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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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naged or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with, we will thrive. area let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning to you. it is 5:00 a.m. on november 30th.
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>> so early, so worth it. i'm natasha -- jessica castro here. good morning. >> good morning. >> way to turn that one around. >> so good, i wasn't expecting that. sometimes you hit me with one, i'm not ready for it. love it. >> who is feeling cynical this morning. i like that positive spin. i'll try to put a positive spin on today's slight chance of a shower. let's look at live doppler 7. hi, everybody. you can see radar returns across the north bay, not any of it reaching the ground. sprinkles possible, camera, the chance of a light shower will fade into the evening sky. alexis. we do have one new issue, mike, but it is not going to be a major situation i don't think any way. lighter side of traffic, eastbound 58 boulevard. the vehicle possibly flipped
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over. maybe part of the far-right lane is blocked. we'll see how mass transit is doing. new this morning, two suspects in custody after leading police on a chase in redwood city. the suspect sped away from a traffic stop on southbound 280. a chase ensued, with speeds hitting 100 miles an hour. after their car became disabled, the suspects ran across the freeway, into a cal trans yard, where both of them were captured. one of the suspects is thought to be a parolely at large. >> the big story out of santa clara, one of the inmate whose escaped and on the lose is caught. >> laron campbell was caught last night after breaking out of jail a week ago. matt keller is live in san jose with what we know now. matt. >> reporter: good morning, natasha and reggie. this was huge for the sheriff's department. they were able to put one of the escaped inmates back behind bars, where he belongs.
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the sheriff's department sent out a dramatic tweet last night. you can see it says "captured" in big lettered over his face. he was arrested in antioch without incident last night. a lot of law enforcement officers were seen coming out of an apartment complex on james donelon boulevard. >> how scary, you don't expect that stuff to happen. when you're just sitting outside and see a whole bunch of cop cars and officers, like, in full gear, it is a little nerve-racking. >> reporter: meanwhile, one more escaped inmate remains on the run. sheriff's investigators were in east san jose yesterday, hitting what they call high value targets, and associates of chavez. authorities feel like they're close, just missing him at the day's in in gill row. they arrested emily vaca for helping chavez after he escaped. we should learn more later
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today. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> all right, matt, thanks. state officials are looking into a deadly accident in san francisco that killed a man who francisco that killed a man who was the show is set up under the big top in the parking lot at at&t park. they released a statement overnight, saying they're still gathering information about what happened. last night's show was canceled and ticket holders were offered a refund or the chance to see another show. we're waiting to hear back if tonight's show is going to go on. % breaking news about president-elect's business dealings. >> let's go to jessica at the live desk. this came out every a tweet? >> that's right. true fashion. he has made all lot of announcements using twitter. he vowed to remove himself from his businesses, but didn't give
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out too many details. i'll be holding a press conference on december 15th to discuss the fact that i will be leaving migrate business in total in order to fully focus on running the country in order to make america great again. while i am not mandated to do this under the law, i feel it is visually important as president to in no way have a conflict of interest with my various businesses. and on that note, his, again, adult children will be there, but cnn is reporting this morning that he has -- either owns or has a position in at least 500 companies. it is going to be a big shuffle for his children to take over all of these different businesses, as well as he does have some in foreign countries, and that was some of the questions about -- on the campaign trail that he would have a conflict of interest. making this announcement this morning. >> jessica, thank you. the list of people who got sick after eating a thanksgiving meal in antioch has grown from
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eight to 17. tlee three of the victims have died. it was served by the american legion hall. some bhepeople who had the food seemed fine. >> none of us got ill. we brought plates of food home. it was wonderful. it tasted good. >> many were prepared at the hall, some were made at various homes. health officials said it appears to be a food borne illness and the investigation is ongoing. mugshots of people suspected of using dogs to hunt and kill animals. calvin johnson and jasmine marshall killed dogs to kill animals. they posted photos of the bay animals on social immediate yeah. johnson pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. marsha marshall will be in court at a later date. will mayor lee veto legislation that puts you limits on short rentals, airbnb,
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imposing a 60 night annual cap on short-term rentals, regardless of whether the host is on-site. current city regulations allow up to 90 nights for hosted rentals and 365 nights. mayor lee has not said whether he plans to veto the legislation. governor brown says don't do it. california's state labor union announced it will be on strike on december 5th. seiu local represents 9,000 people, demanding a 17% wage increase over the next three years. state agencies are warning union members that the strike is illegal. they may be subject to disciplinary action. the trump transition in full force this morning, with several more cabinet picks coming up. he announced steven treasury secretary and wilbur ross as commerce secretary.
