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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> it has once. in ten years. i have driven to work. >> it must have been quit a day. >> for half a mile stretch. that was it. not today. get to go to the sierra. i have rain. live doppler 7 hd shows santa rosa to rohnert park to petaluma, and another moving through novato to marinwood. and toward san rafael. be careful. it will be wet again. from mount tamalpais you hardly see anything. that is how scattered the natures are. temperatures around 40 to 52. in the upper 50s with mostly sunny conditions through the 4:00 hour. we will drop into the 40s and 50s so grab a coat. i have more rain this weekend. >> not teach of a break in the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on since 5:33 so it is congested. not terrible drive times and the
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majority of our stretches this morning, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 21 minutes and 11 americans across the bay bridge and southbound 101 headed to the anticannot guarantee at the airport it will not be bad but get leg is okay but 10 minutes and in the green. possibly a problem in the hayward area and we will check on that next. >> it is thanksgiving eve and holiday travel is upon us, traveling throughyou will find major construction. amy hollyfield is live with the travels at sfo and what you can expect. >> good morning, not bad so far. i have a new obstacle this year, construction has closed down the -- side area at terminal one where you are used to having a couple pore lanes and a drop off area. that is something you will have to deal with. reare renovating the terminal. inside at terminal one, this is the delta and frontier
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southwest airlines: for -- line. it comes in waves. you do not know what you will get when you get here. there is the southwest ticket line, not too bad. some temperatures are feeling pleased. they got here early. >> it is light. so far. we are very early. i feel sorry for the people that come an hour later. the parking lots will be full later today. if you are still heading this we, they recommend you consider bart or grabbing a ride to avoid backup at the curb. especially at terminal one with the construction. they recommend you do the kiss and we have at the rental car facility to catch an air
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train...that is a last moving parts. but a consideration. right now, not looking too bad. guys, would you do all of that, the residential car drop off, air train... >> i need a diagram. >> i grab uber. >> you is to be advanced. >> uber, drop, kiss and wave... >> thank you. all of us, at the half us complain of the holiday traffic but it could be worse. you could be dealing with this. look at the stream of lights jam packed 405 freeway in los angeles congested for hours. 405 is considered the busiest freeway in the nation. >> severe weather to hamper travel plans in the midwest dumping up to 5" of snow in minnesota and wisconsin and could you have cancellations or delays. driver from chicago to there
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there are told to brace for slick roads and half rain and i checked and houston still is under the ground stop is fly united, it is a big hub, check first. >> holiday shopping season is here and that means thieves and panhandlers are working alongside the shoppers so bart police have kicked off a new campaign at san francisco'sdown square. people who are homeless, pick pocketers and scammers are under the watchful eye of bart police officers manning a new patrol desk that will helps tourists feel safer. >> you want to make it more accessible and increase their comfort level using the station. if we have the officers here to answer questions and be the visible presence it goes a long a. >> the improvement business is on alert and they are hoping the extra 100 charges installed will keep the crime stats down.
