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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon and thank you for joining us today. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. >> i'm larry beil. kevin durant faces his old team for the first time as oklahoma city comes to town. we'll hear from durant as well as his new arch rival, russell westbrook. >> we begin with the incredible saga of the leaning tower in san francisco, the sinking skyscraper in downtown san francisco. >> today the city said that they are suing the developers of the
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tower saying they committed fraud. >> vick lee is live with details on this incredibly fast-moving stor story. vic? >> reporter: it is indeed. they want monetary damages for the homeowner saying they were defrauded. in real estate transactions, there's something called full disclosure. in other words, you've got to disclose everything wrong with your property before you sell it or the city attorney says the developers, they broke the law. >> this morning, my office filed a lawsuit against the developer of the millennium tower. >> reporter: this 58-story downtown high rise which has unexpectedly sunk 16 inches and tilted two inches to the northwest. you saw our test previously, this golf rolling down the 42nd floor unit towards the direction the building is leaning. >> it's upsetting but it's also
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encouraging that the city is stepping up and taking this action. >> reporter: city attorney dennis hererra charges that mission street development defrauded the homeowners. mission street development is an affiliate that was created to develop the project. herera says they knew about the sinking problem a year before the luxury units went up for sale. >> yet, they went ahead and sold condominiums for a handsome profit without telling the buyers about the situation even though they were legally required to disclose it. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor launched hearings on the tower's settlement problems. >> it's high time that millennium be held accountable for defrauding the residents. >> millennium partners' response was, "the city attorney's action today is an effort to duck its responsibilities and avoid paying for the harm caused by
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tjpa." developers maintain that the tower sinking was caused when the ground level dropped when the tjpa drilled a nearby tunnel in its transit construction project. vic lee, abc 7 news. a body was found in a shallow grave on a college campus next to a parking lot at sonoma state university. wayne freedman is there. wayne? >> reporter: only in the last few minutes have the investigators finally been able to pull the body out and bring it to a coroner's van that has not yet left. we still don't know much about the person that was found. we know at this point, just confirmed a few moments ago, the subject is a male. we don't know what age. we don't know anything else, only that the body was partially buried and caked in mud.
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it's been a stressful day here at sonoma state university. after the longest of nights, a grim task on what would otherwise be the most beautiful of fall mornings. >> my only thought is schools are supposed to be your safe places, right? >> reporter: a landscaper found the body some 200 feet from a busy parking lot on the campus of sonoma state university. as investigators look for clues, the sheriff's deputy would not identify the victim's sex or age, only that the body is relatively fresh and partially buried near a creek. >> part of the body is sticking up out of the ground and -- but as far as the clothing and whether they are face-down or face-up, it's hard to tell. >> what portion is sticking out? >> part of the head. >> reporter: no one has been reported missing from sonoma state university. at least one person came here out of a concern for a missing local friend but he did not want to comment on camera.
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>> we'll check our missing person's database and match up the physical description. we will try to match up the physical description to the missing person's report. >> reporter: meantime, we have the darkest of contrast, a peaceful college campus that felt so safe until it didn't anymore. >> it's scary to be alone and i walk near the creek that's just out here all the time and there was a body found right here. >> reporter: wayne freedman, abc 7 news. sky 7 was over arroyo park. there is a suspicious death that occurred there. san jose police have identified the man suspected of killing a popular college instructor. eddie ruiz was arrested for murder on october 7th but kept it quiet. today, they have enough evidence to charge him.
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ruiz shot and killed david mogland in late july. this shows him near willow and first straight. he talk economics at foothill college in los altos hills. a renowned local chef is in trouble with the law. michael chiarello has been arrested for dui and possession of a controlled substance. a spokesperson issued a statement saying that chiarello is embarrassed for the arrest but disputes the charges against him. okay. we have calm weather conditions but rough seas. the weather is lovely right now. it's mild and calm. but wave heights are growing because of a storm up in the gulf of alaska. check out the wave heights along
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the central coast, 10 feet at bodego bay. a high surf advisory in effect until 5:00 in the morning. meanwhile, this is a view of a calm sky with just a few wispy cirrus clouds. it's 70 degrees in san francisco. 71 in oakland. 73 in san jose and half moon bay. 76 in gilroy. this is a view of the sky from mt. tam. 73 right now in santa rosa. novato, 70. fairfield, 70. 71 in concord. livermore, 68 degrees. we have more mild weather coming our way but there is rain in the forecast which i'll reveal in a few minutes. dan? >> we're really on a roll with the rain. spencer, thank you. let's look at the wild waves that spencer mentioned. this a live look at ocean beach. you can see the waves off in the distance. matt keller was along the coast
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today looking for those big waves. >> reporter: surfers anticipating a big day were disappointed with the size of the waves. >> all of the reports are saying that the buoys were way off the charts. expected to see something. so, yeah. >> reporter: farther north, a different story. stanford law professor hit the 10 to 12-foot waves before heading to campus. >> it was a lot of fun. big ones were sneaking through from time to time. big drops. guys having a good time out there. >> reporter: good news, surfers, the swells that could bring waves 20 feet and higher isn't going away any time soon. are you excited? giddy? >> really excited. it means everything is working. the crowds get small because it's too big for everybody. >> reporter: big surf can cause big problems. fishermen are being told to avoid rocks and jetties.
