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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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lisa argen with a look at the forecast. >> carolyn, we had the heavy downpours overnight. this system is winding down. as we look at live doppler 7, you will notice the activity pushing into the santa cruz mountains, the central coast. but much of the bay area not looking at anything too significant. we are going to take you to highway 1, 280 and redwood city where this is light rain. also over into perhaps fremont boulevard looking a the a few showers. but as we head to the north it's just a smattering of light sprinkles. as we go through the rest of the morning we will be taking the 1 out and it will be a sunny afternoon. just for the next few hours looking at about a tenth inch of rain. the golden gate bridge you see the cars going along nicely. fog at the coast, 50 gilroy, 51 in the city. from the sutro tower camera we have low 40s in santa rosa. we are getting behind storm system number 2.
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we have sunshine for your system. the last system arrives late tonight. i'll time it out coming up next. >> lisa, thank you. in the sierra nevada mountains, chains are required from baxter to the donner lake interchange on i-80. chains also required on highway 50, nine miles east of placerville to myers in eldorado county. this is castle peak. you can see all that heavy snow in the area. the extra snow is good news for skiers as some resorts opened this holiday weekend. in the south bay the chp said 2 is cars were damaged on i-880 in san jose. it happened just after midnight near the brocal road exit. one car hit debris that was blocking the lane. it caused damage to the under carriage. the cars. because of the rainy conditions drivers really could not see that debris on the-free.
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>> the roadways reduced the amount of visibility it is. you can't see things as easy as you can in a normal conditions. it also makes it so that it's harder to steer sometimes, especially when there's standing water. what we tell drivers to do is just slow down. >> yep. and fortunately no one was hurt. you can track the storms with the abc7 news app. we have live doppler 7. you see it here. it's on the app. enable push alerts to get weather advisories on your phone or tablet. developing news out of new orleans this morning. arrested in connection with the connection with the shoot are of ten people, including one who died. it happened on bourbon street in the french quarter. police say the victims' ages range from 20 to 37. officers say one of the two men arrested is a victim who faces firearms charges. there was an increased police presence in new orleans because of the bayou classic. it's an annual college football
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game. police are investigating the motivation behind the shooting. >> muni hopes to resolve an apparent hacking issue by this morning. riders rode for three all day yesterday and through the night after someone allegedly hacked the payment system. the gates were open for more than 24 hours. lisa amin gulezian has the story. >> the muni trains are rolling and passengers are rolling through the fair gates for free. >> i love it! it's good. >> muni's payment systems and machines have apparently been hacked. this message suddenly came across agents' computer screens reading "you hacked." all data encrypted. then this out of service message appeared on payment machines. >> has muni been hacked? >> that's one of the things we
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are working to investigate. while sfmta investigates what happened and who is responsible, it decided to leave the gates wide open. >> as a precaution, we are trying to minimize any impact to our customers, no matter what it could be. >> for some it's causing confusion. this family visiting from napa even put money into the machine. they bought three tickets, which they really didn't need. >> i would rather just pay for it and be safe than sorry. >> but for the most part, passengers were happy with the unexpected windfall. >> thank you, whoever you are. i appreciate it. >> hacking happens. and they will get over it. they will solve it, and then we will pay again. >> that's great. great for me and everyone else. >> nothing else within the sfmta system was impacted like train schedules or the bus lines. the transportation agency hopes to resolve the issue and get riders to start paying again by sunday morning. in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> we are getting an exclusive look inside the santa clara county jail where two inmates
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were housed before their escape last week. it is video you will see only on abc7 news. the two broke out of the first-floor cell last wednesday. police say chavez and campbell carefully planned. they were patient and used bedsheets to shimmy out of the window. >> we believe they were cutting for quite a while because they were able to cut both bars and then cut through the metal here. so they had an opening of about this distance and then another equal distance there. this is pretty heavy iron. they have been working on it for a while and we don't know what type of tool they had. but i'm sure it had to have been something metal because these bars were cut clean through. >> that cell was built in 1957. bloodhounds picked up their scent and followed them for seven miles.
