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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> you made it to friday. it is veterans day, november 11. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui next to jessica castro with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. >> another warm day? >> i think so. not as warm as yesterday but a lot of sunshine and high clouds come back in. veterans day will be delightful for actives to honor our veterans. here is fog. it is not thick at reporting stations but for half moon bay and santa rosa but it is out there in the neighborhoods.
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50 to 58 is the temperature at 7:00 and at noon, 63 at the coast and 74 and the cost you will notice the greatest cooling at 61 to 72. low 60s at 7:00. off to a quiet start this morning and it is veterans day so it should equal lighter volume on the road. westbound 80 filling in slightly through emeryville and i don't have any blocking issues to report. check out the drive times, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 16 minutes and nine minutes across the bay bridge, san francisco to sfo is green at nine minutes. mass transit on the holiday is next. >> we start with breaking news in oakland where a homicide regulation is underway after a house hire. here is a look at scene at dunbar and hawkins drive a few blocks from the coliseum. the oakland fire department responded before 12:30. they knocked down flames and found three bodies. one person is being questioned.
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we have a crew gathering more information with a report at 5:30. >> protesters in oakland say they will hit the streets tonight for another night to demonstrate against president-elect donald trump. protesters turned into destruction and vandalism last night. we checked with oakland police. they made 11 arrests and in reported injuries. traffic was shut down on interstate 580. some protesters are afraid the next president will follow through with promises on deporting undocumented immigrants. >> cannot imagine what it is like if i wasn't around for my daughters. i'm terrified of that thought. >> an oakland pastor held a sign, a plea for peace on the streets. >> in los angeles police made 28 arrests. was another night of protests. police stopped demonstrator from shutting down freeway by
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blocking on-and-off ramps before the protesters got there. the most violent protests happened north of us in port lend. it was so bad police declared it a "riot." our reporter from our affiliate reports. >> what started peaceful march was a riot in downtown portland. thousands of protesters filled the city streets, bridges, clashing with drivers as the tempers felled. >> you are being disrespectful. >> riot police moved in and made arrests and the veries fought among themselves to keep it peaceful. >> i would say well over 9% of the people i saw were very peaceful and in man cases condemned the violence. there are people in the crowd,
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groups in the crowd that is created an incredibly unsafe environment. >> this area is restricted access area. this gathering is unlawful. >> riots continued into the early morning hour on friday with more demonstrations planned later in the day. in doubten will be hoping for a more peaceful outcome. >> we are supposed to meet up like yesterday and unite and go on another peaceful protest but it did not work out. in portland, oregon. >> now the transition at the white house. we have a better idea of who may join president-elect donald trump. his son in law was caught talking with president obama's chief of staff, a harvard graduate and a real estate developer. he has so many business deals that becoming chief of staff could be too much to take on. other contenders include sarah palin, chris christie, newt
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gingrich and giuliani. >> president-elect trump is get the highest level of protection. trump town we are is getting 24 hour secret service coverage. bear areas and salt spreaders filled with sand, and service barricades along giveth avenue snarl the traffic. a in fly zone is restricting airplanes and helicopter traffic. >> breaking news from the live desk. all the breaking news from southern california where a huge fire is burning in orange county. it is a four-alarm fire and at a storage facility. you can see it for miles. there are images coming in from social media in newport beach with several people treated for smoke inhalation. can you see several cars burned up. our station in the area said haz-mat crews heading to the