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if you're walking on beach boulevard in pa scifica, don't what i did last january or you could get nailed. >> got nailed! >> reporter: my phone is still drying out 11 months later. as for the big waves, they are expected to last through the weekend. at ocean beach, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> the abc 7 news app is a great way to track the conditions along our coastline or your weather no matter where you live. download it and get breaking news updates on your phone or tablet. residents in one east bay neighborhood are upset about the way pg&e is doing pipeline safety work. abc 7 was on high eagle road in alamo as pine trees were being cut down. that infuriated residents as they were told they would save the trees. they are inspecting a major gas line and got permission from
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property owners to clear those trees. neighbors say they may seek a court injunction to stop the tree cutting. there was a celebration of sorts in berkeley today. >> this filing marks the end of the government's interference. >> they claim to be the oldest medical marijuana dispensary in the station and the fear of being shut down is now gone. they were shocked in 2011 when the justice department threatened to take action against their landlord. sources say it put the dispensary in jeopardy. >> hopefully we've set a precedent here where the justice department will not attempt to engage in this kinds of conduct against other dispensaries and we ask them to please come and work with us. >> abc 7 news has called the justice department about the
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matter. they haven't called back. coming up at 4:00, the countdown to election day is on. >> both sides are leaning on some of their best-known supporters. we saw melania trump on the road alone for the first time in the campaign. [cheers and applause ] did you see this game? the world series champion cubs are back home now. big heroes. just ahead, the plans for the big celebration in chi town. i'm larry beil live at oracle arena. how will kevin durant react when he sees his old teammates from oklahoma city and gets ready to face them as the enemy? we'll hear from k.d., coming up. and on this thursday, this is the san mateo bridge. moving nicely in both directions although it's slower on the left-hand side. the traffic coming towards us is your
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the curse is reversed. the chicago cubs won the world series in dramatic fashion last night. >> and the celebration has lasted long into today and it
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will continue tomorrow with a championship parade. >> it's expected to be one of the largest public celebrations in city history, potentially drawing millions of fans. here's abc news reporter ryan burrow. >> reporter: the new world series champions arrived at wrigley field this morning after flying home from cleveland. >> the cubs won the world series! >> reporter: it was a victory 108 years in the making. the chicago cubs defying the odds and beating the cleveland indians in game seven of the world series. >> i cried. i cried like a little kid. >> to be a part of this is definitely a blessing. >> chicago, i love you! thank you! thanks for all the love! we're world champs, baby, yeah! >> reporter: the world to victory was tort rouse holding a 3-1 lead, but the indians
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rallied with three runs in the eighth inning, including a game tieing-two home runs as cleveland started to celebrate but the cubs regrouped after the 17-minute rain delay they pushed two runs across in the tenth inning. led by the most valuable player, ben zobrist, the indians wouldn't give up but fell short to end the longest championship drought in baseball history. chicago erupting overnight, thousands of fans celebrating, soaking up the win that's been in the making for over a century. ryan burrow, abc news, chicago. >> and one twitter user is getting a lot of credit for predicting very specifically this world series game seven back in 2014.
