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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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there was a ton of wind. trash was blowing around the street. >> we got 4 1/2 hour start on these folks. it is breezy out there. gusting to 32 in fairfield and dropped to 36 at sfo. most of us in the 10 to 20 miles per hour range. hold on to your hats and the steering wheels, the north winds go across the bridges at 18 to 31 miles per hour from the east bay hills. heading along 24, it will be difficult. and 580. 33 to 50 is milder. that will be total sunshine todays mid-to-upper 50s from noon to 4:00, and the breezes will taper and we will fall back into the 40s by 7:00. new, talking about the breezes, you would say the bay bridge? >> and altamont pass, c.h.p. has issued a high wind advisory this morning. so, grab the wheel tightly.
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we only have one blocking issue on the roads, southbound 101 before you get to willow road, as you get and the east palo alto area, we have a fully ungulfed vehicle fire blocking the far right lane and message crews are there, so far, not teach of a backup. we will look at residual delays in a few. >> if you ride bart you know the trains can get packed. >> especially at rush hour but the machine to make more room for riders is put on hold. we go to our reporter at the el cerrito station. amy? >> yes, the bart board has tabled the idea for now, passengers here say they are torn on the issue, of course, everyone wants a seat on the train but toys are saying that is not always possible during the morning commute. some people cannot even get on the train. they tag about pulling seats out saying for every seat they take out these people could stand so it mays room for 4,700 more
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people during the crazy commuter hours. one machine said he would like to have a seat after a long difficult at -- long day at work. i don't hike to take out seats because more are standing but people got to get to and from and the best we to move them. people have to make thization all the decision is on how old after the board meeting according to the "san francisco examiner" because the bart director said the outreach that was done in his opinion did not gather crucial information about demographics and disabilities. he wants bart to learn more on the people impacted. stand by. they will talk about i again maybe later this month. uc santa cruz police say a hitchhike college student was kidnapped, and forced to make a daring escape. the student hitch add ride from
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a bus stop around 1:00 a.m. at heller and mclaughlin drive. it enwhen she jumped out of the moving car at bay and mission. the driver was smoke marijuana and they got to bay and high street where she wanted to get out he refused to stop and she pleaded with him to pull over. she did it for a mile and decided to jump out of the moving car as it slowed down at mission street. >> i was terrified because you put a lot of trust and i see people hitchhike all time. >> i would have just panicked and not known what to do. hopping out of the car like that, its with smart. >> the woman suffered minor injurieses and police are looking for the driver. >> officers investigating a shooting on interstate 580. people in two vehicles exchanged gunfire yesterday afternoon at richmond. police closed the westbound onramp for two hours to collect evidence. c.h.p. said no one was hit. >> this is after a shooting on
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580 in oakland that crippled the commute on wednesday. two people in their 20 are still in the hospital after getting shot while driving near the fruitvale off-ramp. that triggered the backup we saw from sky 7 for nine miles. police do not think it was random. >> on the peninsula, police in palo alto are looking for a man accused of exposing himself to a woman walking her dog. there is a sketch of the suspect that has been released and it happened on window morning near oregon expressway, and he stopped to ask for directions. the woman managed to take a photo of the man's car, an older model maroon four door mazda with a spoiler. >> as sherri papini recovers from her abduction, her husband is giving if you details of the day she was found. he met up with reporter at a remote location near redding and gave specific details of what happened on thanksgiving day
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when she was released three weeks after she disappeared. >> my home phone rang, i picked it up and... emotion, it was my wife. screaming. in the back ground. yelling my name, but i knew it was her. i can tell her voice. >> the call came from a c.h.p. officer who called keith to let her know she was found in yes low county, 150 miles from where she disappeared. she was beaten, and branded by her captors. in is a lot more on the exclusive interview with keith papini tonight at 10:00 p.m. followed by abc at 11:00. >> president-elect donald trump is on the first public tour since winning the election and now is focusing on immigration kicking off the thank you tour in cincinnati, ohio going back
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do what was on campaign trail condemning the white nationalist movement saying he is against bigotry and prejudice and rejects the language of exclusion and promised to do everything in his power to stop terrorism and to stop people who are coming from the pick east. he specifically mentioned the muslim somali immigrant that attacked ohio state university students. >> in north carolina a shooting at a mall near raleigh. >> a shooting at a hotel in raleigh and two people are dead. the hotel also near a positive -- popular mall. you can see the heavy police presence. right now, detectives are trying to figure out why the shooting started at perk's -- at america's best value inn. the hotel is on lockdown. i will keep an cry out for details but right now back to you. >> today is the last day an
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oakland public parking garage next to city hall will be opened, the 55-year-old garage is appearing to be the next earthquake. the garage will be closed indefinitely. >> a warning for people in a san francisco neighborhood and why authorities say "stop speeding the coyote." another delay for the bart's newest line and when warm springs station could finally open to the public. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with plenty trying to make their way to work.
