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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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on 280, tried to pull it over because it was speeding and had expired registration, but the driver took off. they chased him for about seven to ten minutes. they said speeds ranged from 30 to 100 miles per hour. then the car failed them on farm hill boulevard. >> after it became disabled, the two occupants of the vehicle exited the vehicle and fled on foot across the freeway, eastbound to the east side of the freeway near the cal trans yard. >> they did catch the two suspects who ran away. we have video of them taking them down and arresting them and taking them into custody. at this point, it looks like at least that driver is going to face felony charges. reporting live in redwood city, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. developing news in the south bay. authorities have recaptured one of the two inmates on the run after breaking out of santa clara's main jail.
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inmate laron campbell was caught in a home in antioch last night, taken into custody without incident. he was being brought back to santa clara county overnight and the search continues for the other escaped inmate, chav chavez. there was a large s.w.a.t. team yesterday, and they zeroed in on a trailer, but no one was inside. the sheriff's office plans to have a news conference this morning. we're waiting to hear if tonight's show goes on. a crew member was killed during a pre-show set up. the technician was hit by a telescopic list during a pre-show last night. he died from his injuries. they released a statement overnight saying they are gathering information. last night's show was canceled. >> i'm in shock.
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i'm in shock many i'm like sitting here, because i don't want to drive yet, because i can't even believe this happened, that somebody in this show was injured. >> cal osha has been notified. this is the u.s. premiere. it heads to san jose in february. we reached out to them and it shows that tickets are still available. we are tracking breaking news. tornados ripped through the southeast overnight. >> turned deadly in parts of alabama. jessica is tracking the new information just coming in. >> look at these amazing images that we're getting in. alabama hardest hit and we just learned three people were killed, dozens more are still hospitalized. i want to show you thousands of people in shelters without homes, because of scenes like this. it is incredible. this family in this home, they're lucky to be alive. the tornado just ripped all the walls off the home. if you look closely in this video, you see the first responders, but you're going to notice in this building, only the front porch, take a look
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there, is left in this home. in fact, the 31-year-old son reportedly held up a wall to keep it from falling on his mother. amazingly, this particular family of three only suffered minor injuries. but others have much worse injuries. we do have reports of at least four people in the same area with critical injuries, so i'll keep an eye out for any updates at the live desk. >> shasta county say they're >> shasta county say they're disappointed with papini's house, she was covered with bruises, her long blonde hair hacked off and she had been branded. many of the details would have only been known t >> there is unique information that was put in his press release today that, you know,
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we're hoping to kind of keep a tight rein on as far as what is -- what we were going to release to the public. >> keith papini said he released the details to put rumors to rest that it was a hoax. the sheriff's department doesn't have any reason to doubt her story. winds up to 30 miles per hour in eastern tennessee and hampering efforts to get a hand on the deadly wildfires. this is what people are facing, as they try to escape the fast-moving flames. smoke so thick, they can barely see on the road, and embers flying. 14 people wounded, three killed. 14,000 have been evacuated and hundreds of homes are damaged. state officials say this is the largest fire to hit tennessee in 100 years. brazil has declared three days of mourning for the 71 victims of tuesday's plane crash, which included members of a soccer team. a candlelight vigil was held last night in the stadium where they were supposed to play a
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championship game today. both black boxes have been recovered. they hope it will reveal why the plane crashed. the death toll was lowered, when it was discovered that four people on the manifest did not make it on board. president-elect trump has made four new officials to his cabinet in the last 24 hours. the talk this morning revolves around his dinner with mitt romney. the two dined with incoming chief of staff, reince priebus at a restaurant in the manhattan trump hotel last night. vocal opposition by the president-elect supporters who want him to stay away from romney. the top candidate for secretary of state. romney was a top critic of mr. trump during his campaign, but praised mr. trump after the meeting. >> continues with a message of bringing people together. and this visit is connected with the american people in a powerful way. >> it is hard to hear over the camera shutters. >> really annoying. >> president-elect has named
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steven manuchin, son of a goldman sachs partner. he also picked wilbur ross for commerce secretary. mr. trump and mike pence are in indiana tomorrow, officially announcing a deal to keep about 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the u.s. nine months ago, carrier said that it planned to some day send all of its jobs to mexico. the company employs more than 2,000 people, where mr. pence is still governor. they tweeted a deal, keeping 1,000 jobs in the state. carrier will get financial incentives to keep those jobs. happening today, house democrats will decide if they want to keep nancy pelosi as their leader, voting by secret ballot this morning. she is being challenged by ohio lawmaker and long shot, tim rynryn ryan. only six of the houses, 194
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democrats are publicly supporting him this morning. the man accused of injuring a san francisco police officer is scheduled to be arraigned in san mateo court. luis ramos, assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. robby chan is suffering from severe head injuries, and remains in critical condition. they are cautiously optimistic. a frightening incident at the theater, witnesses say a man started yelling as movie previews were wrapping up last night. movie goers confronted him and he pulled a gun on them. people in the theater ran out but the man calmly stayed in his seat. they evacuated the entire theater as a precaution. they detained the man and found the handgun on him. the golden state warriors plan for an arena is a step
