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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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now scheduled to happen in 90 minutes at 7:30 this morning. originally it was supposed to be at 6:30 and they pushed it bargain hour. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with jessica castro tracking all sorts of election figures this morning. we have alexis smith and we start with mike nicco and weather. >> good morning, some of us waking up in a fog. literally. here is a look at half mile in napa, and quarter-mile in petaluma. be careful. fog in the central valley will lift by 9:00. can you see in san rafael not foggy or cloudy and temperatures running in the upper 40s to upper 50s in the day planner through 7:00, and by noon, 67 to 73 under sunny conditions and we will see increasing sunshine, 65 to 74 is the video by 4:00. alexis? >> we have several issues on the commute but i have good news northbound 238 a car fire and
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collision cleared in the area. they blocked the left lane and pushed to the shoulder. if you drive through the castro valley area, it should get better shortly. that was before the 880 merge. long delays westbound 84. >> despite the poll you wake up to this stunning headline: president trump. >> this is data the analysts just did not see coming. you can get they are scrambling to figure out what weren't wrong? the electoral college, trump researched 270 at 11:30. he did it by taking all of the big swing states: florida, pennsylvania, and ohio. hillary clinton is leading in the popular vote, passing trump at 3:30 this morning and you can see clinton up 130,000 votes with precincts on the democratic west coast the we remember in 200 when bush beat al gore in
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the electoral college even though al gore beat bush by 500,000 votes. >> so man waking up stunned at the results of the election. >> matt keller is in shows and talking to people this morning. what are you finding? >> good morning. i walked out of 9 news van and a man was excited that donald trump won elected president. i spoke to a few people by the train tracks and they told me they were thinking this would be another time of fear and concern and did not know what was coming next. a lot people woke up this morning shocked. >> it was like clinton was ahead in the polls i saw but you never know until the end...shocking. >> people thing, after eight
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years of one party let's go for change because it is somebody different but donald trump is never going to change. he is always going to be about trump. >> he is a smarter business pan, we are in debt and maybe he can help us there. >> santa clara county is 2 1/2 times the number of registered democrats compared to republicans with a bigger percentage voting for clinton so the shock here in a heavy chemical area is bigger than other places. usa! usa! >> thank you. >> can you hear the chants from the hilton he they will in manhattan where he delivered the acceptance speech at midnight. the vatican is commenting a top official telling reuters we wish the new president well and three may have a truly fruitful government and they say they are praying god enlightens him and supports him. last night trump spoke for the
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first time as president-elect. >> we are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels and airlines schools, hospitals. we are going do rebuild our infrastructure. it will become, by the way, second to no one. >> trump said he would run for president in june of last year and officially became the nominee just over a year later after beating out 11 republicans in the primary. >> now a report on hillary clinton addressing the nation the campaign said it has been pushed back from 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. and she did not speak publicly last note and called to congratulate trump. the last time we saw her was in this video when she cast her vote early yesterday morning. show will tweeted 6:00 p.m. our time last night. hillary clinton will deliver a speech at 7:30 and we will carry
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it here live. you can wax it on your app, our news app and online. >> anti-trump protester was hit and justly hurt during a rally from berkeley to oakland part after group that walked on to highway 24. the driver stopped and was mobbed by protesters who broke out her back window. she is okay and set to be cooperating with police. >> protesters causing considerable damage in downtown oakland. we some set trash and tires on fire in the middle of broadway. others broke out windows on shops along the street. police and crews are out assessing the damage and making repairs. there is another protest planned for 5 p.m. tonight so keep that in mind as you get off of work. the election results shocked students at san francisco state university with 100 taking to the streets chanting anti-trump
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slurs that want all the way to 19th avenue. official say demonstrators blocked northbound lanes in the area. >> protests against donald trump winning the presidency spread to college campuses in southern california and uc san diego students mannered down city streets chanting a vulgar message about trump and students at ucla and uc davis took to the streets. new reaction from president obama and other politicians at the live desk. >> i got if you details on president obama congratulating trump on the win calling this morning and invited trump to the white house to talk about a smooth transition of power and he will address the nation later today. i want to show you reaction coming from jeb bush saying congratulations and his family will ray for him and i want for shift to world reaction because this just came in from the mexican president saying "i'm confident mexico and the united
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states will tighten their ties of cooperation and you respect," and germany merkel putting trump on notice saying she offered cooperation in a statement so that is the latest reaction. >> many state and local measures we are closely watching, a big one is marijuana now legal in california. that was prop 64, allowing adults over 21 to use pot forry korea am pups and goes into affect right now but you cannot buy president recreationally until january of 2018. cities and counties are able to implement control of the distribution and sale of the drug and verse approved it without problem at 56%. there were 16 other propositions many striking a nerve. >> the most contentious is prop 56 the cigarette tax, the price of a pack of cigarettes now going up by $2 a pack by margin of 3% to 37%.
