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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> i am reggie aqui. >> with sue hall here for alexis smith and member member. >> are we really working in it is cyber monday? >> you can multitask. >> have hand free for umbrella with a few showers showing up in contra costa county and alameda and drizzle in san rafael with .0 4" the last 12 hours. the difficult planner is temperatures running in the 40s to low 50s and we will have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s as the chance of shower tapers at noon. this afternoon, grab the sunglasses. we will hang out in the mid-to-upper 50s. by 7:30 we are in the 40s with chilly night on the way. sue? all the san mateo break westbound is looking great with tail lights headed to the high-rise from the causeway at 17-minute drive from 880, hayward toward 101 and san mateo side.
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5:25 the metering lights turned on. stacking up. through the east shore all the way through the maze and interest san francisco about 50 minutes. we will look at other drive times when we return. >> we are tracking breaking news in the south bay a hotel was raided searching for two inmates who broke out of the santa clara county jail. matt is in gilroy. what have you learned? >> good morning, reggie. so close, but no arrest. the sever thought they had one of the escapees hear but when they got here, he watt gone. check owe the video from overnight you can see law enforcement had the motel surrounded. several called the sheriff deupty say they saw one of escape yankees, chavez, the at days imn off 101. he wasn't through but deputies made one arrest. a source close to the investigation said that they are possibly associated with which video and are being questioned.
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chavez and campbell keeped from the main jail on wednesday night. chavez was booked into jail for several charges including burglary, false imprisonment and firearms violations and campbell for robbery and other charges both considered "dangerous." but the sheriff deputies did not get them they hope tips lead to their arrest and are offering $20,000 reward. >> we are switching gears to machine. we know a lost you are going to get deals today and you have been doing it for the weekend. >> for retailers this is just another chance to get your money after the holiday weekend. amazon is expecting cyber monday ever. amy hollyfield? >> yes, it is loud in here. there is a busy constant hum. so much going on. we have robots, we have workers.
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it will be the busiest day but they say people are spreading out their cyber monday shopping over several days and they are offering a lot of deals to focus ordering. robots are helping the employees and care line does 15,000 order as week but does not know what to expect her first holiday season but said it has been busier sins wednesday. her supervisor plans to pull a long difficult. >> i want to be with the night shift, and cheer up the team, so we will see how the customers do. >> what time do you go home? >> a i don't know! this is home. >> last year on cyber monday amazon did 54 million orders ambassador the world and think today 8 be busier.
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>> seriously, i could watch the robots all day. we have complete cyber monday shopping guide posted on our home page at with links to the best deals. >> today is the dead lane to file for presidential election recount in pennsylvania. former grown party candidate jill stein has raised enough to fund it covering recount fees in wisconsin last week, and made the goal for pennsylvania over the weekend, and now, she needs $800,000 by wednesday to meet the goal for a recount in michigan. minimum wage said they are join -- hillary clinton is joining the effort and bernie sanders supports her. >> it is a legal right, not a big deal i don't think anybody, nobody thinks there will be pro-fund changes. donald trump is responding attacking hillary clinton after her camp said they would participate in the recount, he called her a hypocrite for not accepting results.