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ross is considered the king of bankruptcy for buying broke companies with the potential for profits. as for secretary of state, as you can see in this video, am it romney met with mr. trump and incoming chief of staff, reince priebus last night, despite attacking each other during the campaign, they were upbeat after their dinner. romney said he saw signs that mr. trump is the man who can lead us to a better future. hillary clinton made a surprise appearance at the unicef snowflake ball last night. the twitter account posted photos showing clinton introducing katy perry, a big time clinton supporter. she received the audry award. slight shower rolled over napa and it did push some rain to the ground. valley road through fairfield, air base parkway, could be getting wet now. snoer small batch right down 29
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and back into napa. secondary push of sprinkles to light rain. as we head north, they'll be sliding southeast. temperatures, you're heading out in san francisco, 47 to ocean beach, heading downtown, about 49 degrees. richmond, 51. look at santa clara, 35. petaluma, 44, temperatures in the upper 50s, coolest day this week. upper sunshine to low 60s, and low to mid 60s friday, but more warmth coming this weekend. before a big cooling trend next week. i'll have all that for you in an hour by hour look with the chance of rain. good morning, mike, getting to that point in the morning we're starting to see a few brake lights. nothing major, no blocking incidents. you can see that's really starting to increase in volume
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there. also, i want to take a quick look at mass transit this morning. we don't have any major issues for any of our agencies, bart 34 trains in service right now, out on time. if you go to ace rail yeah, that would be a problem if no trains are running. they said no, the system that updates that automatically isn't working correctly. so ace 1s on time. ace 3 as well, and no delays for cal train either. we have one crash on 580 in oakland. >> thank you, alexis. one of the most notorious illegal party drugs, but it turns out ecstasy could have med central lieu, next. how not burning enough could be making california burn too much. 5:10, and this is abc 7 news now. now. the toll plaza still
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we are back at 5:13. investigators are concerned about key information revealed by the husband of kidnapping victim, sherry papini. >> he says she was branded business her captors. >> in the first look, the terrifying details of sherry papini's alleged kidnapping coming to light. among her injuries, police say she was branded. a message, burned into her skin. >> i would think it was some sort of either an exertion of power and control, and/or maybe some type of message.
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>> her husband keith described an agonizing three weeks in which his wife was tormented physically and mentally. telling gma, she weighed just 87 pounds, and was covered in multi-colored bruises, red rashes and chain markings. her signature long blonde hair, had been chopped off. >> obviously a very sick person who may have wanted to wear down. >> we'll have more coming up at 7:00 a.m., with your gma first look. abc 7, redding, california. it is 5:14. the city of fremont is calling on the citizens to remain tolerant and respectful. the request comes after several recent disturbing incidents, and a letter to the community, city leaders say fremont has zero tolerance for prejudice ish racism, bigotry hatred and violence, and to call 911, if there is an mediate danger. ecstasy could be used to
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treat ptsd. popular at raves and musical festivals. they have approved large scale trials to see if it can improve ptsd. the latest trials include 230 patients. the study is the final step before the fda considers approving it as a prescription drug. charging drivers for using the road is about to end. the state is looking for ways to pay for road repairs. state lawmakers don't want to increase the gas tax, which doesn't account for all the electric cars on the road, so they've come up with a plan to charge for road use instead. it is a pilot program now. miles driven will be tracked through a plug-in device, an app or e-mailing in a picture of your odometer. poor land management for the recent explosive wildfires. the national academy of sciences believes the state should clear
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about 500,000 acres of debris every year, using controlled burns. right now, the state clears just 35,000 acres. cal fire says that goal is difficult to achieve. >> you've got to take the factors, weather, air quality, you go to the air quality management districts to get permits and making sure they are apprised of the situation as we. we need to make sure we have the resources to be able to do it as well. we have to watch the weather everyday. researchers say clearing debris can keep forests healthier during a drought. california has lost 100 million trees since 2010. bay area labs is out with the new cyber security predepositions for next year. drone attacks. criminals targets drones, stealing equipment or packages they're carrying, even using them to carry out hack attacks. >> they can use drones to look for unsecured networks, unsecured devices, and create
