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tv   ABC7 News 9  ABC  October 19, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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(siren wails) we got a runner. zblmplgt live where you live, this is abc 7 news. do you make the same? well, absolutely, sir, that you'll absolutely accept the results of the election? >> i'll look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now, but at the time. >> he's denigrating, talking down our democracy and i'm apalled that somebody who is the nominee of the two major parties takes that kind of position. >> the republican nominee for president says he will not commit to accepting the results
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of the election. good evening. >> i'm in for dan ashley tonight. that moment, perhaps, perhaps will be the most talked about of the third and final presidential debate. >> but it was far from the only time the candidates sparked tonight. lauren lyster is in new york with the latest. >> good evening. the night started before the night even got going, the families not greeting each other ahead of the debate, and it was not long before the candidates' gloves off. facing off in the third and final debate foregoing a handshake greeting like the last time around. first topic, the supreme court, trump on the attack from the get-go. >> my opponent should win this race, which i truly don't think will happen, we will have a second amendment, which will be a very, very small replica of what it is right now. >> because i spormt the second amendment doesn't mean i want people who don't have guns to be able to threaten you, kill you or members of your family. >> reporter: clinton and trump
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duking it out over immigration. >> first of all, shements to give amnesty. we have bad homrbres here. >> you're right. i don't want to rip families apart. he bashed mexicans calling them rapists and drug dealers. >> reporter: the businessman responding to allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i didn't know any of these women. i think they want neither fame or her campaign did it. >> reporter: he thinks belittling women makes them bigger going after their dignity, self-worth, that's who donald is. >> reporter: the republican candidate answering tough questions on his claim that the election is rigged. >> do you make the same, sir, absolutely accept the results of the election? >> i'll look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. >> no. that is not the way our democracy works. we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them, and -- >> reporter: despite tension, candidates are not getting away
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from each other just yet. there's a charity dinner in new york, and in line with tradition, boeft of of them scheduled to speak there. in las vegas, lauren lyster, abc 7 news. donald trump supporters hear what they wanted to hear from their candidate tonight? >> our team coverage continues with our abc 7 news reporter live at trump's bay area headquarters in sunniville. >> they were pleased with how he performed tonight, perhaps the best debate of the three. dozens gathered here at the office building in red and waving american flags and they were not shy about showing destain for hillary clinton. when she spoke, they booed, hissed, shouted out "liar," and told her to shut up. a vocal crowd when it came to their choice for president saying donald trump performed as well, if not better than the last debate saying trump came prepared and called out clinton on her, quote, lies. >> i think this it was a far
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classier donald trump than seen previously. a more practiced donald trump than seen previously. he's growing into being able to do this. it takes a lot to be able to control your nerve, control your responses and things. >> every single time that i lie started coming out of her mouth, he said, here we go. there's another lie. >> he, you know, kept his manners in check, and all that, but he fought back. he, you know, even when it did that, oh, that's a lie, whatever, would not let her get away with what shed said. i liked the way he got words interjected. >> reporter: but was tonight's debate enough to give trump a boost? well, the people we talked to think so believing this is a close race and that the polls and media coverage that suggest otherwise are either not accurate or have a liberal bias. the hope is that any undecided voters that may be out there who are listening to the argument trump made tonight. live, abc 7 news. we pick up team coverage with abc 7 news reporter.