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>> i want to tell you what is happening in havana, cuba, the capital. they are getting ready for a big ceremony in honor of fallen leader fidel castro happening in revolution square at any minute. we have been keeping a close eye on images. this is hard to see but along the wall you can see a lot of people if you look closely i can tell you they just had a 21 gun salute for fidel castro. the cuban government has banned public drinking, music and dancing for nine days to honor the former leader. the 90-year-old former cuban president died over the weekend. his where was in charge for quite some time but fidel castro's death -- he was known as the leader of the revolution so this is the passing of an era. he was career mayed and the ans will be taken to
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the funeral and burying. >> we have learned shasta county sheriff will re-interview sherri papini this week, the 34-year-old mother of two who vanishes. she was found on thanksgiving day bound and beating. she gave authorities a vague description of her captors, and two hispanic females, but not a lot more. a former f.b.i. agent spoke to "good morning america" on a key to braking the days. all the key are the small details to remember. what was the room like? what does it smell like? was it neither a barn? did she hear animals? traffic? were people on cell phone, listening to action sents. all those clues combined with social media could find the guys. >> officials have no republican to doubt her version of events. >> san francisco police are trying to determine the cause of
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a driver to loses control of a car and hit a natural gas meter causing a leak. he crashed into the front yard of a home yesterday afternoon. pg&e crewsen called to make repairs. no one was hurt. >> next, an outpouring of support for south san francisco believe attacked on the job. >> east bay family targeted in the home with a political message vandals could have been trying to send. stay tuned. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more
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>> in walnut creek we are still dealing with light drizzle through the east bay valley and the east bay hills. that continues through 9:00. what we are dealing with elsewhere you can see on the richmond bridge we have had . of rain to .03". temperatures were in the low-to-mid 50s for most of in. woodside and menlo park has upper 40s.
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you can see temperatures are mild everywhere and we are 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow morning. but, first, this afternoon. 60 in oakland. the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 40's. upper 50s to low 60s so a bump up tomorrow in the cool of the day is wednesday with mid-to-upper 50s. now the morning commute. sue? >> a it is misty and . you have mentioned we have a shot of the richmond-san rafael bridge with sprinkle of moisture on the camera. traffic is flowing nicely. to the poll poll and across the span. no problems. fastrakers of moving and eight minutes from the toll plaza to marin. looking at san jose, 101, at 880 overcrossing the headlights northbound direction everyone is moving nicely. we will come back and look at the drive times next report. >> a gofundme campaign to help the family of an injured police officer has surpassed the
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goal with officer chon in critical after being hit on thanksgiving day. 28-year-old luis ramos-coreas hit chon in the headed with a skateboard knocking him unconscious. luis ramos-coreas was booked on attempted murder. gofundme page collected $103,000 surpassing the $100,000 goal. >> nice to see people are generous. that is great. >> a breakthrough in the fight against hi that scientists say could end the disease. >> two police officers set off on a cross estate run with 420 mile journey to help the families of fallen officers. >> and a look at the embarcadero ♪ happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? um, shouldn't it be "spokes-crayon?" can somebody turn on the a/c? i'm melting here. ♪air marker spraayer!!!
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>> all news all morning. we are back at 6:15. state troopers in louisiana slot and killed a man who guns down a women and injured two other people in baton rouge wanted for shooting a womaning and throwing her body out of the her car. they say he drove straight into a crowd of people hitting twoors. police tracked the 48-year-old suspect down and he died in a shootout with police. >> concord police are investigating a case of vandalism that appears politically motivated. it started when a whom owner discovered 56 american flags with pro trump messages planted
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in his front yard. he said he found the flags of a midnight and thought it was a prank. an hour later the power want out and someone pulled the electrical meter off his home. he blocks about the liberal political views and he believes a neighbor with whom he has had past disputes targeted his house. >> our conservative neighbors and liberal neighbors have agreed this is out of line and they are being vigilant and supportive and we are feeling safer but not feeling like we are in danger but at the time, absolutely. >> plans on installing a home security system. >> a new vaccine against h.i.v. that will be tested in a trial in south africa this week. 5,400 sexually active men me will be tested with a thousand people a day are infected with the disease in south africa. it is businesses on a 2009 trial in thailand where it was 30% effective preventing h.i.v.
