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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  November 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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strooer street
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now at 11:00, racial slurs scrawled at two east bay high schools. concerned parents are demanding answers. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> racial slurs discovered at four times at schools in the san ramon unified school district. >> california high school and monta vista in danville. >> our reporter is live at monta vista high where parents gathered to night. lisa? >> reporter: the meeting lasted several hours in library. lots of idea. opinions and emotions. that were gathered here tonight. >> what you are hearing now are symptoms of what is going on in the larger society. >> reporter: at mon ta vista high school, parents spoke about
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race. >> i understand your children don't experience the same things. but there are kids that are afraid. it's not just graffiti. >> reporter: what brought parents here was this graffiti found in the boys' bathroom. there have been four racist vandalism incidents in the san ramon valley unified school district in one month. three others at cal high. the most recent which looked similar to the monta vista graffiti incident found just today. >> all four now, ugly, harmful incidents. >> reporter: some parents here were shocked such a thing was happening at the schools. while others insist it has been going on for far too long. >> there is no empathy for other voices that are within this community. >> reporter: students' voices were heard loud and clear this morning. at an impromptu assembly, more than 100 students spoke, denouncing these acts. >> we need to prove that we are belter than this. >> reporter: the principal meantime reafirmed who ever is responsible could face
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suspension and possible expulsion. in danville, abc 7 news. turning now to the trump transition. supporters of the president elect sparked controversy today when they said there was precedent for creating a muslim registry. that press dencedent, internmen japanese-americans during world war ii. live at sfo tonight with the bay area congressman who survived an internment camp. katie? >> ama, congressman, mike honda flew in from washington, d.c. tonight. the idea of a registry is particularly upsetting to him because he and his family were forced into a japanese internment camp during world war ii. >> when trump said he wants to make america great, if he wants to do that you can't go back. >> outgoing silicon valley congressman, mike honda, says racism and hysteria of the 40s do not represent american values. he says the internment camp were disruptive to japanese-american
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community. >> especially first generation were feeling. what did we do wrong? encourage their children to study hard, be an american. >> the notion of a muslim registry comes from kansas secretary of state, who is reportedly helping trump form immigration policy. he is credited with developing national security entry exit registration system. after 9/11. >> which took people from high risk countries and required that they check in after 30 days. >> it ended in 2011. a spokesperson for care says the return of a registry would be deeply concerning. >> burdensome, ineffective, and would be, basically a massive profiling of people who are muslim or perceived to be muslim. >> the communications director for trump's transition teamer ud a statement that reads in part. president elect trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion. and to imply otherwise, is
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completely false. katie marsulo, abcs into 7 news. >> president elect trump offered retired general michael flynn position of white house national security adviser. a key post. flynn, registered democrat, is facing backlash tonight, on his foreign influences and his views on islam. >> we must regain our ability to truly crush our enemies. >> michael flynn argued islam is a political ideology. he also tweeted fear of muslims is rational. flynn began receiving classified national security briefings last summer. >> a very trusted adviser. >> at that time running a private consulting firm that offered intelligence support to international clients. he now pledged to cut ties with his come of pane. at trump tower, donald trump conducted his first face to face with a foreign leader, prime minister abe of japan. afterward the prime minister expressed great confidence in there trump. this as abc news confirms the
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president elect is kconsidering mitt romney for secretary of state. there was no love lost between the two certainly on the campaign trail. >> thing of donald trump's personal qualities, the bullying, the greed. >> mitt romney made a total fool of himself. >> south carolina governor, nikki haley also under consideration for secretary of state with former new york city mayor rudy giuliani. transition team says decisions will likely start being made around thanksgiving. so stay tuned. new tonight, san jose police are investigating a mom side this after officers found a man's bed outside a home on turnhouse lane near brigadoon, the 45th homicide of year. sky 7 over hayward minutes after a deputy marshal shot a fugitive on the run. the 26-year-old suspect wanted on drug and weapons charges in louisiana. investigators say the deputy felt threatened and shot at his far. the man was either grazed by the
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bullet or hit by flying debris. he is out of the hospital in jail. he doesn't, it doesn't appear that he had a weapon. >> a rolling gun battle. a horrible crash. in a quiet neighborhood. tonight police are on the hunt for those responsible. it started this afternoon at macarthur boulevard. shootout ended here, a minute later at dowling boulevard. one car got away. but the driver of a nissan ultimate crashed head on into an elderly couple in a prius. they suffered serious injuries. the ultima driver was arrested. >> in the east bay. child predator is in jail. >> police say, ian robert teager posed a a teenage boy to lure a 13-year-old girl for sex. >> cornell bernard is in the newsroom. >> teager is in jail. police fear more possible victims are out there. too scared to come forward. 40-year-old ian teager clearly isn't a 14-year-old boy.
