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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 28, 2016 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. president-elect trump lashes out, launching a twitter tirade over those calls for an election recount, making the claim with zero evidence that millions of americans voted illegally. and that he should have won the popular vote. the recount set to get under way in wisconsin. hillary clinton's campaign says they're joining in. end of an era. celebrations and mourning. over the death of dictator fidel castro. now new questions about the united states' future with cuba and trump's promise to "roll back relations." "world news tonight" anchor david muir is live in havana. lucky to be alive. the kidnapped mom found bound on the side of the road weeks after she was reportedly abducted on a jog. an eyewitness who discovered that mother of two now speaking out. >> i figured if she was willing
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to risk being hit by a car, she must really need help. >> as the massive manhunt ramped up for two women accused of being linked to the abduction. ♪ and get ready. it's cybermonday. and we have secrets to huge savings, after a record black friday frenzy. >> okay, you got the red. >> the online tricks to use right now. and the deals you'll find only on "gma." and good morning, america. we hope you had a great holiday weekend. thanksgiving in the rearview mirror now. how many days until christmas? >> 26. >> 26 days until christmas. the shopping has already begun. >> i know, and unfortunately, some shoppers got a little too intense. take a look at what happened. this is at a nike store near seattle. >> what did they do? >> they were searching for bargains, i guess. and didn't care about the mess they left behind. we have a big event.
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special deals from tory johnson coming up that you can purchase from the comfort of your computer. that is coming up, but we begin with a new election firestorm. the green party has called for a recount in the key swing state of wisconsin. recounts expected in michigan and pennsylvania, as well. all three were close. hillary clinton's campaign joining the efforts, though they expect no change in the final results. >> donald trump is railing against that effort, unleashing a twitter storm on sunday alleging millions of people voted illegally without any evidence, and abc's david right is in madison, wisconsin, where officials are set to meet today. good morning to you, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. donald trump won this state by less than 1%. fewer than 22,000 votes. so it's possible, but unlikely that this recount process that begins her today, could end up denying him the state, but trump is complaining loudly about it. donald trump always railed against what he called the rigged system. >> a big part of the rigged system. we call it a rigged system.
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you know, we're in a rigged system, folks. >> reporter: now he is blasting the effort to recount the vote in the rust belt as a green party scam. the people have spoken, and the election is over, he said in his first comments about the recount. we must accept this result and then look to the future. the effort being launched by the green party is being joined by the clinton campaign. to ensure the process proceeds in a manner that is fair to all sides. clinton's lawyer says the campaign has been urged by supporters to quote, do something, anything, to investigate claims that the election results were hacked. but concedes that the clinton campaign's own investigators have not uncovered any actionable evidence of hacking or outside attempts to alter the voting technology. >> why in the world can't the democrats, quote, accept the election results? >> reporter: trump's own twitter posts got more and more heated this weekend.
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first, he claimed to have won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally. then he claimed serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. so why isn't the media reporting on this? serious bias, big problem. in both cases, trump offered no proof to back up his claim. abc found no evidence of widespread fraud. the official tally has trump trailing clinton in the popular vote by more than 2 million. california's secretary of state called his allegation of voter fraud there absurd, insisting his reckless tweets are inappropriate and unbecoming of president-elect. again, it is highly unlikely that this recount effort is going to change the election results, but it is conceivably possible, especially if you add in michigan and pennsylvania, so donald trump is
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clinton a hypokrcrite, george. >> let's talk more with chief political analyst matthew dowd. let's start with the claim, from donald trump, baseless claim, that millions voted illegally, still extraordinary that he is complaining after he won the election about voter fraud. >> george, the irony of this is he says you can trust 100,000 votes spread across three states, but you can't trust 2 million votes spread across 50 states. with this. one, he made this up. intentionally or unintentionally. you can't do that as president-elect. the most important aspect of a president is credibility and trump. every time donald trump does something like this, he undermines it. and three, more importantly, the country is searching for a common set of facts and the truth. and when donald trump does this, it continues to divide the country. >> some critics see a strategy, a diversion from other stories going on in the transition, particularly conflicts of interest over his business holdings in so many different countries. that evidence continues to pile
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up during the transition. >> i think that's the anchor that could ultimately hurt donald trump in this. it's not the appointments or policies. it is what are all these conflicts of interest and the level they rise in countries all over the world where he has got particular business interest. i think that's the thing that's going to follow him through this entire presidency. >> finally, we're also seeing a pretty extraordinary public fight over his pick for secretary of state. we know he's talked to mitt romney. we saw his campaign manager transition adviser, kellyanne conway, raising real questions about romney saying there would be backlash among his conservative base. one of the questions is, would she be doing this if donald trump didn't want her to? >> well, george, you know, it's very unprecedented. either she's doing it because he wanted her to do it, which is weird to begin with. why doesn't he make an announcement he's no longer considering him? or she's not and doing it on her own. she's gone rogue. in the course of this, and the funny thing about this is is
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it's ironic that kellyanne conway is saying that donald trump shouldn't appoint mitt romney because he wasn't loyal in the primary, and kellyanne conway worked on behalf of ted cruz, attacking donald trump, and then went to work wifor hims a campaign manager. >> thank you, matthew dowd. trump and millions around the world are reacting to the death of fidel castro. cuba is observing a nine-day period of mourning. and here in the u.s., castro's passing is igniting strong emotions and fierce political debate here in the states. "world news tonight" anchor, david muir is in havana reporting on that. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, amy. as you know, fidel castro defied u.s. presidents for nearly half a century. 1.2 nations on the brink of nuclear war. we have talked to so many cubans in the streets here. one man telling me, without castro, cuba is nothing. when i asked two young women are they looking forward to the possibility of new freedoms here, they told me they're happy with what they have. and they, too, are honoring their leader.
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walk down the streets of cuba this morning, and you can sense it. a country in mourning. the streets nearly empty. the flags at half staff. and the music that i typically hear in the streets here, silent. a country dealing with the loss of their long-time leader, fidel castro. he died late friday night. [ speaking spanish ] he tells us he's proud of his leader, but that fidel castro has already been gone for a long time. ♪ more than 200 miles away in miami, florida, the mood for many is very different. cuban exiles flooding the streets over the weekend, celebrating. waving the flag high and dancing. they say this is the end to an oppressive regime. >> he did a lot of damage. especially for us that came in the '60s. we left everything. >> reporter: and fidel castro, every bit is controversial among american leaders. president obama, who recently renewed diplomatic ties with cuba, offering a hand of
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friendship, saying in a statement, we offer condolences to fidel castro's family. saying history will judge and record the enormous impact of this figure. but he has been criticized because of fidel's human rights abuses. >> i hope we don't see barack obama and joe biden and hillary clinton and democrats lining up to lionize a murderous tyrant and thug. >> reporter: president-elect trump striking a similar tone, calling castro, a quote, brutal dictator. mr. trump saying his administration will do all it can to ensure prosperity and liberty for the cubans. we talked to american tourists here. this group from texas. asking what the future with the u.s. should look like. what are your hopes for the cuban people now? >> i hope we can continue to have good relations with cuba. because i think that's what the people have indicated to us that they want. >> reporter: they're expecting a mass gathering here in havana today at the plaza de la revolution.