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scene. we have video coming in, you can see closely, did you see that flash? we are getting reports of possible explosions, power lanes have come down in the area, still in word on what, exactly, caused the fire. they were still fighting this thing last check. >> the kick off to a construction project in san francisco that could affect your commute with crews working on improvement and pedestrian safety project at balboa why park station so there be bridge changes for a month howing the 29 and 49 bus lines re-directed. eastbound ocean avenue will be closed at san jose avenue, closed to car traffic and northbound 580 on-ramp is closed on the weekends. that is a lot of information with more information on meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> do you remember the last time
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you fund on heater? it has been a mild because it has been mild. it continues to be mild. low-to-mid 50s inland east bay neighbors and we should be in the mid-to-upper 40s. 56 right now in san jose. mountain view and the hills of los gatos, 66. pacifica and san francisco and vallejo at 60. oakland is 54, same in napa and santa rosa at 50. here is what will happen oakland not so warm as yesterday our average high is now down to barely 66 degrees. we will be there by 11:00 through action. another late or total afternoon above-average temperatures. here is a look at the other numbers topping out at 71 in oakland, 68 in richmond and sausalito, extra were is 6, san jose is 75, inland, concord and livermore is 74 and petaluma at 70. highs are slipping tomorrow, notice the green is bigger, and we will have a minor warming for sunday and high clouds late in the evening if you want to watch
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the super moon. >> i caught a preview of that have noon this morning on the way in. it was real. we are look okay through the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light on veterans day holiday. we will see ace rail is different with the veterans holiday and the ace 10 return trip this evening is not happening and muni buses and subway on regular service. drive times from the central valley are ahead. >> coming up, the hazard printed store receipts could pose to your health. i need her to be my personal cheerleader, a dancing machine,
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a warriors
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>> and now at look at hillary clinton, a mother was hive near the home in chappaqua, new york, and ran into hillary clinton and bill clinton yesterday. she hugged her and told her one of the proudest moments was taking her daughter with her to vote the >> did bill clinton take the photo? we don't see him. >> san francisco mayor lee is reiterating that san francisco will remain a sanctuary city despite threats of funding cuts
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from president-elect donald trump tweet being a sanctuary city is in our d.n.a. >> i have always known the city to have welcomed, protected, and made sure that immigrant families succeed along with everyone else. yes will remain a sanctuary city. we will remain strong. all the president-elect promised to revoke federal funding for sanctuary cities on his first day in office. san francisco received more than $1 billion a area in federal funding. >> former los angeles mayor is running for california governor. the democrat has been out of the political limelight since 2013 after seven as mayor for eight years and said the campaign will focus on rebuilding middle class and assisting california ans would have been left behind facing enough competition including the loot hoot governor, and state treasurer and done educator. the comptroller wesley also
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billionaire activist tom styer are also considering bids. >> in the first look a earning of shopping through apps this holiday season. here are the days. >> in this morning moves first look, buyer beware, mobile shopping is easier for buying ugg boots but uggs does not have an app this is a fake. apps pretended to be from dollar tremendous, zappos and new balance, all fake. >> we discover add few hundred counterfeit. some for droid others for the iphone. apple said this we have set up ways for customers and developers to flag fraudulent or suspicious apps which we investigate. google said we take this seriously and we scan for militia apps and spokesman accounts before they are published on the google play. we will have tips to protect
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yourself at 7:00 a.m. >> meal delivery robots are coming to redwood city next month. a pilot program approved to allow the robots for operate in the city. >> the machines are used in conjunction with meal delivery services and can carry these full grocery bags. they travel up to four miles an hour and have a five mile range from the nearest docking station. they are expecting to be have two stations in the city. >> fascinating. a brand new word. >> i saw something on-line by 2025 every household will have a robot. >> really? >> i can do the robot? >> can we watch? >> we will do that later. >> i'm doing it.