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>> developing 49ers new. santa clara city laters are giving the team an ultimatum: turn over financial documents in 3 days or the city take over managements of levi stadium. the clock starts today. mayor and other leaders demand they prove they have not used taxpayer dollars to cover costs. that is illegal. under the voter approved 2010 measure to build the stadium. the city has been absorbing costs for security according to a audit. the 49ers say they cannot give the city the documents because they contain proprietary information but they are happy to let the city view them. the 49ers issued a statement "20s decision was expected and continues a disturbing trend of frivolous and groundless actions by the mayor and her ideallies on the city council putting hicks ahead of civic responsibility." >> family of a contra costa deputy would drowned is suing a lake tahoe boating company. the deputy was off duty when he
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died after jumping into lake tahoe to help a friend. our media pan reports that his family has filed a lawsuit against the south law to stand up paddle saying they failed to warn him of hazardous weather before representing the key jabs, part of a public for increased regulation in the boating industry. >> now the trump transition, president-elect donald trump pick the first female, south carolina governor nikki haley taps at united states u.n. ambassador and she plans to formally accept today. she is the first nonwhite cabinet level official in the trump administration the trump administration the daughter of indian >> he is considering ben carson for hud position, and beck said the hud position was one of the officers on the table. the retired surgeon met with
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transition team yesterday with no become ground in housing or urban development but ben carson said he is a go fit because he grew up in the inner city. >> the nominations are not a don deal. they need to be confirmed. we will get to jessica at thely. >> as it is revealed look at the entire process, the ambassador, make heal and the cabinet positions, high from file jobs with the trump administration will have to hire up to 4,000 people more than 1,200 need to go through senate confirmation hearings including cabinet positions, head of agencies and a lost deputies. they dig into a person's background and look at fans, their crime this will records, and any ties to foreign governments. after all of that, they start the hearing process and when the new congress is sworn in, in earlier january but we will not see official confirmations until president-elect donald trump is sworn in january 20.
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>> next, new details in the sent for a man who attack add woman in the north bay. the clue that could lead to the suspect. >> we are hearing from some of the students who favored the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. tennessee. >> we keep you
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>> now a traffic alert. >> a major problem in hayward area. northbound 880 is fully closed. this is at industrial. it sounds like a serious situation. this is because of a crash involving a pedestrian. everyone is being forced off. south of there. a backup northbound. a backup is building southbound with onlooker delay. sky 7 is on way. we are working on more information from c.h.p. that is coming up in 10 minutes. now, meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler hd is showing you the showers are sliding southeast through the north bay. crossing the golden gate bridge. possibly the richmond-san rafael bridge. so there will be a few puddles. upper 40s low 50s through san francisco and glen park and ocean beach and the marina in
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upper 40s. 42 in healdsburg and petaluma and 50 in union city. walnut creek is 45 the temperatures today and tomorrow upper 50s to low 60s and cooler -- no, same for friday. however, we have a bigger storm on friday night. into saturday. details ahead. >> if you use aloe gel for sunburns some popular brands may not have any ale at all. >> a golden opportunity for dubs >> a golden opportunity for dubs fans with special >> a golden opportunity for dubs fans with special ♪my friends know me so well.s they can tell what i'm thinking, just by looking in my eyes. they can tell when i'm really excited and thrilled.
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>> abc7 mornings, all news, all morning. >> santa rosa police released a sketch of a man who sexually assaulted woman october 15. after 10:00 p.m. the alleged victim defended herself, escaped and called police from her phone. the suspect described azulene december hispanic man with mole on the last upper cheap. a $2,500 reward is offered for arrest and conviction. investigators are trying to put together what want wrong in the devastating school bus crash in ten. a nine-year-old is among the five children killed. the driver is facing five counts of vehicular homicide and only
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received the commercial license in april. two months ago he had another crash hitting a car while driving a bus. two boys on board describe what happened. >> he turned around the curb. >> it felt like the world was turned upside down. >> the tree hit. went through the bus. >> "good morning america" is going to have more on the crash and the calls for seatbelts on school buses. all the f.b.i. closed the investigation interest child abuse allegations against brad pitt stemming from an incident involving a children on a private flight in september. angelina filed for divorce days later. the f.b.i. said it will not pursue any further investigation or file charges. he was cleared this month. custody of the actor's six children has been the primary issue in the divorce. angelina is seeming custody while he is seeking joint custody.
