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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning, on friday november 18. >> we will see what our weather is like. it is cool. but not wet. >> not wet. that is tomorrow. cold this morning.
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good morning, everyone. the temperatures in the north bay with a frost advisory until 8:00, rohner park is closest to being freezing, petaluma is 36. santa clara is 37. novato is 39. napa is warmer at 42. 34 to 47 at 7:00. low-to-mid 60s at noon. hanging out in the low-to-mid 60s at 4:00 with a ton of sunshine and breezy this afternoon. >> alexis? >> we are friday light and not complaining. the only issue we had the past 30 minutes is eastbound 92 before you get to industrial for folks off the san mateo bridge hit-and-run accident with a vehicle over the guardrail. there were no injuries. no major backup. just the shoulder blocked. the tow truck has arrived. the central valley drive is coming up. >> could the next iphone be made in america? apple is looking into building the products in the united states after calls from president-elect donald trump to do just that.
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>> it could come at the expense...of all of us. amy hollyfield is in san francisco. amy? >> good morning. would you pay more for your iphone if they were made here? they are designed here. though are sold here. look at this beautiful store in union square. there is talk they could be manufactured here. would you pay twice as much or more for an iphone? it could be a tough side effect to the plan. this is were coming from unnamed sources saying apple has asked the manufacturers to look into the possibility of making the iphone in the united states. one agreed to consider and the other said "no," it would be too expensive. this is a major victory president-elect donald trump who said he would try to force apple to make products made in the united states and a 45% tax on
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all chinese imports. apple did not comment. >> new this morning, president-elect donald trump has filled another position on his team, former army lieutenant general michael flynn is national security adviser for the trump administration. he offered flynn the job on thursday and he accepted a few hours ago. he is meeting with mitt romney reportedly in consideration for secretary of state. the future president is leaning on twitter for most communications which led to an odd moment taking credit on credit for saving a ford plant in kentucky from closing and moving to mexico. ford said, they never planned to move the plant, just the production of the lincoln. >> president obama is continuing what is likely the last trip before he leaves office. he took office to germany -- took off from germany an hour ago and they discussed security and economic concerns and what the election of donald trump
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could meet for nato. he is on the way to peru. >> supporters of the president-elect donald trump sparked controversy saying there is precedent for concreting a muslim registry. the precedent? the intendment of japanese americans during world war ii. katie marzullo talked with congressman honda who finds the idea particularly upsetting. >> trump said he wants to make america great and if he wants to do that he cannot go back. >> outgoing congressman mike hondaization racist and hysteria of the 1940s do not represent american values with the internment camps disruptive to the job nose american community. >> especially the first general, what did we do wrong? they encouraged the children to study hard, be an men. all the notion of a muslim registry comes from kansas secretary of state reportedly helping trump for immigration policy. he is credited with developing
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the national security entry exit registration system after 9/11. >> it took people from high risk countries and required they check in after 30 days. >> it ended in 2011. a spokesperson for care said the return of a registry would be deeply concerning. >> burdensome, ineffective and basically a massive profiling of people who are muslim or perceived muslim. all the exclusion director for the transition team issued a statement "president-elect donald trump has never advocated for any registry or system that tracks individuals based on their religion and to imply otherwise is completely false." san jose concert goers gone kanyeed big time. he went on a ran. he said something that caught the ought conference by vice and it lasted 30 or 40 minutes.