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both men are still on the run and considered dangerous. good morning america will have more of the exclusive jail walk-through. it starts at 7:00 this morning right here on abc7. a go fund me campaign to help the family of an injured south san francisco police officer has reached nearly $90,000. robby chon, a twelve-year veteran, is in critical condition this morning after he was hit in a skateboard on thanksgiving day. the police say he was chasing a 28-year-old suspect who had taken offer on a skateboard after officers approached him for causing a disturbance on grand avenue. he turned and hit chon in the head with a skateboard, knocking him unconscious. >> this is the first time in a long time that our police department has been hit
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with a tragedy of this magnitude and it's comforting for us to know that we are right there at our brother's side. >> the suspect has a criminal history. it includes felony battery, causing serious injury. he's now booked on suspicion of attempted murder. go to for a link if you would like to help chon's family. all lanes of the central expressway in sunnyvale are back open after a deadly car crash forced a closure. it happened just east of north bernardo avenue yesterday evening. the sunnyvale department of public safety said an eastbound driver lost control, hitting a tree in the central median. bystanders got one person out of the car. firefighters reached the other. both died on scene. in cuba, nine days of official morning have begun. one week from today fidel castro's ashes will be buried. there's mixed reaction in the
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bay area and around the world to the death of the longtime cube -- cuban leader. abc7 news reporter sergio quintana has the details. >> at this restaurant in san jose, the co-owner said she was surprised to hear fidel castro died, but she's certainly not celebrating. >> i don't seem happy. people don't like when somebody dies. it's not happy. >> she left cuba in 1970 and immediately thought of her family there. it's not a time for them to be celebrating either. >> yes, pray for the family in cuba. nobody make a mistake. >> bay area congresswoman lee was a different perspective on castro. she's traveled to cuba about 25 times over the years and was with secretary of state john kerry when he reopened the embassy there last year. i spoke with her by phone. >> many don't really recognize
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how supportive he was in terms of the liberation movement. and how he helped the amc and man be dell liberate south africa. >> chris is the producer of a documentary called 13 million voices. it conicals the production of a massive peace conference in cuba in 2009. he tried relating the fears some people still have. >> november 9th, so many people woke up with a sense of fear of uncertainty. that fear, multiply that out over 50 years. >> by the same token, many people celebrated his regime and still do. abc7 news. >> in havana, flags are flying at half-staff. yesterday many people cried and raised their fist in support of castro's memory. but this is little havana in
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miami that you hooking at now. a completely different reaction. these are people who left the island because of oppression and for the chance of a better life. they are hopeful castro's death will bring change to cuba. >> it's a moment we were waiting for for more than 55 years. >> it's a huge change for our community. a lot of good things i think are coming for us. >> the 90-year-old castro ruled his country with an iron fist for 60 years. >> we've had on-again and off-again showers. what is happening now. >> a few showers mainly in the south bay, the peninsula. a live look outside here and you notice the pavement is wet. there's fog at the coast. we will be looking at sunshine to be revealed for much of the day today. it will be breezy and cool with another system on the way tonight. details in a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. alo ahead, a cornerstone of an east bay community burns down. what you can do to help it be
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rebuilt. the newly released dispatch calls from the moment a missing redding mom was
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it's time to bring back the holidays with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. >> a major loss in oakland. glimpse gut add recreation center that's been part of the community for more than five decades. it is the mosswood park
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recreation center on webster street. the mayor is calling for donations to help rebuild the recreation center. melanie woodrow looks at the impact on people who live in the area. >> firefighters cleaning up after a fire at the mosswood park recreation center in oakland. >> i'm speechless. i'm speechless and i'm heartbroken. >> janice johnson said she's been coming here for 350 years. >> my kids come here every day. i was here every day. our children's children planned to be here every day. >> the center, which according to neighbors, included a preschool, an inclusion school, and several daily activities. it's now charred. supplies inside destroyed. firefighters spent most of the morning putting out hotspots. they said accessing the rear of the building was difficult. >> the company pulled large-diameter hose lines to stop it from spreading to the victorian. >> the victorian has minor heat damage.