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not even close. prop 61 putting limit on the price of prescription drugs and required all prescription drugs purchased by the state to be priced at or below the united states department of veterans affairs because it is low of the price of any federal agency and defeated 54% no to 46% yes. more election news as we come back from our break. >> a few more local results. for all you friendsgiving hosts, invite who you want, not who you must. serve a turkey, don't serve a turkey. bring classic flaky crescent rolls, or not so classic pizza sticks. and don't forget something sweet, and golden brown fresh from the oven. set the table, set the coffee table, set no table at all. the only rule to follow on friendsgiving... is make it your own.
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happy friendsgiving. warm up with pillsbury.
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>> now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> no fog in the south bay, san jose is 56. warmest at milpitas at 58. we are 50 there. can you see in lafayette and danville and 54 in novato and alameda at 58. san carlos is 55 and san francisco is 59. 60s at the coast and nearly 70 and 70 to 77 around the bay and inland, and warm are tomorrow with 80s inland and notice it changes on friday, cooler weather on the way and i will let you me if it lasts. >> major headache westbound 4 before 5:00 this morning, so
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this is in the bay point area westbound 4 before bailey a three to four car crash block the left lane and the tow trues are stuck averaging between four and six miles per hour. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights on early at 5:23 and issues with ace rain. that is next. >> election coverage continues and our political analyst will join us to british down how the polls got it so strong. >> she has been help of as we head to break more results from the election. when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. ♪s♪spread a little love my way
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>> more election results. can you see in marin county measure "a" an increase in the sales tax to, expand preschool and health care and other children services passing with yes at 63%. san francisco measure "k" increased the sales tax by three-quarters and voters did not like that saying no to sales tax increase at 65%. we are join by our political analyst, melinda jackson. people are going to be angry this morning because so many
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analysts predicted that hillary clinton would take this, maybe not the popular vote but the electoral college. you are saying it is hard to predict the turnout and trump got turnout. >> it is hard to predict the big factor in pre-election polls is filling out the likely voters and part of that is past voting history. for new voters who have never participated before trump brought a lot of the new people into the system would my may not have then up as likely voterses and young voters unpredict am not sure whether they will turn out and high number undecided voters up to the last minute and especially with the fbi reopening of the session with the e-mails we are not sure how much that may have influenced some last meant undecides. >> you are the chair of political science at san jose state and this must change the way political science will be
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taught going forward, chain how polls are done gaining forward? >> we are certainly going to have interesting conversations the next few weeks. polling is becoming more and more challenging with the rise of cell phone only folks and people getting information in different ways and not being as likely to pick up the phone. that will be thoroughly analyzed in the next weeks and days. >> what do you make of the fact this country, twice, was able to elect a black president and want able to elect a white woman the >> yes, that is surprising, we thought this would be a historic occasion because we would elect our first female president. but president obama and hillary clinton are very death candidates and she was a much less popularment than obama so it is apples and oranges.
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>> she has a lost history with voters and president obama did not. when first elected. >> and history can be a negative for politicians. >> thank you, melinda >> the man who called himself america's toughest sheriff is out of the a job, sheriff joe arpaio lost his effort to a 9th term, in office for 24 years. his deputies confronted people in the country illegally. the 84-year-old arpaio facing criminal contempt charges for profiling latino drivers despite being ordered not to do so by a federal judge. >> a lot of made that people would move to canada in donald trump were elected and so many went to the canadian witness that it crashed, with most of the traffic coming from here. everyones is for "move to canada," spiked during the night as trump victories unfolded.
