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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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here. a lot going on and new details about the missing redding mom found alive after three weeks. only on abc 7 news, her husband is revealing new details about the case and the couple's emotional reunion. also a wall of flames in tennessee, thousands forced to evacuate as a fire rages out of control. >> and thieves taking packs right off the front porch. the high tech way a city plans to stop those thefts. all of that in just a second, but first alexis has a traffic alert. >> we'll take you to video, this is in san jose. and we're looking at southbound monterey road, that is fully blocked for an investigation for a deadly crash involving a pedestrian. this happened just before 3:00 this morning. a taxicab with passengers actually hit a woman who was not at a crosswalk. unfortunately, the woman did not survive and the investigation continues. so southbound monterey closed just before you get to capitol
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expressway. and police are on the scene sand likely this will be that way until about 8:00 this morning. right now less check in with mike nicco, he has a look at our forecast. hi, every. i it's clear and xeerm so dress warmer. this is the way you head out at the pier 15. 35 to 50, so microclimates this morning. we won't have them this afternoon. grab the sunglasses and get ready for mid to upper 50s from noon to 4:00. and then we'll be about 46 to 51 at 7:00 with the bone dry air cooling quickly this evening. a slight chance of a stohower before we get to the weekend. and sherri papini was found 22 days after she disappeared. she was bruised and shape.
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her husband says officers told him to brace himself to see her for the first time in the hospital. he said her face was badly beaten with a broken nose and scabs on her skin from being branded. papini called the mayor to say thank you for all their support. >> just that she was able to talk and give thanks. and of course she was tearful on the phone and then even talking about it now, i'm getting tearful. there isn't anything better. >> investigators interviewed papini yesterday and plan to reinterview her again today. if you would like to read keith's full statement, we have it on turning now to all those gifts a lot of you ordered this week, it's of course going to eventually he said end in front door for you to pick up safely. >> one south bay city taking action to catch thieves red handed.
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matt keller live in campbel this morning. >> reporter: you get that notification that your package has been delivered and when you get home, the package is now gone? well, campbell police may soon be following that package. it's their bait package program. you've seen the videos. people record thifs taking their deliveries right from their porches. it's become so popular with popularity of online police are placing gps devices inside the packages. once the package is stolen, the hunt is on and the police department gets the alert and officers expect to arrest the thief within minutes. of course they say the best protection is prevention. police recommend you have the package delivered to a secure location like a pickup facility or the actual store, just make sure that you will be home during the scheduled delivery time. campbell police hopes the program sends a message to
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thieves, don't come here and steal the packages in their city. matt keller, abc 7 news. and you can take steps to avoid getting your holiday packages stolen. central marin police say have it delivered to someone who can receive it in person like a neighbor or relative. or arrange for a workplace delivery. you can also track your package online and schedule a specific date and time for delivery so you will know you will be home to receive it. we continue following breaking news and we're getting new video in, a deadly plane crash in colombia killing 75 people, most members of a brazilian club soccer team. also many journalists on board and amazing there there were six survivors, three of the player, two crew members and would be jou one journalist. investigators are getting to the site of the crash. you can see how much terrain that they are dealing with. a lot of brush there in the area
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as well as they look through that. the team was just somewhat of a national star in brazil. that team making an incredible run in the south american cup, they were on their way to play in the finals. you can see here, i want to show you the flight path just moments before the crash. the plane circling around and we've learned that they descended 5,000 feet in two minutes before crashing in to the hillside there. and few tweets coming in from a player, you see his picture, a defensive player, he survived the crash. his wife saying this morning thank you god and it just says i'm so grateful. so we are seeing those tweets coming in this morning. those are the new details on the plane crash. back to you. and we're continuing to track unbelievable wildfires continuing to burn out of control in eastern tennessee.