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in the recent rant he told the black fans to step focusing on racism because america is a racist country. here is the real headline, he said if he voted in the election, and he did not vote in the election, he would have voted for donald trump. fans booed, threw shoes and walked out. in droves. and some are new demanding to get their money back. one tweets "walked out early with a bunch of other concert goers since he decided to talk the concert, ticketmaster, refund us." >> and there is a meeting on student opinions after a number of walk outs protester president-elect donald trump. students in the bay area have staged walk outs to show frustration and the representative of alameda county is returning to dublin high school to hear in students. he is updating them on the role
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of congress in the new administration. >> many a's fans are hopeful ater the co-honorer lew wolff is setting aside selling all but a small stake in the team and give up his role as managing partner creating a sense of optimism for a new ballpark. the team has been traying to build unfor a decade. the majority owner john fisher will handle the stadium surge with an earthquake expert with the new a's president. >> as far as having success on field, that is stadium. it happened in san jose when the team was there and it will happen here. we have to unlock the revenue that comes with a new building. that will be able us to invest more in the product. >> he take over as a's president next month. >> has bart felt less cramped? there is a reason. according to the ridership sit down for first time in six years
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on weekdays, from july to september 2,100 fewer people riding and more substantial on the welcome with approximately 20,000 fewer riders. part said the ridership rise and falls with the economy particularly with the employment and traffic congestion. >> the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning. mid-to-upper 30s inland east bay and 43 in san jose and newark is 41 and redwood city is 44 and san francisco is 52 and daly city is 47. dress warmly this morning. this afternoon, total shun, a few high clouds and a jump in the temperatures from 1 at half moon bay and san francico is 63 with a lot of mid-to-upper 60s. with rain rolling in tomorrow it will be cooler, low-to-mid 60s and heading to sunday we get on become side of the cold front in the upper 50s to low 60s. at 10:00 tonight, no measurable rainfall. by midnight to 1:00 in the
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morning in the north bay, by 5:00 it is moving around the san mateo bridge and it opens the understood gates through the morning into the afternoon. all the way to sunday. you can see possibly potential heavy rain in the north bay while the rest of us are getting half to three-quarters inch of rain. i will show you the look at how it affects you next. now a look at the commute. >> it is looking great so far this morning. a big turn from year. we are friday "lite" so a lot of green on the maps, the only place we do not see green is the central valley. westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass using the speed indication tools 22 to 25 miles per hour average. that is good for the stretch. the bay bridge toll plaza is still wide open and we will give it 20 more minute before the metering lights are turned on. we have debris in the south by. >> the growing outrage over san
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francisco's millennium tower and unprecedented step that city hers want to take. >> sky-high ticket prices for concerts and how you can stop being gouged. >> a hue pallet fire in los angeles. angeles. stay
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we have breaking news. >> breaking news is from southern california in riverside california. a massive fire at a pallet yard.
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crews are trying to put this out. it will take a while. it is spreading. when you have a pile of wood it will be tough to get it out before it burns. to paris, south of riverside, firefighters reported multiple explosions from propane in the compound. that is not helping. we have no injuries known and no structures are threatened. >> san francisco supervisor said big changes are needed in a major city department in the wake of the mill encrumb millennium controversy as the san francisco supervisor held a hearing of the destruction and disappearance of documents related to the tower which has surge 16" since opening. he is not mincing words about building inspection practices. >> it is dysfunctional. it was dysfunction am then and
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it remains dysfunctional. they see themselves as a permit processing department, not as a life and public safety department. if i were the mayor of this town, i would blow up the department building and start all over. >> he is furious that the professor who surrounded for the soundness of the tower as an expert in 2006 refused to appear yesterday at the hearing. he said that for the first time in decades the board of supervisors is considering a subpoena. >> we will get rain this weekend. we are not going to get this: the first major winter storm pupping several states. washington, utah, wyoming and colorado all could be hit withbly arrested and white-out conditions, with the heaviest in northwest minnesota. it could see 1.5' of snow. the area of the country is used to it. the system is moving east and if you flying home for thanksgiving day, check the flight for delays
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or cancellations. >> i am grateful. the poor dog. >> in "first look, a happy ending for a family four missing for days. here are the details. >> in the "good morning america", the couple with with a two-year old and eight-month-old daughters vanish on tuesday. jason said the family van was stuck in mud trying to go around a fallen tree stranding them. >> it got dark. we were on the side of the road after big a shelter. >> on thursday morning they heard on the radio people were out searching for them. they ran into a local hunter who called 9-1-1. [ inaudible ] >> you said they dehydrated. >> yeah. little bit. they look pretty good, really. all the family of four is waking up at him, healthy and thankful.