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>> colin kaepernick said he did not vote in year's election he told the media yesterday, previously saying choosing between trump and:ton was like choosing between lesser of two evils. a poll of 2549ers players and 17 did not vote and three would vote later yesterday. >> that confused my kids. >> he was protesting but he does not take part in the process to bring about change. >> that was an issue isolated to kaepernick, a last voters took that tact. >> interesting. >> now, changing gears, good morning, everyone, we will talk about what is going on with our exploritorium camera and how calm the ferry ride is. steady and warm. more clouds, not so warm this weekend, a sprinkle or two is possible on saturday and a storm, better chan next week. the winds at petaluma, stagnant
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again, and the winds from the santa rosa are ming to the south and it will bottle you will the fog around petaluma and rohnert park and the fog around napa is heading more toward the west toward sonoma. show you the temperatures for today, pushing 77 inism and san jose to santa rosa at 6 and oakland at 73 and san mateo at 72 and san francisco 71 and doning out at 688 at the coast, and western swells pushing 20 and sneaker waves dangerous rip current and runups at the beaches. we will top out in the my 70s to increasely 80 tomorrow away from the coast and cooler this weekend, still above average, a "1" on tuesday, light. >> good news if you are traveling westbound 90 we are slow over the san mateo bridge but the early crash before the toll plaza cleared in the last ten minutes so that is starting to improve. ace three has mechanical issues and you are currently sitting
6:21 am
twine stockton and the other trains are able to get by with enough tracks to get around it but they assure me the train is not moving. it is 30 minutes behind schedule. that will continue for grow. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 52 minutes, westbound 4 antioch to concord under an hour and a half after a crash at bailey road, and from the north bay look okay. >> next a bay area donor who gave the most to presidential election. >> more results from the general election.
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>> welcome back to the day 569 election with more coverage. results from san francisco now, show measure "n" allowing noncitizen parents to vote in school board elections and voters went for it. measure "q" is on homeless san franciscoans and banning tenthses on sidewalk unless you have a permit and require 24-hour notice before clearing out the tents and offer 24 hour shelter for the people passing
6:25 am
53%. and homelessness is a issue. >> no one in the united states donation more area than environmentalist tom tire in politics, donating $67 million to democrats and liberal causes for tom styer. and facebook co-founder was number 12 donating 17 million to democrats and laurie woods donated $8.5 million to liberal causes putting her 21st over all. >> would needs division when you can look at side of a building, the empire state building featured breathtaking display of election rules showing real time election results maps, photographs projected and the empire state building partnered with cnn and instagram to put on the display. >> more election coverage ahead including the bay area protest sparked by donald trump's election as the next president of the united states with the damage left behind.
6:26 am
>> poised for the opening bell on wall street. how will trump's election affect the stock market? we have a look at that. >> from mount tamalpais a gorgeous start but for the fog in the north bay valley, temperatures ending up five to nine degrees warmer than average and warmer wet in the seven. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows early start in the metering lights flipped on at 5:23 and a major headache westbound highway 4. >> first more election results on the scene. ♪
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nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. >> your voice, your vote, from abc7. shockwave and ununcertainty world markets in chaos as donald trump is elected the next president of the united states. right now, the opening bell is about to ring. we will keep a close eye on that. one of biggest upsets in political history. donald trump taking the electoral college and the white house, hillary clinton is leading the popular vote right
6:30 am
new. >> people in the bay area taking to the streets overnight protesting, hundreds marched in oakland, san francisco and slow. setting fire and confronting police. good morning, it is 6:30 a.m. and i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves, we have a lot election rules but, first, a check of weather and traffic. mike? >> following the fog and it is thicker and more dangerous at petaluma. less than quarter-mile in madison and 101 through that area, and we are at half a mile around napa and heading to american canyon. now, what will happen todays in the upper 60s at the coast and low-to-mid 70s at 4:00 at bay. alexis smith? >> the worst spot before 5:00, a crash involving three or four vehicles and still there, well over an hour later, so before bailey, we have a fall left
6:31 am
lane, tow trucks are stuck in traffic, and look at this. from antioch, into the pittsburg area and beyond we up to six miles and crawling. only three or four more average in the area. ugly drive times up ahead. a miracle for trump supporters and for hillary clinton, a nightmare, donald trump is the next president of the united states and this is stunning for a few reasons. >> all of us knew watching every major poll ahead hillary clinton ahead and trump is the first person ever to be elected president without any government or military experience. we will look at the electoral college clinching the magical number at 270. the west coast precincts are coming in and hillary clinton is leading the popular vote and took that lead at 3:30 this morning and we watched the lead climb. right now it is 150,000 votes.