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where castro would famously address the cuban people for hours at a time. we asked the cubans here in the streets what they think about the future of cuba and the u.s. after the thaw in relations from the last couple of years. they say much of that now depends on what they hear from president-elect trump. george. >> it is the in his hands now, david. thanks very much. let's get more from jon karl. we know during the campaign, trump said he would reverse the executive orders, normalizing relations that president obama made. the question is how far he will go. what will he demand? can he get it done? >> well, you know, we also heard in the campaign, george, him talking about being open to lifting the trade embargo. just wanted to get a better deal than what he said obama got. i do not think that president trump will go forward to rapidly lift all that obama did on cuba. i think it is more likely based on my conversations with his top aides aid aides, it is more likely that he will use the threat of doing
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that to try to gain concessions from the cuban government on human rights and religious freedoms. >> they're saying they want release of political prisoners. the question is, how will raul castro and the administration respond? >> you could get into a situation where they dig in, trump needs to save face and lift some of those measures. keep in mind, everything that president obama did, the easing of the trade embargo, travel restrictions, it was all done through executive order. so as president, trump could lift that you will with a stroerk of a pen, but i see no indication that's something he would want to do unless he is goaded into it by the cuban government. >> we'll see, jon karl. thanks very much. now to the wild weather. heavy snow in the mountain states created travel problems for millions over the holiday weekend. and now more dangerous conditions are on the way. abc's alex perez is in chicago where they just saw a lot of rain. good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. that's right. snow, rain, icy roads. for those who are hoping to ease into the workweek, mother nature is not cooperating. overnight, wild weather from
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coast to coast wreaking havoc as snow, ice, and rain caused treacherous driving conditions for holiday travelers. four reported tornadoes touched down near nebraska. >> big cone. >> huge. >> reporter: the first post-thanksgiving tornadoes here in 40 years. nearly a half foot of snow fell on flagstaff, arizona. causing cars to spin off the road. interstates shut down in nevada coun county, saturday after pileups resulted in dangerous driving conditions. southern california also getting an early dose of the white stuff. for those hoping to avoid the roads, thousands of flights delayed. >> it's a bit annoying. my flights tend to get delayed. >> reporter: tsa screening an estimated 2.5 million passengers nationwide yesterday. >> i came here two hours early. because i know chicago is a pretty busy airport. and as for those storms, they're moving east. they're expected to create more travel problems.
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amy? >> all right, alex, and yes. let's get more from rob marciano on that with more on the two storms hitting the country. >> a lot of people are traveling today, amy. this picture from the mountains east of los angeles in through salt lake city. storm number one, storm number two. a very active pattern setting up here. we'll see some travel delays in salt lake city, dallas and memphis as well. this storm has a lot of jet stream energy and juice across the south. a severe weather threat. we haven't said that really here in a couple of months. i-10 through jackson mississippi, and of course, the winter weather. ing loo it a all these alerts. the west just painted with it. it will be dicey travel across parts of the dakotas and the mountains, as well. we're building a beneficial snow pack. that's good. also beneficial rains coming to the east. we'll talk about that in just a few minutes. all right, rob. thank you so much, and speaking of travel, take a look at this. two people at the minneapolis airport were treated for injuries after the catering truck they were riding in, it
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struck a barrier and then crashed right there, boom, into a tunnel. remarkably, they were able to climb out of the truck and they were not seriously injured. the tunnel had to be shout down. we're told no flights were affected. and again, unclear what led up to the crash, but incredible they both got out alive. >> you have to wonder what happened. we move to the california manhunt for two fugitives who broke out of jail last week. police now offering a $20,000 reward, warning the men are dangerous and desperate. abc's eva pilgrim here with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, george. those men on the loose. the intense search nonstop, running around the clock. this morning, investigators are listening to every call those inmates made while in the county jail, trying to find out who they were talking to before they got out. two inmates on the run after a daring jailbreak in san jose, california. this morning, investigators saying the $20,000 reward is a game-changer. >> that's generating a lot of tips. >> reporter: new information pouring in. rogerio chavez and laron campbell facing a range of
7:15 am
serious charges from burglary to firearms violations. on the run now for four days. only abc news getting a look inside the cell where it happened. >> it's pretty smooth. >> reporter: these are the bars left behind from the window chavez and campbell cut out to make their escape. the pair, part of a group of four inmates in wednesday's late night getaway. >> this is the window they came out of. where the bars are missing. and you can see also, they cut one of the horizontal supports also, and then pushed the window out. >> reporter: tying together a makeshift rope of blankets and bed sheets. repelling down two stories. the other two prisoners, quickly captured by deputies patrolling. chavez and campbell got away. how they cut the bars? a mystery. that window boarded up. this dorm-style cell empty. but the night of the escape, it was full. 20 inmates packed in. >> other people had to know. we believe that they had been cutting for quite a while. >> reporter: while only two got
7:16 am
out, investigators say that none of those still in are talking. and the sheriff telling us she has a really hard time believing that the other 16 guys didn't hear or see a thing. but, something that doesn't surprise her. it's part of the prison culture. no one wants to be a snitch. amy. all right, eva. thanks so much. well, it is cybermonday, and the blockbuster shopping has already begun. over the holiday weekend, more than 154 million shoppers. yeah, they were running. they took advantage of those thanksgiving deals. now more savings are on the way. and abc's rebecca jarvis has the details. cybermonday is more my speed. >> this is the perfect speed for me, too. more than half the shoppers you saw there this weekend shopped online, many from the palm of their hand, and today, you can expect to see deep discounts with free shipping on appliances, clothes, and electronics. after a record-breaking black friday weekend, shoppers already gearing up for a massive cybermonday. this weekend, more than 154
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million americans grabbing those wallet-friendly deals, up from 151 million last year. >> we almost didn't go today. but i kind of dragged her out. >> reporter: some shoppers, unruly. this seattle area nike store nearly demolished. others extremely violent. a fight between two customers in reno, nevada, turning deadly. but for the most part, controlled chaos. 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on black friday, the busiest shopping hour of the entire weekend. >> we do it every year. right? we want to get the best deals. >> reporter: the biggest day so far, friday, with online sales shattering records up 22% from last year, topping $3 million, bringing the two-day tally to more than $5 billion. retailers now turning their attention to cybermonday with deals on appliances like this juicer, $100 off amazon and clothes, baa banana republic and
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gap offering 50% off. j. crew and old navy, 40% off. and target, 15% off everything. and if you're in the market for a tv but you didn't get one over the weekend, you're in luck. walmart, target, amazon, and best buy all have great deals today on tvs. it's also a great time to book travel. some of the deals coming into my phone, the temperatures looking good. >> somewhere south? >> you go warm, you go cold. you got options. >> all right. i like that. >> let's see what the options are from rob. this picture from an airline in the smoky mountains. er certainly holding true to the name. we still have 19 large uncontained fires across the southeast. where they have this severe and in some cases, extreme drought, but look at this. look at the rainfall in the next three to four days. boom. over six inches in spots. that will help put out fires. and put a nice dent in that drought. time now for your select cities brought to you by jcpenney.
