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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  December 3, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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s a lot of flames. so much so, they could not make full entry into the structure. >> and what about the report that the fire died down initially, and then came back? was there -- what can you tell us about the actual timeline, once firemen arrived? >> so the firefighters, the call came in about 11:20, a third alarm was called maybe about 10 minutes later. we had about 72 firefighters on scene at the time, and about 16 units. >> at one point, did the fire ever die down and then restart again? >> i don't have the specific details of that. i would have to get more of a report from the firefighters in regards to the different phases of what happened. >> you did describe the inside of this converted warehouse, if you will, packed with stuff. making it difficult to fight the fire inside. was it almost like pack rat
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conditions? >> it is difficult. i know there is a lot of furniture, statues, just a lot of stuff there, and right now, because of the roof collapse, there is that additional, you know, debris. but there is a whole lot of stuff in that structure. >> was any of that stuff flammab flammable? when i hear artists and artist material, do you know if that played into this? >> i can't say. anything in regard to the structure fire and you know, wooden material, flammable material, paint, lacquer, any of that is going to contribute to the fire spread. >> you do not know the cause yet? >> no, we do not. >> how are you holding up this morning? >> you know, i'm really more concerned about the firefighters and how they're holding up. a lot of them have been here since the call came in last night. i'm going to be more concerned
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about the community and the families of the victims of how they're holding up. because this is just a real tragic day, you know, for oakland. i don't -- in my career, 30 years in the fire service, i haven't experienced an event to this magnitude. i know in the oakland hills fire that we had, a lot of fatalities in that fire, but to have an initial count of nine fatalities in a single structure fire is traumatic, and it is going to take a while for, i think just the city, this community and the families to heal from this. >> what about families or people who have loved ones, a, is there an evacuation center, a red cross center where people are going? b, what do people need to know if they just have a phone? >> we're asking individuals to call the alameda coroner's office and to get in contact
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with the coroner's office if they know someone who is missing, they can pass that name and information on to them. and any identifying marks or -- they can work with the coroner's office. >> is there anything else you would like to add? >> no. again, i am just sending thoughts and prayers out to the families and friends of the victims, and of this community for the city of oakland. this was a hard hit for us today. >> is it too early to ask whether you think this place was pe permitted for people to be living in, do you know? >> there is a lot of conversation whether individuals were actually living here or or was it really just an artist studio? you know, with any place, there was probably some individuals that made this their residents, but i don't want to say 50 something people were living, because the reports i'm receiving now is that no, it was
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mainly just an artist studio. but some folks may have made it their permanent residence. >> all right, so then you'll be doing updates here all day? is this the command post? you'll obviously, you and your department will be here for the whole weekend, but any schedule yet about releases on anything official on the -- anything else? >> no, that's all i have. >> thank you, chief. all right, so there you just heard it. that is the oakland fire chief, theresa reid. it is obviously a very ee floegs mal morning out here off of international. the sun is coming up. we can see the damage. you can see the warehouse behind the fire truck there. we're finding out now that it sounds like people did not necessarily live there. it wasn't like a residency. it was an artist warehouse. it was full of artist supplies, furniture, tables, where artists would work. there was a party here last
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night, about 11:30. lots of flames. when the fire department came here. international avenue is closed off here. fire department still doing mop-up. the arson task force is heading here. the bodies of the fire victims are still inside. the chief had earlier indicated that there was a partial roof collapse, so they don't know about the safety of the structure, so they can't get in there immediately, and start looking around. but it will be a long, tedious process. this is a very serious fire. chief reid telling us in her 30 years with the oakland fire department, this is the biggest tragedy that she has seen. comparing it to the oakland hills fire, with the number of dead. we do know, still, 25 accounted for, and so that's the latest from the scene here at the fire
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in oakland, california. where we now have nine confirmed dead, 25 unaccounted for. and the investigation, the very early, early stages at this tragic fire at the artist warehouse on 31st avenue. this is jim huntington, reporting live, abc 7 news in oakland. >> all right, abc 7 news assignment editor, jim huntington, live on the scene for us. jim, thank you so much for the information. we appreciate it. a witness who was at the party tells us the building housed people who used it as an artist collective, as jim mentioned. he says at least 50 people were inside at the time. this person smelled smoke and warned people to get out. he was treated for minor injuries on the scene. he wasn't sure if his friend made it out safely. >> i haven't seen him and there has been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30
