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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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professor's classes. he denies all allegations against him and told the "san francisco chronicle" he fells victimized. an gator hired found that the architecture professor placed his hand on a student's side and appeared to groom her for the possibility of becoming a romantic partner. the administration has called a meeting for the protection of better protection and support of students. uc santa cruz police are investigating a possible ahead crime after a student was taunt asked hit in the head with a rock walking near the theater on friday night. the three young men felled sfo and called to her in an offensive manner. man hit her with a rock. she ran off for help and was treated with minor injuries. police are trying to identify the three suspects that could have become committed because of perceived characteristics of student.
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>> police are look for whoever tried to rob an illegal marijuana grow and shot three people inside at a home near treatment boulevard. the people inside the home had a lot to protect, more than 400 plants. the detectives shared the photos. you cannot see the bullet that a resident took. he'll be all right. eight shots were fired. >> i was asleep. i heard a gun shot go off. my wife said, not go anywhere out, there could be somebody throughout and i thought for once in my life i will listen. all the houses are renting for at least $3,000 a month. it is usually quiet and no one is here. maybe that is why. all the husband who stayed inside made the right choice and police are look are for surveillance video or tips to catch the growers and attempted robbers. >> box position and president obama arrived in greece this
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morning for the last phone train. >> this is presbyterian meeting the shot changes and you can see president obama sitting to the left. he landed in athens, greece, a while ago. when he arrived, he was greeted with a full military band and greeted by the united states ambassador to greece. you can see president obama meeting with greek officials. this is his arrival as he landed, and he will go to germany next. and to peru and south america. president obama will try to reassure allies in the wake of donald trump's election victory. before he left on this trip the president claimed president-elect trump had changed the view on nato and seemed increasingly supportive of the organization so we will see what he said on the trip today. we will watch closely from the live desk. >> today, the principal am
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milpitas high will get back to work arrest be put on live for anti-donald trump remark. >> [ blank ] donald trump. >> a student shot this and the principle was yelling about donald trump at the student-led walk on thursday. he said the superintendent accepted the afollow i didn't and allowed him to return to the job. in a letter he call the comment "momentarily lack of discretion." he asked students to stand up for each other regardless of their back ground or perspective. >> students from four high schools left class to have their voices heard. a view you are sent a video showing hundreds students marching on willow road and in petaluma students from three high schools marched it city hall. chant "not my president." and "build love not a wall." a rally is organized in support of the oakland demonstrators arrested.
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11 were arrested on thursday and they shut down interstate 580 throwing molotov cocktails at officers. there will be rallies today at court. >> controversy over the president-elect trump for senior advisory, accused of spreading hate in the past. president obama opens up about his successor. here is that report. >> president obama not backing down over concerns of whether donald trump has the temperament to serve as commander in chief. >> do i have concern? absolutely, of course i have concern. when you are a candidate and say something that is inaccurate or controversial, it has less impact than it does when you are president of the united states. >> trump's transition team faces more backlash over the appointment of steve bannon as senior advisory a champion of the conservative right, that many say is fueled by racism,
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sexism, and anti-semitism. since the victory, concerns that type of rhetoric is trickling down. >> in one pennsylvania school, chants of "white power." i am so saddened to hear that and i say, stop it. >> he is working to ease fears. >> don't be afraid. we are going to bring our country back. but certainly don't be afraid. >> a phone call between vladimir putin and trump saying the two agree to try to mend ties between the united states and russia. >> a when the obama administration becomes history, so will the head of the securities and exchange commission. mary jo white will step down on january 20. the term does not end until 2019 but three is expected to name his own choice. >> san francisco's supervisors are weighing whether to police tighter restrictions on property
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owners would use sites like airbnb. they are votes on legislation to cut rentals to only 630 night as year. year, arab -- airbnb offered to cap at 90 days and create mandatory registration and provide names and addresses and other information to the city. a host aired frustration with the city and airbnb. >> don't lawyer up work with the city to find out the bad actors and all of you make it more easy and comfortable and less threatening for people not signed up to register and work legally. >> airbnb has a change of tones after a judge indicated he would likely rule in favor of the city in a lawsuit over home-sharing regulations. >> commuters, get prepared for more congestion around van ness,
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it will be narrowed from three lanes to two in each direction. right now there are for left turns but for broadway and lombard and hayes. it is the start of a three year improvement project to install bus lanes down the center of van ness. hopefully it will ease traffic congestion for drivers. >> it is the first day of dungness crab season and people hope we will see full pots. there is help for a and season. the season was harassmented last year because of harmful algae blooms. the crab contained dangerous levels of domoic acid. this crab is declared safe south of point reyes and many locals hope to have fresh crab for thanksgiving day and christmas a bay area tradition. >> that put a calmness and happiness after hearing that story. good morning, everyone. we will look at temperatures in san francisco. we have procedure temporary hill at 56, the cool spot.