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and coming up here, new details about the mom missing for weeks, found bound and alive on the side of the road. >> chp is advising she is
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and in-store this sunday and monday! good morning. i'm natasha zouves from abc 7 mornings. we are tracking developing news in the south bay right now. deputies are questioning three people about the disappearance of two escaped inmates from the santa clara county main jail. they followed tips that chavez was spotted at the days inn in gilroy. they do not find him there this morning. he and campbell escaped and they are still on the run. over to sue hall in for alexis smith. >> good morning. we have bumper-to-bumper traffic for your back to work monday. westbound 580, a grind from trace yi into dublin, an hour and just about 20 minutes from antioch highway 4 to concord, under 45 minutes and san rafael into san francisco looks good
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through marin county and we do have a problem, this one southbound 880 at industrial and one at whipple earlier and traffic stacks up toward castro valley.
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let's open up the weather window on san jose, 87 and a shower rolled through and so just about everybody dealing with drizzle. even a few showers starting to show up and that is possible through about noon. we have flight arrival delays in sfo so call ahead. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. going to be breezy this afternoon. and dry at least. 30s and 40s tonight but 50s and 60s for highs until the weekend when it is even warmer. natasha. >> that looks good, mike. coming up, new details on the abduction of a redding mom. next we'll hear from the driver who first spotted her on the
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highway. we'll have another update
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with an extra 25% off nike and earn a little more with yes2you rewards so you can give a little more this holiday. kohl's. take hold of this moment. the force is strong. >> tell me you have a backup plan. >> oh, that is the trailer for "rogue one: a star wars story." you just heard from the star right there, felicity jones. >> i love this time of year. we have emma stone here with "la la land." a lot to get to. all eyes on wisconsin and the calls for an election recount there. donald trump calling those efforts a scam and making bombshell allegations that millions of americans voted illegally as he returns to trump
7:31 am
tower here in new york for a full day of meetings. and did you see this? the ultimate overtime twist. the denver broncos banking on their kicker for a victory. over the kansas city chiefs. they missed. the chiefs' chance, the ball bounces then goes in. look at this. >> whoa. >> let's see. boom. >> right through. >> giving them a 30-27 win. the teams meet again on christmas day. >> that will be a grudge match. a lot to get to this morning, including cybermonday deals. few didn't get all your holiday shopping done, you still have some time yet. becky worley has a simple trick for you for online deals. and tory johnson is here. she has double deals. and free shipping. that is all coming up. she's getting set upstairs. looking forward to that, but we begin with the latest on the holiday miracle. a california mom missing for three weeks found alive on thanksgiving morning. police are now looking for two women in connection with the case. abc's kayna whitworth is in
7:32 am
redding, california. kayna, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, amy, good morning. we're hearing from the woman who called 911 saying she looked terrified. this morning, the hunt is on for alleged kidnappers of a california mother who was held captive for three weeks, who was discovered along this >> chp is advising she is heavily battered, and it is confirmed a kidnapping. >> reporter: authorities say 34-year-old sherri papini was terrified and could only offer a vague description of her chapters. two hispanic women armed with a handgun driving a dark suv. alison spotted her and called police. >> i saw a woman, a woman with long blonde hair by the side of the road.
7:33 am
kind of frantically waving what looked like a shirt. >> reporter: papini told authorities her captors dropped her off, right there behind me, 150 miles from her home, on thanksgiving day. authorities say she was bound with restraints, but was able to flag down a passing driver. >> i figured if she was willing to risk being hit by a car, she must really need help. >> she's chained with -- with a quarter-inch heavy chain and -- on her wrists. >> reporter: investigators analyzing the restraints, along with papini's clothe for evidence. they're checking cameras. they're investigating papini's past, including a previous marriage, and searching her online activity. the county sheriff saying, currently, we have no reason to disbelieve ms. papini's story. she's been assaulted.
7:34 am
now sherri papini was treated at an area hospital and released. her husband immediately by her side. i spoke with the sheriff, and he tells me he plans on interviewing sherri papini again this week, reiterating to me, amy, that if she remembers the slightest detail, it could help break this case. >> thank you, kayna. joining us is brad garrett, a former fbi special agent and veteran felony prosecutor nancy grace. good morning to you both. a remarkable story. i remember seeing this on my phone on thanksgiving and saying, i can't believe this outcome. how unusual is this type of story? >> well, of course, skeptics believe that it's a hoax. but i'm not so sure that that's true. the police are saying -- the sheriff is saying, they have no reason to disbelieve her. they also say that they are investigating her past. here is the rub. here's the fly in the ointment. it's extremely rare for women to
7:35 am
commit a violent crime. that's not just an anecdotal statement. according to the u.s. department of justice, about 75.6% of crimes are committed by men. okay? so to hear of two women committing a violent felony, kidnapping, beating her, restraining her this way, and there's no motive, that's why people are skeptical. i can tell you this. i've seen even stranger scenarios that are true. >> and brad, let me ask you this. sherri papini was found battered. she was found chained. police are looking for those two women. what do you make of the scene that was set? >> first of all, we don't know what role these women played. could they have been involved in the kidnapping? of course. but figuring out their position in this whole thing, did they find her? were they associated with the bad guys that ultimately kidnapped her and then dropped
7:36 am
her off? the real key is the small details she can remember. what was the room like? what did it smell like? was it near a barn? did she hear animals? did she hear traffic? were people on cell phones? she's going to listen for accents. all those little clues combined with social media may find these guys. >> nancy, do you think there are any other avenues investigators should be pursuing right now? >> oh, absolutely. what brad just said sparked my mind. a cell tower dump would be very beneficial right now. in other words, the cell phone tower near the spot where she was taken, very near her home, where they found her earbuds, and her cell phone, strands of her hair in the earbuds. a cell tower dump would give you every cell phone that passed that was turned on at that moment. within that hour. that would be very, very helpful. they're looking at computers.