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minutes. i hope, i hope he is -- i hope he is okay. >> a firefighters have called in a special task force to help them with the investigation, and find out where and how this tragic fire started in oakland. thank you to news viewer, rory, who shared this video in oakland this morning. if you see news where you live, share it on social media with #abc7now, and you may see it on air or online. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, cornell. we have chilly temperatures outside. mount tam, 39 to 50. 50 in san francisco. temperatures are frosty still. not much recovery yet. we're looking at 44 in oakland, you drop down to 41 this morning, 43 in san jose, gilroy still at 35. vollmer peak, fairfield and livermore, 41, so this is
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certainly the coldest morning we've seen in a while, 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. and 9 degrees cooler, beach, plenty of 60s, warmest day out of the next seven. we begin to feel the warmup by noontime. the winds have dialed back, the december sun should feel good and early sun set. rain and frosty temperatures to talk about. lisa, thank you. in other news, san francisco police say an important clue that may help them track down the driver in a violent hit and run crash. it happened earlier this week on potero avenue, right next to san francisco general. sergio quintana has that story. >> reporter: at first glance, dana looks like she is recovering from her injuries, but when you look closer, you notice her bruised eye and a serious head injury. >> unfortunately, i don't remember anything. i remember getting on my bike, and then i don't remember
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anything until waking up in my overnight room at the hospital. >> reporter: tuesday night, about 10:15, she was going home near 22nd street, when she was hit by a vehicle. the driver left the scene. her boyfriend says a good faw samaritans found her and walked her to the hospital. >> some person did something horrible and selfish, but four people did something fantastic, you know. >> reporter: unfortunately, investigators don't have many clues, because no witnesses have come forward, and there aren't many surveillance cameras on this stretch. there is an important piece of evidence. a side view mirror that may have come from the suspect's car. >> we believe the vehicle that struck her is a dark-colored mini, would be the make, we believe that the model is the cooper. >> reporter: dana had been an after individual bicyclist. she is thankful to those who helped her get to the hospital. >> it is rare that people help other people and i'm very grateful they stopped and helped
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me. >> reporter: this is an ongoing investigation, so anyone with information can call san francisco police. sergio quintana, abc 7 news. we are following our live breaking news out of oakland. continuing coverage continues from the scene of a tragic fire this morning. 31st and international boulevard in oakland, where nine people are dead, 25 others reported missing by the oakland fire department. this is a live look from the scene. a building that housed an artist collective, a party last night. according to fire officials. we're following live breaking news from the scene. we'll have more coming up in a kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy. good morning, abc 7 nolg breaking news in oakland this morning. this a live picture of a fatal fire scene, international boulevard and 31st, where nine people this morning are confirmed dead. 25 others reported missing. after a three alarm fire last night in oakland. it took -- it was a three alarm fire. it took firefighters four hours to extinguish that fire. it was an artist collective. 50 people were attending a party. someone smelled smoke and a lot
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of people ran for their lives, according to witnesses. we're following this breaking news all morning. please stay with us for the very latest details. ♪ hundreds of people came together last night to honor 14 people who were killed in the san bernardino terrorist attacks one year ago. one survivor said because of the vigil, she finally feels a sense of closure. >> i missed all of the funerals of my friends. and all the services. i never got to mourn them properly. because i was in the process of fighting for my own life. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what the shooters did immediately following the shooting. they were later gunned down by police. a man who provided them with assault rifles will face trial next year. take a look at this surveillance video san francisco
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police are looking for thieves who rushed an apple store not once, but twice. people in hoodies ran in and ripped the devices from the display tables. this is the marina district store on chestnut street. they targeted it on black friday and again this past tuesday. a similar incident happened at the store in cordamero. police say 19-year-old hejes rodriguez belmont burglaries in october and november. officers recovered stolen jewelry and elect tonics. they may be responsible for other burglaries down on the peninsula. this woman is stealing packages from porches. 27-year-old sarah loertz, they arrested her yesterday, after releasing picture and video to the public, showing the theft of a package. she confessed to the crime.