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>> if you bought aloe gel you could be described to hear how much is in it. listen to this, according to bloomberg, store brand aloe from the three stores show no trace of aloe although the juice is listed as the first or second ingredient. rather than alo. they contain an addition which is a sugar made from starch that can be found in products lick like jell-o. f.d.a. does not approve the csmetics and this gel falls into that category. >> a traffic alert. >> we will take you back to the situation in hayward. this is from sky 7. they are over the collision sounding serious. this is going to end up being a fatality on northbound 880 at industrial south of 92 all lanes of northbound 880 are fully closed and we have authorities
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on the scene. we hear there was a crash crotching a pedestrian so obviously not a good situation. everyone at the moment is forced off south of industrial so you will have to exit the highway and take surface streets and get back on to northbound 880. i want to point out i am seeing big delays on the southbound side, too, so, obviously this is the busiest stretches and they are seeing all of the flabs lights and the hard closures and stopping to see what is going on, the southbound side, the dark side, it is the northbound side and that is the side fully closed. working on getting more information with the backup on the traffic maps. now meteorologist mike nicco. hour the roads looking and weather-wise? >> focusing on the fog and the rain although we have slick streets. fog is playing cat and mouse with santa rosa, the rain came through, took the fog and now it
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is reforming at half a mile and it looks like we will have more fog developing the next couple of hours melting away at 9:00. san jose and 280 at 17 we had .05" and it is still wet. the more we drive on it the more it will dry. brighter this afternoon have the sunglasses and on friday into saturday heavier rain is on the way. tonight the temperatures are significantly cooler and the numbers do not lie, purpose 30s and a few low 30's and upper 30s to mid-40s around the bay and toward the coast. from action to midnight scattered showers and midnight through 9:00 on saturday morning, heaviest rain and more waves of rain on saturday afternoon into the evening you can see by sunday it starts to clear. half an inch is possible in the south bay to 1" in the north bay. the storm is still a "1" but
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heavier rain than last >> and we look at what is head on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> amy? >> good morning. next a winter storm is sweep across the country on the busiest travel week of the year with millions heading to the roads and the skies. we will hut you know what you need to know account best times to avoid the rush. and the interview of "new york times" backing away from some of his major campaign promises and maintaining there is no conflict of interest between the business deal insurance and presidency. we have more on that and it is "dancing with the stars" after party, with the mirror ball winners in the final four couples all here celebrating the end of season. a lost dancing ahead and more.
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>> be honest, are they exhausted? >> if they are they don't she it. all smiles. they have been up all might and will crash after this. >> adrenalin. >> michael finney is next with a way to get free travel mile on the favorite airline. all the reason construction on the central subway will take break. alexis smith is tracking a sig-alert northbound 880 which sig-alert northbound 880 which is an
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>> construction of san francisco's central subway will take a break for the holidays. the cranes and crews that clog up stockton street will disappear. the area is made into a plaza so shoppers can move freely. most of this is done. this year this will be food, vendors and entertainment, and the walkway running from geary to ella open on friday but it will look like that today. awonderful. >> now, askfinney. today is one of the busiest travel days of the year. this morning, mark has a
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question of travel reward credit cards. "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> i'm mark from lafayette and i am interested in using my airline miles, what is the best credit card? can you help me? i love talk about this. if if you are tried to a particular airline you need their credit card they usual usually offer a bonus. make sure you get the biggest sign up bonus and select that card. if you do not care about a particular airline and just want travel points go with a chase card, there is one out there now, you have to have exlength credit, and -- excellence detroit and you have to spend $4,000 in three months they give you 1,500 in travel, amazing deal. you may want to get in on that. i will post the information on this on our website. >> if you have a question more
