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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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of the team can be different. >> mike: yes, it can change your whole outlook, if someone is injured. >> allen: the offensive line has been a juggle for them all season long. daniels again, with a good first-down, second-down carry, rather. >> mike: and iowa, landing a lot of body punches early in the game. and late in the game, the defense is worried more about taking on the block than defeating the block and trying to make the tackle. now, they have to somehow find some energy. nebraska needs a turnover, a takeaway. but right now, iowa, just content the push the ball down their throats. >> allen: now, daniels, over 1,000 yards rushing for the season. and wadley has 861 starting today, and he's over 100 yards.
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down to about the 17 yard line. sets up fourth down and five. >> mike: i would assume we're going to see the field goal team on the field now. but they are going to run the clock down, and think about it. >> allen: i think they're going to run it down, then call time-out. the way kirk ferentz is walking to the line judge on the near side. so, again, this iowa team, if they finish this one up, as it looks like they might, has a chance to get a bowl game, get to a nine-win season, a pretty decent year for a college football team, especially as competitive as the big ten has been this year. time-out. a diamond. now, kay jewelers brings you...the newest c: chocolate. levian chocolate diamonds. only levian, masters of jewelry design for centuries...
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>> allen: a little college football grudgery, going to happen tomorrow in columbus. and "college gameday" will be there. starts at 7:00 a.m. eastern on espn, also on the watch espn website, and on the espn app.
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and we'll get you ready for all the big games tomorrow, including the one happening in columbus. fourth down and five, offense still on the field. quarterback kept it! stepped out of bounds at the 4 yard line. the naked bootleg. >> mike: he lulled them to sleep. a great job, freedom just didn't believe his eyes. he said, he can't be keeping that football. nice execution by beathard. >> allen: it was. so, the clock running, 3:30 to go. maybe the most important stat for nebraska, they've only had the ball for 1:08 in the fourth quarter. iowa's offense has stayed on the field. >> mike: wow. 1:08. holy cow. that's domination.
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who says time of possession doesn't mean anything? >> allen: well, points per possession is the latest rage in coaching land analysis. and they've been far greater for iowa today than for nebraska. so, inside of 3:00 to go. ball at the 1 yard line. hawkeyes looking to add on to their lead. daniels is the tailback. beathard keeps it. gets hit. didn't get there. >> mike: at this point in the game, i would give it to one of the power backs. the quarterback will take too many hits. just give it to one of those guys, let them move the pile or get over the top. >> allen: beathard has meant to much to the team in his career.
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offensive coach greg davis, coach at texas during the mack brown years, says he's had a lot of good ones and beathard is with the best of them. >> mike: compared him to guys that have won a lot of football games. >> allen: into the end zone, untouched for the hawkeyes touchdown goes leshun daniels. >> mike: at this point in the game, nebraska did not look up to the task of stopping iowa. >> allen: daniels, one of the 14 seniors on the hawkeyes squad, into the end zone for the second time today. and now the point-after try from keith duncan. what was that?
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>> mike: kalu getting another break on the ball. two penalties today. >> referee: offsides, defense, unabated to the kicker. half the distance to the goal. redo the try. >> allen: at the very beginning of the game, when iowa scored their first touchdown, the point-after try was blocked. since then, they got a running into the kicker penalty, iowa did, in nebraska's aggression to get to him, that gave them a first down. now, this one that moves the point-after try a little bit closer. 13 them a running play. 8:10, that drive took. into the end zone, daniels, for the touchdown.
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>> allen: as we wind inside 2:00 in this one, another quick reminder about espn's "college gameday" tomorrow, starting at 7:00 a.m. looking at all the riff rivalry games. and michigan and ohio state, on abc at 12 noon eastern time. >> mike: i think we've seen the last of armstrong. not sure if i want to put him in there if he's injured. >> allen: a bowl game coming up.