7:37 am
iphones. what is missing here is any motive on her part. why would she do this? why would she restrain herself and beat herself in a way that made them take her to the hospital? before i'm going to be a skeptic and cynical, i'm kochoosing to believe her right now and be thankful that she is home. >> nancy and brad, thank you. george, what's up next? it's something called thunderstorm asthma. and the weather is sending thousands to the hospital. we'll have the latest on that. and we have the secrets to bigger cybermonday savings. all in two minutes. >> even bigger? wow. mini miracle. hey! hey! ♪ this is for you. did you really? didn't have too! ♪ getting the gift you almost kept for yourself, now that's a holiday mini miracle. and it is easy to create your own at walgreens,
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and we're back with the big board. breaking down more of today's top stories. we welcome bill nye. he is right here at the table. you're coming right up. we're starting with the terrifying accident with cirque du soleil on sunday. it put olympian lisa skinner in the hospital. let's talk to dan abrams about that. this is the latest in a string
7:40 am
of accidents. one performer actually died in 2013, and "the wall street journal" saying this is one of the most dangerous professions out there. >> first of all, good news. lisa skinner, according to reports from cirque du soleil, is now in good condition. but in terms of what can be done more broadly -- look. there's a governmental agency, called osha, that deals with safety in the work place. they've monitored cirque du soleil. they've fined them in the past. but on the whole, cirque du soleil does a pretty thorough job when it comes to safety and security. it's part of what they do every day in what is a dangerous job. the biggest problem i think for the workers, is if they're injured, when they're injured, they're not getting worker's comp. that wasn't designed for cirque du soleil. by taking worker's comp, you typically waive your right to sue for negligence. the most dangerous job in
7:41 am
america? logging. 1 in 1,000 people die on the job. >> wow. you mentioned finances. from a financial perspective, how protected are cirque performers financially? what are their legal options versus say a professional athlete? >> yeah. there are a lot of comparisons made to professional athletes. the problem is that the professional athletes are unionized. they're not unionized. cirque du soleil, a contract of a year at most two years. they don't have the right or benefits that a professional athlete would have if and when they're injured. remember that the the majority of the injuries, when it comes to cirque du soleil are not the ones we see typically. they're much more minor injuries. >> dan, thank you so much. we appreciate it. moving on now to an extremely bizarre and dangerous medical condition that left six
7:42 am
people dead 37 sent 8,500 others to hospitals throughout australia. it's known as thunderstorm asthma. triggered by a rare weather phenomenon. i have never heard of this before. tell us what this is. >> you have rye grass with a lot of pollen. pollen is very sharp, spiky pollen. and so it's very high winds, and sometimes, when it gets moist, these pollen grains will explode or burst, and when the pollen grains get down to less than a micron. very small -- >> really small. >> gets in your lungs. pieces of spiky pollen. you're allergic. you get it. that's speculated here. australia -- australia was founded by a relatively few european population. if your ancestors had this genetic predisposition of getting asthma, and then you have thousands of -- or millions of people living there, that same gene would be passed on. that's very reasonable to me.
7:43 am
8,500 people went to the hospital? that's a lot. >> so many people here in the united states have european ancestry. what can people do to protect themselves? >> stay inside. that's what we always say. everybody has a little bit of allergy to something. if you can stay inside during the extreme events. by the way, are we allowed to say it is an extreme thunderstorm? climate change. can we say that? am i allowed to say that? >> sure. >> it could be. you cannot connect any one storm. we had tornadoes in november. this big storm surprised everyone in australia where they're quite used to heavy rains. >> bill nye, thank you very much. i saw becky worley shaking her head yes talking about climate change, as well. we'll talk to her about cybermonday and the holiday deals. you have all kinds of tips. including one that surprises me. clearing your browser can get you better deals? >> science and facts are supported here, george, and technology, too.
7:44 am
you know how ads follow you around? retailers can see you coming back to their site to look at an item. we don't know exactly how they use that info, but prices can change person to person, minute to minute. you want to make sure your browsing history is not working against you. delete it before you go back to make a purchase. we have instructions on our website how to do that. another tool that will say you money, it's an app called slice. you give it permission to comb through your e-mail, look for receipts for online purchases. it tracks when your item ships. it monitors prices. if there's a drop after you purchase, slice alerts you and helps you get a refund. you can get a refund for the difference. it's genius. >> wow, i love it. i gotta get that today. what to buy? what hits rock bottom? >> you're going to get ready for my rapid fire shopping advice. here goes. deals today, good on electr electronics, especially android phone, external hard drives. small parts, hdmi cables.
7:45 am
saw them on amazon. laptops, cameras, headphones. any gadget amazon makes. new category, clothes. my son's pants are all high-waters up around his shins. hello,50% off at old navy. five pairs asap. so many are blanket discounting their entire inventory. gift bundles in beauty. like at ulta, soap chains. here's my shopping quiz. amy, you're exempted. if george and bill can answer this, i'll eat my arm. what does bogo stand for? >> i have a very good idea. am i allowed to say that? buy one, get one free. wait, don't answer that. there's more! >> how does he know that? >> he does know everything. >> that can't be all. >> all right. guess what? it isn't all. we have more cybermonday savings in our next hour as we watch becky eat her arm. tory johnson has "deals &
7:46 am
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7:48 am
you know, the dangers of wrong-way driving hit home over the holiday weekend. multiple deadly accidents. and david kerley is in washington with what you can do protect yourself on the road. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. you're right. there was a spate of wrong-way accidents over the weekend. and they don't happen often, but they are often more deadly. in arizona -- >> a single vehicle wrong-way driver into a greyhound bus. >> reporter: the wrong-way driver was killed. more than a dozen on the bus injured. >> one benefit to this particular crash is the weight of that bus, and the impact that that bus is able to take on. >> reporter: a college football player in massachusetts killed going the wrong way thanksgiving. and sunday, two killed on long island. five deadly accidents over the holiday. we have seen them before.
7:49 am
captured on video. vehicles on the wrong side of the road speeding. while wrong-way crashes make up only 3% of accidents, one study says they are 17 times more deadly, between 30,400 deaths a year. nearly 60% of the accidents involve drivers who have been drinking. what can you do? >> stay out of the fast lane. stay in the middle lanes or the right lanes if you can. if it's a two-way highway, be alert. look ahead. >> reporter: there are also calls to change the way roads are designed. often onramps and offramps are next to each other, which can lead to mistakes. some experts say lower the do not enter signs, make them bigger. and put another set farther up the exit lane. and not surprising, as we possibly add rumble strips that a driver gets the cue they're going the wrong way. and not surprising, as we mentioned, alcohol always a factor. celebrations lead to more of these accidents. some good tips from the police officer, when you're on the
7:50 am
roads during the holidays and celebrations, be very alert. >> gotta be. boy, those rumble strips would be a good addition. okay, david. thanks very much. coming up in our next hour, cybermonday "deals & steals." story johnson here with big savin savings. free shipping on everything. and we have a lot of stars here. felicity jones from "rogue one" and emma stone from "la la land." both here live. >> it's like "rebel without a cause."