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michael finney share it on social media using # #askfinney. >> an friday a chance for a golden moment, gold medals belonging to draymond green, kevin durant and klay thompson are on display at the team store at oracle arena. they were part of the united sates men's olympic team that won gold this summer at the rio de janeiro games. they are on display from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 people, the store will offer special holiday deals. >> next, the crash that caused a big traffic problem on the bay bridge as 1/2 1/2 rushing what underway. the 49ers are on notice and the team now is pushing back. the growing tensions between the city and the team and the residents would live in the area. >> this morning, the kansas water park at the center of a deadly accident this summer is making changes. i will tell you what they
6:27 am
announcing next. >> if you herred out, we have a major problem, a look from sky 7 northbound 880 fully closed, and likely a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. just got new information from c.h.p. on how long the closure will last. >> during commercial break we look at what is happening on our various charges with the weather various charges with the weather at the
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>> breaking news, a picture from sky 7, a huge problem for east bay drivers this morning on interrogate 880. a nightmare for commuters part of 880 is blocked. alexis smith has an update. >> fatal collision involving a pedestrian. all lanes of northbound 880 in hayward area are shut down in the industrial area. everyone who want stuck behind the collision is being forced off. can you not see the on-ramp but it is blocked. we have an investigation that will take quite some time. we hear at least an hour and a half until we get the lanes open. also, a lengthy delay on the southbound side. i have the latest next. now, we will check with meteorologist mike nicco and the weather. >> scattered showers we talk about there is one, heading into
6:31 am
napa and sliding over to american canyon and richmond-san rafael bridge, tiburon, mill valley, sausalito and soon-to-be golden gate bridge will be wet. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we will see sunshine and clouds a brighter afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s. another cork coming up with details next. >> a reminder on why it is important to take it easy on the roads, a box truck evertub on the bay bridge a few hours ago east of treasure island. a witness said that a jeep clipped the truck while making an unsafe lane change. four people were hurt. they were taken to the hospital. >> rain came down in san francisco last night. this is video from the embarcadero at 11:00 p.m. you needed the windshield wipers on if you were out. the roads are still slick this morning. on southbound 880 at jackson in oakland, quite a downpour and flooding. you can see cars hit the water with the huge sprays.
6:32 am
all the city of santa clara taking a stand demanding the 49ers turn over documents or it will take over management of the stadium. all the 30 day deadline starts today. our reporter is at levi stadium. >> good morning, the team is putting up a fit but it could be a battle they lose. the city witnesses them to town over the documents or they could turn over control of the stadium. there was standing room only at the santa clara city hall yesterday. the city council voted to issue a breach agreement. the 49ers have 30 days starting today to turn over financial documents showing the profit and losses for non-nfl event like concerts or other avenues are pursueed. it is in knowing's best interest, in the city, the 49ers, the promotors or the acts that come here it is not in the best interests for the
6:33 am
information to be made public. >> when you live town your responsibility, then and only then we can have a very close working relationship. but we have to is the it straight, we have to set it right and we have certain rights under this agreement and we are going to enforce it. >> the mayor said show has never seen a document in the two plus years levee's has been open for business and the 49ers president said many documents have been delivered and others are available to be viewed as any time. we will continue to follow the story and let you know what happens after the 30 days are up. >> if you are headed out the door to have thanksgiving day elsewhere, get in line. >> there will be the most holiday travelers in a decade. and amy hollyfield is at sfo this morning. amy? >> yes, we are at terminal two and here is what it looks like, the virgin counter is crowded but not too bad and they have a lot of fun. they have been blasting the
6:34 am
music. security does not look bad. they expect 76,000 people to move through here today but last friday that is the busiest day of the thanksgiving day holiday because people take off the whole week. ed to you can fowl proud you traveled today rather than friday. the passengers are feeling surprised. pleasantly. >> looks good so was easy but i am worried about social security. it will take forever. i am here early. >> how early? >> 2 1/2 hours. >> gold star. it is recommended you arrive two hours before the flight. officials at sfo are worried the parking lots will fill up by end of the day or the afternoon and suggesting take bart or get a ride from someone and that with the safe move. the t.s.a. has a list of tip
6:35 am
