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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 25, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. found alive, the super mom who vanished without a trace while jogging three weeks ago found bound on the side of the road. a thanksgiving miracle. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherri papini has been located. >> and now the all-out hunt for her captors. cabinet showdown. the battle for secretary of state and the backlash from trump loyalists still angry at top contender, mitt romney, for his tough talk during the campaign. as donald trump boasts and tweets from his thanksgiving celebration. and they're off. black friday mayhem unleashed across the country overnight. >> whoo! >> more than 100 million doorbusters fighting for those blockbuster deals. this morning, your exclusive
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first look at some of the weekend's biggest bargains, only on "gma". and this morning, the loss of a legend. "brady bunch" star florence henderson known as america's favorite mom has died at age 82. friends and fans mourning the '70s star who never stopped bringing us laughter. ♪ i wanna be loved by you alone. boop boopee doo ♪ >> our tribute right here to a tv icon. an icon indeed she was. dan and i want to thank you for joining us on this friday after thanksgiving and we are talking about florence henderson. such sad news for fans of the actress. long before she moved into the television role that made her a star, florence henderson was an accomplished broadway sensation. listen to that voice. >> yeah, she was really, really talented.
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just became a staple of american childhood when she moved on to "the brady bunch." she never stopped working even after that show went off the air. her career spanned six decades and she was still in the spotlight, in fact, just days before her death on "dancing with the stars." we're going to have much more on this bona fide tv icon throughout the morning. >> six decades. what an extraordinary career. also this morning, those black friday sales online and in the stores. we want you to take a look at these shoppers already at macy's here in new york city. up early to go after big bargains. i'm just going to go out on a limb and say maybe they never went to sleep. >> probably not. >> probably not. we're going to have an exclusive sneak peek at some of the top deems coming up on this black friday. >> a dedication i cannot muster. >> nor can i. power to you. >> i try to keep my buying list to just one, my wife. anyway, but with this morning as we said we want to start here with the celebration of florence henderson. she was surrounded by loved ones we're told when she passed away. let's kick things off this
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morning with abc's nick watt with the story from l.a. nick, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. well, maureen mccormick who, of course, played her daughter marcia brady tweeted, you're in my heart, forever, florence and i will miss you dearly. the pair remained friends after the show ended back in 1974. a testament to henderson's well-known love and loyalty. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ ♪ who was bringing up three very lovely girls ♪ >> reporter: she was america's favorite tv mom. carol brady, matriarch of that iconic bunch. ♪ the brady bunch ♪ the brady bunch >> reporter: the legendary sitcom, a staple of america's small screens for decades. >> you don't say. >> reporter: for henderson, it was the pinnacle of a career that started on the broadway stage. ♪ i would swear i was falling in love ♪
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>> reporter: and instantly turned her into a household name. she once described as the mother i always wished i had, as the mother a a lot of people wished they had. beloved as much for her doting demeanor. >> i'll explain it to you after dinner, oliver, okay. >> reporter: as her daring 'dos. >> i was the mother of the mullet. i thought it was the chicest thing. >> reporter: the perfect mom persona followed her from brady spin-offs. to commercials. through the rest of her career. >> it's going to be okay, honey. just follow me. >> reporter: to commercials. >> the old one was plenty hot. >> reporter: recently henderson enjoyed a public resurgence tangoing her way through season 11 of "dancing with the stars." >> i've loved the show since it began. i think it's just a tremendous show, and i hope i have inspired people to get up off their behinds, and move and dance and live and enjoy life. >> reporter: even returning to the ballroom just days ago during the season 23 finale. the final public appearance for
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a beloved icon. how would she like us to remember her? >> i think probably as someone who survived for a long time in a very tough business and hopefully managed to retain a sense of humanity. that i think -- i think that's how i would like to be remembered. ♪ the way we became the brady bunch ♪ >> reporter: florence henderson was born on valentine's day 1934. the youngest of ten kids. she passed last night, thanksgiving night, 2016 reportedly of heart failure. she was, dan and paula, 82 years old. >> all right, nick. thank you. so true. she was the mother that a lot of people wished they had. >> absolutely. interesting that she said the mother she wished she had too. interesting. >> very profound. >> thank you, nick. we want to move to that stunning turn in the case of a missing california mom found on thanksgiving morning three weeks after she disappeared on an afternoon run. abc's kayna whitworth is on the
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scene in redding, california, for us this morning. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: paula, good morning to you. authorities are working on a vague description of who they believe is responsible for abducting sherri papini. they say they are looking for two hispanic women that they believe to be armed and dangerous, driving a dark colored suv. this morning, sherri papini, home after a three-week ordeal. >> sherri is now safe and she has been treated at an area hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. >> reporter: the mom of two held captive for nearly a month until authorities say she was freed by her captors early thanksgiving morning, ending a desperate search. >> she was bound with restraints, but was able to summon from a passing -- help from a passing motorist. >> reporter: according to police, the 34-year-old was found on the side of the road near sacramento, nearly 150 miles from where authorities believe she was taken while out jogging near her northern california home.
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>> she could drop her phone, but she would never in a million years not pick up our children on a time that she normally would have. >> reporter: papini's disappearance dominating the headlines since her husband keith reported her missing on november 2nd. after she failed to pick up their children from day care, using the find my iphone app the phone was located abandoned on the side of the road with her hair. keith was ruled out as a suspect after passing a polygraph test maintaining all along that he believed his wife had been abducted. >> i'm getting very angry and frustrated, and i'm scared for my wife. >> reporter: friends and family frantically searching for the woman they referred to as super mom. authorities saying they received more than 400 tips. an anonymous source even offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to her safe return, but nothing turned up until thursday. one family member writing on facebook, i don't know how we can repay our debt of gratitude to all of you. this is a thanksgiving beyond belief for all of us.
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now, authorities are saying that although sherri papini is safe, a whole new investigation has begun. also, paula, we learned she has not yet seen her kids. she is with her husband so certainly a happy homecoming in around the corner. paula. >> kayna, thank you. and shasta county sheriff tom bosenko joins us from redding. sheriff, thank you so much for joining us. first and foremost, how rare is it she was found 150 miles from home on a rural road that her abductors basically just release the captor? >> it is a very rare occurrence to have that happen. it's been three weeks since her disappearance, and then find her and released by her captors i think is very rare. >> the suspects are still outstanding. i want to ask you about them in a moment, but what was her condition when she was found? i know that she was bound, but what was her state of mind?
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>> obviously very emotional. the california highway patrol was able to connect her with her husband via cell phone, and he immediately started responding down to the yellow county sacramento area and then, of course, she was very emotional to be released and hear her husband's voice, and then a few hours later, to be reunited with him. >> absolutely. it was a thanksgiving day miracle. do you have any idea how long she had been there before she was found, sheriff? >> it was a very short amount of time. evidently, one of the captors had dropped her off on a rural road near interstate 5 and an interchange. she was able to flag down a motori motorist, and that motorist summoned emergency assistance from the highway patrol and then medical responded as well. >> you said one of the captors but right now you're looking for two hispanic women that are armed with a handgun driving a dark vehicle. do you believe that these women abducted her? >> yes, we do.
