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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. happy monday. it is october 24. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves with jessica castro and alexis smith is looking at the windy roads and mike nicco we felt it. all the wind and the temperatures. good morning, everyone, that will set the tail for wet weather as we head through the next 24 hours. i wanted to start with a look at emeryville and look at that gusting up to 20 miles per hour. >> as far as live doppler hd, you can see all of the wet weather to our east and even thunderstorms in the foothills. we will talk about what will happen today, 50s and 60s this morning and build up in the
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upper 60s with rain moving into the north bay, and slipping into the heart of the bay during evening rush hour. i will look at what happened tonight and tomorrow. alexis? >> good morning, mike. have trees downed here this morning so southbound 280 before wolf road, c.h.p. is not clear but they are getting close and trying to clean it it up for an hour, and foothill road at castle wood in the blast an, trees are downed and blocking northbound and southbound lanes. we will check on the drive times next. thank you, develop news this morning, the tour bus driver who died along with 12 hours in a crash near palm springs has been identified now as an owner of the bus company. his name and those of the or victims have not been released. the bus crashed into the back of a truck before dawn yesterday on
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interstate 10, with 31 people injured. investigators think company of the victims were sitting toward the front of the bus. [ inaudible ] >> bus was headed back to los angeles from a casino in the town of thermal. there was a candlelight vigil in korea town. most of the victims were latino. a usa holiday rated the bus out of los angeles and owns original one bus and employs one driver involving a 1996 model. they do not thing there were seatbelts. it was inspected each year for the last three years. the most recent inspection was in april. in issues were reported with the coach or the driver during the inspection. >> donald trump has picked up the first major newspaper endorsement this morning from las vegas review journal but is it too little too late?
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we are joined from new york with the latest. >> angelika? good morning, with little time left to campaign donald trump's team is acknowledgmenting he is doing poorly in polls the he is in florida one of the swing states and the polls show it is still very competitive. hillary clinton spent the day yesterday in north korea a state that she hopes is on her column on election day. >> in a race against time, and still fighting accusation of session use misconduct, donald trump is looking forward in the must win state of florida where he believes he is doing better among female voters than with male voters. >> we doing well in the polls but i really think those presidents are very inaccurate when it comes to women. i think we are doing better with women than with men, frankly. >> hillary clinton taking the campaign to church in north carolina. >> we have to start interacting
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with people we don't agree with. i do that all the time. the new poll also showed that clinton has a 20-point advantage with women and a three-point edge with men. that is a group that usually has tilted toward trump in the race until right now. interesting. angelika, the abc7 pollocks at specific groups what is it reveals as far as what is strongest for hillary clinton and trump? >> yes that right. hillary is lead among voters of all education levels while trump's strongest group is white noncollege educated voters. >> very interesting. thank you. all the winning candidates on
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election nights, you can download the free news app and able push alerts for complete election night coverage. >> police are searching for the person who shot and killed a man in burlingame near the hyatt hotel. investigator say the victim is in his 20s and targeted by the shooters and the victim was not a guest at the hyatt. they do believe he was visit someone staying the at hotel. the homicide is the first of the year for burlingame. a united states led coalition said air strikes outside mosul destroyed five islamic state vehicles and killed a significant number of militants with intense fighting in mosul as iraqi and kurdish fires liberated more villages yesterday. american air power and ground troops are closing in on iraq's largest islamic straight stronghold. defense secretary carter is there monitoring the dangerous effort. >> even behind the front lines
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they are at risk. that is also important that everyone understand we must do this. we have to protect ourselves. there are million civilians living in mosul unisis control and that will make the next face of the operation more difficult saving innocent people while confronting i fighters. >> thousand of soldiers in california are now finding themselves in a battle against the military they served. the pentagon is demanding the run of bonuses paid out nearly a decade ago. tiffany wilson has more. for two decades christopher served our country in the arm national guard. >> i was placed in iraq in 2004 to 2005 and those were very precarious situations. i was gone for the first year and a half of my older son port birth. he was offer $15,000 by the national guard as bonus and $21,000 in student listens. he re-upped and now ten years later he said the government
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reneged on their word. >> they went back on the contracts and there were t's not crossed and he asked for the much back. he reforeigned a home to repay and 97 other california soldiers face similar situations. >> the money they received they should not have gotten. >> the bonuses were only supposed to go to sorries with skills in lie demand but the we pentagon paid those not qualified and now the guard is letly bound to get the money, about $3 million total. >> they do not have the authority of the national guard to wave the debts. >> it is hoped that congress will help. northern california veteran said that he feels betrayed. >> fault of my own, raising my hand and square the oath of office to protect and defend. >> he filed a lawsuit and the pentagon waved his bonus repayment. he does not plan to drop his case.
