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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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to see p out in front and make them miss. he's a slippery runner. a guy to me who can do it all. the complete package and when you talk about next level, he fits the definition perfectly for the guy to play in the league. >> beth: syracuse is able to get it right back. another record was set today as well in the acc. james connor. coming back from his battle with cancer at pittsburgh, has set the new acc career touchdown record with 53 of them. he added a couple today. and then of course cook, one of the nice things too when a guy breaks a record, you also pay homage to the guy who had it before him. and no better guy really ever in a florida state uniform than warrick dunn, the guy he passed today. a record that has been around for 20 years. >> anthony: and jimbo fish erp, we asked him, tell us something about cook. he said this kid was one of the
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highest receruited running back they brought in and he came in as if he is in a position to earn it. he kept his mouth closed. he a team guy. he has put everything in his career with the team in front of him and then everything else that he has earned and accomplished on the field. and they are embraced that. and he has been one of the best florida state seminole players that jimbo fisher has coached in his career year v here. >> beth: very first 100 yard rushing game was here at the dome two years a i go. we revisit the career of warrick dunn at florida state. >> anthony: i me warrickdown's proud of him. that record stood for 20 years and there is is a reason why he stood it. he would be with his head held
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high. he would pass it on to a guy like dalvin cook. >> beth: they have so far made it a november to remember as jimbo talked about. they pick up the win today at syracuse. cook in the record books and now, the other things that jimbo talked about. leave a legacy and the young guys set the tone for the future and what better way to do it than to finish off the regular season with florida at the dome? >> anthony: it's going to be a monster game, and you know, i tell you, it's going to be a calling card move for the team moving forward. a lot of young talent that we talked about and i'm sure he wants to remember one 067 his few games and why not in state against a team that is one of your rooifivals in the florida gators. >> beth: and syracuse, they will
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travel to pitt and certainly what they will be preaching around campus throughout the week, 5-7 would look a lot better than 4-8 as you're working hard throughout the off season and in spring ball next year. >> anthony: it's funny. the funnest offensive play ever is the kneel down. the victory play. you don't see that much any more in college. they continue to hand the ball off to these guys. one guy that is enjoying the win is jimbo fisher and huge victory for them on the road. taking care of business and syracuse, dino babers, a young team, they have shown flashes today, beth, and great to see. in time, dino babers shows confidence they are going to be a difference maker. >> beth: coaches have the headsets off and that could do
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it. 45-14, florida state gets the win over syracuse. and a season-high 654 yards of total offense for the seminoles. led by dalvin cook. 28 carries, 226 yards. he ties his career high with four touchdown runs. he breaks the school career rushing record. he ties the school career touchdown record. cook in the books. don't forget, oklahoma/west virginia tonight at 8:00 eastern on abc.
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on abc7 news, live doppler shows showers moving across the bay area. we'll find out if the entire weekend will be a washout. strong winds and conditions
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are causing problems on the roads. a look at the trouble spots also. >> do you still think he's a con artist, sir? >> a one-time fierce kriltic of donald trump met with the president elect today. what mitt romney told reporters after that meeting. >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. from sprinkles to downpours we're seeing rain across the bay area. we have a look at just how long this stormy weather is going to last. hello i'm eric thomas, welcome to this early edition due to college football. it's windshield wiper weather, a gray, soggy saturday across the bay area. this is how it looked to drivers on 101 this afternoon. north buy took the brunt of the storm with more than 2 1/2 inches in santa rosa. you can still see the rain still falling at the bridge making for slick roads for motorists out there. we have live team coverage of the storm wachl starting with meteorologist drew and live
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doppler 7. >> we have seen winds over 30 mirp today, some cities picking up well over an inch of rain and still some hours lingering out there. right now, live doppler 7 showing it's a peppering across the region. let's take a zoom to street level. light rain to the north of palo alto. some light showers around campbell as you can see on live doppler #. we'll take you to the north, just north of oakland around berkeley and richmond the big game right now is seeing scattered showers at this hour. we'll have those light scattered showers with us, it will be breezy, winds 10 to 25 miles per hour and chilly temperatures in the 50s. we have another wave of rain moving in and some changes to the thanksgiving forecast. >> drew, thank you very much. our live team coverage continues with abc7 news reporter alyssa live in berkeley. what are you seeing out there? >> well, eric, it is rainy in
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bear country, but people are not staying indoors, as you can see, there's a lot of people out, they have umbrellas and upponch, this is big game weekend and fans aren't going to let some rain ruin the fun of this rivalry. >> reporter: it's a game day tradition at uc berkeley, the football team enters memorial stadium through a sea of fans while the band riles up the crowd. but today, there was no music. a university official told me the band was concerned rain would damage the instruments. >> go, bears! >> reporter: the big change in weather came just in time for the big game against stanford, one of college football's greatest rivalries. but it did dampen spirits. >> a little water ain't going to hurt anyone. >> for me it's more epic, it's football weather. >> reporter: many cal and stanford fans sported ponchos in their team colors. the party scene was still big as ever at fraternities. >> i don't think it's affecting the party much at all.
