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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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the rain is back and there's going to be a lot of it. you can see the rain moving across the bay area and a few drops right now you see there on our lens there, the golden gate bridge as you see traffic moving. but get ready, it's going to be a messy commute tonight. good afternoon and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm larry beil. as predicted, it's wet. the concern about flooding where the vegetation was burned away.
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laura anthony is with christian spencer and we'll look at the forecast. >> ama, as you pointed out, it's wet and it's going to get wetter in the season. we have a ring around san francisco right now. we have south of san francisco, moving on to the peninsula across the santa cruz mountains over to san mateo, east bay, fremont and livermore and byron we have rain. it's a little misty around san francisco but a steadier rain hasn't hit the city. here's our forecast animation starting at 4:00 p.m. we see the rain become much more widespread and heavy downpours. overnight, the entire area will be blanketed by rain. this storm for tonight and
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tomorrow ranks as a roads are wet as the storms move through the bay area. laura anthony is live in san rafael where people are concerned about a different danger. laura? >> reporter: here in marin county, it started raining light knee. as we heard from spencer, this is where there was a fatal tree failure last weekend in san rafael. a 77-year-old man was killed when part of a eucalyptus tree
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fell on him while gardening in his backyard last saturday. there are plenty of trees that are stressed after five years of drought in the bay area. we spoke with the san rafael arborist who said they are received calls from around where the man was killed last weekend asking them to check out their trees before the next round of rain moves in. >> we've gotten about three or four calls so far from this neighborhood. >> reporter: what are they concerned about? >> about the eucalyptus trees. some people actually didn't know about it but most are concerned about their eucs. >> reporter: of course, there's some other concerns related to these storms as they move through, the wind being one of them. here in san rafael, though, folks in many cases we talked with looking forward to the rain and, in fact, they have outfitted both themselves and their pets for these next few days of rainy weather.
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we will have more for you on that tonight on abc 7 news at 5:00. live in san rafael, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> many trees are weak because of the drought so they are at risk for dropping large limbs. our partners spotted this cypress that dropped a 20-foot branch. crews also removed a downed limb on the schrader street path. you can download our abc 7 news app which gives you access to doppler 7 so you can see what is going on in the bay area. let's check in overseas in italy where two powerful earthquakes hit only hours apart yesterday. they hit just 50 miles north of the area where a quake killed nearly 300 people back in august.
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jennifer has a closer look at the damage. >> reporter: central italy rocked by two powerful earthquakes toppling buildings. the first quake, 5.5 magnitude and then just two hours later, a more powerful 6.1. terrified residents were running into the streets, over 100 aftershocks throughout the night. several buildings collapsing in the town of camarino. rescue crews searching around the clock searching for anyone who may still be trapped. huge boulders were blocking roads. this church collapsed into rubble already weakened by the 6.2 earthquake in late august in the same region that killed nearly 300 people. daylight brought the first assessments and extensive damage across the picturesque and mountainous terrain. some residents have been moved to shelters. several people suffered from light injuries but so far
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officials say there are no deaths. residents say because of that deadly august quake, just 12 miles from here, lives were saved and people were already out of their homes when that second tremor hit. the chp is investigating the shooting death of a hispanic man hit on a roadway. officers responded to hilltop drive around 12:30 a.m. after a call that the body was discovered in the road. the man in his 30s had been shot several times. the chp is asking anyone with information to call the golden gate division. the tiny enclave of piedmont in alameda county is suffering the worst rash of robberies in decades. >> eric thomas is live at the police departmnt with more. eric? >> many of these were armed
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robberies and happened in piedmont which is surrounded by the city of oakland and police feel it may have to do with gang activity there. folks want to know what is being done to stop. the affluent town of piedmont is where people ride their bikes and parents push strollers. a handful of families have experienced something like this. >> he rang my bell and i said what do you want and he looked startled, took a couple steps back. >> reporter: josie, who does not want her face shown, lives on this quiet street and is describing what happened to her monday afternoon. again i said, what do you want? and he said, rang the wrong bell and then took off. >> reporter: she and police believe the man was trying to set her up for a robbery, perhaps a home invasion. >> we presently, up to this point, have had 14 robberies, three of which have been home invasions. >> reporter: that's the most robberies in piedmont in a decade, eclipsing the 13
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recorded in 2013. some victims had been held at gunpoint. >> one of these we immediately did was put a lot of overtime officers out on the street. >> reporter: the chief says that's paid off with arrests in three cases, including the latest home invasion last week. she says other communities are seeing an uptick in robberies. she put up this update to counter rumors but some rumors are still worried, like renee whose home was invaded three years ago. >> the biggest fear, if they came in the house, i would have a heart attack. >> we're doing everything possible to catch these people. >> reporter: there are eight suspects in custody and police say they have good leads in several of the other cases. in piedmont, eric thomas, abc 7 news. coast guard is being credited with a big cocaine bust off central america in september. this is coast guard individual kbroe showing crew members boarding a self-propelled
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semisubmersable allegedly carrying the drugs. five people were arrested. the cocaine is worth more than $73 million. marine researchers are on a san mateo beach trying to figure out what killed a blue whale that washed up yesterday. they began taking tissue samples. it was most likely killed by a ship or sharks. >> well, after three days of headaches at dmvs across the state, things are getting back to normal. a massive computer glitch took longer than expected to fix. as of right now, 184 out of 188 facilities statewide are operational. you can't currently register your car at the concord dmv and san jose is still experiencing some issues.