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we had received information from ms. papini in regards to that and that was about three weeks ago that she was abducted on november 2nd. >> what type of information has sherri papini revealed and divulged about her alleged captors? >> we were able to receive -- spoke to her yesterday, investigators did, and was able to receive some limited information. obviously, she was emotional and quite upset, but elated to be free, and so we're able to get some information from her, and then in the days following this, we'll be following up with her. >> and we do know that she's stable. she's been released from the hospital right now, but how confident are you that you will find sherri's perpetrators, sheriff? >> we hope that we can get additional information to identify them. maybe the suv, and then hopefully they can be found and brought to justice. >> all right, shasta county sheriff tom bosenko, thank you for joining us. >> you bet, thank you. >> the sheriff saying they don't have a lot to go on, but right
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now, they're going on vocal recognition. she didn't get a good look at them, but they are going on vocal recognition of those alleged abductors. >> so many open questions in this story. we'll continue to cover it throughout the show. we want to turn to the trump transition. the president-elect spent thanksgiving with family, but he did not take the whole day off. there are many critical cabinet posts yet to be filled. vacancies that are creating plenty of intrigue and controversy, and abc's devin dwyer is covering it all from washington. >> reporter: after a wednesday night dinner with family and friends, donald trump says he spent thanksgiving day hard at work tweeting, trying to get carrier air conditioner company to stay in the u.s. making progress. will know soon. the company's plan to lay off 1,400 workers and move production to mexico. trump made stopping the deal a top campaign promise. >> believe me. if i were in office right now, carrier would not be leaving indiana. that i can tell you. >> reporter: carrier confirmed in a statement it's had discussions with trump's team,
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but has nothing the announce at this time. today the president-elect will get back to filling his cabinet considering candidates for key top posts. treasury, homeland security and veterans affairs all unfilled. secretary of state, an inner struggle in the trump camp over rudy giuliani, and one of his harshest former critics, mitt romney. senior trump adviser, kellyanne conway tweeting this, some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. general jim mattis, favored contender for secretary of defense. >> he is the real deal. >> reporter: with the flurry of cabinet moves, trump is spending less time than his predecessor on those daily intelligence briefings. the president-elect has had just two, a u.s. official tells abc news. vice president-elect mike pence said to have received several more. experts caution trump still has plenty of time to get up to speed. and donald trump also faces a growing number of potential congressional investigations and abc news learned democrats have
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made at least nine separate requests to review the trump transition's use of taxpayer funds and potential conflicts of interest. >> thank you, devin. let's bring in matt dowd. matt, there are warring camps in trump world, giuliani, romney, who do you think gets the nod or could it perhaps go to a third party? >> well, i think this whole romney for secretary of state thing has been a rather bizarre anyway -- this is a guy as you remember that called donald trump a phony, a fraud and a con and now he's interviewing for secretary of state in this. i don't think anybody knows. i think as you're right. the power centers are pushing. the establishment is i think pushing for mitt romney or somebody like mitt romney and then sort of loyalists to donald trump are pushing for rudy giuliani or somebody else they believe is loyal in this. i think the longer this goes on the more problematic it gets for donald trump. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote keeps growing. it's at around 2 million votes and now green party candidate
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jill stein is calling for a recount in several key states. do you think this effort is going to go anywhere? >> well, this continues to be such an historic thing. the idea that somebody wins a popular vote by plus 2 million and loses the electoral college overwhelmingly. the funny thing about this is, as we watched football yesterday, jill stein is flowing a flag, a challenge clag in this, but she's not even the main participant in this game. as of right now there hasn't been real evidence but who knows what could get revealed over the next few weeks. >> telling that the clinton campaign has not weighed in on this. matt dowd, thank you very much as always for your analysis and analogies. paula, over to you. >> thank you very much. well, the doors have opened for one of the biggest shopping days of the year, black friday, millions already running as you can see, taking advantage of the huge sales across the country. abc's rebecca jarvis joins us from a target in chicago with all of the details this morning. hi, rebecca. >> reporter: hey, good morning, paula. they opened their doors here at target last night at 6:00 p.m. will stay open until tonight at
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midnight. the top seller, tvs, they sold in the first hour of sales. 3,200 of these every minute. >> two, one! >> here we go. >> whoo! >> reporter: the crowds were fierce and frenzied. overnight, black friday super sales bringing out millions across the country. >> some people were starting to move pretty fast in here. we've got running. we have running. >> reporter: from this toys "r" us in lexington, kentucky, to the old navy in miami, florida. >> 50% off everything. you can't beat that. >> reporter: to the best buy in chicago, illinois, where lines were twice as long as last year. >> came in with a list. i knew what i wanted because i don't want to deal with the long line that is currently forming right now. >> two hours before we'll hand out tickets for all the really big items. >> reporter: this year shoppers are expected to spend $27 billion making it the second biggest shopping day of the year. so what exactly are people lining up for this year? what do you think will be the
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big sellers? >> electronics always your top items. so tvs, video game consoles, drones are really taking off, no pun intended. >> reporter: but if you weren't among the crowds of turkey day shoppers there's still plenty of time to join the expected 137 million people who plan to shop over the holiday weekend. 75% of those shoppers will be out today for black friday deals. and as you can tell, they still have a few tvs left. you're in luck if you are on the market for that. if you want the must have toy of the season these hatchimals, they still have a few left. going fast. let me know if you need me to pick some up for you. >> no. please don't. but make a couple of tvs. thanks, rebecca. >> you got it. joining us now on what's one of the busiest shopping days of year is the ceo of macy's, terry lundgren. there is so much competition out there. much of it online so how are you getting people inside your stores?
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>> well, first of all, paula, we're the third largest online company in america in our category. it's only behind amazon and walmart. so we're getting our share there as well. but if you saw the crowds here last night, i was here at herald square as well, when we opened at 5:00 p.m. and had 16,000 people continuously streaming into the building. so people are definitely coming here. i think they're coming for that tactile experience and getting their hands on great deals. >> so many that shop exclusively online, though, terry. for those that are planning on shopping online how can you lure them? what can you tell them? how can you convince them to actually come into the brick and mortar store? >> well, first of all, as i said we're so huge online it's a massive part of our business, but that's not typically how the customers shop, paula. the truth is the average customer today starts with their phone, does their research, comes into a brick environment and then makes a decision. they are either buying it in the store, or they are buying it online. so that omni channel consumer is
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not just a consumer of today but definitely growing that way into the future, as well. >> all right, terry, i know it's going to be a very busy day for you and all the other retailers, best of luck and stay safe. thanks, terry. >> thanks very much. >> stay safe? >> stay safe. you know what? you have seen the shoppers. they are running in to get those good deals. >> that's true. speaking of safety, let's check the weather. i might not be safe after that comment actually. >> if you're driving -- some slick spots along interstate 80 and north of that and temperatures close to the freezing mark, be careful. a little messy. not quite as messy as portland area and outside of washington county. 2 to 5 inches of rainfall falling yesterday. more coming, a poe tent system potent system coming into the west coast that will hit everybody from seattle awe the way down to san diego. could see mudslides and winds up to 50 miles an hour. this will be snow above the 4,000-foot mark, so be careful if you're traveling on the mountain passes and rain across the midsection on sunday. your weekend getaways brought to you by macy's.
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hello, i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. your accuweather highlights. increasing clouds but dry during the day. three waves of light rain, saturday, sunday and monday and next week trending much drier. today's temperatures, 50s, up in coverdale, and the rest of us around 60 to 63. tonight about 10-15 degrees warmer thanks to the rain. mid-40s to mid-50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll have a wave of showers all right, everybody. shake off that turkey hangover. like a lot of americans, i'm moving awfully slow today.
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good morning, it is friday. a lot of you at home enjoying the holiday. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. it is 7:23. we have developing news at san mateo, investigators are looking into what caused a deadly house fire on oak street near bardisson avenue. a 60-year-old woman was killed and neighbors know the victim and she has lived there for quite a while. crews are looking for a second person who lives at the home. they don't know if that person was at the house when the fire started. over to see for a look at our traffic. >> thank you, reggie. good morning, we are going to the peninsula as well. green is good for our overall traffic maps, a little blip out of tracy but nothing major to speak about. we do have an accident, a ups truck on its side.
7:24 am
it is northbound 101 before the embarcadero and near millbrae avenue. let me make that closer. southbound 101 near millbrae, that is where the overturned ups truck is, blocking the right lane and the off-ramp, reggie.