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but that's what he claimed to bree on t be on social media kik if. a girl believed it. two chatted. he convinced the girl to meet him one day before school. >> when he showed up in the vehicle. he was able to lure her away and get her to the east oakland motel room where things went sour, very, very quickly. >> police say, teager drove her to the quality inn where she was assaulted. the girl was able to escape and call for help. >> we know he has driven other places. >> police believe the child predator has victims too scared to report the crime. >> please come forward. talk to us what happened to you. >> pick what things you will allow or not allow. >> forensic data expert says every smart phone has restrictions parents can use to limit or block apps and web sites used by their kids. but no replacement for a little common sense education and lots of questions from mom and dad. >> you have got to have a close relationship with your children if you want to protect them in
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this day and age. >> on its website. kik has safety guidelines for parents. ian teager will answer in court friday morning. the bay area's blast of cold weather isn't over yet. >> and tracking that, plus rain. accuweather forecast. >> and let you know how cold it is going to get by the morning. whether your weekend is a washout. we are tracking a storm. with live doppler 7. >> noise from the i-team. a fatal fire leads to wrongful death lawsuit. what the owners of a million space heaters need to know about this case. >> plus, flower fraud. the east bay gardner accused of targeting the elderly. >> all that ahead. first a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live after abc 7 news at 11:00. >> thank you, dan and alma. national unfriend day. >> what its your strategy? >> cut it down the middle.
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all right, colder temperatures have a lot of us turning up space heaters to help us keep warm. a lawsuit claims, a space heater was defective and caused a house fire that killed a beloved shopkeeper. >> abc 7 news, has an exclusive look at question as but fire safety. dan. >> ama, dan. important story. many space heaters built in the 80s are still in use. the company denies their space heater was to blame for the death. but 26 years ago, federal safety investigators warned this model posed potential fire hazard. >> patrick ferry was baking cookies when it happened. >> i heard this really big
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crash. look a boom. and, and lots of glass. and i was like what the -- is that. >> never a good night for a fire. this is one of the worst. >> yeah, certainly is, dan. if you take a look at the vectorian house on fire. two people inside taken to saint francis memorial with serious burns. >> christmas, 2013. patrick says he raced upstairs to the bedroom where his partner of 29 years was sleeping. >> i screamed his name. i said -- randy, get out. randy, called his name. he came out of the room. when i called. and he was, completely in flames from head to toe. >> he put the flames out with his hands. his lawsuit says the fire was caused by this oil filled electric delonge space heater. >> built over 3.6 million. >> patrick's attorney walter hain says the heaters built in italy were not designed for u.s. power sources. >> the heaters overheat over time. so a basic design flaw what it
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sounds like. >> what you are saying? >> it is. >> he filed the wrongful death lawsuit and says defect in the heater caused it to catch fire. and should have known the devices created danger to users. he points to this 1991 notice from the u.s. consumer product safety commission, it warns potential fire hazard and says electrical failures within control panels could cause fires. it says delongy will replace control panels but adds the manufacturer does not believe any safety hazard exists. consumer product safety commission's notice prompted in part by 1 lawsuits filed before 1991. the suits allege the heaters caused fires. some fatal. delongy's lawyer, defended the company in a dozen lawsuits and says no defects in the heaters. none of the lawsuits want to trial. the company has never been found liable or negligent.
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delon delonghi, upgraded the heaters. >> these units are still out there. millions you are saying? >> there are. we tested 26. >> he hunted down heaters across the country on craigslist and e-bay, testing them to compare to the one he says caused the fatal fire in this case. >> i needed to find something to live for. >> the shop pat rick and landy ran together. it still says home made incense made from recipes. >> we shared so much of our lives together on every level. >> this case is not just about the loss of randy sapp, or patrick's law or injuries. this case is a lot about people that we have never met. there is a lot of people out there that can still lose their lives, lose their homes, lose their livelihoods as a result of these heaters. >> i'm posting a list of the space heater models from the safety notice. at abc 7 along with tips on keeping you and your family safe this holiday season.
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dan, ama. >> thank you, dan. >> well in the east bay, and unlicensed contractor accused of taking money from the elderly. adan riva goes by adam and juan. according to the complaint. took money for landscaping and tree removal jobs and bolted. investigators say he hit two dozen homes in danville, san ramon, lafayette, walnut creek. >> now your accuweather forecast. hi there, everyone. if you stepped outside you know it is cold out there. a live look from the emoryville camera. upper 40s. and half moon bay. 53. and 41 and getting chilly. and temperatures are falling. clear skies. dry air mass. 40 in santa rosa. fairfield. 39 degrees. no clouds except north of the bay area. live doppler 7. around the area. we have a frost advisory that starts at 3:00 a.m. for north
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bay valleys until 8:00 a.m. second day we are expecting patchy frost in this area. not out of the question to see frost in other spots as well. north bay will be in particular, particularly, prone to it. morning lows. 32 to 36. protect your plants and pets and be aware of the fact that you might have a little ice on your windshield when you get going in the morning. make sure you bundle up. grab a hot cup of coffee. something to drink. you head out the door. to mid to upper 30s in inland. north, east bay. and 40s around the bay. and coast when you get going. as far as your live picture, from the camera. see visibility not a problem. winter look chill in the morning. looking at milder conditions tomorrow afternoon. and a storm moves in. this weekend. that's when those overnight temperatures will also come up. so just one more morning of the cold. tomorrow afternoon. it is a milder day. temperatures low to upper 60s. nice sunny one. occasional high cloud. storm impact scale comes in. first part of your weekend. saturday, a moderate storm.