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on november 4th, 2014, twitter user made an impressive prediction that in the 2016 world series, the cubs would face the indians and game seven would go into extra innings. he also tweeted #apocalypse but hopefully that part is not true. so far, anyway. >> that's funny. for all of those cubs fans who skipped work because of the win, the team's got you covered. they tweeted out excuse notes for all fans excusing them from work, class, pretty much from all responsibilities. what fun it was. >> definitely. larry beil is live today at oracle arena because the warriors are hoping for a big win tonight. >> it's a great game, larry. what do you think about last night's game? >> reporter: it was amazing, dan. the cubs with all of the drama that they had and the long wait, interesting with all of the oakland a's involved playing with ben zobrist who ends up as
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the mvp, jon lester as well as the gmtheo epstein who did the same thing in boston when with the red sox, now he's the gm of the cubs and does the same thing there. they should just put his plaque into the baseball hall of fame immediately. a remarkable job in both of those cities and now it's time to celebrate. we go from the historical drama to the attention of the moment, which is tonight, the warriors and kevin durant against this old team from oklahoma city and we first looked at the schedule and thought, they are meeting in game five? it is on and it is on early. you know the story line. durant, a long-time member of the thunder and decides in the off season he's going to join the warriors who defeated okc and ended their season in the western conference finals last year. and k.d. admits he should have talked with his old teammate
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russell westbrook about the decision instead of merely sending him a text. they've been asked about their relationship constantly, incessantly. both are trying to insist this is just another game but nobody believes any of that and even draymond green says they have to say that but we know what is at stake here. it's going to be intense. and mike schuman's thoughts as he comes back to face his old team several times and it's a different kind of feeling. >> thanks, larry. >> good stuff. that's going to be great tonight. the first place raiders are set to face arguably their most meaningful game in a year on sunday night. serious progress has been made in the effort to keep the team in oakland but winning season is helping. sources say a term sheet submitted by a group led by ronnie lott is facing positive support by city leaders and both
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sides are optimistic. fyi, anybody who wants to go to the sold-out game against denver will have to dig deep. seconda seconda secondary tickets are about $200 a piece. >> a lot of exciting sports news. >> yes. weather is getting exciting, too, at least for my taste. >> yeah. >> here's a live look at doppler 7. another calm and mild day across the bay area. just doesn't feel like we normally expect november to feel but we're not complaining. we're not complaining. let's take a look at the drought monitor. conditions are improving up in northwestern california where you can see a wide portion of the state still under extreme to exceptional drought and severe drought conditions still prevail around much of the bay area. in the northwestern part of the state, we are drought-free. 12% of california is now
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drought-free and that region is growing. this is a few from our rooftop camera looking at the bay under mostly blue skies. this warming trend, which we are currently in, peaks tomorrow. we'll have above-average temperatures going into next week despite the approaching clouds. out on the town tonight, you'll encounter calm conditions, sunny skies after the sun sets and then after that plenty of stars. clear skies. all the way through the overnight period and we'll see temperatures, by the way, in the early morning hours, dropping down into the mid-40s once again, mid- and upper 40s in our inland valleys. those will be the coolest spots. right around the bay, we see low temperatures in the low 50s. and then tomorrow, under sunny skies, once again, we'll see highs ranging from about 70 at the coast to low and mid-70s around the bay and mid-to upper 70s in the warmest inland locations and here's our storm impact scale with which we ranked the intensity ranking
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from 1 to 5. a storm of light intensity and saturday night into sunday, best chance of showers in the north bay. and it will be moving out by midday on sunday. rainfall totals up to a tenth of an inch in the wettest locations. less than a tenth towards oakland and vallejo and vacaville. so here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. high temperatures in the mid-to upper 70s around the bay and inland. and then a slight chance of showers in the evening on saturday. still mild on saturday. we fall back to sunday morning showers which end by midday, probably. a few lingering clouds on sunday. your voice, your vote. election day tuesday, lovely weather conditions. no weather excuses. >> true. all right. thanks, spencer. coming up, a police officer honored for saving a woman's
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life by the side of the road and it was all
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a police officer in oklahoma is being credited with saving a woman's life. the whole thing was caught on his dash camera. that's jordan jones coming to the woman's aid. he had just pulled over her husband who was speeding to a local hospital because his wife
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was having a heart attack. officers kept the man calm but then performed cpr. >> we're trained to handle people who are emotionally distraught and you can't factor that into your judgment. >> jones performed cpr for several minutes. her pulse got stronger. they used a defibrillator to help her even more. she's expected to make a full recovery. traffic can be pretty bad here but worse than l.a.? a study says it's true. more than 5% of the silicon drivers are mega commuters, people who drive alone 90 minutes or more to work. los angeles has 4.6 mega commuters. marin economic consulting found 20% live in san francisco. 18%, alameda county and 13% travel from san joaquin county.
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coming up at 4:00, first for the trump campaign -- >> i've come here today to talk about my husband donald. >> both sides bring out the big guns. plus, the new technology that will make it easier for spencer to forecast the weather. it's being developed
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent.