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>> everyone is good. god is great. happy to be alive. >> we will have more or the ordeal at 7:00 a.m. that is the "first look," for "good morning america" today. all the astronauts are back on earth after a month chinese international space station. the astronauts conducted experiments related to medicine, physics and biology, the latest step by china for a permanent space station in six years. >> the oakland raiders are headed to mexico city for monday night football. you can watch the game right here texans vs. raiders with coverage at 5:00 on monday. >> we talking about the snow that is hitting the upper midwest and i am glad not to have that, mike, and a last issue glad to see the rain. >> that is why i don't connect
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influence minneapolis. don't do that. >> i used to live there. >> we don't talk about that. was a cold time in my life. good morning, everyone, live doppler hd shows it is quiet. a few high clouds in the sky this afternoon but it is warm air ahead of the system. walnut creek shows south on 680 at 36 degrees. right new. mostly sunny. mild. breezy. first wave of rain tonight, moderate and heavy in the north bay and more rain on sunday with a chance on wednesday. tonight the temperatures are low-to-upper 50s at ten degrees warmer to 50 degrees warmer than this morning. storm-impact scale is still a "2" influence the season from "1" light to "5" severe and moderate rain in the morning tomorrow, and, then, scattered showers in the afternoon. gusts up to 25 to 35 miles per hour. 9:00 is good and a few sprinkles
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ahead of the band of moderate rain. red is show up and that is heavy rain through 6:00 hour. from 5:00 to 10:00 it moves influence the bay and you can see changing to scatter showers in the evening. in lake, 12 to 18" of snow above 7,000 feet and another chance of rain on wednesday. >> a alexis? >> it has been quiet. a lot of green on the maps. in the south bay we have report of a large roll of carpet on southbound 87 beyond the 280 merge in the center lanes. c.h.p. knows about it. they have a crew on way to scene. use caution. the san mateo bridge moving along just fine in the westbound side and the eastbound side had a crash after the bridge near industrial a hit-and-run accident collision with no injuries and confirmation it has cleared. no longer do we have that
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distraction. mass transit is from. bart has 39 trains on time. ace one and time on time and caltrain has no issues. we will look at the north bay next. >> a new study suggests a person's sense of smell could predict their risk for alzheimers. poor sense of smell among older people could signal a risk of the disease. volunteers were tested on ability to recognize, remember, and distinguish between odors. some smells including leather, smoke and lemon. the brain area that processes smells is affected by alzheimers. >> tired of being shut out by the expensive concert tickets in town? michael finney partnered with "consumer reports" to find out how to get the tickets.
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consumer reports recommends taking advantage of presales through sites and look out for credit card promise motion that offer cardholders first dibs and discounts. >> if you visit the resale site closer to the event, filibuster coat -- ticket prices can plummet. >> consumer reports said for get going to a concert in a group, buying fewer tickets increases your chance for success. >> that makes sense. >> the holidays are almost here and the bell ringers are celebrating. getting help from "beach plan coat," with celebrity bell ringers at young square since 1980 and shes to do this to raise money for salvation army. >> i love ring the bell and i
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love take money from people. >> she has done a lot of charity work but helps friend mayors for four decades in hosting presidents and kings and queens. all the seven things you need to know to start your day and the most magical time of year at heaviest place on earth and what to look forward to if you are celebrating holidays at days celebrating holidays at days anytime you will not believe
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it's how edward jones makes sense of investing. only new alka-seltzer plus justfree of artificial dyes and preservatives liquid gels delivers the powerful cold symptom relief you need without the unnecessary additives you don't. store manager: clean up, aisle 4. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. >> the seven things you need to know: breaking news, president-elect donald trump has named senator jeff sessions for attorney general and representative as c.i.a. director. that came down a few minutes ago from reuters, former lieutenant john michael flynn accepted the
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role of national security adviser. >> kanye west 19s are blowing up social media abut the concert last midnight at s.a.p. center. many are demanding refunds saying he ranked for 40 minutes about president-elect donald trump and racism in america. >> another racist slur found at an east bay slur so that make four in a in. the latest was written inside cal high school in san ramon, with parents and the principal coming together for a conversation about race. >> the big story is the frosty conditions until 8:00 this morning and we will turn our attention to rain coming in, tonight, and it will be heavy at times and it will last through sunday. >> five, we are enjoying the dry pavement and a friday light commute so far. at look at southbound 101 in san rafael and the drive time, heading southbound from marin county at 17 minutes into san francisco. >> the missing son of michigan
5:25 am
congressman conyers has be found safe missing since tuesday. details are slim but police say conyers liked a get concerning the search and they were able to locate him. >> the dress warn by marilyn monroe when she sang happy birthday sold for $3 million! the auction house said it was purchased by ripley's believe it or not. >> an amazing discovery inside the famous mexican site has archaeologists excited a second pyramid hidden in a pyramid, a 32' tall structure in the 100' tall pyramid and a second 65' tear mid-in the 1930s. one researcher said it is like a russian nes texting doll and believe the smaller pyramid was constructed between 550 to 800
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ad which is on coast. >> and shaquille is helping make christmas special for kids in needs for the toys for tots program for kids who are not fortunate. he was in atlanta with a wish list at stores and on the web site if you prepare a toy it goes directly to the charity. >> we have another 90 minutes of news including the reason a local c.h.p. officer is now called "a hero." >> peg's of to toss out guilty verifies in the san bruno explosion is thrown out. what a rule means. >> volkswagen employees felling the fall intermediate from the emission scandal with a big announcement about the future.