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>> now your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> noisy night for a lot of us with the breezies. look what they have done to the temperatures, 17 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. in san francisco, we were at 58 in west portal. a lot of 52 small, including glen park, and 51 in park presidio. and everyone else is 42 in palo alto and 43 in walnut creek and a lot of other low-to-mid 50s.
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today, warm breezes and 50 to 64. tomorrow, 50 to nearly 70 in the north bay and the clouds will cool us back into the up more 50s to mid-60s for sunday. i have 50s for highs and 20s for lows in the seven-day forecast. i will let you know when. alexis? >> we okay on the roads but we have our fair share of slow spots including the bay bridge toll plaza, with the metering lights on since 5:30 this morning. a little bit laterren that last couple of days, but it has filled in. if you were with us earlier this morning we had a major commuter alert but it is looking better with a disabled maintenance bart vehicle on the racks in the downtown berkeley area and that resulted in big delays for the rich pend live and now we are down to ten minutes. it is probably less. still in recovery mode in millbrae and fremont directions. but quickly we are getting back to normal. we will look at the drive times at 6:20. >> this is obvious, but don't
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feed the coyotes. that is the news from experts in a san francisco neighborhood. one key society a regular visitor and some neighbors treat it like a pet rather then a wild animal. some have begun to feed the coyote. speaker say there people have good intentions there is bad for the animal because it needs certain nutrition ends. the other concern is the coyote could bite a person or pet. the signs are posted all over the park urging neighbors to not feed the coyotes. >> santa clara has $1 million inen claimed cash. how you can check to see in the county owes you some money. >> the story behind this bizarre mug shot that...big going viral. how this man ended ended up in jail.
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abc7 abc7 news all arm. >> police have arrested a 35-year-old on wednesday after his girlfriend called them saying he hit her in the head with a gun. the officers took him into custody and found multiple assault rifles and handguns and ammunition. police say that one of gunses
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was lost or stolen from san jose. torres was backed on weapon and domestic violence charges. >> bart's planned warm springs extension is facing more delays and may not open until next year. this has been several push becomes on when the station would open and the east bay times is reporting that more testing is needed and there is no tentative opening date. a bart phone said that the testing is complexed and everything has to be perfect before move on to the next phase. the next phase is test runs without passengers. >> apple is using drones to keep up with google maps much the drones will look at street signs and areas of construction to provide users with relative time updates. they are reportedly work on putting views inside of buildings and improved car navigation to the maps app. all the story of the day, this could be one of strangest mug shots you will ever spree. yes, that is a real macaw on the
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shoulder of the mug shot. he was at washington county courthouse and he did not think it what take that long so he brought the pet bird. by the we, bird's name is "sir," he left the supposedly well trained bird in a tree outside the courthouse as one does, and then...the owner got taken into custody can he wasn't expecting and he was worried abut the bird, named "bird," so the officers let him get the bird and care for it while he resolved the case. >> the funny thing he want to get the bird. the bird say i am not going with the deputy, the stranger, and he said, i'm fought going with stranger and would not everybody with the female deputy so they finally let him out to fetch his
6:18 am
own bird. >> in portland, where i have lived, that is business as usual. >> not a bird-brained idea? >> top that, meteorologist mike nicco. >> i thought you would use that voice from aladdin. >> bird talking. nice. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look at live doppler hd: bone dry. hands are hurting the lips are chapped. 280 and 17, a lot of sunshine. breezes in south bay. sunny and warmer. calm tonight. under clear sky. cooler when you wake up tomorrow. warmest tomorrow. and frosty on tuesday and wednesday morning. our temperatures are half moon bay the cool spot at 60. 62 in a last areas, san rafael, richmond, san mateo, livermore, richmond, san mateo, livermore, forward is
6:19 am
my seven-day forecast shows low-to-upper 60s tomorrow, still threatening 70 around santa rosa and napa and widespread 20s inland, and low-to-mid 50s into the afternoon hours. no chance of rain the entire seven-day forecast physical possibly thursday evening. as late as we get in the forecast. hopefully that will change and it will be better. physical that time -- until that time the breezes are the big story. >> hisly for the bay bridge and altamont pass. both hands on the wheel. >> now, back to our traffic map. southbound 101's you get to willow, we had a report of a car fire for 40 minutes with the
6:20 am
fire department in the right lane with no delays. hopefully it is tapped out. they are welcome on getting it clear. southbound, in cupertino area, there is a disable vehicle that will not move. it lost power. it is blocking the center right lane. million cruise are on the -- emergency crews are on way. southbound 680, more brake light s. everyone is slow down. that is filling in. drive times are okay westbound 80 to the maze at 22 minutes. 24 minutes cross the bay bridge. i will make sure there is nothing beginning on there. southbound 101, it is green at 10 minutes. >> "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 right here. >> amy hollyfield is here with what is ahead. amy? great to be with you, on "good morning america," president-elect donald trump is on a first election thank you tour, and rallying up a rally in