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>> back to you. take it away. >> no idea we would do that. >> good morning, everyone, it is friday. golden gate bridge has a little bit of a northeast wind and you can see behind me right there, the flag. we will talk about wall happen on veterans day for all of the activities and the honoring of veterans mother nature is doing her part. a nice day unfolding. drizzle and showers in the north by tonight through tomorrow and next week it is more widespread rain. the fog is down to three-quarters in livermore. it is serious. less than quarter and more serious at half moon bay. three-quarters in santa rosa. across the north bay we will have storms, and storm-impact scale is showing the north bay is the only one in the storm-impact scale this time. at 11:00 tonight you can see the drizzle developing through 8:00 in the morning, and it dries out. we will look at our rainfall totals. there could be a few drops and
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you are seeing minutes but mostly it will be a north bay event up to .1" in the valley. cooler tomorrow, sunday more sunshine, monday is warmer and the cold system with bet we chance of rain for all of us on tuesday night through wednesday. >> what dance are you doing? >> in dance. trust me. i was going do say reggie has been hanging out with our warriors fan and learning some moves. we are okay in the south bay. looking at 101880 northbound side filling in and a light commute. check out the green on the traffic flows. i have the visibility layer added and you can see quite a few showers with fog out of the central valley. it is thick. cruising along westbound 205 to 58064 miles per hour down to 45 before the altamont pass. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is
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26 minutes. in delays on westbound through antioch to concor. and southbound 101 from the north bay in the green at 16 minutes. >> abc7 is panning up to make the holiday safer. >> jessica took part in "operation 7, save a life," incredible organization. >> it is. it kicked off year at firehouse four in san francisco. great to left kick off. this area, they are donating 4,000 smoke alarms and 400 carbon monoxide alarms a thousand more than last year. home depot is distribute the devices, the 7th year they have panned with home depot and fire departments in san francisco, oakland, san jose and santa clara for operation 7 save a life. it is not too late to see how you can get a spoke detector at it is so important, you can save lives. >> it is being call the biggest
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online shop day and we are not talking about black friday, this is singles day. in china for system people to exchange gifts hoping to smart a romance, the number are in, and this year, astounding: in the first ten hours, single people spent $9 billion in gifts. americans spent $3 billion during last area's black friday. this is huge. here is something interesting, singles day, a day for singles is for singles, it is november 11, so, one-one. >> i see, i got it. thank you. >> when you buy something the clerk usually hands you a receipt and you may not want to hang on to the receipt too tight. the centers for environmental health in oakland said you could be touching a toxic chemical. the group has been fighting against the use of b.p.a. in the paper used to print the receipts.
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it is mostly eliminated but new they found in many cases it has been replaced by another check that is linked to potential birth defects. the center is urging customers to avoid handling the store receipts. just have it e-mailed. you don't have to town it. love it! >> i love this video so much. i posted it on my facebook page yesterday and found out because she reached tout me on my facebook her name is robin. >> hello, robin! >> she can dance but she and direction. it continues out she is a retired teacher from hillsborough and she had extra reason to go owe. a tough less and people needed someone to cheer them up. >> my gosh! i have watched this so men
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times. and people all over the country. she has been a season ticket holder for 28 years and now caught on the dance camera more than 20 times in the past year. >> i love everything happening right now. >> warriors responded on social media saying she a legend and told me yesterday she is work on a special new dance for sunday's game. it is called the ju-ju, it is complicated. can't wait to see it. >> love robin. all the seven thing you need to know. all the world loses a music legend, remembering leonard cohen.
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cleaning under furniture, along edges, and in corners. and roomba's patented 3-stage cleaning system agitates, brushes and suctions dirt from your floors for up to 2 hours, recharging itself when it needs to. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. >> the fence thing you need to know before you we go.
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oakland police are investigating after three people were found dead after an early morning house fire. the oakland fire department responded to a fire at 12:30. we have learned one person is being questioned. >> protesters in oakland say they will be back demonstrate again tonight. police made 11 arrests after more vandalism and damage. the group shut down interstate 580. most of the protesters are peaceful. a small group continue to be violent. >> from the live desk we have a huge fire burn in on county right now, a four-alarm fire, people are being treated for smoke inhalation seen for miles. we will watch it with cars damaged, as well, and power poles down in the area. >> four, the weather is not so warm as yesterday. but, city, above average. temperatures are dropping three to eight degree and 60s and 70s with a chance of wet weather in the in the bay tonight. >> five, if you are heading out the door we are seeing light