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the type of attack that we saw a few weeks ago that targeted that took down spotify and twitter. >> 14 security development force next year, among them, continued increase in hackers breaking into mobile devices. attacker also copy new trends to boost their malware delivery capabilities. the report predicts increased cooperation between law enforcement and industry that will hopefully put a dent in cyber crime. the air was so dry. how are we doing with that? >> yeah, lips, hands, dropping things, absolutely. good morning, everybody. it is still very dry out there. but it is getting wet enough that some will reach the ground on 101, you can see rollin boulevard, indian valley and old rarc ranch road, heading to san
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rafael, and possibly towards richmond. let's look at what will happen with the golden gate bridge. it could get wet. right now, it is pretty dry. calm conditions. we've got scattered light showers today, clearing, getting chilly tonight and the weekend warmth before the chill next week. here we are at 7:00 to 9:00, the best chance against the north bay for additional shower, noon through 5:00, a better chance as the cold front slides through the heart of the bay, and then exits and so there the showers. look how random and light these rainfalls will be 0.01, but that will make it slick if you're going to be out. here is tonight's lows, 30s and inland valleys, a lot of low to mid 40s. temperatures, surging into the low to mid 60s tomorrow, or i should say friday through sunday. and then lows in the 30s and 40s monday and tuesday. maybe even some 20s inland. alexis. all right, take a look at the traffic maps. we have a problem problem on
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eastbound i-80 roll over, right around park boulevard. eastbound 580, before park. they're doing a series of traffic breaks trying to get it on to the toe truck. they did call an ambulance, so pretty unusual to have red on eastbound 580 this time of day. there you go, we have it, while they're getting that cleaned up. a live look san jose, northbound 101, traffic coming toward us, the heavier side and slowly starting to fill in. overall, a pretty light morning. slowest drive time, tracy to dubl dublin, coming in at 39 minutes. possible problem in the tri-valley area, we'll look at that coming up next. a blood test that can better predict your risk of death in middle aged adults. it detects markers in the blood known to be associated with cancer, chronic heart disease and others health conditions. researchers believe it can be useful in the developing area of personalized medical care t was
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published in the "canadian association journal." remember we told you about these robots at the san jose airport. now the school has robots in the classroom. abc 7, dr. charles drew elementary school, as students and teachers received this special donation, named dash. they help young children learn how to code. the teacher has been at the school for 13 years became emotional when talking about what it means. >> again, i think it is so important for my students and the students in the bay view to be exposed to computer science, and to be able to love science and learn how to code so they can achieve their dreams too. >> she sounds like a great teacher. i love how they look. it looks like vb8. it is one of five schools in the whole country to receive these donations and the robots will help the students.
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how popular is the swa"star wars" movie. already breaking records and not in the theater yet. it has sold the most pre-sale tickets this year. according to the hollywood reporter. f fandego crashed monday morning. lucas film is owned by disney, parent company of abc 7. next, seven things you need to know before you start your day. radio shack gift cards coming up. plus a special guest for the obamas at the white house. obamas at the white house. abc 7 news, keep
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his kids will take over. he says he'll provide more details in two weeks. number two, we are waiting to hear from cirque du soleil this morning, after a technician was killed in last night's show. he was hit by a telescopic tent at at&t park. the show was canceled last night. we don't know about tonight. number three, the santa clara sheriff's office will hold a news conference to provide details about the recapture of this escaped inmate. ron campbell was caught last night in antioch. the search continues for fellow inmate, rogelio chavez. storm impact scale, one today. less than 0.01 of an inch. this is how live doppler looks now. it could get wet once in a while. number five, we have one new issue on southbound 680. it doesn't sound major.
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this is just before crow canyon in the san ramon area heading south. we've good three vehicles, including a motorcycle. sounds like they're calling an ambulance to the scene. i'll keep an eye on that. number six, at least three people have died and four critical after severe weather and tornados tore across the south. 23 tornados were reported last night. number seven, somewhat surprising, a new study, labeling the calories in fast food makes no difference when it comes to consumers making healthy choices. for calorie labels do any good, they must be larger and clearer, and advised on how many they're supposed to eat. >> if you want my french fries -- if you have radio shack gift card, you have until friday to redeem them. consumer can get cash for the unused cards. go to old radio shack gift that's a real thing. to file your claim.
