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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. >> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> 5:00 a.m. on the dot. hope you had a great night. it is now tuesday, we are in november. november 1. i am natasha zouves. >> i saw people coming in their costume on the streets. >> yes. >> i am reggie aqui with mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith and jessica castro. good morning, jessica.
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>> now, shady on this side of the desk. mike? >> hello, let me bring in the sunshine. we will have to wait until the afternoon. good morning, everyone. still tracking the left over showers. they are near discovery bay and brentwood to stockton and through the altamont pass and patterson pass road. here is a look at 87 in san jose, where it just rained. 50 to 56, not bad, we are 60 to 62 and dry by noon. mostly sunny, 60 to 66 this afternoon, the day planner. the morning commute? >> wet roads in the south bay, bay bridge toll plaza is looking dry right now. no metering lights, with a crash not blocking westbound 580 near greenville road in the altamont pass area. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is up to 45 minutes and westbound 4 from antioch to concord is okay, and southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is in the yellow at 19 minutes.
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the collision on the traffic maps is next. >> back to the live desk. >> jessica is tracking a terrible bus crash in baltimore. >> yes, we can confirm five people are dead in the m.t.a. school bus crash in baltimore with images from our affiliate in baltimore. we have five people dead, up from the three i mentioned earlier. you can see the front of the school bus crashed into the side of a metro bus and there are fire trucks there, numerous ambulances, we have learned it happened at 6:30 local time and that is when people were starting to go to work. it could have been too early for school time. there are still no confirmation on whether kids were on board. i will keep an eye on the investigation and let you know when we have new information on the developing story. >> it looks terrible. thank you. >> a week to election day and
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many of you are choosing whether you want to legalize recreational pot. >> many cities are rating to figure out how to keep the sales out of the area or let them. our reporter is in san jose this morning. matt? >> you, at home, can decide with your vote on november 7 whether you want to legalize recreational marijuana use in california. today, the city council in san jose inside the city council chambers will do something that will buy them time so they can have a long-term plan. it is called an urgency ordinance passing proposition 64 legal rising marijuana for those 21 and older and designate state agencies to license and regulate the industry. the city manager and attorney wrote to the city council that this ordinance would make it explicitly clear to budding entrepreneurs that commercial recreational marijuana activities are not allowed in san jose. the ordinance would confirm nonmedical marijuana is restricted to six living plants
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and nonmedical marijuana cannot be grown outdoors. the city wants to make sure the proposition, if passed, would not create the same issues medical marijuana created when it was legalized with dispensaries popping up around san jose. the regular season in the city council starts at 1:30. now, donald trump hopes the f.b.i. pot latest investigation gets him a come-from-behind win. hillary clinton said there is no case. here is reaction from both sides about another e-mail investigation. >> we hit the motherlode. >> donald trump crisscrossing michigan was celebrating. >> i never like you an ten. thank you. i never like you but thank you. >> thanking anthony weeper for his role in a sexting scandal with an underage girl. the computer shared by his wife, lieu -- huma.
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her e-mails prompted the probe. clinton sounding defiant. >> there is no case here. >> other democrats taking it further. senator leahy, the ranking democrat on the judiciary committee, saying the justice department's response to their questions for clarification were disappointing and inadequate and arguing the timing of the f.b.i. announcement toledo widespread confusion and up fair speculation. >> hillary clinton's campaign manager criticized the any tie -- f.b.i. director arguing he would not bring forward information about russian hacks because it what too close to the election. a hot topic is voting fraud. today, district attorney gascon and the director of san francisco's department of elections will talk about what though are doing to fight it launching what they cull public education campaign in height were awareness and reduce illegal behavior. >> now the massive fire that wiped out an oakland apartment
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building under construction, can you see the massive flames burning and, also, what is left behind: the shell. we brought it to you yesterday right here. we were over the scene shortly after it break out at 5:00 a.m. we have learned the owner is facing legal charges or legal trouble. the previous tenants who lived in the original building filed the lawsuit claiming the owner started construction while they were still live there. they say he cut off their utilities and chased them out. the attorney calls the fire "highly suspicious." the cause is "under investigation." >> police in the central valley hope you can help find two missing girls who officers fear are in danger. the 11-year-old and her 12-year-old sister were reported missing yesterday. the detectives say they are with their mother, and the martinez sisters are not said why they could be in danger.