6:32 am
protesters are livid and marched through the bay area streets into the morning breaking windows and setting fires. a car hit a protester overnight and amy hollyfield is in oakland. >> good morning, crews in oakland are cleaning up the mess this morning look what was left behind. graffiti, broken windows, all left behind by angry protesters shouting "not my president." police say in oakland that five businesses were damaged when 250 protesters took to the street setting crash r trash on fire and shattered windows. we have reaction from commuters in downtown. >> too bad for me, i feel bad it helped. but i don't know what to say. in the end it is...'. i'm numb.
6:33 am
in shock. there was a serious injury in the protests, a woman was hit bit car when the demonstration moved to highway 24. she suffered from serious injuries. the driver stopped. police say no arrests were made dug the protests and they are over. the protesters have gone home. another protest is scheduled 5:00 this afternoon. there were protests in san francisco with dozens of anti-trump demonstrators gathering in front twitter building at 9th and market where a going watch party was held with in reports on confrontations or damage. usa! usa! >> thank you. trump took the stage at the hilton hotel in manhattan at midnight. with supporters and family around him, trump addressed the nation for the first time as
6:34 am
president-elect. >> i can only say while the campaign is over owe work on this movement is now just going. it is my honor, an amazing evening and amazing two-year period and i love this country. at 70, trump is the oldest person to ever be elected to a first presidential term. >> we have an hour away from hillary clinton addressing the nation for the first time since frump was declared the winner. clinton called and congratulated trump. she is catching heats for not speaking after the race was called. we bring you the special report at 7:30 right here. if you have to lebanon for work you can carry the news app with you in your pocket and watch this when it happens. this is the last public comment we saw from hillary clinton tweeting this a long time ago
6:35 am
now 6:00 our time say team has so much to be proud of, no matter what happens thank you. >> a lot of volatility in the world markets and we are monitoring what is were aing. all the stock market has opened what is happening? >> in the last two minutes we saw the big board go into the red. you can see the dow jones industrial average down 12 points and the highest i have seen this morning since opening five minutes ago was 80 points in the green. it was in the green for quit a while and in the last two minutes a dip down, now, 13 points. it is what we have expected down in premarket trade, and world mack secrets have reacted with volatility as natasha zouves mentioned, world markets thanked with the news that trump won the presidency and we are starting to see that uncertainty being reflected on wall street before the opening bell and i saw
6:36 am
numerous articles across the internet telling folks not to panic and we will watch the dow jones industrial average back up now three points and hovering in that change. as we see it open. >> i think we expected a huge drop at the very beginning so we will watch that carefully. >> we will get you caught up on state and local measures: marijuana is now legal in california. >> prop 64 passing 56 to 44% leaving up to local cities and counties to implement the regulations to control how the drug is sold recreationally and it will not be sold until january of 2018 but it is legal to smoke. a long ballot and several propositions we are monitoring and many struck a nerve with voters >> the first is prop 56 passed
6:37 am
easy, the cigarette tax the price of a pack of cigarettes is now up $2 a pack and applies to electronic cigarettes. not the case for prop 61 defeated putting him on the price of prescription drugs specifically requiring all prescription drugs purchased by the state to be priced at or below what the department of veterans affair pays, the lowest price of any federal agency failing 54%. i spoke to our political analyst and slow is surprised by what happened here on the scene: proposition 62 would have abolished the death penalty and paid life without the possibility of parole the maximum punishment for murder but california rejects that 54 to 46% so the death penalty stays. >> the other death penalty measure was prop 66 to streamline the appeal process. critics say it would increase
6:38 am
the risk of executing an innocent person. supporters say it says millions by bring closure more quickly to the families of victims. it passed 51%. >> prop 67 the single use plastic bag proposition. yes continues to been stores from giving away single use paper bags and no would overturn the ban. if you can follow that yes is 52% and no at 48%. the ban on plastic bags conditions. >> big win for bart, rr passed with 75% of vote raising $3.5 billion to repair aging equipment and systems coming from a prosecute tax in alameda and san francisco counties and it needed 67% to pass. that is a high threshold and we want well above it. 75% want to fund bart.