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now your accuweather forecast, with lisa argen. >> good saturday morning to you, those furry friends probably didn't want to get out so early this morning. it has been awfully cool, with temperatures around freezing in some of the outlying areas, but live doppler showing the lack of any precip on our radar, and this is why. bright sunshine for you, and you can see the golden gate bridge, another sun neand mild afternoon. it has been mild all morning long. 50. we were in about 40 degrees, almost the 30s in half moon bay, 50 with the lack of wind and strong december sunshine, or i should say the low sun angle not so strong in the afternoon. it will feel nice. 48 in mountain view, golden gate bridge, we were in the 60s yesterday and milder today. the winds have backed off. that's what kept us chilly this afternoon. in between, we're looking at temperatures slowly coming down for the second half of your
8:17 am
weekend. 41 in novado, san jose today, in the mid 60s. it should feel pretty nice. so very similar to yesterday. the average high is 59 in the south bay. 5 degrees above average. peninsula, san mateo, and perhaps san rafael and livermore, 9 degrees above average. just some minor cooling tomorrow. exploratory camera, mild days this weekend. winter chill arrives early next week, lows probably in the freezing range. perhaps a freeze warning in the next 48 hours. a chance of rain by friday. so we also have a beach hazard statement from sonoma to monter monterey, rip currents possibility. 63 in chico, looking at 46 in
8:18 am
south lake, with 71 in palm springs. we need the rain with today, temperatures, the mildest. we will look for minor cooling tomorrow. look at sauce lethis. monday, not as much sunshine and we'll be cooler. today, if you like it mild, it should be pleasant here with 64 in sunnyvale, tree lighting, perhaps maybe you're getting your tree today. 64, menlo park, daley city, and in the north bay, some of the warmest numbers, with upper 60s to near 70. santa rosa. look for 64 today over in orinda, and fremont and richmond coming into the mid 60s. just as nice as yesterday. with the mid 60s. accuweather seven-day forecast, plenty of sunshine, partly cloudy on monday. cold mornings, chilly afternoons. the next chance of rain is
8:19 am
friday and you want to download the abc 7 news app, because you could get a push alert as soon as tomorrow or monday for perhaps the freeze warning. already freeze warnings interior and the valley this morning. headed our way. >> bundle up. thank you so much, lisa. we're going to take you back to the scene in oakland, where the breaking news continues, where the fatal building fire has claimed the life of nine people. 25 others are unaccounted for. that's according to the oakland fire department. this is a warehouse located on 31st avenue and international boulevard. most of the victims we are told located on the upper floors of this warehouse building. there was a party last night. fire broke out after 11:30 p.m. there was a party at an artist collective. that's what officials are calling this building. and as far as investigators say at this point, there is no cause of the fire. that's under investigation. we are following this breaking
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good morning, we're following breaking news out of oakland this morning, where a fatal fire has claimed the lives of nine people in oakland. 25 others unaccounted for. this was a warehouse at 31st and
8:23 am
international boulevard. the fire broke out last night about 11:30. quickly went to three alarms. it took firefighters four hours to extinguish the flames. we were told there was a party at this building, considered to be an artist collective. more than 50 people were in attendance. a lot of people searching for their loved ones this morning. we're continuing to cover this tragic fire this morning. we have a crew on the scene and we hope to hear from them in a moment. munny lost $50,000 in shares after a hack. they shut down ticket machines and opened up gates to anyone to ride for free. they did it to stop the spread of the cyber attack and protect riders' personal information. metro transit officials did not pay the hackers after consulting homeland security. good people are helping san jose mercy mobile after burglars
8:24 am
picked it clean. they broke the windows of the rv yesterday, and helped themselves. they donate items to those less fortunate. >> i'm up set that someone would violate such a vehicle, but this is a sign of the times we live in. people are desperate and maybe they thought something was valuable in here. what they can't steal is the heart of the people who gave this stuff. >> they visit homes camps to get a list of what is needed and puts the word out to donors. blankets are a high priority this season. we'll be back with the
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imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. breaking news is out of oakland this morning, after nine people are confirmed dead after a three alarm fire, at a party on 31st avenue and international boulevard. the fire chief describes what happened when firefighters arrived on the scene. >> so right now, this was a warehouse, an artist studio, and inside, it had -- it was a bunch of makeshift little partitions, where each individual artist had their own work space. it is my understanding that there was a party of some type, a gathering, 30, 40, maybe up to 75 people that were gathered at this place. there was music going on when