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hey, good morning, welcome to friday. a few radar returns will continue across the north bay but most will evaporate before it reaches the ground. so we'll call it sprinkles. rain comes in tonight. so you have the entire day to shop and do whatever you do. and a lot of people put temperatures up today. low to mid-50s in the evening. midnight through noon that the rain will move from the north bay through the south bay. another chance on saturday night and another chance sunday night. reggie. >> thank you. more on the redding mom found
7:27 am
after being abducted weeks ago. more news on our news app and
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lowe's consumer credit card. make your home happy with great savings at lowe's. ♪ home of the brave ♪ hey yeah ♪ hey yeah in case you didn't know it that is the queen of soul, aretha franklin performing at the lionlions/vikings football on thanksgiving. every time she performs it's news but this one particularly newsworthy because her epic rendition delayed the game by more than four minutes, twitter exploded. some fans loved it. there were a few haters, however, we'll tell you what they said coming up. reminds me a little bit of working next to this person we sometimes call filibuster faris. >> i thought you were going to say it remind you of being at church. can i get an amen? >> you can sing very well. >> no, i can't. actually. >> yes, you can. are we filibustering right now?
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>> yes. also right now, we are remembering a beloved tv icon, florence henderson star of the classic sitcom "the brady bunch" passing away at 82 years old surrounded by friends and family. we will have much more on her show business legacy in our next hour. also right now, new and alarming details just revealed about the suspects in that planned terror attack in strasbourg, france. officials say that the suspects who were arrested last weekend were guided by isis and were searching for targets when they were apprehended. also this morning, the black friday frenzy is in full force this morning. more than 100 million americans expected to shop today alone. 100 million americans. >> and apparently, it's worth it because those televisions are flying off the shelves and just stay safe, everybody, okay. we got you covered. becky worley is standing by to tell us where you can find some of the biggest deals of the day. she always has great insight. we always love it when becky joins us. >> she has inside tips on everything.
7:32 am
we'll be touching base with her throughout the morning as we proceed. we'll start with the latest on that mom in california who vanished three weeks ago while on an afternoon jog. as we reported sherri papini has been found on thanksgiving morning. she was tied up and left on a country road, apparently after being released but her abductors. to have such a happy outcome after so long is very, very uncommon. and abc's kayna whitworth has more now on the story. >> reporter: she was found by the side of the highway in the early morning hours, bound with restrain restraints. 150 miles from her home, held captive for 22 days by unknown captors, sherri papini was injured, but alive. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherri papini has been located. >> reporter: according to the fbi in 2015 there were nearly 85,000 missing persons in the u.s. only about 18,000 of them involuntary abductions, but while sherri is one of the lucky
7:33 am
few released after being gone several weeks, this happy outcome is not unheard of. >> help me. i'm amanda berry. i need police. >> okay, and what's going on there? >> i have been kidnapped and i've been missing for ten years. >> reporter: amanda berry and two other women escaping their kidnapper in 2013 after a decade of captivity in his cleveland, ohio basement. or jaycee dugard who was taken near her home on the way to the school bus. >> it feels like you're losing control of everything. you just feel like the world is coming to an end. >> reporter: and elizabeth smart, who was held against her will for nine months at the age of 14 before she was finally recognized. just 18 miles from where she was first taken in 2002. as for papini, the battle is not over yet. police still searching for two armed women in connection with the case. for "good morning america," kayna whitworth, abc news, redding, california. >> kayna, thank you. for more let's bring in abc's
7:34 am
brad garrett. brad, good morning to you. in your view, how rare is it exactly to have a victim released three weeks after being abducted? >> well, the reality, dan, is it's very rare. you provided some examples of women that survived, but this is just an odd case from the beginning. you have a three-week abduction. then you have the victim placed on the side of a road by allegedly two females that were armed. was the motive of this kidnapping. >> so many open questions and as we heard earlier, the authorities are interviewing sherri papini. they're going to go back and talk to her again. what are they going to be trying to learn from her exactly? >> she's the most valuable resource because despite the fact she was held, what did she hear? what did she see? how can she describe where they held her? other voices, did she hear them talking on cell phones, particularly at the time she was dropped?
7:35 am
can they track a cell phone and there may be forensic evidence on her. clothing, et cetera, that could give them potential leads of bad guys. >> the authorities say they're looking for a dark van with two hispanic women. what do you make of those details? >> we don't know what role the women played. were they the actual abductors or did they decide to take her from whatever location she was being held and drop her? so that's another sort of open question as to are they the main players or not? but, you know, this is a case i think will get solved. you're in a very remote, rural part of this country. the word will spread. if the sheriff, the fbi, et cetera, are good with social media, they're going to get the word out. they're going to catch these folks. >> brad garrett, as always we appreciate your analysis. thank you very much. reassuring to hear brad say he thinks it will be solved. >> very reassuring and as kayna reported she has reunited with her husband. but she has not seen her children.
7:36 am
you can only imagine that will be emotional. we move onto tennessee where a community is mourning the loss of a high school cheerleader fatally shot as she slept. her former boyfriend charged with murder and abc's ryan smith joins us with more. hi, ryan. >> reporter: you're my rock, my hope, my love. part of a tribute riley gaul sent his girlfriend hours before his arrest for allegedly killing her after their recent breakup. riley gaul sits in a tennessee jail charged with killing 16-year-old emma jane walker just weeks after their breakup. according to police in the early morning hours monday, a shot fired by gaul into walker's bedroom outside her tennessee home killed her in her sleep. police arresting gaul tuesday night on first-degree murder charges holding him on $750,000
7:37 am
bond after having him hurnd surveillan under surveillance saying, he was preparing to destroy evidence related to the homicide. but gaul's mother telling our affiliate wate that her son is innocent. the pair seemingly a picture perfect couple. the cheerleader and the football player. classmates until gaul moved on to play football at a local college this fall. >> i wish like i knew more what was going on so maybe i could have helped her and i'm so sorry. >> reporter: in the wake of walker's death, gaul posting this lengthy missive on twitter the day after her death just hours before his arrest. to think that every memory we have, every happy special moment we shared can't ever be relived. i love you, emma jane walker. if convicted gaul could face life in prison. while the family of emma jane walker mourns the daughter they hope will be remembered for who she was in her life, not in her death. emma's family grateful for the outpouring of support. a crowd funding page raising over $20,000 for her funeral expenses in just days and the family saying they have faith that swift justice will be served. gaul faces a preliminary hearing on december 2nd.
7:38 am
>> that will move through the system. >> thank you, ryan. coming up on our big board, there are still black friday deals to be found out there. we'll show you the very latest. and the consumer alert for online shoppers. the way thieves could swipe your gifts before they even reach your door. stay tuned. we're right back. everyone gets $15 kohl's cash for every $50 spent. earn it on everything even our biggest brands all week - online and in store. the more you shop the more kohl's cash you'll get to use later for more gifts so you can give a little more.