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volumes with the advance day holiday. southbound 680 shows the drive time between highway 4 and walnut creek in the green and only taking you six minutes. no mocking incidents to report. >> heads up if you drive through san francisco, the van ness improvement project begins. you will notice turn lanes are going away along with the median. the three year property will ease congestion and make we safer for pedestrians. >> freedom for two bald eagles trapped in a florida storm drain. it started as a fight in the air over territory. they were stucked and one pulled away and the other pulled to safe. >> and the loss of leonard cohen gathering outside his montreal home and listening to versions of the huge hit "hallelujah." ♪ hallelujah ♪ hallelujah
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♪ hallelujah >> everyone can agree on that, it is amazing. the exceptioner and songwriter passed away at 82, the work spanned five decades and he only recently released another cd. this was made late night on his facebook page, we have lost one of music's visionaries. >> black chinese and rob kardashian welcomed their first child born in los angeles. she is name "dream." the photo was posted on instagram, weighing seven pounds and five ounces and both mother and baby are doing just fine. >> the wax figure sculped at the soon-to-be leader of free world, with the likeness o
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>> and "lion king," is playing in san francisco and a santa rosa actor plays zazu, the side kick to simba. >> a puppet and i am zazu with the same expense in each scene. >> at the right hand articulates the beat. >> whoa! >> amazing. ♪ this is the morning report >> drew focused on being one with the puppet and letting the emotions flow through zazu. it runs law december 21. disney is our parent company. both of us have seen the show multiple times. >> incredible. >> we staying on the breaking news in the east bay, what amy
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hollyfield has learned of a homicide investigation in oakland. >> a principal is in trouble after an antidonald trump rant in front of students and now is
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♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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>> good morning, north bay, let's get going. >> it is friday! 5:29. time to get this going. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> it is veterans day. jessica castro is here. alexis? >> good morning. >> and mike nicco. good looking weather. >> gorgeous. again. high clouds. warm temperatures. not is remain with as it has been. the real throw back is this morning, livermore, san it rose three-quarters mile visibility and half moon bay, and patchy
5:30 am
fog and dense fog and south from walnut creek to the 24 junction you can see the fog. our day planner for veterans day temperatures are in the 50s through the only hours and we will stay in the 60s at the coast and nearly 70 at the bay and low-to-mid 70s inland. this evening, temperatures are 58 to 64 at 7:00, it will be comfortable. how is the commute? >> comfortable. we don't have major blocking issues and we have not for the past hour. still looking at light values san jose 280 and 17. the drive times with the bridge commute westbound 580 richmond-san rafael bridge at six minutes, san mateo bridge is 4 minutes and nine minutes across the dumbarton bridge. veterans day is impacting mass transit and i will talk about that next. >> breaking news in oakland a homicide investigation is underway at a fire not far from
5:31 am
the coliseum with amy hollyfield gathering new information. >> homicide investigators are on the scene in the east oakland neighborhood that is blocked off. a source said they are questioning someone right new calling him or her "person of interest" in the case. police get a call to come at 12:30 to respond to gunfire. a victim was in the street, shot, and a garage as on fire. when the tear was out they went inside and found two more bodies. the source said he cannot give me the exact gender break down but men and women were involved. in word on motive. there is a lot of work on the investigation. >> there are calls for peace after another night of violent
5:32 am
anti-donald trump protests in oakland and protesters will walk the streets again tonight. many hope it does not turn into what happened last night with 11 people arrested for vandalism and damaging building the third night in a row we have seen the action. the group made their way to 580 shutting down the freeway. we saw oakland pastor alexander with this sign on broadway, a plea for peace on the streets. >> it is okay to be angry and disagree but put it mind you and move forward. >> undocumented immigrants who peace any protests saying they are afraid donald trump will follow through on deporting them. >> the map shows the 18 bay area cities where high school students walked out of class in protest yesterday. the students organized the demonstration on social media the largest in san francisco where an estimated thousand students from several schools took part.
