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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 2, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm PDT

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it's november 2nd, time for great viral videos "right this minute." a guy who may have had too much to drink stumbles towards some tracks and decides -- >> it would be a great idea to take a nap. >> see how an angel tries to save him from an eternal sleep. >> got to go. >> elephants stick together to cross a river until -- >> uh-oh, lost my footing. >> the moment the herd rallies to save the baby in the middle. a bride dazzles in a dress costing -- >> $633,000. >> why the couple who cut this cake probably don't need a new toaster. >> it's just so over the top. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle bring the best from the web, including more
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halloween videos just posted like this jeanne in a bottle. >> he even created his own magic carpet. >> why the only thing missing is the magic part. >> oh! >> reports say that the man in this video may have been drunk, based on this man you see here wobbling very close to those railroad tracks. >> with the lights blinking, i'm sure there will be a bell going off, as well. >> so drunk my head is ringing like crazy. ding, ding, ding. make it stop. >> yeah, and that's probably why he thought it would be a great idea to take a nap right there on the tracks, because he falls down and stops moving. and so the driver gets out of the vehicle, running over to this wobbly man, tries to wake him up. you see him. >> kicks him.
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>> got to go. >> yes. the guy eventually grabs the man, pulls him out of the way, as the train passes by. >> the man who jumped out of his car to save the other person on the tracks is to be commended, because he put himself on the line to save that person. >> now, from that incident to this very unfortunate one in china. keep an eye on the woman on the right of the screen that's chosen to take the stairs. >> oh, oh, oh! the whole way! >> the whole way. >> you just see her ankles turning, like, multiple times. >> she does start moving as this security man runs over to her and people do come to her aid. >> saw how it happened. just on that second step, kind of caught her heel and did it all wrong. >> yeah, but reports say that she may have been on her cell phone.
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fortunately, you see that medics arrived quite quickly. >> looks like she didn't lose her call either. >> still on the phone. >> fortunately, she's going to be just fine, although she is pretty banged up. when you're an elephant and you're in danger, you don't have to worry if you're the smallest one in the herd, because somebody's going to come help you. smallest one right there. elephant nature park in thailand, and they are crossing the swiftly moving river. uh-oh, lost my footing. and boom. like dominos, one falls, they bump into each other, the baby gets pushed around. guess what, mom, nanny, everybody else come to the rescue. >> takes a village, right? they all come in and surround the baby like a huddle. >> shows the intelligence, they work together as a team, really understand danger, as well, for the baby. >> look how cute it is. i'm okay, i'm okay. i can keep up now. >> i'm fine. >> also getting attention, this
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sweet little calf. this video comes to us from the david sheldrick wildlife trust. this video was actually captured in october of last year, but they just released it online. they say she was undernourished but when they were called in, you can see all the people in the village overcome with love. they all wanted to see her off and watch as she was loaded up into this plane. >> that's got to be the most random feeling for a wild animal, get into a plane and fly. >> may have been odd, but she was completely relaxed. she was head butted, they took their hand away, hey, like your dog, hey, don't stop. >> although this video was captured a year ago, you can see her nowadays and even a year later they say she's still small for her age because as soon as they thought she was ready to be fostered, something would happen with her health and they'd have to keep her, but they believe with all the care she's given, eventually she will be able to be returned to the wild and become a mama herself.
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these two fellas, because it's 2016, there's cameras all over the joint, duh. here they are rummaging around the house, you hear them asking about a safe. well, they found the safe in an upstairs bedroom. >> looks directly into the camera. they are going to have them by the short and curlies. >> exactly. not only do they look directly into the camera, they say the names. all the evidence is right here on camera. >> hey, i haven't seen you since i came to your house. >> yeah. like when we robbed the other houses, you remember on october 16th? >> these two have got to be some of the silliest robbers i've seen. as funny as this is, it's not funny to the home owners, because they did get away with the safe. they put the safe in a trash bin so they could get it down the stairs, into the car, and inside the safe were some watches and some cash. the next video also takes make
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in australia, features another robbery, but it's not funny at all. this camera picks this action up off in the distance. 57-year-old woman, and you see a man walk up behind her, snatches her purse, and slams her to the ground. >> look at this disgusting human being. >> so good, though, look at her go. >> from what we know, this is the only footage they have to go on. she was taken to the hospital with cuts and bruises to her legs and arms. >> situational awareness, no matter where you are, how old you are, what you have going on, be aware of what's going on around you. it's the best thing you can do for yourself. brendan brown who watches in dallas is our latest winner in the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you could win, too. all you need is wednesday's buzz word, be at least 21 years of age, and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> "rtm" buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> i don't have any children of
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my own -- >> that you know of. >> that i know of, so i missed this special moment in life. >> what we have here is a very large rifle on a very large range, and down range is a target. the target is full of colored powder. either blue or pink. see where this is going, the whole family has gathered, mommy, daddy, daughter, and young son. so far the score is 1-1. girls to boys. that's about to change. let's find out which way it's going to go. first shot misses. >> it's a girl. >> a girl. >> dad's outnumbered now. two ladies in the house. >> congratulations go out to the 704 tactical family. >> what if guns aren't your thing? golf balls may be more towards your interest. they like the golf ball. >> is this also a reveal? >> sure is. >> twins!