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7:40 am
welcome back. time for our big board. our team of insiders standing by live with more on this morning's top stories. kate coyne from "people" magazine is here at the desk. good morning. >> good morning. >> we'll grill you in a moment. we'll start with black friday shoppers already taking advantage of those special es early this morning. so what kind of bargains are still out there? becky worley joins us from walmart labs where they're tracking all the sales and hunting down the deals. becky, give us a glimpse of how black friday is panning out, how the holiday season is panning out thus far? >> yeah, good morning, dan. i am basically inside the internet and my big board is bigger than your big board. >> no. >> that's because --
7:41 am
it's true, yes, yes, that's because they have all the data from everything they sold yesterday and continuing in realtime on they sold more -- took more orders per minute than they ever have in history, and they tell me that when you look at all the tvs that they sold yesterday, if you laid them flat, it would cover disneyland. there were so many tvs sold yesterday. >> wow. >> online sales up 14% yesterday from last thanksgiving. amazon telling me that they had their bigger black friday, whatever this thing is, it used to be called thanksgiving but now it's thanks black friday cyber monday thing. they had that start and it was bigger than it was for them the previous year. had their biggest day ever yesterday. a lot of people buying online. >> all right. your big board may be bigger, but ours has you in it, so we
7:42 am
like ours better. have to say. what are some of the big dees you're tracking, becky? >> some interesting ones. says this is selling like crazy. it's google home. this is a digital assistant. it's voice-driven and competes with alexa or echo, $99 off from $129 normally. let's move over to the ipad pro at target. it is on sale for $449. that's down from $599, a very good deal for that 9.7-inch ipad. want to go to phones. a lot of people interested in phones. we have iphone 7 deals today and samsung galaxy deals. in store at walmart, best buy, target. you don't get a discount but $250 off. a lot of people shopping in-store and online. i don't know. bargains galore. >> hers is interactive. it just moved. >> she's showing off now. >> she is. >> rubbing it in. >> once you order the holiday gifts, how do you make sure you
7:43 am
get them? we've seen reports on thieves snagging packages right off your front porch and this is prime season for deliveries. brad garrett is back. what kind of high-tech solutions are out there to prevent theft? >> this is a huge, huge problem. 20 plus million packages by the so-called porch pirates. you've got cameras you can place at your front door. monitor via your phone. there's motion sensors you can place when a package has been set down. you will get -- give an alert and also it will tell you if the package has been moved. so those are the primary tech things can you do. >> okay, so when dealing -- are there low-tech ways to deal with porch pirates like a dog or something like that? >> well, maybe a dog, dan, but my suggestion is the following. talk to u.p.s., fedex, the postal service, have them hold the packages at the post office at a terminal. that's the key. have it delivered to a neighbor, a relative. that's the other one and the last is that you have the package delivered to a delivery
7:44 am
service who will then personally bring it to you at an appointed time. 10:00 at night. whenever you are home. the key is you do not let packages stay at your front door. >> brad, thank you very much. somebody tries to take our packages our cats will cut them. >> you have mean cats. >> no, i was totally lying with all of the aforementioned. time to talk about the movies. a lot of big name titles opening up including "moana," from our parent company, disney. here's a look at that. >> when you use a bird to write with, it's called tweeting. i know. not every day you get a chance to meet your hero. >> you are not my hero. >> all right. joining us now "people" magazine's kate coyne. i got to ask, this is typically the time of year where studios release some of the movies that
7:45 am
they anticipate will generate some oscar buzz. what are you seeing? >> certainly it is all about "moana" at this moment. the biggest film to hit the box office, possibly all year. it's going to be massive, even bigger than the rock himself. it's going to be huge. the other contender to that in terms of impact on the box office will be "star wars: one," and geeks and nongeeks will be flocking to it, i think. in terms of oscar potential, however, you got to be looking at much quieter film, not your big, big blockbusters. i think a real front-runner at this point in one word is "fences." this is denzel washington's direct direct direct directorial debut, and i'm just going to say it right now. viola davis just won her oscar. in heard it here. >> i've seen "manchester by the
7:46 am
sea" and "moonlight" and they are incredible. >> i think they will get best picture nominations. i don't know if they'll win now that that category is so huge. they're in as nominees i think most definitely. >> quickly around the horn favorite holiday movie? >> i have -- toss-up between "meet me in st. louis" going old school or "christmas story." >> brad? >> "how the grinch stole christmas." >> there we go. yeah. >> becky, what's yours? >> "home alone." >> yes. >> all right. becky, i'm right with brad. i don't know if it's an insight into my fbi brain but "how the grinch stole christmas." >> i can't believe nobody mentioned "elf." i'm disappointed in all of you. >> except you. >> yes. >> we'll talk to you soon. coming up, the way that cyberthieves are targeting online shoppers during the black friday rush. plus, more on "moana." how lin-manuel miranda went from performing his smash broadway hit "hamilton" to writing songs for disney's newest blockbuster. ♪
7:47 am
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7:49 am
we want to get right to a consumer alert in time for this holiday weekend especially for cyber monday. there are big concerns right now about potential credit card fraud, and abc's gio benitez is here. hi, gio. >> reporter: the average amount of fraudulent transactions racked up, more than 200 bucks. that little chip on your credit card is making it safer than ever when you hit the registers this holiday shopping weekend. but according to new industry reports, those new cards are causing more and more thiefs to find a new target. >> because of the chip cards now, it's a lot more difficult for retail criminals to do in-store fraud so taking it online. >> reporter: banking experts are now warning of a 43% surge in attempted fraud this season. to get around the chip, criminals are taking advantage of ship to store and next day pickup services making it easier to charge items with a stolen card number without ever needing to swipe it. and the big ticket items they're targeting, hot gifts like fitness trackers, wireless headphones, cosmetics and designer sneakers.
7:50 am
another way cyberfraudsters may try to cash in this black friday weekend, using fake or stolen e-receip e-receipts. >> they'll create with some cut and paste a fraudulent invoice and bring it back and say i received this as a gift online. and here's my invoice. >> reporter: the national retail federation calling it the fastest growing scheme affecting some 31% of stores. so, to avoid putting those cybercrooks on your giving list experts say it's crucial you check in on your statements every few days and be suspicious of deep discounts on unknown sites and always make sure to look for secure checkouts. it'll say ssl or 3d secure processing on the website. >> what would we do without? we'd be broke. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> much more of our black friday blow-out. thars in our next hour. where to grab the best deals and get the biggest bargains. coming up, "gma's" thanksgiving leftovers brought
7:51 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
good morning, it is 7:56, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco, it was worth getting up to see the sunrise today. >> it was gorgeous. i put a couple of pictures on social media. 30s and 40s still out there. so maybe people bieg some coats -- buying some coats. mainly cloudy tonight. through midnight and through noon tomorrow when the rain moderate from light moves from north to south across the bay area. scattered showers sunday night into monday morning. sue. >> we have an update on the accident in millbrae, it is 101, the off-ramp to hill bray is blocked. there is a hard closure, a ups truck slipped on its side with a diesel spill and they are reporting several hours until the off-ramp could be open u.
7:57 am
could take broadway to burlingame. >> and christmas lights as you get going on your holiday decora decorating. another update in 30 minutes and always on our news app and join us afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
7:58 am
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♪ the story of a lovely lady good morning, america. remembering america's favorite tv mom, florence henderson passing away at age 82. the legendary actress warming our hearts with "the brady bunch" and dazzling the stars on the dance floor. now here's the story of a lovely lady as we pay tribute to mrs. brady. ♪ 24 black friday blow-out. millions of shoppers on the hunt for the best bargains. where to buy and what to wait for. get the latest on the flash deals you can't miss. ♪ i'm on top of the world lara goes one-on-one with lin-manuel miranda. >> it was life-changing. the "hamilton" star opening up about "moana," working with the rock and what he hopes his son will take away from this film.
8:01 am
♪ welcome to my house and turkey day remix. what to do with all those thanksgiving leftovers. how to reinvent the classic cranberry sauce. plus, more delicious recipes from one of our favorite chefs as we say. >> all: good morning, america. whoo! ♪ come on friday ♪ save me >> i got my manx on this morning. now, the big question, what to do with all those leftovers. we're very thankful to have dan churchill here with our audience in times square sharing his remix recipes. one, in fact, that looks particularly good we have right here with us called the cranberry crumble. >> is this our cue? >> this is your cue, paula, to eat which i know you never need much of a cue for. >> we don't have to be told. >> absolutely. >> they told us five minutes ago don't eat it yet. we're going to eat it now. by the way, i have my spanx on. diane, he has his manx on.