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it's forcing evacuations in and around the city of gatlinburg. over 100 homes have burned, people reporting the smoke is so thick, they can't see the roads in order to evacuate. flames came to the doorstep of the dollywood resort. firefighters managed to stop them though. tens of thousands of people are without power and ash fire covering cars in the street. >> the president-elect has filled another cabinet position this morning. abc news has learned that georgia congressman tom applies will be head of department of heath and human services. and jill stein is suing wisconsin demanding they recount by hand. stein filed for a recount in pennsylvania yesterday. and she is still in the process of raising money to fund a recount in michigan who gave the victory to mr. trump yesterday. happening today, bay area uber drivers will join a national protest calling for a higher minimum wage and the
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right to unionize. currently uber workers have neither of those. they complain that after gas and car maintenance, they struggle to pay bills. uber drivers are joining fast food workers, child care employees and baggage handlers as part of fight for $15 day. the protest takes place at s fchfsfo at moon. next how a new plan could ease congestion. >> and plane tirade, a vocal supporter of donald trump suffers consequences following a political rant. and taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll outside at the bay bridge toll plaza, it looks cro
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some of sheltered valleys are cooling off into the 30s. american canyon at about 52. we have red wood city at 47. look at that, 36 in la fayette and a ramon at about 45. san francisco about 48. and san jose, you'll be in the upper 50s from about noon to 4:00. a little shy of your average high of 61. today we'll hang out in the 59
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to 61 degree range for most neighborhoods. a little cooler tomorrow with a stray shower possible. and then a little warmer with more sunshine thursday. we'll take an hour by hour look at those stray showers coming up next. we really only have one major blocking issue and i'll take you back to san jose. monterey closed before capitol expressway could you to tdue to crash involving a pedestrian. could you use south bound 87 or 101. this is counter commute, so we're not seeing any huge delays from it. we do have vta reroutes. bus line 66, 68, 70, 73 and 304 are all rerouted due to this investigation. we'll take a look at drive times coming up next. city of san francisco is taking steps to make walking, public transportation and biking more appealing. according to the examiner, city officials are coming up with a new plan to require new
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construction to reduce parking spaces. the plan named the transportation demand management program is a long way of saying that they are requiring new construction to have fewer parking spots in them and planners are also being required to put in grocery stores on site and to put in more bike lockers in these apartment complexes. so we'll see how it all pans out. coming up, the acts one city supervisor could day to ensure san francisco remain ass a sanctuary city. sanctuary city. plus a home own remember 2007? smartphones? o m g ten years later, nothing's really changed. it's time to snap out of it. hello moto. snap on a jbl speaker. put a 70" screen on a wall. get a 10x optical zoom. get excited world. hello moto. moto is here. the new moto z with motomods. save up to $400 when you trade in your old phone
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lufthansa may have to cancel more flights today and tomorrow. pilots union called for more strikes after talks with the airline failed to settle a pay dispute. pilots began striking last week forcing the airline to cancel more than 2700 flights. it affected about 345,000 passengers. lufthansa's pilots say they have gone without a pay rise for more than five years. the airline says the demands are unacceptable. police in houston are investigating an incident at george bush enter continental airport when a woman jumped out of a plane as it was approaching the terminal. the woman opened an emergency door, climbed on to the wing and jumped on to the tarmac. the woman was treated for
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injuries that she received while jumping. the fbi says it is not pursuing it as a federal law enforcement matters but declined it to offer any additional information. the woman may have been suffering from some sort of psychiatric issue. donald trump, baby. that's right, this man knows what's up. we got some [ bleep ] on here? >> a donald trump supporter is now banned from flying delta for life. this video posted on facebook shows him shouting about trump and making derogatory comments about hillary clinton and her supporters. the flight was headed from atlanta to allentown. delta has refounded everyone's fare saying that the man should have been removed from that flight immediately. happening today, san francisco supervisor will ask for fund to go block deportations, he calls it a city of the pledge to remain a sanctuary city. he will propose a plan to provide legal representation up for documented immigrants who
