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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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rain in the morning hours. here's a closer look. check it out. a heavy downpour along the coast, salinas, up toward highway 101, novato. light to moderate rain from cloverdale. had hercules, i80, martinez and concord. 680, andmer august ga, oakland, very light rain. taking it further down from fremont, milpitas, 680. a few areas of light mist. but you go back westward into san francisco, it's light rain and heavier showers are pushing in on the peninsula. 2830, redwood city and the wet weather and san jose, check it out. the rain shadow effect. the dry shot between sunnyvale and santa clara. you will get rain in san jose. right now the rain is as far south as monterey and big sur. it's a 1 on the storm impact scale. anywhere from a quarter inch to half-inch today with breezy south winds. temperatures ranging from the
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mid-40s by the delta to the mid-50s and the wind have been a factor along the coast and into the east bay, as well. so get set for the possibility of a thunderstorm today. 50s for everyone. still showers by 4:00. rain will be ending tonight. but still more rain into your sunday. i'll tell you when and we had talk about a second and third system in a few minutes. cornell. >> lisa, thank you very much. we have up to the minute weather with information for you anytime on the abc7 news app. after the open the app on your phone or tablet, tap on the temperature in the top right corner. that will give you custom forecasts for where you live or work. you can scroll down to see live doppler radar for your neighborhood and everyone in bait area. developing news out of cuba, now. fidel castro, the man who led a communist uprising on the island and led for decades, has died at
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age 90. he will be remembered as a controversial and devicive world leader. to followers, he was a hero who became a champion for socialism, and to lift up the cuban people. but to opponents he was a dictator. he jailed thousands of political opponents. he was a central figure in several american foreign policy flash points, including the bay of pigs and the cuban missile crisis. there will be a mass gathering on monday and tuesday. his ashes will make a a cross-country tour. castro's funeral is planned for december 4th. and this was the scene in little havana in miami where people have been celebrating in the streets. this is a live picture there. florida republican congresswoman, who was the first cuban american elected to the house, tweeted tyrant and thug, fidel castro is dead. we must work for a cuba that's free, democratic and prosper us. we first told but it last night with a push alert from the abc7
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news app. download the app free and get news and updates as they happen. san jose police are trying to find out who sent a letter to a mosque with hate language. lilian kim has the story. >> the letter addresses the people of evergreen islamic center. called them the children of satan. calling muslims violent and filthy people. it arrived on wednesday and is is now in the hands of the san jose police department. >> it was disturbing. some of our parishioners were upset. >> the board president of the islamic center said officers arrived right away to investigate. >> we wanted to let law enforcement know in case there's on unfortunate event, people are prepared. >> the letter said president -elect trump is going to do to
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the muslims what hitler did to the jews, and muslims would be wise to pack their bags and get out of dodge. he received a copy of the letter. >> this is a direct written threat by somebody. it's not protected speech, it's definitely hate speech. i think it rises to the level of a hate crime. >> the council on american islamic relations said theres been a spike in incidents targeting muslim americans since the election. but every islamic center is heart earned by the overwhelming community support. the phone has been ringing off the hook. >> thank god we live in a beautiful community like this so life goes on. >> abc7 news in san jose. >> san mateo police have taken up the investigation into an early morning house fire that killed a 70-year-old woman. they found the woman inside the home around 4:30 a.m. yesterday and could not revive her. investigators say the cause of the fire is suspicious. >> this is the type of thing
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that touches us, both the police department and fire department, as much as it touches the rest of our community. we are dedicated to getting to the bottom of this and finding out what happened so if there are people to be held accountable, that we do that. >> this home is known to authorities. fire officials say in 2011 police shot and killed 35-year-old robert caron who lived in the house at the time. this morning a south san francisco police officer who was hit in the head with a skateboard remains in critical condition. officer robby chon has been on the force 12 years. he was on duty when he was attacked. the student, the suspect, has a long rap sheet. >> we says, you know. vic lee has the details. >> the suspect's mother talked to us. she told us her son has mental issues and takes medication. >> was he taking his medication? >> i don't know.