8:02 am
>> i matched the cranberries so if i drop them on my dress, still okay. >> this is really good. >> this is really good. the other big post-turkey day task, a lot of shoppers are on the bargain hunt early in this black friday morning. we've got the deals that you need to look out for coming up. i'm told in my ear we have a lot of tech. we've also got abc's diane macedo doing "pop news" this morning. it's actually travel deals, as well? >> that's right. we also have the bond girl and "house of cards" star teaming up for "moonlight" which is getting a lot of early oscar buzz and our own robin roberts sat do you know with the cast. >> i have to say, i saw that movie and it is one of the best s i've ever seen. >> you've ever seen. >> yes, yes. it is that good. >> a very diverse talent. >> i've been alive for a long time. >> at least 20 years. >> at least 20 years. but first this morning, after we finish our cranberry, you're going to give us the news. >> i need to wash it down. >> you do the news. >> that's actually not nice but good morning, everybody. the big story this morning is the kidnapped wife and mom freed by her captors after a terrifying ordeal.
8:03 am
sherri papini had been missing for three weeks until thanksgiving morning when she was found by the side of a road and abc's kayna whitworth is in california for us with all of the details. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: yeah, paula, good morning. sherri papini was found at 4:30 in the morning on thanksgiving day 150 miles from her home. she was bound and injured but she was alive. she flagged down a motorist who contacted authorities. she was taken to the hospital, treated for injuries and released. her husband keith by her side. her husband was the one who originally reported her missing november 2nd after she failed to pick up their children from day care. using the find my iphone app, he located her phone on the side of the road near their home, her hair was tangled in her headphones. officials believe that that is the spot where she was abducted while jogging. so now this morning, they are looking for two hispanic women that they believe to be armed and dangerous driving a black
8:04 am
suv. they reiterate that while sherri papini is safe, a new investigation has just begun. paula. >> all right, kayna, thank you. also we do have breaking news this morning, french officials say they believe they avoided more terror attacks. prosecutors say seven men under arrest were looking for targets to strike as early as next week on orders from isis. and a grim milestone in syria as the u.s. military suffers its first casualty. the service member was killed during a roadside bomb attack. the victim's name has not yet been identified. at least one other american was also injured. and a massive manhunt under way right now after several inmates broke out of a california jail. investigators say four prisoners cut through the bars of a second story window and then used bedding to rappel to the ground. now, two were captured at the scene. the other two got away. and finally, we've all done it, we've all sent a text to the wrong person, but it usually
8:05 am
doesn't turn out this well. instead of her grandson, wanda's thanksgiving invitation went to a 17-year-old teen from phoenix. his name was jamal hinton. their photos as you see make it clear she had gotten a wrong number. he posted that exchange on twitter. it went viral immediately. jamal hinton still wanted to come to thanksgiving. everybody was curious, would it happen? it did, as you can see. even the grandson was there, so how did this all happen? the lesson the grandson had changed his phone number. he did not tell his grandmother so we should all tell grandma if we're going to change our numbers but this is evidence that it can end up a wonderful story. >> lucky for jamal. >> yeah. >> lucky for jamal. >> absolutely. >> i want her to send me a text accidentally so i can come to thanksgiving dinner. and have turkey next year. >> maybe we'll just show up. >> much cooler than the mistaken texts i get. >> i agree. diane, great to have you here for "pop news." >> i do have "pop news." we start this morning with the queen of soul, please enjoy while i talk about aretha franklin earning some r-e-s-p-e-c-t this thanksgiving
8:06 am
with an epic 4-minute 35-second long version of "the star-spangled banner." take a look. ♪ and the home of the brave so this was during the lions/vikings game, impressive vocals as always, but it's the length of the performances that has people talking. one football fan tweeted, i cooked my whole turkey, ate and did the dishes during aretha franklin's national anthem performance. some are saying she should be charged with delay of game but the general consensus seems to be she's aretha franklin. she can take however long she darn well pleases. >> that's exactly right. she can take 20 minutes if she wants. >> amen. >> i think she actually just finished right before we came on the air. >> she might still be going. >> good for her. other celebrities skipped the singing on thanksgiving opting instead to celebrate with the mannequin challenge. taylor swift and her superstar squad, martha hunt, todrick hall, lea mccarthy, lily donaldson and brother austin's stone cold shot, what might be the most picturesque mannequin challenge we've seen yet on this
8:07 am
gorgeous beach and then at some point i think they just got fed up with standing still and they decided to have a dance party afterward, as well that people on twitter all seem to enjoy quite a bit. meanwhile, comedian amy schumer also got in on the action but her mannequin challenge was a little different. take a look. >> you guys, remember, we're going to do the mannequin challenge and everybody is going to stop moving. you guys. we were going to -- mannequins don't play by the rules. >> so her friends kept it together but the kitchen crew in the restaurant they were in not so much. you might call that a trainwreck perhaps. get it? >> yes, i got it. finally we love food. you might enjoy this. domino's pizze in japan is getting in the christmas spirit by taking a cue from santa for their pizza deliveries. believe it or not, the chain is developing a new reindeer
8:08 am
delivery service working with breeders on the japanese island of hokkaido for a full-scale reindeer rollout next month and each reindeer will be fitted with a gps tracker so every pie's progress can be tracked in realtime. >> all i heard was pizza. i didn't hear anything else. >> that's it. >> so pizza will be -- >> rudolph will be delivering your pizza in japan. >> with his red nose? >> i'll have to confirm that. >> so excited as long as he brings a toughed crust pizza meat lovers, i'm totally fine with that and a side of of cheesy breadsticks. >> i don't know if it comes in 30 minutes or less, though. >> when i mentioned before paula never needs prompting for eating -- >> ever. >> i wasn't kidding but we say that -- i mean, i say that with love. it's one of my favorite things about you, you always eat. coming up here on "gma," the best black friday deals this morning and what you should wait until cyber monday to buy. and remembering america's favorite tv mom, the legacy of actress florence henderson. we're right back on a friday morning. >> yeah, she's a real good guy. >> guy? i've asked the rest of my batch to help me present it.
8:09 am
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8:13 am
♪ i ♪ i wanna be loved by you just you and nobody else but you ♪ ♪ i wanna be loved by you this is not only the matriarch on "the brady bunch" but she could also sing. she was a broadway sensation. we're back now on this friday morning remembering america's tv mom, "brady bunch" matriarch florence henderson passing away at 82 years old. from broadway to starring in the television classic spanning more than six decades "people" magazine's kate coyne joins us. kate, good morning. >> hi. >> we all remember watching carol brady. what impact do you think she'll have on all of us? i love the quote she says she was the mom that so many of us wanted, the mom that she wanted. >> what you'll hear in discussions about her, she was america's mom and she really was. certainly for a generation, for my generation if you're talking about the 1970s, you know, early '80s, and a period in which there wasn't a ton of stability. a lot of, you know, people were growing up with divorced parents or what have you.
8:14 am
she was really a symbol for the sort of perfect mother and actually don't forget a kind of blended family mother too. you know, she had the three girls, mike brady had the three boys and they kind of came together as one perfect family and she was the perfect mom. she was somebody who every kid kind of wished they had a little bit of at home. >> she did say one thing in an interview with barbara walters in 2012, she said she wished carol brady had a job. why do you think that was so important to her so long ago? >> florence was a very, very modern woman. she was very ambitious. she very successful. i mean, she herself had carved out a career that spanned well beyond "the brady bunch." she was, as you said, a broadway performer beforehand. tremendous singing talent and she made sure she stayed relevant. she had that drive. such a drive that she was at the finale of "dancing with the stars" on monday night. everybody saw her in the audience, so it was really unthinkable that that light could go out so suddenly. she was very, very driven. >> can you briefly tell us why she had such a profound impact on hollywood?