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results of the study are expected in late 2020. >> that would be amazing. >> we have meteorologist mike nicco here talking about the run to work monday. >> drizzly. >> few showers. showdown. everyone is wet but the south bay, with .08" in san francisco since midnight. you can see the embarcadero is wet. chance of showers until noon. chance of drizzle until 9:00. san mateo bridge is not wet. not falling wet but the bridge is wet. we look westbound, wet morning today, dry and breezy this afternoon. you will need sunglasses. patchy fog, temperatures cooler than this morning and the weekend is warm for december. mid-to-upper 60s. 30s tonight palo alto, morgan hill,ism, concord, cloverdale, everyone else in the low-to-mid 40s. the showers show the green
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tapering by 9:00 and gone by noon and the clouds are opening up with the white disappearing in the afternoon and evening were dropping quickly with the dry air and lack of clouds. rainfall amounts show things will be kept wet, the roads through the commute. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the money 50s along the coast through friday and the rest us hanging around 60 and it will be cooler on thursday because of the cold front bringing us a random sure on wednesday and being conservative a last sunshine this weekend and low-to-mid 60s. great time to be outside. putting up decorations. >> sue? >> if you heading out we have red on the maps. 580 westbound tracy to dublin is over an hour. highway 4 is bunching up from antioch to concord at 45 americans. southbound 101 into san
6:19 am
francisco from san rafael not bad at under 20 minutes. problem spots in fairfield show 80 westbound all lanes were blocked with six or seven car accident. they have been cleared. unfortunately the damage is done. you are look at slow traffic westbound 80 toward west texas and forward and another accident reported southbound 880 before while help causing slow traffic from 92 in the southbound direction blocking the left lane. back with an update on this and more in our next report. >> we have new details from the palace in a surprise move prince william is releasing a statement in support of his brother's relationship with a hollywood actress. prince harry's girlfriend has been the target of racist attacks since the relationship was first revealed. in a new statement the duke said he supports prince harry and his privacy. this is after rumors circulated she was unhappy with harris for
6:20 am
releasing an official palace statement on the relationship. >> lost statements from the palace. >> he is supporting his brother. >> "7 on your side" and michael finney has a tip if you are thinking of eating crab. >> tesla owners, elon musk has new detail on when you get a major update for the autopilot feature. but, first, george stephanopolis and what is ahead on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> coming up, the latest from donald trump lab out on twitter against the vote recouples saying he was the victim of voter fraud claiming millions of americans voted illegally and illegal immigrants say he has illegal immigrants say he has zero evidence of
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♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> a look at amazon's fulfillment center in tracy, expecting their biggest cyber monday. ever. hopefully you saved some money from black friday to spend today. >> new details from tesla on the upgrade of the autopilot.
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elon musk tweeted that the upgrade should be available by the middle of next week follow by a newspaper upgrade every month after that. the plan is to have full autonomy by late 2017 with features including additional charges on the ought to steer -- around the auto steer system. >> now, time to ask michael finney with a question on crab. >> what is the best time to buy crab? >> good question, lindsay. the best time to buy crab is right now. crash season is in full swing. there is plenty of fresh crab available. quality is up. prices are down. notice i say "down, not cheap," per pound crash is going for $6 .99, the cheap 99 i found. could you find it cheaper where you shop. happy holiday. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it on your
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smartphone and share # #askaskfinney. >> if you are still playing pokemon go, this is meaning behind got to catch them all, the maker of pokemon go expecting to release an update to the popular game, releasing 100 new pokemon battles and trading pokemon, next month. maybe it will breathe new all the grilling that wells fargo could first today. >> breaking news from gilroy with a raid carried out overnight part of a search for two inmate whose escaped from the santa clara county jail. matt is in gilroy working to get new details on where the two dangerous men could be.