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face deportation. the funding request is a direct response to donald trump who says that he will defund sanctuary cities. gun owners in the south bay, a gun buy back event is happening this weekend at the department substation on great oaks parkway on saturday. they're offering $100 target gift cards for any handguns, rifles and shotguns. $200 gift cards for assault weapons and they will not collect any personal information. all of this is anonymous. the event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 in the afternoon on saturday. you're wake up this morning and probably feeling a bit of the chill. >> grab a jacket. >> yeah, my wife was getting a little sick yesterday, so we had to break out the humidifier, too. so that may be something do along with the winter clothing. here is a look at what is going on in san jose. the sun coming up. going to be a bright day. and a little warmer than yesterday. cool and mainly seeing stars tonight and the weekend, the
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warmest this week. so tule fog possible in the central valley tonight. low to mid-40s in the bay and out to the coast. here is it a look at live doppler 7, it is clear out. our next storm system is up here, barely any cloud cover with this thing, but we still have to keep a slight chance of a stray shower. 9:00 tomorrow, you can see some green trying to move into the north bay at thoon. a better chance from noon to 5:00. and then from about 4:00 until 10:00, a stray shower is poblg. the air will be so dry underneath these storms and if you get some sprinkles, you'll be lucky. here is a look at my accuweather 7 fay forecast. no storm impact scale at all. cool weather thursday. and then check out the warming trend friday, saturday, sunday. low to mid-60s. and then another dry cold front comes through monday. next week will be significantly cooler with highs in the 50s. taking a look at the roads, we still have one major blocking issue and that will be in the south bay. so just before 3:00 this morning
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unfortunately we had a crash involving a pedestrian. and that person did not survive. so southbound monterey closed before capitol expressway. likely for the next couple hours. they hope to get it back open by about 8:00. a look at the golden gate bridge, we're hearing we have a new collision north of the toll plaza. not seeing much of a backup here. i'll try to confirm which lane that is blocking if any. and 53 minutes westbound 580 tracy to dublin, westbound 4 filling in antioch to concord up to 24 minutes, and san rafael to san francisco, 17 minutes for you. next traffic update just before 6:30. here is something you don't want to see while you're on vacation. a las vegas woman is out of the country and her home security company calls her and says there is something going on in your house. so she pulls up the surveillance video and she watches as two thieves are ransacking her home. she says they stole thousands of dollars worth of closing and
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jewelry. and it gets even worse because then they found the keys to her car and they drove off in it. and those thieves still haven't been found. >> and look at a clear look. hopefully there is a chance that they will be caught. and 7 on your side 00 michael finney has tips if you're buying any electronics. >> and good news for anyone who leaves online reviews on websites like well. the action congress is taking to protect from you lawsuits. >> and we leave but abc 7 news now and a live look from our mt. tam camera. a gorgeous sunrise brewing.
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- anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules.
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to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address in san francisco. and we want to work together to improve the city's permit system so that it's simple, fair and effective. together, we can make the new rules work for all of san francisco.
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welcome back. this might be what you've been waiting for. tomorrow at&t a launching a new streaming service called direct tv now. the service includes access to tv channels that aren't normally available without a traditional kablg or satellite package like cnn or espn. the service uses broadband or wire list serviless service to o 120 channels. it will not count against your data limits.service starts at 35