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>> good morning, south bay. let's get going. it is friday, november 18. i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter, alexis smith. >> we are wishing mickey birthday, cheers to 88. >> he looks great. >> ages well. >> i guess we drinking what he drinks. >> frost advisory continues in the north bay valley and chilly inland, walnut creek is 36 degrees in the east bay. ton a sunshine and low-to-mid 60s. comfortable outside.
5:30 am
breezy in the afternoon, upper 50s and hid 60s the rest us. stars and high clouds and dress for tempertures in the mid-to-upper 50s with moderate-to-heavy rain with more on that next. alexis? >> i so time to getten more coffee it is quiet with traffic. we are filling in through the bay bridge toll plaza so no metering lights but we will have those here quickly. the original slow spot is westbound 580 tracy to dublin up to 36 minutes and that is not too bad southbound 680 and northbound 85 to the south bay looking good. >> breaks president-elect donald trump is filling more positions for national security adviser and law enforcement teams, three positions now filled, reuters reported alabama senator jeff sessions accepted the offer for attorney general. ing ises is one of the closest and most consistent ideallies and a united states representative is selected as
5:31 am
new c.i.a. director currently serve on two major committees, energy and commerce. overnight we learned former army lieutenant michael flynn accept the role of national security adviser. >> we will move to the number one trending topic in san jose: kanye. >> people booed and threw things at rapper last night at s.a.p. center. matt keller in san jose. matt? >> good morning. kanye west is a huge star the fans are loyal. that is why they are willing to pay up to $160 a ticket to see him. at the s.a.p. center. but some of them wish he would have talked less. >> he ranked all night, but, still, a good show. >> what did you of the rant? >> i love him. he talked too much the. >> a lot. >> we all know that.
5:32 am
>> the video is pest on social media showing he did more talking than performing, and it frustrated the audience and some threw shoes. a statement received the most boos when he toll the crowd he did not vote but with have voted on donald trump and he would run for president in 2020. he had this to say about racism in america. >> specifically to black people stop focusing on racism. this world is racist, okay? stop being distracted and focus on that so much. it is just a [ blank ] fact we are a racist country. period. >> a concert goer walked out because he decided to talk the woke concert and sent a message to ticket matter asking for a regun. the tour rolls on and is in sacramento next.
5:33 am
tomorrow. a string of racial incidents in the east bay is prompting lengthy conversations between parents, students and educators, with slurs found at four times in the past in. one in danville, they at cal high school in san ramon and one yesterday. someone where "no n word allowed." similar to the racist graffiti found in a bathroom at a high school. leaders and parents met for what turned out to be an emotional and candid conscious on race. some parents were shocked it is happening at their schools and others insist it has been going on too long. >> this is no empathy for other voices in the community. [ inaudible ] >> it is a symptom of the larger society and what is going on. >> students vote their opinions yesterday morning.
5:34 am
>> whoever is responsible could face suspension and expulsion. >> rebound is on pay to peru. this is new video from overnight. the president is boarding air force one. he met with hers of britain, france, italy, spain and germany discussing security, the economy and what donald trump means for nato and efforts to fight the climate. he is in peru and attending economic summit with many asian country leaders. >> san francisco public defender is preparing for president-elect donald trump's thomas of deportation, asking the city to hire lawyers to defend undocumented immigrants. and adachi said an estimated 30,000 immigrants reside in san francisco illegally and could become targets. mayor lee said the city is funding community-based lawyers helping immigrantsed in rights to become citizens.