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make sure he's good for that. kick return by jordan nelson. and a lot of whistles, and a little bit of a scrum at the bottom of the pile. we mentioned tomorrow, some great college football watching. michigan/ohio state, the headliner. auburn/alabama, utah/colorado, and how about michigan state/penn state? >> mike: every one of them has college football playoff implications. >> allen: ryker fyfe is in. the backup, with the pin in the left hand. over the top of riley, and incomplete. >> mike: i wonder if he wanted to go in. they have darlington, they probably trust fyfe, but he's playing with a pin in his left
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wrist. >> allen: he's a football player. of course, he wanted to go in. >> mike: it's cold, he has a pin, and had surgery this week. >> allen: did you ever go down and tap someone, and they said, no. >> mike: no, and if they had, i would have looked at them a little cross-eyed. >> allen: a far slant, to bryant. and it's going to set up a third down and long. almost no gain on that one for the freshman running back. fyfe is in there to throw the ball. >> mike: exactly right. the front from iowa is getting after it. they know, they can smell blood in the water right now. >> allen: down he kbos.
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-- goes. and fourth down and forever. the thing about nebraska, their chance at the big ten evaporates here in the final minute of play, aside of the one real dud at ohio state, the overtime loss to wisconsin, this has been a massive turnaround for them in mike riley's second year. >> mike: well, he'll find a way. nebraska this year, worked more on the end of games. they've become better, won the close games they've encountered this year. they've learned from it, and earned the respect of the players and coaches. >> allen: lightbourn will kick, out of bounds, and a kneeldown coming up. now, a flag comes in late. and one more penalty call as well in this one before it's
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over. >> mike: that's about frustration and pride. when you have great pride, it's hard to take a loss and get beat on the field. >> allen: yeah. >> referee: after the play was over, unsportsmanlike conduct. kicking team, number 16. 15-yard penalty. iowa ball. first and ten. that's number 16's first unsportsmanlike penalty of the ball game. >> allen: so, a kneeldown coming up for the iowa offense. so, nebraska and iowa will both look ahead to bowl games. but for kirk ferentz and his 14 seniors on this hawkeye team, it will be the happiest of senior days. a win at home over their adjacent rivals, nebraska, and a big win at that. >> mike: both teams will look at the bowl game as an opportunity. >> allen: hands it off one more
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time to wrap it up. and that will do it. big plays, the big key for this iowa team. and running out the clock late when they needed to with that eight-minute drive. and the final score, the iowa hawkeyes, 40, the nebraska cornhuskers, 14. tomorrow, michigan and ohio state, at noon eastern. for mike bellotti and kris budden and our espn college football crew, allen bestwick saying good-bye from iowa city.
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the manhunt intensifies as officials turn to dogs to help search for two inmates who broke out of santa clara county's main jail, and today a $20,000 reward has been offered to help track them down. good afternoon, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> for helio chavez and laron campbell are still missing. an update was just provided on the escapeees. abc 7 news reporter elissa harrington joins us from san jose with the late on the developing case. ? >> reporter: sheriff's deputies still have not been able to find the cutting tool used to saw through the metal bars here at the main jail. the inmates were able to escape by climbing out their window on a rope made of t-shirts tied together. here's a picture of who deputies are looking for. they broke out of their cell late wednesday night. two of their cell mates tried to escape with them but were captured. we learned that one of the soers this man, 20-year-old yasindu
4:20 pm
desilva, arrested sunday for an armed home invasion in cupertino so he was only in jail two days before trying to make an escape. today tracking dogs joined the manhunt. they were successful in finding a scent. they tracked that scent westbound from the jail down to the guadalupe river and under the overpass. the animals followed it all the way to tasman and lichman boulevard in santa clara. that's about 7.5 miles from here. sherry smith says they are following up on the leads and they are received some viable sight >> we will find these two and any person who is harboring or helping or aiding and abetting in the escape will attempt to prosecute. >> now that they have an idea of the path that these guys took they are tracking down any video along that route. sheriff smith wants to remind anyone who might see these inmates not to approach them.