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bucks a month with no contract. and congress is taking action to protect your right to post negative reviews on sites like yelp or trip adviser. the senate approves legislation to ensure customers can post negative reviews without legal repercussio repercussions. it was written because some businesses have made customers sign nondisparagement clauses and then sued them if they saw a bad review show up from you. the legislation now goes to president obama. time to ask finney. >> this morning tina has a question about buying laptops. michael finney has her answer. >> when is the best time to buy a new laptop? >> that is a great question. it depends on which laptop want to buy. this is an excellent time buy a mcoig. apple has just released new laptop, so you will find deals on discontinued model and
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refurbished one, savings of $150 to 200 bucks. as for windows based laptops, black friday and the holiday shopping season is a perfect time to buy. so is back to school season between june and august. tina, thanks for your question and happy holidays. if you have a question for michael fib any, just record it on your phone and share it with us on social media using #ask finney or you can find it on our website pup may s website. you may see your question answered right here. s second largest building set to break grounds next week. ocean wide somewhere part of the trans bay development plan. it includes two towers, one 600 feet, the other 850 feet. the buildings will accommodate the buildings will accommodate residences
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spieth spa space. necxt, a hack could be wors than we thought and more from the husband of the redding mom who went missing. he is revealing shocking new details. and i continue tracking the deadly south american plane crash. i'll have information information for you. plus why seeking treatment at an in-network hospital may not keep from you getting out of network charges. and weather-wise, we are nearly 13 degrees cooler than yesterday. but a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures this afternoon. and barely any chances of rain the flegs 7 days. but we do have one tomorrow. i'll show it to you. >> and we have vta reroutes here this morning. bus lines 66, 68, 70, 73 and 304 rerouted off of southbound monterey. >> keep on top of weather and traffic through the entire commercial break. commercial break. look at the sun advise in s
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glad you're awake on this tuesday, november 29th at 6:30 in the morning. >> a lelexis smith is back fromr
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thanksgiving holidays. mike, what are we looking for today? >> it's cooler this morning. so dress the kids. let's take a look at live doppler 7. winds a little breezy, 9 to 29 miles per hour in the east bay hills and that's why we're not seeing any fog form. mid-30s to mid-40s through 7:00 and then mid to upper 50s through the afternoon. grab a coat, you will need this evening. most of us back in the 40s. and we'll take you back to some video from earlier this morning. this is video of a police investigation for a fatal crash involving a pedestrian southbound monterey road just before capitol expressway. it is still closed this morning. so they have that investigation ongoing, they are hoping to get it back open by about 8:00 today and the crash happened just after 3:00 a.m. so whenever there is a fatality it, they have to go through it the entire investigation. and this is video from a short
6:31 am
time ago. we can talk about alternates and i'll show where you this is on the traffic maps coming up. we want to go back to breaking news we've been watching all morning long. a horrible plane crash that claimed most of a brazilian soccer team. >> jessica is tracking new developments. >> and this is video just in from colombia, this is one of the six survivors who were rescued from the deadly plane crash. you see them carrying the person out. again, this is a survivor. unclear exactly who it is, but we know that three players survived, two crew members and a journalist. meanwhile 75 people were killed when the plane crashed down in colombia. it was carrying a soccer team travel to go play the finals of the south american cup. crews are looking through the
6:32 am
rubble. eats uncle it's unclear why the plane went down. it was only a few miles away from the airport. and as we get more detail, i'll continue tracking the story. back to you. this morning we're hearing for the first time from the husband of sherri papini, the redding woman found alive three weeks after she was kidnapped. the 34-year-old was found safe thanksgiving morning 150 miles from where she vanisheded. this morning her husband has released a statement to "good morning america" and it describes the moment he first saw her in the hospital. he says nothing could have prepared him for this. it was awful. keith says her face was covered in bruises ranging from yellow to black because of repeated beating and that the bridge of her nose was broken. she was thrown from a vehicle with a chain around her waist attached to her wrists and a bag over her head. the same bag she used someone to flag someone down when she was able to free one of her hands.