7:51 am
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after a slow start, we're piling up the powder. this is in colorado. look at this accumulation. a good ten inches in 24 hours. that's on top of what they saw last week, and more coming as we get through the next 24 hours. winter storm warnings still posted. nearly every resort getting a little taste of winter. this weather cast is brought to you by petco. more local news and weather (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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>> announcer: "good morning america" is brought to you by the quicksilver card from capital one. america" is brought the quicksilver card from capital one.
7:56 am
good monday morning, let's look at what is going on outside. we've had dralz and showers rolling through. it is still wet. off in the distance it looks fuzzy and that means there is drizzle hanging around. and there is another batch of moisture that will roll down through noon. it could keep the showers in the forecast until noon. the drizzle will start drying around 9:00. temperatures today mainly in the upper 50s to about 60 but the lows tonight you have to watch out for. mid-30s to mid-40s. it is going to be fairly dry and gets a lot warmer on saturday and sunday. hey, sue. >> good morning. we still have trouble eastbound 80 near the east shore freeway and that is just right but university with this truck that is over the guard rail. they are trying to get that wrapped up and a crane there as well. westbound remains very slow and we have reports of a new accident westbound 37. this one near serious point
7:57 am
raceway or the sonoma raceway and apparently that vehicle is in the water. so we will check back on that in the next 25 minutes or so. but give yourself plenty of time if you are traveling on that east shore freeway all the way down from highway 4. you are looking a
7:58 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we have everything you need to know about cybermonday. is this about to be the biggest shopping day of the year? the deals you can only get here on "gma." one supersized edition of "deals & steals" this morning. also this morning, jogging dangers. more attacks on women while running alone. our experts weigh in with the tips everyone exercising needs to hear. how to stay safer starting now. get ready to go "rogue." >> tell me you have a backup plan. >> with the star of the brand-new "star wars" movie that will rock the galaxy. >> rebellions were built on hope. >> felicity jones is here live. days before the premier. >> may the force be with us. >> and she's saying -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and good morning, felicity jones. good morning, america. happy monday. coming off this holiday weekend. we have a special gift for jesse palmer this morning. all the "star wars" excitement. >> i know. this is good news. >> number one fan right there. >> big time. can't wait. we also have a special gift for all of you. it's cybermonday. let's take a look outside. we have tons of robots here to help us kick off our cybermonday mania. ♪ everybody dance now >> it's our version of stormtroopers. >> that's not a special effect? >> they're really out there. >> no, that's happening outside. >> that's how we roll, george. nothing too good for our audiences. >> that's how i felt when i walked into work this morning. >> i do have so many questions about cybermonday. what deals are the best? thanksfully, tory johnson is here. we have a huge shopping day ahead for you. all from the comfort of your own computer. how nice does that sound? and we have a special edition of "deals & steals." twice as many deals. tory johnson is offering free shipping for all of them. only for you, our "gma" viewers. we're going to get to that soon.
8:02 am
>> who is modeling what right there? we'll get to that later. first, the morning rundown from tom llamas. george, good morning. we begin with breaking news. active shooter on the campus of columbus ohio. at ohio state university. there was a situation unfolding at 19th avenue and college road at watts hall. fire officials have confirmed eight victims have been transported to the hospital. they are not saying how they were injured. abc's david kerley is joining us with the latest on what happened. david, what do you know? >> reporter: we are getting reports, tom, that this is becoming a fairly serious incident, and these local law enforcement according to eyewitness accounts, there was a car, a honda vehicle that drove up to the hall you were talking about. watts hall, which is an engineering hall, apparently, tried to mow down some tonights or folks around that hall, and then the jumper drived out and started firing from a weapon. five or six shots fired,
8:03 am
according to these eyewitness accounts again. as you mentioned, eight have been taken to the hocht. one in critical condition, is what we have. two in stable. ohio state has put out an alert to its students saying, run, hide and as a final resort, fight. there has also been a message sent out from law enforcement to parents, not to call their students at this hour, because they might be sheltering in place hiding. we don't know where this potential shooter, the driver is. they don't want their phones ringing. they are asking parents to stand by and wait and wait until this resolves itself. the latest report, eight in the hospital, one in critical, two in stable. we do not have a report at this hour, tom, as to what has happened to the alleged shooter, the driver of the vehicle who started this on the ohio state campus. >> monitoring this.
8:04 am
a shooting on ohio state university at the science eck e engineering section. we're joined now by former fbi agent, brad garrett on the phone. we have limited information, but from what you can see from the news news helicopters, what can you deduce of what happened so far? >> whatever happened appears to be after the fact, tom. the reason i say that is as you watch the lack of speed in emergency service personnel and law enforcement standing around, having conversations. there's a group doing a refeed a couple of minutes ago. whatever they have, doesn't appear to be happening right now at the campus. it's unclear as david kerley mentioned as to what is the status of the shooter. that was supposedly driving a car that tried to run some kids down. so, you know, is he down?
8:05 am
is he located or is there a smp for him? we'll have to wait and see. >> we have that chilling tweet from ohio state university telling students to run, fight or hide, and from the video so far, does it look like it could be an active shooter situation as we're reporting, or is it calmed down or is it too soon to tell? >> it appears to be they have calmed down. and it's almost like we appeared to be aware of what happened, it calmed down. i have been watching television for about 40 minutes, and even 40 minutes ago, emergency service personnel and the cops were not going down and breaking max speed, so, you know, whatever they have, they either have it contained, shooter's down or shooter is not near the campus. >> all right, brad garrett for us on the phone monitoring this breaking news again. people shot on the campus of
8:06 am
ohio state. eight people transported to the hospital. we'll continue to monitor this breaking news as it comes in. that tweet from ohio state university telling students to basically schett tohelter in pl. to run, hid or fight, and a chilling tweet. law enforcement remcommending t parents and family members not to call your kids. because the phone may ring and it may alert that shooter if he is alive. we'll bring you much more details as we get them, but for now now, let's go back to "gma" and lara spencer. lara? oh, boy. "pop news" time. amy, i heard you say it's such a great time for movies. movie news. "moana" made a huge splash at the box office. bringing in the number two thanksgiving launch of all time, just behind "frozen" also a
8:07 am
disney hit. "moana" raked in over $81 million, thanks in large part to dwayne johnson voicing the male lead. and the movie's music co-created by "hamilton" lin-manuel miranda. warren beatty's "rules don't apply" and "bad santa 2" didn't do as well as predicted. i am curious to see "allied." they all took in less than projected. that also didn't get a terrific review. i'm excited to see "allied." did anybody see it? i'm looking forward to it. >> i didn't see "allied." also in pop news, the buddy system. taking on new meaning in the country of finland. it's called an outdoor buddy plan. postal workers are offering to take elderly people out for walks in the fresh air. i love this idea. it's all about reducing isolation. boosting healthy buddy walks. they can be arranged for about $15 for a 30-minute session. once or twice a week. this new service comes on the heels of that post office announcing workers are available
8:08 am
to mow lawns during summer months. >> what a great idea. >> i think the post office is -- or the article is trying to raise revenue but also trying to raise spirits. especially during the holiday season. not a lot of light during the day. elderly afraid to get out and walk because of conditions. something we could think about and maybe do ourselves. a teachable moment today. and finally, remember the golden ticket in "charlie and the chocolate factory "? love that movie so. >> of course. >> bud light is offering its own version of it, a golden beer can. the prize? a chance to win super bowl tickets for the next 51 years. they're calling it super bowl for life. they're calling it the strike gold campaign. >> great idea. >> placing a golden can in 18, 24, and 30-packs of bud light. 37,000 in all. distributed randomly across the country, sorry, california, except you. you can get involved in california. different directions. go online and read. >> honey, i had to buy three cases. >> i wanted a golden can. i don't know what to tell you.