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i mean, i'm going out, i'm in my shorts, it's -- yeah. it's still pretty popping. >> reporter: victor says there's fewer people than normal at his tailgater but they're barbecuing and came prepared with tarps. >> every now and then we just poke the thing and the water falls off. that's the best solution we've discovered so far. >> reporter: rain fell all over the bay area, showers soaked milbre, high winds battered the coast. in bolinas, two tree branches toppled near power lines. this weather, keeping emergency crews busy throughout the weekend. this rain has stayed steady throughout the day here in berkeley. university officials want to remind people that umbrellas are not allowed inside the stadium. in berkeley, alicia harrington, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. in valejo, the chp believes rain played a heavy role in a crash that backed up traffic on interstate 80. it happened on redwood street. there were injuries but no word
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yet on how serious they were. this storm is expected to bring significant rain and snow this weekend t. national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory that runs through 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. they're warning drivers that roads could be slick. officials are asking travelers to be ready for delays, chains are required on interstate 80 but not on highway 50 at this time anyway. tahoe ski resorts are welcoming the storm. most hope to hope by thanksgiving another quick look at live doppler 7. you can track this storm with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7 on the app and you can enable push alerts and you'll get weather advisories to your mobile device. other news now. a deputy in santa cruz county shot and kill add man accused of stabbing two people. it happened shortly after 3:00 this morning with a call about a stabbing just outside wats watsonville. they located the suspect near the scene, still armed with a knife. deputies used less lethal weapons but they say the man advanced towards them with a
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knife and that's what he was shot at least once. the man's name has not been released. traffic is moving on interstate 580 after a crash that sent a box on the tracks. abc news was there where you can see the truck on the tracks. the truck and two cars crashed around 10:30 this morning. the b.a.r.t. tracks are caused for maintenance. no one was seriously hurt but the truck driver did complain of back pain. the chp believes speed may have been a factor in this crash. there are new details on a plane crash that killed a woman near half moon bay. the coroner has identified the victim as melissa mcgee of sacramento. the 57-year-old was flying in a single engine cessna that belonged to the sacramento aeroflying club when it slammed into two homes spa pickup truck. a man survived the crash and was air lifted to stanford hospital with injuries now on to the trump transition. the president elect went on a twitter tirade over a broadway
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booing involving his vice presidential pick. he also met with a fierce critic. abc news reporter daria has details. >> great meeting. >> reporter: donald trump and mike pence arriving at trump's new jersey golf club for a full day of meetings. but just hours earlier, the president elect lashing out on twitter about this. video showing cheering and booing as pence arrived at friday night's performance of the hit broadway musical hamilton. >> i hope you will hear us just a few more moments. >> reporter: at the end of the show, the cast delivered a message. >> we, sir, we are the diverse america who are alarmed and anxious at your new administration will not protect us. but we truly hope that this show has inspired you to uphold our american values and to work on behalf of all of us. >> reporter: but donald trump was not a fan. the president elect tweeting that the cast harassed pence. star brandon dixon, who
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delivered the speech. >> the only way we begin to find a common ground is if we can sweek with one another. i'm so glad that he stayed because he stayed and i listened and i truly appreciate him doing that. >> i was definitely surprised. >> i was disappointed in the booing. >> i am very proud to have been a part of booing mike pence. >> reporter: back in new jersey, a high stakes summit between the 2016 winner and the 2012 republican nominee. >> productive meeting? >> went great. >> reporter: mitt romney reportedly in the running for secretary of state. even though he and trump have publicly attacked each other. >> appreciate the chance to speak with the president elect and look forward to the coming administration. >> did you repudiate the comments you made prior? >> reporter: just the beginning of a weekend of work. abc news new york. >> the marching is necessary. the protesting is necessary. >> abc7 news was in san francisco as hundreds of people