6:26 am
>> i am keeping a close eye on what is happening in cuba and reaction from president-elect donald trump. >> drizzle is likely through 9:00 with a chance of shower through noon and then it is dry as we head into a very warm weekend but the bay bridge toll plaza shows you everything you need to know. >> a look at 6:26, remember that abc7 during commercial break abc7 during commercial break shows you what is happening wit
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. >> it is 6:29. what are you buying today online? >> cyber monday, that is right. got are your christmas present, but what do you want? >> welcome to cyber monday i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> jessica castro, what is he buying? >> i bought on rid. >> welcome back, sue hall. here for alexis smith. and meteorologist mike nicco is bringing drizzle. >> that is what you get from me. ing in more. >> i bought all of you thinks on friday. >> the pressure now...i have to ship today. good morning, everyone, all good. we have drizzle and a random shower. can you so a few sprinkles on the exploritorium camera at pier 15 and 45 to 52 and headed to noon it will be breezy and dry and clouds open and we hang out in the mid-to-upper 50s and in
6:30 am
the 40s elsewhere by 8:00 so grab a coat this evening. the morning commute, sue? >> a couple of hot spots with new exit on the the sunol grade when 84 before 680 traffic is stacking up. consider stanley boulevard as the alternate and earlier accident in fairfield cleared out of the lanes and six or seven cars involved and traffic stacked up toward the parkway so give yourself plenty of time and southbound 880 near hayward before ripple, an accident at two or three lanes involved with debris not lane stacked up to 238 to castro valley. we are back with an update on this and more in a few minutes. >> back to breaking news in gilroy. >> officials raid add hotel this morning and are sending in two inmates would broke out of the santa clara county jail. matt is on the scene. >> they thought they had one
6:31 am
escaped inmate trapped at the days inn. so close. but so for away. they do not have an arrest this morning. they did surround the days inn they did surround the days inn but he escaped from their grass several people called sheriff saying she saw an apped, chavez was at the days inn, just off 101 here in gilroy near the outlets and he wasn't through but deputies made one arrest. chavez and campbell escaped from the county jail on wednesday before thanksgiving. they are both considered "dangerous out of the sheriff is offering a $20,000 reward. it was close to being paid off but both of the inmates are still lose this morning. thank you. oakland police believe they have detained the person what stole a car and crashed this morning at
6:32 am
1:15 near the coliseum bart station. officials say the driver hit several other vehicles before slamming into a poll and the driver was taken to the hospital. >> now to the trump transition, the president-elect is meeting with potential cabinet picks in new york. noon the candidates is paul at concerns now the transition team point person for financial policies. he was a republican mobile of the securities and exchange commission. officials are meeting in wisconsin to talk recount plans, former green party presidential candidate jill stein has raised enough to pay for the recounts in wisconsin and pennsylvania. >> i don't think it has anything to do with the candidates but the membership wanting to know what happened in the 2016 election. >> california group is holding a news conference today calling for six battleground states to hold off certifying election results. that was brent turner from the
6:33 am
national association of voting officials who said letters went to state where it was close with discrepancies between kit polling and final vote count and now we showing you what donald trump tweets, serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california, why isn't the media reporting? serious bias, big problem. there is no evidence of widespread fraud anywhere in the country. >> happening today in san mateo, manual count of votes is underway in two hours. the 1% manual tally ensures the accuracy of the vote before the results are certified. the public is invited to much the count in the san mateo elections office on tower road. it starts at 8:30. this morning. >> conquered police are investigating a sight outside a popular movie theater leash one person injured at 7:00 last night. people had to leave seats and get out. witnesses say it started as an
6:34 am
argument between a man man and a security guard. >> security chased with the gun held in the hand. the suspect ran toward the parking lot and after that we heard a shot. ten seconds after that we hurt a shot >> the suspect ran out of the theater and the security guard chased him. the suspect had a gun. all the security guard shot the man several times and the injury is not life threaten. >> we will find out in a north bay father is considered mentally competent to stand trial in the murder his four year old daughter. the prosecution said ordaz drowned his daughter in the baptismal fool in healdsburg a week ago. police found him naked in the parking lot of police headquarters holding her body. investigators have not released any possible motives. >> there is skepticism emerging in the case of sherri papini the mother who vanished four weeks
6:35 am
ago. she was found thanksgiving day in yolo county 150 miles from home chained and beaten. she told investigators two his pan females were involved in her kidnapping and the detail surprised former prosecutor who said women commit less than 25% of all violent crimes. >> to hear of two women committing a violentingly any, kidnapping, beating her, restraining her this way and there is no motive, people are skeptical. >> investigators are now looking into her past, including a previous marriage to see in there is any connection. they are look at bank accounts and surveillance video, the nasa county sheriff told abc7 he will be re-interviewing her this week. >> you can hear the crowd immediately letting it go on colin kaepernick. >> not exactly a warm welcome in miami for colin kaepernick
6:36 am
booing the 49ers quarterback yesterday against the dolphins. he defended wearing a t-shirt featuring fidel castro and malcolm x he wore in august and denounced the oppression but praised the cuban leader's focus on education. the comments came two days before the former cuban president's delegate. many cuban americans despised castro and celebrated news of the passing. >> at the death is not affecting how american companies were doing business with cuba and this morning, the first american airlines flight took off from miami to havana and landed a few moments ago. united, jetblue and southwest will offer havana flights from other airports. tributes to fidel castro are continuing. moments ago, a 21 gun salute was performed. day two of nine days of mourning. >> president-elect speaking out of the future of united states and cuban relations.