8:28 am
the fire broke out. some individuals were able to escape, and some individuals were not. >> and did you say that there was just one entry to and from this building, and -- >> there was unentone entry to second floor of the building. there was just one stairway in and out. there was an entry through the front, a roll-up door that had a man door within the roll-up, and then on the side, we had to force entry into another man door. >> you also described the stairwell as a makeshift stairwell. what does that mean? >> it was described to me that the stairwell was pretty much put together by pallets, and so it wasn't an officially constructed stairwell. i'm really more concerned about the firefighters, and how they're holding up. a lot of them have been here since the call came in last night. i'm going to be more concerned
8:29 am
about the community and the families of the victims of how they're holding up. because this is just a real tragic day, you know, for oakland. i don't, in my career, 30 years in the fire service, i have not experienced an event to this magnitude. i know in the oakland hills fire that we had a lot of fatalities in that fire. but for -- to have an initial count of nine fatalities in a single structure fire is traumatic, and it is going to take a while for, i think just the city, this community and families to heal from this. >> the oakland fire chief is speaking live right now at a news conference. let's go to that. >> i know that the way the building was situated, it really made it difficult for people to escape. >> it has been described as a works/live space, but doesn't sound like these are traditional
8:30 am
apartments. they aren't actually bedrooms. >> correct. and further information, there is still some question whether people were actually living there. it was a lot of different artists' partitions and studios, and some folks have said that, yes, some folks were living there. some were saying no, it wasn't a regular live/work studio. we're still trying to find out if anybody was living there, how many people were living there. >> any theories about cause? >> no. i don't want to talk about cause it this time. we are our partners coming in from alameda task force that will assist in the investigation and i'll wait until they get here, so they can do a thorough investigation, and really give us good information without me making assumptions. >> chief, thank you very much.
8:31 am
>> it is my information that paramedics have not transported anyone. >> the building inside is very cluttered -- >> the current count is nine. >> the chief says that apparently -- >> we have a list of 25 that we're verifying. as mentioned, we still have the full structure that needs to be searched. that's going to be it. i have to go. thank you. >> you're listening to a news conference with oakland fire chief, theresa deloach reed. she was updating us on the fire that killed 9 people and 25 still unaccounted for. a witness who was at the party tells us the building housed people who used it as an artist collective, as the chief mentioned. he was treated on scene for some minor injuries. he tried to get people out, as flames quickly spread there. >> we tried to like figure out where the splomoke was coming f,
8:32 am
it was at the back left corner of the space. and started yelling, and trying to get everyone out. i mean, it all happened really quick, like the fire went up really, really, really, really quickly. >> now, fire officials say there were up to 75 people inside the building when the fire started. crews have called in the arson task force to help them with the investigation and find out where and how that fire started. thank you to abc -- we're going to weather right now actually. lisa argen, tracking our chilly weather. >> good morning, cornell. absolutely right. looking at s if. -- sfo on the peninsula, still in the 40s, just above freezing from gilroy, and even on the coast, it was just 40 degrees. right now, it is 50 in san francisco. as well as half moon bay. so that sunshine has warmed some of you up, 44 in oakland, 48 in mountain view, low was 41. so the lows, although they felt
8:33 am
awfully cold, they were average for early december and we'll get below average in the days ahead for lows and for highs. we're going to be above average today. 39 in santa rosa, so you have dropped into a chillier category, 42 in napa, with 39 by the delta and livermore, concord, beginning to turn things around at 41 degrees. so yesterday, we enjoyed all those 60s. today, without the wind, we're going to -- by noontime, 40s and 50s, and by 4:00 this afternoon, just when you're feeling pretty good and things have warmed up, things will drop into the into the 50s. we'll many up about 2 to 4 degrees, low 60s, upper 60s, perhaps 70 in santa rosa, and then tonight, we will see a little bit of a breeze, not so cold, but wait until you see the overnight lows for the week ahead. not only frosty, but the average
8:34 am
highs, quite cool. cornell. >> lisa, thanks so much. we are going to return to the breaking news. joins us by phone, j.d. nelson with the alameda county sheriff's department. any information you have in. >> well, you know, obviously this is a terrible situation. the coroner's bureau is working with the oakland fire and police departments. as of right now, we have not recovered any of the bodies from the building in oakland. but we are preparing to have 40 or mo come to ore come to our b >> how many did you say? >> 40 or more. >> oh, my goodness. j.d., do you know anything about smoke alarms that may have been in the building? were they there? were they working? >> i don't know anything about that. that's going to be up to oakland fire and if there is any potential criminal charges, then