8:15 am
you see so many stars, social media flooded right now with tributes. >> i think she was such a class act. you know, she personified a sort of grace and dignity and loveliness that you don't necessarily get all that often these days. she was somebody who everybody, you know, wanted to be a little bit like and if not like then be able to call mom. i think maureen mccormick, you know, the bond that they still continued to share all those years later really exemplifies that. >> she really was the stabilizing force for so many of us. kate, thank you. coming up, how to get your christmas tree up without a hitch. the best decorations to avoid a disaster. and before you run out and shop, becky worley has the secret to saving this holiday. there she is at walmart headquarters. >> with her big board that's a little bigger than our big board. >> yeah, she's been bragging about it. we'll hear more about this coming up. >> we'll hear more coming up. af "mmm fresh" in that washer with unstopables in-wash scent boosters by downy. and if you want, pour a little more,
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put some smarts in your car. so basically we have two production options... hey guys, i gotta call you back. (phone ringing) hello? hi mom! oh, hi sweetie! how are you? give a keurig brewer this holiday and they will think of you everyday. so you think santa will like these... red and green m&m's? i don't know! i never met the guy! whaaaaa! he does exist! they do exist!
8:18 am
uhm... santa? there's nothing typical. about making movies. i'm victoria alonso and i'm an executive producer at marvel studios. we are very much hands on producers. if my office becomes a plane or an airport the surface pro is perfect, fast and portable but also light. you don't do 14 hours a day 7 days a week for decades if you don't feel it in your heart. listen i know my super power is to not ever sleep. that's it, that's the only super power i have. ♪ get up for black friday.
8:19 am
starts thursday, 6pm. walmart. what what a crowd we have out here the day after thanksgiving. they're all full. happy birthday to you. we've got a lot of folks who didn't eat turkey. i ate what yesterday? >> we had lobster. >> lobster. that's living high off the hog. you ate. >> steak. >> why not have steak and fresh out of a christmas store you had?
8:20 am
>> chinese. >> thanks for coming out and hello, i'm meteorologist mike nicco from abc 7 mornings. your accuweather highlights. increasing clouds but dry during the day. three waves of light rain, saturday, sunday and monday and next week trending much drier. today's temperatures, 50s, up in coverdale, and the rest of us around 60 to 63. tonight about 10-15 degrees warmer thanks to the rain. mid-40s to mid-50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll have a wave of showers as we have been as we have been making abundantly clear this morning, this is black friday. that american orgy of american consumerism and becky worley joins us from deep inside walmart's e-commerce headquarters in silicon valley. becky, you've been watching in realtime as the deals go live.
8:21 am
what is hot out there? >> dan, you slay me. an orgy of e-commerce. i am at walmart's headquarters for all things online. they are tracking it in realtime so let's get to the deals. normally i tell people, hey, wait till cyber monday to buy shoes, but walmart has this deal. it's the start of their cyberweek. mukluks, women's shelly boots, these are kind of sweet, 17 bucks. they were $65. nice complement if you have an ugg lover in your house. next up, a deal from target. the apple watch is $198. that is far and away one of the best deals we have seen on the apple watch. this is the apple watch 1. a change, guys. we normally tell you when you buy toys, wait until the end of the christmas run-up. this year it's a little different. we were telling people our deal gurus say buy now, this is another walmart deal paw patrol, zoomer marshal interactive pup. 52 bucks, $17 off. if you see a deal on a toy you think your kid would like, now
8:22 am
is the time. now let's talk about toys for big kids. we have got a lot of bundles on xbox one. this is the xbox one s battlefield. it's only here at walmart, 250 but we are seeing other bundles on the xbox at target. they have about the same price. a different bundle, i think there's minecraft and some other other options, $40 gift card also and the ps4 so lots of toys, lots of things to buy. >> becky, let's talk about in-store shopping. so much hype around finding deals online. you say there is a reason to go to the mall? >> millions are shopping in stores today. you got to try stuff on. so let's talk about the blanket discounts on the big chains. banana republic, 50% off five items. j. crew, 40% off. levi's, 40% off. great deals. my special deal, one single item 30% off if you have the code gma30. we have all these deal answer so much more on our website, guys. >> becky worley, looking
8:23 am
fetching in her green christmas dress. thanks for kicking off the shopping season with us. we'll back with you throughout the following weeks many, many times. paula. 'tis the season for decorating and it could be a disaster actually. usually is but i got together with the folks at the sweet home so you don't get tangled up in the holiday spirit. take a look. ♪ the holidays, a time for decorating and feeling festive. but too often that festivity turns into failure. youtube is filled with epic christmas tree fails. to help you avoid a decorating disaster, editors from the website the sweet home went to work spending more than 100 hours testing tree stands and dozens of holiday lights. tackling the tree stand can be tough. often requiring two people, tightening those bolts and after all that, the tree may still fall over. but sweet home's editor began da supiveracom has a
8:24 am
special challenge with me. she wants me to go up against their top rated tree stand, the krinner tree genie xxl. it costs around 100 bucks. now your top pick is pretty expensive. what's so great about it? >> it's easy to put up. the hardest part is getting that trunk into the hole and on to the spike. now there's a ratcheting pedal, just put your foot down and gently pump it. >> i can't go any more. >> now you want to press the red button down so it locks it in place. >> look at that. >> locked and loaded. >> yes. >> we did it. >> that took just 25 seconds. this is going to be a marriage saver. but the real test finding out how stable it is. we're using a force gauge applying ten pounds of pressure to try and knock it over. >> i maxed it out. >> you maxed it out and, look, it barely moved. the sweet home believes this $100 stand is a worthy investment. but if you still want a less expensive traditional bolt type
8:25 am
stand, the cinco c-1143 express tree stand is a runner-up at $35. they also put lights to the test evaluating them for light quality and the ease of winding and unwinding. >> sometimes you get loose wires and they get really hard to string on to your tree so what you want are wires that are nice and tightly twisted and that stay that way while you pull them out. >> reporter: their top pick for indoor, the ge energy smart colorite miniature lights and here's why, the christmas designer's five millimeter conical l.e.d. is their best. >> we dropped them into water and let them sit there for six hours and they were totally fine. >> let's give it a go. let's emulate that. >> they're off. >> after six hours they are totally fine? >> still working. >> are we going to stay here six hours? >> i hope not. if we do, i think we means you. >> so you can find the sweet
8:26 am
home's top picks for the best lights, tree stands and more on our website, on yahoo! the sweet home do get a percentage of money from retailers for products sold through the links in their articles. i want to say a big thanks to the jones family farm in shelton, connecticut, for letting us come up there. >> you did a good job wrangling the tree. >> you want to feel my muscles? >> sure. >> not impressed? >> no, it's actually pretty good. reasonably good. coming up, chef dan churchill here to put a spin on turkey day leftovers if you're hungry and those biceps need some feeding, paula. robin's interview with lin-manuel miranda. we're right back.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. there are no signs of two men who escaped from the santa clara county jail on wednesday night. investigators say chavez and campbell tied blankets together to make an escape rope. a deputy spotted two other escaped inmates an took them back into custody. they are still looking for those men. if you see them, call 911. we want to get now a check of our traffic outside. sue hall is in this morning. >> we have a couple of trouble spots out there. back to the peninsula where we have this ups truck on its side. it is southbound 101 blocking the millbrae off-ramp and a diesel spill, no estimated time of clean-up so take san bruno or
8:28 am
broadway burlingame but you can't take millbrae. on westbound montague expressway
8:29 am
good morning. if you are heading out, we are still in the upper 30s in san ramon, most in the 40s, fremont, 52 the warm spot. on our way to 50. clouds, midnight tonight through
8:30 am
noon tomorrow, that is when it is wet. >> we'll have another update in 30 minutes and see you on abc ♪ [ applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." happy thanksgiving. a great crowd with us on this black friday. thank you all for joining us here. no food comas here but i don't know about you but i'm intoxicated from the smells coming from this table. >> absolutely incredible. >> so the countdown to thanksgiving is over now it's time for the best part, the leftovers and dan churchill is here with simple and easy recipes to help you use up all that turkey beyond just putting mayonnaise on bread with a piece of turkey. which is fine. >> acceptable and tasty in its own right but as you said here to make things really easy but make sure nothing goes to waste so we've got three dishes today and i hope you guys are hungry. >> we are hungry. we are definitely hungry.