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>> the san francisco police believe men carrying cloud masks may have planned to pull off a robbery inside a crowded downtown shopping mall. s converge on the westfield san francisco center after get a call that one had a gun yesterday afternoon. the mall security guard spotted three men, two with clown masks, inside an emergency exit stairway. they left by the time the police arrived. >> a close call for two plaintiffs who were shot by a murder suspect. jessica is tracking new details from the desk about a manhunt. >> it is underway right now in tulsa, oklahoma. the suspect opened fire on the officers with an ak-47 and both officers were hit in the legs. pose are now looking for a fugitive named michael vance armed and dangerous. he is the suspect in a double homicide. police say he came out firing an assault weapon when police responded to shots fired in the area. vance and another person stole a
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police vehicle to get away and took that patrol vehicle but they stole another car after a shooting a woman and took off in that. know word on her condition. those officers' injuries are not life threatening. a watch for any other development through the newscast. that is the latest. continuations heated up this weekend between activists protesting the oil pipeline and law enforcement in north carolina. i want to show you a blockade, protesters the this to block the highway near where they are building the dakota a says pipeline is being built with 1127 arrested. sheriff deputies fired at drone that flew too close to the helicopter the native americans have protesterred against the pipeline for months. >> heartbreaking efforts by migrants do escape to a better life was illustrated over the weekend. irish defense forces rescued 772 people including a small baby, from a wooden barge in the mediterranean sea.
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this happened east coast of tripoli in libya. libya is a popular jumping off point for those trying to reach europe with 3,100 migrants have died trying to get to europe by boat. >> the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> the first area to see wet weather is the north bay. you can see at 10:00 this morning, a few light showers. by 1:00, steady and light-to-moderate rain moving in and the heaviest rain is falling during the evening commute and taper to waves of rain and a few showers headed to tomorrow morning. the rain will head to the south and i show you the timeline coming up. first, the bridges, we know they are breezy but so is the water with small craft advisory at 3:00 tomorrow morning, the temperatures are blackhawk at 59, everyone else is inland in the east bay in the low-to-mid 60s right now and same around the bay until you get to the hills around los gatos at 52 and pacifica is 56.
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the temperatures for today, a mild breeze coming from the south mid-60s to low 70s and the front stalls and moved back to the north as a warm front tomorrow and temperatures are actually jump up a couple of degrees tomorrow, and on wednesday, a brief warming, my 60 to mid-70s before the next storm starts to come in on thursday into friday and it promises to have more wet weather than the one we are dealing with today and tomorrow. i will look at both of those storms next in the seven-day forecast. how is the commute? good morning, we don't have anything major but we have the wind out there so here is a look outside in the san mateo bridge, oe of the two bridges that c.h.p. issued a hisly for at 2:30 this morning, san mateo and the bay bridge, especially in a high-profile vehicle you are going to want to have both hands on the wheel. i drove across the bay bridge and it whip me all offer place this morning. westbound 580, tracy to castro valley, is filling in with a slow start, at 54 minutes and
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northbound 101 between highway 85 and the san jose airport you are in the green at telephone minutes, and northbound 280 in san francisco is in green at 10 minutes. >> coming up, many of you know living in the city is stressful and there are studies to back that up. how you can coach living with city life. >> give your dog a big hug after hearing this story, this dog and his owner are doing after woman: how do we protect them from $4 billion in new cuts to california schools? man: vote yes on proposition 55. woman: prop 55 doesn't raise taxes on anyone. man: not on working californians, not small businesses. no one. woman: instead, prop 55 simply maintains the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. man: so those who can most afford it
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continue paying their fair share... woman: prevent new education cuts... man: ...and keep improving california's schools. woman: vote yes on prop 55 to help our children thrive.