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officials say this was a hardware failure and the computers were not hacked. coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00, big layoffs were announced at twitter and it's the end of the line for a popular twitter app. this is what it looks like. another apple launch today. updates to the mac. what else did they talk about? we'll show you what is new coming up. we told you about the irs phone scam. now the u.s. justice department is cracking down. take a live look at the afternoon commute on a rainy drive home. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge and traffic on the left-hand side, as you can see, very heavy as people head back to the east bay and the san mateo birth shrouded in fog. visibility is severely limited. back with more on
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hundreds of people are about to lose their jobs. they are trimming their workforce by 9%.
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that's about 350 people. most of the cuts will come from the marketing and sales department. the earnings report released today shows growth was flat which beat expectations. the company's poor performance has stalled its attempts to find a buyer. ceo jack dorsey released a statement saying we have a clear pla and we're making the necessary changes to ensure twitter is positioned for long-term growth. >> and twitter is cutting its relationship with vine in the coming months. the company said users will be notified so they will have some time to save their six-second looping video clips, many of which are funny. some took to twitter concerning their sadness. vine is being shut down. i'll make a video on this as it's part of what made me who i am today and "so sad to hear the news about vine. thankful for all of the friendship and experiences it brought into my life. i will always love you." mac sales may be down but apple is roaring back today with newly updated laptops that could
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provide sales. >> they were unveiled today in cupertino and that's where david louie is. david? >> reporter: engineers here at apple have come up with a way to make the key boards a lot more useful. you know, the numbers f1 to f12. apple picked a special week to unveil the new line of mac book pro laptops with new technology. >> this week marks the 25th anniversary of our first notebook. >> reporter: as happens with each update, this powerful 13 and 15-inch laptops have gotten lighter and thinner. apple has a touch bar made of retina glass which replaces special function keys. the bar illuminates the special functions for which you are using. it's been four years since the
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mac book pro has been updated. >> apple has lost share in the market because they have not been updating their macs as frequently as other people. it's time for them to make the upgrades. i think the touch bar will be interesting for a lot of people. >> reporter: apple is bringing touch i.d. to the laptop and you can use apple pay. >> having touch i.d. on the mac will help move that forward. they announced a couple of days ago there's hundreds of thousands of websites that allow it now. >> it starts with 1799 and 15-inch starts at 2399. analysts say the new laptops show apple is moving ahead even as others keep homing for a revolutionary device. >> is apple continuing to refine their innovations and such? yes. is it in big jumps like they did with the launch of the ipod and ipad? no. >> reporter: in cupertino, david
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louie, abc 7 news. one of the world's top sailors remains missing. >> kristen sze has this lost at sea story. >> reporter: this is 50-year-old chinese sailor who holds the world record for sailing around the world solo and is a national hero in china. nine days ago, he left san francisco. this is video put out by his racing team. he was trying to sale to shanghai in 20 days to claim a new record for crossing the the pacific on his own. but something happened. two days ago, his team lost contact with him. coast guard search crews have located his boat 700 miles west of hawaii. helicopters dropped rescuers onto the vessel. they found a broken sail, his personal belongings and his life jacket but no sign of the man.