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>> oh! >> twin boys coming to the family. >> nick calderone children he doesn't know about, feel free to call us and let us know. >> i'm easy to find. >> eyebrows are a dead give away. things outside the club get shocking when -- >> bang! >> oh! >> look at this, it's like fireworks. >> see what led to the explosive mishap. and mike combines his love of music and whiskey to make -- >> custom hand made. >> see how they come together in perfect harmony. >> of course!
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these videos are blowing up. from outside a club and you see this guy right here, he came outside, has an electronic cigarette. he's a manager of the club milling around, people are coming inside, no problem, but this is where the video gets a little bit surprising and quite shocking. bang! look at this. it's like some fireworks gone off in his pocket. you can see the fire caught on his jacket, as well. that's exactly it, battery from his e-cigarette malfunctioned. you see how big it was. >> his entire pocket is sparking. >> exactly. wasn't without cost. in this news report, jacket actually melted on to his finger as he was trying to get it out. look at this, second-degree burns, as well, to his torso. all by a malfunctioning battery. >> to india for our next video posted to twitter. you can see as it kicks off, it
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looks like one of the shots is in a bit of trouble. i should probably mention this is one of the biggest fire cracker markets around. if you're thinking that it can't get any worse, it gets significantly worse. now it looks like this entire row is in trouble. fire cracker starts spreading and as bigger fireworks start going off, it just becomes a cacophony of sound and smoke. one big domino effect making its way around the corner. >> you can see now the buildings closest to where they are videoing from also start catching fire. >> did anybody lose their lives? >> luckily, nobody was killed in this incident, though 200 shots and 40 vehicles were destroyed. >> you guys have the greatest ideas. >> yeah! >> damn right we do. >> and they never turn out right. >> sometimes they do. >> oh, no, nick!
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>> do it. do it. >> this first clip viral video uk, these fellows are revving up their engines. >> wait, wait. honestly, i think the rapture is going to give way, drive straight into that pool. >> i'll let you watch. >> oh! >> so much better than i thought. >> that's a win. >> he goes right over the net and clears the pool. knocks over half the wall, though. here's the problem, now the yard is flooding. >> that's okay. they needed to drain it anyway. brilliant. yes! >> don't beat yourself too hard yet, fellas, the next video didn't turn out so well. this is eric. he works with my cousin cale, and this was his halloween costume. he's a genie in a bottle. here he is rolling around the office, but there comes a point
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you get too big for your britches. >> oh! >> that just happened. the magic trick that really takes the cake. >> how'd they do that? >> yeah. >> how'd that happen? >> next "right this minute". and still to come, lavish doesn't even begin to describe this wedding. >> it's just so over the top. >> i do want a bite, though. >> why the price tag on the dress alone is enough to make your jaw drop. >> shopping. >> plus, we'll reveal wednesday's buzz word for your shot to win an ipad mini.
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desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. he has his guitar shop. mike loves guitars and whiskey. >> we're about to begin a build for guitar. >> yeah. >> oh, cool. >> mike takes old whiskey barrels, these, from piers lions reserve and begins crafting, working with his hands. takes his passion for music and whiskey and begins to make custom, handmade guitars. >> that is absolutely artisanal. >> when you want a musical instrument, you want something truly original. that's what these guys provide. >> drains the barrel. even scrapes out some of the leftover muck and uses that as part of the stain to finish the
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guitar. this video put together by michelle michael. she's a photo journalist and telling the story. bourbon barrel guitar company, listen to these things sing. >> how much? because i know someone that needs this. >> these are custom made to order guitars, so there isn't a specific price. if you're interested in getting one, e-mail mike and he will build one for you, but there's some really unique touches. handmade touches, the inlays in the neck of the guitar are all made out of clay. >> on the back side of the neck itself is a penny. >> look at that. >> add a couple of touches of the whiskey, rubs it in with the bottom of the barrel to stain it, and my favorite part of this whole guitar, talk about custom. >> coolest piece of this. >> what? >> of course! >> then the appropriate thing to do is put a little back.