8:09 am
>> giving you a reason to buy more beer. >> each can give you a chance to enter. not every can wins. that gives you a chance to win this to go to those next 51 bowls. and if you don't get the final prize, six people will still win season tickets to their favorite nfl team games. >> wow. >> it is a brilliant marketing campaign. >> so fun. >> what could go wrong? >> i want adults to get on board. of drinking age. exactly. i'm almost there. sure. i think i won the golden ticket. anyway, that's "pop news," america. >> a nice finish. >> thank you, thank you, george. sometimes we do dramatic reenactments. tory johnson here. double the deals and savings this cybermonday. everything has free shipping. plus, we have a safety alert about how you can stay safe when running alone when we come back. running alone when we come back.
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i mean, listen to the crowd. we have huge savings. i can understand. tory johnson is here with "deals & steals" with gifts for everyone on your list. they've all got it with -- say it with me. ready? one, two, three. >> all: free shipping. >> thank you. well done. all that rehearsing. >> we partnered with the companies to bring you great deals. we asked three friends to come and help us. claire, kesha, kelly. they're modeling. footsie fold. this is the brand-new faux fur shawl. it can be worn three ways. look at the girls hamming it up. as we asked them to do. right on cue. three different colors. a variety of ways to wear it. a really cool buttons on the side to create sleeves, if you want. it's a simple, easy look for all ages. >> dress it up. dress it down. >> i got it. normally $110. it's slashed by 62%. $42, and drum roll please. >> all: free shipping! >> you got it. all right.
8:15 am
next up, from lulu dharma. this is one of our favorites. i got that all packed for you, ready to go, off for the weekend. for guys or girls on the go, this bag is fabulous. it's great canvas, and two ways to carry it. those handles or the cross-body strap. plaid patterns. you can't go wrong with them. normally, $125. slashed by 69%. $39 and drum roll please. >> all: free shipping. >> you got it. okay. so -- >> i love these. >> for the lady who is classic. timeless. elegant. of all ages. whether it's your daughter, kate, or your mom. this works for everybody because it's diamonds. diamonds and sterling from amelia rose. initials. the single initial. you can wear multiples. if you want to love a lot of people. just a beautiful assortment. there's less expensive white sapphire online if you want those. but we're focused on the diamonds. we're focused on the diamonds. these are normally $159.
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today, we're slashing that by 63%. $58. and -- drum roll, please. >> all: free shipping. >> you got it. all right. >> i love those. >> they're beautiful. next up from michael todd. this is the brand-new sonic blend brush. so this is for makeup up. for air brush, flawless finish, no lines, no streaks. it is for powder, foundation, conto contouring, for the beauty junkie. yes, yes. >> what's so funny? >> it's for the beauty junkie. the makeup lover. normally, $99. we're slashing this one by 55%. $45 and drum roll please -- >> all: free shipping. >> i love this. this is a great stocking stuffer. >> it's great on its own, too. fabulous. from kushion. danielle will help us over here. ♪ >> so you lay on the pillow and blow out your ears? >> put it in your room and you listen to -- create surround
8:17 am
sound. listen to netflix in a whole new way. music in a whole new way. for indoors, outdoors. surround sound. you cannot beat this. this is a splurge gift. >> are you supposed to lay on it? >> you can put your head on it. you don't have to. you can use it as a speakerphone to answer your phone. >> oh, wow. >> it's multifunctional. this is a splurge. fabulous also as a family gift or for the tech lover. normally $300 for this baby. we're slashing this one in half for $150, and drum roll please -- >> >> all: free shipping. >> you got it. okay, and last but not least. we have a toaster oven and a pizza maker from black & decker. you can't go wrong. this is for someone who has a new home or is practical. >> or whose kids only eat chicken nuggets. >> that's right. $40 to $80. these are all slashed by 50%. and drum roll, please. >> all: free shipping. >> and we have started to heat it up. so you guys -- we tested it. you guys all have some samples
8:18 am
in front of you there. >> little pizza bagels. one of my specialties. >> more deals coming up. >> we have more deals coming up. you can also get the links and the codes for all of these deals. where am i? >> right here. >> go to our website. all the codes and links will be there. tory will be back with more cybermonday savings. don't miss it. and next up, that running safety alert. this is serious from clothes to headphones, what you need to know if you want to run alone. very important. very important. i'll call you back. is this my car? state farm knows that for every one of those moments... what? this is ridiculous! there's one of these... sam, i gotta go... is this my car? what? this is ridiculous! this can't be happening! this can't be happening! oh, it's happening sweetheart. oh, it's happening sweetheart. shut up! shut up! that's why state farm is there, what a day... with car insurance, for when things go wrong. but also here with car loans, to help life go right. state farm. what a day!!
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♪ it's cybermonday. we have a special surprise for you right now. your first look at the perfect gift for "star wars" fans. we have the "star wars" battle quad drones from propel. the x-wing fighter. the ty-fighter. and we have got the speed race er. and, the box even plays. ♪ all right. right now, we have the pilots of these bad boy drones going to take off right now. make these babies fly, boys. whoa. nice. and a flip. can we dim the lights? can we dim the lights? yeah, cause they've got lasers.