8:31 am
first of all, before we dive in -- >> i love the accent. >> you just moved here from australia this. was your first thanksgiving in the country. how did it go? >> well, it was phenomenal. i had a bunch of australians get together and we look after each other. cooked up a table and had a long table lunch and tried to re-create the festivities you have. it's an amazing day. we loved it. >> lots of eating was had, that's for sure, for sure. >> so what are we going to make this morning? we're going to start with turkey bake. >> turkey bake. how good are your egg cracking abilities. >> moderate. >> i'll test you out anyway. in here we've got about five to six eggs with thee-quarters of a cup of ricotta. all you need to create one of the most amazing dishes after leftovers. all your turkey and all your roast vegetables and bring it together and then if you would do so put the turkey and potato, brussels sprouts. everyone loves brussels sprouts. >> dan needs to help.
8:32 am
>> i actually like the way it usually goes, paula does the work and i do the eating. >> is that right, okay. cool. >> here. >> leftovers into one casserole and eggs and ricotta and pour this over and that's just one dish. yeah. >> brilliant. >> as we can see you put it in the oven. >> do you stir it. >> fold it through and it comes out like a beautiful -- >> ooh, sorry about that. >> testing your skills there. >> yes, a little full. >> about 400-degree oven go for about 45 minutes to 60 minutes and it's a beautiful way to bring something to the table again dinner leftovers, you got that real creaminess to the ricotta and obviously that crispy edge as well. >> diane is ready to eat. >> look. >> i didn't waste any time. >> i love it. i love it. this is a turkey bake. cute little ones and, dan, next to you is one of my favorites is actually a hash stuffing.
8:33 am
so you got your stuffing and all the sausages, the bread. >> do i need to do anything. >> actually, you know what, i want to cook. you're cooking today, dan. >> i love the recipe. >> he did tell me after the show today he's going to cook for his family. >> i am -- >> he does lift a finger in the kitchen. >> that's what i love to hear. you can teach me but actually the butter in the pan, got your stuffing, that goes straight in. and then if you can crack some eggs into some beautiful holes here that i've created and then top it off with cheese and wherever you'd like. one-handed. >> no, who do you think you're dealing with. >> i didn't know that was possible. >> stuffing, butter melted. stuffing loves getting all that butter combined with the bread. >> how many eggs? >> let's go three. yeah, one for each person and then we got a bit of cheese. sprinkle the cheesen top. that goes underneath your broiler and a simple way to then repurpose something that's super tasty and in my opinion stuffing is better reheated so once you do it the second day --
8:34 am
>> i never thought that. i would have never thought that. >> exactly. >> and then you come out with these beautiful looking numbers like this and you can see you've got crispyness, you've got the egg which you cracked and gets all nice and creamy. >> i like cracking the yolk and when it gets all running. >> creating all forms of naughtiness. >> can we do the cranberry sauce. >> of course. >> this is incredibly good. really, really good. can i keep the pan? >> you can keep the whole -- you it take the whole table home. i will allow it. cranberry sauce, just put that straight into a cast iron skillet. you can have any form of cereal or granola on top and simply sprinkle that over and you can create your own granola and use cereal and take this to the table like this with a dollop of yogurt or ice cream and that is the simplest way just like that. >> that is incredible. >> yeah. >> i just love how aussies say their rs. can you say turkey?
8:35 am
>> turkey. >> this dish by the way is recommended by the american health association. >> i know you're all drooling but you can get all these re pis on on yahoo! coming up the stars of the film called a masterpiece "moonlight." the interview just ahead. >> are you done? >> no, no, no. so good. so, so good. "gma's" thanksgiving leftovers is brought to you by
8:36 am
come join us this season,orld at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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♪ everyone out here counting down to what's the holiday season, time for giving and here to help us bring smiles to kid as cross the country, rammy harwood, ceo of or kidville i should say in general and you are partnering with second chance toys which is a great way to recycle and rescue toys. tell me how it works. >> sure, at kidville we have the privilege to be able to connect excite and inspire through developmental toys and the reality there are countless children around the country that don't have a lot of toys especially around the holiday times so partner with second chance toys to get those plastic toys out of your apartments and homes. you know they're out there that haven't been used to recycle them and give them to children who don't have toys and be able to pass forward the love that you've had with those toys. >> keep them out of landfills.
8:39 am
i love the environmental aspect. >> the environmental -- a big benefit is rather than have these toys go into the ground, they get to go into people's hands again and again so you keep them out of the ground and landfills. >> rammy, thanks so much. i love the program. the kids will help us out with donating toys right now. [ cheers and applause ] here's how you can get involved. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. it is going to be dry today and mainly grie. temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60s. tonight, rain through midnight through noon tomorrow. another chance on this weathercast brought to you by downey. rammy, thank you very much. i have a slew of toys my wife is gathering right now, no doubt about that. we will donate. >> thank you. rob, come in here. the food is incredible and i could not ply these pan as way from the ladies. we'll talk now though about what could be the biggest i believe the best movie of the year.
8:40 am
critics are calling it a masterpiece and our robin roberts sat down with the stars and director, take a look. >> what you looking at me like that for? >> reporter: once in a while a movie comes along that sweeps everyone off their feet. >> stop putting your head down in my house. you know my rule. it's all love and all pride in this house. >> reporter: this year, "moonlight" is a film critics are calling perfect and a flat out masterpiece. >> at some point you have to decide for yourself who you want to be. you can't let nobody make that decision for you. >> reporter: told in three parts, it follows the story of shyrone, struggling with his sexual identity while growing up in a tough neighborhood in liberty city, florida, and with a mother fighting a drug addiction. >> what happened? huh? what happened, shyrone? why you didn't come home like you're supposed to? >> reporter: director barry jenkins adapted the movie from a play written byty rell
8:41 am
mccrainie. a personal project for jenkins who also grew up in the same city as the main character with a mother who also struggled with drugs. naomie harris plays paula. shyrone's mom. mahershala ali takes a break from "house of cards" to play juan, a drug dealer who shyrone looks up to. challenging roles for both actors who took on this film mindful of the stereotypes they wanted to defy. >> i had some reservations because i just think there are enough stereotypes of women and black women in particular in film and in television and i just wanted to make it my mission in terms of the choices i made with my career to portray positive images of black women in particular and i kind of drew the line at playing a crack addict but when i spoke to barry, he explained how personal the story was to him and, you know, how it would be basically playing his mum and i realized he had a vested interest in ensuring this character wasn't a stereotype and she had her full
8:42 am
humanity and complexity. >> what is the conversation that you all want people to have when they leave the theater after seeing this, barry? >> you know, for me i feel like people keep saying we don't see characters like shyrone represent us very often. before seeing it some people assume they can't relate to a character like that or to a person like that. i think after seeing this film they realize as we've been saying he's a human being. you know, so maybe, you know, you're having a bad day. that person is ahaving a bad day. talk to one another. empathize. >> i think so often in life, you know, we focus on the differences between us and here's a film that encourages us to see that actually we're more similar than we are dissimilar and that's really beautiful and i think it's a healing antidote we need this time more than ever. >> it's about empathy and understanding. just dove tail on what they were saying and we're just proud of this film. i feel like we made a good film and we just want opportunities
8:43 am
to work on the same level as other people, we don't get to tell these stories enough and to be part of an art film, something of this caliber and this type of offering is just a real gift for me, for all of us, but in terms of just the story itself it's about empathy. >> and i can't emphasize strongly enough how moving that movie is. "moonlight" is in theaters right now and i encourage you to go. for robin's full interview head to her facebook page, coming up next here on "gma" this morning, "hamilton"'s lin-manuel miranda on bringing "moana" to the big
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ welcome back, everyone. disney any new hit "moana" is already breaking box office records and lara spencer sat down with award winning composer lin-manuel miranda, the man behind broadway's smash hit, "hamilton."