5:33 am
some staff walked with the students dug the march to make sure they were safe. >> a south bay high school principal has apologized if he offended anyone with anti-donald trump profanity during a gathering of students. be [ blank ] donald trump. >> the high school principal is seen on snapchat denouncing president-elect donald trump and he now is on leave. morales said he apologized 15 people were offended but does future regret saying it. >> he should not be in trouble because it is his opinion, he should be able to state his opinion. >> he should teach everyone to unite. not divide us more than we are. that is not needed. all the school district said it understands emotions are high but it is imperative educational
5:34 am
leaders model integrity and good clerk. >> we are tracking the protests in portland, quickly turning violent. police are now labeling it not a roast but a riot. in my old neighborhood in the pearl district and the pictures are really bad. >> i have new pictures, it got heated last night at some point protesters turning on each other, police declaring it a riot and look at this brand new video you can see police taking down one of the people on the street. it is different from video from last sure. police say a crowd of 4,000 people turned violent and when they publicly declared it a try rot they could take this action dressed with all of riot gear in the picture, using rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. crowd broke windows, spray painted businesses and some people ran through a car dealership smashing consider windows. can you see the heavy police presence. the new video coming in to our
5:35 am
live desk and 26 reporters were arrested and a map was waving a gun at the crowd. i will have that through the newscast. >> most you are not protesting, plenty of you are talking about your feelings, at work, school, and with us. >> we are letting you talk about whatever you need to this morning. matt is at fremont bart station. matt? >> good morning, natasha and reggie at the fremont bart station. today, this is my office. it will be your voice your vote and we are asking you, how do you fool about the election? you can talk about how hopeful yous how sad you are, how happy you are, float, be depressed, all those things, all you have to do is step up in front of this microphone we have a camera set up here and we will let you express your opinion. we have spoken to a few people and here is what they had to
5:36 am
say. >> i hope trump can prove himself. that is a hard thing for him to do because he has a lot of doubters. >> shock. trying to process everything. what does it mean? all you can be vision are the negative comments made and how can you transform that and a positive? >> we will be out here all morning long during the commute. come by and say hello and come up here, step up to the microphone and speak to our camera. you can speak to me as well, we are on the west side of the fremont bart station in front of washington hospital and you can come here with the abc7 backdrop for you to step in front of. join us this morning. >> you are a calm presence and i am sure people would love to speak to you.
5:37 am
>> president-elect donald trump is not saying much after the trip to the white house but it was a success. after, he tweeted "just had a very open and successful presidential election and now professional protesters incited by the media are protesting, very unfair." the first time the president-elect and president obama medicine, the 30 minute scheduled meeting lasted an hour and a half, and he met with sure hour and melania trump met with the first lady. he will meet with foreign leaders next week. >> president-elect donald trump is the focus of "20/20," in "the paying of a president." right here. >> a crash in downtown san jose has affected our news family and claimed the life of a pedestrian. two members of our news team were working in their news van parked at city hall yesterday and a car and a truck crashed. a man walking near 4th was hit and killed. our reporter and photograph
5:38 am
suffered minor injuries but are at the hospital expecting to recover. a man was taken into custody. alcohol could be a factor. >> state and federal offices and schools are closed on in veterans day, self events are planned around the pay area to honor our men and women who have fought for our country. the advance day parade is at noon in downtown san jose and it begins at west santa clara street and predown market street after this. there is a come met list of events where you live on >> now the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> starting with the cool temperatures in the north bay, 49 in republic rope and petaluma and santa rosa at 50, and warmer when you are near the water and bodega bay is 64 and tiburon is 61. we have 59 in alameda, san francisco at 60. redwood city is separate. cupertino dropped from 58 to veteran. san jose is 56. san ramon is 50.
5:39 am
in san jose, the parade starts at noon committee will be 74 degrees. a warm one. average high is 6. we are there at 10:00, and return to the temperature by 6:00. from sutro tower you can see it is hazy. on the water, a pleasant day today. calm winds, fought very choppy water, at bench, mild surf and mild temperatures with the temperatures pushing in the upper 50s to 60 and exercising not is warm. san jose is 87 near the shark tank, and, today, down in the south bay at 75 degrees, we are 67 in san francisco, mid-60s in san francisco tomorrow and sunday and the rest of us in the upper 60s to let 70s and an update on when i think the rain will hit in the north bay with the first storm and our second storm is coming up. >> we have a quiet friday morning commute and advance day holiday and a lot of folk are not going to work or school and it is aiding that. the bay bridge commute, no delays and the lighter side this
5:40 am
time of the day in the lower deck is fine. we are concerned about the dense fog that mike has been talking about, and thickening up and you can tell the bright other white through the altamont pass is spilled in over the last 3 machines and not backing the speed so far this morning, 67 miles per hour average with some folks going over the speed limit there and down to 44 around altamont pass. a check of mass trait, bart back to normal with power issues but in longer a problem. regular schedule today with the veterans day holiday, ace, 7 and ten not separate because of the holiday and muni is on a regular schedule. drive time are next. >> a warning from police in the east bay, coming up, the onry spree that has neighbors in berkeley on edge. afarms and kitchens and pot loun
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berkeley police say two women and a man are responsible for violent robberies that happened in 20 minutes of each other. they struck three type on wednesday, and two people and a man unsuccessfully first tried to snatch a wallet from a man walking down the street and they kept going. they punched a victim and stole a phone in west berkeley, 10 minutes later they robbed a california student. the victim tried for get away but the robbers caught him and
5:44 am
pinned him to the ground and starting punching. >> it is terrible. very terrible. maybe i was scared. >> unrelated robbery had a south berkeley neighborhood on lockdown as police searched for an armed robber, stealing a sandwich from the berkeley bowl. >> now, an update from abc7 mornings. >> coming in, video you have to see of a car exploding in brazil injuring four people the explosion happened in a city in the state of rio de janeiro knocking out power in the area and you can see people are scared and the flames were very big after the explosion. there was a cylinder being carried but it is unclear how the blast and fire started.
