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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> we have breaking news in oakland, the work crews have been pulled out of the charred warehouse fire as being deemed not safe enough to resume work. >> it is 5:00 a.m. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. officials say the work stopped 35 minutes ago. our reporter is at the scene with more on what happened. >> the fire chief said it is tough for the workers to be told they cannot go inside and do this search. they wanted to make good progress overnight and that is not safe. workers from the consulting firm they hired to help them with the recovery of the were on the roof of the willing next door when they noticed the front of the warehouse was lending. they decided at 10:00 last night it want safe for workers to be
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inside. they called off the search for now. they need to stabilize the building. there is hope they will get inside for part of the building later this morning. >> we are look at getting in with a.t.f. and then if we get the all clear we will look at that section at the back. the front of the building...probably later today. >> they have searched 70% of building and found 33 victims. they do think they will find more victims. they are hoping to wrap up the search before the rain hits which would hamper their efforts so there is a sense of urgency. reporting live in oakland for abc7 news. >> i can see why it is so tough for the crews with want to get it over with and get the information to the families. that is hard to hear. >> city and county leaders are holding a news conference at 6 a.m. so that is less than an hour. we will cover that when it is
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happening. >> we will bring it to you when it happened and bring it on our news app this is what we know: so far, eight ims have been publicly identified. at least 33 people died in the warehouse fire at 31st and international on friday night. that death toll is expected to climb when they resume the search for victims. >> a memorial is continuing to grow near the scene of the warehouse. family, friends and total strangers have been showing up all weekend to offer their condolences. many are focusing on finding those who are still missing. as we have been telling you, crews are not in their now but they have been able to lack through 70% of building. criminal investigation team is looking into the fire and a history of come plants about the building. oakland mayor schaaf said she ordered an independent analysis into the handling of the building and others like it possibly up to 200. we are learning more of the man who rented out the ghost ship.
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three is staying at a hotel in downtown oakland and we are downtown oakland and we are there for us. >> the man who ran ghost ship is staying at the marriott. last night a crew calm up with the man, with a lot of question. he funded the ghost ship artist collective and ran it at warehouse location this is what he said to our crew last night >> everyone is wonder, could you save them? >> they are my children. they are my friends. my family. my loved and my future. what else do i have to say? >> permit officials say he needed a special permit for the friday night rave but he did not have one. back in november, the place was warned of blight outside the property.
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back here live at the marriott we do not know if he is still staying here but officials have said criminal charges are a possibility. obviously we will continue to follow everything that is happening with the fire if there is breaking information. now, the weather and traffic, starting with lisa here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> yes, certainly sit foggy. not just in the north bay but quarter-mile visibility from petaluma to santa rosa and check out oakland 2 1/2 miles and at the south bay, not is bad, but the flip side, the temperatures are milder, 53 in oakland, 50s in fremont, and check out embarcadero, so, be careful as you head out, low-to-mid 60s by noon, 50s by noon, and 60 today for the warmest locations and alexis, i bet traffic will be impacted by the fog this morning. >> i think is, and right now the only spot that is slow due to the fog is out of the central valley and we always see the
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slow traffic this time of day so it is hard to tell in the fog is adding to it. tracy to dublin is 42 minutes and dense when you are around the altamont pass the showdown. use caution. westbound 4 is okay an together to concord is 14, and san rafael to san francisco is in the green at 18 minutes and mass transit and the foggy traffic cameras are ahead. >> we are talking about 8 of the 33 fire victims publicly identified. these are their fair, cash askew a22-year-old oakland resident, a member of the music group "them or us," and friend say she was a tallened guitarist and deejay. 32 yield old brandon chase from hayward want -- was an accomplished musician and said he is a jack of all trade artists in the art world. 26-year-old nick gomez hall was from san diego, and he worked as
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counter point press in west burke and just started doing back design. >> family of 32-year-old donna kellogg shared this photo with us working at high wire coffee roasters in berkeley. >> 35-year-old oakland resident travis huff was an art therapist for inner city kids and texted his girlfriend before 11:30 saying baby there's a fire and that is the last time she heard from him. >> 30-year-old teacher from walnut creek near mills college in east oakland, colleagues say she was really loved on campus, and has a strong support network of friends and family the >> 24-year-old david klein graduated from uc berkeley with computer science degree and his where posted news on the passing saying "we love you, you will be with us always." so many young people, the youngest we know of so far just 17 years old. and the city is withholding the eighth victim, the school board
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confirms hes with a student at the school of arts. >> emergency mother is waiting whether her -- whether to her her only son survived. >> this video was shot from inside the ghost ship an hour before the fire break out on friday. it was the final post. his mother said she has not heard from him since that time. >> excruciating. because is calling and asking and wondering. >> he is a music producer living in oakland going to the party with his girlfriend, and berth missing. he has twin girls, and she is preparing for the worst but praying for the best. we have information from a woman who lived there and she is calling it is air death trap." shelly mack lived
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years ago, she did not know it was illegal until after she moved in and was told to tell visitors that it was a 24 hour work space for artists. >> it was like a death trap, a death trip, a house of horrors then and now. it was then. when i left i not like i made it out alive and now i feel even more like i made it out alive. >> that is something to hear. she said the appeal of the wear husband for her was the cheap rent and being close to her job. >> a people is growing right near the warehouse, people leaving flowers and moment owes at east 12th street and 31st avenue. one man lost eight of his closest friends. [ inaudible ] it doesn't make any sense. it doesn't.