4:21 pm
just dile 911. she warns that chavez and campbell could be dangerous. again, there is a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. reporting live in san jose, elissa harrington, abc 7 news. >> thank you. stay with abc 7 news for the latest in the search for those escaped inmates. downloud the abc 7 news app for alerts when news breaks in this case. >> a veteran south san francisco police officer remains in critical condition today after police say he was beaten by a man armed with a skateboard yesterday. officer robbie chan was trying to take the man into custody for being disruptive to patrons at star ducks campaign at lyndon and grand avenues. after the officer ran after the suspect the man turned around and hit the officer in the head with the skateboard. authorities say he suffered a traumatic injury and he underwent surgery at sfri san francisco general hospital. >> law enforcement is going through difficult times with unprovoked targeted attacks on
4:22 pm
police officers. yesterday this hit home here in south san francisco. this attack is not acceptable. >> other officers arrested south city arrest dent 28-year-old man for the attack. the officer has been with the force for 12 years. he's married with two young children. a woman was killed in a home destroyed in a fire in san mateo early this morning police have identified the victim as 70-year-old sandra carone. firefighters say this fire is suspicious. sadly it's not first tragedy at this home. abc 7 news reporter matt keller has more. >> the flames were big at this home on oak street in san mateo this morning. they were also deadly. cruise on the first floor found one victim pulseless hand not breathing in the rear of the building and immediately brought them outside and initiated cpr outside of the structure. >> firefighters say she was likely overwhelmed by the extreme heat and smoke inside the home. >> this is cell phone vifltd
4:23 pm
throw-alarm fire taken by a next door neighbor just before 5:00 this morning. the larson family got up and out as fast as they could. >> you can see it smoking, and the flames were like going pretty far to our house. it was definitely scary, definitely something running through our mind at the time. >> reporter: this mom on oak street has a tragic history. 35-year-old robert carone lived back here in 2011 when he was filled a shootout with police. officers were looking for him after he flashed a gun and threatened employees at a nearby drug store. his mother, sandra spoke to us at that time. >> definitely quite a tragedy. it's like the second tragedy at this house in a few years, so it's definitely a scary thought for sure. >> reporter: in san mateo, matt kerl, abc 7 news. traffic is once again flowing smoothly in millbrae after an overturned mail truck caused a nearly six-hour delay. sky 7 was over the millbrae offramp on southbound 101 just after 9:00 this morning.
4:24 pm
the chp tells us the driver lost control of the truck and it overturned. 15,000 gallons of diesel fuel spilled as well as all the mail. the mail and the packages were cleaned up and all lanes of traffic were opened by 2:45. we'll shift gears. black friday may have unleashed overnight across the country and the mad dash for deals was on. >> two, one! >> and other we go. >> in malls to macy's shoppers were out in force today. retail remembers already saying that high store traffic is encouraging. this year shoppers are expected to spend $27 billion making this black friday the second biggest shopping day of the year. and the crowds got an early start at the san francisco outlet mall in livermore. abc 7 news reporter l ho nni rivera shows us the black friday frenzy. >> reporter: black friday sales climbed at premium outlets. devoted shoppers show up and even stand in line for hours for a holiday bargain.
4:25 pm
>> it's my favorite store. >> izimar came to this shop for two things. >> i wanted to get my mom something for her birthday coming up and for christmas. >> reporter: others woke up at 3:00 in the morning. they waited in long lines for coffee and then stood in more lines just to get into several popular designer stores. >> it's a long waiting time in front of the shops but it paid off definitely. >> we've been here before, and i already considered it cheap. >> reporter: cheaper now? >> say i buy a bag of something, i'm saving like $80 which is a lot of money, yeah. >> reporter: so can you buy more? >> exactly. >> reporter: timing is everything in stores like this one that's hoping to cash in on more sales, and since it's colder outside many people may be looking into new jacket. whether it's a gift for themselves or -- >> i'm shopping for the whole family, and son. >> reporter: black friday continues what is a tradition. diehard shoppers give up sleep and money for something new.