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accomplished sailor, hog was one of the last to see him before he sailed away. he wanted to meet him after hearing about his accomplishments. >> he did the northeast passage, from the atlantic to the top of the arctic, russian arctic into the behring sea which hadn't been done before. he was rapidly becoming a well-known sailor. >> "we are devastated today and we hope that he is still safe." his team tweeted two theories for what might have happened. neither is encouraging. ama? >> thank you, kristen. things are looking a lot clearer, if not brighter, for residents with any insurance in one san francisco neighborhood. abc 7 news was in the tenderloin as people lined up for a free eye exam. prescription glasses were prepared on site in just hours.
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the free eye exams will continue to be offered until saturday. as you know, we've got a lot of rain coming. it's going to rain for six of the next seven days, something like that. we're going to rebrand you as storm spencer 7. >> i like that. >> i like it. >> storm spencer? >> i'll take it. it's a good title. in place of, say, rainman? >> he's an excellent driver. >> let me drive you crazy with this weather. rain is all around the bay area. it's not very heavy, for the most part, yet. but it will get heavier and more widespread into the evening hours. we have lots of wet pavement so the evening commute we expect to be a slow one and challenging one. here's a live view from our sutro tower camera. you can see how cloudy the skies are generally and it's rainy in some spots. current temperature readings, mid-to upper 60s, mountain view,
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gilroy, and then half moon bay, 58. there is rainfall at the moment but it won't last very long. temperatures in the low 60s from santa rosa, napa, novato, fairfield, 62 at livermore. a live view at sfo. at last reports, there were delays of 15 minutes. not very severe delays so far. moderate to heavy rainfall developing and expanding overnight. it will certainly be a wet commute tomorrow morning with the possibility of minor street flooding. wet weather continues. the current storm for tonight and tomorrow, storm impact scale of modern intense see. generally, half an inch of rainfall across the area. some areas receive more than that where 2 to 4 inches may fall. a slight chance of isolated thunder. we start the forecast animation right now at which point we start to see a wave of heavier rain moving on shore and it will become more widespread by 11
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check tonight. during the overnight hours, lots of pockets of heavy downpours. this area indicates heavier rainfall. pockets of red, very intense rainfall by 7:00 tomorrow morning, right in the middle of the morning rush. so it's certainly going to be a challenging morning commute. we go to mid-morning, late morning tomorrow and we see the rainfall breaking up into widely scattered showers and pockets of light rainfall. rainfall totals will be -- they will range from three-quarters of an inch to nearly .09. all areas will get a soaking from this storm. overnight lows, a bit on the mild side. generally right around 60 degrees or so and tomorrow's highs will not be very high at all. a range of low 60s at the coast to mid-60s around the bay and mid- and upper 60s inland but not much warmer than that. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. after tonight's and tomorrow's storm, we get a lighter storm in
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for the weekend. a storm of light intense see and we get a break on monday which is halloween. early trick-or-treaters will be trick-or-treating in dry conditions but a chance of late night showers on monday. another storm on tuesday and then cloudy, unsettled weather for wednesday and thursday. it's truly the rainy season. >> all right. thank you so much, spencer. all right. coming up, it's compact, cool but this little car is so much -- whoa. look at this thing. when it could be hitting the bay area. and one of the bay area's busiest freeways i
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george lucas has unveiled a museum he wants to build on treasure island. this is an artist's rendition of what the structure would look like in the middle of san francisco bay. lucas plans to fill it with story-telling imagery to invoke imagination. no word of when he will lock down the potential site. it will hopefully be the next step to help with the horrendous traffic. transportation agencies are getting together with the public to talk about the 101 managed lanes project. a couple of things are on the table, including a combination of changing existing hov lanes
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to express lanes so drivers can pay to use it and adding express lanes. the meeting starts at 6:00 tonight at san mateo city hall. take a look at this car. abc 7 news was at the meeting of the minds conference where toyota was showing off what it calls the i-road. this is a three-wheel electric concept car that can travel 30 miles on one charge. top speed is 37 miles an hour. looks kind of cool. there are two electric mothers based in the wheels. it's being tested in car-sharing in europe. >> wow. >> looks cool. >> yes, it does. coming up at 4:00, a frightening phone call. >> and if i didn't comply with his instructions, then law enforcement units would be at my house within 30 minutes.
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and now the people behind phone calls like that one are under arrest. the crackdown on the scam that's cost millions. plus, the time's up for protesters in north dakota. arrests for people protesting. what they say is a dangerous pipeline. and the sandbags are ready. are you? how long these storms will stick around.