6:33 am
keith papini went on to say that her long hair had been chopped off and she had been branded. he thanked investigators and the community for helping bring her home. we have posted the full statement on there are new questions about the muni hack that disabled more than 2,000 computer systems over the weekend. how far back did the hack go and was the attack ongoing? amy hollyfield is live in san francisco for us. >> reporter: good morning. there is new evidence this morning suggesting that the muni system could have been hacked two week ago. riders this morning telling us that they can't believe this happened here. shear a picture from the san francisco examiner of the message that appeared on muni computers. it says you hacked. muni officials say this showed up friday and lasted through sunday. but a software engineer now tells the examiner he saw it on a station agent compute per all wait back on november 13 and he
6:34 am
immediately recognized it as an attack. some riders are worried, but others find it >> it's iron i go. we' iron i go. we're in the tech capital of the world and you would think that we would have a good defense we would have a good defense system. >> reporter: a muni spokesman says the new claim is wrong, that the hack only lasted through the weekend. he says the system and its safety was not compromised and customer information was safe. riders it get some free rides because the fare stations weren't working over the weekend. the hacker demanded a ransom, but muni refused to pay it and the system appears to be up and running this morning without any problems. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. union city police are at a restaurant parking lot that
6:35 am
left a man dead. this happened at the texas road house at the union landing shopping sncenter last night. two men were taken to the hospital, one in serious condition, the other in critical. police arrested three suspects and they recovered a gun and other evidence from the suspect's car. and developing news in castro valley, the search is on for the gunman who shot and killed a 37-year-old man, the shooting happened near castro valley high school. authorities say the victim is a well respected union construction worker and they are trying to find out why someone would want to kill him. developing news out of antioch this morning where county health officials are trying to discover the cause of an illness that killed three people. all of them fell ill after eating a thanksgiving day meal served at the american legion hall hall. eight patients had nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
6:36 am
and in addition to the fataliti fatalities, four were treated and released and one person is it still in the hospital. >> all of the patients are associated with the same living facility, so it's unclear if the illness is related to the thanksgiving day event or to their living situation. >> golden hills church hosted the event. it may be weeks still before any lab results come back. we sent a news alert on our app as soon as the story broke and we will continue to send updates as we learn more. you can download the app and enable push alerts to receive notices. there is a little bit of good news in tennessee this morning where they are finally get something rain, hopefully it will help with the fast moving fire in the great smoky mountains. right now no one is allowed into the city of gatlinburg. officials announced this morning more than 100 homes have burned in gatlinburg, one person has been hurt and schools in the
6:37 am
area are closed today. classes are resuming at ohio state this morning as the fbi investigates the motive behind the attack. 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan was a somali immigrant and student at ohio state. police say that he rammed down students in his car and then jumped out and starte stabbing people with a butcher knife. artan posted on facebook, i can't take it anymore, three mipds befo s minutes before the first call for help. 11 people were hurt, but without this campus police officer's act of marrow iheroism, it could ha worse. >> our officer was on scene in less than a minute and he ended the situation less than a minute. he engaged the suspect and eliminated the threat. >> reporter: the suspect died after being shot by that officer. investigators believe that he posted on facebook saying, if you want us muslims to stop carrying lone wolf attacks, then make peace. one of a top high school is making headlines and not for itd
6:38 am
academics. according to the examner, there are reports of racially charged hate graffiti at lowell high school. the examiner says school staff plan to send a letter to students this week telling them to show respect for their peers. a mosque in fresno is just the latest to receive a letter threatening genocide on muslims. the handwritten letter praised president-elect donald trump and said, quote, he's going to do to muslims what hitler did to the jews. mosques in stockton, long beach and pomona and georgia have received the letters. it's signed by the americans for a better way. mosque leaders want more police protection. police investigating a really scary encounter involving indecent exposure. police say a 13-year-old girl was walking on saunders avenue
6:39 am
when a man drove up and asked for directions and exposed himself to her. this is similar to another incident this month on broadmoor avenue. it's unclear if the same man is responsible. turning to the trump transition, the president-elect is meeting with mitt romney again today despite controversy. romney remains contender for secretary of state. five days ago, kellyanne conway tweet that had she's receiving backlash from trump loyalists warning against picking romney. the two met ten days ago. as for other secretary of state candidates, mr. trump said that he was very impressed after meeting with david petraeus. petraeus resigned after mishandling classified information back in 2012. we'll have swells 11 to feet and high surf advisory. so be careful if you get near
6:40 am
the water today. low to mid-40s for the south bay with san jose at about 45. we have mid to upper 30s in red wood city, danville and la fayette for the cool spots this morning. look at this, breezy enough in the north bay that no fog. cooler morning if you're exercising, commuting dry. and at the companies, dangerous surf. wall th walnut creek, about 37 right now. cooler tomorrow with a slight chance of a shower and a little warmer thursday, but not as warm as it will be this weekend. taking a look at the roads, we do have one issue in the south bay here this morning. so if you are going to be traveling on monterey road, we still have the full closure on the southbound side just before capitol expressway. and as we have been telling you, that is due to the fatal crash involving a pedestrian. you can use 87 or southbound 101 if you want to avoid it, but i'm
6:41 am
not seeing any huge backup. taking a look at the san mateo bridge, the westbound side, we have heard that we have a two car collision right around the high rise, so that is beyond reach of our camera. but we are seeing quite a few brake lights. hopefully chp will updates shortly. short bound 680, highway 4 to walnut creek, just 14 minutes. still in the green on westbound 24 through walnut creek. 580 tracy to dublin being you're in the red at 54 minutes. we'll take a look at the bay bridge, delays there as well. cases like this increase during the holidays. crooks taking packages right 06 your doorstep. next, how one bay area city is cracking down with the high tech sting. plus trouble for some iphone users. the problem that could leave your battery in the red. and taking a live look outside, abc 7 now is on our way
6:42 am
to show you what is happening
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6:44 am
an update on the breaking news, new photos coming in on the huge search under way for clues in that deadly south american plane crash. i want snow you new pictures coming in from the colombian military. you can really see all the damage to the plane.