6:37 am
jessica? >> yes, president-elect donald trump just tweeting out about cuba on the same day as you mentioned the country mounting the loss of their federal president fidel castro and sermons happening this minute. he is what he said "in cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for the cuban people, the cuban american people, and the united states as a whole, i will tuberculosis terminate the deal," referring to the recent past where we have actually struck a deal with cuba. there has been a lot of relations restoring after decades of embargo against cuba. only recently the united states has opened the flights to and from cuba and allowed imports in from cuba so a lot of countries have been investing and this tweet, no word on if he will keep his word when he is in office but that statement just coming in five or ten minutes ago. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> i will look at what is going on in the south bay where you have been dry, upper 40s to
6:38 am
low 50s from los gatos and cupertino and san jose at 51. the rest of our nays show newark at 51. redwood city 50. san francisco and lafayette and danville at 49. northwest so 48. half moon bay at 55. the bay bridge toll plaza is still drizzly. caution this morning. we have fog. it is wet. on the water it will be breezy. exercising is dry this afternoon. mid-to-upper 50s today, upper 50s to pinly low 60s tomorrow and with a slight chance of a shower on wednesday, we are in the mid-to-upper 50s. now from lake tahoe, it looks gorgeous, and morning snow showers and we will have a slight chance of showers on wednesday evening through thursday morning, and a big dumping is not in the offing with warm weather and sunshine likely this weekend and we will have warm sunshine this weekend, too, coming up next. sue? >> here we go to the 80 freeway, east shore freeway, with a
6:39 am
couple of issues, first, emergency heights are in the eastbound direction the reverse commute with a truck that went offer the guard rail and now they are trying to remove the truck and get it uprighted without getting it on the freeway. they are working on the frontage road but the distraction is there. westbound direction, the head heights at powell street. the high occupancy lane or computer lane is blocked with an accident at powell. it is clock things back to vallejo. it is bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour and 39 minutes into san francisco! bummer for this commute. an accident on the sunol grade westbound 84 by 680 in the clearing phases but debris is? the lanes so consider stanley boulevard. an accident in hayward on the nimitz and we will come back in a couple of minutes and look at into san francisco metering
6:40 am
lights here are on in that shot. >> wells fargo will be the target of a new round of questions over their questionable banking practices, the san francisco bank has admitted thousands of employees opened up to two million unauthorized accounts to meet unrealistic sales goals. the hearing is set for 9:30 this morning in front of a state senate committee and lawmakers want to know who should be held accountable. >> federal, state, and local officials will make a case for full accredidation for city college of san francisco. there will be a panel at the college starting at 11:00 a.m. with an update on the school's accreditation and explain why it is so important to the city's, system. right new, city college is currently acreditted on restoring status so they have two years to demonstrate they meet all standards for
6:41 am
accreditation. we take you to amazon's distribution center in tracy to see how they republicking to make sure all the packages arrive on time. and what you need know to keep your credit card information safe. >> terrifying moments on an american airlines flight and what forced the plane to milk an message landing in new mexico. >> at look at the embarcadero, a drizzly morning ask wet roads with weather and traffic through the whole c'mohappy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to keep from having another one. and i'm taking brilinta. for people who've been hospitalized for a heart attack. i take brilinta with a baby aspirin. no more than one hundred milligrams