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he slept in the morning. >> this grainy security video shows officer robby chon chasing the suspect. he stops and strikes the officer and goes down. another camera picks up the suspect running down linden avenue after he attacked the officer. he was captured minutes later. >> the officer is a twelve year veteran of the south san francisco police department. he's married and he has two young children. >> officer robby chon is assigned to the motorcycle unit. it happened in downtown south san francisco. starbucks customers waved down the officer, saying the suspect, luis ramos-coreas core, was creating a disturbance. as the officer was talking to him, he darted down the street on his skateboard. antonio was close by. he says there was a short foot chase and an officer in a patrol car joined in. the suspect suddenly turned around and struck him in the head with his skateboard and he
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fell to the ground. the police chief says he has a long wrap sheet. abc7 news learned it includes felony bratry causing injury, assault and resisting arrest and disturbing the peace. luis ramos-coreas has been booked on an attempted murder charge. >> there is a gofundme account to help pay the medical bills for officer robby chon. we have a link to donate on a $20,000 reward is being offered for information that will help lead to the capture of two escapees in santa clara county. they broke out late thursday. the pair were part of a group of four who sawed through metal bars in their cell and tied clothing and sheets together so they could climb down to the street. deputies captured two of the escapees. yesterday bloodhounds joined the search for the other two.
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the older sister of a woman who vanished for three weeks credits the public and social media attention for the woman's safe return. they believe two armed women abducted the 34-year-old woman while she was jogging on november 2nd. they say she was dropped off near interstate 5 thursday. yesterday her sister expressed her family's gratitude. >> everyone's tireless efforts have made our family whole again this thanksgiving. thank you for allowing our family time to heal and giving us our privacy. >> her sister declined to comment on the investigation just amazing. we are glad she's okay. we have rain, another storm moving into the bay area right now. >> a great-looking picture from the golden gate bridge where heavier rain is beginning to move into southern marin and parts of san francisco. we have fog, we have gusty wind and we have rain just about everywhere. the cold front pushing through the bay area in the next couple
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of hours. that means the heaviest rain is to come. we will have the details next. >> we need a wiper on that camera there. also next, a sexual revolution. how it is affecting people and coming with a warning. lots of light and cheer. the return of a holiday tradition in union square. zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday
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>> good morning. are you ready tore rain. live doppler 7 tells the story of the sea of green moving into the bay area this morning. lisa argen will be along in a few minutes to tell us how long the rain will stick around. there is a sexual revolution happening in san francisco. like birth control in the '60s, this pill is a game changer. it's preventing h.i.v. and doing a great job. so why are the lines so long at the std clinic? reggie shows us the numbers the city isn't celebrating. >> you probably walked right past it. all around san francisco signs of a new sexual revolution. for some, like paul -- >> every day i take a blue pill. i take mine in the morning. >> it's like freedom in a bottle. >> i met my boyfriend. we've been together two years and he's h. i. v. positive. one of the nice things about being on prep, is that it allows us to have a natural sex life and not be afraid on either side.
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>> paul takes this preexposure pill that reduces the risk of h. i. v. by at least 90%. one doctor said none of his prep patients have contract the hiv. >> the crisis center is using the pill to turn things around. a steep drop in the h. i. v. cases. the city of san francisco said over 13 years it's gone down about 60% and prep is likely helping to accelerate that. >> but at the same time other diseases have exploded. >> gonorrhea has doubled their numbers. >> it's a risk of a hivs. >> prep is one of a number of factors leading to this, lines outside free health clinics. in the castro, people regularly
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show up an hour before opening to get a same-day appointment. >> i was in line waiting for std treatment. >> eric said he doesn't always use condemns. a trend in san francisco well before prep. still the timing is notable. in 2011 the cdc said 30% of gay men in san francisco reported using condemns consistently. prep hit the market in 2012. and by 2014, consistent condemn use dropped to 18%. >> small changes in the rate of condemn use can actually lead to pretty big changes in the rates of stds. >> she's the medical director at san francisco's city clinic. she often hears what we heard in line in the castro. >> i know what i can get myself into and still get treated and be okay at the end of the day. it is risky, but it is what it is. >> people are going to do what they are going to do. >> the supervisor made national headlines as the first known
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elected public official on prep. >> i do not agree with the notion that because more people are getting the diseases, or gonorrhea that we increase hiv numbers without prep. that would be a terrible approach. >> and the potential of social side effects are up to us. our status with the sexual revolution is like so many modern relationships. it's complicated. in san francisco, abc7 news >> today is small business saturday. it's a growing effort to support local shops. abc7 news reporter carolyn tyler was in san francisco where the mayor helped kickoff local shopping earlier this week. >> appreciate your support. >> san francisco mayor ed lee shops small, making a big splash buying neck ties at assembly hall, a store on fillmore street.