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closer to reality this morning. the state court of appeals has upheld the city's environmental impact report. the i can't remembers are ready to begin construction next year and open in 2019. >> this is a nearly universally beloved idea. it is going to be reality. and it is time to get moving with it. >> the group opposing the project is promising to keep on fighting. in a state, they say they believe the proposed warriors' arena would result in blocked access to hospitals, dangerous air pollution. trying to keep the raiders in town by the end of the year. abc 7 was at city hall as council members discuss the project in a closed door session yesterday. they've made few details public so far. the council is expected to vote within two weeks and presented to nfl owners next month. the national weather service says the sierra had its wettest
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season since 1984. 18 inches of precipitation in the mountains, 200% above average, of course, we're going to need a whole lot more of rain and snow to put a dent in the five years of drought. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> let's talk about what's going on inland. some of the cooler temperatures before the high clouds come over and rise a little this morning. and rise a little this morning. dublin, mid 40s, and into the south bay, 49 in san francisco. and also in pacifica, north bay, dry right now. your activity planner on the water today, watch out for isolated showers on the road, a few wet spots during the evening commute. it will be cooler today, if you're going to be outside. it looks like with the clouds
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coming in, we could have flight delays into sfo. temperatures into the upper 50s today, 60s tomorrow, and low to mid 60s. before we goat that, check out the storm impact scale. for today, we have scattered showers. hour by hour look, coming up next. here's alexis. what do you hear? >> crickets chirping out there, which of course is the way we like it. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no meter lights of course. that usually happens around 5:30. even the drive times are looking great out of the central valley, if we were going to have a slow spot, it would be right here. tracie to dublin, still in the green. dublin to mission boulevard south, just 15, and looking into the south bay here, northbound 85, 101 to >> we'll look at the debris in
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the tri-valley coming up next. north bay investigation centered around a high school football team. a possible break for people a possible break for people hoping to
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can fill you with wonder. other. where a walk down main street, and the smile of a mouse can spark joy. where magic is spread with every touch, and always leaves you wanting even more. so make the time... to take your time because one day just isn't enough. here, there is magic for days.
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but it might seem like you're miles apart. the boys town national hotline can help. trained counselors are available 24/7 to listen, provide advice and help with problems. ( tdd# 800-448-1433) or visit make the most of your time with your teen. all news, all morning. north bay police investigating an assault involving members of the napa high football team. both parents and school officials want answers.
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abc 7 news reporter, cornell barnard has details. >> our children safe here. >> parents alarmed about an assault that happened at napa high school. serious enough for napa police to investigate. >> members of the napa high football team were assaulting other teammates, grabbing them and holding them down. >> police won't say if it was a hazing incident or comment on any injuries suffered. it was first reported on november 19th. >> they notify you for everything else, but not for this in. >> marta believes one play suffered the worst of the am is conduct. >> the school has not notified us. they haven't told us if people who assaulted these young men have been arrested. are they still in class with my daughter? >> we really want to emphasize that safety and health and safety of our kids are our prime concern. >> the napa valley school
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district doing its own investigation. >> they're talking with football players, coaches, they want to know exactly, exactly what happened. >> so far, no disciplinary action has been taken, and no arrests have been made. in napa, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. prosecutors will not file charges against a san jose police officer involved in a fatal shooting. they identified the officer as justin moro. he killed the man after he opened fire on him last year. he is accused of kidnapping and killing a woman. acevedo died with a gun in each hand and a finger on the trigger. a seven hour standoff with police, 38-year-old mario martine martinez assault with a deadly weapons charges. he surrendered peacefully. started yesterday morning after a woman called 911 whispering she needed help. she told police she had been
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held hostage by martinez, her ex-boyfriend for two days. isis is claiming that the man attacking 11 people, plowing his car and attacking victims with a butcher knife. he followed its appeals to strike in the u.s., but did not suggest that the group had been in direct contact with him. we have new details on the sinking millennial they've subpoenaed -- jack lamay refused to testify. they found the building design to be sound and recommended it get a permit. in august, engineers revealed the 58 story tower is now leaning two inches. the city attorney is building developer.
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the association of realtors, dropping 11.6% in october, compared with a year ago. our media partners at tmer news, say theorizing. pending home sales in san francisco are down 21%, year over year in october. federal officials want to hear from you if you have complaints about the safety of your car. they are proposing a rule that would require auto makers put labels on your sun advi instructions how to file safety complaints. the labels will tell people it could bring a possible recall, and they are taking proposals until january 27th, by phone, internet or mail. mike nicco bringing as you a chilly start. >> we are going to need our jackets for several days. during the afternoon hours, i see a warming trending, but still cool at night. wait until you see next week's temperatures.