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>> watching the debate tonight at a hillary watch party in san francisco. >> the supporters of hillary clinton literally walked across from her san francisco headquarters to this hotel restaurant behind me watching on big screen monitors. hundreds of them gathering here, actually, and they applauded frequently as clinton made a stance on abortion, immigration, and absolutely gasped out loud when trump made comments like, we got to get the bad hombres out and calling hillary clinton a liar, and there was more, much more. >> trump keeps saying that everything is rigged. just seems so ren dis to me, and not being willing to accept the results of the election, i think that's really disgraceful. >> many times within his morass of rapid and ridiculous statements, she, you know, just seized upon the particular nature of what unfolded, and put
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across, revealed, how inappropriate and how useless he would be inside the oval office. >> reporter: they all agreed this third debate solidified clinton's presidential poise and underscored donald trump's, i guess, weaknesses. they think that clinton got another uplift from this debate while, of course, this is the crowd of hillary clinton sporters, one thing they could also agree, and i heard a lot of compliments about the moderate e saying he did a good job keeping both candidates on topic tonight. reporting live in san francisco, abc 7 news. thank you. thank you. "politico" reporter and political analyst says that it's going to be one take away from this debate that will dominate the headlines. >> this debate had that unprecedented shocking moment when you had a presidential candidate standing on a debate stage and suggesting he may not accept the results of the next
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election. that's what america is all about, the peaceful transition of power. it's never been heard before from a presidential candidate, and i think for a lot of undecided voters out there, that's going to be the category killer. >> and you can find complete coverage of the top moments on the debate at and our app. there's also a poll to vote on the debate winner. we have a valuable tool at a to prepare for election day. click on your voice, your vote, voters and election guide and enter jr. zip code and address for a comprehensive resource showing candidates and measures on the local ballot p. >> moving on to other news in san francisco. the search continues for the four suspects in yesterday's shooting. a june jordan school for equity. >> four students shot in the school parking lot. abc 7 niece news reporter returned to the school today where grief counselors were on hand. >> reporter: students standing together one day after a
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shooting in the school's parking lot during dismiss sal. >> you can smell community when you come in. >> one female student and three male students injured in the shooting. >> this is concerning we allow someone to come within the perimeter and make it okay to do harm and hurt other innocent children. >> reporter: police initially believe there was an active shooter. >> you have to attack this very aggressively. you cannot stand by and wait. >> reporter: police sources tell abc 7 news some staffs were uncooperative. san francisco unified school district said it was a miscommunication. >> the administration informed them that the shooter was actually outside the school and they should pursue the shooter outside. the police insisted on entering the school with their guns drawn to conduct the active shooter protocol. >> i know it was some teachers just saying, why were guns drawn? you know, just, you know, in a frantic scary state. >> reporter: in an e-mailed statement, they are working together to make sure that we do
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not have a delay in service during any active shooter situation. not to compromise safety of staff member, or student. >> once everything was settled and everybody knew everything was calm, everything was smooth after that. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. criminal charges could mean wells fargo announcing an investigation for possible criminal identity theft. a search warrant shows agents sought evidence related to accusations that bank employees created accounts without their customers' approval in order to meet sales goals. wells fargo responded today saying we are cooperating in providing the requested information. abc 7 news at 9:00 continues. an accused hacker capturd thousands of miles of away. the international man hunt for a suspected cyber criminal who may have hacked a bay area company. the plan to keep the raiders from leaving town. what the major says about a
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win-win proposal for fans and taxpayers. accuweather, mild day today, tomorrow, temperatures rise more before tracking a chance for showers. all the details ahead. >> thank you, drew. it's fall, but tonight, some of the first signs of winter are in the
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the fbi aisrrested a russia man wanted for hacking u.s. targets. >> happened in 2012, a corporate hack with linkedin. >> here's the story. >> reporter: the man identified by the fbi was having dinner in a restaurant in prague, the capital city of the czech republic. the russian national is accused of hacking into linkedin's servers in 2012 and may have compromised the credentials of 100 million users. that information consisting of user names and passwords may have been sold to other hackers. seth is a security news website. >> it can be as benign as creating a ie tent dis for other people, but that can then lead to identity theft, which is not benign at all. >> reporter: here's linkedin's response to the arrest. we're thankful to the hard work and dedication of the fbi in
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efforts to e locate and capture the parties believed to be responsible for this criminal advocate. california attorney general harris was influential in creating the california cyber crime center. speaking today at a school in san francisco, harris said she's very concerned about what hackers can do beyond hacking corporations like going after essential grids. >> like hospitals, power grids, right? electricity. that's very real. it could debilitate us as a country. >> reporter: the u.s. government accused russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against the democratic party ahead of the presidential election. >> it appears at this point that the fbi is not connecting this suspect to the person or people who hacked the democratic national committee or the hillary clinton e-mail servers. >> reporter: the u.s. requested to extradite the russian national, but russia says it fights any attempt to do so. in san francisco, abc 7 news. turning to the situation with the raiders now. the raiders say a serious plan