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>> in philadelphia, a dog saved the owner from a husband fire at 4:30 on sunday morning, the homeowner was sleeping and the dog ran do her and started barking loudly waking her up. when firefighters arrived they found the woman unconscious, with the dog, on top of her. >> the dog stayed on her chest to prevent her from being burned totally and that is how the firefighters found her. >> yes, the dog was on top of her. all the woman is in the hospital in critical condition with burns over 50% of her body, firefighters used oxygen to resuscitate the dog and he is recovering at an animal story. >> dogs are the best. >> police ride along was much more than expected when the pursuit started and the suspect open fire. >> here is that story. >> in the first look, watch this
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dashcam video. the officer has a civilian gift and he tries to pull over the silver mazda. >> he is not topping. the officer realized the driver is not planning on pulling over. the officer and the ride along civilian in full pursuit. >> he has a gun. >> watch out. >> look, right after the turn, you can see the gunfire. >> boom. boom. boom. boom. boom. >> shots fired and the female passenger cries. >> at firefight disabling the police car and it rolls to a stop and the suspects take off abandoning the mazda of the both the officer and seven survive. we will have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. with the first look this morning from new york. president obama is in california hoping to basketball support for -- boost support for
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democrats in las vegas yesterday. he left for san diego last night for a fundraiser today benefiting democrats running for seats in the house of representatives. he'll attend more fundraisers tomorrow and tomorrow in los angeles. democrats need to pick up 30 seats to retake the house. you may want to think twice of taking a selfie as you cast your ballot the governor signed a law making it legal to post pictures you catch your ballot but it does not go interest affect in january. right now it is banned in california. analysts say it is not being enforced and has not stopped people from sure pictures. >> no matter who wins, neither hillary clinton or donald trump will be the first rich person to lead the free world. "usa today" ranked america's richest presidents by their net worth in 2016, and it is a surprise. george washington our richest president ever. the father of our nation had a net worth of $580 million when ajusted. the rest the top five, thomas
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jefferson, followed by roosevelt, and, third, andrew jackson and james madison. >> final section of the bay bridge bicycle and pedestrian path opened to the public linking the east bay and yerba buena island. you can walk over ride across the eastern span of the bridge at 4.5 miles which has been long awaited with bicyclists hoping it will take them to san francisco. mny tried out it yesterday wandering what it is like on the other end. >> i have no idea. no idea what is there. i heard there is a shuttle that is involved at the other end. that free shuttle runs on weekends only and will take people from the yerba buena island to treasure island because the roads on yerba buena island are not safe for bicyclists and pedestrians. living in the city can be stressful. constant traffic. crowded streets. bay area residents know this. >> there are studies showing city democratters are more
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likely to suffer from anxiety and mood disorders with recommendations to help you deal with it. go to the park. it deaccuracies the risk of depression. get out of the your car. washingtoning around is good for you. be aware of your environment because it helps you restore a sense of control. >> being outside today you want to make sure you have a lot of hair spray. >> absolutely. i saw all the palms on the street so it know i have windy. >> blowing of the winds with the flags on the ferry building and the palm trees are swaying and dancing on this monday morning. mild breezes, temperatures in the 60s and 70s, before the rain rolls in and most of us, that will be during the evening hours. the rain slides to the south and stalls tomorrow morning and then it will move back to the north and fade and a second storm is looking stronger. right if you, our best radar
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returns are around eureka and impressive with yellows and oranges and even reds but, notice, the storms are moving to the north as the storm system slowly slides to the south. here is what it will do. our storm-impact scale from "1" light to "5" severe, and the storm today is light with light rain and showers and breezy in some areas and rainfall amounts are not impressive. at 10:00 to noon we will have a few light scattered showers ahead of the system and sprinkled, but it is noon until 5:00, and the heaviest of the rain is falling in the north bay and the rest us have sprinkles and more showers and from 5:00 to overnight, to 5:00 tomorrow morning, just waves of light rain and moderate showers reaching the south bay and you can see retreating to the north by noon and a few showers in the north bay temperature morning and the rest of us will dry. you are being generous with a third of an inch in the south bay but keep your fingers crossed.