8:35 am
the police department will be involved. we are responsible for, you know, getting the deceased out into the coroner's bureau in east oakland. >> the oakland fire department confirmed nine people were deceased. you're saying the fatality count is actually much more? >> well, we believe that it may be, and we are preparing for that. we're always better off preparing for more, you know, and not be overwhelmed. but clearly in a case like this, we haven't seen, you know, a tragedy like this in alameda county since the loma earthquake of 1989. we have to prepare for a pretty large number. >> i have to imagine, there are a lot of people on scene looking for their friends, their loved ones. what can you tell me about that? >> well, you know, i wasn't there at the scene, so that's probably better answered for those that were down there. >> this was a terrible fire, of
8:36 am
course. were you on the scene overnight, early this morning? >> no, i was not. not there. i have been in contact with the coroner's bureau and trying to get information out about our preparation that the media wants. >> j.d., what can you tell us about this building, whether or not it was zoned, safe for people to be living there? at this point we don't know if people were there, but there was definitely a party overnight. >> yeah, i don't know the specifics of, you know, why everybody was there. unfortunately, whatever the reason, it certainly led to a very large tragedy. >> tell me what the alameda county sheriff's department role is right now going forward. >> the sheriff is the coroner, so we are responsible for all the decedents, and we have to do autopsies on everybody. we'll be very busy for the
8:37 am
foreseeable future. >> a very, very grim task, of course. do you have any idea how many that may be still unaccounted for, rather? >> no, i know the oakland police department has compiled a list of that nature, and then of course, we're working in conjunction with everybody. but as you can imagine, it is pretty -- it is tough, because some people go to hospitals, and some people are, you know, just go home, and so you don't know, you know, where they're at. it is going to take a lot of tracking. that's for sure. >> the fire chief, theresa deloach reed told us she has been a firefighter a very long time and has never seen a fire this tragic. she talked about her own emotioning. how are you feeling? how are you holding up? have you ever seen a tragic fire this bad? >> no, i've been in the -- i've been with the sheriff's office for 30 years. we've never had a fire like
8:38 am
this, you know, clearly, with the earthquake, we had a similar number of deceased people. it reminds me of the fire that happened in rhode island, 10 or 15 years ago. it was what came to my mind. and i guess the last part of your question, you know, we ask our people daily to go out and do a pretty difficult task, not only at the coroner's bureau, but the duty station and we sometimes lose sight of that fact. not to this cascale, we task ou people to do a very difficult task everyday. >> j.d., if people are looking for their loved ones, where can they turn this morning? who should they call. >> i know oakland has an area down there where a lot of the people are gathering right near the scene there. you can either go there or you know, that's probably the best spot for you, quite honestly. >> okay, and just once again, 40
8:39 am
people feared dead. >> well, that's what we're preparing for. we're just preparing for that. >> okay, j.d., a very grim task ahead of you. we thank you so much for the information. that's j.d. nelson from the alameda county sheriff's department. joining - anwith the city on newbnb, common-sense home sharing rules. to help protect affordable housing, we've launched a one host, one home policy. so hosts may now only rent space at one address
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claiming the lives of nine people, 25 others injured, after an overnight fire. it took firefighters four hours to extinguish the flames. we just heard from the sheriff's official, j.d. nelson, that 40 people could be feared dead in this building. this is a warehouse, considered an artist collective. there was a party last night, up to 50 people were attending the party, when someone smelled smoke. saw flames. an investigation is underway. as the cause of the fire is still unknown. we are following this breaking news, keep it right here on abc 7 news as our continuing coverage goes on with this tragic fire out of oakland this morning. we're going to shift gears and talk about weather. >> that's right. we still have 30s outside, and temperatures are beginning to recover here in san francisco. it is 50 degrees. 52 at the coast.
8:43 am
34 in danville. so numbers will be the warmest you'll see in quite sometime. we'll talk about the frosty readings in your future, coming
8:44 am
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we're back to our breaking news. a tragic scene in oakland, where up to 40 people could be feared dead. a tragic overnight fire at a warehouse. housing complex in oakland.