8:46 am
♪ away away we set a course to find ♪ >> reporter: disthink's newest film "moana" featuring original music from lin-manuel miranda takes you on a sweeping adventure across the vast pacific. >> moana. i got your back. it's maui time. >> reporter: what was that like to get the call for "moana." >> so. surreal and it was also -- it happened to be the same week we found out we were having a baby. so it was like a life-changing week. >> reporter: lin co-wrote the songs for "moana" while also creating and starring in -- ♪ i'm laughing in the face of casualties ♪ ♪ the first time i'm thinking past tomorrow ♪ >> reporter: the smash broadway musical "hamilton" making the official announcement in true lin fashion. >> i'm writing a disney musical, yo, i'm sorry, i have to laugh. i've been working for a year and a half on top of "hamilton" which i finished last week. >> how do you get out of one disney head and into rapping "hamilton" head. >> "moana" was such a lovely
8:47 am
break from writing "hamilton." it was like, okay, i'm not going to worry about the founders right now. i'm going to spend time with "moana" or maui and write those songs and when that was kicking my butt i'd go back into this. so they were opposing muscle groups in my brain. >> reporter: for lin it was a father's dream to pass on the disney magic to his now 2-year-old son. ♪ away away >> what do you hope that sebastian takes away from "moana"? >> she loves her family so much but she's also fiercely independent. i hope it teaches him to be brave and to be courageous and fight for the things that matter to him. >> i know not every day you get a chance to meet your hero. >> you are not my hero. >> reporter: i want to talk about the star of this movie, ali hi. >> disney scoured the world to find the right voice for this character. >> we want you to be the voice of "moana" in our movie. we really do. >> thank you so much. >> and she's incredible and the bonus is she can sing.
8:48 am
♪ the wonder >> when you meet her you're like, this is moana for real. >> another star you had to write for was the rock. >> yes. dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> how was that? >> awesome, awesome. when you have dwayne "the rock" johnson who is like maybe the most charming person alive, you go, oh, i could get away with anything. ♪ oh also i lassoed the sun you're welcome to stretch your days and bring you fun ♪ >> you can have him sing something like you're welcome for me existing. only with the rock you could get away with that ♪ ♪ there's no need to pray it's okay you're welcome i guess it's just my way of being me you're welcome ♪ ♪ you're welcome [ cheers and applause ] >> i didn't know the rock could sing. >> i didn't either. >> the rock can do everything. there's nothing that man can't do. >> fair enough. >> fair enough. "moana" is in theaters now,
8:49 am
coming up how kids are bringing
8:50 am
agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts. it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods.
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. from giving thanks to giving back one mom transforming gift giving for kids around the world. take a look. ♪ for many 'tis the season of gifts galore but this holiday a new company is helping children ask for something much more meaningful than a new toy. >> i want a new camera and i want every child to have a warm
8:52 am
place to sleep at night. >> i want a new smartphone for every kid to have access to healthy food. >> reporter: isow assists kids in raising money for charities they care about by asking friends and family for donations instead of buying presents. >> this is my daughter gabrielle. >> reporter: the founder tanya van court said she was inspired to create it after her daughter received a bunch of meaningless gifts on her 9th birthday. she decided it was time to transform gift giving for her by giving them the power to fund their goals and the ability to share with those less fortunate. >> the right gifts have the power to change your future. >> reporter: here's how it works. create a profile online. step two, decide what your child wants to save for using three categories. the future, sharing with others and spending on things that matter. step lee, share your isow profile with friends and family and ask for donations to any category instead of gifts.
8:53 am
so i'm here with tanya van court, founder and ceo of isow. thank you for being here. this all started because your daughter asked for some meaningful gifts and didn't get them. >> she did. she said i really only want two things, an investment account and a bike and instead she got three sew your own purse kit, a make your own gum kit and whole host of things -- >> what kind of kid wants an investment kit? that's amazing to me. 23i9ing that we're having this on black friday where everybody is talking about buy, buy, buy. what do you do to encourage kids to be more charity oriented? >> well, it's not unusual that for the holidays kids get lots of tough and they open them up, set them aside and never revisit them again and parents are really struggling with how to infuse meaning back into the holiday season. we let kids sign up for goals instead of goods in three big categories, saving for their future, sharing with others and spending on things that really matter. so that when family and friends say what do they want for the holiday, they can go check out what they're sowing for and
8:54 am
contribute to meaningful goals in their lives and the lives of others. >> i understand you're going something for giving tuesday. >> we are. in honor of giving tuesday we are launching the kids helping kids challenge where we are asking all kids to go sign up for >> yep. i love it. >> thank you. >> and name a cause that they care about and kids will give the first donation to their kid's. sow profile and every cause those kids get it. if we get 10,000 sign-ups they get $10,000. >> you got some of your kids helping kids participants here. can you tell us who is with us? >> absolutely. nadia okamoto is a freshman at harvard and she started an organization kammeons of care that distributes feminine hygiene products to women in need. and we have these beautiful t n twins with nadia. gorgeous twins, nyla and soleil.
8:55 am
they want to direct it to the chess school that was feature in the disney queen of katia film. >> you guys are the best. you're the best. and adorable. and since you decided to aim higher for your holiday gifts we're actually going to try to backfill a little bit and give you gifts of our own. so paula and diane, what do you have for these guys. >> so for nadia we have a pair of winter boots to keep you warm up in boston. >> in harvard square. >> and also, we know books can be expensive so also a gift card for the harvard book tore to help you. >> perfect. thank you. >> thanks. >> for nyl and soleil two buddy chess lessons because we know you love playing chess. this is for you. you want to hold your placard right here? you guys love chess so much. have so much fun and thank you for giving to other kid, as well. nations. >> ah.
8:56 am
>> thank you guys. happy holidays. thank you, everybody, for watching this morning. we really appreciate it. all of us, maybe not the kids but all the grown-ups will be back here tomorrow morning. we'll see you then.
8:57 am
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good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. let's get right to mike nicco for your black friday forecast. >> hi, everybody. you are going to see radar returns on live doppler 7 so sprinkles possible but the best chance of rain is tonight through tomorrow morning. today mainly cloudy, upper 50s to low 60s. tonight through noon tomorrow is when the storm will roll through the north bay and out of the south bay. the one with the fastest breezes and heaviest rain. sue. >> fog conditions, thick in the antioch area so affecting your drives, a heads up there. an update on the overturned ups truck on the peninsula, it is southbound 101, blocking millbrae and no estimated time of reopening, you want to take broadway to burlingame. >> thank you.
9:00 am
time now for college football. and we're off until 4:00. our >> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. welcome to college football, presented by jared, the galleria of jewelry. from the liberty bowl memorial stadium in memphis, tennessee. the memphis tigers welcome the houston cougars to town. head coach tom herman has been the man at the helm of the cougars for each of the last two seasons. and it's been a whirlwind two seasons for herman. since arriving from ohio state after winning a national title with urban meyer. it's been a crazier last 17 hours. the hottest can't in the coaching circles of college football has been linked with the lsu job and texas if that


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