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for a new stadium in oakland will be presented in the coming weeks. in a statement, the mayor said i believe in partnership with the county and team ronny assembled, we can offer a serious plan in the coming weeks. fair to the raiders, leek, the fans and taxpayers to whom i'm most responsible. the owner plans to move the team to las vegas if it's approved by the nfl. san francisco mayor ed lee delivered a personal thank you today to everyone who helped save the passengers in the boat that capsized in fleet week. they paid tribute to the civilians and first responders who pulled so many to safety. the 34-foot boat went down october 7th trapping people. others jumped into the water, most without life jackets. everyone was rescued. >> but we have a city of heros, a city who are prepared to be heros, not because they want that label, but because your objective is to save people's
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lives, and to make sure that we all get to enjoy not just fleet week, but to enjoy the city. >> the ceremony included honors for seven members of the police and fire departments. a state attorney general recognizes a san francisco elementary school for its efforts to fight true si. they congratulated students and staff for making big improvements on student att attendan attendance. statewide. >> 7% of students are chronically absent. she said this can lead to much bigger problems. >> many, many years ago in the da's office, we did an assessment of homicide victims under the age of 25, and we learned that 94% were high school dropouts. >> starts next yeerks, chronic absent race is part of the accountability system for public schools. >> it's not winter yet, but tonight, there's a sign in the
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valley. look at the snow. the resort posted this picture to facebook this afternoon. taken by a lift mechanic. as you can see, higher elevations with a nice blanket of snow. >> looks nice. >> it does. >> we have our forecast now, which does not include any snow. >> yeah. quite the opposite. today, mild temperature-wise, above normal, and tomorrow, continuing the heat, and a little bit of rain starts over the weekend. live doppler 7 shows a quiet picture now. taking you outside, a live look the the tower camera showing a gor gorgeous evening, and we're mild now, leaving us in the 70s in a lot of spots. the forecast calls a warm day tomorrow, and the heat peaks thursday. cooler air in the weekend ahead of a couple of chances of light showers starting sunday and lasting for much of early next week. right now, current numbers,
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feels mild outside. 62 now in san francisco, 63 in san jose, same in concord, north bay, cooler with a number of 56 degrees. overnight tonight, a couple spots inland, in the north bay, dropping into the 40s. it's cool there. most spots hold in the 50s under plenty of stars. it's going to be a nice morning once you get up with total sunshine. sun up at 7:2 had 4 a.m. it's about the awarmth tomorrow. a couple spots in the 80s. warming two or three degrees tomorrow afternoon from today. highs on thursday and microclimates, south bay, a lot of sun, nice and warm, 8 p 3, and 81 san jose, and very comfortable high of 79 degrees. tomorrow, the peninsula, 77 and 80 the high, 68 from downtown san francisco, about 73, that's mild. 67, and 69 for sunset district. total sun the entire day. 81 in sonoma.
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83 in lake port. oakland a comfortable 77 degrees. 79 in freemont. inland, a lot of 80s on the board. 84 in breakwood, and fairfield degrees. future tracker temperatures shows you friday still mild inland, but the koes in the bay cools off back into the mid-60s and low 70s. a brisk breeze takes hold saturday and everyone feels below normal, fall-like to start off the weekend, and sunday, cool, tracking a chance of showers and it comes in the second half of the sunday. future weather, shower chances begin sunday, midday, by 8:00 sunday, chance in the north bay and early monday morning, 5:00 in the morning, there's a little bit of light shower activity, but i think the best chance for widespread showers come on tuesday. right now, it looks very light in nature, but it's something we'll track for you the next couple days. the seven-day forecast tomorrow, it's all about the warmth. we call it a warm fall day. friday, the cooling begins. we'll have a little bit of morning fog, and notice temperatures will drop a few
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degrees, saturday you'll feel the cooldown, below average, and sunday, most of the weekend, it's dry. chance late at night for a shower, otherwise, monday morning with a good shot, and tuesday is a chance of wet weather and drying out wednesday. this looks like nothing last week. a little of showers, but not too intense. >> okay. >> thanks, drew. >> sure. coming up next at 9:00, it's not just the note 7, but more problems for the
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they're bringing crime, when mexthey're rapists.ople... are you going to have a massive deportation force? you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding 'em up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. we're going to build a wall. that's not america. we're all californians. i'm tom steyer. it's time to speak out. please, register. and vote. vote. nextgen california action committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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zplmplg according to a new lawsuit, samsung has more problems. look at a samsung galaxy s6, a new complaint says that phone was left on the night stand by a couple from amador coupe, and in
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the middle of the night, it went up in flames. nobody was injured, but imagine waking up to that? the coup tle is suing samsung after lawyers found 30 complaints dating back to 2011. >> they've warned samsung that there were going to be serious consequences if samsung didn't do something to get to the root cause. >> those complaints file to the consumer product safety commission citing problems with various samsung model phones. a spokesperson tells us that the company does not comment on pending litigation. the federal communications commission lowered the boom on t-mobile, the country's number three wireless carrier, paying $48 million for misinforming customers about unlimited data plans. t-mobile slowed down the speeds of customers who used a lot of data, but didn't let customers know how much data usage triggers the lower speed. facebook is introducing new features that could help you plan your next night out.