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it hurts like crazy. right new. they were deejays, we group up in the scene together and it was just an awesome place to be together. for this to happen it sucks because it was -- i loved them so much. >> he said he did not go to friday's party but been to many similar parties before. >> vigils are planned in the bay area in remembrance of the fire victims, in san francisco tonight people gather in the castro at 5:30, in oakland, cathedral of christ the light hold as rig vision from 6:00 to 7:00 and make metro another candlelight vigil at 8:00 p.m. >> oakland mayor said the victim's families deserve to know what the city knew of the ghost ship and when. there were complaints of garbage
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piling up and unpermitted construction. city employees and an independent gator will examine all records. >> people who have been inside the ghost ship describe it as "cell phone video." it is hardly unique. there are many similar artist collectives in oakland. >> it is surprising to me people do not realize this kind of thing is huge in oakland, a huge part of what oakland is about in creating art and being creative >> the artist said that the warehouse is a place where many renovations have taken place. >> raid are nation is coming together to help victims and their temperatures. at the colls the whom town team and the fans stood in silence before the game against the bull bills showing support for the families of the fire victims and remember those lives lost >> the raiders are teamin up
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with the oakland a's and will match up to $30,000. the warriors say they will donate $50,000 to the unity council a nonprofit organization in the same neighborhood as the warehouse in fruitvale. the team held a moment of silence for the victims. donations are pouring in to help families hurts by the five, and the original goal of $100,000 is surpassed and now closer to a new goal of $250,000, $217,000. >> investigators are expected to give us another update in about 50 minutes at 6:00 a.m. can you watch it right here. if you are not near your tv we will stream it on our news app. >> now, the accweather forecast. >> good morning, if you are getting dress asked wonder if you need the heavier coast, it is milder. low 50s in oakland and san francisco and hayward but a
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price to pay is we have dense fog. not only in the north bay, converter to half a mile visibility but two miles here in oakland and it is better in the south bay and lynch is getting better but it will move around and take several hours for conditions for improve. keep that in mind. in oakland today, the mild are days with temperatures nearly 60 but we are looking at the cool down we have been advertising for days. tomorrow, check it out with the colors we are in the my 50s and cooler but look what happened on wednesday, low 50s for highs and it will take all day to get this and by thursday, it is still chilly. we are going to add in the rain on thursday, and complicating matters we need it but the fog is impacting the commute. >> areas of low visibility, with the visibility layer on top of our traffic map. quite a few areas where it is very dense and widespread. slow down. give yourself a few extra minutes to get to work or
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school. westbound 580 we have a disabled tractor-trailer. it is before the ramp to 680. sounds like it will be stuck in the far right lane for a while they have called for a heavy duty tow truck 40 minutes away. a new issue in the san pablo area, westbound 80 near we have a semi-trailer on fire. there is a growing backup, with details ahead >> the decision on a controversial pipeline project that has environmentalist celebrating this morning. >> president-elect donald trump >> president-elect donald trump filled another position
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it's life care. >> and oakland's lgbt community is mounting the victims of the warehouse fire. a bar own are said one of the victims who died was a recent customer along with one person who is still missing. shawn sullivan fears more friends and patrons could be among the dead. >> our community is suffering, a number of the individuals we know are missing are lgbt people. one of reasons we founded the bart is because there is not enough space for queer identified people in the east bay to gather. >> relatives and friends have been streaming into the county sheriff's building on east 12-to-to try to find out any
5:17 am
information on their missing loved ones. some brought care packages for the families and sheriff staff. >> if you want to show your love for the people of oakland, we have a special badge on facebook. >> the san jose community will hold a rally this morning in support of a north dakota indian tribe fighting an oil pipeline that will an victory rail limit on sunday the obama administration announced the arm corps of engineers will look for an at natural route for the pipeline out of concern for the drinking water of the standing rock tribe. however, the construction company behind the pipeline vows to continue digging anyway. house speaker paul ryan calls it big government decision making at its worst. >> president-elect donald trump is continuing to fill out the cabinet this morning naming former campaign provide ben carson as housing secretary.