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>> now jessica castro with an update. >> in havana, cuba, we just got new video from moments ago. this is revolution square paying respects to fidel castro. they have turned out in droves. can you see how long lines are. the 90-year-old former president was cremated on saturday. they are passing by his ashs with long lines at revolution square coinciding with a ceremony scheduled for the same area. the country is in mourning. there is a ban on drinking, music, dancing for nine days. his funeral is held next weekend. we will keep an eye out for developments. a huge ceremony underway in revolution square. you can see that is where his ashes are, a picture of him in
6:45 am
revolutionary gear and people walking by. that is the latest from the hisd. >> interesting to watch this. you are looking at members of the philippine bomb squad inexpecting an explosive device near the united states embassy in manila. it was detonated. two witnesses say the device was placed 500' away from the embassy by a person who last riding in a taxi. the bomb i don't have been deadly if not found in time. it is believes it was planted by an armed islamic graft. >> passengers are finally at their definition after an engine malfunction forced the plane to milk an new jersey -- an emergency landing in albuquerque. they applauded for the pilots getting them to safety. it was headed from dallas to las vegas and reported engine failure and requested an emergency landing. no word on the cause of the failure of the engine. passengers finally made it to las vegas this morning.
6:46 am
>> i saw a very funny tweet saying cyber monday finally a chance to shop on the internet. we still call it cyber monday and it appears it is going out of style but a hot of people are on-line bargain hunting. there are democrats to be had and amazon is expecting the busiest cyber monday ever. amy hollyfield is at the amazon center in tracy. >> they are too busy to give me numbers of how many orders they have received today. they are true busy process. they will have the numbers later today but look what they are doing, just process, orders. it is a laboratory that is 1.1 million square feet in tracy, with people, and they have robots. that is the impress of thing to watch, robots bridge the products to the employees for packaging. >> it will take minutes from when a customer places an order to when it and going out the
6:47 am
door. opposed to hours. it is speeding up the process. >> amazon said cyber monday is now a season. it is not a day anymore. i has been busy since thanksgiving. today will be the busiest and people will stick with the cyber monday tradition. they are rolled out a lost deals today to motivate people. he could have more than 629 orders per second. today. think of that. watching the robots behind you is just fascinating >> it looks like he is going to run into amy hollyfield but...she is protected. >> if you are shopping online protect your credit card from hackers. >> to the nasdaq with how you
6:48 am
can protect your credit information and how much we spent on black friday. >> a lot of people are out shopping over the weekend, in fact, more than last year but they spent less. 154 million shoppers made purchases at stores over the weekend, but average spending a person was down to $289 from $299 last year. we are busy looking for deals, and fraud-sters are looking to go after us. look for spelling errors that the app is fake and avoid money unsecured wi-fi like at cafes. advance ticket sells for "star wars" money stand alone, went on sale online at midnight and there was a crash with one movie site, follow the events that led up to the destruction of the
6:49 am
first "star wars" movie. >> stock exchange are lower after new record high on friday. the dow jones industrial average is down 53. that is the in us from times square. >> move over, willy wonka a new golden ticket. >> more lick a golden beer bud "lite" does future is the same ring to it but giving football fans a chance to win have been tickets. for life. you will see the specially mack casessed to with 37s gold cans across the country. that is only the first step. then you enter the sweepstakes and in january 1, gold can hold are wednesday super bowl tickets for life which is up to 51 years. >> why are she shortening our lives. >> are like, wait a moment. >> meteorologist mike nicco?