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58 in many neighborhoods including ocean beach, and downtown is 58. santa clara is 56. walnut creek is 52. american canyon is 49, the cool spot. just a bit warmer than yesterday. 280 and 17 in san jose, notice what you do not sigh a lot of fog but it is cloudy. we have sprinkles if you are exercising. in the afternoon. light rain on the roads across the north bay. we will round out the activity planner with scattered light rain if you are on water. san rafael shows it is cloudy but not too foggy south on 101 in the mid-to-upper 60s, and upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow and low-to-mid 60s for friday. live doppler hd shows the rain is up to our north and i will tell you when it is coming to our neighborhoods today. alexis smith? >> it is looking better as for as driving conditions. our boats are looking better.
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quiet, 680, through walnut creek, southbound side is filling in. not too bad. a check of the drive times, over all looking light, a couple of slow ones, westbound 580, tracy to dublin up to 45 minutes in the yellow, westbound 4 is wide open at 14 minutes, southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is only slight delays in the yellow at 18 minutes. >> honoring the bicyclists who have last their lives on san francisco streets. a move to keep their memories alive. >> the oakland city council works to
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows] [horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system] so, same time next week?
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if you're 50 or older, talk to your doctor and get screened for colorectal cancer. screening saves lives! >> the storm-impact scale is a level "1", light rain today. keep the umbrella handy and drive safely. track it on the abc7 news app. >> 4:42. unusual crime, this man broke into an el cerrito pet avenue and stole antibiotics. he was gone when police got to the pet hospital. >> group of suspected purse thieves is off the street because of milpitas police. investigators say the three people and a 16-year-old were
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involved in a purse theft on sunday. officers topped the car for reckless driving and found the purse. >> resolution will be introduced to allow memorials to bicyclists to remain standing by the san francisco city council. the white bikes are chained where a bicyclist was hit and killed in the city. the policy is to remove those after two weeks. families of some victims feel that is disrespectful. as do many in the biking community. it calls for a moratorium on removing the bicycles. lyft is shaking the pink mustache replaced by l.e.d. gadget. you book a ride and are shown a cover and the app will change to the color when the driver arrives at the pickup location and you can recognize the car. the driver will be able to spot you because you can tap a but the top to dismay the same color and hold up the phone and wave
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it around. >> smart. >> it is smart. when inside the car you will notice there is a screen on back of the app that displays your name and is used as message board. you will notice the apps in san francisco on new year's eve and everyone else in the middle of next year. >> it looks decision coe. >> oakland city council is back to the drawing board on medical marijuana dispensaries. they voted 4 to 3 to have the city administration revise the medical marijuana equity program. oakland set aside half of the pot sells permits for a select group who claim it was victimized by the war on drugs. critics say the program is too restrictive. the city council scrapped plans to force candidates and business es to give 25% of the profits to the city. a vote is expected on january. >> imagine texting 9-1-1 to report an emergency with an upgrade coming to san francisco installed this week to add
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features and make cars pore -- more reliable. >> a it allows everything we are familiar with, have the numbers and location information associated with it. >> when the infrastructure is upgrades you will have 9-1-1 texting and the city is hiring 40 new dispatchers. the city leaders say you will not notice a problem if you call 9-1-1 while the new system is installed. >> peg has the first female c.e.o., leading the clean energy push as president of pg&e's electric utility and planned the shot down of the diabolo canyon nuclear plant. withs is a 55-year-old cuban immigrant taking over as c.e.o. next month. >> the busy holiday travel team is coming. federals at sfo say they expect 6.5 million people to use the airport between november 18 and january 2, up almost% from last
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year. the busiest day is november 27, the sunday after thanksgiving day. more than 160,000 people are expected to move through sfo. >> give where you live, thanksgiving day food drive is helping seven bay area food banks this holiday today and we hope you can help. we were in hayward last night with the alameda county community food banks mobile pantry, we made a $15,000 go nation on behalf our parent company, disney. text "feed," to the number on the scene, 80077 and it will make a $10 donation. the need could not be greater. we hope you can give a little this holiday season. meteorologist mike nicco is tracking fog. >> fog and showers. we will focussen the showers. they are up to the north. this is what will move in during the morning hours. into the afternoon. there is a little enhanced area of moisture and energy.
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it will lose most of the moisture and energy to our north. we are getting the scraps again. here is a look at walnut creek. south toward the 24 junction, into alamo you will find the thick fog this morning. cloudy and sprinkles and light rain. cool to chilly the next few nights with knits possible and wet weather this weekend. san francisco and richmond 64, oakland is 65 and santa rosa is 68, and hose is 67, tonight you can see the widespread 40s, to barely low-to-mid 50s around oakland and san mateo and richmond. storm-impact scale it is a "1" less than .1", but at 5 o'clock in the morning you can see around mendocino at 9:00, the best chance of anything measurable is in the north bay and along the peninsula, down to the coast, around pescadero, scattered height shows influence action and -- through 5:00 and
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it clears out with a few scattered showers possible tomorrow. they will be isolated. it will turn chilly 30s and 40s for lows and the nbc chance of rain is saturday and sunday. >> looking good on the roads. a check of the south bay 101 at 880, filling in. no blocking issues. a couple new minor issues in the last few minutes, a disabled tractor-trailer blocking the ramp from southbound one to northbound 35. c.h.p. doesn't know about that. they are working on getting crews to the scene and a disable vehicle in the showdown eastbound 80 the occupants are out of the vehicle and walking to get help. i will watch that. we will look at mass transit before 5:00. >> from abc7 mornings, happening right now, the search is on for an escaped murder suspect in missouri. he escaped from jail slipping out through an open door.