5:18 am
and secretary of state list is growing and not named. >> big cabinet announcements are specificked this week from president-elect donald trump. we have learned that trump is broadening his search for secretary of state. and now is considering up to nine candidates. >> the president wants to look at the best and brightest in america. all the big issue the next secretary of state could face is relations with china. trump's decision to ignore four decades of american diplomatic protocol and take a phone call from the president of taiwan angering chinese officials. >> it is mystifying president obama can reach out to a murdering regime in cuba and be hailed and donald trump takes a courtesy call from a democratically elected leader in taiwan and it is a controversy. >> donald trump pushing asking
5:19 am
in china checked with the united states if it was okay to devalue currency making it had for american companies to compete. >> get ready for fog, you can see that behind this as we look at the live shop from sfo. >> good morning, not only in the north bay but we are looking at fog in the east bay. it is better in livermore. check out oakland, 2.5 mile visibility, half a mile to quarter-mile in the north bay so it will be this way the next several hours. you will notice it is not as combed 53 in hayward and san jose, and 30s have returned to the north bay, we are looking at the cold front as the leading edge of the chilly air of the season to arrive tomorrow. it is more and more wild this afternoon. enjoy it. because thursday it will be wet, lasting into friday and take us into early saturday bringing rainfall up to 2" in san francisco by the time we get to
5:20 am
early weekend and over 1" in san jose. highs today are upper 50s nearly 60 and a look ahead will show you, hopefully, snow in the sierra. alexis? >> the fog is socked in across the bay bridge. a lot of parts of oakland and into the san francisco area, the north by, it and widespread. slow down. drive for conditions. you cannot see too much. i have the visibility layer on the traffic maps, and you can see some getting out of the central valley into the tri-valley and one blocking issue, westbound 80 at san pablo dam road we changed the location, it is further back from mcbride where we have a semi on fire with crews arriving on the scene working to confirm how man lanes are blocked but folks are slowing down. update on that and a smaller issue in the tri-valley. that is next. >> in the first look, an urgent warning for the holiday season,
5:21 am
police are investigating several cases of armed robbers posing as delivery men. ain the first look, a him owner and eager to talk about this terrifying invasion caught on tape. he grabbed the 45. >> the home surveillance video captured the scene when a man wearing a u.p.s. jacket and hat claimed high needed signature and the whom owner opened the door the man and three others stormed the house. assaulted the whom coupler with a pistol. >> my wife had the presence of mind to grabble the kid and run and hide in the closet. one shot was fired. lodging a bullet in the wall. no one was hurt. now as many look to receive more packages during the holiday season, words of advice. because upknocks you do not have to open it. if you are up comfortable trust your instincts. we have more on the hunt for the
5:22 am
suspects with the "first look." >> scary. >> crazy. if someone is at your door and they say u.p.s., it is hard not to answer. >> seven things you need to know as you start the day ahead and how k-9s are bringing comfort to the families at the oakland fire victims. stay tuned.