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it is estimated, there are millions of dollars of unused gift cards still out there. you can submit your claim at old radio shack gift a series of just released images in mars. the newest satellite with the red planet, not looking so red there. scientists were stunned, looking at the orbiter, circl full holiday mode this morning. michelle obama welcoming special guests for the final holiday season at the white house. the families of u.s. service members joined her for an early view of this year's decorations. of course, the family's dogs, bo and sunny, you see them, part of the festivities. in real leave and as giant stuffed animals. >> cute. >> preparing for the holidays began six months ago along with
5:27 am
a team of designers who came up for ideas of every room in the white house. a lot of news to get to. we're coming back with another 90 minutes, including developing news on the peninsula, and the search for a hit-and-run driver in san bruno. plus the plan to bring golden state warriors. caught on camera, a brazen robbery in florida. i am getting the surveillance video. it is something i've never seen before. taking a live look, we're taking a live look, we're keeping weather and traffic
5:28 am
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bay, let's get up and get going. >> announcer: this is abc 7 mornings. the sun isn't up, but you are. that makes us glad. it is wednesday, november 30th. >> it is still dark. >> it is real dark. >> yeah. cars are moving over the bridge. jessica castro is here, mike nicco and alexis smith, looking at the vehicles for us this morning. how does it look outside. >> rain. >> are you? >> why not. >> just a little. just a little.
5:30 am
good morning, everybody. here is a live look at doppler 7. we've had some of it reach the ground. as you're moving into the north bay, costra county, here is a look at richmond, where the radar was showing a little activity. you can see not anything possibly reaching the ground. temperatures, mid 30s to mid 40s, mid 50s at noon, to mid and upper 50s this afternoon. let's see how the morning commute is starting. it has been fairly quiet, although we have had this problem in east bay for at least the last 40 minutes or so. eastbound 580 before park boulevard, single vehicle, most likely a rollover collision. we heard from chp this is a major injury. we haven't gotten word about an investigation yet, but they were running traffic breaks, a little slow traffic on eastbound 580, which is normally wide open this time of day. metering lights on early this morning. we will talk about that next. developing news in san
5:31 am
bruno, search is on for a hit-and-run driver. >> amy hollyfield is live at the scene. >> reporter: hi, good morning. i'm happy to report for you the el camino has been opened. they've wrapped up their investigation. you'll be able oh could you please tell -- count on it for your commute. they got the call that a car hit a pedestrian. they got here to find that the person had been hit, but that the person who hit the pedestrian had taken off. the victim was taken to the hospital. they don't have a description of the vehicle that left the scene, but they are doing what they can to find this person who did flee. did not stop to help the person they hit. so this investigation still unfolding here in san bruno, live, amy hollyfield. also developing news in the south bay, they've recaptured
5:32 am
one of the two inmates on the run after they broke out of santa clara's main jail. laron campbell was caught last night, taken into custody without incident. the sheriff's office confirmed he is being brought back to santa collar race overnight. the search continues for the the search continues for the other escaped chavez. the sheriff's office plans to have a news conference this morning with more details on cam bess arrest. we are waiting to hear from s circa da soleil, a crew member was hit by a telescopic left at at&t park last night. he died from those injuries. they released a statement overnight, saying they're
5:33 am
investigating exactly what happened. last night's show was canceled and offered a refund or able to reschedule for a later date. fans, as you can imagine, were horribly surprised by this. >> you were saying earlier you have seen the show so many times, you feel like you know these people. >> i do. i just heard what happened. i don't want to cry, but i feel like i know all these people. and they are such incredible artists. and -- yeah. >> cal osha has been notified. this is the u.s. premiere, heading to san jose in february. we have reached out to and it shows tickets are still available. let's head to jessica at the live desk with this just released video. >> just coming in, brand new video from florida, 35 guns in the hands of criminals. take a look here. you see them grabbing as many firearms as possible, from a
5:34 am