9:25 pm
the new recommendations tool will allow users to ask friends' advice on places to go and automatically turn suggestions into links and place them on a map embedded in the post. for it to work, the restaurants or any other service, must have presence on facebook. much more ahead at 9:00, live in las vegas with more on some of the most talked about moments of the final debate. >> halfway across the world tonight, battle rages to drive isis out of the last iraq stronghold. connected bay area fault lines, the new research showing the big
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. the problem is you talk, but you don't get anything done, hillary. you don't.
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just like when you ran the state department. >> and on the day when i was in the situation room, monitoring the raid that brought osama bin laden to justice, he was hosting "the celebrity apprentice." >> hillary clinton made a number of references to" celebrity apprenti apprentice," a debate, welcome back as we continue for another half hour. abc news reporter lauren lyster was at the debate and is live in las vegas, lauren? >> reporter: yeah. the biggest headliners in vegas are the two competing to be president of the united states. it was not long before the gloves were off, you showing one of the heated exchanges right there, a good one-liner coming from hillary clinton there, and, you know, it really culminated in a bomb shell with donald trump saying he would not say whether or not he'd accept the outcome of the election. >> glad you mentioned that,
9:30 pm
lauren. i talked with our political reporter, and her eyes just, you know, i mean, she almost keeled over when he said those words. to me, it didn't strike me as this bomb shell that was going to decide the election, but i'm wondering what the reaction was there because my sense is that in the media and for political reporterers, this is a huge, huge deal, but earlier in the newscast, we heard from both democrats and republicans who watched the debate, and none of them picked up on that pivotal moment. >> reporter: you know what's interesting? i think you're highlighting the difference between some average voters and what gets picked up and captures really the political insights among the media as you just said and people watching it closely. i was out talking to voters in nevada this week about what they cared about. they talked about issues, not the controversy of the day with regard to the clinton or trump campaign. they wanted to hear more about actual policies at the debate tonight. now, this rigged election bit,
9:31 pm
though, is a big deal because this has been donald trump's latest rallying cry saying the election is somehow rigged, and getting supporters to rally around that notion, and it's a notion that experts and election officials and prominent republicans and president obama have come out saying is not true. the precedent is a peaceful transfer of power when the election is decided, and that that outcome is accepted, so him, it was, you know, this was the first time he answered to the rallying cry he's been making, and so it was a surprise, i think, to many, that he refused to say whether or not he would accept the result, particularly because his daughter in an interview earlier today asserted she believed her father would. >> seems like he's facing more of an uphill battle with women coming out alleges sexual impropriety by him. do you have a feel by people watching the debate and how they think he handled everything tonight? >> well, that was one of the top
9:32 pm
trending topics when you look across social media what was buzzing on twitter, facebook, and with searches. he was asked about the allegations, sexual misconduct since a number of additional ones came out since the last debate, and he continues to say that -- to deny the claims, to deny the accusations, and to say they are fiction, and that the women are seeking fame, potentially, or that possibly hillary clinton's campaign has put them up to this. >> all right. lauren lyster live in las vegas, thank you so much. interesting to see whether some of the issues the media thinks are important really resinate in the final few weeks of the campaign lauren, again, thank you for the time. find a fact checker on our app and welcomebsite and there's a to vote on who you think won tonight. the fight to retake mosul
9:33 pm
from the islamic state could take months and require fierce combat. we are with the forces in the area with an update. driving towards mosul mosul today, the skies darken. it's an apocalypse scene. the sky turned black because all across this battlefield like right there, isis has been setting fire to oil wells for cover. this dusty road leading to a town taken back from isis just two days ago. >> keep moving. >> there was just a loud explosion under our car, we think an ied that went off. >> reporter: three miles from the front line, a small group of families pleaing the fighting, some with white flags. in a town, crowds gathered around the bodies of two isis militants. you can see people from the town gathered around, celebrating, many taking selfies and flashing peace signs. among them? 16-year-old who tells us for two