8:46 am
31st avenue and international boulevard. 40 people, according to alameda county sheriff's department that just spoke to us a few moments ago. nine people are confirmed dead. as many as 25 people are confirmed missing, according to the fire department. it began overnight with a fire, at this building, considered to be an artist collective. there was a party. someone saw smoke and flames, and it was about 11:35 last night. it quickly spread to three alarms, and took four hours for the oakland fire department to extinguish the flames. this was the tragic consequences. the cause is still undetermined at this point. whether or not there was smoke alarms inside the building, that's undetermined as well. as you might imagine, a full investigation is underway. we're going to switch gears now and go to sports. the warriors are back in action, hoping to rebound from
8:47 am
thursday's night's loss to the rockets. they take on the suns at oracle arena. fourth ranked washington huskies, playoff selection committee, trouncing colorado when the pac-12 championship game. here's layer beil with more. the washington huskies are hoping the college football playoffs runs right through levi stadium. they met colorado in santa clara, former san jose head coach, mike mcintire about ten miles away from spartan stadium. bad news for colorado quarterback, early sack rns, turns his angle and has to leave the game. darrell daniels here, powers in, 14-7, huskies. loufal comes back for the second, 35 yard pick six and the docs start rolling it up it, 21-7. this play is amazing here. browning is trying to throw the
8:48 am
ball away. get it out of bounds. no. john ross reaches up and snags it. 19 yard touch done. chris peter is like, wow, 41-10, huskies, pac-12 championship, and hope it gets to the college playoffs. after 18 dargames, the shar in for a break. it was "star wars" night, but the tiny shark, steals the show. first period, it is joe peveloski, who beats price and they take a 1-0 lead. a minute to go in the first, sharks force a turnover, thorton, on the doorstep and in. eighth of the year and up 2-0. martin jones, using the force, on "star wars" night, to keep montreal from finding the back of the net. 31 saves for the victory, and sharks holdoff the can
8:49 am
canadiens, 2-1. if draymond green was in the -- his leg kick may be a great weapon, a target for officials, though. even steph kerr admitted yesterday, green may have to stop the leg kick. it cost him in the finals last year, and called for a flagrant foul, even though it was accidental and he barely brushed his head. he feels like he is a marked man. >> i don't have a perspective on it. that ain't my job. they got a whole replay center, three officials out there. they got a league office that makes rules. that ain't my job to assess it. i just play. >> without draymond, was gone. warriors play phoenix tonight. that's a wrap on morning sports. have great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast. >> good morning to you. kwied a chilly start to the weekend. we have a mild afternoon. live doppler 7, showing the absence of clouds and no precip,
8:50 am
but a live look outside, boy is it sunny out there from the sutro tower camera, the inland valleys, warmer today, as the winds dialed back. it is a chilly 39 degrees in gilroy, 52 for the morning low from 40 in half moon bay. san francisco has been milder all morning long, but oakland, struggling to make it out of the 40s. 48 in mountain view, from emeryville, nice and sunny, 38, santa rosa and fairfield, 41, 46 in novado. check this out. a beautiful shot from vollmer peak, mild days this weekend. the winter chill arrives early next week. likely to see a freeze warning here, with numbers dropping into the 20s and 30s overnight. slow recovery into the middle of next week, then increasing clouds will warm this up slightly by the end of the week, hoping for more rain. we have a beach hazard statement, current wave heights about 10 feet from half moon bay
8:51 am
to monterey bay, rip currents a possibility through 6:00. from that, we check out santa cruz, where yesterday's highs in the 60s, and today, we'll add-on a couple of degrees, pressure shifting to the east and lighter winds, looking for the mildest day we'll see in a while. 66 in oakland, 8 degrees above average. san rafael, 9 degrees above average. so it should be a glorious afternoon to perhaps enjoy a holiday parade, get the lights up, get the tree. as we shift into early part of next week, we've got cloud cover, cooler temperatures, and with that, the overnight lows, boy, it really is going to get cool and the reason being, got an arctic blast coming down and arrive not only along the west coast, but a piece of this energy all the way down to the eastern seaboard down into tampa. the entire country will be in a big chill, next week. we'll feel it with the overnight lows tuesday morning, 30s and 40s, in san francisco.
8:52 am
could be a little generous here. and we'll have to wait and see. perhaps in the next 24 to 48 hours, getting the freeze warning or watch going from the national weather service. 38 in napa by wednesday morning, as well as hayward. by thursday, just a slight moderation. you can prepare for that with the plants. get some covering on them. of course, the pets, you want to bring them inside. 65 today in livermore, 63 in morgan hills. a beautiful afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, if you download the app, you'll get the push alerts and the next several days, featuring dry conditions. extra conditioner or hand cream. you can feel the dry air. the frosty numbers is what everyone was anticipating. you know it is coming, so prepare for it. hopefully by next friday, bringing back out the umbrella. >> thank you for the information on this very tough morning for us. breaking news in oakland, at least nine people have died, in a three alarm fire. fire officials confirm at least
8:53 am
25 others unaccounted for this morning. abc 7 assignment manager, jim huntington is live on the scene for us. jim, what can you tell us? >> reporter: all right, so back here live on the scene at international boulevard and 31st avenue. this is jim huntington reporting for abc 7. we've got a siren coming up here, but the sun is coming up here at the scene of the most tragic fire in oakland in at least 30 years. we already heard from j.d. nelson, a spokesman for the alameda county coroner's office who said there could be up to 40 fatalities in this fire. we know that there are at least nine confirmed dead inside. the chief told us 25 unaccounted for. as the sun has come up here, the street has become more crowded. lots more fire investigators, oakland police, the mobile command unit here.