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this morning the f.b.i. is looking for this woman called the head band bandit, suspected of robbing a wells fargo in san francisco's laurel heights neighborhood and earned the nickname because she is wearing a head band. investigators say she threatened a teller with a weapon thursday afternoon. the teller handed over cash and police are not say how much money she get away with. >> police have arrested two men accused of beating a disable homeless man to death in san francisco. surveillance video from 2014 shows men attacking the 67-year-old homeless man sleeping in front of a business. investigators have revealed they charged the 21-year-old in september and he was already in custody for another crime in idaho and the new charge was kept quiet while they looked for the second suspect and arrested 21-year-old david peters in stockton facing murder, robbery, elder abuse and mayhem charges. >> supervisors will look at a proposal to increase the minimum
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wage for certain workers. marin county's current minimum wage law applies to those who are doing business with the county, and right new workers get at least $11.730 an hour with health differents and $13.35 if not factoring in what it confidents to live in an area until the workers make $15 a an hour. >> your accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning, oakland and alameda and san leandro, this is where we are seeing a nice shower. you can see foothill boulevard and 880, 580, and harbor bay parkway and oak park. in san francisco, you can see it is dry. if you commute, watch out for morning showers and the showers overnight are still slick. if you are doing yard work, it is still going to be soggy for a day or two.
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if you are on the water, height breezes. san jose has rain rolling through, and 87 near the shark tank, and, slick, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s and we sprinkle in the 70s in the south bay, east bay, inland east bay tomorrow, and we had the peninsula and the north by to the 70s but we keep san francisco back in the 60s on thursday with another warm day in the forecast before our next storm arrived this weekend. that is coming up in the seven-day forecast. how is the commute? >> soggy. we have had several incidents. live doppler hd is on our traffic map, nothing too heavy but a vehicle that went east road and is halfway up the hill before greenville road. we have onlooker delay. using our speed indication tool, you are down to 17 miles per hour. approaching the 580 and 205 merge. rain pushed through the stretch. that must have something to do with it. ace run delay has a switch
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problem. they are delayed outside right now and no train is moving. ace three is leaving on time to get to the bottom the switch problem. the california national guard is scrambling to do right by thousands of troops caught in bonus scandal. >> rain
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>> investigators are trying to figure out if a man was dead when two vehicles hit him in concord. one vehicle was a fess cruiser. it happened yesterday morning. the pedestrian was near the concord pavilion when a van struck him and then a police officer on an unrelated call ran over the man. sky 7 shows the schedule to the van and the police car after they were towed. the contra costa county d.a. is helping in the investigation. >> the california national guard is saying they cannot find thousands of veterans who accepted reenlistment bonuses. office has not been able to contact 4,000 of the 9,000 veterans. 15,000 dollar bonuses were improperly given to soldiers a decade ago at the height of the iraq and afghanistan wars. defense of defense told the pentagon to stop asking for the soldiers to repay the bonuses saying the process is unfair.
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>> now the mass shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando, chilling new insight into the shooting that left 49 people dead in june. audio tapes of the scales between a police negotiator and the gunman mateen were just released. >> you are speaking --. [ inaudible ] tell me what you did, police. >> you know what i d >> i am trying to figure out how you say to get this involved. i am not a politician or government just helping individuals. i will start with helping you. >> at negotiator spoke with mateen flee time over the course of two hours. during the time, police came up with a plan to bust through one of the club walls freeing some of the hostages and ending the massacre. mateen was killed in a shoot out. >> a tearful testimony from the ex-wife of a georgia man charged with murder after their toddler died in a hot s.u.v.