9:34 pm
years, isis came to his house to arrest and execute him. he hid in his bedroom. he and his friends now free of isis, but other villages and mosul itself are now remaining in its grip. we're told that even though there have been no major defections of isis fighters, some militants have been found in the refugee stream and caught. some even posing as women. abc news, iraq. we're learning more about an attack in afghanistan that killed two americans this morning. army officials say a man wearing an afghan army uniform killed a service member and a member in kabul. it took place in a military base. the attacker was later killed. back here in the united states tonight, utility workers in portland, oregon evacuated a neighborhood after reports of gas leak and several explosionings. >> injuring several people including firefighters. we are at the scene in portland. >> may day, may day. >> reporter: seconds after the
9:35 pm
first explosion, firefighters heard calling for help. some of them clearly wounded. >> wounded, may day, may day. >> reporter: just before 9:00 a.m. in the heart of downtown portland amidst chaos, another series of the blasts, this time caught on camera. russell shot that video. >> i saw the entire face of the building fly across 23 avenue and hit the building across the street. >> one firefighter down across the street. >> reporter: the scale of the destruction, massive. tonight, eight wounded including three firefighters. the buildings had been evacuated minutes before because of a strong gas odor. witnesses describing three separate blasts minutes later. officials now reporting that a contractor may have hit a gas line in a nearby construction site. >> you can almost feel the noise, how strong it was. >> coming two weeks after a gas explosion levelled two homes in
9:36 pm
patterson, new jersey. residents smelling the gas there, too, and evacuating before the blast. tonight in portland, people who saw and felt the triple blast and made it out unhurt are thankful no one was killed. looking at the scope of the damage rs it's remarkable anyone made it out. two of the three figfighters su broken legs. the cleanup is just getting started. a new study deemed thee most dangerous fault line in the bay area is connected to another one. researchers found the hayward and rogers creek fault connect. if nay break at the same time, that might produce a magnitude 7 7.4 earthquake, more than five times stronger than the loma quake in 1989. there's not been a major quake on the hayward fault more than 140 years. >> scary to think about. >> very. still ahead at 9:00, a super computer in every tesla. how a piece of hardware is set
9:37 pm
to revolutionize the driving experience. 12,000 jobs up for grabs tonight. a new tech company
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the prospect of 12,000 new tech jobs in silicon valley is creating a stir. >> a chinese company launched in san francisco today, and a south bay reporter has the story. >> reporter: it's known as the netflix of china, streaming movies online and streaming original film, and is attempting to launch its u.s. presence with ambitions to be a room with a wide range of products from wide screen tvs, phones, and vehicles. to reach the goal, it's moving from beijing to this building in
9:41 pm
north san jose. it purchased the land from yahoo!. it's getting buzz because it plans to create 12,000 jobs. its website lists 25 pages of technical jobs. with the wide range of jobs, it's taking on tech giants like apple and tesla, and those companies have challenges competing for talent. angela jo has been rerouting employees for a quarter century. >> for a company that's not really been recognized and is very new to the area, they are really going to have to do a lot of promoting to make sure they get themselves heard in the marketplace. >> reporter: that seems to be the strategy behind the high profile launch with videos to show off the products and job applicants seem to be interested. >> might not have the name or a big name or might not be known, but it probably could take me places and stuff do i would -- it -- i would be optimistic about it. >> reporter: how fast they hire is unknown. estimated to have 250 employees
9:42 pm