4:26 pm
in livermore, l ho nni rivera, aches 7 news. it's interesting. some retailser are choosing to give back to the environment and their customers as well by not opening for business at all today. >> abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard joining us with that story. hi. >> reporter: black friday, of course, make or break for some businesses, but some business res choosing to take a hike instead, literally, or simply give back to the environment. are. >> black friday is not a huge day for us. >> reporter: you can say that again. patagonia stores were open this black friday but making money not a big deal, but saving the world is. >> we feel we have to, honestly. >> reporter: manager colin pyle says the national clothing chain is donating 100% of black friday proceeds to local environmental nonprofit groups dedicated to saving the air, water and soil. >> it's a great connection to have to your community, and, yeah, it makes me feel good to
4:27 pm
be working retail on black friday. >> reporter: customer brad singly is giving back and getting a jump on his holiday shopping. >> once i heard all the proceeds were going to be a going to good causes it's lyric i had to stop in, had had a few knickknacks to pick up as christmas gifts and made a point to come in here first and feeling really good about it. >> reporter: shoppers headed to outdoor retailer rei saw this on the door closed, the company gave the employees the day off urging customers to opt out of black friday and enjoy the outdoors instead. >> we appreciate being outside. my family has been outside all day, and i can certainly understand why management would want to give employees an opportunity to spend a long weakened with their families. >> many took a break and headed to california state parks instead where admission and parking was free. the state called it green friday. >> the day after thanksgiving, this whole weekend is really all about friends and family, and it's about giving thanks for how lucky we are to live in this spectacular place. >> a break from the crowds and
4:28 pm
shopping and a chance to check out some of mother nature's best deals. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> a little fog out there, you know, but spencer always brings the sun. >> absolutely. nice, little cool, a little cool. >> a little chilly and cool through the weekend. i may not be able to bring the sun until monday. here's a look at live doppler 7. as you may have noticed, the clouds are getting a bit bigger now. partly cloudy skies and rain on the way. current temperature readings mainly in the mid to upper 50s and relatively uniform range of current temperatures and this is the view of the western sky from our east bay hills camera. the sun will be setting shortly. rain will sweep in overnight. second storm arrives saturday night and continues into sunday and yet another storm that arrives, sunday night continues early monday so we've got a rain period of weather coming our way. overnight as the rain moves in. low temperatures in the early morning hours will be generally in the upper 40s to near 50 and here's our storm impact scale
4:29 pm
with which we rank the intensity of each approaching storm, the one coming in late tonight and tomorrow ranks 1 on the impact scale and produces between a quarter inch and half an inch of rain around most locations and breezy as well so let's get down to the forecast location by 1:00 in the morning. we'll see the first -- a little size of rain moving into the northern most part of our viewing airline yar into mendecino county and northern sonoma koinlt. by 5:00 a.m. rain covering all of the north bay and san francisco and little parts of the east bay and peninsula and then we'll sleep on through eastward and southward and a very wet overnight period and we'll see the rain break up into showers tomorrow afternoon to be followed by yet another storm. high temperatures tomorrow under showery conditions in the afternoon. will be generally in the upper 50s and it's not likely many locations will see 60 degrees tomorrow and let's resume the animation starting saturday afternoon. overnight saturday night and we'll get more showers and periods of rain coming in, continuing into sunday so sunday morning is going to be wet and then we get a little bit of a break so we're projecting
4:30 pm
rainfall totals through sunday and there will be more rain to follow that on sunday night. snow in the z rahs. we expect 8 to 10 inches. whiteout conditions possible and chain controls and travel delays likely. here's the acsetter seven-day forecast. three consecutive days of some rain coming our way and tomorrow certainly the rainiest day and breezeiest one. rain will be tapering off and partial clearing on monday that we don't expect completely sunny skies until next week. >> thank you, spencer. >> coming up on "abc 7 news at 4:00," a family relieved. >> we are overwhelmed with joy of how supportive everyone has been. >> those words of joy and relief from a family after a mother missing for nearly a month returns home. plus an internal struggle on
4:31 pm
the trump transition team as the money continues to add up for a recount effort from green party
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hey, abby. like i said. the mayor. this reese still so many questions surrounding what happened to the 34-year-old california mother of two who turned up alive yesterday after more than three weeks apparently being held in captivity.