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neighbors said they recently met to talk about renovations. the center was one of many places up for consideration. >> obviously i would think this would probably be at the top of the list for priority places now. >> i have a construction background. i don't mind helping. >> a long-time gem in oakland, now devastated. >> there's no other place than mosswood. you have to have mosswood like you have to have water in your body. >> with the people who enjoyed it most already calling for it to be rebuilt. of the cause of the fire is under investigation. there were no injuries n okay -- in oakland. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. firefighters saved 17 dogs from a fire in east oakland that started yesterday evening at a home at the 108th avenue and myers street. firefighters tweeted out pictures and video of the rescue.
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they say no one was hurt. a long-time character actor best known for his role on "barney miller" has passed away. ron glass died last night after suffering from respiratory failure. for 8 years in the '70s and early '80s he starred as a detective on the hit show "barney miller." he was also in episodes of "the streets of san francisco" and most recently "agents of shield" and "fire guy." ron glass was 71 years old. for the first time we are hearing about the moment officers found the missing redding mom, sherri papina. >> she's heavily battered. >> that's audio from thanksgiving day. three weeks before she vanished while jogging. her cell phone, ear buds and strands of hair were found. she turned up 150 miles from home in yolo county. investigators believe she was kidnapped, but they haven't said why. and that's led to rumors and doubts on social media causing
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anxiety for her loved ones. >> for someone who just went through such a horrific idea, -- ordeal, for anyone to shame them or stay incredibly cruel things, it's just not okay. >> it's definitely made me more aware and more nervous about running alone. >> investigators have given only a vague description of the suspects. they say two hispanic women armed with a shotgun driving a dark-colored s.u.v. happening today, hundreds of people will gather in san francisco on this 38th anniversary of the assassination of mayor george moscone and supervisor harvey milk. there will be a candlelight vigil at castro and 17th streets. this is video from a previous vigil. organizers say members of the lgbtq community will conduct on
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-- will reflect on months coney's legacies. after that they plan to march to the candle shop milt owned in the castro neighborhood. vigil starts at 6:30 tonight. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. live doppler 7 picking up on the rain pushing to the south and east, the south bay and the central coast. there are still pretty good downpours around woodside and 280. if you are in this area watch out, definitely slick there and menlo park looking at wet weather. mountain view, los gatos hills and sunnyvale you have rain and toward mt. hamilton this morning. certainly slick and down along the coast it is raining pretty good around marina and monterey. scattered showers. more snow for the next few hours in the sierra nevada and this is winding down. by the next couple of hours we won't have a storm impact scale, we will have a sunny afternoon.
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but just until about 8:00 we are looking at a tenth of inch of rain and the breezy winds results after the system departs. you see the sky in san francisco. nice and clear we can see a renegade shower. 50 half moon bay. from our sutro tower camera the son comes up after 7:00. it's chill any in the north bay. 47 by the delta, 52 made hayward. from you are exploratorium camera it's going to be a pretty nice afternoon in san francisco. partly cloudy right now. the rain pushes south. sunny and breezy this afternoon. more rain overnight tonight. that's going to be another weak system. we will call it a 1 on the storm impact scale. by the time you get up and going for your monday morning, we will have drying conditions. so the rain is in this area. 1 to 15-foot wave heights continue the beach hazard statement through this around. we will add to this just a
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little bit today and tonight but doing great in mountain view. 133% of normal. oakland 122%. livermore above average and santa rosa 191% of norm a. here is the last of the second system that continues to push to the south. 8:00 we are getting into some sunshine. the rest of the day will be nice. we increase the clouds after sunset and then by 11:00 tonight rain is moving into the north bay. and by 6:00 tomorrow morning just a few scattered showers are left. so we will combine what's left of today and tomorrow and this will add up to just a couple hundredths to perhaps a tenth inch of rain through 9:00 on monday. but along the coast you can see a little bit more than that. so not much left, but still is slippery roads out there. by the afternoon it is breezy. it's cool. temperatures in the mid-50s. so grab the jacket and the sunglasses. of the accuweather seven-day forecast, some morning showers. then looking at afternoon sunshine both today and
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tomorrow. and then by the rest of the week we are dry. we are sunny. but we are certainly cool with those overnight lows in the 30s and 40s. just another check. it looks like maybe december, the week of december 5th we can see some rain. but in the meantime, of course, if you download our app you can track the rest of the rain that continues to push to the south and east. >> we have had quite the total there. >> yeah. >> all right. thank you, lisa. just ahead, a family fun in the ocean as mother and calf bond with a few bottle nose friends.