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>> he are the details. >> in the "first look," the most compelling testimony the jury have heard, agreeing with the lawyers, his ex-wife and mother of the child he is accused of intentionally killing is coming to his defense. [ inaudible ] >> she was brought to tears remembering the moment she learned her son cooper had died after he was left in the hot s.u.v. outside her husband's atlanta office. >> cooper was the sweetest little boy. >> he is charged with murder and pled not guilty. the two divorced but she said he was a good dad and her son's did was an accident. >> at only thing that went through my mind a remote possibility. >> we will have weighing in at 7:00 a.m. with the "first look," from atlanta.
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>> happening today, the start of the official no burn season in san francisco's ocean beach. that means no more recreational fires. this is part of the winter "spare the air" season when it reaches unhealthy levels and allows crews to clean old fire pits. >> trick-or-treaters braved the rain in the name of...candy. it was cold. wet. and miserable for kids in san rafael. treats were given away and there was a drop in visitors. >> it has been a lot of fun kids excited to be out and we have to keep the fun going on. >> it is cold. >> freezing. >> but we got a lost -- lot of candy. >> that is all that matters right? >> pretty much. >> a up cough the girls throwing on the batman t-shirt and called eight day. >> many favorites say they want
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to cheer up the neighbors who decorated so much, put on the slickers and get out the umbrellas. >> i remember trick-or-treating when i was little and this happens from time to time with the downpour, and you still have to do it. >> that happens, rain or shine. >> would you rather have rain or snow? >> my kids trick or treated in snow once, in minneapolis. it was brutal. i was stressed because i knew 101 corridor would be wet the entire evening. what is wet now, san bruno, about to hit s.u.v. and crystal springs road. you can see 101, airport access, huntington avenue, getting wet. you can see we are going to have height showers although the no one line is pushing through, the light showers continue through 8:00. today, sunshine runs this afternoon and isolated chance of
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a shower, coolest night is ahead with 30s in the againest valleys and weekend inform is likely. 41 in santa rosa, petaluma is the area, you and rohnert park flirt with the upper 30s and the rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 40s until oakland and san francisco at 50. storm-impact scale for saturday into sunday is "1" and light, damp areas on sunday morning, .25" to .5" of rain is possible. all of saturday is dry and on 2:00 to 9:00 sunday morning we have wet weather. the seven-day forecast shows the 70s will be out of forecast for sunday, but monday they return as it dries. alexis? >> good morning, mike, a look at our traffic maps, a little bit of light rain as mike has been explaining, so i have live doppler hd on continue of our traffic maps, and looking at heavy traffic, westbound 580 before greenville road we have a vehicle that went 30' east roadway, and they are upright
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and everyone is okay but we have emergency responders this and they are blocking the left lane on the eastbound side, with in lanes blocked on the westbound side and we have delays. it is heavy coming from tracy. early crash through the maze, westbound 580 to eastbound 80, all clear and it was slick an hour ago and it is drying out. ace one is moving again with an early mechanical problem and they have departed from the area at 27 minutes behind schedule. ace three should leave in seven minutes. >> next traffic update is before 5:30. >> tonight, millions of us shared same bad habit that could ham your work and more: multitasking using your phone, car, computer and more at the same time. researchers say you think can you do it all but your brain cannot. >> with each of the switches, this is a loss of the high resolution of the information.
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>> tonight, how to break the multitasking habit. >> a new study focusing on women who have surgery for breast cancer, researchers dismiss that breast reconstruction is not as good an option in older women as it is for younger patients. they say age alone should not disqualify a woman from having the surgery. the study published in the journal of america oncology showing breast reconstruction provided benefits expected to provide for body image and age did not significantly affect complications. >> cash uses will get more cashews is going to go up 22%.