5:35 am
>> on the peninsula, investigators in san mateo are trying to figure the cause of a building under construction to set fire last night. at 20th and only. it was knocked down in an hour. no one was hurt. police are hunting for shooters behind a rolling gun battle and horrible crash in a quiet neighborhood yesterday afternoon at interstate 580. it ended a minute later and look at that, a car got away but the driver of a nissan crashed head on into this car, an elderly couple was inside the prius, they suffered serious injuries. police arrested the nissan driver. officers do not know the make or model of the other car involved in the shootout but they hope to track down surveillance video or get witnesses. >> san jose police have a man in custody. they say he opened fire on two officers. the officers were not hurt. it happened on sunday.
5:36 am
police arrested a 20-year old during a car stop. san jose mayor liccardo said he is re-located an arrest has been made. >> we know someone is willing to take a shot at believes, doubling dangerous to the rest of the community. it is credit chicago important we made this arrest. i'm glad we got 'em. >> the police officers association called the shooting an assassination attempt and is held without bail. >> san jose police are videoing the 45th homicide of the year with a man's body found outside a home in the of green area yesterday afternoon. investigators were still at the scene last night, police have not released man moves identity and have not said how he died. >> police in the east bay want to know if you know this man, would goes by several different names including adam and juan. he is an unlicensed contractor who victimizes older homeowners by take money for listened scraping and tree removal jobs and bolting investigators say
5:37 am
he has hit more than two dozen homes in danville, san ramon, lafayette orinda and walnut creek. >> sharon stone will be at santa clara university as part of a symposium on campus assault with the names of brock turner and employ doe on their mines. an actress read part of the letter to brock turner and today share stone will do the same to raise awareness about sexual assault and share sights on protecting survivors. >> judge dismissed the attempt by pg&e to toss out six guilty verdicts in connection with the fatal explosion in san bruno. last night's ruling means that the utility company will be sentenced in january. each count carries 500,000 fine. the max pg&e could pay is $3 million. but pg&e earns that machine none in -- that much money in 30
5:38 am
hours. the pipeline explosion killed eight and caused millions in damage. >> volkswagen's scandal is costing 30,000 workers their jobs. the cuts will save the company $4 billion a area. it will need it. volkswagen is paying $15 billion to settle lawsuits and fines over software in 500,000 vehicles that fund off emission controls. 23,000 jobs that are cut are in germany and volkswagen did not say not other 7,000 cuts will happen at the only united states manufacturing plant which is based in chattanooga, tennessee. all the accuweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> how company of the 30,000 had anything to do with the software? here is a look at the east bay, union city, 40 degrees and everyone else is in the mid-40s including fremont at 46. oakland is 45 and richmond is warmer, dress for 43 in mountain
5:39 am
view, and 43 in san jose, and 36 in pleasanton and fairfield. pacifica is mild at 47. the golden gate bridge has no fog and a breeze from the northeast at ten miles per hour. the commute is dry. exercising is chilly and mild this afternoon and a warmer day moving forward. on on the water it will be breezy. we here is a look at sfo, not speaking flight arrival delays. it is clear and 48 degrees. temperatures today from 63 in san francisco to east bay and inland, at 67 and the south bay is 69. tomorrow is tighter spread because of rain and clouds, 60 to 63 and cooler on sunday at 59 to 62. alexis? >> next week a last folks are off due to the thanksgiving day holiday and maybe taking the day off today because we are showing light volumes. at the central valley commute using the speed indication tool,
5:40 am
between 21 and 33 miles per hour leaving tracy. not bad for that stretch. ten minutes ago i said the metering lights were not on but they are now. that is the other slow spot. we are looking great so for. if you have friends in town, planning on walking across the golden gate bridge you have limited access between 5 and 10:00 a.m. and then again next saturday and sunday with the sidewalk closed replacing lights so you have to do a u-turn and head back. can you not fully cross. we will look at the light drive times in less than 10 minutes. >> a 40-year-old accuses of posing as a teenage boy on social media and he is called a resolution tore and the investigation is far from over. >> a bizarre twist in the case of a missing mother, the new player that police say could hurt their investigation.