6:39 am
in san francisco our cooler temperatures at glen park at 56 and same in lake summer coat and financial district is 61. 59 in richmond and 55 in san leandro and walnut creek is 51 and same in petaluma, and gorgeous from the exploritorium. if you are exercising a ton of stun and fog across the north bay on the road and on the water it is calm. hazy around san rafael and quiet heading south on 101, warmest dead and tomorrow and cooler on friday, more coming in the weekend forecast and a chance of rain. >> the drive time is ugly, westbound highway 4 between antioch and concord an hour and 35 minutes and in the last couple of moments all lanes have cleared. we have the long term blocking collision since before 5:00 this morning. all lanes are open. ace three has mechanical issues and the train has been sitting
6:40 am
between stockton and lathrop for some time. it will be resumed but the riders are 45 minute late. we have results from united states senate. >> we are talking to people about how they fowl the morning after the election for a lot of you, it hasn't been good sleep. but, first, more election result on the scene.
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>> a we are back at 6:43 a lost you waking up stunned. >> matt keller in san jose gauging how people are feeling. matt? good morning. with everyone i spoke with, everyone expressed some sort of shock originalled result last night and now are asking, what's next? >> how do you feel? >> happy. he is not a politician. a businessman. he promised to feed the people. something she never did.
6:44 am
>> a country is divided you look at middle america they voted one way and a lost that vote was for a different kind of government and politician. they got what they wanted. we will see how it goes. >> everything is going to fall apart. all the progress made the last eight years. it is going to be torn up. this is the conversation today. obviously people weaponed to talk to us but others expressed concern about stating their opinion publicly and whether it would have an impact on their job. thank you, matt. now, political analyst, chair of political science at san jose state university. melinda and i had a conversation on the most important factor for the trump win and we have looked at demographics and i asked, is this something mostly race-based
6:45 am
or rush vs. difficult and you said... >> education. that is the big story lines. we saw such a clear decide between americans with college education and those without. >> americans without a college education, particularly white americans, men and women, went for trump? >> they did. it looks like the college education white voters came back to trump at the end, as well. that is extra additionally republican group. but many said, not trump. >> we seeing two americas emerging after the election. very divided. what does trip have to do at this point to heal the divisiveness? >> he needs to change his tone. we saw an aggressive and nontraditional approach dug the
6:46 am
campaign and a different demeanor from last night which is encouraging, we want to sigh more presidential president trump. we have not seen that through the campaign and it remains to be seen if he can make that shift the he is the president for the whole country and he has work to could to convince all enmonths he will represent and govern in the full public interest. >> he will have a republican congress. he will is going to have the ability to at least appoint one supreme court justice and possible a couple more after that. >> yes, that will be the most long lasting affect of this election the supreme court agreements and we do not know how many there will be. there is one already waiting and possibly one or even two more the next four years. >> the lasts a long time. >> we appreciate your insite. >> more election results a big
6:47 am
race on the ballot congressional district 17 encompassing silicon valley and you saw the commercials, khanna devoted monday. four years ago monday narrowly beat back the same challenge seeking a 9th term and khanna had a huge lead early winning with 60% of the vote. the united states senate race is decisive, california attorney general kamala harris defeated southern california congresswoman sanchez in the race to replace senator boxer. you can see the big divide: kamala harris with 63%. oakland -- stock markets reacting around the world. jane king, not what we expected? not ought all. my head is spinning watching the markets the last 12 hours. the the dow is positive up four
6:48 am
points but what a comeback we have had since futures down how points overnight. it looked ugly. now we are slightly in positive territory. interesting to see the mexican peso, fell and reached an all time low compared to the united states dollar. interesting to see the sectors and how they react to the election results. the drug companies are up sharply like pfizer and johnson and johnson, thing that hillary clinton would cap the drug prices so they react positively. infrastructure companies like steel and caterpillar doing well, big tech is not selling off this morning and the thinking is people are taking money out of facebook and apple and putting it interest other sectors. >> that hits us right where we live. and now mike nicco.