6:21 am
cincinnati and making a surprise announcement, picking secretary of defense, general james mattis. kellyanne conway is joining us to talk about latest in the transition, and john legend is here talking about his new album and. ifing in the studio and all coming up next, kicking of your friday. right. >> i love john legend. >> seven-day forecast and michael finney is tackling your questions. >> and blast off for the international space station but, international space station but, all d
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>> what goes up must come down and hopefully all in one piece but it did not work out that way for a russian spacecraft. >> engines coming up to turbo speed. all engines at flight speed. >> exactly what they did not want happen, to happen. the supply ship carrying cargo to the international space station embryo up minutes after launch yesterday. it dropped back to earth in pieces. over south siberia. no astronauts were on board but it was carrying equipment and food and other cargo to the space station. the international space station has enough supplies for now and
6:25 am
they will have another cargo rocket run or scheduled to lunch on friday. hopefully that is better. >> now, ask funny. >> and now a we -- question about psychology jobs. >> as a psychology student, what is the outlook for the future? >> the job outlook for psychology majors is actually looking pretty darn good. the bureau of labor statistics said we will need 20% more over the next eight dears, and not only that, psychology majors are now prized by marketing firms and recruiting for sales positions. psychologists understand humans so well the training is valued by many employers. the pay is fought bad, the average annual for a kin california psychologist is about $67,000. in california it is $87,000 and in san francisco a cool $90,000.
6:26 am
good hung. happy holiday. >> manufacture in wants do hear your consumer questions at the fountain and broadway plaza meet you, and you can ask it live or asking through social media # askfinney. >> a million dollars of unclaimed cash is up for grabs in the south bay, with santa clara having more than 3,100 unclaimed checks less than $1 to more than $10,000. can you imagine missing that? the county said in all they have $95,000 -- money. there is a database online where you can file a lane and it is on >> the south bay city expected to react today to president-elect donald trump's promise to go after sanctuary cities and a new ad from the san
6:27 am
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december 2nd. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. there is a bit of suspense. >> i wanted a peace sign out for everyone. >> and december. >> jessica castro here. alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco, it is cold. and blustery. >> and there are 23 days left until christmas. i won't pension that. i want everyone to be happy and stress free. if you are driving east-west bridges look at the gusts from the north at 36 at sfo and 22 at concord and 16 in mountain view, and 30 in fairfield and 18 to 31 heading through the east bay hills right new. temperatures are running in the mid-40s to mid-50s this morning and warmer and mid-to-upper 50s all the way through 4:00. with sunshine and breezy conditions and the breezes will taper 40s and 50s. >> we have one new crash in the south bay to talk about northbound 101 at 880 north of here we hearing about a fur car
6:31 am
crash blocking the two left lanes. obviously the backup is forming. i will put it on the maps and look at that in less than ten minutes. >> more bay area leaders are reacting to president-elect donald trump's promise to go after sanctuary cities. matt? >> good morning, the election has stirred up a lot of fears in the immigrant authority and the police chief garcia is hoping to calm the fears. garcia will discuss his --'s department's standing on immigration and enforcement. the mayor liccardo shared thoughts say people in san jose are concerned that changes could separate families and others are afraid of federal regular city for muslims. lick look said the -- liccardo said chief garcia will enforce laws against anyone and local
6:32 am
police should not involve themselves in federal immigration inform. san jose created an office of immigrant affairs so there are many services available to the community. we will hear from the police chief and others at the news conference at 11:00 a.m.. >> in san jose for abc7. >> thank you. 51 house democrats including several from the bay area are asking president obama to make it harder for president-elect donald trump to institute a muslim registry when he takes office. this is a copy of letter they sent to the president urging him to dismantling the trim work for the regular city. i was launched in 2001 in response to the 9/11 attacks. the regular city is not being used it is part of the law and could be reinstituted. >> from his cabinet to the wall he is building the president-elect is making a lot of news at the first post election rally. he kicked off the thank you tour in cincinnati, ohio, and he surprisingly announced his
6:33 am
latest cabinet pick, james mattis secretary of defense. he will near a waiver from congress because the defense secretary not be active military for the previous citizen jeers. he returned to campaign rhetoric emphasizeing a mexican border wall will be built. we are hear mother from the husband of share papini talking about what he saw and felt when she was found on thanksgiving day. her hair was the economied, he was bruised and her skin was branded. >> i sat my son down, on my knees and i said, you know what, buddy, i found mom. and he got the biggest grin and he started, where is she?