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let's focus on this storm, you're seeing with the radar returns, eureka, the only place it is reaching the ground. san jose, you may not even get sprinkles. warm and dry pattern tomorrow through sunday and then cooler days and frosty nights next week. a little frost on the windshield this morning. first time this year. a lot more next week. temperatures, concord, antioch, 57, palo alto, lone 60 today. 7:00 this morning, a better chance with the cold front bringing some scattered showers through about the noon hour in the north bay and then from noon to about 5:00, you can see some random areas of green light, and then by 5 to 9:00, it is gone. look how random the rainfall pattern will be. 100th of an inch, just about any where, 200th in san carlos.
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a little warmer tomorrow. dry cold front will be highs in the 50s next week. lows, possibly in the 20s in some inland neighborhoods. >> that's chilly, mike. taking a look at the traffic map. good news in the south bay. we had overnight roadwork on southbound 85, all traffic was being diverted at stevens creek, but i just got the word that that has wrapped and all lanes are back open. westbound 580 in the dublin area, a report of a large tire in the roadway, chp on the way to the scene. be on the lookout for that if you are aheading out in that area we'll take a look at drive times just before 5:00. a live desk update. this just coming in. brand new video from those deadly alabama tornados overnight. these are our first images you've 24 daycare that was destroyed, and unfortunately, there were children inside.
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four kids are hospitalized in critical condition right now. you can see why in these videos. the facility sun recognizable. this is in dekalb county, hardest hit areas. it is located in a small plaza and several buildings are gone. overall, about 20 buildings in the state of alabama that were completely wiped out. at least three adults were killed in the storm yoefrs nis . reggie and natasha, back to you. next, mushroom season, the warning going out as toxic fungi. twist in the battle for access over a san mateo beach. the next step, after two years of failed negotiations. plus, a man takes golden advantage of a big mistake by a armored car workers. in today's tech bites, let the game begin. instant games to messenger.
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>> you can use the chat app for one-on-one action for pac man and much more. challenge your friends. google has updated its time lapse, adding new data, going back to 1984. a time lapse for divine, and today. you can see how antarctica has changed. low tech the fondue. >> you squirt the liquid cheese on to crackers or chips. a low tech device, no matter how you slice it. >> think of how much everybody is with cheese. is with cheese. >> that's where the
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♪i am beautiful in every single way♪ ♪words, can't bring me down♪
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we are back a martin's beach near half moon bay, the mercury news report have ended in a stalemate, after nearly two years of negotiations. they have refused to sell more than six acres for public easement. the governor says the chances of the governor says the chances of the commission a's
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na eminant domain. recent rain, east bay park district says don't eats the mushrooms. the world's most toxic mushrooms, the death cap and western destroying angel. >> that's the name? >> yeah, intense names. terrible consequences. tip for avoiding them, both of them grow near oak trees. eating can result in liver and renal failure if you don't get help right away. happening today, sfo airport director says a big problem with a couple of runways. here is a live look from the sfo cam. the director says part of the sea wall needs repair, and they're looking for $1.5 million from the city. runway 19l and 19r are in danger of flooding, and the finance committee expected to take it up today at 10:00 a.m. a man is wanted in new york for stealing a bucket full of
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gold flakes. attack a look at the surveillance video taken two months ago. the truck employees were making a pickup, and that guy noticed no one was around, he moved in, and he grabbed 86 pound pail right from the back of the truck. valued at $1.6 million. >> you had one job. that was protect that truck. >> can't do it. >> gold flakes? >> gotta close the truck. >> gold flakes? i didn't know that was a thing. >> it was so easy. >> i know. now you're going to be looking at trucks. >> let's keep an eye. >> everybody driving through downtown san francisco, i'll be watching to see if anybody else does it. here is a look at the pe sensati -- percentage of normal. supposedly, the next three months will be the wettest. you can see showers in monterey,
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tahoe, lesser chance tomorrow. friday, saturday, sunday, you'll need the sunscreen and monday and tuesday, more snow. pretty quiet out here this morning. live look at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, from the north bay, no significant slow downs, and drive times are having a time time that aren't in the green. albany to maze, four minutes to you. fremont to san jose, 15 minutes. highway 101 to cupertino, 12 minutes. lighter side in oakland, we'll take a look at that at 5:00. driving strangers around or sleep at your house. that sounds weird when you say it out loud. you can turn your house into a you can turn your house into a landry electrolux is testing a program to make money off your washer
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and dryer. it appears the company is in the early testing phase right now. i don't know. have we gone too far? >> the uber of washing machines. >> what's next, my toaster? all right, the search for one of the two inmates who escaped from a south bay jail is over. >> the live report on his capture and the search for his accomplice. plus, breaking news from president-elect trump, talking president-elect trump, talking about what he'll do with his
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