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this was the kickoff to the holiday campaign, now in its third year, called shop and dine in the 49. is it encourages residents to support their local businesses and acknowledge the high cost of doing business in the city and to help merchants. >> we can help the workforce with a higher wage, help their families, but we need to do our shares, which is let's make sure we support all of our small businesses. >> the owner of blade and blue made the ties the mayor bought. >> when i make a necktie and my label is made here in san francisco, there's a label make who are has a job. >> and a national organization called advocates for independent business said shopping local creates 57 jobs for every $10 million in consumer spending. in san carlos, the bulk of the 2,000 businesses here are small and "shop local" is more than just a slogan. the chamber of commerce sells nearly $40,000 of these gift certificates each year which can
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only be spent in town. >> purchase locally because your tax dollars stay local, for the most part. not all of them, obviously. >> and more shoppers seem to understand and embrace the movement. >> i like the to help the people who live in our community, and keep the dollars here. >> carolyn tyler, abc7 news. >> in oakland, to encourage local shopping, parking is free this entire weekend and on every saturday for the rest of the year >> christmas trees are lining up in all of the bay area. we were in san francisco union scare last night where hundreds took part in the annual tree lighting. families make it a family tradition and then head to shops to look for good deals. >> it's festive and fun and we can't resist it. we do a little shopping. >> many shoppers say the discounts are so deep this year they bought things they didn't necessarily need but couldn't pass up the deals. happening today in marin
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county, it's the last day for had snow sledding and children's activities in the winter oner land. more than 40 tons of snow was brought into downtown san rafael for the annual the organizer said he left it a little steep, but kid didn't mind. they were having a blast. >> it was fast. i think it was a good event. >> it was really fun. >> sledding continues from 9:00 a.m. until noon or until the snow melts. there will also be children's activities like face painting jump houses and carnival rides. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good saturday morning. there are three systems moving in, then we have some dry weather coming in. live doppler 7 shows a cold front is bearing down on the bay area. we have yellows indicating the heavier downpours through mill valley and the coast here around
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the beach. lighter showers from the golden gate bridge through, over into the east bay. there's been a steady rain all morning long. the san ramon valley is dry but looking at 680 we are looking at wet weather. you can see the heavier rain there. from fremont to milpitas. we will take it right in there, 280, where we have the downpours. heavy at times. half moon bay, highway 101, pescadero. this continues. lighter showers into san jose but all the way down to big sur. the eastern extent has not reached bear valley, southlake or the sierra nevada yet. it will. it will fill in throughout the day. it's still a 1 on the storm impact scale, meaning it's a light system. 5 would be severe. and with the rain developing today, anywhere from about a quarter inch to perhaps i think
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i might raise that to three quarter inch. and with breezy winds. just checked higher elevations of los gatos. you have wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. if you are not getting the rain, or gusty winds, or maybe a combination of course both. a winter weather advisory replaced the warning. 3 to 8 inches in the sierra nevada. heavier snow near yosemite. about a foot there. we are looking at a tough go of it. if you are thinking of heading to the to the sierra today, it will be snowing. an additional foot near kirkwood. here's a look at mt. tam. can't see much out there but it is raining. 58 san francisco, 51 san jose. gilroy 44. here's san mateo where you see drops on the lens here. the peninsula finally looking at showers. look at the chilly numbers from santa rosa to fairfield. we have the breezy winds that dry out the atmosphere. on top of it the cold front bearing down on san francisco
6:21 am
right now. rainy and breezy, possible thunderstorm as the front pushes through the bay area. then we are looking at more rain overnight, that's the second system. the third system into monday morning. but we will look for sunshine in between. beach hazard statement all the way down through monterey. very high waves. let's track the front for you. hour by hour. it pushes through by 8:00. behind it the showers begin to develop. by 1:00 in the afternoon, 2:00, lots of shower activity. maybe a thunderstorm. and even down towards palo alto where the stanford game is today and berkeley. it could be messy and certainly chilly. anywhere from a half-inch to upwards of maybe .7 through half moon bay through today. then we will take you into tomorrow. we get spotty showers throughout the morning hours with the second system. then sunshine and the break, then one more system. kickoff, a chance of a thunderstorm over in berkeley today. we can still see showers by the
6:22 am