5:41 am
>> they called me a negligent mother because i let the violence escalate. >> tonight, a terrible twist in the bay area's housing crisis, people trapped with an abusive people trapped with an abusive spouse and they can not
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> in son california, cruise --
5:44 am
cruise are fighting a huge pallet fire in riverside county with passive flames. firefighters reported multiple explosions from the propane on the site. there are no immediate reports of injuries and no structures threatened outside of the area. a california highway patrol officer is called a hero for helping talk down a man about to jump off the benicia bridge in martinez. this is a photo from the c.h.p.^. the officer got him off the lunch talking of his only personal difficulties and taking the young man telling him about the people that surround him and karen about him. >> the sent for a missing mother from shasta county is taking a strange twist. an anonymous letter offering money for her safe return is causing concern with investigators. letter was posted on a website called www.
5:45 am
the person offering money is only in town for a few days and will pay the agencied kidnapper however they want but did future offer a specific amount. they site a negotiator who say he is a kidnapping and republican some consultant. investigators have never called it a kidnap asking say it could jeopardize their own investigation. >> this morning, a man accused of being a child predator will be in court. police say robert teager lured a 13-year-old girl for sex after posing as a 14-year-old. he claimed to be 14 yield boy on social mediaup kick. the girl believed it and the two were chatting for weeks. he convinced the girl toment -- toment him before school. he was able to lure her away and get her to the motel room where it went sour very, very quickly. >> police say teager drove her to the quality inn where she was
5:46 am
sexually assaulted. she was able to escape and call for help. investigators fear more possible victims are still out this. >> it is hard to watch this video from flagstaff, arizona. police strike a woman, or an officer striking a woman. he is on leave. watch as the officer punches the woman in the face. her name is marissa morris. he claimed she need him in the groin before he hit her. this began when the officer spotted morris on wednesday and tried to restrain her checking on an outstanding warrant but she resist because she knew the warrant was cleared and after all of this, she was right. >> the secret service made the largest counterfeit money seizure in the age's history, $3 30 million, from peru the largest manufacturer of counter fit united states currency.
5:47 am
they panned with 1,500 police officers in the separation and acts took eight counterfeit presses and 1,600 printing plates and made 48 arrests. >> time is running out to donate turkeys to families in the bay area. thed if bang of santa clara and san mateo county need 5,400 frozen turkeys. the goal is 19,000 turkeys. frozen turkeys must be donated by monday and today join spencer christian at the food bank of contra costa county. >> it will be 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and you can help by doing something very simple by text "feed," to 80077 on the screen for a $10 donation to help those in need. >> you can donate and go celebrate the at the embark dough center. they are doing the annual
5:48 am
building light tone 15,000 lights will be lit with fireworks and a performance by mickey mouse and disney on ice starting at 6:00 people. if you want to go earlier this is a family carnival with children's activities including a visit from santa at 4:00. disney is the parent company of abc7 and the transition is nicely into the fact that it is a special birthday and here, mickey mouse turning 88. >> speaking of celebrating, disney is celebrating by kick off the holiday season at disneyland with packs decked out in christmas lights and this is great for everyone, parents, children, a small world has been transformed into "small world holiday," with holiday traditions around the world. >> a it -- it is
5:49 am
we have been waiting for months and it is fantastic to be here. the environment is just imagine 8:00. >> california adventure is hosting the nighttime water spectacular world of color season of light. i had not seen that yet. >> have not seen world of color? >> not the season of light. >> that is brand new. >> you are a former disneyland employee. >> back in high school i worked at disneyland. >> i am obsessed with disneyland. meteorologist mike nicco? >> and i am going there in a couple of weeks. >> i'm excited. >> phenomenal just amazing, words cannot describe how special it is during the holidays. >> here is a look from mount tamalpais southeast wind at 16 to 22 miles per hour over the to which the rest us heading into the afternoon and not so calm as yesterday but mostly sunny and warmer breezy and dry. moderate to light rain and not
5:50 am