6:34 am
he said they came forward to stop rumors this all may have been a hex. investigators are still searching in her captors and hooking for a motive. you can watch the full exclusive interview with keith papini tonight on "20/20." all the father of an accused sexually assaulted teen, is putting the blame on the the boy's gather said that the sex was conscience you'll. the father is himself a registered sex offender. the district attorney said that it is not deciding whether to press charges in the case. look at this statement, the boy's father said and i quote, "he's tall, dark and handsome, and plays football and a lot of girls single did be with my son. when young, fast girls see
6:35 am
something they like, they go after it." >> happening today, the man arrested for the murder of a san francisco public works employee is set to make the first court appearance. police backed 26-year-old into jail yesterday. they say he shot and killed germane jackson jr. on wednesday morning while he was cleaning up graffiti at portrero hill. police have not released a motive. >> the san francisco police officers association is asking the public to weigh in proposed changes to "use-of-force" policy >> many will die. or injured. >> this could happen with the proposal before the city police commission. with this weapons policy we can't step senseless slaughter. >> this is what you see in the ad, an angry man driving into a crowd of people and an officer hesitating to pull his weapon. police say the new policy would prohibit officers from drawing their weapon against a moving vehicle. the city's police commissioner tells the "san francisco
6:36 am
examiner" this is based on new york policy and it keeps officers safer and reduced lethal shoot, by 33%. >> calls for exchanged around the san francisco police department started after the lethal shooting of mario woods. there is a candlelight vigil today, and a march, friends, family and supporters will march to 3rd where woods was shot. stores say the 26-year-old lunged at them with a navy but this video of the incident raised questions of exactly what happened. it sparked several protests calling the former police chief greg suhr to resign. he step down in may. >> and today is a year since the attack that left 14 dead in san bernardino and 22 hurt. far room and his wife want on a rampage at the county health before where farook worked during a holiday party that
6:37 am
could have been the trigger that led to the rampage. he did not think a muslim should have to participate in a non-muslim holiday. the cox difficulted in a shoot out with police. police will hold a 14 mile memorial bicycle ride to remember the 14 victims. >> hundreds paid their relatives at at vigil honoring a fall be police officer who died after responding to a domestic violence call. the 45-year-old served the community with great pride, dignity and empathy, and the department thanked the crowd for their support and prayers. >> we have word of a major auto recall. >> we have late breaking details. >> it is a major recall, affecting 680,000 cars because of faulty seatbelts. they say the seatbelt will not hold people in a crash. it affects several makes of the ford cars, recovering the 2013 to 2016 of the lincoln and
6:38 am
affects the ford fusion. ford said the heat can cause the ford said the heat can cause the cables do break and the suddenly. we will have more information on reggie and natasha? >> there is good news for the crabbing industry. officials will hope more of the northern california coast. a 50 mile stretch between point reyes and marin and salt point in sonoma opens tomorrow after drop in domoic acid levels. high levels keep a section from salt point north closed, still, with commercial crab fishing opened last month for most. last year the season was dramatically cut short by the toxic algae bloom. >> now your forecast with
6:39 am
meteorologist mike nicco. >> down not south bay we have temperatures running around 50 in alum rock and san jose and 52 in modify modify and inel in --n mountain view and novato is 43. san francisco is at 53, and alameda is 53, and lafayette is at 44. sansfo has no arrive delays landing will be bumpy. a cross wind this morning on the water, though, breezy could be good for kite surfing. the exploritorium at pier 15 where the winds are gusting 22 to around 38 miles per hour. you can see how rough the bay is this morning. low-to-mid 60s today, low-to-upper 60s tomorrow, warmest day and cooling clouds upper 50s to low 60s sunday and freezing cold temperatures next week. >> and now, high wind advisory
6:40 am
for the bay bridge and the altamont pass this morning, and right new i want to show you the south bay with heavy traffic on northbound 101, at 880, just north of here, we had a four car collision blocking the two last lanes and they got it pushed to the last hand shoulder, so emergency crews are on the scene and obviously this is a visual distraction and this is a camera we are look at a solid line of red merging with the typical delays and back to the 280 and 680 split now the lanes are back open it will improve. the drive times westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze, 30 minutes and westbound 80 up to 28 minutes and now down to 19 is that is looking better and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is in the grown at continue minute -- green at 10 minutes. >> thousands are hoping to hop on the polar expression have to wait because the theme ride is shut down because of track issues. six miles of the track do not