8:23 am
how hot is that? yes. you "star wars" freaks will love this stuff. they'll be available for christmas. great job, guys. you haven't hurt anybody yet. keep it right here. faa rules and all. all right. that's your latest cybermonday surprise. "star wars" fans, get out and buy these before christmas. and we're going to move on now to a safety alert about jogging. it's in the news right now after a series of incidents, including
8:24 am
the latest, that mother in california found weeks after disappearing on a run. becky worley back with important tips to remember if you are running alone. hey, becky. >> reporter: morning, george. it is early morning. pitch black. and for many women, this is the only time they can squeeze in a run, before the kids wake up. before work. but in light of recent news, it's become more than a little scary. an unscientific poll by runner's world magazine says 54% of women fear being assaulted while they're running. so what can you do to protect yourself? she was just out for an afternoon jog. >> chp advising she is heavily battered. and it is confirmed a kidnapping. >> reporter: 34-year-old sherri papini says she was snatched. by two attackers while running near her redding, california, home. the mother of two missing for three weeks before finally escaping. >> she's saying she jumped out of a vehicle. >> when you run alone, you're so vulnerable. >> reporter: this summer alone, 30-year-old karina vetrano
8:25 am
strangled on a trail she took nearly every day. vanessa marcotte, murdered on a path behind her mother's house. and ali brueger, shot and killed in broad daylight. all three women simply out on a jog when they were attacked. >> it's just you. you don't have any protection. >> reporter: this woman is the founder of tough cookies. a jogging group. they were founded on theory that on the trails and roads, there is safety in numbers. >> no one is going to attempt anything when you have a group. you can relax and enjoy your run. focus on the workout. not have to be constantly on the lookout. >> reporter: what happens if you can't run with a partner? we talked to a safety expert who gave us tips on how to protect yourself on the path. first, ditch the headphones. >> the earlier that i can hear somebody approaching me, or that i can see somebody approaching me, then i can respond in a way that's going to give me a better chance at getting away to someplace safe. >> reporter: avoid baggy clothes and pony tails. >> opt for form-fitting clothes
8:26 am
that's form fitting and doesn't have a hood. and opt for hair in a side-braid or a low pony tail or tucked up and underneath your cap. makes it more difficult for somebody to grab hold of you. and drag you into the bushes or take you down to the ground. >> reporter: and finally, be prepared to fight back. >> taking even one self-defense class can seriously increase your safety. you learn how to be better prepared to pay attention to your surroundings and listen to your gut. you also learn how to fight back effectively in a worst case scenario. >> reporter: last tip, tell someone where you are running and when they should expect you back, george. >> okay. a lot of good advice right there. you have to pay attention to that advice. >> i certainly do. because i do like to run by myself. coming up, star of "rogue one" felicity jones here live. she is going to talk all about it.
8:27 am
good monday morning. it is 8:27, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. we have developing news out of the south bay. deposits need to keep your eyes peeled for these two inmates who escaped the santa clara county main jail. they raided a days inn in gilroy looking for chavez after tips he was there and they did not indian him and they are questioning people about his and the other inmate's disappearance. >> over to sue. >> we have a couple of lingering problems, not just slow traffic but a couple of accidents to make you aware of. westbound 37 right near the raceway, in fact there is a little bridge that goes over this river portion here where apparently a car went off the roadway and into the water.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
30s and 40s tonight, reggie. >> thank you, mike. we're following the situation at oh ♪ [ "star wars" theme playing ] we hear that "star wars" music. but i see with all these christmas sweaters here, we need some holiday music as well. welcome to all of you. hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> thanks for being here, everybody. such a nice monday morning. getting right back into it. we're jumping in with a very special guest. joining us at the table, please welcome academy award nominee and the star of the new "rogue one" felicity jones. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hi. hello. >> nice to pete you. how are you? >> nice to meet you. hi, hi. >> good to see you.
8:31 am
>> i know. >> good to see you. >> welcome. >> hello. hi, everyone. >> is it too early for you? we hope it's not too early for you. you're in from london. >> i'm slowly waking up. the -- i'm definitely a night person, not a morning person. >> so are we. it's a problem. >> you're a "star wars" person? used to watch as a kid? >> yes. i remember watching it as a little girl. i watched at my cousins' house. with my older brother. and i would be -- for some reason, we were really close to the tv watching, about the age of 7. and we watched it on vhs. i remember the opening titles going up the screen. >> i knew it had to be vhs. because you're ten years younger than me. >> that makes me old. >> if that makes you old, the rest of us are grandparents. >> except jesse. >> i remember watching "empire strikes back" in the theater. you all remember? [ applause ] >> that's my favorite one. >> me, too. >> yeah, that's mine, too. that was the first movie i had
8:32 am
ever been to. and my favorite of all of them. >> i have to say, "force awakens" is my favorite now because i got to introduce my daughter to it. >> and now we get this. you said many the past, you wanted to play a superhero. and now you are one. >> i know. [ applause ] i'm glad that gets a clap. >> why was that important to you? >> it was the opportunity to be a kicks-ass girl. to be running and punching and sort of, you know, she's a real live wire. she's gt real spirit. and it was just a fantastic character to play. >> let's see a kick-ass girl in action. let's take a look. >> destroying an entire planet. they call it the death star. we need to capture the plans if there's any hope of destroying it. >> we want to help. >> all right. how many do we need? >> i'll be there for you. the captain said i had to. >> charming.
8:33 am
>> whoa. >> of course, so much anticipation for this movie. felicity, this is how you know you've really made it. you now have your own action figure. >> oh. >> how cool is that? check it out. >> thank you very much. >> how does it feel to have your own action figure? >> it's great. although, recently, i was showing my nephew who is 1 1/2. he started pulling the arms off. it really brings you back down to earth. >> explain to us where the movie is in the storyline. >> it's the film that leads into the story of "a new hope" which was the first of the trilogy in those '70s films. we wanted to capture that atmosphere and the freshness that those films have. >> that's exciting. i like that. that gives us the back story. on some of our -- the people that we grew up with. >> all the things we didn't know that we wanted to know. your character's name is jyn erso. you were also called the tiny warrior.
8:34 am
which is fitting. you were recently in "glamour." by the way, a beautiful, beautiful spread there. >> thank you. >> and you talked about how you were a tomboy growing up. did you channel some of your inner tomboy to play jyn? >> i did. it was useful for playing jyn. it's only now i'm learning to wear pretty dresses. >> you wear them well. >> i'm a huge "star wars" fan. in this movie, you're building a rebel army. if you could build any army from any of the movies who would it be? >> okay. good question. well, come on, it's got to be chewbacca. [ cheers and applause ] >> a crowd pleaser every time. >> i know, come on. why not? and then, i would say, han solo. [ cheers and applause ]
8:35 am
he's very -- he's very precious. and then, why not? rey. she's got to be part of it. >> did you have special training? >> i did. i did. i actually went into kind of quite intensive kung fu training. i felt a bit like "karate kid" on a sort of daily basis, which was, in the mornings, before going on to set, i would often do a few moves to get into character. it was a big part of preparation. >> you killed us all in "the theory of everything." >> so good. >> such a beautiful film. how do you decide on the kinds of roles you'll take? to go from one extreme to the other like this? >> it's very instinctive. it's what you read and something appeals and -- you kind of just have to throw yourself into it. it's like anything. you know, if you overthink it too much, we wouldn't do anything, would we?