so heavy on sunday through wednesday. high clouds will move in but the rain today stays to the north in northern california and oregon and washington. tonight, low-to-upper 50s and the friend, yellow, orange, that is request the storm is a "2" on the storm-impact scale. moderate rain tomorrow. showers in the afternoon. minimal damage. 9:00 tonight you can see a few sprinkles ahead of the main area of rain in the north bay and the oranges and reds and moderate to brief heavy rain in the north bay through 6:00 in the morning. by 5:00, moving into the heart of bay and by 1:00 or 2:00 it is out. we are left over with showers heading through the afternoon and light rain during the day for sunday. the seven-day forecast shows temperatures are cooler with a break on monday afternoon and tuesday and wet weather on wednesday. >> it took a while but we have
5:51 am
folks moving. westbound 80 is fill in through emeryville stretch and we have the bay bridge meter lights on at 5:28 so it is typical. we have a lot of green on the traffic maps with a new issue in the north bay southbound 101 a solo vehicle crash when an s.u.v. left road, hit a tree with a lot of calls saying the vehicle is smoking and the driver is not wanting to get out. a strange situation. i don't thing we have lanes blocks. just a distraction. drive time is filling in westbound 580 tracy to dublin is 39 minutes and westbound 4 antioch to concord is guys? >> fall intermediate from the wells fargo scandal, "7 on your side" and michael finney explain what happened to some accounts linked it a san francisco program. >> first, a lot of us are >> first, a lot of us are shopping this weekend f
5:52 am
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>> today is the last day to sign up for the popular t.s.a. option at oakland oakland with a opinionup booth open inside terminal two since halloween. it closes to at 5:00. approval allows you to use special lanes going through security and you can keep your shoes and jackets on. to fine another location seen up for t.s.a. precheck head to officials say apply online first. then you can make an appointment. >> a very cute and furry holiday tradition in san francisco today. everyone will say what reggie is
5:55 am
saying, ahhh. the 30th straight year to adopt dogs or cats out of window at macy's at union square and you can take a dog or cat home under the christmas tree with holiday songs performed to get you in the mood. >> you will likely see me there man time over the holiday season. i can not get new of it. >> it is awesome. and the san francisco spca we appreciate our perfect pet partner doing that. our winds are fastest from midnight tonight gusting from 25 to 35 miles per hour. at game at memorial, big game, at 60 degree drizzle to showers so it will be wet. more likely a steady rain tomorrow during the 49ers gale on sunday. temperatures are in the low-to-mid 60s. at lake tahoe getting home on sunday, it will be a bear, half a not snow possible above 7,000
5:56 am
foot. >> a problem not east bay walnut creek area, with heavy traffic southbound 680 a crash is reported before main street and that could be it. i will zoom in on the camera to confirm it. in the north bay, southbound 101 we have reports of an s.u.v. that left the road. we confirmed with c.h.p. that is not blocking the main line. we are obviously in the green southbound 101 from novato. the walnut creek crash is coming up at 6:00. >> good news sink your teeth into the thanksgiving dinner you will be paying less. a little bit. cure to the american farm bureau federation turkey dinner for ten people with all the trimmings is 24 cents coacher than last year. which comes to a total of $49.87. but it is a savings including 16-pound bird county sweet potatoes, rolls, corner betters,
5:57 am
peas, apple and pumpkin pie. >> abe air is expanding from home sharing to people sharing with san francisco the first to get "trips," with local experts on a left of topics to give traveler as look at the city they are visiting rolled out to 12 cities and then trips will go to 50 cities next year. >> we are tracking the major announcements from president-elect donald trump's transition team. the cabinet is filling out and we have the newest members. >> and president-elect donald trump could be considering a muslim registry. the outrage it is causing in the bay area. >> car theft that want wrong. a dealership ended with a dealership ended with
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> ing, everyone, on friday, november 18, i am jessica castro. >> and i am meteorologist mike nicco. >> i am regular. i am here with alexis smith. >> ready to tackle the last day of the week. >> want to jump out of bed and get to it. >> so fun. >> the north bay, you are under a frost advisory until 8:00 this morning. rohnert park is 33 and santa rosa is 33 the likely neighborhoods with frost. our east bay hills camera we have 7:00 temperature videoing from 33 to 47. sunshine and low-to-mid 60s at noon. low-to-mid 60s at 4:00 and a few high clouds and breezy. grab a coat this evening in the low-to-mid 50s with rain rolling in after midnight. alexis? >> trouble in walnut creek area. we zood


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