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1.5" in the north bay. on thursday, the storm will be stronger, and moderate, "2" on the storm-impact scale. now a look outside at our emeryville camera we have swung it around at the bay bridge and you can see how breezy it is, rocking around, and this is how it will feel in the vehicle, as well, with both hands on the wheel and we have a couple of cases where trees are downed. use caution. could you run into that today. one spot, southbound 280, before wolf road, they trying to clear a big tree in the two right lanes and they have been there since 4:00 this morning and a little bit of good news, a smaller tree, foothill road, to the west of 680, we have a tree down blocking north and southbound lanes and it cleared in the last few minutes. i want to share this, over the weekend 5,000 people helped find a cure for cancer.
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>> it is a light the night event, and, >> some thing they have, and they will have a lot them, and and i was the emcee with the easy job announcing all of the top fundraisers we had corporate organizations and we will had friends and family, of people affected by blood cancers, all the lanterns symbolizing different things, some in memory of loved ones lost, and those who are currently fighting, over5,000 people were there, over.5 million raised sobs incredible, and two more if you want to participate, so, walnut creek, coming up in early november, jessica castro will emcee that and we have one at at&t ballpark, as well, and spencer christian will be there. i have to say it was emotional, and there were a lot of survivors giving their testimony and i was glad i did not have that job. i was glad i got to give the good news. all of the money that was raised
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to go to research and finding a cure it was a great event. >> if you want more information go to >> the seven things you need to know as you start your day, bill murray accepts a top award. that is
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these are the seven thing you need to know before you go. >> first, the winter weather advisory works rain and thunderstorms to part of our neighborhood. or part of state. these are the next six hours with the rain, moderate at times, slated for the north bay and an hour-by-hour look at what you will get from the first storm. >> of course, weather is going to affect the roads and the wind is out there. we do not have major slow downs. when 580, tracy to dublin is the slowest spot in the yellow at 40
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minutes. and northbound 85, between 101 and cupertino only 16 minutes. >> investigators say it does not appear the driver of a tour bus hit the brakes before slamming into a big-rig near palm springs, and 13 people died. the doctors say no victims were wearing seatbelts. >> oakland police are look for the shooter would wounded 7 people on saturday night, and opened fire on officers. no police officers were hurt and the victims much all expected to survive. >> from the live desk a prison riot in raleigh, north carolina, with an inmate and a corrections employee hurt when the inmates were violent and they set if big fires. the prison is back under control. >> early voting starts in florida with republican donald trump believing that state will play a key role in the race for the white house and hillary clinton plans to focus on swing states with election day in two weeks. >> airbnb want as federal court to block a new law in new york state that is strengthly letting short-term rentals.
5:27 am
it fines owner $7,500 for listing a property on a site like airbnb in affect on tuesday. we all love the pure innocence of babies including this little boy named riley. >> how sweet. this is rightly from fresno, he finds itly air louse when his mother pretends to swat a fly with a dish towel. how wheat is that... >> we need that as a ring tone! >> a deadline today for anyone hoping to vote and what you need to do if you want to cast a ballot. >> candidates questioning a mega merger between at&t and time warner and why hillary clinton and donald trump are both conditioned. plan could be bad for you. >> changes be made to be a extr
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>> good morning, sole bay, let's get up and get going.