now and could double by year's end. that's still a long way from 12,000. in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. tesla's ceo announced all vehicles will come with factory installed hardware allowing cars to drive themselves. all tesla cars come off the line with technology needed for full self-driving. tesla says the hardware in the vehicle include a self-driving capability that's better than that of a human driver, but the self-driving technology is not act valt vated until the system is refined with millions of miles with real world driving. apple sent out invitations for an event next week. it reads, hello again, and the original macintosh gave that greeting back in 1984. several reports say apple will announce a new mac. still ahead at 9:00, today marks 25 years since the oakland hills went up in flames. next, a look at
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it was 25 years ago dead a fire broke out and it would be the most destructive fire in state history burning down nearly 3,000 homes. >> one of the deadliest. abc news reporter looks at the damage and survivors. >> reporter: it's proctor avenue high above oakland, someone who lived in the same place half a century. >> a lot of memories. >> reporter: more than most, gary and sharon, this house, the place that brought tome together after burning to the ground with thousands of others in the oakland hills in october, 1991. >> i don't think any of us had seen a fire like that. >> reporter: a fireman that day working to hold back the flames, an impossible task. >> unbelievable. i couldn't believe what i was
9:47 pm
witnessing, just overwhelming. >> reporter: for those who lived through it, the sights and sounds are sered into memory. the utility of a garden hose. >> that roof's going to fall. there's nothing you can do. >> reporter: the furry of the wind. and, finally, the realization that even with all our technology, there was nothing we could do. one small explosion would be a street blowing up, then a pop, a car blowing up, and then an explosion, and it was a a house blowing up. the houses did not burn, they blew up. >> reporter: ron lives one house down on proctor avenue with his wife. >> fires don't jump freeway freeways. it's an eight lane free. >> reporter: while the fire erupted sunday, it began small, seemingly insignificant on saturday. winds rekindled it.
9:48 pm
>> i look outside, and the whole hillside just covered in black smoke. >> reporter: abc 7 news photographer lived in the area as residents ran from the flames, he got in and shot most of the video you see in this story. >> every house that i came in contact with was on fire. every house. it was -- it was either burning or it was about to burn. >> and in the first hour, 790 homes burned. by the next morning? we had a better sense of it all. 25 people killed, 150 injured, 1520 acres burned, 2843 homes gone. including the one owned by gary on proctor avenue. he saved eight others that day, returned to find nothing left. >> i might have tried to do something. i don't know. i don't know. we were already committed to where we were. >> reporter: little would gary know his long lost high school sweet heart saw that interview.
9:49 pm
the former sharon got in touch, offered furniture, and they reconnected. >> i've known him since grammar school. >> a marriage born from ashes, spending years since in this house he rebuilt. the same one they just sold, and visited for the last time the week of this anniversary. doors open. doors close. from the oakland hills, wayne friedm friedman, abc 7 news. we'd like to hear how you remember the oakland hills fire. more than 30 viewers shared their memories on our facebook page. add yours at one more look at the weather. we go to drew, and there's the possibility, i guess, of rain coming? >> a little bit, yeah. holding off until the second half of the week. tomorrow, it's warm temperatures and sun. today, a quiet picture, no fog. clear skies, and tomorrow, going to need the sun kblaszs. total sunshine start to finish. 73 san francisco, 81 the high in san jose.
9:50 pm
this is warm for this time of the year. 78 in vallejo and 82 in santa rosa. we'll track wet weather, and that's sunday night, but i think the best chance for showers around the region is going to come tuesday morning, and though our chances are running relatively high, we're talking about light showers moving through, and most spots get less than a quarter inch of rain. accuweather forecast shows warm tomorrow, cooling friday, cooling off rapidly saturday and sunday, a chance at night, but, again, best chances come tuesday morning with dry skies wednesday. >> all right. thank you, drew. >> mike is here handling sports and knocking things over on the desk. you heard that. is dan working at e certificatiespn too? >> oh, ouch, very good. >> you can say whatever you want. we have half of our world series ready to go. cleveland knocked toronto out, and the warriors in san diego trying to knock out the final
9:51 pm
case before tipping off tuesday for the regular alla lot of it's a hoax.bal warminit's a hoax. it'll get cooler. it'll get warmer. it's called weather. we need some global warming!