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>> dan harrison joins us from new york to tell us what is coming up on "good morning america." >> coming up on gma, fidel castro as controversy in death as he was in life. cuba begins the nine days of mourning. meanwhile, why castro's passing has touched a nerve between senior republicans and president obama. initiated by jill stein in the state of wisconsin which cost
6:25 am
clinton or helped cost the clinton the election has donald trump responding this morning. and a massive manhunt for two escaped prisoners who broke out of a county jail in california. the men are described as dangerous. how did they get away? we have an exclusive inside look from the cell from which they escaped. it's come up on gma on a busy sunday. see you soon. >> thank you, dan. cyber monday is tomorrow but target is getting a jump by kicking off the deals today. for the first time of customers can get cyber monday deals in brick and mortar stores too a. not to be outdone, some deals started friday and run through december 2nd. a drone video-captured a rare sight at sea off the coast of australia. you see the whales turning and dancing in the crystal water and and playing with the dolphins.
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humpback whales are migrating south along the eastern australia coast this time of year. still to come here on abc7 mornings, why american taxpayers will foot the bill for security at one of donald trump's new york skyscrapers. here's a look from the roof camera. over the next few hours showers, but after that dry and breezy. lisa has all the details coming up in just a few.
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>> good morning north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, everyone. good morning to you, carolyn. the showers are winding down. we still have some on the peninsula, the south bay, the central coast. live doppler 7 picking them up as they push to the south and east. here we are right along the peninsula where you can see some activity around lahonda. and mountain view, showers pushing through there right now. push being out of sunnyvale and further you south into is san jose. parkmore looking at 280 and wet
6:30 am
weather. further from morgan hill and gilroy and castro is the main activity. this temperature moves through the central coast and the sierra nevada in the next few hours. so some snow showers there. just to about 8:00 or so. we will have our storm impact scale, which will feature the scattered showers. a tenth inch of rain but after that it's breezy winds and this is what will be on tap. you see more clear skies from the east bay hills camera. it's 51 in a san francisco. 50 gilroy. from our sutro tower camera we've had showers as just as recent as about a half-hour ago here in the city. but in the north bay santa rosa 43. it's chilly. you can see the clearing there from mt. tam. a few leftover showers. then partly cloudy to sunny skies, breezy winds today. but then another system tonight. that could get your head wet into early monday morning. i'll detail that for you in a few minutes. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. now to the death of fidel castro. the cuban people have started an
6:31 am
official period of mourning, nine days to honor the former leader. at the same time celebrations in miami's little havana continues. we are joined live from washington with the mixed response. good morning. >> carolyn, good morning. to some he was a bloody tyrant. to others a heroic in his death, as in his life, fidel castro has invoked a range of emotions. >> the sunrise over post castro cuba. unclear yet if it means the dawn of a new day. [chanting] >> his name rings like a battle cry in havana where the cuban flag flies at half-staff. students attending the university of havana where their education is free, chanting, singing, even crying as the country begins an official nine days of mourning for fidel castro. one student said she owes the revolutionary leader everything
6:32 am
and he's in the hearts of all cubans. the word of his death, announced by fidel's brother raul on friday, took everyone by surprised. >> i don't know, it was interesting. i feel like i'm part of history. it was the last thing i thought would happen when we were here. >> a few hundred miles away, a very different story. the epicenter of america's cuba exiled community, miami's little havana, celebrating a turning page in cuban history. >> this is the best news around the world today. the best news. because fidel castro is dead. >> many of those who celebrated are exiles or descendents of those who didn't live to see a cuba without castro. it offers a glimpse of hope that
6:33 am
the cuba they once knew will again be within reach. >> castro was the last of the 20th century communist's strong men. his body is said to be cremated and his ashes taken on a three-day tour across the country before his burial on december 4th. in washington, abc7 news. carolyn. >> thank you. hillary clinton's campaign said it intends to back the general election recount effort in wisconsin. green party candidate jill stein has spearheaded the effort with an online fundraising campaign to pay for the recounting of votes in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. clinton's team had been quiet about stein's campaign burks now they say they want to see a fair froes ses for all involved. yesterday president-elect donald trump released a statement condemning the push for recounts, calling it a scam and saying the people have spoken, the election is over. the cost of the keeping the
6:34 am
president and his family safe could skyrocket with the incoming administration. that's because the white house may not be the only place the secret service will have to protect. our reporter rachel crane explains. >> they are fantastic people and i want to thank the secret service. >> 2500 fifth avenue, also known as trump tower, might be getting a new tenant, the secret service. a law enforcement official tells cnn that the secret service is considering renting a whole floor of the famed tower in order to establish a 24/7 command post, ensuring the safety of the future for his family, who won't all be moving to the white house in january. melania and their ten-year-old son, baron, will continue to live in trump tower. when asked about the timing of their move, trump said this.