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this is abc mornings. >> good morning, coming up on 5:30 on monday, october 24. glad you are here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller floor for reggie aqui, with meteorologist mike nicco, and alexis smith and jessica castro. >> today is going to an day to grip the steer wheel. i focus on the wet weather. we will touch upon the breezes next wet hit. i want to show you the thunderstorms in the sierra. our storm and wet weather is right around eureka with yellows and oranges. impressive lacking system. the breezes you can see the flags unfurled. the trees are dancing on the embarcadero. we are waking up mild at mid-50s to 60s. wet spots develop in the north by noon. the best chance of steady rain is in the north bay through 4:00. heading into the bay and we will have sloppy spotted with scattered showers outside the north bay slid into the heart of the bay during the evening
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showers. i will show you the progression coming up as it touches all of our neighbors tomorrow morning. alexis smith? >> we will be ready and with the rain it will slow it down. we have a high wind advisory for the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge so it is breezy. especially if you have a high-profile vehicle you will want to have both hand on the wheel. san francisco bay federal -- ferry not happening because of mechanical issues and replayed by bus service. the drive times are ahead. big deadline in the upcoming election. >> today is the last day to register to vote in california. our reporter is at san francisco city hall. amy? you can walk in to the county office like city hall here in san francisco but you do not have to. there is time to mail in the registration form. early voting is underway and election officials are hoping
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people will vote at him. the ballot is long, with 17 state propositions, they think it could cause lanes on election difficult. first, you have to register, and those who say they have done it say it feels good to be involved >> i had a chance to register to vote and i will be part of the conversation and the process. >> it is on par with the last two presidential elections in november of 2008 we had 85% vote are turn out and in november of 2012 we were at 80% turn out. >> you can still pale in your registration form. it has to be postmarked today. pick up a form at government offices live the post office or library and register online at we have provided a link, election day is in two weeks, on
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november 8. donald trump and hillary clinton are spending the day campaigning in florida and new hampshire where they were on sunday, as well. despite polls to the contrary, trump pointed out an ace in the hole while clinton is dumb founded by the remark in the last debate. >> investors business daily the most accurate poll from the last election and the two elections before that, just announced we are leading nationally by two points. >> he refused to say he would respect the results of this election and that is a threat to democracy. >> on thursday, north carolina clinton campaigns for the first time with first lady. we have a great resource to get ready for the election at
5:34 am if you enter your address you can get a personalized although ballot. >> national transportation safety board is joining the investigation into a bus crash near palm springs. it is the deadliest crabs in state history. c.h.p. said the bus was traveling at a high rate of speed when it smashed into the back of a big-rig. it hit the truck so hard it ended up 15' inside the trailer. 13 people died. including the bus driver. 31 others were injured. >> 35 year i is never been to a crash with 13 confirm the fatalities. it is tough. tough for all of us. >> the tour bus had stopped at a casino and was on the way back to los angeles. investigators are looking whether drugs or alcohol were involved. [ inaudible lyrics ]
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>> ten women and three men kid in the crash, authorities say most of them were latino. the bus was headed for korea town and friends and familied gathered for a candlelight vigil. no victim names have been released. >> los angeles based company called usa holiday operated the bus. it employs original one driver. investigators say the but was a 1996 model that did not have seatbelts and in, ands each year the past these areas, most recent inspection was in april. in issues were reported with the bus or driver during the inspection. >> this is two years after a deadly bus crash in northern california, the ntsb urged the federal government to require secondary doors on new buses, with no official action on that. ten people died when a fedex truck veered across the median north of sacramento slamming into a bus full of students when ten died. >> growing concern of the