6:49 am
some places wake up with heavy fog. >> it is spreading. here is a look at the san mateo bridge it is thick and getting thicker by the moment, barely see the cars rolling across and becoming sunny and before average in the afternoon and cloudy and sprinkles are possible on saturday and better chance of rain next week. i will show you we have the fog leaking cross the altamont pass into livermore and now pushing through the dublin grid to the east bay and we have the thick fog across the north bay so by 9:00 it will lit and sunshine, low-to-upper 70s but the coast is mid-to-upper 50s and high surf advisory until 8:00 this morning, and strong kip kips and dangerously large breakers and runup on the beaches. tomorrow will be warmer with less fog in the morning hours and cooler but above average this weekend so sprinkles are possible on saturday and light
6:50 am
on the storm-impact scale for tuesday. >> we are in recovery road between antioch and concord and i will get you to the traffic map a last red and slow speeds. seven miles per hour around antioch three miles per hour at pittsburg and 15 minutes ago all laned reopen. westbound 80 is crawling long through emeryville and between highway 4 and the maze it is 40 minutes and the south by had patchy fog and northbound 101 at 880 stop and go track but okay overall in san jose area. we have issues with ace rail three and we will talk about that next. >> we showed you in the newscast the headlines. coming out this morning and what are the other paperd we are seeing on the front pages? >> this is what you showed president trump from "san francisco examiner" and from around the nation, the new york posted aing "they said it could
6:51 am
not happen," but it has. the in the not saying trump triumphs, and outsider mogul captures the presidency, in miami "it's trump," and florida set the stage for victory against clinton and florida is a key battleground state he won and this is the most striking we have seen "house of horrors with upside down united states flag in front of the united states." varying moods which we seen on social media and what we hear this morning. >> now the soda tax measures on ballots across the bay area. >> in san francisco, measure "v" passed 62% with a one cent an ounce tax on sugary beverages. lobbies spent $9 million to
6:52 am
defeat the measure. and similar measures in oakland and albany. not successful. >> oakland's measure hh is another win we, 61% to 39% and albany you can see a huge divide all the ads again the soda tax did not have an effect on the voters at 71% to 29%. the money raised by the proposition business to programs designed to get people more physically active. >> back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know with more election results on the scene as we go to break.
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6:55 am
we will bring it to you and on our news app if you have to lebanon. >> three, hillary clinton is winning the popular vote this morning, up try now 161,000 votes above trump and was trailing until 3:00 this morning and has surged ahead with the votes from the western states. >> anti-trump protester was hit and seriously hurt while trying to stop traffic on highway 24 in oakland. several groups marched in berkeley and several other cities. protesters set tires and trash on fire in downtown oakland. >> five, what is going on with the oakland it just opened and it is a reversal of what we watched overnight. the dow now is up, nowhere near the carnage of overnight with futures down 850 points and s&p 500 futures down 5% after trump spoke stocks started to come back. >> six, the big story weather, the fog what it is in the north by or tule fog in the east bay at quarter-mile in livermore
6:56 am
through the altamont pass and maybe lower so be careful. that will lit at 9:00 and our second big headline, it will be warm again this afternoon. >> a lost slow spots on the roads and issues with ace three this mornin as well with mechanical issues the past hour. we got word from ace coming with train 5 and the passengers an hour late. >> you can get full election rules local and national on-line at and also on our flow app. >> we will update you every 25 minutes with news, traffic and information on what is happening with the results of the election. hillary clinton is expected to speech at 7:30 this morning and she will do that from new york city at a hotel there. we understand a last her staff from the election will be present and it will be a way to thank her supporters and the people who have been by her side twoees trying to win this. >> good time to download the news app and you can live stream the speech as it happens and hear her
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking news for our viewers in the west. the most stunning upset in american history. donald j. trump elected the 45th president of the united states. >> i will be president for all americans and i promise you that i will not let you down. we will do a great job. >> the political outsider billionaire businessman, reality tv star completes a slashing and populous campaign by promising to heal and unite america. >> it is time for us to come together as one united people. [ cheers and applause ] trump winning in an unprecedented victory over hillary clinton. her campaign defiant till the end. >> we can wait a little longer, can't we? [ cheers and applause ] and she is not done yet. >> but hillary clinton conceding early this morning in a phone call to donald trump.


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