small gun store in tampa. i've never seen anything like this. they look like kids in a candy store. they used an suv to get in the store and they're looting it and taking off. this morning, the hunt is on to find these thieves. police are looking for as many as 15 people. and again, a lot of guns, at least 25, out on the streets this morning. back to you. >> i can see why they're concerned. thank you, jessica. shasta county officials say they're disappointed with sherry papini's husband for revealing details about her kidnapping. he released a statement yesterday that described how his wife look after she was found. he said in the 22 days she had been gone, she had been ee maceated, covered with bruises, her long blonde her hacked offer and she had been branded. investigators say many of those details would have only been known to her captors. >> unique information in there
5:35 am
that was put in his press release today that, you know, we're hoping to kind of keep a tight rein on as far as what -- what we were going to release to the public. >> keith papini said he released the details to put rumors to rest this may have been a hoax. the sheriff's department says it doesn't have any reason to doubt her story. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour are about o'beibeing r eastern tennessee. take a look. this is what people are facing, as they try to escape the fast moving flames. you can see how thick the smoke is and embers flying. three people have been killed, at least 14 wounded. 14,000 have been evacuated and hundreds of homes have been damaged. state officials say this is the largest fire to hit tennessee in 100 years. brazil has declared three days of mourning for the 71 victims of tuesday's plane crash. that included members of a soccer team. a candlelight vigil was held
5:36 am
last night in the stadium where they were going to play a championship game today. both of the recorders on board have been recovered. investigators hope they're going to reveal why the plane crashed into the andys mountain. the death toll was lowered after four people didn't make it on board. 5:36 now, president-elect trump has named four new officials to his cabinet in the last 24 hours. the talk this morning, though, all revolving his dinner with mitt romney. the two dined with incoming chief of staff, ryan prieb there has been vocal opposition by the president-elect trump supporters who want him to stay away from romney. a top candidate for secretary of state. romney was a top critic of mr. trump during his campaign, but praised mr. trump after this meeting. >> his vision is something that is connected with the american people in a powerful way. the last few weeks, he has been carrying out a transition effort, and i have to tell you, i've been impressed by what i've
5:37 am
seen in the transition effort. >> this morning, the president-elect trump named steven m uni chin as treasury secretary, mr. trump also picked billionaire investor, wilbur ross for commerce secretary. mr. trump and mike pence are in indiana tomorrow, officially announcing a deal to keep 1,000 manufacturing jobs in the u.s. nine months ago, air-conditioning manufacturer, carrier, said it planned to some day send all of its jobs to mexico, employing 2,000 people in indiana, mr. pence is still governor there. that means they will keep about 1,000 jobs in the state, local officials say carrier will get financial incentives to keep the jobs. happening today, house democrats will decide if they want to keep nancy pelosi as their leader, voting by secret ballot. she is being challenged by ohio lawmaker and long shot tim ryan. it will be an uphill battle
5:38 am
ryan. the man accused of injuring a south san francisco police officer is scheduled to be arraigned today in san mateo court. this is surveillance video of luis ramos being chased by an officer. he faces five felony counts, including attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on a police officer. officer robby head injuries. chan remains in critical condition, and they are cautiously optimistic. investigating a serious accident at theater. a man started yelling and acting erratically as the previews were wrapping up before 8:00 last night. movie goers confronted them and he pulled a gun on them. the man calmly stayed in his seat. they evacuated the entire
5:39 am
theater, and detained the man and found the handgun on him. all right, let's talk temperatures. clouds are rolling over, as they do, they're warming us about 3 to 6 degrees. 41 in free monday, hayward, 45, richmond, about 50 degrees. we still have 30s, clouds we still have 30s, clouds haven't reached we have a light shower moving across highway 4, pittsburgh, antioch, that will head over to discovery bay, and another right across 24, possibility of sprinkles around san rafael to mill valley. here is a look at walnut creek, and you can see it doesn't look very wet. there may be a few sfriprinkles the air. a few wet spots.