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rallied in protest of president elect trump. they didn't let the rain stop them. they say they're protesting in defense of immigrants, muslims, women, and people of color. this is the latest of several similar protests in the bay area against the results of the presidential election. ahead, filling the need, a local food bank has a plea for people this holiday season. also coming up. >> try to make somebody else's wrong right. >> a little girl in texas making a big impression.
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the holidays are upon us, a special time to give service to the less fortunate. abc7 news was at sacred heart community service, volunteers were busy making boxes and filling them for needy families. a spokes woman told us they have plenty of people but they're short on food. >> volunteers are showing up in droves but we really only have about maybe 1100 turkeys in the fridge right now. and we actually have to pack 4400 by thanksgiving. so, we need people to come out with turkeys, hams or chickens. >> and just a short time later, that request was partially answered. members of san jose's twisted monkeys car club drove up and donated 100 turkeys today is world toilet day. abc7 news was in san francisco's haze valley where a giant toilet tent has taken root. it's part of a conceptual art piece designed to present not
4:19 pm
only a wow factor but make people aware of the homeless and sanitation. >> and so we can we've came up with the idea to create a toilet tent so it very much looks like a toilet but it's also a tent, because it represents sort of that intersection of the struggle of the people that we serve have between both finding access to toilets but also housing. >> the organization turns decommissioned minibuses into mobile shower and toilet facilities. a 9-year-old girl in texas proves there's still some good in the world. clo we're saw a news story about a woman who appears to steal money from the tip jar at her favorite donut shop. the next day, chloe decided to do something for the shop. she wrote a note to the owner she calls the donut man and she left him a special gift. >> because i felt really bad for him for getting his money stolen so i took my tooth fairy money and put it in there and folded
4:20 pm
it and then we put it in -- whenever no one was looking, we put it in the tip jar. >> she's such an amazing kid. >> the owner says because of her good deed, she can get free donuts any time she wants. a tree built as a largest holid holiday tree in the bay area arrived in san francisco. it's a big indication the holiday season is here. the white fur from shasta county is going up at 555 california. organizers provided this video. the tree is over 80 feet tall, weighs about 6 tons and will will covered in 196,000 lights. this tremendous tree will be lit november 29. now, your forecast with drew. >> certainly feels like wirpt out there, temperatures struggling to get out of the 50 and has with gray skies we're tracki tracking some scattered showers this afternoon. live doppler 7 on the job today and it's not even seeing the wet
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weather, astringal here and there. right down to street level. let's take a tour of the bay area. these light greens on your screen around redwood city, stafford just to the north, some light showers, a similar story setting up around richmond just to the north of oakland, even around concord and vallejo and into the north bay we go where we saw the heaviest of the rain around santa ro ka, you do see some light rain at this hour and that's going to be the theme as we go through the next six hours, we are also seeing some high surf. look at this. an active ocean current right now, the waves have been building the past 12 hours and current wave heights from 12 to 14 feet and later on tonight, we have a high surf advisory go into effect, lasting until sunday afternoon where these waves will continue to get as m high as 15 feet. possible sneerk waves are likely. out there right now, it's damp and feels raw. lot of 50s opt board. 59 at oakland, 56 in san francisco, 59 in san jose with a
4:22 pm