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5:25 am
abc and called the victims his children, his fremonts, his family, and his loves his future before walking away. >> we are starting to learn the identities of the 33 people who died in the fire. so far, officials have released the names of eight victim. we show you seven, but the eighth is a teen what want to high school in san francisco. >> four, it is very foggy. visibility is less than a mile in the north bay, over a mile in livermore and look at oakland, 2 1/2 miles visibility and it will move around in spots throughout the only hours so be careful, give yourself extra time. mild temperatures. >> five, we do have an issue that is starting to improve in the tri-valley so westbound 580 before 680 we had a disabled semi, and the driver was able to get that pushed to the right shoulder and it is starting to improve. 30 miles an hour and stop-and-go for two miles but it will thin out. >> six, another cabinet
5:26 am
selection coming out of president-elect donald trump transition office. former rival ben carson has been selected as secretary of department of housing and urban development despite suggest he may not be well suited to the position. the not will need to confirm. >> seven, construction is halt on the dakota access pipeline because it would harm the drinking water of the locals but the construction company said they will dig. >> k nines are being used to comfort all those affected by the squeak fire tragedy. volunteers from the humane society in pleasanton brought dogs to the family assistance center on east it willth street in oakland to provide comfort for people in need. the volunteers say the dogs show compassion and provide calm in a tragic situation. >> governor brown and hosting the 85th annual capital christmas tree lighting ceremony, this is the 63' white
5:27 am
fur decorated with 10,000 l.e.d. lights and 900 hand crafted ornaments made by kids and adults with vice presidential disaabilities. the sermon starts at 5:00 p.m. and it is open to the public. >> we have continuing teal coverage of the tragedy in oakland. >> and amy hollyfield is at the scene of the fire with the new details. she is working to get new information. we have more on the unanimous behind the oakland ghost ship only here, speaking on the disaster. >> looking outside right now, we are keep tabs on weather and are keep tabs on weather and traffic and it is foggy
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>> breaking news from oakland. crews have been pulled from searching the site of the deadliest fire in oakland's history. the,000ing that claimed 33 young lives is declared "too dangerous," to enter. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> amy hollyfield has been gathering new details on the work stop average and we will get do her when we have her shot established again. before that work stop average at the site, teams made their way law three-quarters of the building and right new the number of dead is at 33 but craws have been warning us the number is likely to go up. jessica castro at the live desk with more. the city and county leaders are holding a news conference at 6:00 when we will hear the death toll that could possible rise. right now 33 victims, eight have been identified, seven adults one a minor. this morning we have brand new video taken inside the party at the warehouse, an hour before
5:31 am
the fire started, it is dark, hard to see, but you can see people standing around, a lost furniture, and a deejay spinning in the back last corner. we also have an exclusive interview with the man who managed the warehouse identified managed the warehouse identified over the weekend as oakland to call for a review of how buildings like this are handled. two candlelight vigils are planned today. >> we spoke with a man who rented the ghost ship on friday. >> he is staying at a hotel in downtown oakland and we find our reporter, lonni? >> yes, he is staying at a hotel here in oakland, and we had a crew last night catch up with him, and this is what he had to say when questioned.
5:32 am
>> we have been wondering, if you have anything to say? >> they are my children. my friends, my family, my loves, my future, wheels do i have to say? >> a few more details have emerged of his background and family history. the east bay express reports that the child care officials took ion and his partner's children after fearing for hair safety last year and they were reunited in june. holiday of the marriott, the officials have said that criminal champions could pending. eight of the 33 fire victims have been identified. we will share more about each of them now being mourned by family, friends and the community. jessica is back with that part of the story. >> yes, the victims are all young in their teens, 20s and early 30s. sarah hoda, 30, from walnut
5:33 am
creek, teacher at a school in eke oakland and well loved. 32-year-old brandon chase accomplished musician from hayward. the family of 32-year-old donna kellogg shared this photo, working a high wire coffee roasts in berkeley. travis h was an art therapist with kids. >> nick gomez was a book designer at counter point press and david cline who graduated from uc berkeley with computer science directing and the younger 22-year-old oakland resident cash askew remembered as a tall builded guitarist and deejay. the youngest so far is a 17-year-old victim. we know the identities that
5:34 am
person and we are choosing not to reveal the identity out of courtesy to family. that person is a minor. >> a it breaks your heart. >> the alameda county sheriff is asking families with loved ones who are still unaccounted for to save items for possible d.n.a. identification if needed. >> any family members or friends of the victims, if you preserve d.n.a. such as c brushes, secure them in a background paper bag. >> the sheriff said not to send the items until the coroner's bureau asks for it. all the alameda county sheriff knows in from so many angles because we learned that one of their own has been deeply impacted by the fire. >> this tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies we work with lost his son in this fire.