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said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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here's what's making headlines at 4:30. authorities identified the body found on sonoma state campus yesterday but now we know it was a man. heavy equipment is being used as part of an extrication at the port of oakland. police and the fbi will only say they are looking for evidence in a 2004 homicide case. laura anthony will have the latest at melania was on the campaign trail today. she called on americans to, quote, find a better way to talk to each other. we're just five days away from the election and it's narrowed to both candidates think they
4:31 pm
will win. they will be campaigning every single day until tuesday. maggie has the story. >> the campaigns are gearing up. >> let's make sure that we both love trumps hate. >> we are just, can you believe this, five days away from the change that you've been waiting for your entire life. >> reporter: and both candidates are leaning heavily on their biggest supporters. hillary clinton backed by president obama. >> make no mistake, florida, all the progress we've made goes out the window if we don't win this election. >> reporter: and donald trump supported by his wife melania trump. >> i've come here today to talk about my husband. >> reporter: for the first time in the general election campaign she was back on the campaign trail. >> he has respect for america
4:32 pm
abroad. this is not an ordinary campaign. it is a movement. >> reporter: both candidates wrap up the day in north carolina. a key swing state that is locked in a tie. the national tracking poll shows clinton holding a two-point lead with 47 to trump's 45. while the race is neck-and-neck, many groups are more separated than ever. 22 points divide men and women. that's more than double the norm. and a 65-point gap between whites and nonwhites. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. >> both campaigns are pushing hard to the finish line. lyanne melendez is at a polling place with more on what they are focusing on. >> reporter: there is a good chance that hillary clinton will carry the state and trump because he believes that he
4:33 pm
won't win here. so for both, the fight is headed east of california. california has not really been a priority for the clinton campaign. with a sizeable lead over republican donald trump, the focus is on those battleground states. >> we're focusing on states like north carolina, arizona, nevada, colorado, all sorts of states that really could be the pivot point for the election. >> reporter: beginning this saturday, they will have extended hours from 6:00 in the morning until 9:00 at night. >> because the lines are going to be real long, i warn you. >> reporter: volunteers with the hillary clinton campaign are being told to vote early and have a plan. >> if you plan for something, it's more likely to happen and it's a really important election. >> reporter: they are also telling voters to make sure there are no mistakes on the mail-in ballot. that's because a 2014 uc davis study found that in the 2012 election, 69,000 mailed ballots
4:34 pm
in california were rejected for not arriving on time or for not being signed. >> wonderful. thank you so much for supporting mr. trump. >> reporter: the trump campaign says it has more than 800 volunteers in santa clara county. >> we're finding out if they are hillary, trump or undecided. >> reporter: that's a shift from a few months ago when trump's political director in california said they were focused on winning in the state rather than helping rally support in swing states. >> the strategy is basically we are doing whatever we can to get donald trump elected. >> reporter: for those who have already mailed in their ballot, there's a way to track it online to see if it has been counted. just go to your county election's office website. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. >> click the icon, your voice, your vote on our website. enter your address and get a comprehensive resource showing the candidates and measures on
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your local ballot. police in iowa say the man who ambushed two officers committed a cowardly act. greene has been charged with two counts of murder. they found his vehicle and the weapon he allegedly used in the shootings. >> one of our explosive detection dogs that was an atf, gift, essentially to us, to search out explosives, that dog was able to track a gun down in a place that no person would have probably found it. >> court documents show greene was recently found guilty of hitting and financially exploiting his mother. he was ordered to move out of her home just hours before the shootings. authorities say greene had a history of run-ins with police. opening statements got under way in the trial of the officer who fatly shot walter scott during a traffic stop in south carolina. lawyers for michael slater say he was on patrol and stopped
4:36 pm
scott for a nonfunctioning taillight. you may have seen this video. he claims scott escalated things quickly by trying to run away. he's facing 30 years to life if convicted for the april 2015 shooting death. >> one of the country's oldest mentoring organizations is launching a program to address the relationship between police and young people. big brothers, big sisters of america will begin its bigs in blue program in january. officers who volunteer will spend 30 minutes a week with children. well, still to come on abc 7 news at 4:00, san francisco is known for its fine dining and some can be more expensive than others. >> but how about a place with a $200 meal where you can't even sit down? we'll explain. >> and how about this view of the western sky from our emeryville camera? lovely weather. it will continue for a while. it will continue for a while. i'll have the forecast in i've never liked marijuana. but i'm voting yes on prop 64 to legalize marijuana for adults 21 and over. it has important safeguards for families,
4:37 pm
like strict product labeling and child-proof packaging of all marijuana products. and banning edibles that would appeal to a child. raising a teenager, that regulated system makes a lot more sense than what we have now. plus, 64 taxes marijuana to fund priorities like after-school programs. personally, marijuana's not for me. but my mind's made up. i'm voting yes on 64.