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a 2. rain is expected in the morning. that's when the moderate rain comes in. and the wind gusts, 20 to 35 miles an hour. afternoon. will feature scattered showers. so here is a look at the games for the weekend. i know there are a lot of football games going on. we have cal. memorial stadium. 61 degrees. at kickoff. looking at showers. upper 50s. later in the evening. now sunday we have the niners playing. and it is going to be in the low 60s with rain. so if i were you, i would take the slicker or poncho with you. going to either game. 9:00. hour by hour. rains in the wee hours of the morning. slides southward. 4:00 a.m. notice pockets of moderate rain. around the central bay. 7:00 a.m. widespread rain. early saturday morning plans. be prepared for it to be slow going around the bay area. wind and rain, at 11:00 a.m. then scattered showers. 3:00 in the afternoon. continuing for saturday night plans. sunday morning, another round of rain comes in. this is weaker.
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but it is a storm impact scale. keep going. through afternoon. even hours. weekend plans. take them inside. rainfall totals will look like this. over 2 1/2 inches in the north bay. in the parts of the south and east bay. looking at half an inch to all most an in:always download abc 7 news app. monday night football. mexico city. carrying the raiders game, texans. 63 in mexico city. it will be cool. dropping down to 57. accuweather seven-day forecast. dry tomorrow. frosty cold. wet, windy. saturday, 2. sunday is a 1. get a short break. wednesday, big travel day. dan, ama, chance of rain. one on the storm impact scale. >> nice. thank you. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00. frozen friendship
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this is one of the cutest things you will see. a look at unlikely friend. a tour guide captured this amazing moment. showing a polar bear, petting an eskimo dog. the big bear woke up. the sled dog doesn't seem slightest bit afraid of the polar bear capable of gobbling him up in one bite. the guide says it was heart warming and really mind blowing to see. >> so odd. >> isn't that amazing. >> yet okay. >> ha-ha. >> for now. >> buddies. >> don't make him mad. >> don't make larry mad either. >> good tip. very good tip. >> we know that well. >> it won't be gentle like this. i promise you that. talking, for the past dozen years. the green and gold spend their time focusing on the green. a's owners stepping aside. tell you what it means for the team going forward next in sports.
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>> they called me like a negligent mother because i let, let the violence keep on escalating. >> a terrible twist in the bay area's housing crisis. people trapped with an abusive spouse who can't afford to leave.
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good evening. the best move the as have made in years. for a change does not involve trading a star player. owner lou wolf stepping aside. wolf came on the scene in 2005. talk about hand on ownership. taking batting practice. couldn't get a stadium built no matter how hard he tried. the as took advantage of revenue-sharing. pocketing $35 million a year. putting on low budget teams on the field. traded guys, who wanted to get paid. majority owner, john fisher, will handle the stadium search
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with dave kappel taking over as ams president. >> in terms of having success on the field, the stadium. and the team down there. and will happen here. we have to unlock the revenue. what that will enail is to invest more in the product and compete for more world series. >> to the ice. sharks, and blues faced off. and the western conference finals. san jose with two games left. on the six game road trip. great view of the iconic arch in st. louis. second period. 19 seconds after the blues made it 2-1. puts it in the bank. first career goal. and, left of your screen. bump skates with botker. sharks called for interference. blues score on the ensuing power play. wristing it past martin jones. blues didn't. 3-2. sharks with their second
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straight loss. college football. number 5. louisville. houston. senior night for the cougars. greg ward jr. cute scene right there. played in his final home game. two touchdowns. off the rick shay here. and three tds. and, let's get tricky. shall we. ward to receiver, bonner. he is thrown to a wide open chance allen. 50 yard strike. houston crushes louistville's playoff hopes. 36-10. nfl thursday night football. saints, panthers. 23 seconds left. first half. cam newton. throwing a 40 yard strike. to the ex niner. out of bound. upon further review. two feet in. touchdown. 20-3. panthers at the half. and, missed three games the because of a concussion last year. want down with another possible concussion. carted off the field in distress. appeared to be in tears. panthers win 23-20. their next game is against the raiders. and college hoops, stanford hosting weber state.
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robert carwright. reid travis. lay it in. reid travis. christian saunders. five assists. michael humphrey. stanford up 16. travis inside. 22 points. 15 board. cardinal win. 67-49. they're 3-0. abc 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> 3-0. >> pretty good. >> thank you. >> and, abc 7 news continues now online on twitter, facebook and mobile devices with abc 7 news
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>> appreciate your time.>> for
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joining us. jimmy kimmel live and billy crysta >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- billy crystal. from "how to get away with murder," alfred enoch. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from jeezy featuring french montana. now, stay right where you are. here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of this


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