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hard to believe six days away from the regular season opener for the warriors, host san antonio tuesday night, but it was the lakers in san diego this evening. steve and luke reunited on sidelines, and green interrupts. does score in the first. three pointer. gets the scoring started. minutes later, warriors on the fence, a slam, the 8-0 run. warriors up ten. seth curry, to greene, nails from beyond the arc. greene with ten tonight. 47-41 in the second. warriors, drives draping three of the team high 32 points. up 60-47 in the third. durant, watch this, the block. curry behind the pass to dur rant, catches the ball, slams
9:55 pm
it. next play, curry, the steal, goes behind the back again. falls down, kicked it out to clay. slam. warriors win 123-112 a lot to be corrected with the team, and the next man up at running back was in a sling today, the right arm, may not be able to go. hurt the right shoulder and did not return last week. he's missed 11 of 32 games in the first year of the team. if they don't run the ball, the offense does not click. they could share duties this week hoping to create offense. to offset thend ranked defense in the nfl. today, chip kelly talked running backs. >> rotate the backs to, you know, in that case, carlos is the every down back. depending on the situation, he played the other day, but if carlos can't go, you'll see both the guys. >> something to prove, a chip on
9:56 pm
my shoulder, so i run every game, you know what i'm saying, with that mop tntra. >> it's big between all of us, you know, and coach, you know, he always makes sure that, you know, we know what we're doing. >> meanwhile, the raiders coming off the worst performance for the city, losing in kansas city at home. the run game is a struggle with murray out. hoping to be back this week against the jags in jacksonville. carr with an offday. the defense can want stop the run, and the beauty of the game, though, get a shot at it next week. jack del rio has a connection with the opponent, the jacksonville jaguars. >> an opportunity to play there, nine years of my life, appreciative of the opportunity. what i'm most concerned with is our football team, prepare to travel well, go down, win bad, and all the other stuff is
9:57 pm
trickle stuff. my focus is primarily on getting the football team ready. >> to the dime. nlcs game, dodgers two games to one. on the mound, this cub fan is taking his commitment to the next level. 2-0 cubs in the fourth. former a, russell, law firms the three-run homer. cubs with a 4-0 lead. russell and the teammates fired up. same score in the fifth, anthony rizzo, see ya. looked like it could travel further than it did, but it was a solo shot and 5-0 cubs lead. bases full in the 5th, turner. up the middle, and two runs score. now a three-run game. not impressed. now it's the cubs' turn, bases loaded. rizzo, two-run single, two games a piece with a victory. jays try to stave off defeat.
9:58 pm
former a, everywhere, home run to right field. second career major league baseball start again the a's powerful lineup. edwin grounds into the inning, double play, zero earned runs from the kid. bottom nine, same core, striking out donaldson, one out away from the world series, and troye, bobs it up, santana, gets under, cleveland with another chance to win a championship this year, 3-0 the final. andrew mitchell named series mvp. that was the sports report brought to you by toyota. he's one team away. hard to believe the warriors are going to start the regular season. >> yeah. >> seems like it was just over. got to be fun to watch to see if steve meshes the team together. >> yeah. >> looks good in the preseason. good problem to have. >> yeah, i should say.
9:59 pm
a lot of coaches would take that. thank you. >> all right. coming up on the at 11:00, one final faceoff before the big election. live with reactions to the presidential debate. took ten years, how a chance encounter helped bring a dog home. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 here on chj 7. >> at 11:35, a debate episode of jimmy kimmel. >> you might know her from the "fast and furious" movies. >> oh, right, okay. thanks for joining us tonight. >> for drew, all of us -- all of us, almost got me, thank you for watching, everybody. >> see you at 11:00.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- an administrative assistant from charleston, south carolina... ... brand manager from harrisburg, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, a genomics research manager from raleigh, north carolina... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek. thanks, johnny.


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