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>> oh, hey. >> need stuff. the cost of this wedding in russia just under $633,000. >> cheap. >> cheap. >> we've seen some hollywood weddings go into the millions. >> except i was speaking of only the dress. >> it's okay, she's going to wear it numerous -- no, she's not. she's going to wear it once. >> thank you very much for such beautiful moment. >> is she a princess of some sort? >> no, she is the daughter of an oil tycoon, though. >> the new royalty. it's the new oil-ty. >> oil-garchy. >> it's so over the top. >> i want a bite of the cake, though. it looks zlishs. >> it's going to taste like cake. give me some more numbers.
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do we know how much the cake costs or how much this entire ridiculous affair costs? >> a lot. >> that's what i thought. >> we don't know the entire cost of the whole wedding, but apparently her bachelorette party was flying her girlfriends in a private jet to spain and spend some quality time there dancing. in fact, there is another video of a performance here, very well choreographed. >> this is part of the wedding? >> i believe this is a performer, one of the performers at her wedding. >> that's what love looks like, ladies and gentlemen. >> where do you get these people? >> your present is my presence. >> buy me something. >> you don't need anything. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years of age, and a legal
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resident of the u.s. or canada. >> then head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both, and you can enter on each every day. >> let's give you wednesday's buzz word, it is solar. >> go over to and enter the buzz word, solar. >> later this week we're also going to be having a bonus give away day where someone will walk away with a flat screen tv. good luck, everybody. revealing the seven worst ways to break up with someone. >> maybe if my dishwashing skills aren't good enough for you, maybe i'm not. >> watch and see which style you might have tried. >> i've actually done this. >> you've done it, too? >> it was really me. i couldn't get past it
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you. >> if you have oily skin, don't use the vaseline. >> no. next video takes me back to a traumatic time. believe it or not, i was handed a note, written on it, must have been love, but it's over now. that's right, i was dumped with lyrics. you think that would be the worst way to do it, but no. the guys from just another production production have put together a list of even worst ways. >> i'm glad you're over it. >> i'm so over it. the first one -- i think it might be genius if it works. >> jason is going to break up with you and you're going to be
3:27 pm
100% cool with it and not get mad. >> not get mad. >> brilliant! sublimin subliminal! >> one important thing. >> you're not going to change. >> you're cut off. >> the next one, very popular nowadays, ghosting. >> best two weeks of my life. >> i know, it's amazing. >> she takes it too literally. >> i planned for you to meet my entire family on saturday. >> oh! >> babe? >> exactly. now, have any of you guys got the classic, it's not you, it's me? they are meaning the opposite, they are saying, just be direct. >> it's not me, it's you. >> don't you mean it's not you, it's me? >> this next one is an absolute classic used by men and women alike. >> hey, babe, is this dish clean or dirty? >> maybe if my dishwashing
3:28 pm
skills aren't good enough for you, maybe i'm not. >> that's the biggest sucker move, find any excuse to start an argument. this next one is the sort of approach that a sixth grader would use. >> if what is -- >> i'm sorry, but -- >> i got this. >> i'm more here as an official breakup liaison. >> like when you're a kid and you have the things from the girl across the playground, nick, nick, nick. opposite. >> feels the relationship has kind of come to a close. >> could be involved in getting negotiations out of the way, too. >> we could talk about friends with benefits on the table. >> don't scowl at me. i didn't make the video. the last one is an absolute win-win in my opinion, except it kind of goes on, but it's a bit too naughty for television, so if you want to see it, go to, click on tv show, or use our mobile app. hope you enjoyed our show.
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see you on the next "right this minute". it's an all new show today "right this minute." a young punk is stopped by a man who -- >> is 84 years old. >> but see why the hero then got read the riot act by his wife. >> looky who popped out of the garbage bin. >> bear is like, huh? >> what happens when a cub strays way off course. in a car parked on a freeway, a cop discovers a strange sight. >> i am mystified. >> the crazy story behind a married couple's standoff. >> i think it's time for a split. >> plus, the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. a dog trying to pick the presidential election with tennis balls. >> why must i be involved with this? >> and a husband in the shower
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when suddenly -- >> so not civil. >> see the psycho surprise his wife has in store. >> so many times we see something happening, we think why doesn't somebody do something? and these videos somebody does. start in chile. here we are in an indoor mall. watch this woman, that kid, he takes something from him. she says, police, police, starts to run away. >> the old cafeteria trick. >> went down, though. >> the man who tripped that robber is 84 years old. he's knocked to the ground and knocked unconscious. >> wow. >> he stuck his leg out and the guy hit it, spun him around, bonked his head on the floor. >> what happened to the young punk, though? >> the young punk did not get away. people jumped in and stopped the kid. 15 years old. he was with his mother.


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