6:35 am
[indiscernible] >> reporter: regardless of when they relocate, the command tower won't be cheap. the going price for the space, around $1.5 million per year. the price tag is striking, but it's not just the cost that's raising eyebrows. the trump organization owns trump tower. so taxpayers would be paying the president-elect for his own security. officials tell cnn security plans are still evolving since many things are up in the air, like when the future first family will move to the white house and how often the president-elect plans to visit him in the meantime. >> meanwhile, a separate law enforcement official said the number of nypd cops protecting trump tower could grow to 300 at about the cost of $1 million a day. the official said a separate command may be needed to focus on security for the future president. in a sunday exclusive, ted cruz weighs in on donald trump's transition to the white house, and bernie sanders will discuss
6:36 am
the path ahead for the democratic party. you can watch the full interviews on "this week with george stephanopoulos" at 8:00 this morning right here on abc7. for just a few hours yesterday people in new york noticed something different on google maps. trump tower in new york city was turned into dump tower. the building on 5th avenue serves as the president-elect's home in manhattan, that building. there were other reports that trump international hotel and tower in the city's columbus circle was also renamed to dump tower. both have been changed back to their proper names. still ahead on abc7 mornings, the holiday season usually means good discounts. next, the story behind the ad campaign that's raising prices to raise awareness. and here's a live look from our santa cruz camera. a pretty shot there.
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light rain happening now. later today, 60 degrees and showers. what about where you live? lisa will be along shortly with the full accuweather forecast.
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>> welcome back. 6:ed on this sunday morning. this is a live look from our south beach camera in san francisco where it is
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raining here. just about everywhere. but if you need to go holiday shopping later this afternoon, it should be dry. lisa has all the facts, the physician and the numbers be. her forecast coming up. are you searching for the perfect christmas tree this weekend? yesterday abc7 news was in piedmont for opening day of the annual boy scott holiday tree lot. this tradition started way back in 1969. scouts from the piedmont council helped families pick out trees and haul off nearly 1500 every year to raise money for various scouting activities. >> it's a great way to train young adults and to give them responsibility and support the community. >> so you are able to do a lot of different activities, and it's also pretty fun. you are out here with your friends. >> the lot is on red rock road.
6:41 am
it's open seven-day a week and open through december 23rd. i have not gotten a tree yet. are you? >> i have not. this morning our system is winding down. a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. fanaika has some damp streets but sunshine on the way. the sun is up in about 25 minutes. and a breezy afternoon. i will detail the next system which is coming in tonight. that's in just a few minutes. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the warriors sat draymond green as a precaution. but they have had more than enough to lead to a win over
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>> in sports, the 49ers will have try to avoid setting an all-time worst losing streak of ten in a row. kickoff is at 10:00 this morning when they take on the dolphins. and the raiders will try to maintain their one-game division lead. the silver and black facing the panthers at the oakland coliseum. kickoff at 1:25 this afternoon. the warriors have a day off today. they are back at it tomorrow. they are riding an 11-game winning streak is. last night the dubs beat the timberwolves at oracle arena. here's abc7 sports director larry beil.