6:41 am
meet safety standards. canceled date everyone already sold out 2,000 reservations have to be refunded or rescheduled. the polar express hopes to fix the issue and have the trains running by december 10. >> coming you, a bite out of crime, the bay area city turning to pet owners to keep our streets safer. >> "hamilton," tickets are not even on sale but there appears to be a big problem with the website selling the tickets. >> a look outside, we are keeping weather and traffic up keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial keeping the power lines clear,my job to protect public safety, keeping weather and traffic up through the entire commercial while also protecting the environment. the natural world is a beautiful thing, the work that we do helps us protect it. public education is definitely a big part of our job,
6:42 am
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>> we are lending more of the second escaped inmate who was caught, the sheriff said chavez tried to conceal a face tattoo. you can see on the left a more recent mug shot, he had some coverup on the tattoo. this is where the swat teams caught him holed up. he was hiding in the arctic. the other inmate, was in a different at ticket night before. the sheriff is stepping up security in the wake of the escape. supervisors will vet for money to install cameras at the jail. communication between crime victims and state prison is going to be easier moving forward. the department of corrections
6:45 am
announce add new updated notification system. victims will be notified 90 days before the offender is released. they will mail victims to let them know in the date happens or the death. notification through the current service will be discontinue at the end of the year. dog owners are being enlistedded to have the community identify suspicious activity and report it to officers. in south san francisco, car break ins and residential burglaries are the most common crimes. dog owners are paying attention, they could catch someone in the act. >> you have to be aware of what is going on. so, in order to stay safe, it is nice to have the people who are walking their dogs be in this program. >> a second dog walker training class is scheduled next thursday at the police department.
6:46 am
>> if you ride bart you know the trains are packed but a plan to make more room is are be put on hold. now, to amy hollyfield with more on that story from el cerrito. >> yes, it is an interesting idea but the bart board wants to talk it over. as we talk to the passengers we are hearing mixed reviews. mixed opinions on the idea. it is about the fact that trains are so packed during the commute. sometimes people cannot even get on board. the idea is to take the seats tout create more room for people to stand. with bart, officials are saying if they take enough seats out they could create room for 4,700 more during the commute. one man likes to have a seat after a long day. another woman said, sounds great. >> it is a good idea. bart is so crowded and everyone will not be on top of each other. a good idea.
6:47 am
>> sometimes it is really, really bad. >> the idea is on hold at the board legal. they talked about it yesterday but according to the "san francisco examiner" the board director said he does not think the outreach that was done gathered good information about the demographics or the disabled and who it impacted. he wants to learn more. other bart directors wanted to move forward with the idea so a little disagreement there and they talk about it later this month. jessica? >> breaking news from the live desk. >> we have breaking news: russia is working on an international rescue, a captain and two crew members everyone kidnapped by my rates off west africa, on a ship with a greek flag captured earlier this week. three folks are held hostage so russia launched the rescue mission this morning. they say diplomats are now
6:48 am
negotiating release. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> facebook has pledged millions for affordable housing and job training. the company is committing $20 million over the next five years to help with the housing crisis. $10 million goes to projects in east palo alto. facebook plans to contribute to emergency rent relief and job training programs to help local residents connect to the company. >> people living in the wealthiest communities could be paying the least in property taxes. >> now to jane king with that story and more in the money report. jane? >> good morning, california home owners, $12.5 billion in prosecute taxes, but the benefits are not evenly distributed across the state according to a new report. palo alto homeowners pay the lowest effective prosecute tax rate in the state.