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he broke out late yesterday but right now the certain continues. here is video from the area. campbell was arrested in oakland for shooting two men. one of the men died. police in missouri say campbell may have stolen a vehicle after escaping and could be using the vehicle to make a run for it. the owner said there is a deer rifle inside and he is charged with first-degree murder and considered "dangerous." the search is continuing. natasha and reggie? >> an mel could take a page from google for the next big thing. the new gadget it could have in the pipeline. >> my coe's self lacing shoes are going on sale. wait until you hear how much they will cost. but, first, techbytes. >> the world's biggest internet companies take on fake news sites that could have misinformed voters and google will ban them and fog has a
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similar policy. >> government regulators want electric autos and hybrids to milk more noise allow blind and other previouses to hear the vehicle approach. it could prevent 2,400 injuries a year. the first noisy electrics are due with the 2019 model year. delta is using a $50 million state-of-the-art system to keep tabs on your baggage. the chips in the tags are scanned as the bags move through the system. but the app fliers can keep track of their luggage even in it is not where it is supposed
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>> award winning journalist gwen ifill is be remembered defying yesterday in washington, dc. she was only 61. the anchor was one of the most prominent political journalists in the country then for setting the standard for fairness and integrity. she began her career as a newspaper reporter and moved to tv. president obama calling her an especially powerful role model who does her country a great service. so many other people remember her this morning. former president clinton calling her a trailblazer and bright light in journalism. he said she does it with grace. look at robin roberts tweeting "gma," calls her a remarkable and highly respect journalist. >> that is at 7:00 a.m.
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>> today, the graton resort and casino opens the resort part of the equation with new guest suites, convention space and outdoor pool area, spanning 324,000 square feet of space. standard room runs $399 during the week and on weekends $499. the resort was being built people had to find a hotel off site. >> a hard metal show will play at the 2,800 seat fox theater in december. tickets are low, the fan club members have a shot at tickets that costs original $25. they will be on sale for 24 hours starting thursday. after that, tickets are up to $100. all the next store proves why firefighters are heroes. watch this. it is sweet. santa clara firefighters from engine 96 went beyond the call of duty to help bring a smile to
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a little girl posting this video on twitter. the girl recently lost her most prized possessions in a fire, that was her minnie mouse deck where she does her homework each day. the firefighters pitched to get her a new one, put it together and delivered it to a very happy and touched young lady. >> i would like a minnie mouse >> and now, everyone, we will look at the hourly planner for san francisco. our average high is 64. we will not make it there today. we are going to be in the upper 50s until noon we will hit 61 and back in the upper 60s at 6:00. if you have plan on saturday, especially in the north bay the rains are rolling in by 1:00, you can see it heads to the rest
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of our neighbors in the evening and overnight and retreats to the north bay on sunday evening. look at the discrepancy in rainfall totals at half an inch in the south bay to 1.5" in the north bay. >> the bay bridge commute, yesterday we were socked in. today the visibility is not is much of an issue. on the lower deck aproving from san francisco we her after disabled vehicle without flashers in the slow lane so eastbound 80 look out. we have c.h.p. on way. in issues with mass transit. bart is on time. we have ace one on schedule and muni is not recording issues with buses or subways. that is a great option. we will look at drive times and a new problem on highway 17. that is coming up at 5 o'clock a.m. >> tech warmers, bloomberg news is reporting that apple is considering an expansion into digital glasses. the glasses would conclusion wirelessly to iphones and show you images on your field of
4:57 am
vision. the people interviewed asked not to be identified. apple has ordered small quantities of glasses for testing. >> frosted flakes has a new flavor. killing logs -- kelloggs is adding cinnamon debuting this mornings the first time in 64 years they have included cinnamon. they are responding to fans who said they were adding cinnamon on their own and when they did so, it had a taste that was >> and now, we are talking about self-lacing shoes made famous by "back to the future 2." >> nike will sell the shoes on december 1, with charging of the
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shoes and a button lets you tighten or loosen places. >> how much? >> they are going to cost...$720! time travel not included in the price. >> next at 5:00 a boost to hopes of newsome to be the top politician. >> we have breaking news in the live desk from texas, a manhundred says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do?
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>> good morning, north bay, let's get up and get going. >> good


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