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well-being of a 15-month-old boy taken by his mother. henry massey is believed with his mother, hannah ashley missing yesterday morning at 8:30 in gunville. she does not have legal custody of the baby. they could be traveling in a silver 2005 subaru license plate together to remember two who were killed during an argument over a marijuana sale. it happened last saturday night at a house just outside town where friends say marijuana was grown for collectives. >> these are sons. these are grand sons. these are nephews. we hope nothing like this happens again. >> this man is believed connected to the shootings. deputies say he was with a woman with facial pierce evening last
5:37 am
seen driving a newer model hyundai. if you have information call the sonoma county sheriff. >> 1960's antiwar activist tom hayden has died. he first drew attention leading college students against racial segregation in the south. he gained the greatest fame opposing the vietnam war and part of the chicago seven. later he served in both the california assembly and state senate. the 76-year-old married and divorced actress jane fonda. he was ill after a stroke last year. his family issued a statement saying they respect their privacy and thanks to those who reached out. seven families are out of their homes in the north bay after a fire. according to the press democrat it happened in santa rosa just south of the sonoma county fair, and started before 4:00 yesterday afternoon, and the red cross is helping the 15 displaced residents, and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> both candidates are speak out
5:38 am
after news that at&t wants to bay media rival, time warner, donald trump said in elected he would block the $85 billion deal. hillary clinton's campaign wants regulators to take a closer look at merger, and the running make tim kaine fears consumers will pay more for less services in the merger is approveed. now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. all the rainfall intensity and timeline for the central bay or heart of the bay shows a few showers are possible at 4:00, and steady by 7:00, and 10:00 during overnight hour we will have waves of light rain, possibly moderate during tomorrow's commute. the slow nature of the storm means it will hang and longer and possibly you get more rain out of this than what we talk about on friday. winds are coming down and gusting to 30, and 13 in san jose, and the rest of us around
5:39 am
10 or below and over the open fire with no friction sufficient as trees and buildings so slow it down where we have the biggest problems with the winds. that means our bridges, too, and in the north bay, mid-to-upper 50s and remember we were in the mid-40s last week and in the low 60s elsewhere. dress accordingly. the similar inform camera shows gusty winds pushing the clouds from south to north so small craft advisory on bay, watch out on the bridges if you commute and exercising rain across the north bay. rain today, a chance tomorrow, and a break on wednesday and notice the temperatures in the 60s and 70s the next few days and low-to-mid 70s on wednesday with another storm that programmed more rain coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> it is filling in through the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights on at 5:29 and a couple of things, the commute this morning, we do have the hisly in affect along with the san mateo bridge, and, today, it
5:40 am
is the first weekday commute with treasure island and yerba buena island exit on the opposite side. they have been on the left hand side and now they are on the right hand side. when you make it through the tollbooth only 11 minutes to get to san francisco. with the high wind we have had a couple of incidents with tries down and southbound 280 trying to clean things up before wolf road and cupertino, so we have the two right lanes blocked and they should be reopens those, but, no big delays and looking good on mass transit, with bart at 43 trains in service, and caltrain is looking good, too. calling all dog walkers, next, a bay area police department is giving people a unique opportunity to help identity. >> finally, you do not have to feel guilty about eating girl scout cookies in the morning and when you
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the storm-impact scale, level "1" so light rain, keep the umbrella handy and drive safe. track the storm on the news app, by download it now. 5:43. back to the election. several states are expensing heavily voting this year, check out north carolina, people have been standing if line for two hours to cast their ballot. at this polling station crowded stretched away the corner. 165,000 people have voted early in the state.