evening hours. 58 in oakland and palo alto today. a raw afternoon. the accuweather seven-day fast, three in a row. today the strongest. overnight a little weaker and overnight on sunday, the weakest system. after that we will be happy to dry out. so maybe wait to get your tree if you are one of those folks who gets it early. also you download our app you can track the winds, the live cameras and the radar which makes it pretty interesting. >> if you don't want to brave the malls today in the rain, put off until tomorrow afternoon, right? >> why not. >> just ahead, all aboard, and what makes this holiday train so
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now during season's best, get this low mileage lease on this cadillac xt5 from around $429 per month, or purchase with 0% apr financing. >> abc7 news was in down town san jose for the annual lighting of the tree and kickoff of christmas in the part. it's put visitors in the countries mass spirit, lots of rides for the kids and more than 60 animated musical exhibits. families can even take a selfie with santa. christmas in the park take place through new year's
6:26 am
>> and the polar express is coming. the holiday themed train ride comes complete with santa as, caroling, elfs, hot cocoa and a lot more. each guest hears the sound of the popular polar express movie soundtrack. this runs rain or shine through december 23rd >> the new effort to make criminals think twice this holiday shopping season. here's a live look from the san mateo bridge. it's wet out there. be careful driving, everyone. lisa argen is going to tell us about the latest storm to drench the bay area.
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco.
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>> good morning, lisa. >> check it out near oakland, around 680 and 880. if the wind didn't wake you up, maybe the pitter matter of this did. we are looking at very wet
6:30 am
weather. it extends out to highway 24 in arinda. piedmont, you are wet. the heavier cells right over the bay. look at 280 around millbrae, san mateo and belmont. redwood city, you have good rain as well as union city into fremont. the heaviest rain is right here along the coast from highway 1, half moon day, pescadero, and san francisco light rain. we've had morning all morning long from marin county, sonoma and more shower activity around martinez. looking at the rain shadow effect for parts of san jose. a little bit of shower activity there. but this is a 1 on the storm impact scale. the cold front is just pushing through the bay area throughout the next several hours. that's going to bring down some heavy downpours and some very gusty winds. temperatures are cool from the 40s to the 50s. and the winds have been gusty, up to 50 miles per hour that's
6:31 am
in the higher elevation. the rain comes now and the cold front, we will look at the steadiest rain. by the afternoon colder air filters in and the possibility of a thunderstorm. cornell. >> lisa, thank you. when you get unusual weather where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using the #abc7now. that will help us find your content and use it on the air or at now to the death of fidel castro. the former cuban leader who instilled soviet style communism and defied the power of 10 u.s. president during his half century of rule as died at the age of 90. we have more live from washington. good morning. >> good morning. rule cass announced his brother's death on public television. it starts the nine days of mourning in cuba.
6:32 am
had it's such a different scene from here in this country where it's not mourning, but celebration. >> this is the scene from miami little havana, a few hours after the announcement of fidel castro's death at 90. he was born on august 13, 1926 in cuba. as a child he was educated at private catholic schools and later went on to study law at the university of havana. castro became an activist for the poor and promised democracy but went on to rule cuba for more than 40 years with an iron fist. >> i am not afraid. i feel honored of being a communist. and i will be to the last breath. >> in 1960, castro joined force was the soviet union. the u.s. retaliated by breaking off diplomatic relations with cuba and imposing a trade embargo. in 1961, john f. kennedy approved an invasion after the
6:33 am
bay of pigs. >> i have directed the armed forces to prepare for any eventualities. u.s. navy value vessels moved in and the soviet backed down in exchange for a pledge be that america would not attack cuba. >> soviet style economy, it eventually produced dissent. in 1980 thousands of cubans braved rough seas and dehydration to reach america. in the early 1990s, the fall of ussr cost cuba millions of dollars in assistance and trade leading to widespread shortages and rationing. >> we have suffered the equivalent to a prison. we have also failed in trade. >> in 1999 there would be more conflict with the u.s. when the eyes of the world were focused on castro over the fate of a five-year-old cuban boy. >> and 2002 president bush announced his initiative for a new cuba. he said he would maintain the embargo against the country
6:34 am
unless castro stepped down from power. >> they must be free to organize, assemble and speak. >> in 2006, castro temporarily handed over some of his powers to his younger brother, raul, as he battled health problems but he never returned to power. even before his death there were many changes in cuba, and re-establishing diplomatic ties with the u.s. with president obama's historic visit there earlier this year. there should be even more changes with fidel castro gone. >> many world leaders are starting to weigh in with their condolences. reporting live from washington, abc7 news. back to you, cornell. >> lana, thank you very much. breaking news out of the east bay this morning.