few light sprinkles. currently checking in with a temperature of 60 degrees. so overnight tonight with the clouds in place the numbers right now not going to fall too far in the next 12 hours so a lot of 50s on the board but we are tracking more rain moving no overnight on your sunday so the storm impact scale today's storm was a 2, a moderate storm this morning. tomorrow, we're not going to have the wind so it's a lighter storm, a 1 on the storm impact scale so early morning rain, tapering to afternoon scattered showers and in the afternoon, there is the chance we could hear a rumble of thunder. future weather as we go hour by hour watching the early morning hours on sunday, 5:00 in the morning, we're watching this really quick moving cold front first enter the north bay, 6:00 in the morning while many of us are sleeping, central part of the bay and then lastly tapers to scattered showers in the south bay. as we go into the afternoon, some hit or miss pop-up showers and when we see these pops of yellow on the screen, there is the chance of a heavy downpour and a clap of thunder. and that threat of a downpour isolated in nature will still be
4:23 pm
with us as you go into sunday evening as well. so highs on your sunday very similar to where we were today. carry the umbrella with you. you won't need at this time entire time, pop it up for 5 or 10 minutes but it's cool. 60 in san francisco, 63 in san jose. 59 the high in rush mond and 62 the chilly high in oakland. here's your 7 day forecast. rain very early in the morning tapering to showers in the afternoon. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. on monday, we begin with clouds afternoon sunshine gives way and tuesday, it's a sunny day but it's a chilly day out there. on wednesday, it's a heavily traveled day, does look like we'll have early morning showers, a dry afternoon, some changes now to thanksgiving on thursday. another storm looks to move in in the evening, right now looks light, it's a mostly cloudy on friday and then another chance of some wet weather coming on saturday so very active period and right now on wednesday, hold off travel to the afternoon, you'll be fine. >> thank you very much. a man best known for his show of black strength and unity during the 1968 mexico city
4:24 pm
olympics will return there as a guest of the oakland raiders. tommy smith will light the raid recognize torch in honor of the team's late owner in mexico city. the former track and field athlete turned wefr raised a fist with a black glove alongside teammate john carlos at the '68 games medal ceremony. and you can watch the raiders/texans game right here on abc7, pregame coverage begins monday at 5:00. all right. and mexico city. >> well, seems like a long time ago. tommy smith. should be a good game. >> i was 8. >> we have another big game today. the 119th big game, stanford winning the last six match-ups against cal but in the mud and rain who has the advantage, davis webb, it's been a lon
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well, the big game always has a lot on the line and this the 119th version, a stanford win, they would tie the record in this series with seven straight victories while cal needs to win out to be bowl eligible. this is davis webb's first big game and maybe vision mccaffery's last. cal's ready to reclaim it. on the bears first play from scrimmage, davis webb, great toss to chad hanson on the slant. nothing but green grass in front of him, he's got some speed, 70 yards, hanson's tenth td catch of the year, however, penalty gave the cardinals great field position. 7-7 game and cal, trey watson gets into the five, drives his way into the end zone, 14-7, bears. once again, they answer ensuing
4:28 pm
possession. dalton schultz, nine yards, game tied at 14. conrad, gets a 30 yard field goal as time expired and stanford leads 17-14 at the half. all right, running ralph with colorado hosting washington state. back and forth all day. third quarter, cougs take the lead. for the touchdown, 24-21 cougars but colorado quarterback has a career high, three rushing touchdowns. this eleven yards against colorado to lead back at 28-24. and the buzz phillip lindsey, puts it away, 28-34 colorado, former san jose state coach in the driver's seat to win the pac-12 south, 38-24 that final. number 12 utah and oregon have plenty of twists and turns, ducks up three in the third. oregon eerks dylan mitchell calls for a fair catch but the ball glances off his hands, nobody's quite sure what to do. utah's chase hanson grabs it and
4:29 pm
the utes lead. darren carington, originally ruled incomplete but he gets one foot in and has control, amazing 17 yard touchdown for the. ducks pull off the upset, 30-28, your fiebl. we'll take our final time-out before we check in on today's top five action around the nation where michigan stated had a chance to beat second round ohio state on this two