4:34 pm
abc 7 news reporter lauren lyfter has the latest. this california wife and mother of two sherri papini reunited with her husband and recovering from injuries after missing for three weeks found alive early thanksgiving morning after being abducted did, according to authorities. >> she was emotional and quite upset, but elated to be free. >> reporter: police say the 34-year-old was released on a rural road near sacramento almost 150 miles from where they believe she was taken while jogging near her redding home. >> she was bound with restraints but was able to summon from a passing -- help from a passing motorist. >> reporter: the desperate search for sherri beginning november 2nd, husband keith reporting her miss when she was a no show to pick her children up from day care. using the find my iphone app keith located her cell phone abandoned on the side of the road with strands of sherri's hair still attached to the ear buds. >> i'm getting very angry and frustrated and i'm scared for my
4:35 pm
wife. >> reporter: authorities receiving more than 400 tips but nothing turning up until thursday. how rare is it to have a victim released three weeks after being abducted? >> it's very rare. >> this is just an odd case from the beginning. >> reporter: while revealing few details about the investigation, police have said they are looking for two hispanic women with a handgun in a dark suv. authorities have not disclosed a motive and at last check sherri was not reunited with her two children. the sheriff thinks that will happen in the next couple of days. >> the older sister of sherri papini spoke briefly with reporters this afternoon and expreksd te expressed the family's graditude. >> your support was an integral part in bringing her home to you. we cannot thank you enough. >> reporter: she asked for privacy for her family and says papini has been reunited with her husband and two children and
4:36 pm
said little else about the investigation. all right. now to the trump transition team and after president-elect donald trump celebrated thanksgiving with family and friends at his mar-a-lago resort in florida, he's now expected to turn back to those transition plans and filling out members of his cabinet. abc news reporter lana zach has the latest. >> what have you accomplished? >> reporter: as president-elect donald trump moves forward with his cabinet picks there's an internal struggle for secretary of state with trump advisers split over mitt romney or rudy giuliani. >> is the mayor a candidate for secretary of state. >> reporter: trump loyalists are advocating for the former new york city mayor and there's certain with potential conflicts of interest from his foreign business entanglements he could face a difficult confirmation. by contrast, mitt romney would send a signal to the world as a more moderate diplomat. >> donald trump is a phony. >> reporter: but he was one of mr. trump's harshest critics during the campaign. >> this is a guy as you remember that called donald trump a phony, a fraud and a con. >> reporter: and senior adviser
4:37 pm
kellyanne conway say some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. as for secretary of state general jim mattis is considered a top contender. >> he's the real deal. >> reporter: other ato introments awaiting appointment is treasury, homeland and consumer affairs. and on a very different note former green party candidate jill stein has raised $3.5 million for recounts in key states. >> what we are saying is that there's enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated. it's just not about the outcome. it's about the process. >> her campaign officially filed for a wisconsin recount in advance of the friday deadline. hillary clinton who now leads in the popular vote by 2 million has not weighed in. meanwhile a u.s. official confirms that the president-elect has had just two intelligence briefings. the vice president has had more, but experts say there is still
4:38 pm
time for him to get up to speed. lana zach, abc news, washington. and the money keeps adding up. the recount effort has now raised more than $5.3 of $7 million. >> a new report suggests a sophisticated russia propaganda campaign flooded social media with fake stories leading up to the presidential election. "the washington post" cited a report from research group called prop or not. says the goal was to help donald trump and undermine faith in american democracy. on facebook prop or not said stories planted by the disinformation campaign were viewed 213 million times. >> michelle obama killed off the first family's last holiday season at the white house today. a horse-drawn carriage brought the official tree to the white house as a four-piece military band played "o christmas tree." 19-foot fir from wisconsin will be trimmed just a bit so it can fit inside the white house blue room where it's traditionally displayed and decorated to honor
4:39 pm
the u.s. military. and still to come on "abc 7 news at 4:00," a warning for consumers on this black friday, and forget black friday, it is plaid friday. how local merchants are vying for your dollars this holiday season. >> i'm spencer christian and now we see the clouds and later we'll have the rain. a wet accuweather
4:40 pm
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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if you're looking for some