5:35 am
>> unclear if the deputy's son is among those who have already been publicly identified. >> if you want show your support there is a large candlelight vigil tonight to honor those lost at lake merritt. you can see on facebook more than 2,on people say they will be attending. >> in san francisco, residents are hold a candlelight vigil to on the victims, organizers say it will be a safe place for all people to mourn and you can see it is happening at 5:30 tonight at harvey milk plaza in the castro. >> cruise are continuing the certain to find what may have spark the flames. in pictures from ghost ship you can see the intricate contents with a lot of unusual items. on saturday night we saw what looked like a world war ii era bomb. there is 30% left of the wear husband to look through. there will be an update in 25
5:36 am
minutes. can you watch it here live and we central it on and our free app. >> donations are pouring in to help the first victims and their families, one fundraiser on the families, one fundraiser on the web site www. $250,000. kaiser permanente is working with oakland to help with recovery efforts contributing $50,000 to assist the victims and their families. kaiser permanente is headquartered in oakland and said they are exploring other ways to support the city. >> now your accweather forecast with lisa. >> good morning. it is foggy. live doppler hd is picking up on the cloud player, and the high clouds kept us milder but it is the low clouds with half mile visibility and napa a mile by the delta and it is chilly in the north bay and i a talking
5:37 am
how it is milder but not here, it is chilly at 2 1/2 mile visibility in oakland and three miles in livermore so it is milder in the south bay and the visibility is better there with 55 in san jose and 50 in mountain view and 30s are still with you in napa and around the delta. give yourself extra time. it will be until 8:00 until we see the improvements and the golden gate bridge is looking fine right now. but the richmond-san rafael bridge could be a different story. areas of fog, the coolest morning is wednesday, and wet weather be also, moving our way on wednesday. we are looking at a mild day today and tomorrow, as the front pushes through it is a relatively dry front but we could see a few sprinkles with a passing sure on tuesday and it opened the floodgates
5:38 am
chilly area. we will continue to see areas of rain and interest friday we can see the line moving to the north and on saturday it is looking like we will add to some of totals. how much? it is looking impressive, not so impressive as it was, from 1 for 3" around the bay area with rain and high sunny levels and 59 today in concord and 57 in the city and the seven-day forecast is featuring the cool ever air and rainy through the early part of the weekend. alexis? >> yes, our biggest through is in the san pablo area so we will go back up to the semi fire on westbound 80 on the off-ramp to san pablo dax -- dam r right new we have the two right lanes blocked and obviously the backup continues to grow. almost made it to highway 4. a quick check of the drive times westbound 80 from highway 4 to the maze up to 31 minutes and bay bridge is 11 minutes into san francisco and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo is still in
5:39 am
the grown at 9 minutes and the bay bridge metering lights are on and it is filling in. the other store we have quit a bit of fog today. we will take a closer look at that and residual delays starting to improve in the tri-valley because of an earlier issue in dublin. >> we getting back new to abe reporter amy hollyfield at the warehouse in oakland >> the fire chief told you before air at 4:30 they paused their work, do we have an update? >> they are not search the building right if you, they don't know if they will get into it, until later this morning or early afternoon. it just isn't safe. it is hard for the crews to hear that. they want to be inside gathering the evidence, looking and recovering the victims, and they wanted to make progress overnight but last night they made the call. they had to get everyone out of the burned building >> the work stoppage took place at 10:00 last night. they noticed a lean to the front
5:40 am
of the building at the very top. it has made us very concerned we but firefighters and the sheriff members inside thing need have that shored up and stabilized. >> they will get in but it will be later today. they do expect to find more victims. there is also a criminal investigation team ordering to look into this, and the team want to look at the evidence pulled from the building. they are anxious to get to work. the rain is coming and they want the search wrapped up and completed before the rain hampers the investigation. there is a sense of urgency but right new the ruling is safety first. they have been working 12-hour shifts and around clock. >> they just want to get in and complete the work.