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ohio state facing michigan next week but today, they had all they could handle with michigan state, november football, snow and lots of wind in east lansing, setting up a possible upset, second play of the game. tyler o'connor, lj scott, and he is gone. 64 of his 76 receiving yards he had at 160 and a touchdown on the ground, 7-0. buckeyes respond later in the quarter, j.t. barrett off the play action, curtis samuel, ties the game at 7. third quarter, running back mike weber, became the third buck eye freshman to rush for a thousand yards. 17-10 ohio state. under 5:00 to play. scott gets the call and scores on a one-yard run. michigan state down 17-16, decide to go for two, o'connor is picked off in the end zone, ohio state survives, 17-16 that final. michigan's never lost two straight under jim harbaugh hosting indiana, wolverines
4:33 pm
trail trailed for most of the game. 34 yards and dives for the pylon, michigan up 13-10. 3:30 later, smith again, this time a 39-yard touchdown. he had 23 carries, 158 yards, two td pz, kamg at a perfect time because it snowed the entire fourth quarter, pure white. michigan wins 20-10, and they face ohio state next week. lsu and florida in their make-up game from october 8, tensions running high beforehand. third quarter, florida down 7-3, backed up on a two -- on the two, austin appleby to tiery cleveland, he stays inbounds. and he's gone. # 8 yards for the florida touchdown. they kick a field goal, goes up 16-10. last play of the game. lsu down six. darius guy from the three and his leap is short. gators win 16-10 and clinch the s.e.c. east title. we'll have more from today's college football action coming
4:34 pm
up and stay tuned, oklahoma and west virginia square off right here on abc7 at 5:00. >> thanks a lot. as you just saw in a couple of those games, winter arrived with a fury in parts of the midwest. imagine driving in these whiteout conditions. coming up, where it's sure to be a white thanksgiving. also. >> and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting. >> military dishonor. a father of a fallen soldier that from california says he's now left defending his son and a viral video of two men overdosing on the brink of death, the man who shot this video hopes this will finally prompt action. i want my blood sugar i to stay in so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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while we deal with some rain here in the bay area t weather situation today is much more severe in the midwest. whiteout conditions there. led to more than 400 crashes and all that weather is now moving east. abc news reportser phillip is in sioux falls, south dakota where people have been warned to stay off the roads. >> reporter: overnight, near whiteout conditions blanketing the upper midwest, clouds working to clear the rouds on highways and interstates, blizzard conditions making it nearly impossible to see. big rigs struggling to gain traction. overturning on the side of the road. >> it's any worse than this, that will be it for me. >> reporter: drivers pelted by snow and slush. the minnesota state patrol
4:38 pm
responding to over 440 crashes with at least three deaths so far. winds gusting 50 to 75 miles per hour. >> on lake superior, a lone surfer braving the rough water, trying to catch a perfect wave. >> surfing would be the best bet today. if you were wearing the right gear, it's totally comfortable. >> reporter: 10 to 18 inches falling in northern minnesota. >> wind is really, really bad. >> reporter: residents now digging out. >> it is what it is. some kind of used to it. i actually call this place minnesnowta. >> phillip reporting. the state police of minnesota continues to respond to many spinouts and crashes. the high in the twin cities area was not expected to break 30 degrees today and more snow is expected next week just before the long thanksgiving holiday weekend. gunfire in the streets of oakland left one man dead and the second wounded. police responded near 9:15 this morning to 45th and ban croft. a man who survived the shooting
4:39 pm
was rushed to the hospital critical condition. the killing -- last year, at this time, police had investigated 87 homicides. doctors in the central valley successfully delivered a baby boy whose mother had been shot and killed. our sister station in fresno spoke to the surgeon. >> reporter: on this brisk autumn evening, family members huddled close together, remembering a spirit a father says always burned so bright. >> it was a shock to me. it was like, couldn't believe it. >> reporter: a driver by shooter gunned down advance at this busy intersection. at the time a driver rushed her to the hospital, she was in cardiac arrest and inside her was a baby at 35 weeks. >> that's when we ran. we ran from one end to the other. >> reporter: the doctor had just started her shift when the second year resident found herself at a familiar operating table, only this time carrying out a procedure she'd only
4:40 pm