5:40 am
we call it fair. here is san rafael, are where i looks dry. i have more of those in the weekend forecast, but then a big cooling trend next week. i'll have all that and the rain for today ex next. it wasn't looking too soggy there in walnut creek, but slow on southbound 680, bay bridge toll plaza, we have the meter lights flipped on 5:24, that's early, my friends. a lot of folks up and moving this morning. a lot of green on the traffic flows. i have an update to the crash at southbound 680, crow canyon, three-car collision involving a motorcycle, now we've got the fire department there and they're blocking the two right lanes. it is backing up there. a quick check of mass transit, bart 42 trains and services, ace rail, if you go to the website, it says only ace 3 out and running, ace 1 left on time this morning. cal train, you're looking okay
5:41 am
too. we'll look at drive times coming up at 5:50. >> thank you, a le disturbing things at a napa valley high school. hoping to buy a home, the sign that could make you smile this morning. 5:41 in the a.m. live look outside from the sutro camera, looking over downtown san francisco. you can see what's happening you can see what's happening traffic wise
5:42 am
5:43 am
5:44 am
three teenage boys suffering injuries after this accident. they were in a stolen green honda that slammed into a parked car and another vehicle, the driver of that vehicle wasn't hurt. the stolen car may have been involved in an earlier armed robbery. the three teens ran from the crash scene. officers eventually caught up with them. north bay police are investigating an assault on the campus of napa high school committed by members of the football team. details still murky. authorities wouldn't say if it was a hazing accident or comment on the injuries suffered. >> members of the napa high football team were assaulting other teammates. grabbing them and basically holding them down. >> this school has not notified us. they haven't told us if people who assaulted these young men have been arrested.
5:45 am
are they still in class with my daughter? >> the napa valley school district is doing its own investigation into the incident. so far, no disciplinary action against players has been taken, and no arrests have been made. we have new details on san francisco's sinking millennium tower. jack malay refused to testify at a previous hearing looking into the building. in 2006, he found the building to be sound and recommended it to get a permit. in august, engineers revealed the 58-story tower has sunk more than one foot, and is now leaning two inches. the city attorney has sued the building's developer. we have another sign the bay area housing market is cooling off. according to the california association of realtors, pending sales across the region dropped 11.6% in october, compared with a year ago. our media partners at the mercury news says home prices have risen to the point that
5:46 am
they are finally starting to eat into demand. pending home sales in santa clara are down 12.5% year over year. san francisco is down 21%. golden state warriors in mission bay is closer to reality. they've upheld the environmental impact report on the project. warriors are ready to begin construction and open in 2019. >> this is a nearly universal beloved idea. it is going to be reality. it is time to get moving with it. >> now, the group opposing the project is promising to keep on fighting. in a statement, they say they believe the arena would result in blocked access to hospitals, dangerous air pollution, and traffic gridlock throughout the community. oakland could have a plan to try to keep the raiders in town by the end of the year. abc 7 news was at oakland city hall as council members discuss the proj next a closed door session yesterday.
5:47 am
they made very few details available. they're going to vote within two weeks and could be presented to nfl owners next month. the national weather service said the sierra had its wettest start since 1984. between october and november, an average of 18 inches of precipitation in the mountains. that's 200% above average. i know that sounds really great, but consider the fact that we are deep into a five-year % drought, and it will take a lot more of that, really great, mike, to see any major impact. >> seeing a tiny bit of rain wrchlt a. where are we seeing that now? >> i'll show you how we did with the first three months with rain. richmond, could be getting wet. right now and through about the next 15 to 20 minutes, you can see heading toward walnut creek, alamo on 680, another shower,
5:48 am
and another one near san leandro. let's look at the east bay hills cam rachlt you can see it looks pretty easy, the viewing, all the way to san francisco. anything falling, sprinkles to isolated light showers, warm and dry pattern, and then cooler days next week. here are the temperatures 56 at half moon bay, and even palo palo alto. scattered light showers, possibly being very remote during the lunch hour into the afternoon hours. higher elevations, you might bump into one of these clouds, may get wetter. by 10:00, it is gone. let me show you how remote these rainfall totals will be. a lot of goose eggs. here is a look at the accuweather forecast. you'll notice temperatures in the 40s and 50s in the lows, and then 60s for highs. alexis. live doppler 7 on top of the
5:49 am
traffic map, not a lot, but we know, it doesn't take much to impact the commute. really slow down and take it easy if you're seeing rain and drizzle out there this morning. eastbound 580, we had a rollover crash about an hour ago. just solo vehicle collision. it sounds like that person had major injuries. so there is still a scene that is no longer blocking, and it looks like the back-up has thinned out. crow canyon, just past that three-car crash, one of those a motorcycle. we've got the two right lanes blocked by fire response there, 14 miles per hour average approaching. and then how about good news, we'll wrap it up at the san mateo bridge, wide open on the westbound side. moving along just fine. a new rollover crash in the south bay, we'll check on that coming up next. >> announcer: now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. breaking news, bay area go pro is announcing it is cutting 15% of the work force and closing its enner entertainment
5:50 am
unit. the company sent out a statement this morning, saying the company's president, tony bates, will step down at the en of the year. they think the restructuring could save $650 million next year alone. it has not been a profitable year for them in the past year. go pro is head quartered in san mateo. back to you. >> jessica, thank you. iconic stud bar gets a new designation. how it could help the bar stay open for years to come. first, another twist in the battle over access to a popular beach, with state officials say is the next step after two years of failed negotiations. plus, we're going to watch how a man takes golden vand table -- advantage by a big mistake. we're going to leave you with abc 7 news now, and leave live weather heavy, labored breathing heavy, labored breathing
5:51 am
heavy, labored breathing coughing breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask breathing through oxygen mask covered california. it's more than just health care. it's life care.