5:45 am
the orange county sheriff in florida is releasing body cameras as deputies were going into pulse nightclub and you can see the deputies opening the trunks, grabbing rifles and entering the club. you can see the lights flashing as officers pointed gun. they go black at times and it signals images of the victims' bodies with cell phones going off and no one answering. the mass shooting was the first in united states history with 49 people die, 53 were injured. >> drive windy conditions are feeding 37 large wildfires in the appalachian mountain and 5,000 firefighter are battling fires in carolinas, tuck and ten with dozens of communities evacuated tens of thousands of acres burning and a dows of the largest fires are not contained. the southeast is mired in a severe drought. >> san francisco's marijuana
5:46 am
task force has a list of recommendations to license pot farms and testing laboratories. the "san francisco chronicle" said they include pop-up >> macy's is saling their men's store at union city for part after plan to close 100 stores nationwide. the business times is reporting sources that say the buyer is morgan stanley to be closed in january. macy's will lease the building for two or three years. >> we are proud to take part last night in the light the night walk at at&t park. >> it was great to meet so many joining us in the fight to find a cure for blood cancer. >> i see love and the power of what happens when we come
5:47 am
together. the san francisco walk is the largest of several walks held in the bay area raise money for the leukemia and lymphoma society. >> survivors carry white, red for supporters and gold is for those who passed away. >> it was an honor to. see the event in honor of my grandfather who passed away from chronic leukemia. >> you can see jessica and a picture of natasha's grandfather showed on scene. >> i don't think he would be spent to be on the jumbo-tron at at&t park. >> cool honor for him, for you and all families out there, it was great to see you. it was warm at at&t park and last year, they were wearing sweaters. >> so nice to see the weather cooperate great job, guys. appreciate presenting that to the rest of us.
5:48 am
>> petaluma is confirm, and three-quarters in santa rosa and livermore is flee, so it is moving to dublin, pleasanton, and possibly san ramon. possibly through the dublin grade and the altamont pass, san rafael southbound on 101, the fog is north, and high clouds and sunshine today, north bay showers tomorrow, tracking the stronger storm on tuesday and wednesday, and we will look at temperatures, most of us are in the 50s. our saturday morning storm-impact scale is "1" light to "5" is severe and it will affect some of us, by midnight, drizzle and late showers through 8:00 in the morning and by noon it will be gone and increasing sunshine and .1" not valley and double that in the mountains increasing warmth with the extra sunshine sunday into monday and more of us get rain tuesday and wednesday. that is in the next report five minutes. we have a quiet commute.
5:49 am
no blocking incidents, and all green on the traffic flow. in the south bay, a little bit of red filling in between the 280 and 680 split but in significant delays until the drive times, we have westbound 580 tracy to dublin at 27 minutes, and westbound 4 antioch to concord is 15, and san rafael to san francisco is in the yellow with slight delays at 18 minutes. we light on the follow toll plaza but on a normal commute is one of the worst in the nation. the bay bridge toll plaza is what we talking about. what makes it so bad? we but the commute to a challenge, the fastrak lanes and the cash lanes, which is faster? >> it should be 15 minutes and it and take an hour. >> a all lane on the bay bridge take fastrak and only a handful accept cash. which commute was faster?