practiced before. >> i've had two experiences of just simulation and then a third time was the real deal. >> reporter: she didn't know the mother had been shot twice in the head. but she did know she had just seconds to take the baby out. and that perimortem c sections like this one are rarely successful. >> i got my scalpel out, we as emergency physicians you always carry a ten blade and 11 blade in your pocket and my attending said cut so i cut. >> reporter: the baby came out barely moving, not breathing but after a few tense seconds, they found a pulse. >> came out really well. i did see him earlier this morning and he looked very well. >> reporter: but doctors weren't able to resuscitate the mother. police believe she was the victim of a gang related shooting. and while the family waits for justice. >> i would have never thought it would hap to me. i would always see it on tv with other families and i would always say, you know, that's sad. >> reporter: doctors say at
4:41 pm
least this time, there's something to take comfort in. >> to pull that baby out and know you saved it, that is something i will never take for granted. >> a second person in the car was also shot and wuned but is expected to be okay. a former trump university student is cheering a settlement by the president elect. donald trump agreed to pay $25 million to 6,000 former students involved in a lawsuit against the university. for sonny lowe, that means he's getting back at least half the money he spent to learn about real estate. the 75-year-old, who lives in san diego, says instead of becoming a successful real estate investor like he hoped, he spent the last six years working a home depot. >> i water plants and serve customers, which i'm very happy to do. and i lug bags of cement. >> lowe says without the settlement, he would have had to declare bankruptcy. president barack obama is trying to ease concerns in latin america that his successor will stomp on trade deals. during the last leg of his final
4:42 pm
foreign trip as president of the united states, mr. obama today held a bilateral meeting with peru's president. mr. obama told people that there are likely to be new tensions given donald trump's opposition to trade deals. the president pointed out the importance of democratic governments working together. >> you can maintain order for a while with repressive, nondemocratic governments, but it will rot from within. over time, those governments fail. >> president obama also met with china's president. he hopes the relationship between the u.s. and china will continue to grow after mr. trump takes office. the father of a soldier killed in afghanistan says he was booed on an airplane. sergeant john perry was the victim of a suicide bomber who was targeting soldiers at a 5 k veterans day run. his dad, stewart perry, says bringing his son's body home caused a slight delay on a flight leading some passengers
4:43 pm
to boo. >> to hear the reaction of the flight being delayed because of a gold star family and the first class cabin booing that was really upsetting. and it made us cry some more. and my kid was over there to help put a stop to this garbage. and he died. >> perry added that john's death comes at a time when military service is facing disrespect. a look now at america's heroin epidemic captured in a frightening video that's gone viral. it shows two men apparently overdosing on drugs in ohio. blare caldwell spoke with the man who recorded that video at a fast food restaurant. >> when i pulled up, i actually tried to wake the guy up on the ground first. and when i tried to wake him up, he wasn't moving, like wasn't responsive or anything. i touched his face and his face was cold, his hands were turning pail. >> reporter: eddie saw two men passed out and thought they were
4:44 pm
joking at first. he said he started recording because he didn't know what would happen. what he didn't know was that the two men had overdosed on drugs. >> it's hard seeing that. i never seen anybody passed out or on drugs. >> reporter: eddie and two other bystanders took action. one calling police, another a nurse, administering medical aid. since the incident last night, several have reached out to him, including one of the men's family to say thank you. while this isn't eddie's first time helping someone, his mother remains just as proud. >> he showed me and it was devastating and i told him he's just an angel, how he saved two lives. >> reporter: eddie gives credit to the other women who jumped into action and says he hopes this video will help the community work towards a solution. >> that was blair caldwell reporting. police say the two men rpt treated at a local hospital and may face criminal charges. still ahead, a medical flight ends in a fiery disaster. ahead on abc7 news, the scene left witnesses scrambling and in
4:45 pm
shock. what we're learning today about the people on board the helicopter and we've got scattered showers out there this evening and another wave of rain moves in for the second half of our weekend. we'll detail it in the full accuweather forecast ahead.
