain delays means they will be hard press today finish on time, especially with rain forecast throughout the weekend. phil mickelson, a nice chip from below the hole here. rolls it up. mainnous 6, tied for tenth. johnson wagner, five birdies. two back of the first-round
6:48 am
leader scott pierce, who had a birdie and eagle and minus 14 through twelve. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody! i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. between a couple storm systems, this next one promises more rain and wind. right now live doppler 7 picking up low clouds and fog around half moon bay. a mile and a half visibility there. a 1 on the storm impact scale. that many we are expect being not only the rain, but the wind to accompany the front. anywhere from a ten little to an inch of rain. wait until you see the totals and live doppler 7 right now picking up on where the rain is. it's in the pacific northwest, crescent city, and mount shasta getting wet. looking at blue canyon with a few light rain showers. they picked up about a ten. of inch around yosemite yesterday. with this we are looking at the ball being of the activity the second half of the day. you see the golden gate bridge and the clouds.
6:49 am
not much in the way of fog here. 63 in gilroy, emeryville this morning is cloudy, 58 santa rosa, 54 by the delta, 58 in concord with livermore checking in at 57. from our roof camera president clinton skies. so become windy and rainy today with the rain and wind sinking south by about 5:00. and 6:00, through the overnight hours. game in san jose tonight at 7:00 looks wet. showers lingering tomorrow. so we've got a high tide also. the hay tide coinciding with the full moon. coastal flood watch in addition to all the rain tomorrow. that is tomorrow. this is what you can count on at 4:00 with santa rosa getting the rain first. and then by 5:00, 6:00, san francisco into oakland, vokoun -- vallejo. and then by the later evening hours the rain continues to get hung up in the south bay. i think that's why your totals are going to go up.
6:50 am
we are looking at 30 to 40 miles per hour winds from 4:00, then they will gust to near 50 miles an hour as the front pushes through. here we are tonight. the front is still in the south bay, so it's still pretty gusty there. and as we look at the totals through late sunday, so this is today, tonight, and tomorrow, we are looking at nearly an inch of rain in the north bay. but look at the east bay and the south bay. and that's because of the stalled-out front. and some of the rain could come down pretty heavy at times. then we will clear on out. we pick this up tonight into tomorrow, and notice we have a break throughout the bulk of the morning hours on sunday. but still scattered showers throughout the day. you will notice from the south bay to the higher elevations of the north bay. so look for the upper 60s today, palo alto getting breezy to windy along the coast. low 70s san jose and we will look for the accuweather seven-day forecast to not only bring in the rain for the first two days of the week, the weekend, but then as we clear on out on monday, i think we might see a few mornings showers with
6:51 am
fog. look at the sun. it should be feeling nice and giving us a chance to dry out as we see temperatures go steadily up each and every day. >> it's nice to finally get some rain. >> yeah, love it. >> lisa, thank you. >> today a san francisco landmark will celebrate their 150th anniversary but many might be surprised by their unusual history. >> tucked in the western hills of san francisco, the laguna honda hospital has cared for the neediest since the days of the gold rush, but originally not as a hospital but as a shelter for the poor. volunteers have assembled hundreds of photographs and artifacts dating back to laguna honda's birth with. established in 1866, it sheltered san francisco's early homeless and destitute. we toured it with the curator and former supervisor, a long
6:52 am
time supporter of the laguna honda mission. >> it all stems from the early, early gold rush days when san francisco stepped up to the plate and said, hey, we do take care of people. >> the house site was carved out of ranch land west of twin peaks. the original residents grew much. their own food and tended to a barn full of dairy cows. >> they used to do their own milking. >> they served a purpose. >> yeah. >> later, after the 1906 earthquake, buildings were expanded to include medical. patient logs and early instruments still survive. then in the 2,000s, supporters celebrated a major renovation that completed laguna honda's journey from ohms house to a medical facility. >> laguna honda is a publicly owned, publicly funded skilled nursing center. we are one of the very few in the country. >> and 150 years after its
6:53 am
birth, one thing at laguna honda remains unchanged, their mission to care for people who can't care for themselves. dan ashley, abc7 news. laguna honda is marking their 150 years with a celebration today. we have details on our website, next, winnie the pooh is back and he's getting a new friend to hang out with besides tigger and big
6:54 am
6:55 am
and they lied about it thatfor now they're lying about prop 56. if you don't use tobacco, you don't pay. smokers pay - their fair share of the 3 billion in health care costs all taxpayers are paying now. and there's one more thing: our kids. every state that's significantly raised tobacco taxes has reduced youth smoking. please. vote yes on 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
6:56 am
>> welcome back. here are the winning numbers from last night's $15 million mega millions dollars drawing. nobody picked all six so tuesday night's jackpot goes up to $20 million. winnie the pooh has a new friend, the beloved children's book turns 90 this year, so to celebrate the book's publisher is releasing four new stories, along with a new character named penguin. penguin was inspired by a picture of the original creator and his son playing with a penguin. "the best bear in all the world" with be released later this month. disney is a co-owner of the winnie the pooh franchise and also the parents company of abc7. classic! >> absolutely. we are getting rain that will continue throughout the weekend. we are a 2 on the impact storm scale this afternoon. anywhere from a tenth to inch.
6:57 am
rain through tomorrow. there's the system up in the pacific northwest and that's why it will take the bulk of the day to get here. 71 oakland, 69 san mateo. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a 1 on the storm impact scale tomorrow as we get occasional showers, less wind and then the sun comes out, the temperatures warm up and another note. we have a wind advisory today so winds could gust as much as 50 miles an hour. so it will be another doozy. >> the of-changing forecast. lisa, thank you, and thank you for joining us on abc7 this morning. i'm chris nguyen, along with lisa argen. here's a beautiful sunset. you can share your pictures with us on social media. use the hashtag abc7 news now. news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. "good morning america" is next. we will be back for abc7 mornings at 8:00. see you then.
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there's more to know. xarelto. good morning, america. new overnight, donald trump fighting back. tossing the teleprompter and lashing out as more women accuse him of sexual misconduct. >> he then grabbed my shoulder and began kissing me. >> trump says none of it is true. >> i am a victim. plus, the latest on hillary clinton's ongoing e-mail saga. the questions she was forced to answer. extreme weather. several rare tornadoes tearing through coastal oregon. >> whoa. >> blowing up transformers. over 100 homes damaged. >> it's just like a bomb went off. >> now, seattle is in the bull's-eye bracing for a once in a decade storm. flight plan. the department of transportation taking action, no samsung galaxy note 7s allowed on planes. now considered forbidden


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