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space. >> halloween at white house, the 80s hit had the president and first lady moving on the dance
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>> here's the seven things you need to know. jessica? >> breaking news from the live desk. five people are dead. a school bus and commuter bus crashes in baltimore, maryland, two hours ago. still no confirmation on whether any kids were on board. >> two, san jose and san francisco and oakland and livermore and santa rosa, all official reporting stations, look at percent of normal, 100 to 400% for october. now we are starting november with scattered light showers. can you see them on live doppler hd. >> three, of course we have wet pavement. not too many incidents on the roads but a couple of issues with mass transit. ace one was out half an hour
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behind schedule and we got word the golden gate ferry is canceled from san francisco to lark spurs. no reason given. >> four, the owner of this oakland apartment build that caught fire yesterday morning was facing a lawsuit. previous tenants claim he started construction while they were still living there. their attorney is calling the fire "highly suspicious." >> halloween tragedy in mississippi. two children and an adult were killed after a trailer carrying trick-or-treaters crashed into a truck. police say this morning they were all members of the same family. >> six, with a week to go to election day, donald trump is now leading hillary clinton in a news poll. he is up by one point in the first lead since may. >> open enrollment for cover california, expect to see your health insurance go up for 2017 with more than a million in california getting health care through the state exchange. >> nasa said the new system to track asteroids is showing
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promise, the commuter program is tested in pasadena. scientists say it successfully tracked an asteroid that zoomed beyond the earth last night at a distance of 300,000 miles. nasa said by spotting the threats early, they will hopefully some day be able to have enough time to stop them and prevent catastrophic damage. >> another elimination on "dancing with the stars" and this time, an olympian is out. >> ryan and cheryl. >> he laugh add pretty long time. ryan voted off the competition saying he is not too disappointed because he started out as the worst and he is proud of what he accomplished. the highest score in the individual round indy race car driver is so good and surprisingly graceful if you have not watched the show you need to watch the season. i'm a fan. "dancing with the stars" is next
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monday right here. ♪ thriller >> thrilling night at the white house, the president and first lady danced to the michael jackson classic language side -- long side a flash mob. i need to see the president do "thriller." they handed out goodies to confident tomb -- costumed parents. >> a great moment, commander in chief meeting the man of steel for a great twitter pick. >> a full 90 minutes of news including the important day for those who are voting by mail in election day. >> the reason interim san francisco police chief chaplin is threatening to investigate his department. >> 5:26 this morning. stay
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i've never liked marijuana. but i'm voting yes on prop 64 to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over.
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it has important safeguards for families, like strict product labeling and child-proof packaging of all marijuana products. and banning edibles that would appeal to a child. raising a teenager, that regulated system makes a lot more sense than what we have now. plus, 64 taxes marijuana to fund priorities like after-school programs. personally, marijuana's not for me. but my mind's made up. i'm voting yes on 64.
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good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> good morning to you, on tuesday the first day of november. i am reggie aqui. >> a week away from the election. i am natasha zouves and jessica castro is here and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco. you caused rage on a couple of trick-or-treaters. >> i caused the rain? >> you caused the rain. >> well that is the breaking news. you bring good weather? >> yes, brighter and more dry after the morning showers. the north bay i was stressed out with a lot of rain up there. washington avenue and over to 238, 880 and 5 80's, we have a light shower. and the southern part of the santa clara valley, we morgan hill where it is wet. san rafael is dry. we are start off in the 50s and under united states in the
5:30 am
low-to-mid 60s under sunny sky. any accidents this morning? alexis? alexis: quite a few overnight and now we are okay through the bay bridge toll plaza but the metering lights will be flipped on. if you are trying to get out of the central valley, before greenville road, beyond the altamont pass we had a vehicle going 30' east road and they have the far left lane blocked on the eastbound side, but heavy out of tracy. we will check the drive time in less than 10 minutes. >> we are starting our news this jessica at the live desk. >> terrible accident involving a school bus back east. >> a tell accident in the past five minutes we have learned that there were no kids on board the school bus. unfortunately, though, the death tom has again up now to six people. at least six people dead in the crash 20 a school bus and a commuter bus in baltimore, maryland, we have been tracking it all morning. it may have been a chain
5:31 am
reaction crash. another vehicle down the road, a ford mustang, damaged. you can see in the images coming in it was the front of the school bus that crashed into the side of a metro bus two hours ago as people were starting their work days. police are expected to hold a briefing shortly and i will monitor that. >> thank you for the update the massive flames in oakland could be seen miles away and an entire 41 unit complex under construction was destroyed. >> we have learned the owner was facing legal troubles before the fire break out. we will get more information from our news supporter, amy hollyfield. >> good morning, the property is under litigation. the attorney bringing the case thinks in his opinion that makes this fire suspicious. the apartment complex was under construction. it wasn't set to open until next year.