8:36 am
you have to be impulsive and trust your instincts basically. >> speaking of movies, you have quite a few coming out. three other movies coming out this year alone. incredible. including "inferno" with tom hanks. you had a moment with him in a car? in a vehicle? >> yeah. i almost -- i almost killed tom hanks. which is -- >> whoa. >> not literally. i was driving out of this very sharp turn. we were driving in italy. in florence. and doing this driving scene. the streets are so small. for some reason, i was in this huge car. my character had an enormous four-wheel drive thing. i hit the wall on the side that he was -- >> kind of hit the wall. >> so it sort of -- and he was so sweet. he was so gracious. he didn't sort of make any fuss at all as i nearly took his life. but -- it was a good start to the shoot. >> no more driving in the next films? >> yeah.
8:37 am
i think it will be much more flying x-wings. >> thank you for coming in. you're on the cover of "glamour" all over the world right now. and "rogue one" opens december 16th. >> cannot wait. >> thanks for coming in. coming up, another leading lady. emma stone from "la la land."
8:38 am
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sunshine this weekend. good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. we're off to a wet start with drizzle through 9:00 and a chance of showers through noon and partly sunny with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. chilly tonight, mid-30s to mid-40s. a random shower on wednesday and [ cheers and applause ]esday and >> not only can these robots dance, but they gave away their coats. we're celebrating the warm coats and warm hearts coat drive. partnered with burlington and k.i.d.s. "dr. strange" star benedict cumberbatch stopped by to donate. you can, too. bring your gently used coats to your burlington store. let's check in now on the coat count so far this year. 10,611 coats donated. go to on yahoo! to learn how to donate your coat to someone who needs it this winter. it's kind of chilly out this morning. back to you, amy. all right, thank you so much. look who we have here.
8:42 am
emma stone. she stars with ryan gosling in the new original movie musical "la la land." emma plays mia, an aspizing actress struggling to make it in hollywood. she's auditioning for a new role. take a look. >> i just thought -- i don't know what i thought. >> one second. >> can i have that phone? tell her i'll call her back. >> in two minutes? >> less than two minutes. >> i'll go get you lunch. >> i'm almost done. thank you. >> oh. you know what? i think we're good. thanks for coming in. >> ooh. this is such a good movie, though. and i have to imagine not that that specifically ever happened to you, but some of these moments when you're auditioning for parts in l.a., this is about an aspiring actress.
8:43 am
did it strike close to home for you? >> definitely. >> did you ever have someone shut the door on you like that, basically? >> i have had a variety of experiences in that way. throughout the movie, you can see. there's a lot of people who don't look up from their paper when you come into read. it's tough. >> the movie is so beautiful. i brought my daughters. i have to say, i'm not overselling this. this is the best movie i saw all year. i laughed, i cried, my heart was warmed. it mad to be such an incredible experience. you have done broadway. this is not your first time singing in front of millions. but, what was it like -- i mean, look at that. the dancing, the singing. you were a triple-threat in this movie. >> oh, thanks. >> you're welcome. [ cheers and applause ] >> we had months of rehearsal. it was fun to ballroom dance and tap-dance.
8:44 am
and work on singing. because we sang live in parts of the movie. so it was just -- it was exciting. >> you were so good. you moved so well. the two of you, ryan and you, this is your third time starring as ryan gosling's love interest. i have to tell you, so i walked out of the movie -- i know. you deserve a round of applause. i called my husband, i said, bad news. i'm more in love with ryan gosling than i was before. >> i hate to break it to you. >> you all have such incredible chemistry. what was it like singing and dancing with him? you did the move in "crazy, stupid love." the "dirty dancing" thing. >> this is real dancing. it's an intense experience learning to ballroom dance. it was great to have a friend there. >> the movie goes through so much. but a lot of this is about what if?
8:45 am
what if you had made different choices along the way? i'm sure i'm not the first person to ask you. have you thought about the what if snz as you were doing this show, this musical, this movie, it's the glaring question. >> i think everybody does. you kind of wonder if you made didn't choices or, if, you know, certain things had unfolded a didn't way what your life would look like. i think that's why the movie is resonant in that way. because there is that -- there's different lanes that your life can travel down. and you never really know. >> i felt like it resonated so much with me. i was thinking about the different paths our lives take. it's a beautiful movie. as you were singing and dancing and i think that this is just arope proep appropriate to ask you, what is your go-to karaoke song? >> oh. [ applause ] i weirdly like karaoke so much less now. i'm like, i don't think anyone
8:46 am
needs to hear me get up and sing in a karaoke room. >> no, you're very, very good. i was so impressed. >> it's just the karaoke experience has lost a little luster after all that. >> do you have a go-to dance move? >> no, not really. it's a jazz hand. that can come at any time. thank you. >> did you hesitate at all when you saw the script and saw what was required of you? the singing, the dancing, and the acting? >> that part was fun and challenging because i was doing "cabaret" while i met damien. >> you knew jazz hands. >> i knew the jazz hands. so that was actually an exciting part of it. the thing that sort of freaked me out was the tone. there are scenes where we're sitting at a dinner table having a conversation and then we're flying into space in the next scene. >> typical tuesday. >> how is this going to be cohesive? >> but it is. >> the writer/director is incredible. >> i cannot stress. and john slejdlegend is amazing
8:47 am
the film, too. >> yeah, yeah. >> everything is so good. thank you so much, emma stone. "la la land" opens in select theaters nationwide. you can take the whole family. that's another thing that's great about it. coming up, tory is back with
8:48 am
8:49 am
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and i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has your bay area forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody. the chance of drizzle will start letting up rather quickly but the chance of showers, you could see on live doppler 7, hanging around through noon and it will be breezy this afternoon. partly sunny and temperatures in the upper 50s to near 60. my accuweather seven-day forecast, a random shower, wednesday and then warm this weekend. sue. >> out toward oakley, we have an injury accident involving a car teetering on a ledge. mother, daughter and apparently a dog there. they've been taken to the hospital. northbound 101 near al um rock, a problem here with an accident and keeping the left lane blocked for passenger safety there. >> thank you, sue. and we're continuing to monitor the situation at ohio state university. a shelter in place just lifted after reports of an active
9:00 am
shooter there. at least seven people were injured. none of the injuries >> announcer: it's "live with kelly." today from "rogue one: a star wars story" , felicity jones. and star of the series "vikings "vikings," travis fimmel. and the weeklong "live's holiday gift guide." if today check out the perfect present for your perfect lady for under $50. the host of "ability billy on te street" billy eichner. all next on "live" ." [cheering and applauding] ♪ >> announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and billy eichne eichner. ♪


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