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my mom marnie and then she died life. of lung cancer. so i have a personal interest in helping prevent smoking. i'm tom steyer, the co-chair of the yes on 56 campaign. every year, nearly 17,000 california kids start smoking. a third of them will die from their addiction. tobacco taxes reduce youth smoking. please. vote yes on prop 56. if we can save even a few lives, it's worth it.
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here's what's making headlines at 4:30. wikileaks has just released a new batch of e-mails. we'll be live from washington, d.c., in a few minutes but the new issue of those e-mails are creating. then at 5:00, melanie woodrow talks to the victims of taxpayer money as part of a controversial program to help former criminals turn their life around. also at 5:00, chris nguyen found this repairman fixing a tire in the santa cruz mountains. he's expecting a business knee
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night because of the rain. we're tracking that storm on live doppler 7. you can see the rain as sky 7 flew through the storm in the east way. alyssa harrington is live in san francisco where people are stocking up on sandbags and really for good reasons eelissa? >> reporter: we're in one of san francisco's problem areas where sometimes it does flood. so the city is keeping a close eye on this area. in fact, we just saw one of those vacuum trucks drive by that cleans out gutters and sewers to make sure that the rain drains properly. another rainy october day in the bay area with the heaviest showers on the way. utility crews spent the day preparing for what mother nature has on store. they have extra crews out. >> we worry about trees toppling over and taking down our power lines. that's why we have tree crews
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out making sure that doesn't happen. >> reporter: they are set with extra poles, cable wires and transformers in the case of an outage. she recommends keeping food and flashlights on hand. meanwhile, san francisco's public works is giving out free sandbags. >> they have had some flooding issues in the past. we work with them to try to get barriers out there when we can. >> reporter: one of those areas along 17th, flood barriers could go up if there's enough rain. >> this is the second rain this month that we've been preparing for. we've had crews out the last couple of days who are going to clear the catch basins. that's one of our big things. if you get the leaves and litter out of the storm drains, it's going to minimize the chance of localized flooding. >> rachel gordon says it would be great for people at home to pitch in, grab a broom and keep the area around storm drains clear. city crews actually came right here to this area and passed out sandbags to different businesses and residents to prepare them
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for the storm. reporting live in san francisco, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> you can always get information on our abc 7 news app. weather is our top story right now. you can look at live doppler 7 and get weather alerts. download the app. it's free and so easy to use. get push alerts, too. an effort is under way in north dakota to push protesters away from a controversial pipeline. >> authorities used nonlethal methods to clear protesters. >> members of the group set fire to a bridge as well as two tires left on a highway. the group of about 200 people have been occupying land slated for the controversial pipeline since sunday. 61 people, including a man in oakland, are being charged in a scam that crosses international lines.
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>> 7 on your side michael finney warns you about fake calls coming from the irs. the irs will never, ever call you. >> yeah. you're going to get something in the mail, most likely. lauren lister has the report. >> reporter: first there's the phone calls. >> they gave me a number of money that i was owing in back taxes and if i didn't comply with his instructions, that law enforcement units would be at my house within 30 minutes to arrest me. >> reporter: on the other end of the line, a man claiming to be an officer from the irs giving a badge number and demanding money immediately. joseph, a california retired federal service employee who asked to have his identity obscured, said he was under the spell and within days was out $25,000. one of thousands scammed this way. others threatened with
4:35 pm
deportation. >> for nearly four years, this criminal network used a variety of schemes to trick frightened individuals over the phone by tapping into their worst fears. >> scammers told christine law enforcement was going to show up at her work the next day if she didn't pay nearly $7,000 in purported tax debt related to her cancer treatment. >> i said, you're dealing with a cancer victim here. there's got to be some level of grace, you know, for this. but there wasn't. >> reporter: she paid up and once she realized she was conned -- >> i just absolutely couldn't believe it. >> reporter: officials say if you get one of these calls, it's not the u.s. government. the government never calls and demands immediate payments like this. do not pay. report it to law enforcement. and the "san francisco chronicle" reports at least seven people here in the bay area fell victim to these scammers.