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5:53 am
a state land commission will vote next tuesday, on whether to pursue eminent domain over a private beach near half moon bay. the media partner, mercury news, says it has ended in a stalemate. venture capitalist is refusing to sell the land needed for a public easement. surfers have been using the road for years, until they blocked it with a gate. the odds the commission to use eminent domain is slim, because
5:54 am
they don't have the money to buy the land. there is a warning about toxic mushrooms that are springing up in the east bay hills because of the recent rain. the east bay regional park district says folks, just don't eat the mushrooms that are growing in the wild. did you know the bay area is home to the two of the most toxic mushrooms. the death cap and the western destroying angel. intense names, and terrible consequences. a tip for avoiding them, both of them grow near oak trees. eating them can result in liver and renal failure if you don't get treatment. there a big problem with a couple of runways that need emergency funding. here is a live look at the airport from the sfo cam. the director says part of the sea wall needs repairs and looking for $1.5 million from the city. 19l and 19r are in danger of flooding. san francisco's budget and finance committee expected to take up the resolution at
5:55 am
10:00 a.m. this video is something else. a man wanted in new york for stealing a bucket of gold flakes. look at the surveillance video. two months ago, the armored truck company, employees making a pickup so they left the back of the truck opened. the man approaches, notices no one is around and grabs an 86 pound pail off the back of the truck and makes his way off with it. it is valued at $1.6 million. how did he know? >> you know, if i saw a bucket, i would not necessarily know it is gold flakes. now we know. >> i wouldn't either. let's look at what was going on. i was looking at the video and getting this setup. i wanted to show you, we're better than 100% if the weather stay ahead of us, hopefully that will continue. breezy at the ocean.
5:56 am
we'll have some showers in tahoe. here is the seven day for tahoe, scattered showers monday and tuesday. another rollover crash, this one in milpitas, gets you down to the southbound 680, right before jacklin road. fire and ambulance are on the way to the scene. not a backup yet. it could become a blocking situation. quick check of the metering lights, been on since 5:24. we'll look at drive times coming up next. uber let's people pay strangers to drive them around, but would you let strangers in your home so they can do their laundry. home appliance company elect tr -- electrolux is testing it. it sounds exactly what i'm about to describe. people come into your house and use your machines.
5:57 am
or you can use someone to pay their appliances. they're in early testing, a lot of legal hurdles to clear. you know what, natasha, i like you a lot, but i don't want you to knock on my door and use my machine machine. >> duly noted. the new information this morning on what happened as police took his accomplice into custody. one last hurdle before san francisco could face restrictions on airbnb in the city. one supervisor's office going to the cats for a good
5:58 am
i'm not a customer, but i'm calling about that credit scorecard. give it. sure! it's free for everyone. oh! well that's nice! and checking your score won't hurt your credit.
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oh! i'm so proud of you. well thank you. free at at, even if you're not a customer. >> announcer: good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. this is abc 7 mornings. good morning, it is wednesday, november 30th. >> glad you're here. jessica castro here, too. >> alexis smith and mike nicco bringing us a little bit of rain. >> that's a technical name.
6:00 am
i like that. here is a look at that scotsch that's all over. we perused about 15, 20 tower cameras. if you see something, let us know. here is a live look from sutro tower, temperatures running in the mid 30s to 40s at 7:00. we'll be in the mid 50s at noon, and the chance of any wet weather fades. let's talk about warm weather before the chilly spell comes our way. drive times, highway 4 to walnut creek, 11 minutes. still in the green at 9 minutes. westbound 580, tracy to dublin, 50 minutes. we do have problems at developing news now. one santa clara jail inmate who


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