6:49 am
cyber monday was huge for amazon accounting for 31% of all sales over the thanksgiving weekend and it wall street not close. best buy was 7.4% and target and wal-mart 4%. the west coast has a chance to enjoy "hamilton," in march 10 to august 5. so far, excitement is so high that the website keeps going down. tickets are $100 to >> shocks are shrug off the jobs report, 178,000 jobs created. the unemployment rate was at the lowest since august of 2007, 4 4.6% but a high number of jobs were part time. so the markets are mixed the dow is down and s&p 500 and nasdaq higher. officials in australia are still not sure what a baby
6:50 am
penguin was doing wandering the streets of sydney. he was spotted wandering a near a storm drain. they got the penguin safely and three was taken to a zoo for a health assessment. they found he was underweight and he did future want to be weighed too long and he will be returned to the wild. all the cutest penguin i have ever seen! >> now over to mike nicco. can you top that penguin? >> no. no. he is too adorable. outside, we have live doppler hd, it is bone dry. a noisy night, no doubt, first thing i did this morning, owned up the blinds made sure the christmas lights were still on the house. winds are from the north at 20 to 25 miles per hour at the golden gate bridge but they will
6:51 am
be a headwind trying to head into the marin head lands. today, dry breezies, more warmth this afternoon, tonight we are clear, calmer leading to cooler conditions. this welcome? our warm of the highs but the frosty nights are still coming. look at today, half moon bay is the cool spot, 60s and the rest of us are 62 to 64 degrees. now, if you are at walnut creek, askfinney, we drop into the mid-50s by 5:00, 50 by 6:00, and 47 getting chilly as we wrap it up at 7:00. good luck. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s department. cooler than the 50s this morning. we could be nearly 70 in napa tomorrow, and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 60s and clouds cool us on sunday and tuesday morning and wednesday morning we will have our best chance of widespread freezing temperatures from the inland valley and we will have to protect the pets and plants.
6:52 am
>> looking at our traffic cameras northbound 101 around 880 we had quite a deficit a backup and we are seeing with three to four vehicles involved. charliely we still have -- clearly we still have delays at the split. from the richmond-san rafael bridge westbound side at san quentin another three or four car crash and barbecue in the far left lane so i am wondering if it fell out of the pickup and that caused the problems. you are jammed into richmond just happening, so it is obviously backing up quickly and a mass transit note we had 10-minute delay left over on richmond for bart due to the maintenance vehicle stuck on the tracks this morning and we back if the green with no more delays. we will look at the problem on the richmond-san rafael next. >> see you in 90s seconds with the seven things you need to
6:53 am
know. >> you but, first, our photo of the day, follow us at abc7 news and you can see photos like this and contribute, as well, we would love you to use #abc7. we feel for all of you who are we feel for all of you who are stuck in that backup each
6:54 am
>> the seven things you need to know. mike? >> good morning, everyone, it was not a silent night. it was windy.
6:55 am
gusts up to 35 to 40 miles per hour, temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s so it is warmer on way to low-to-mid 60s with sunshine and breezy this afternoon. >> biggest problem on the roads is richmond-san rafael on westbound side near the off-ramp with four car crash blocking far left lane. backing up all the way to the richmond side. >> bart recovering after a maintenance vehicle had high wind a wheel issue. delays were minimal and it was cleaned up. >> local leaders are holding a news conference to discuss the city's stance on immigration inform. some people are concerned with the transition on the federal changes in immigration rules or enforcement that could split families. >> five, we are hearing from the husband of sherri papini abducted and held for three
6:56 am
weeks he said his wife's captors branded several messages on her body, with the full interview on "20/20," before at 11:00. >> governor brown is heading to court hoping to get an injunction to stop a strike planned by california's largest labor union, local 1000 want telling strategic on monday exacting 95,000 members who are demanding higher wages. >> this is a new christmas tree, you can adopt a tree for the holidays and it will later be plan on the streets of san francisco. a $75 donation is recommended and you can pick up one tomorrow at the friends of the urban forest office. what a from idea. >> living tree. it will be back of the city urban landscape. >> adopt a tree. adopt a dog or top at the macy's, all contains of adoptions this weekend. 'tis the season. see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models. sales event ends january 3rd. good morning, america. president-elect trump shakes things up on his victory lap. makes a major announcement to the crowd. >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> as hillary clinton and donald trump's campaign teams clash overnight going head-to-head in a nasty post-election showdown. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? >> it did. kellyan kellyanne, it did. >> kellyanne conway joins us live this morning. wicked weather. the south reeling from that tornado outbreak and devastating wildfires. now new storms moving in. the urgent warning about rains and flooding, and the deep freeze on the way for millions.


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