[ inaudible ] >> we lost our audio. thank you, amy. flying out the mineta san jose international airport, you could be in for a surprise because officials are expected to serve 400,000 during the thanksgiving travel period through next tuesday. that is up 15% jump compared to last year. the busiest difficult at mineta san jose international airport is custody. >> airport official are ready for the extra crush and these children are this to help. we introduced you last month. we introduced you last month. norm >> volunteer ambassadors and therapy dogs are on hand. >> president-elect donald trump has picked make heal as united
6:36 am
states u.n. ambassador the second governor is -- south carolina governor is formally accepted to accept today but needs to be confirmed by the president. >> alameda is taking action on the wave of hate-related criminal activity after the election of donald trump. the district attorney has established a new hotline to report hot crimes and the number is on >> berkeley police are searching for a man sexually assaulted a male student at apartments at telegraph avenue yesterday. police say the attack happened early in the morning. the apartment complex is off damage pus university housing area and officers say the victim met the suspect on the internet. >> santa rosa father accused of drown his four year old girl in
6:37 am
baptismal pool will return to court for competency hearing. we were in court as gerardo gordaz appeared in court. he was sobbing and shackled to a wheelchair. the judge ordered a psychiatric evaluation. gordaz killed his daughter on sunday inside a church in healdsburg, the only witness was the older brother. there is no motive released. >> a man threatened to detonate a bomb on a southwest airlines from oakland to baltimore yesterday afternoon. after the plane took off from oakland. the pilot turned the plane back and sheriff deupties took the man into custody. bomb sniffing dogs went through the plane and found nothing. the passengers were put back on the plane. >> kansas city water park announced chains after a deadly accident over the summer. >> jessica is at the live desk with the update. >> the park announced they will permanently close the water shade where a ten year old was killed this morning that made
6:38 am
national had heinz. he suffered a fatal neck injury at the water park in kansas city. the name of the ride was promoted at the tallest water slide in the world and two women had minor injuries. the park said that "in the 50 years they have never experiences this kind of devastating event," the child who died was son of a kansas congressman with no word on a timetable for when they will tear down the ride but next summer that is closed to the public or gone. >> a traffic alert. >> back to our situation in hayward i will step out of the way, they are over 880 where all lane of northbound side of the highway are fully closed and the southbound side moving very slowly. we have reports of a crash involving a pedestrian. we have a hard time figuring out
6:39 am
exactly what happened but we know a coroner has been called to the scene. crews are saying it will be an hour and a half. check out the backup on the northbound side. it is about three miles. everyone is forced off and if you are stuck between whipple and the crash you are not going anywhere. when we have a fatality it is a long-term investigation. southbound has major onlooker delay. on the traffic maps, this is both directions, again, impacted by only the north bound side is fully close add major sig-alert south of 92 and a rollover crash southbound 17 before you get to redwood estates blocking the far right lane, busy in the traffic department. >> we are tracking showers with a puddle or two possible on the richmond-san rafael bridge as the water relatives across and hitting the golden gate bridge
6:40 am
and richmond to albany, and berkeley, and emeryville and possibly the bay bridge and a couple of lighter showers moving into the northern part of sonoma. these are around until 9:00. to the south it is cloudy and low-to-upper 40s from 42 in los gatos and 48 in san jose and am lull rock and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40s everywhere to 50 in san francisco. richmond has had 1" rain and you can see the clouds barreling down on the already wet road. it will be dry if you are headed out today traveling on on the water it will be light breezes and exercising damp to dry. from the exploritorium half an inch in san francisco upper 50s to low 60s today, tomorrow, and friday. until noon do not head to the sierra. the travel, afternoon head up there through 4:00 saturday morning. early saturday morning or sunday a heavier snow is on way
6:41 am
bringing heavier rain. >> a plan by the obama administration to give millions of workers overtime pay is hitting a roadblock. >> iphone warning: the viral video that could disable your smartphone. >> breaking news from her hard interstate 880 a terrible crash with a backup extending so far with a backup extending so far and alexis smith is tracking it.
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alexis smith will take you back to the serious situation in hayward. northbound 880, all traffic is forced off and this is due to likely a fatality investigation. a crash involving a pedestrian. it is north of there at industrial. there are major backups both directions of 880. how long will it last? and what are the alternates? >> kayne west is still in the hospital on a 72 hour psychiatric hold. he was taken to ucla medical center in los angeles for evaluation after the doctor called 9-1-1. the 39-year-old is suffering from temporary psychosis, exhaustion, stress and lack of sleep. his wife, kim kardashian, is by his side and made no comment.