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so you're thinking, what fun things are there to do this weekend? >> jessica castro has some information for you. >> if you have 200 bucks laying around, it's from this new hole in the wall in the financial district opened less than a month. you cannot sit and you cannot see inside. two people come out and take your order. the sea urchent is a pretty
4:40 pm
penny. >> it's craze sdply. that's out of my budget. but i may get the chef's choice. >> you said. >> you'll miss it located at 303 sacramento. there are five options and they open around 11:00. the chsa museum reopens with a new exhibit on chinese-americans. the interactive display will now make san francisco its permanent home. don't miss a replica. commission for johnny can's restaurant in chinatown in the 1950s. they were found again in 2010. the museum owned some pieces and a private collector others.
4:41 pm
all of them will be on display saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00. don't miss discovery day at at&t park with 150 hands-on science exhibit for kids. the family event is part of the bay area science festival. for other weekend ideas, check out hoodline. there's a link on our website, i'm jessica castro, abc 7 sky are clear and highs in the upper 70s and up to or even above 70 degrees on the coast tomorrow. we do have rain approaching like showers on saturday night and sunday. this system ranks number one on our storm impact scale with light intensity producing light showers in the north bay and winding down by midday sunday.
4:42 pm
the rainfall outlook for the next two weeks shows most of the western u.s. has below average rainfall in the bay area. aside from the little showers coming in on saturday night and sunday, we expect dry conditions for the next couple of weeks. so here's the accu-weather seven-day forecast. mild to warm tomorrow and even milder on saturday as the clouds approach. don't forget we fall back to standard time on saturday night, sunday morning. partly cloudy skies on monday and tuesday, election day. the weather is looking nice and calm and dry and milder still into late next week with high temperatures climbing back into the mid-to upper 70s. >> wow. thanks, spencer. well, still ahead at 4:00, why summer could be bad for your kids' health. larry beil live at oracle arena as we count down to tonight's game. russell westbrook and kevin durant say no big deal. just another game. yeah, right.
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ask your doctor about victoza®.
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it's a big night for the warriors as they take on kevin durant's old team, the oklahoma thunder. >> that's right. larry beil is live at oracle arena tonight. >> i see ama has blue on. opening night is filled with curiosity and excitement with kevin durant in a warriors' uniform for the first time. this is different. this is about divorce. this is about the anger, the hard feelings and the emotions that have bubbled to the surface after kevin durant left oklahoma city to join the warriors. this is going to be the first time that these two teams have met with kevin durant wearing the blue and gold of golden state and obviously the first meeting since the western conference finals when old again state came over a 3-1 series lead to defeat the thunder and mr. westbrook. boast of the principals have bent over backwards saying this is just another game. nobody is buying that.
4:47 pm
>> i can't really predict my emotions, you know, i can't do that. so i don't know. we'll see. if they win, it takes care of everything. i'm going to play to win, like i always do. >> same as i always have been playing in oakland, trying to find a way to win. >> i'm not answering any more kevin questions. if you want to talk about basketball, you're welcome to talk about that. >> they are both clearly tired of talking about the other guys. i'm going to bring in mike schuman. give me your thoughts. >> i was traded right after the super bowl to the st. louis cardinals, that's how old i am, and i was very frustrated. they traded me to bring in the hurdler so when we faced them that year, i wanted to have the best year until they moved him to safety. after that, i still wanted to play but both of these guys want to have a great game tonight and
4:48 pm
it's going to be curious, they don't match up but something you've got to consider is how good are kevin durant and steph curry. i'm wondering if he has a feeling that he wants to help out in this cause. it's going to be interesting to watch. they play one at a time but there's a little extra motivation tonight. >> when they get switched on to each other, it's going to be interesting. we're going to watch for every single raised eyebrow and emotion, it's going to be documented and we'll be here as well to bring it to you. that's a wrap for now. more coming up tonight at 6:00. dan and ama, back to you. >> dan has blue and gold on. >> i do. a big crackdown on the irs. >> the number of formal complaints of taxpayer identity theft have been cut by more than 270,000 in just the first nine months of this year. that's a decrease of more than
4:49 pm