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extra holiday cash, a lot of holiday cash, the powerball is worth more than $400 million. abc 7 news was at smoke signals on poke street in san francisco where maybe you can buy a lucky ticket. nobody hit the winning numbers wednesday which means saturday's drawing is an estimated $403 million. the odds of winning that jack pot 1 in 2929 million. so you're saying there's a chance, huh? >> no. >> as spencer mentioned, it's going to be a wet weekend. if you're looking for something fun to do this weekend aside from winning $400 million we got you covered. >> jessica castro from abc 7 mornings has the story for you. >> reporter: it's that time of year perfect for staying indoors and curling up with a good book. head to green apple books on the park. it's located on ninth and lincoln. can you meet the author of "defending giants" tomorrow night at 6:00 and we'll discuss his nonfiction work about nonviolent efforts and environmental politics, particularly the movement to save redwood trees in california. >> there's a lot of people who want to have conversations and
4:43 pm
who can feel kind of isolated and i think having these events and gathering of like-mind people a good way to connect with your neighbors and people in the bay area at large. >> if this book isn't for you, no worries. the store did 115 events this year alone so check in with them regularly, and right after carving the turkey come the christmas lights, the official lighting of the tree at ghirardelli square is minutes away. there's activities for kids and we hear santa is taking a break from his toy making and will stop by for a visit. popular craft site etsy comes to life. more than 250 artisans will be at the fair happening this weekend. for events happening where you live check out our website at i'm jessica castro. have a good weekend. >> let's get ready for a weekend
4:44 pm
of active weather. clouds are gathering and moisture is working offshore. the storm impact scale says the storm coming in tonight ranks 1 on the stoirm pact scale and it will produce a quarter inch to half an inch of rain for most bay area locations and accompanied by strong breezes and here's the forecast animation by about 8:00 tomorrow morning we'll see rain covering virtually all of the bay area and it will start sweeping down to the north bay just after midnight. quite a wet day up until the afternoon when it starts to break up into scattered showers but that will be followed by another storm on sunday. tomorrow's highs will be on the cool side and mainly in the up 350ers. not likely many locations will reach 60 degrees tomorrow and how about sunday over at the coliseum. the raiders will be taking on the panthers. game time is 1:25. kickoff cloudy and cool and as we get down to the fourth quarter, 56 degrees and lots of clouds around and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got three days of some
4:45 pm
periods of wet weather coming our way. breezy and rainy tomorrow and showers in the morning and developed -- and turning into rain in the afternoon and evening on sunday and more rain into monday morning. finally some partial clearing on monday. partly cloudy skies tuesday and wednesday and then sunny and bright on thursday and friday of next week. >> senser, thank you. >> all right. still ahead at 4:00, the little chip on your credit card, it is helping prevent fraud, but it's not ending it. what criminals are doing to get around the chip. >> also the best lights
4:46 pm
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oakland's mayor is encouraging shoppers to forgo the big box store bargains and choose to help local businesses on this plaid friday. abc 7 news at latham square in oakland for the city's seventh annual shopping event where she kicked off the day wearing plaid. her head-to-toe wardrobe was all purchased at independently owned shops in oakland. >> we want to encourage people to come into observing land, all the different neighborhood commercial areas and do the holiday shopping with our fantastically locally owned businesses right here in
4:49 pm
oakland. >> reporter: and mayor schaaf said to further encourage people there will be no metered parking enforcements on saturday from now until the end of the year, a bargain. >> for sure. consumer alert for this holiday weekend especially if you're going to get out there on cyber monday and go shopping. experts say online shopping is going to be record breaking this year. jessica castro with abc 7 mornings tells us how to avoid being the victim of credit card fraud >> reporter: little chip on your credit card is making it safer than ever when you hit the registers this holiday shopping weekend. but thieves are finding a new target. >> because of the chip card now it's a lot more difficult for retail criminals to do in-store fraud so they are taking it online. >> reporter: banking experts are warning of a 43% surge in attempted fraud this season. to get around the chip criminals are taking advantage of ship-to-store and next-day pickup items that so many different stores are now
4:50 pm
offering making it easier to charge items with a stolen card number without ever needing to swipe, it and the big-ticket items they are targeting, hot gifts like fitness trackers, wireless head phones, cosmetics and designer sneakers. another way cyber fraudsters may try to cash in is by using fake or stolen e-receipts. >> they will create some cut and paste a fraudulent invoice and bring it back and say i received this as a gift online and here's my invoice. >> the national retail federation calling it the fastest growing scheme affecting some 31% of stores so beware this holiday season. in san francisco, jessica castro, abc 7 news. >> the u.s. postal service is hiring holiday help to get all the online orders to you. the postal service is looking to hire people to work now through january 6th. the positions would include mail handlers, clerks and transportation assistants in san jose, only land and richmond. we told you earlier this mount