5:50 am
we rigged two cars with cameras and put on a "7 "and the blue 7 is gone through the cash lane with the red 7 going through the fastrak lane. owe car cash starts off in the lane but it does not last. 35 minutes in, the drivers in the car lane creating the problem. >> car after car leave the cash lanes and message to the right cutting off the fastrak only lanes. >> in the end the time savings in the fastrak is five minutes to the toll plaza, why so slow? the lane cutters. >> there are some folks who believe their time is more valuable than others. >> john is with the metropolitan transportation commission and looking to eliminate the cash tolls altogether, on the golden gate bridge. >> there are a public of things we need to do because the traffic volumes are so much greater on the bay bridge. >> looking for relief
5:51 am
leavingerly does not help. the business of the time on the bay bridge is new between 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. >> of course, getting to the toll plaza is only half the battle, tonight, the delay at the metering lights and how long it takes and what commute has the real advantage. i will tell you about change coming to the meters heights tonight right here on abc7 at at 11:00. all the most interesting thing is where this guy is who town on the metering lights. >> low-tech, i put it that way. we show you the operation tonight. >> not glamorous. >> neither is the commute. >> at 6:00 we have if you details in the sent for a miss mom from reading, the new evidence that els say proved her husband is not involved in her disappear an. >> the bail season not over for a red sox fan, a
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> and now, positivist, the baseball season could be over but there was an opening day this week that will show you how much good there is left in the world. >> a continue your old thomas hastings loves baseball and his boston red sox. he was born with muscular distrophy and had 14 surgeries and spents his time in the motorized wheelchair. that makes playing baseball challenging. when he was granted a wish through make a wish he wanted his own baseball field. look at effort under dreads of strangers went to, to build thomas his own miniature fenway
5:55 am
park in the backyard. and now open day. >> it was exciting when i stepped on to the field. i was thinking, this is real and it is not dream, it is real. >> throwing his hat in the world. his father said if you can tune out the negativity there are incredible people out there and we know this to be true. >> love that. you will love your forecast, too. mike nicco has a look. >> looking great. across the state i will dial down into what will happen next week. 67 today in eureka where we will have the best chance of wet weather. 62 and increases clouds and lake tahoe and yosemite is sunny and 63 and myity for fresno, los angeles, palm springs and san diego. tuesday at 10:00 in the evening, in the heart of the morning rush hour we have the heaviest rain falling and wednesday evening it is over. we have quarter-inch in the south bay to .5" in the north
5:56 am
bay. how is the commute? alexis smith? >> no one is on the roads. it will be smooth sail if you are heading owe the door, westbound 92 across the san mateo bridge, in tapping of the breaks, and van ness has major changes to the van ness improvement project. tonight at 10:00 you will see the reconfiguration of van ness and broadway most left continues going away and we kick off the monday morning commute it reduces from 3:00 to 2:00 and it will last a couple of years. >> trending this morning the apaying resolution cause of two bald eagles in florida. look at video, a cheering crowd gathering as the eagle was freed from the storm drain. it started as a territory fight, and they fell to the ground and were stuck. was was on continue of the ear and after an hour one of eagle flew away pushing the other
5:57 am
further down so that made for a progress and the officials reached into the drain and pulled out the female now checked for wounds. >> amazon customers could be in for a refund to reimburse people whose kids made unauthorized purchases much. >> breaking news from oakland police are on the scene of a fire now being investigated as homicide. >> if you video from portland where the violent
5:58 am
i'm at higher risktwice as likfor depression.troke. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes.
5:59 am
no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. >> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> good morning, it is friday november 11. >> i saw that. at last second. mike is, oning into the last second. >> working hard for you. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> jessica castro is work hard and alexis is, welcoming had for the money and meteorologist mike
6:00 am
nicco with the forecast. >> perception is everything. i was working on a bask to get dial down to the dangerously low visibility from petaluma, and bodega avenue and pepper road and petaluma hill roads you can see bennett valley road up to santa rosa and the airport is quarter-mile visibility. be careful. mount tamalpais, 50 to 58. at noon, murky sunshine, and 63 to 74 and cooler at the coast. 61 to 72 at 4:00. upper 50s to mid-60s delightful for veterans day. how is the commute? >> great. we do not have the metering light on which is strange. usually sit on like clockwork. it is filling in, in the middle county through fastrak. here we are 6 a.m. and nothing yet. light westbound 580 tracy to


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