50%. the irs also reports a drop of fraudulent tax returns that they are receiving. they joined with banks and private businesses after a one-year surge in tax refund fraud. boy did that crackdown work. today, there is a warning about a gift card scam sweeping the country. authorities say callers pretending to be police or government officials demand immediate payment from their victims. the callers claim someone in the family is in trouble with the law and the payment will stop an arrest. the con artist demand payment in the form of gift cards, like an apple itunes card. an actual government official would never call you and demand a payment nor require you to purchase a gift card. mcdonald's made a big splash with its build-your-own burger
4:50 pm
option. alas, it's all coming to an end. the fast food chain has been testing the so-called create your taste menu at thousands of locations over the past year. customers using a touch screen menu could choose from a range of ingredients, like caramelized onions and tortilla strips. sounds good, huh? it was a big hit but there were a few problems. burr betters were more expensive and took too long to cook. you'll be able to personalize your patties but not with quite so many patties. >> thanks. summer may make kids fatter. >> and can nola may trim belly fat. >> kids become more overweight during summer break. they watch more television during the summer and sleepless, which has been linked to weight
4:51 pm
gain. fewer men in the u.s. got prostate surgery. the findings add to a growing body of research adding to the debate about the screening and often leaving men and their doctors more confused than informed. at issue is whether the screening does more harm than good. adding fruits and vegetables to a diet could slow asl progression. food plays an important role in the severity of lou gehrig's disease and could lead to better function in patients and cooking with canola oil may add belly fat in just four weeks. those who cooked with the oil lost a quarter-pound of belly fat after one month and the weight lost from their middles did not redis
4:52 pm
kristen has a look at what is coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. a sign of hope for california. how recent rains are making a big drought in our long drought. a word of warning if you have obamacare health coverage. 7 on your side michael finney is telling you how swindlers are trying to take your money into and driving in an electri
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4:55 pm
. at 8:00, it's grey's anatomy followed by notorious and then how to get away with murder and then abc 7 news at 11:00. scientists are about to put a new instrument on board a satellite. it's going to be looking at lightning.
4:56 pm
david louie explains why. >> reporter: what if you could get a severe storm or tornado warning 30 minutes ahead of time instead of 50 minutes? that's the new goal to be launched later this month. and this 200-pound instrument is going to provide that earlier warning. it's called a geostationary lightning monitor. it's one of six instruments that will be aboard the new satellite. from its position, 22,000 miles above earth, it will be looking for cloud-to-cloud lightning which could help forecast severe conditions on the ground. >> the camera operates at 500 frames per second and looks for a certain wave length of oxygen created by lightning so it can penetrate through clouds and see lightning. >> reporter: you can see that i'm wearing a bunny suit inside a clean room and stand three feet away from this instrument and that's because dust can it
4:57 pm
its worst enemy. >> the sun creates space weather which has a large impact on things on earth, like power grids, aircraft lights and so on and so it's important for us to understand what is happening and it looks at solar flares and helps predict space weather. >> reporter: all of the data will be available free to meteorologists for local forecasts. david louie, abc 7 news. if you think the weather can be bad here, check this out. it looks a lot like earth. check it out. scientists say the weather on this planet is deadly. winds howl up to 5400 miles per hour and it's hot. more than 3,000 degrees celsius. and by the way, it also rains
4:58 pm
molten glass sideways. it's 300 trillion miles from earth. earth. that's going to do remember this guy? earth. that's going to do he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent. said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it.
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an arrest in the murder of a popular college instructor. his widow talks about the toll it's taken on their two young daughters. also, below this grove of trees, the search for new evidence in an old case. a surfer gets out of the way of a huge wave. this is certainly a day at the beach not for the faint of heart. and hazards that may be hidden in this makeup. surveillance video shows a man who killed a popular college instructor in san jose and this video helped lead to his arrest. good evening. i'm kristen sze.
5:00 pm
>> and i'm dan ashley. instructor david mogland was shot to death in late july south of downtown. chris nguyen spoke with moglen's widow. chris? >> reporter: dan, the suspect is being held without bail here at the county jail. he will return to court later this month. meanwhile, we are learning new details about the case and who was with the victim at the time of the attack. at the moglen family residence, a constant reminder of the father and husband who never returned home. >> nothing can bring my husband back. i want him to be back. >> reporter: in late july, her husband, david moglen, a popular economics instructor was killed in san jose. he was sitting inside a parked vehicle with a woman when


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