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sures m. hayward paid the most, $136,000 and one in santa clara, two in san jose and one in sunnyvale who paid $7600 after being threatened with deportation. amtrak settled claims in the philadelphia amtrak derailment last year. victims will have their and wards in june. the train was traveling at 102 miles per hour on a 50-mile-per-hour curve when it derailed last year. the man who police say is behind this video has been arrested. the charges that he's facing and what he says he originally wanted to do with trump's star. >> i'm spencer christian. we're looking at raindrops atop mt. tam. i'll have the forecast coming
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up. and that rain is going to be affecting the commute. right now, a live look at 101 through san rafael. that's your southbound traffic moving better than your northbound on the left-hand side. stay with
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we are in the middle of a soggy thursday. you can see the rain moving through the bay area. that's the green on the screen from live doppler 7. spencer will be a i long in a
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few minutes with the latest on the forecast. well, just one rainy weekend separates us from halloween. >> natasha latest. >> have you ever wanted to be in a michael jackson "thriller" flash mob? this weekend you'll get your chance. ♪ he's so good, right? time to get your classic zombie on. you can get a virtual tutorial and then you can perform with them on thursday. "thriller" will blast through the speakers and then you'll have your moment on sunday at 3:00 p.m. it's a good time to go to the zoo. animals are hiding out in jack-o-lanterns. celebrating boo at the zoo on saturday and sunday. come in costume and trick-or-treat. at 11:00 a.m., there's a contest
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with judges. three, two, one. >> if wearing your costume and doing some good sounds fun, head to mad dash 5k at golden gate park. lots of food trucks will be there. all proceeds benefit the nursery school on sunday at 9:30 a.m. if you want any more info, go to natasha zouves, abc 7. rain is falling all around the bay area. so this is what we're looking at. flash flood watches in effect through tomorrow morning and there could be debris flows in
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that region. meanwhile, an eye on the rainy forecast. tomorrow, highs from low 60s to mid- and upper 60s. most of tomorrow's rain will come in the morning hours and we'll see a little bit of breakup of the rain in the afternoon. and on we go to our next storm. i've shown you the forecast animation. at noon on saturday, our weekend storm comes in. this will rank 1 on the storm impact scale. a storm of light intensity but it's still going to be quite messy as we get into the storm. rain becoming more widespread and continuing into the day on sunday. widespread rain, generally light. it could be moderate or moderately heavy at times. here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. a storm of moderate intensity. followed up by the weekend storm which ranks 1. a little bit of a break on monday. rain could develop late monday
4:43 pm
night and on tuesday, another storm ranking 1 on the impact scale. storm after storm after storm. >> it's nice because we've been dry. >> we have been. >> thanks, spencer. >> yep. still ahead at 4:00, two first ladies take the stage together. this is more of hillary clinton's leaked e-mails that have become public. plus, the secret to a longer life could be in your garden.
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los angeles police arrested a man who destroyed donald trump's star of fame. otis will be charged with felony vandalism. he was going to remove the star and auction it off. with less than two weeks to go until election day, the two candidates are pulling out all of the stops as they try to mobilize voters in key swing states. >> lana has more now.
4:47 pm
lana? >> reporter: the campaign are pulling out the best surrogates in the coming days. we just learned from the white house that president obama intends to be on the trail nearly every single day next week. for the first time in this political campaign, two first ladies take to the stage together. michelle obama campaigning alongside hillary clinton. >> seriously, is there anyone else more inspiring than michelle obama? >> reporter: many believe with her vitality, mrs. obama is her strongest advocate in the final days of this election. >> among the many real privileges i've had is to see the president and the first lady dance. and obama brought her support to north carolina. >> we have never had a more qualified and prepared candidate for president than our friend hillary clinton. >> reporter: the poll shows this
4:48 pm
race is only getting tighter. trump gaining on clinton, she now leads just by six points. another batch of hacked e-mails were released by wikileaks by clinton's long-time aides. abc has not been able to verify the e-mails. these efforts called bill clinton, inc. despite the u.s. intelligence committee determining the wikileaks hacks came from russian officials trying to interfere in the election. >> just imagine what they will do given the chance to once again control the oval office. and we've had enough. honestly, i think we've had enough of the clintons. >> donald trump also pointed at the wikileaks documents and said that it was proof of the clintons', he said, corruption. hillary clinton and mrs. obama
4:49 pm
pointed to the fact that they like to go high, as they say. reporting live from washington, lana zak, abc 7 news. >> what is the campaign saying about the latest wikileaks release? >> ama, just moments ago, the campaign said they would not be commenting on any of the specifics of what was involved in all of those documents. however, now they are kind of making a different point. they said that all of the disclosures in the financial forms that the clintons filed, both hillary clinton and bill clinton, indicated that every donation were public and made that contrast saying that donald trump, he himself has not released his tax returns so we don't know what is going on with his financials. larry, ama? >> lana, thank you. we have a valuable tool at our website to help you prepare for election day.