4:51 pm
there's been delays and deliveries because several officers are short staffed. for more details on all the job openings go to >> not just toys and presents, christmas trees have started to arrive on lots all around the bay area. abc 7 news was on san pablo avenue in berkeley as these trees arrived in the east bay nursery and we caught people already searching for that perfect tree today. a decorating tree can be so frustrating at times to help avoid problems. editors from the website sweet home spent more than 100 hours testing a bunch of tree stands and holiday lights. here's their top pick for indoors. it's the ge energy smart colorite miniature lights. the christmas design is five millimeter wide conical level. d. is their five-it-outdoor light. >> we drop them into water and let them sit there for six hours, and they were totally fine. >> reporter: now their top rated
4:52 pm
tree stand is the crinner tree genie ll. don't get the large but the double xl. 's easy to put up and and if you want a less traditional, the cinco c 144 express is the return up at-35. >> we need to put that on the wednesday i'm that's a lot to remember. >> using movies to help a child with autism. coming up, meet a family who used disney movies to help communicate with their child and how it opened up a whole new world to them. >> and then new at 5:00, more questions about wells fargo. what happened to $3 billion in employee retirement savings? >> navigating your health plan, 7 on your side's michael finney on how to survive one with high deductibles. >> forget the mall.
4:53 pm
heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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in 19493-year-old owen suskin was diagnosed with autism and the only thing that comforted him was watching disney movies. >> and three years late they are was an astonishing breakthrough. here's "20/20" breakthrough deborah roberts. this couple raising two boys, 5-year-old warren and 3-year-old owen. >> we looked back on the couldn't net normal. >> owen was easy as pie. just gentle, happy. >> he had a few hundred words, usual 2 1/2 vocabulary. >> night-night. >> and then a sudden and seismic shift. owen's words began disappearing at an alarming rate. >> cornelia says something isn't right with owen. he's not talking and then a doctor sits us down and says let me explain this to you. this is called autism. >> reporter: over the next few years owen barely speaks. his only comfort disney movies
4:57 pm
and then a breakthrough on walter's 1th birthday. owen is 6. >> he says walter doesn't want to grow up like mowgli or peter pan. >> what did he just say? >> he's use the movies to interpret our world, the bigger world, and so cornelia and i basically get phds in disney. >> we were jumping into his language and his world rather than trying to bring him out to where we were. >> reporter: ron decides to share owen's story in the book "life animated" you in a film by roger ross williams. >> owen was about to go through this really transformative year of his life, so i was going to follow owen and hit these moments in his life that are universal. >> fascinating. you can watch a special "20/20" "finding owen, a boy's story" tonight at 10:00 right here on abc 7 and don't miss "abc 7 news at 11:00." >> thanks so much for joining
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
felony charges to include attempted murder on a police officer. >> a south san francisco police officer now in critical condition. what the mother of the man accused of beating him is telling abc 7 news. >> a local neighborhood turns no what one resident calls a shooting gallery. when the bullets stop flying, three people were shot, up of them fatally. >> in walnut creek, one mall is going on offensive. the new effort to make criminals think twice. >> and a local star is giving away all of its profits today. why it says it's the right thing to do. >> when something is violent and senseless as this happens to one of our own, it's difficult to understand. >> that's the mayor of south san francisco talking about an attack on a police officer. good evening, everyone. i'm larry beil in for dan
5:00 pm
ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings in for kristen sze. thanks so much for joining us. tonight the south san francisco police officer who was hit in the head with a skateboard is in critical condition. the police department just released this picture of overs robbie commhon. abc 7 news is reporting for on the officer. vic lee joins us now with the latest from san francisco. >> reporter: well, this is grand avenue and lyndon avenue and this is where the attack happened. now tonight we're learning more about the suspect. first of all, he's a student at skyline college, and he has a rap sheet not only here in san mateo county but also in san francisco, and tonight we are also learning more about the officer. >> this grainy security video shows the officer chasing the suspect. he stops and strikes the officer who goes down. another security camera picks up th


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