6:45 am
it looks unrecognizable. and also these photos of them using search helicopters there to assist in that search for clue you s clues. the crash killed 75 people on board. amazingly there are six survivors, at this point in the morning still no word on their exact conditions or what caused the plane to go down. back to you. a go fund me account for a police officer has hit $113,000. officer robby chon is recovering from severe head jinjuries afte being hit on the head with a skateboard. his sister thanked the community for its support. the officer managed to give doctors a thumbs up yesterday and hopefully a good sign of things to come. money from the go fund me account will help pay for
6:46 am
expenses not covered by insurance. the woman paralyzed below the waist by a falling tree limb is now suing the city for neglect against. the 36-year-old suffered a broken skull and severed spinal cord when she was hit by the 100 pound branch. the lawsuit claims that the tree was negligently pruned. her husband says the family is struggling to pay medical bills. cyber monday is over with and now the waiting game for all the packages begins. >> but while we wait for the items, thieves are also waiting to grab those boxes right from your front doormat letter live with what police are doing. >> reporter: campbell police has a survive for you thieves. when you go to open up the package, if you go inside of it, you will find out it's one of their bait packages. and instead of enjoying your new product, you will be riding in
6:47 am
the back of one of these. you've seen the videos. people recording thieves taking their deliveries right from their porches. their porches. it's become so common now, camp bi campbell place placing gps devices into the packages. they will look like any other packages. and once it's stolen, the hunt is on. police department gets the alert and officers expect to arrest the thief within minutes. campbell police open the program sends a message don't come to their city and steal their packages. matt keller, abc 7. sky 7 is in oakland over a group of protesters where they have shut down the intersection. uber drivers said they were planning on joining the protest along with fast food employees airport workers and others. this is all about minimum wage.
6:48 am
again the intersection at 98th and sbinternational is shut dow so avoid the area it's time for giving tuesday. >> the movement first started in 2012 in response to all the spending that we do after thanksgiving. according to, any raised more than 1$116 million last year. and you can also sign up to volunteer somewhere or of course you can donate. and we have a link to help find organizations near you at bmw venture capital arm is moving to silicon valley. >> nearly one in four patients is slapped with a surprise emergency room bill. jane king has our morning money report. good morning. bmw looking for startups that are shaping the future of transportation. forbes says the auto make are's iventure division setting up shop in silicon valley and they will have 530 plld $530 milliont
6:49 am
in artificial intelligence. and iphone years say their battery is being drained. they say than stalling ios update has led their batteries to malfunction either by losing power or displaying incorrect battery readedout. >> and surprise medical bills happen in 22% of er visits. while people rightly expect the shurpts to kick in when they visit an in network er, not everything is covered. and patients are slapped with charges not covered because the physician at the facility is not in network. the study says consumers don't have a choice, aren't informed of the constant advance and have no way to and i had vvoid the c. the dow down 20 right now. everything just a little lower as we await the opec meeting tomorrow. live from the nasdaq market site, i'm jane king.