5:32 am
firefighters have not figured out what starts the fire and have not said if they think arrest on is a possibility. the people who used to live here say the owner started construction before they moved out and they are suing. the owner's son said they have good intentions with the construction. >> we are try to turn the neighborhood into something that everyone enjoys and licks and we have worked with the neighbors and we know men of the neighbors and we are very sorry to see them standing outside and having been evacuated. trying our best to make sure these things don't happen. >> the huge fire started at 5:00 yesterday morning on lester avenue in oakland of the no one was hurt. the three people living next door were displaced. firefighters are still worried the building could come latch. there is a section of the street still blocked off this morning just in case it happened. firefighters are still watching
5:33 am
over the building. it rains but they have concerns that it could possible flare-up again. if you have our news app you are among the first to know of the fire yesterday morning. we kept viewers updated with information including road closures and power outages as it burned. to get alerted for breaking news download our free news app and enable the push alerts. >> two young girls are recovering after being hit by a truck while trick or treating in santa rosa. they were crossing the streets with two adults and hit we near raindance way. the young early girl was not hurt but the older girl lost consciousness but was alert and talking when taken to the hospital. request see how hard it was raining. police have future said with was to blame but drugs and alcohol were not involved and the driver is cooperating. >> pacifica police are look for a man who tried it kidnap a young girl while walking down
5:34 am
the street at 4:30. the man pulled up in a car. he honked. he yelled "get in," and she would not and he tried to force her in the car and she republican away. he was driving a black volkswagen with a texas license plate. >> we are in the hope stretch best election and a just released we poll shows something that hasn't happened since may: donald trump is now ahead. the poll has donald trump with one-point lead over hillary clinton. more if news for donald trump the file has not found a clear link between the presidential candidate and russia. the f.b.i. said it is moving ahead with the investigation into the private e-mail server and focusing on e-mails from lieu -- from huma, a top aide of hillary clinton. >> cnn was uncomfortable with hacked e-mails showing donna
5:35 am
brazile showed we questions with the hick before the primary difficult bait. she was suspended as a contributor to cnn and abc, but cnn said they never gave her information ahead. >> we are a week away from the deadline to vote early. the best bet is to drop it off in person. >> we have a valuable tool to get ready for election day, click on or your voice guide putting your address and you will get a comprehensive resource showing the candidates and the measures on your local ballot. >> facebook will find out governor they are going through the 58 expansion in menlo park. the city council will vote on the project tonight and the planning commission unanimously approved the proposal last month. the expanse would add 200 room hotel and two more office
5:36 am
buildings leading to 6,500 jobs and called for 1,500 units of corporate housing including changes to the general plan being discussed. >> a new report finds uber and lyft drivers are profiling african-american passengers. stanford researchers went to boston and seattle to request rides and they say when they used an african-american sounding name the ride was canceled at twice the normal rate. the findings do not surprise him but they are hurtful. >> that is not how technology should work, it should bring us together as a people. we that is the part i look forward to. uber drivers have to accept a fee before they see the name, but lyft drivers see the name the san francisco police
5:37 am