5:44 am
the toss upstate of nevada started early voting over the weekend and you can see how crowded the polling places were. despite lanes, registrar officials say voting is at a slower pace than in 2012. nevada has the most watched races i the nation. the contest to replace retiring senate minority leader harry reid. >> we have new polls this morning. they are not good news for donald trump. clinton is ahead 44 to 41% among men for the first time in any polling. among women, she is up on trump by 20%. the 55% support is the same that president obama received from women in 2012. another sign a red state could be closer to turning blue, a cbs poll has trump up by three points and not vote for a democratic presidential candidate since jimmy carter in 1976. >> a bay area police department is trying to harness the power of walking dogs to prevent crime
5:45 am
for the dog walkers for an extra set of eyes and paws to help out. police say so far, 20 people have signed up. they encourage residents to look out for suspicious activity especially after a series of home burglaries the last year. muni riders will get more elbow ride in the morning in two weeks with two extra one-car trains will run between embarcadero and west portal to help with the overcrowding and the underground stations. adding short trip trains like these will provide more service where it is needed. >> if you have thought of ripping out your lawn to get extra cash now is the time. the state has $22 million to give out to californians who decide to replace their lawns with drought friendly plants pay $2 a square feet for grass removed. the program is not exactly new
5:46 am
but speakers say if you have been on the fence now could be the best effect time. >> the best time to change your yard is when the sun is not going to beat the new plants down and require them to use a lot water in the fall and spring. >> the rebate program does not apply where local water districts offer their own price match or rebate programs. be sure to check with the water provider first. girl scout cookies are hard to resist and now you can eat them for breakfast. >> general meals is teaming up to make cereal the sweet loving instagram account candy hunting found these images of the cereal with thin mints and carmel crunch cereal based off samoas, visible nationwide starting in january which is start of girl scout cookie season. i thought dipping my thin mints
5:47 am
i would take the sleep and pour it into a big bowl of milk. that is the same thing, right? as the cereal? >> but only,000 calories. >> no big deal, right, mike? >> and then you bag 'em with a spoon and put ice cream on top of them. >> you guys. >> that take it to another level. >> good morning, everyone, it is always a good time of year when they are for sale. now, you can see how breezy from emeryville camera and that is when i know alexis and i dealt with cross the bay bridge, and you will, too, and we were blown over in our small are size cars. breezy and my, next storm this afternoon, sliding south and stall overnight and wetter storm on thursday and friday. the storm is to the north where the low is, with the tame end of the storm so it is hard to judge how much rain we are getting because we do not have a last data because it is the tail end. on the storm-impact scale we
5:48 am
have "1" light light to (5) stray showers in the north bay but after the noontime you get yellows and orange ons moving in. that is moderate. overnight, the rest of us in the south by have wet weather. tomorrow, it will slide north. it will dissipate tomorrow. when is dry. and warmer. and the next storm is moderate at a "2" on thursday. >> breezy condition on the bay bridge and san mateo, as well. c.h.p. issued high wind advisory for both of the bridges at 2:30 this morning. the highway sign is showing his, but not too bad on the bay bridge toll plaza but on the mid-span it picks up.
5:49 am
we have slow traffic on westbound 80 in vallejo, because of a crash beyond the 780 merge and both vehicles involved of on the shoulder and maybe onlooker delay. we are waiting to get message crews on the scene. southbound 280 before wolf road crews get the tree cleared and all lanes are back open. >> we were in berkeley where the business of the streets was part of a community celebration with thousands turning out for the sunday street berkeley event. 17 blocks were closed it vehicle, and pedestrians and bickers took over committing out the local businesses and mingling with neighbors. >> there is too much done on the intent. not enough people interaction. we are square feet strangers in a small world. it is necessary to get out and see friendly faces. >> the first sunday street event in berkeley happened in 2012. >> a new brewery is open for
5:50 am
business in denver and it has a special mission on tap, called the brew-ability laboratory providing training and jobs for adults with disabilities. the woman behind this is a long time special needs teacher who said independence is not easy to everyone teaches young men and women the brewing process from start to finish, and the company's name is base on creating an "ability," to brew. >> dis-ability has a negative connotation so if they have the ability to make and serve better, brewer-ability. >> they raised $32,000 last area. the purchase of the brewery was made with it. >> a change at a ferry terminal today and it could impact your parking plans. >> a dog is known as man's best friend and a kid's best friend, a boy with audit toism and his new dog. >> the 13 year old lost his leg but it is not stopping him from
5:51 am
- i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us.