6:45 am
he has the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning, everybody. the warriors took the court last night short-handed facing the young and talented minnesota t-wolves. the dubs without the draymond green, who injured his ankle friday night in l.a. eleventh consecutive win. kevin durant for three at the buzzer. the crossover. money! durant, a monster game, 28 points. had six blocks, as well. warriors by 8 at the break. klay thompson, pull-up jumper. he had 23. dubs continue to lead by three. the jam here. made his first nba start in place of draymond and had six points. zach lavine. a two-time slam and dunk. he had 31. working on his all-around game. steph, 17 in the third quarter alone. the dribble drive. the floater is up and in. steph would finish with 34 points and the dubs win their
6:46 am
11th straight, 115-102. college football, stanford wrapped up the regular season against rice in what may have been the final home game for christian mccaffrey. he may go pro. mc caffery coming out for the final time at stanford stadium perhaps. perhaps. first quarter, killer krist channeling his inner wildcat. goes down the sidelines. tight roping, and staying inbounds. 62-yard touchdown. longest run by a stanford quarterback in 20 years. he can throw it, as well. over the middle to mc caffery. gets crunched at the goal line and powers in. 20-0. third quarter. mc caffery again. up the middle. another touchdown. he had 204 rushing yards, two total tds. stanford rolls in the 47-17 win. they are waiting for a bowl invitation. mc caffery would not say if this was his final game. >> no, i'm just focused on the
6:47 am
next game. i haven't made a decision. i think it would be a disservice to my teammates to make an announcement right any. i'm going to think about it and work on it. as to right now it's get back to monday, get back to practice. get back to working on my craft. >> cal and ucla working on their craft. an injured kelsey out there somewhere with the crazies in the rain. how about the big man, 310-pound malik mcmorris. who wants to tackle him? nobody. the third quarter, davis web rolling out and finding jordan duncan for the touchdown. >> 29-10, cal. another short-yard situation. web to bud rivera. panthers coach ron rivera's nephew. 36-10. they still have a slim chance to go to a bowl game. to the ice sharks hosting anaheim in the second night of a back-to-back. second period ducks up 2-0. sharks would tie it up on the goal from dillon demelo.
6:48 am
anaheim takes it by the final of 3-2. that's a wrap on morning sports. enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning. this is the second system in a series of three that's winding down. live doppler tracking the rain showers that continue to push from the peninsula to the south bay and through the central coast and the sierra nevada. right along the shoreline from half moon bay, pescadero, highway 1 and over in 280 and wood side. it's a little wet. also around mount hampton and los gatos looking at a few showers into san jose. but the bulk of the activity from morgan hill on southward here and looking a the wet weather through big sur. as we widen the view, you will notice that it continues to sink into the san joaquin valley. the snow showers continue here. we still have a winter storm warning for the west slope
6:49 am
through 4:00. and a winter weather advisory for the greater lake tahoe area for the next couple of hours. still some snow there. we will look for this advisory to keep the roadways slick. it will add to the foot of snow you picked up through the overnight hours. so additional 2 to 3 inches possible at the resorts. just a couple hours left. we will keep the storm impact scale with the scattered showers pushing through the peninsula. the breezy winds arrive especially to along the coast. here's sfo. no delays. a few raindrops on the lens. it's 51 degrees in san francisco, mountain view. a little fog along the coast. from our suit strow tower camera, upper elevations, to -- 20 to 30 miles per hour wind gusts. that will continue. mt. tam, you haven't seen much in the way of rain the past couple of hours, but damp out there with fog. so showers sinking south this
6:50 am
morning. sunny and breezy this afternoon. more rain arrives. you may miss it. it's going to happen through the overnight hours after 11:00 in the north bay. it should be end being by about 6:00 in the south bay. wave heights continue to be high until 3:00 this afternoon. 12 to 16 feet. the beach hazard statement stays with us. the percentage of normal, we are adding to it with the next system. 122% of normal in oakland. look at san francisco and santa rosa. these res scores doing great up here and even in the south bay, over 100% of normal. mountain view 133% of normal. 8:00 this morning, notice we have the clouds and isolated shower. then we are into a pretty nice afternoon. clouds increase after sunset tonight. by 11:00 here's the rain line. marin, sonoma, through the overnight hours. mainly along the coast. 6:00 in the morning a few showers for you around 280, 101, san jose. it will be a sunny monday afternoon, as well.