6:35 am
firefighters are battlingling a two-alarm fire at a mosque in oakland. the center is on webster street and oakland boulevard. there are residence necessary the area, but the oakland fire department tells us this hour there are no reports of any evacuations so far. now to the latest on the presidential transition. president-elect donald trump moving forward with cabinet picks. former trump campaign lawyer, done he would mcgonn has been chosen to be his counsel. and kathleen k. t. mcfarland has been named as deputy national security advisor. there's reportedly an internal struggle for secretary of state with advisors split over mitt romney or rudy giuliani. the president-elect may choose to go with someone outside of those options. former general david petraeus has expressed interest as well. the transition steam said no cabinet appointments will be made before monday.
6:36 am
>> presidential candidate jill stein has had recounts in six states and in wisconsin yesterday. >> what we are saying is that there's enough peripheral evidence to warrant that our system should be investigated. >> the reef count would have to be finished 35 days after the election, which is december 13th. michigan and pennsylvania recount deadline dates are next week. hillary clinton, who leads in the popular vote, has not commented on the recount effort. new this morning a river cruise ship that crashed into a bridge in florida shut down traffic there for hours. the american star was wedged underneath the main street bridge in jacksonville last night for about four hours. the ship passed under the lifted bridge, but while it was attempting to dock, currents caused the ship to drift back toward the bridge, which had been lowered. there's some damage to the bridge. luckily nobody was hurt there.
6:37 am
>> still ahead on abc7 mornings, the little chip on your credit card is helping to prevent fraud, but it's not ending it. what criminals are doing to get around the chip. here's a look from the abc7 roof cam. there is rain on the embarcadero, rain across the area as well. lisa argen will have your wet forecast for saturday coming up. >> today's storm is level 1. that means light rain. so keep an umbrela handy and drive safely. shop today's storm anytime on the abc7 news
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>> karl ranch will be preserved as wildlife land, public habitat and open space. the east ridge utility district is buying the 400-acre property. the utility approved the $4.6 million purchase in partnership with the john mere land trust. the trust raised almost $7 million to save and preserve the land. karl ranch is surrounded on three sides by east bay mud southeast of mer this year might be another rough one for crab fishermen. parts of the northern california coast will stay closed to dungeness crab fishing because of the high levels of the toxic acid still present there. they announced the closer of 12s and humble bay. commercial crab fishing opened to the bay area earlier this
6:41 am
month. last year the season was shortened because of a toxic algae bloom. lisa is here. she's tracking another storm moving into the bay area right now. >> yeah, forget about the dog for a while or bike ride. you will have a few opportunities this afternoon. but we are looking at some pretty good rain here in san francisco. one hour and four-minute delays at sfo. the heaviest rain is in this morning but a chance of heavier downpours and a thunderstorm this afternoon. i'll have your soggy weekend forecast next. >> all right. i have my umbrella. thanks. the warriors cruz to another victory over the lakers, but it may have been a loss in the process. larry beil
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> good morning, a look from our sutro tower cam. rain moving into the area right now. lisa argen is tracking the storm. she will have all the details coming up in a few minutes. in sports, it's the last college football week of the regular season for three bay area schools. spartans play fresno state. kickoff 12:30 p.m. and meanwhile ucla battles the golden bears at memorial stadium. kickoff at 4:00 p.m. if you are not going, you can watch the game on our sister network, espn2. stanford faces the rice owls down at the farm. kickoff at stanford stadium at 5:00 p.m. tonight the warriors take on the timberwolves.