5:52 am
5:53 am
all the world series game between the cubs and cleveland indians is going to cost fans a pretty penny especially at the cubs wrigley field. analysts say the world series tickets are averaging more than super bowl tickets. right now tickets for game one in cleveland start at $793 for standing room only compared to $2,000 at wrigley for game three. the cubs beat the dodgers to win in los angeles and the indians beat blue jays to advance. >> long time cubs family bill murray is recognized for lifetime achievement in comedy. >> he accepted the mark twain
5:54 am
prize for american humor last night at the kennedy center in washington, dc. with plannive laughs including from jimmy kimmel, the elusive and publicity shy actor feels dazed bit honor. >> i dreaded this...i dreaded this, i had to come back to this idea that there is love, there is love. that is what we came with. and what we go with. >> great. the evening was also a roast of sores wherejects of his well-known tendency to return rolls and not return phone calls >> all time great. >> especially at pebble beach. >> the rainfall intensity inland east bay neighborhoods we start at noon and go through noon tomorrow, and the intensity scale is not only color-coded but vertically coated, so it is
5:55 am
showing light rain, a couple of chances in the evening, but the best chance during the commute tomorrow. here is a look around the stadium, the thunderstorms are most impressive and they are going do fade away into the afternoon hours across what will be a windy sierra, and big story is going to be the storm watching toward chico and the bay area headed into the afternoon hours. all of us are going to have wet weather and i have another storm coming in on thursday and friday. potentially more wet weather then. alexis? >> gearing up for busy commute with a lot wind today. and high wind advisory for some bridges. westbound 80 beyond the 780 emergency we have a collision involving two vehicles, commuter van and smaller sedan, and both off on on shoulders, and no injuries, but, obviously, a backup has formed using our speed indication tool approaching 33 miles per hour
5:56 am
when you are closer and it loosens up. here is exhibit "a" of the busy commute and today is the first week tom mute where the exhibits to yerba buena island and treasure island are on other side that will slow you down. >> thanks, alexis. we want to show you the moment a five-year-old boy with autism met his service dog with joy when ty meets tornado, in he last week. tornado has been trained sin birth to help kids with autism. ly mother said tornado has made a huge impact on her son. >> he seems so much more con dependent and more fulfilled. >> she noticed her son movers attraction to dogs when they visited a playground, preferring to play with dogs than kids. he helps him feel safe. >> from massachusetts, a 13-year-old football player who
5:57 am
lost his leg got back on the field over the weekend. tommy cox was hurt in a betting accident and survivors of the boston marathon bumming pitched in $5,000 to get him a new prosthetic leg and he played yesterday in the final game of season. >> new at 6:00, a warning of a popular halloween decoration that could be in your house and it could putting your kids in danger. >> the pentagon explains why they ask thousands of california soldiers to pay back tens of millions of dollars this bonuses. >> i am tracking breaking news from malta a plane crashed overnight killing all five people on board where new details next. >> justin bieber fans not happy after he stormed off stage during a recent concert and he is
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, east barracks let's get up and get going. >> a happy monday a week away
6:00 am
from halloween. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is here and alexis smith and mike nicco. we woke up to wind. >> it is breezy. those are the winds that are fueling the storms heading our way on live doppler hd. there are a few sprinkles along the coast but you can see the stronger radar return, the oranges and reds to the north. from the east bay hills camera, the backdrop for the day planner, we are waking up in the upper 60s -- upper 50s to mid-60s. low-to-upper 60s again and move into the south bay this evening. with low-to-mid 60s. winds are 10 to 24 miles per hour if you headed through the east bay hills. alexis? >> the cameras are shaking around in the breeze this morning. not hook too bad in the bay bridge toll plaza, and when you make it to the bridge it i


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