4:46 pm
4:47 pm
a medical flight crashed in northeast nevada, set off explosions near a housing complex. witnesses captured these images. all four people on board the plane, i said helicopter earlier, but it was a plane. all four people on board died. abc has a look at what happened. >> reporter: overnight, the dramatic aftermath of a fiery plane crash caught on camera. >> we have an explosion at the parking lot, possibly involving an airplane, ammunition on board. >> reporter: watch as this massive fireball engulfs surrounding cars after a small plane plummeted into a parking lot in nevada. a local newspaper reporting the
4:48 pm
plane may have been transporteding a heart patient. >> i heard a bang, and then saw the flames. >> reporter: the infer no. setting off explosions as witnesses scrambled to find a way to put out the growing flames. firefighters arriving on scene to douse the blaze but the plane and the surrounding vehicles gutted by the intense fire. >> an faa official telling abc news that the crash is under investigation, saying unknown circumstances caused the plane to crash just one mile from the airport. that was eva pilgrim reporting. the air ambulance company confirmed the victims included three crew members and a patient. back here locally to our weather now and it's been kind of soggy out there today. >> it was tough to wake up. you have the gray skies, the showers continue at this hour, live doppler 7 showing you this has been a soggy start to the weekend and even right now we're still tracking some light
4:49 pm
showers. i want to focus on the peninsula and toward the south bay, live doppler 7 show you that line of green, some light showers progressing through palo alto into treatment and hey ward. this is slowly make its way to the east so i do think in the next hour to two hours, sunny vail and san jose, you will get a few more drops but it has been rather dry in the south bay for much of today. outside we go. live look from the camera showing you it is a gray evening, a slow commute on the roadways wherever you are going. we've got rain in spots right now, that continues into the evening hours. rainfall today, a wide range of totals. look at the north bay, just the jackpot with this system. santa rosa over 2 1/2 inches of rain, mill valley, san francisco, just shy of half an inch, oakland just over 1/3 inch of rain and then as you go south, san jose just 1/100 of an inch of rain but i do think this number will increase as a few more light showers work their way through the south bay. everywhere, it feels chilly. a lot of 50s on the board, 60 in
4:50 pm
hay ward, 59 in san jose with overcast skies, 58 that number in napa. so overnight tonight, expect the temperatures to kind of feel how they are right now overnight. they're not going to drop too far. a lot of 50s on the board but you do notice future weather picking up on another wave of rain moving in. the difference with this next system, it will not have the wind with it like we had earlier today. on the storm impact scale, this will be a light system moving through sunday. much of the rain will be confined to the early morning hours, afternoon scattered showers from there after but there is the chance in the afternoon we could hear a clap of thunder. so let's go hour by hour. watch the time stamp in the corner of the screen. very early sunday morning, 5:00 in the morning, here comes that next wave of rain, beginning to move through the north bay, 6:00, it's a quick moving front so it's already making its presence known through the central part of the bay from san francisco down to redwood city and by 7:00, 8:00, it's lose ago bit of its intensity but we do expect showers to make their way
4:51 pm
into the south bay and inland. as we go into the afternoon, behind that front will taper to isolated showers but future weather picking up on these pops of isolated yellow on your screen, that's the chance of an isolated downpour and a clap of thurpd as you go throughout sunday afternoon so highs pretty similar tomorrow to where we are today. 59 the high in richmond, 60 in san francisco, a cool 63 in san jose, only 60 in concord, and 60 # high in santa rosa. if you are headed to levi's stadium, just bring the poncho. you won't need it the entire time but the threat is there that we could see a sprinkle develop. otherwise, it's cool. by 4:00 or 5:00, temperatures dropping to about 60 degrees. future weather i just wants to fast forward into thanksgiving. we have a couple of changes to talk about. yesterday, thanksgiving forecast was dry. today, though, looks like another storm system wants to move in the evening. this is thanksgiving at 7:00. we could see soom light showers. we'll keep you gyp dated on that. wear r here's the accuweather forecast. tapering to showers, it's 1 on