4:50 pm
click on the your voice, your vote election guide. a new poll shows president obama's approval rating is now at the highest level ever. the cnn orc poll shows 55% of americans approve of the job the president is doing. only bill clinton had that high of an approval rating at 57%. moving on to today's wellness report, could a drug eventually prevent the onset of alzheimer's? and your garden can be a key to a longer life. here's jane king. >> reporter: a new study suggests that a drug that works like statins against cholesterol might also work against alzheimer's. a team of scientists found that in animals these statins stopped the build-up of a toxic protein that makes the brain vulnerable to degeneration. it's early in the study but they hope they can use the clues found here to prevent early
4:51 pm
events that lead to alzheimer's disease later on. the ticket to a long life may be your ticket to a potent variety of rosemary and residents live to 100 and older and are less likely to develop diseases and they have exceptional brain function. scientists at san diego say rosemary is one reason for that. yes, there's a way to be mindful when carving a pumpkin. when you're carving a pumpkin, be present, engaged and really observe the pumpkin, its size, height and weight and when you're done, appreciate the work. abc 7 at 4:00 continues. the pigeons are really smart and they get used to a fake owl
4:52 pm
or spikes very quickly. new effort -- the new effort to scare pigeons away from a shopping center in walnut creek. the hawks that are now on the job. kristen has a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> larry and ama, thanks. coming up next, a broadcast first for espn. how a bay area high school football team is making history. what will soon be outlawed next spring. and mobile money. 7 on your side, michael finney on the
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here is tonight's primetime line-up. grey's anatomy followed by notorious and how to get away with murder. there have been serious measures to make sure that 19-year-old has been taken away from the habits that caused so
4:56 pm
much controversy. dan noyes has more information at 11:00. shoppers at a walnut creek shopping center are shocked to learn that two hawks soaring overhead are new employees. >> scary, right? >> yeah. >> their job is to dive bomb some unwanted visitors. >> reporter: in this concrete canyon between nordstrom and macy's, tk rules the roost. this hawk is more at home in the deserts of arizona but here the hawk is stalking pigeons. they are really smart and get used to a fake old or spikes very quickly and what you're trying to do doesn't work anymore. the pigeons will almost never get used to a live, wild raptor flying around. so a veteran pigeon chaser tk is
4:57 pm
on patrol three days a week along with a rookie who gets easily distracted. >> he's only focused on me and how to get the quail that is in my pocket. >> that's right. they eat quails, not pigeons. it's hard to spot a pigeon anywhere in the shopping center they are so good at their job. >> this is the first time we're using it as part of our bird abatement and exclusion program. >> shoppers at first are intimidated by the hawk birds. >> i'm afraid of birds. >> i was wondering what he was doing here. >> reporter: look at those eyes. tk is quite the charmer. everyone is stopping to admire the new hawks that have been on patrol for three months. other raptors are working at vineyards, luxury hotels and even dumps to chase away the guls. in walnut creek, leslie
4:58 pm
brinkley, abc 7. >> thank you for
4:59 pm
in the south bay, slick roads make for tough going in the bay area. >> in marin county, they are worried after one collapsed and killed a neighbor that more trees will come down. in the east bay, a family sees their son's accused killer for the first time. a program that pays young men not to commit crimes needs to be shut down. plus, a coast guard crew finds tons of drugs. and a local football team making history right now. now at 5:00, from a drizzle to a drenching, drivers are forced to slow down in richmond.
5:00 pm
>> pg&e has extra crews working to take care of power outages. >> it could be a very long night in the santa cruz mountains where mudslides are a major concern and the loma fire burn zone. >> let's head to marin county. this is a look from our mt. tam camera. you can see the lens is quite wet with droplets there and lots of rain from high up there. the rain we're seeing right now is just the beginning. good evening, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm dan ashley. abc 7 was in piedmont where steady rain is falling this afternoon. drivers used their windshield wipers and people had their umbrellas out. >> we began our team coverage with meteorologist sandhya patel. >> the system has stalled out but we're seeing the showers light in intensity. i'll close in where we're seeing the wet weather around pacifica, rollins boulevard around burlingame as we


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