6:45 am
that's at oracle arena. tipoff 7:30. last night the dubs played the lakers at staples center. here's larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors cruised to their second victory over the lakers this week. that would have been fine except for a freak collision that took out draymond green and ian clarke. they have been working on the pregame handshake. had it going pretty good. the hoop, plus the foul. did it work out? steph curry, the give-and-go for the easy jam. warriors by 10 after one quarter. kevin durant, silky smooth, corner three. don't leave it open! k.d., 29 points. second quarter, steph with the steal. going in for the breakaway. and without authority! oh, my, steph. he's laughing it off. jack ever present. dubs up at the break 50-30. the steal by steph. no, no.
6:46 am
let's just lay it up. he had 24. dubs by 16. here's the scary moment. third quarter ian clarke knocked down. draymond lands on clark's throat and turns his left ankle in the process. neither injury believed to be serious burks plenty scary. the warriors win their tenth in a row, 109-85. college hoops. gonzo martin and cal facing wyoming. cal up 11. charlie more with the steal. the lay-up and the bears lead by 13. ten second left in the half. charlie moore from way downtown. 38-26, cal. second half. more from moore. he's good, he can steal the ball. steps in fronts. moore with 18 points. and grant mullens with the drive, gets the roll. he had 14. bears have won 22 straight at home. 71-61. for all the hockey fans
6:47 am
decided we aren't going, doing any shopping on friday. the sharks saved their best for last in the tank against the islanders. joe thornton, hello. just before face-off. second period sharks score twice in 34 seconds. brett burns from the blue line and beats former shark backup thomas greiss. 2-1, san jose. third period, nick leddy ties it up against aaron dell. so you figure we are going to overtime, right? no, 22 seconds left, brett burns the shot, patrick marleau the deflection and looks like it went off an islander defenseman as well. that would be the game winner. 3-2, sharks. sharks host anaheim tonight. and this last item seems kind of hard to believe, but the boston herald reports the giants have had internal discussions about reacquiring pablo sandoval. yes, the once beloved player, who has been a bust in boston, and he's coming off a shoulder injuries and weight issues.
6:48 am
the red socks would have to eat much of the $58 million left on pablo's deal for this to get serious. we will see. that's a wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning, everyong. a cold front bearing down on the bay area the next hour. check out the heavy rain as it pushs into the peninsula. san mateo, 82 and 92 across the bay to redwood city. and south san francisco some pretty good downpours. it's been raining steadily in the city. further down the coast, this is where we've had most of the enhancement from half moon bay, highway 1, pescadero. into the east bay you are getting lighter returns, danville, san ramone. walnut creek, 680 and livermore. the front is pushing through with the breezy winds. you are getting the rain in union city, fremont, 680, down through milpitas. some rain back into san jose.
6:49 am
lighter rain there. but as the front pushes through, we get into a colder sector of air. then the thunderstorms could arise. santa rosa, penngrove, st. helena. light rain for you. and over by vacaville, napa and down toward richmond. richmond-san rafael bridge. but it has not made it into the sacramento valley or the sierra nevada but a winter advisory. it's a 1 today on the storm impact scale. anywhere from a quarter inch to inch of rain. wind gusts around 50 miles per hour. they have been common around 35 miles per hour. the winter weather advisory replaces the winter storm warning but still significant snow from yosemite, about a foot, and 3 to 8 inches above 4,000 feet. right any it's in the 40s and by tomorrow morning we are looking at anywhere from 2 inches to incline at perhaps 14 inches in other areas.
6:50 am
light rain in san jose. a cool 46 in gilroy. from the san mateo bridge, you have been getting some welcome rain in the peninsula. 48 novato, 53 hayward. from the sutro tower cam you see breaks in the low clouds in san francisco. the cold front pushing lou the bay area at 8:00. rainy and breezy. possible thunderstorms behind the front. we are looking at the second system tonight. it's a weaker one. sunshine sunday afternoon. the third system, sunday night, the wackest of all. then we will see dry weather after that. the beach hazard, 12, 13, 14-foot waves. you get the idea. dangerous along the coast today. hour by hour, here's the front from about 8:00, 9:00 this morning. then it looks like a little break, some sunshine. then more rain throughout the afternoon. 2:00 we are looking at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 very light rain. but enough to keep you chilly and damp for the game in palo alto and over in berkeley.