6:45 am
the network that airs his reality show said in charges were rolling. he has canceled his tour taking at least a $30 million hit. fmz learned that west has an insurance poll that covers him in the event of illness. >> the search is on for the person would opened fire on a cat. cabo is on painkillers at the pet hospital recovering after being shot by what votes believe was a high powered air rifle. the owner knew something was wrong because he was hiding under the house. his character was off and today i rubbed his stomach and noticed a hole that big and you can look right into him. >> the vet took an x-ray saying it want through the shoulder and out the armpit. the s.a.t. said he will be find and sees dogs and cats shot by bbs more than you would expect. >> a rule is blocked backed by
6:46 am
president obama to give five million white collar workers over time pay scheduled to take effect december 1 but injunction stops the labor -- from implanting the changes until they can be packaged doubling the salary threshold to qualify from $24,000 to $47,000 a year. 21 states suing to block it say it hurts growth and leading to layoffs >> the largest labor union in california will go on strike december 5th representing 95,000 workers. they voted to authorize the strike last year demanding a 17% raise increase for wages and they want gender payee quality at of department of human resources revealed the female workers earn 19% less than men. we have a warning of a prank that can cause your iphone or ipad to stop working.
6:47 am
there is a malicious virus the link download as video showing someone standing by a bed with "honey," displayed across the korean. like that. after you play it your phone or tablet will slow down and will not do anything. you can fix it with a hard reset. with the iphone 7 press volume button down and the power button at the same time. or an older phone press "home," and "power," and it is >> twitter c.e.o. is blaming internet glitch for accidentally suspended his account. visitors to his account shows anker very saying it was suspended. the account was then back up after half an hour and 3.8 million followers restored. >> breaking news from live desk. >> breaking news from the international scene, lufthansa
6:48 am
airlines welcomeers oren strike and the pilots, condition selling 900 flights this morning, and they are canceling another 900 tomorrow as we look at sfo the flights, and they fly to sfo and this is a busy weekend so it could be a big effect at minimum 225,000. theyfully to sfo so check ahead of time. look at the schedules. this are no delays. i locked it up and have it on the screen, that is the good news but it could change. if you do fly lufthansa out of sfo toward the east coast, that is where we could see the delays larger delays with the international flights from the united states to europe. a major heads up. reggie? natasha? >> this morning, office depot changing computer repair business after an investigation repealed a major flaw costing customers hundreds.
6:49 am
>> jane has that in the money report. >> good morning. office depot ditched the controversial software after they recommended unnecessary pc repairs to customers saying symptoms of malware even on if you computers. office depot will in longer use that software. looking for a used car? black friday is the best deals of the year. there are 33% more democrats that day than on normal day for used cars. dealers and sellers taking advantage of those shopping. apple could be looking for bygone days granted a patent for flexible iphone that folds and grips your clogs. it could cut down the need to stuff devices into your pocket however, some patterns never see the light of day as products.