8:54 am
i'm seeing people hugging the fire chief right now. right down the sidewalk. i see two women who walked up. it is an emotional scene on the sidewalk. but many people here, just you know, numb at the prospect of what we're going to find out here, as the morning progresses. what we're looking at is a two story warehouse. it is a converted artist loft, if you will. the chief, fire chief, i'll be quoting here, theresa deloach reed, said the two story building behind the main fire truck was an artist colony, if you will. it was packed inside, furniture, statu statues, artist material. we know that oakland, of course, very, you know, artistic community, and it sounds like this was a place where people would come and work. there was a party here last night.
8:55 am
up to 75 people were inside. this was right before midnight, when the fire department arrived. there was a heavy flame and smoke coming out. and the fire chief told us, the fire crews did not hear fire alarms when they pulled up. she also indicates that so far, it does not look like there were any sprinklers in the building. so once firemen were able to get inside, it was very, very difficult to move around inside, because the place was packed with furniture. a lot of artist material, she believes that some people may -- may have also slept
8:56 am
it is closed off here, we're right at fruit veil avenue, and it is closed about 28th or 29th avenue. as you can imagine, a story of this magnitude, of course, everybody is showing up here, news crews from all over. i see the command staff from the oakland police department, rowland holmgren, one of the top investigators with oakland police department, he is on the scene. he is deferring all questions to the fire chief. the fire chief tells us that there was a problem, the second floor of this building had a makeshift stairwell that was made of pallets. so it wasn't even like there was a normal staircase, up to the second floor here.
8:57 am
people used pallets to get to the second floor to do their artwork. maybe that was involved in the party last night. and so that was also a problem when you hear things like that, of course, they're going to be looking at the permits here in this building. what was this building permitted for. all of this is going to take a lot of time. this place will be closed down, i'm sure, for the entire weekend, moving forward. we are across the street from a wendy's restaurant, fruit vail and international. the restaurant i believe is closed. the entire parking lot is being used for the police and fire departments. more people are showing up on the sidewalk. i see the chief now comforting a second person. she says the roof did collapse on this building.
8:58 am
i nor t for the first time, i see firemen up on the building. there was a residual smoke when i got here. the firefighters cannot get in the building because of the structural damage. we know the nine confirmed dead are still in the building. and presumably, now, because we're hearing from the coroner's spokesman, there could be as many as 40 people, who may have perished in this fire. everybody is still inside this warehouse. it is next to a stereo, car stereo installation building, and i see here also, mobile telephone on the corner here. these are older buildings. this is east oakland. we are in a residential neighborhood, there are homes down the street. these are mostly two story buildings. a lot of people. there is a very dense
8:59 am
neighborhood down here in this part of -- i'm going to call it the fruit vail, because i see we are right next to fruit vail at international. everybody is going to be slow and tedious throughout the day. the fire department has requested help to get this building shored up before they can get inside. we know that the alameda county task force is heading here now. they're going to be trying to, you know, get to the bottom of what happened. no one is talking yet about the cause of the fire. once again, that fire call came in very late last night, i think around 11:50 is what the chief said. she is not giving us a specific timeline on how long it took to knock this fire down. it was very difficult for the firemen to enter the building, because of all the clutter.
9:00 am
the furniture,he said there are statues in there. so obviously, people working on their art, a little artist colony here. but they couldn't get inside easily, you know, once inside, it was hard to move around. it was very difficult to get up to the second floor, because of that makeshift stairwell. made of pallets. i mean, that's what how the chief described the stairwell. still, very smoke police and firemen are standing around here, the worst tragedy to hit oakland, going back to the oakland hills fire in 1991, in terms of loss of life. the chief says this will be the worst loss of life


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