6:51 am
then tonight this is when the activity begins through the overnight hours. so rainfall amounts through tonight, anywhere from about a half-inch in napa to three quarters inch or more out by the delta. maybe a half-inch in mountain view. picking this up tonight. notice the scattered showers overnight. this is storm system number two. then by this time tomorrow, it's ending. we get into sunshine. it's a cool afternoon for your sunday. today over in berkeley, a chance of a thunderstorm. kickoff at 4:00. showers for the fourth quarter. upper 50s for you today in fremont and the accuweather seven-day forecast, that third system heads our way. the weakest one sunday night. by the time you wake up on monday, it should be over. only about a tenth of an inch. so you put all three of them together, and, boy, we could see an inch of rain in some spots or upwards of more than that. you check out the next several days we are dry. please download our app because you can see the heavy rain on the peninsula, you can track it
6:52 am
across the bay into the valley and then the snow. it's another exciting weekend for us. new this is great news for skiers too. >> yes. >> thank you so much. cyber monday is two days away and sales from black friday more bile were expected to top $10 billion. mobile tablets and desktop sales have increased 11% this year, taking a bite out of retail sales. and the risk of fraud has increased. jessica castro with abc7 mornings tells us how to avoid being a >> that little chip on your credit card is making it safer than ever when you hit the registers this holiday shopping weekend. but thieves are finding a new target. >> because of the chip cards now, it's a lot more difficult for retail criminals to do in-store fraud, so they are taking it online. >> banking experts are warning of a 43% surge in attempted fraud this season. to get around the chip, criminals are taking advantage
6:53 am
of ship to store and next day pickup items that so many stores are offering. making it easier to charge items with a stolen card without ever needing to swipe it. >> and the big-ticket items they are targeting, hot gifts like fitness trackers, wireless headphones, cosmetic and designer sneakers. another way fraudsters may try to cash in is using stolen or e-receipts. >> they will create with cut-and-paste fraudulent invoices and bring it back and say, i received it as a gift online and here's my invoices. >> the national retail federation calling it the fastest growing scheme, affecting some 31% of stores. so beware this holiday season. in san francisco, jessica castro, abc7 news. >> next, speaking of holiday riches, powerball fever escalates. the big jackpot up for grabs tonight. here's a live look from the san mateo bridge. lots of rain coming down right
6:54 am
now. wet pavement. drive carefully, everybody. lisa argen is tracking the storm. she will have the forecast in a moment.
6:55 am
6:56 am
here are the winning tickets from the mega millions dollar drawing. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot increases to $25 million. if you haven't bought your
6:57 am
powerball ticket, make sure to get them before tonight. no one hit all the winning numbers on wednesday. that means tonight's drawing is estimated at $403 million. that's more than a $243 million cash value. tickets are $2 each, and you have until 7:00 tonight to buy them. the odds of winning, 1 in 292 million. i'm already spending the jackpot in my mind. >> always, yes. >> lisa is here tracking the storms. >> you are liking it in belmont and san carlos. we take you to the peninsula right now. you see the shower activity. moderate rain through redwood city and upwards around san francisco and the mission, the bay view looking at wet weather. it extends south along the coast. here is where the heaviest rain has been, lighter rain. into the central coast also around watsonville, castro valley and light rain all
6:58 am
morning long in the north bay. a 1 on the storm impact scale. anywhere from a quarter inch to inch. rain today. the cold front moves through the next few hours. then a chance of a thunderstorm and more rain tonight. >> wow, keep the umbrella handy. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. good morning america coming up next. have a good weekend, everybody. stay dry out t wow, she's sure making a splash in that designer dress! and with a thicker, more fabulous formula, she's not splashing. you can wear anything and pour bleach.
6:59 am
and her whiter whites, just dazzling. clorox splash-less bleach. also try crystals and packs.
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, cuba's fidel castro, who ruled the country for nearly half a century, dead at age 90. his brother, the current leader, making the announcement. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> with the news spreading the reaction from cuba. and to florida's little havana overnight, the raucous scenes, celebrations in the streets and the hopes for friends and relatives still in the country. >> and i hope the cuban people have freedom tomorrow. >> we look at castro's time in power. >> translator: i am not afraid to say i am a communist. >> facing off against ten presidents, the bay of pigs and the cuban missile crisis bringing theor


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