5:41 am
next how the oakland tragedy is drawing new attention to an old problem. all the woman who was supposed to be at the rave on friday but want. she new plans to make sure another tragedy doesn't happen. >> here is a look outside, a big of a foggy morning and we will follow that with traffic images follow that with traffic images and, also, you
5:42 am
follow that with traffic images and, also, you ♪ ♪ ♪ all the care your family needs. all connected for you.
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>> we spoke with a woman who was supposed to go to the party in oakland and vowing to make sure that a tragedy like this doesn't happen again. she has been to many similar parties like this in the bay area. they said it is a closely midnight community and -- a closely knit community, but the allure is the underground feeling and that can make it tough to put safety first. >> there are no fire sprinklers and it is dangerous. but that is not top priority. it is fun, music, family gatherings. >> she will now dedicate here tomorrow to make sure that promoters focus on safety, she is using social media to contact family members of those still missing, so they can share photos and personal information about their loved ones. >> some who live in the fruitvale district are saying that it is essentially everyone's fault, that we collectively turned a blind eye
5:45 am
to code enforcement. oakland city member said there could be 200 other warehouse type building not up to coat and said the city needs to hold the landlords more accountable. residents say a city with high rents is forcing many to make do in crowded unsafe buildings converted it legally by land lords. >> they turn a two bedroom into a five bedroom and does their own wire. >> we should not wait for tragedy but be active in our community and hold them accountable. >> oakland residents say it is upsetting a tragedy like this fire is what is going to start a discussion on code enforcement. >> to show your love for oakland and the people impacted by the tragedy, with have a special badge on facebook page. >> redding community celebrated return of sherri papini, hundreds of shasta county
5:46 am
residents gathered to welcome her home. she was found on thanksgiving day three weeks after disappearing while on a jog. she whos very different. she is bruised. branded, obviously still trying to process it the everyone wanted to get together for a group photo and plan to send it to her as a surprise. >> we never lost hope. we kept working. we made it happen. we are so proud of our community and thank you so much. >> a lot of people in the crowd are wearing pink because it is verify favorite color. the mayor spoke with the couple and they still have a lot of healing to do. >> palo alto police arrested four suspects in the third smash and grab robbery in a couple of weeks at bay area apple stores. a nine-year-old ferguson and 18-year-old erica white fame felony burglary charges for driving an s.u.v. through the
5:47 am
apple store front window at 4:30 yesterday morning. up to ten people ran in, stole a large number of items, two of the four people arrested are juveniles and are not named. police are trying to figure out if the crime is checked to two recent robberies in apple store of marina neighborhood. >> police; it is nicaraguay and not only in the north bay? >> we have fog in the east bay and around oakland and livermore, our valleys. try now it is six piles vibility 2 1/2 miles in oakland and less than a mile in santa rosa. not only do we have fog, there are milder temperatures from hayward to san jose. it is 53. 45 in concord. that is from seven to 13 degrees milder from inland valleys to the south bay to the coach but, still, 30s in the north by. the golden gate bridge is good and areas of dense fog advisory. coldest air is tomorrow into wednesday and witness we are
5:48 am
getting the wet weather that could last through the weekend. the cooler temperatures tomorrow are highs in the mid-40's and down another couple of degrees, maybe three or four degrees and we will look at the rain heading in by late wednesday in the north by at 11:00 you can see it here and by 1:00 in the morning, looking at a rainy commute. on friday the we system of move north and another system is going to get us wet over the weekend. at far as amendments, 1 to 3" around the bay area on wednesday through saturday. then we will look like rain and snow mix in the sierra nevada. >> we have a main trouble spot for commute and i got good news the last couple of minutes, westbound 80 at the san pablo dam road we had a trailer on fire. they cleared it off the main highway. lanes three and four are back open with a big backup to
5:49 am
highway 4 at 13 miles per hour. and now all the lanes are back open i am hoping we can cover. westbound 580 we had a disabled semi that is pushed to the shoulder. only a couple of miles of stop-and-go traffic approaching 680. southbound lanes through the walnut creek area are heavy. one spot we do not have too much fog and we will talk about that next. >> breaking news from the live desk. all the breaking news is international, the japanese prime minister abe will visit pearl harbor with president obama at end of the month the first japanese leader to visit the site, the police that pulled the united states into world war ii, the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor is on two days on wednesday. the visit to hawaii is expected the week between christmas and new year's. >> a long time bar in walnut
5:50 am
creek is under fire from city hall and police coming up next, the major restriction that city leaders could impose today. >> this not how a flight to mexico was supposed to end, and it was forced to make an emergency landing. you can see the podium in oakland is in place and we are expecting new information in the latest update on the deadly warehouse fire. warehouse fire. stay tuned.