6:50 am
back to you. pumping gas not the most exciting thing do in life. there is new technology to help you pass the time. >> rob marciano has a sneak p of the talking gas pump. >> reporter: this is miles, he's playing country music. and now he's talking to me. >> you can choose from trivia, a photo booth. >> bp says its personality pump is called miles, the idea is to offer customers more enjoyable experience at the pump. miles talks, plays music, you can watch video, get weather updates and see what else miles can do coming up on "good morning america." we need to be entertained every second of the day now. >> i already have miles and it's called my own phone. isn't that what everybody is doing while they're pumping gas? i'm confused by the money they just put into that. let's take a look at doppler.
6:51 am
it's clear, breezy, no fog and definitely cooler this morning. winds out of the northwest about 12 to 20. some of it leaked into the valleys and that's why you haven't had any fog. so bright and blue today. stray shower and cooler conditions tomorrow and a warm weekend with significantly cooler weather next week. today we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s. and then tonight upper 30s inland, low to mid-40s around the bay. tule fog in the center valley. 9:00 tomorrow morning, we'll track a few light showers into the north bay. and from about noon to 4:00, you can see a few showers for the rest of us and those hang around through about 10:00. i did not put a storm impact scale on this because most of that is going to evaporate. but the extra clouds will keep it cooler tomorrow. temperatures will be in the 40s for lows and 50s this weekend while highs will be in the mid-60s. and i want to take you back out to sky 7.
6:52 am
this is a minimum wage protest in oakland at 98th and international. and there were a lot more people in the middle of that intersection a few minutes ago, many have dispersed off to the shoulders getting out of the middle of the roadway there. but a handful remain in the center as you can see. and i am hearing that oakland police have told them twice now that they need to move out of the center session and that they will start arresting those who are not the moving. so i think we'll have the intersection back open shortly. but as you can see, for now 98th and international definitely closed. taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, that has been pretty congest congested. southbound monterey road still closed in san jose just before capitol express qua for tway fo fatality investigation. we'll come back with the 7 things you need to know before you go. >> and we'll show you xyou agai >> and we'll show you xyou agai live shot
6:53 am
6:54 am
whether you're joining us our headed out, these are the 7 things to know before you go. breaking new, protesters have shut down 98th and international in oakland and we do see some sitting on the ground. police have shown up and we're hearing that they have warned them that they will start arresting people if they don't clear out soon. the people are demanding a $15 minimum wage across the country.
6:55 am
and that is a traffic issue here this morning. we also still have problem in the south bay, fatality investigation southbound monterey road just before capitol expressway. that is closed likely until about 8:00 this morning. this is the first time i've seen red. you can take southbound 101 or 87. and police investigating and doesn't involving a taxi driver and pedestrian in san jose. police say the woman was not using a crosswalk when she got hit and the woman died at the scene. monitterey road still closed g.p and the husband of sherri papini said she was beaten, broken nose and hair chopped off when authorities found her. investigators plan to interview her again today. and in south america, a plane crash has killed 75 people, six survivors. most of those killed are members of a brazilian soccer team and journalists traveling with the
6:56 am
team. officials in tennessee just announced three resorts near the city of gatlinburg have been destroyed by out of control wildfires overnight. this does not include nearby dollywood where the flames apparently stopped just at the doorstep. and good news, it rained about nine hours on them last night, about 2 inches. so hopefully that will help. for us, dry air, no fog at the bus stop. we'll end up with total sunshine and 56 to 59. nice day to be be outside. but we do have an intersection shut down. and if you have our app, we have been sending you alerts about this. there is a national day of protest today to get $15 as minimum wage across the country and we knnoknow fast wood worfo and uber workers taking part. >> they are trying to clear it out, but some still in the
6:57 am
middle of the road. middle of the road. >> w
6:58 am
6:59 am
middle of the road. >> w at t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays. zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models.
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this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. just miles from the airport. at least five people make it out alive. state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfires tear through the southeast. >> if you are a person that prays, we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student into a terrorist -- going on a rampage with his car then slashing people, injuring 11. >> he was trying to hurt as many as he could.


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