6:50 am
>> i see a lawsuit building. not everyone can buy beer. >> look at you, mike. >> now, for, going through dallas-ft. worth an hour and 15 minutes with delays getting longer. a chance of showers until noon. and the contract stream at 150 miles per hour bringing in the dry and colder air it will be in the 30s tomorrow morning. 280 and 17, born dry. you missed out on most of us. today is wet, dry afternoon, tonight is clear, calm and chilly and breezy. the weekend is warmer-than-average. now, our temperatures are 60 at oakland, everyone else is rate around 57 to 59. here is the dramatic drop, mid-to-upper 30s and mid-40s an the bay and mid-40s at the coast. watch the green going away slowly at 9:00 and quicker heading to noon and watch the white go away as we head to 4:00
6:51 am
and 5:00 so it will be chilly. rain is possible through 9:00, and we will keep the slick streets around. on saturday and sunday, low-to-mid 60s possible being conservative and it will be quite a difference from the weekend we lived through. >> back to berkeley now as we have had the accident on the westbound side cleared at powell, but, still, slow traffic coming from vallejo and it is bumper-to-bumper from an hour and 40 minute drives and that is not if news. and the eastbound direction, the emergency lights that was earlier truck went over the guardrail and they had to get out haz-mat. it will not affect the freeway. they will do that on the frontage road. we have the blinking lights and the emergency crews, and this is caltran out there. problems on the sunol grade with an accident before highway 680 still partly blocking the lane with debris and, also, an accident in the hard hair area
6:52 am
south solid at 238 and it is 45 minutes southbound at 880 so you may want to take mission boulevard. >> happening now, two lapd officers are running from los angeles to sacramento to raise money for families of fallen officers. the officers are running in full uniform, leaving los angeles yesterday as part of project endure, 420 mile journey is expected to take them 2012 days. impressive. >> a teen in minnesota make headlines all over the world for what she did at the state beauty imaginent, this is 19-year-old helena, muslim, and the first to wear hijab for the entire competition. she wore a burkini that covered her from the neck down. she made it to the top 15 of the total 45 but not the fival five she wants everyone to embrace
6:53 am
the person they are. >> we are back in 90 seconds with seven things you inside to know. >> and our photo of the day, follow us at you can see more photos like you can see more photos like this, the sky
6:54 am
>> here are the seven things you need to know: check it out, the wet weather made it down into the south bay. this is 101 and 880.
6:55 am
a light shower moving through there. expect drizzle through 9:00 and showers through noon, and a cold night ahead. >> two, we are following slick roads this morning with a big problem spot conditioning toking 80 berkeley in the westbound and eastbound you can see the message crews with the truck flipped over and now it is getting light you can see the truck on the frontage road with a haz-mat situation so eastbound and westbound 80 is a grind. >> breaking news deputies questioning three people of the disappearance of two escaped inmates from santa clara jail. officers raided a days inn after tips that a member, chavez, was there, but he and laron campbell are still on the run. american airlines successfully flew the first flight to havana, cuba's capital. the person flag took off from miami earlier this morning for an his dark one hour flight and this morning, jetblue made the first commercial flight to
6:56 am
cuba from j.f.k. and it is still in the air right now. >> new developments in the case of dlyann roof 21-year-old charged with killing nine people in a south carolina church. he said he will represent himself at trial. the jury selection is today in charleston. >> muni said riders' private information was not compromised in an attack. muni said all systems are working properly and the take is "under investigation." >> this is the amazon fulfillment center which is buzzing with cyber monday well underway. robots are crucial for thai efficiency -- their efficiency with a web page set up with the best democrats and we have for you at >> every couple of seconds the robot looks like it will run into someone but it make as quick turn. quick turn. that is what i want
6:57 am
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good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out, launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim with zero evidence that millions of americans voted illegally. and that he should have won the popular vote. the recount set to get under way in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign says they're joining in. end of an era. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out. >> i figured if she was willing


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