6:51 am
we will look for rainfall amounts to be scant, anywhere from a couple hundredths to perhaps .2 along the coast. if you are headed to the east bay, it will be sunny but cool. kickoff for the raiders, 54 degrees. it will stay that quay, partly cloudy throughout the evening. highs today underneath a sunny afternoon. it will be breezy. temperatures very cool, though. just in the mid-50s. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the next system, since really the bulk of it will be overnight, it's still a 1 on the storm impact scale. by the time you get going monday and the monday is sunny. the morning showers but cool and dry the rest of the week. looks like after tomorrow november will end up dry. we made up for some lost time. >> boy, these rain totals look good. thanks, lisa.
6:52 am
a nationwide effort to encourage holiday donations gets underway this week. it's called giving tuesday. but one bay area organization isn't wait to go kickoff the campaign to raise awareness for those living in poverty here in the bay area. >> imagine what it's like to live in san francisco where the average family income is just over $153,000, but your family lives below the federal poverty line, struggling to make ends meet. >> there's a special page. >> these shoppers at a nob hill grocery store got a surprise education. they found out what it's like when you earn five times less than average. the basic necessities feel like they cost five times more. >> $25 for this box. butter, $27.45. >> i come here all the time. >> san francisco ad agency created the campaign. it also includes not such a bargain, coupons. >> that's a delicate balance. how do you ask people to give
6:53 am
and not make it the cliche of giving or else? or make me feel guilty. >> donations will go to tipping point, a san francisco nonprofit that's given millions to fight poverty. the mission asset und is a recipient. here they help immigrants build their credit scores. for them the struggle highlighted in the ad campaign is real. >> they work multiple jobs to make ends meet and this is an experience they go through every day. >> while these shoppers were eventually told the poverty line prices weren't real, they are for one in ten san francisco families. >> and if you would like to learn more about the program and about tipping point and see how you can help, go to coming up, a karma cafe. why a restaurant has no set prices for food.
6:54 am
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>> we've got the winning numbers from last night's gigantic 421 million dollars powerball draw. we don't actually have those numbers. a ticket purchased in lafayette, tennessee matched all six to take only the jackpot. wednesday night's jackpot resets to $40 million.
6:57 am
new this morning, a new cafe in new mexico has a unique strategy when it comes to prices on the menu. it doesn't have any. the owner of karma cafe in albuquerque wants customers to pay what they feel and possibly pay it forward. the cafe operates on the belief that all people want to do good in the world. the owner wants to give people a safe place where they can come and have something to eat and not feel intimidated by the cost. he ask hoping his new cafe, karma, he's hoping that karma is going to keep that cafe in business. i hope so too. it's a nice idea. let's get a final check on the forecast. >> we have a few showers. it's winding down. along the coast, south of half moon bay, pescadero, and sunnyvale, hamilton, a cool day today and morning showers tomorrow. >> all right. that's going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on abc7 mornings.
6:58 am
i'm carolyn tyler along with lisa argen. we want to thank out viewer perry for this picture of the holiday lights. these are at sonoma city hall. you can share your pictures with us using the #abc7now. you might see it on our newscast or the news continues now on twitter, facebook and
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7:00 am
good morning, america. new this morning cuba's future. what's ahead for the country following fidel castro's death? [ chanting ] the nation in mourning. the celebrations here and the political fallout. president obama criticized for his statement. the backlash this morning and the warnings. >> raul is as repressive. breaking overnight, the bourbon street shooting. shots fired on the most famous street in new orleans. ten people hit. at least one killed. >> looking for witnesses. we are interviewing those victims. >> the arrests this morning. wisconsin recount. hillary clinton's campaign joining in. green party candidate, jill stein, pushing the move, already


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