4:52 pm
the storm impact scale, a light storm. clouds to sun on monday. tuesday, it's chilly sunshine, wednesday an early shower in the morning, dry in the afternoon, thursday, it's the opposite with an evening shower, friday, mainly cloudy and saturday, another chance and each and every chance we have in the next seven days is a one, a light storm on the storm impact scale. >> all right. a 1. that's good to know. >> yeah. >> thank you, sir. >> sure. >> well, the rainy weather didn't stop dozens of college students from giving back. university of san francisco shared photos from the 20th annual thanksgiving food drive and delivery. student athletes, including the entire baseball team, joined the classmates, staff members, and alums to run 215 frozen turkeys from the lucky store on fulton up masonic to usf. volunteers put together food boxes and delivered food to 200 fmilies in the western edition and tenderloin. all right. >> great story. >> it is a great story. lots of running going on today when they could see things in the midwest because of the snow. >> little bit of everything. we have some big game updates on deck. and the rest of the day in
4:53 pm
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the 119th big game of the second half, let's check in on cal and stanford. kristen mccaffery, passes 200 yards on the second touch of the third quarter, right through the defense. nobody's going to catch him. 90 yards, he needs just ten yards to break the big game rushing record. right now it's 24-17 stanford in the third. florida state smiling before today's game. he enters the day 19 yards behind the rushing record and smashed it easily. he found the end zone four times today, finished with 225 rushing yards, he's now four over -- over 4,000 yards for his career and has four 200 yard rushing
4:56 pm
games which is tied for the florida state record. seminoles take down the orange 45-13. wisconsin taking on purdue, second quarter, david blow tries the screen pass but it's picked off by tj watt, younger brother of houston texan jj watt. 17 yard pick six, the badgers score 35 points in the final 8:30 of the first half, 14-3. dublin native and former quarterback bart houston, 102 yards in this touchdown, 19 yards to alec, wisconsin wins 49-20. tcu hosting number 11 oklahoma state, the horn frogs take the early lead. cuts inside, stretches inside for the four yard touchdown and tcu has the lead. but the cowboys block the extra point and on the next drive, rudolph finds chris lacy for the back of the end zone, three yard td, 7-6, and then they score 31 straight on the frogs. chris carson bouncing off tcu
4:57 pm
defenders. oklahoma state wins big, 31-6. they're at oklahoma for the big 12 title game next week. all right, oklahoma and west virginia, two teams on the fringe of the playoffs face off an abc7 next right here and then stay tuned for after the game with larry belichick and yours truly as we break down the day in college football, look ahead to the 49ers, patriots and monday night football with the raiders in mexico city which you can see here on abc7 and if chip kelly loses, he's the first coach in 49er history to lose nine straight games. they fired the coach midway through it in 1979, so -- and i was on that team. so i don't want to see the niners go 1 and 50. i'll just say that. >> christian mccaffery fan but when he gets in the nfl and he gets through the hole like that, somebody's going to run him down. >> it won't look like that. all right, thank you very much. that's it for this edition of abc7 news. i'm eric thomas. college football is next. we'll see you again at 11:00.
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♪ >> chris: almost frozen over. a wintry night in the west virginia mountains. already feisty, as oklahoma and west virginia collide here in morgantown. welcome to espn saturday night football on abc, presented by walma walmart. in a game with playoff implications. oklahoma ranked number nine. west virginia, hungry for a breakout win, ranked at number 14. already


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