6:50 am
>> the market headed into the day as record highs but quiet so far and lower down a and s&p 500 down 7 and nasdaq is down by 30. the markets are closed tomorrow for thanksgiving day. >> if you are looking for a fun way to burn off extra caloris from stuffing from fans on thanksgiving day, consider this. >> we have this route mapped, on a bicycle, a shape of the turkey for the turkey ride the most grueling work out you could commit to covering 50 miles including the punishing pacific heights hills. i'm out. already. the "breast," part take you through the mount sutro reserve. tomorrow's ride should take about four hours to complete. >> it looks tough. >> it does. >> there is something tough
6:51 am
happening on the area roads, 880 is a mess. alexis? >> likely a mess for some time. this is a look from sky 7, we have reports of a collision involving a pedestrian and the coroner has been called to the scene and we did not confirm if it is a fatality. they are doing the investigation. all lanes of northbound 880 fully closed at industrial south of the on-ramp and no one is getting by on the ramp, either, it is shut down. and as we democrat back, you can see where all of the folks are forced off whipple road, they are stuck, with no one getting through. i have seen quite a few getting out of the vehicles standing around on the interstate and we have big delays on the southbound side, last we heard from c.h.p. they are hoping to have the lanes back open by 8:00, a long way to go an hour and ten minutes. clearly this is a major issue, a
6:52 am
big sig-alert you will want to avoid this, 238 is looking great or for get closer to the water at union city boulevard another alternate so talk more about this in a now minutes and i will check with meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. >> temperatures is 48 degrees where the folks are sitting and not moving. i wanted it show you emeryville looking north on 80 it is looking fuzzy and that is light rain moving south along 80 you can see already .4" in emeryville. we will add to that and our half inch in richmond and albany, and tiburon, sausalito headed to san francisco moving into the wharf at pier 39 and another one moving down from napa, across fairfield. these are hanging around in the 9:00 a chance they will then fall apart. walnut creek is dryer at .2" southbound on 680 showers until 9:00 and then sunny put the umbrella away through friday
6:53 am
evening and the next heavier storm comes in. remember the cold air? tomorrow morning, mid-30s inland upper 30s to mid-40s around the bay. friday at 5:00 until midnight, slight shower is possible and it comes in through the overnight hours and keeps raining all day on saturday. we are beginning to get more than 1" in the north bay three-quarters around the bay to half an inch in the south bay and sunday afternoon is dryer of the weekend days and monday and tuesday, sunshine and no ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now
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and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. says it won't let up for a while. the cadillac xt5... what should we do? ...tailored to you. wait it out. equipped with apple carplay compatibility. ♪ now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month,
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or purchase with 0% apr financing. >> alexis? >> back to sky 7, this is a look at northbound 880 before industrial. all lanes are closed. there is a crash involving a pedestrian. hopefully we will get the lanes back open by 8:00 a.m. we have over a four mile backup. >> we are tracking light showers with live doppler hd. they are moving through the heart of the bay. a couple more are moving through the north bay through 9:00. we will turn our attention to a new storm arriving on friday night and hangs around through sunday morning. all the busiest travel days of the area underway, a look inside of terminal 2 at sfo, officials predict nearly 6.5 million passengers will move through john 2 but it is looking good. now. >> four, the santa clara city council is giving the 49ers, 30 days to turn over financial documents or they will take
6:56 am
overment of levi stadium. the city council demanding the team prove they have not used taxpayer dollars to cover costs. the 49ers say the city can review any documents they have not been given. >> from the live desk south carolina governor make family will accept a position of u.n. ambassador for president-elect but stay on as governor until confirmed with hearings in january. >> six, heads up if you are visiting the golden gate bridge over the holiday weekend, personal vehicles are not allowed to park at the welcome center starting tomorrow or vista point parking lot from 11:00 a.m. through sunday at 5:00 p.m. >> people let adele and, perhaps, new baby adele, she is not pregnant but wants to take a few years off to have another baby. enjoy the one you got, folks. >> we will listen to the last record on "repeat." >> we will keep track of what is happening on 880 and see you in
6:57 am
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good morning, america. holiday travel nightmare. two winter storms moving across the country right now. alerts from california to michigan as slick roads spark accidents overnight and major traffic jams break out on los angeles freeways. now tens of millions of americans on the road and in the air on the busiest travel day of the year. the best ways to beat the holiday rush. breaking right now, a big announcement about donald trump's team naming formal rival governor nikki haley as u.n. ambassador as the president-elect reverses course on some of his most controversial campaign pledges. he now says he may not seek criminal charges against hillary clinton, rethinks his positions on torture and climate change. we have the reaction and new questions about his business dealings overseas this morning. fireball.


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