commission is expected to pick their finalists for the new police chief according to the "san francisco examiner" the top three candidates could be chosen tonight. community leaders in chinatown want mayor lee to have more choices and they believe an asian-american should be in the running. the commission said they have been reaching out to various communities in the city. >> the "san francisco examiner" reports interim chief toney chaplin threatened to investigate the department over a leak to the press. this is in response to the details of a scathing justice department report of the san francisco police department released on october 12. the "san francisco examiner" said what he warns dozens of people in the department after a story with the details of the review was published before the release. >> a long 24 hours for passengers who returned tobecause of a problem with a plane. they are back in the air this morning and united flight 990 was headed to paris and a mechanical issue popped up over idaho. the flight turned around and came all the way back toand
5:38 am
passengerred were put on another plan. we just tracked the flight and it is over greenland and still hour hours from paris. united did not say what the issue was. >> the forecast with mike nicco. >> still activity and i have treat level around the san mateo bridge to belmont, beach park boulevard and 280, a light shower in the middle of the san mateo bridge. the peninsula temperatures from 52 at menlo park and woodside to san bruno at 58 and most of us at 54 and 55, and dress for the same in the south bay, and san francisco is 58, and same in napa and santa rosa is 5 and san ramon and livermore, at 54. headed through the day with the increasing sunshine, it will be cool again, mainly mid-to-upper 60s. towards tomorrow, we are going to start off in the 40s but we will warm into the mid-60s and a few 70s and look at the 70s becoming more dominant as we head to thursday before
5:39 am
normal temperatures with another storm rolling in this weekend. 30% chance of rain on saturday and 50% chance on sunday. the san mateo bridge shows it is inning. right if you. be careful. alexis? >> good morning, another look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is dry. this is a spot that has not seen a shower for some time and we have the metering lights on. maybe a couple of minutes later than usual and we will take it. 101 and 880, a soggy spot, half an hour ago and it is dry out, and as mike explained a few lingering showers but looking dry. >> westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 59 minutes in the red, and that is due to a crash near greenville roadblocking a lane on the eastbound side but we have we onlooking delay westbound. southbound 680 in the green dublin to mission boulevard at 18 minutes and northbound 85 between 101 and cupertino at 16
5:40 am
minutes. possibly a new problem in the south by in less than 10 minutes. >> another deficit in the sierra lamar murder trial, how lawyers for the man accused of killing the teen want to use her father's crinal natural record as part of their defense. >> man
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5:42 am
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abc7 morning, all news all morning 789 >> fresno county sheriff will reveal details of how a deputy died in a shooting shot accidentally while on cut. this happened yesterday at a business park near fresno's yosemite international airport. paramedics rushed the deputy to a hospital where he was pronounce dead. >> a deadly gas pipeline explosion in alabama. one person died, five others were hurt. can you see the flames shooting into the sky in shelby county. it happened as the crew was work on the pipeline, the explosion sparked a small wildfire, as well. this happened a mile away from where the pipeline leaked last month. that rupture led to gas short averages across the south. >> we have new details in the care of sierra lamar the teen two vanished in 12. the against attorneys in the case want to include her father's molestation record in the trial. they say it would support their argument that the teen ran away.
5:44 am
the mercury news said in 2009 steve lamar pleaded no contest to molesting her friends during sleepovers at his home. the 22-year-old garcia-torres is charged with the murder with the trial starting january 3. >> bill cosby is expected in court and his lawyers plan on making some of his accuseers take memory tests saying their memories are not reliable because they are in their senior years. he has pre-trial hearing in an hour at 6:00 a.m. and that is in 15 minutes for charges of drugging and molesting a former temple university employee in 2004. the tones will challenge the claims by 13 women, there are 60 accusers in all. >> in the north bay, city council will decide on an emergency rent moratorium, with the cap at 3% a year. that is if four out of city council members approve it in affect right away for 45 days.
5:45 am
supports say they want to protect vulnerable residents from being priced out of their hems >> the united states postal service is adding jobs in the east bay to dress an issue many of you may have noticed: delivery delays. some postal workers are working well beyond 6:00 p.m. for make sure they get all of the mail delivered and the usps will make up for the 65,000 daily stops. they are short of staff and there is more mail. >> done done has shortchanging day bear employees and now it these pay up. the "los angeles times" reports that several restaurants, including here in san francisco, miscalculated employee pay and denied them overtime. this is the first time a federal judge has allowed a group to sue a company for violations that happened at their franchise stores. if the federal judge approved it 800 workers would get $2 million. >> a major route in yosemite and closed and you can see why: a
5:46 am
rock fall came down on highway 140 inside the park and you can see how big the boulders are, the closure is in place from the pack backgroundry to the cascades picnic area through the rest of the day. call ahead before heading up highway 140. >> some of you of will wake up to wet roads. where do we see it now? >> back to the slap h -- back to the slab, i need some granite. >> we have a light show moving through danville and san ramon, so the middle school area is getting wet this morning but the creek that runs next to you, do not worry about it rising anymore. if you take crow canyon boulevard through to the cut through at castro valley you will run into more rain on 580 rolling through this. you can see there are a few light showers behind the system and that is the case keeping it wet at the richmond-san rafael
5:47 am
bridge toll plaza and here on the bay bridge with the winds from the northwest at 14 miles per hour, and isolated shower this afternoon, clear and cool, and patchy fog and warming to friday until the next storm with storm-impact scale not going away, this is going light, light showers, damp areas for the morning drive on sunday, and up to quarter to half an inch possible and you can see it comes in at 2:00 in the morning, and it exits at 10:00 in the morning, and it will leave .25" in the south bay to .5" in the north bay. enjoy the sunshine and warmer both through saturday. >> good morning, we have a couple of crash on the board, a couple new ones but, first, one this has been blocking for a little while, get out of the central valley, westbound 580, around greenville road, a vehicle went 30' east roadway and we have quite a bit onlooker delay with the fire accident on the scene blocking left lane on the eastbound side, nothing blocked on the westbound said, but we are at solid hour there.
5:48 am
if you leave tracy area. a new problem in the south bay, southbound 101 beyond tully road multi-car crash blocking two left lanes and delays inbound, the northbound side. wet pavement out there as well, at mike explained we have a if you lingering light showers, and a look at the golden gate bridge, no delays but a few puddles and a couple of problems with mass transit. >> now, an update from abc7 mornings. >> i want to tell what you is happening right now on the keep a worker strike in philadelphia that has crippled the morning commute, buses, trolls and subways, all are stopped. 500,000 people are impacted. 5,000 union workers struck at midnight after negotiations went sour. the transportation authority there released a statement expressing disappointments that they decided to go through with the strike. it is happen right new in
5:49 am
philadelphia. we will keep an eye on the situation as the morning commute unfolds. that is the latest. reggie and natasha? >> the reason a lawyer believes draymond green's bart ad is illegal. >> brand new patch offering hope to millions of kids suffering from
5:50 am
5:51 am
>> fremont police have arrested two people accused of five armed robberies near the bart station since late september. officers say 24-year-old bradley gentry and 18-year-old lewis, both of agreement, pointed handguns and demanded cash.
5:52 am
police have increased patrols ad they spotted the two and record evidence limping them to all five robberies. >> facebook could change censorship policies after 70 groups asked them to clarify policies for removing content on facebook, accusing them of censors human rights images pertaining to police violence. an executive said they will allow more content that people find news woredly and important to public interest. >> a six year old boy has died after rare mysterious disease now spreading in washington state. we ramirez was one of eight children being treated at seattle children's hospital for a disease that is baffling medical staff. he is the only one to die so far. the first grader's parents spoke to ourization in seattle saying their son went to the hospital with cold symptoms and dizzyness. >> treated him like regular cold.
5:53 am
>> that is when it got worse. he was paralyzed in a few hours and never recovered. it could be a rare virus known as acute flaccid myleititis, and the health department is examining the case. >> cientists want did fight peanut allergies with peanuts with a skin patch that 1s small doses of peanut protein to help build upible communities. half of the people who used it for a year could tolerate small amounts of peanuts, working well ages four to 11. it could work on other allergies, as well. all the results of a study are call the strongest evidence of a link between bedtime use of electronic devices and sleepy kids. researchers reviewed 20 studies involving children and teens and found those with access to tablets and smart phones at night do not get enough sleep and are more sleepy in the day
5:54 am
no matter whether they use the device. two-thirds of teens leave a device on while sleeping in bid. >> coffee drinkers listen up, do you remember when you had your first cup? a new report finds americans are becoming junkies of coffee at a young age as supplies tighten. the demand is at a record high because of millennials. those 18- to 24-drink the most and make up 44% of the coffee judge shun and it is starting earlier. younger kids start at age 14. and older kids began at 17. >> one coffee drinker is mike nicco. >> i do drink it at work. although i don't think of myself as a coffee drink. label me, i guess.
5:55 am
>> live doppler hd is tracking the storm moving from san mateo to san carlos and redwood city and you can see on edgewood road, and now the lows, a lot of 40s out there, and even in our deepest we could have upper 30s in the valley. in san francisco we will talk about that as we look ahead to what will happen when we get into november. alexis? >> good morning, you were talking about the light showers and one came across the san mateo bridge not too long ago with a few drops on the camera lens at foster city. golden gate ferry has a few service disruptions, 6:20 a.m. from san francisco to larkspur is canceled. 7:30, the heavier ones are 45 minute crossings so plan ahead. we have changes with san francisco bay ferry and i will stalk about those at 6:00.
5:56 am
>> new research suggests oil drilling may have trigger add devastating earthquake in california decades ago. the u.s. geological survey combed through reports and identified several earthquakes in the 1920's and 30s they think were caused by drilling. it includes the 1933, 6.4 centered in long beach that killed 100 people and caused more than $50 million in damage. if this is confirmed it would be the first time oil operations have been linked to a deadly earthquake in the united states. >> scary situation for 87-year-old driver in new mexico. this car is on fire. deborah spear is behind the wheel of the car. she is okay because of a police officer in santa fe who helped her. he captured the video on his body camera. she did not notice the flames until the officer started yelling at her to get out. sh was drive on a flat tire to see her doctor when the sparks ignited the front of the car.
5:57 am
>> heroes that stopped a terrorist attack on a much from train and now a group from sacramento is going for $1 million. the three we heroes took down an ative shooter on a train to paris last summer. this week, they are taking on something more trivial "who wants to be a millionaire," right here on abc7 right after our midday newscast. hope they get far. >> next at 6:00 we have new audio of the pulse nightclub shooter from inside of the we club and we will hear part of his chilling conversation with an emergency operator. all the move to regulate recreational marijuana if approved by voters. >> i am monitoring live images from baltimore, maryland after a school bus and commuter bus
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> where you live this is abc7 mornings. it is now 6:00 a.m., welcome to november. how does it feel? >> good morning, jessica castro and mike nicco. and to natasha zouves. >> and alexis smith. >> yes, alexis is here. >> good morning, guys. mike, let's talk. there are wet roads this morning. >> can we share that with everyone else? love talking with you. i want to talk to the other folks, danville and san ramon and dublin, into hayward, 238, 680 is wet and another good shower headed to menlo park. richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, there are puddles, at 50 to 56 through 7:00 with showers tapering to sunny in the afternoon and low-to-mid 60s.


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