5:51 am
warehouse fire. stay tuned. ♪ ♪ we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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>> today a judge will hear a lawsuit filed by the last mobile home park in palo alto, asking the judge to determine in the reocation proceedings held by palo alto will fair. in the ruling is in favor of the residents, palo alto could increase funds of the relocation allowance received by each owner. if it is in favor of the city, the property owner could issue eviction notices. the judge is expected to rule on a later date. >> today, changes could come to a popular swimming spot in lafayette. neighbors of the sun valley swimming pool have had enough with noise, trash and parking congestion and sunrises frustration to the planning commission and is expected to vote on possible changes including limiting membership, or, perhaps, cutting down hours and adding strict are noise enforcement. >> today, the walnut creek city council will vote whether to change the hours of a well-known bar with a hit of violence.
5:54 am
crogan's is a experts bar in downtown walnut creek since 1978. police say they have responded to 700 calls in the last four years offer incidents of violence, including murder. officials want crogan's top to serving liquor at midnight and close by 2:30 rather than 2:30 and the bar said it would put them out of business. >> today would have wherein the 115th birthday of walt disney and you can get free admission to the disney museum founded by his daughter who lived in the bay area. the museum is located in the revideo, with free admission is not enough, mickey mouse will appear. disney is the parent company of abc. >> we have temperatures a little bit milder in the south bay and looking at upper 40s to low 50s and it is 51 in example, and sunnyvale is 50, and the cooler 40s in the north bay,
5:55 am
46 in novato and danville at 40. foggy in the north bay and oakland right now, livermore is reporting six miles visibility and mountain view not so bad but from sutro tower you will notice it is hard to see. today, is a warmer day with upper 50s to low 60s, matterly cloudy skies and we will get cooler tomorrow and rain arriving late, closer to midnight and chilly on wednesday. alexis? >> good morning! the bay bridge camera, last time we could not see anything, totally socked in. fog is shifting and moving an. the visibility has improved. for now. but, still, probably a good idea to give yourself a few extra minutes this morning with dense areas of fog. westbound 80 on the mends between highway 4 and the maze at 31 meants where we had the semi fire at san pablo dam road now cleared from the main line. 12 minutes across the bay bridge and south 101 in the green.
5:56 am
>> imagine 55 people walked away safely from a plane after the nose gear come slammed in texas. united express plane was flying from houston to next on sunday afternoon. the crew got a red light indicating a gear malfunction so they were diverted to san antonio and the plan landed the nose gear just collapsed. 51 passengers and four crew members evacuated by the emergency lieds. the plane was operated by ski west under an agreement with united. >> gas prices have been holding steady the last two weeks at $2.20 a gallon. expect higher gas prices after officials decide to cut production. the current average for a gallon of regular in san francisco is $2.80. in san jose, $2.66 and in oakland at $2.65. coverage of the tragedy in oakland and we are expecting more information and a press conference in four minutes. officials expect to update us on the investigation and the
5:57 am
recovery of the which we will bring to you live. >> what we are lending of the victims of the fire and the man in charge of the oakland ghost ship art collective. >> we will keep you up to date on weather and traffic. on weather and traffic. stay tuned. so dad slayed the problemt with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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5:59 am
we are taking you to oakland where any second we september authorities to update us on the fire that has kill at least 33 people. awe have a camera there and a reporter, amy hollyfield, who confirmed before we went on air at 4:30 this morning, though is paused their work there because the building was just too unsafe to go in. eight victims have been publicly identified so far. you are looking at some of the photos, 15 of them here and the saying a teen only 17 years old. he went to high school in san francisco. >> a criminal investigation is
6:00 am
now underway into the fire and to the history of complaints about the building, so many people asking, why was more not done to prevent this? we will keep a close eye on what is happening to the news conference and i can see as soon as this begins we will let you know. while we wait for that to start we will get a quick check of the weather and traffic. lisa? >> yes, good morning, foggy from the north bay and, also, in the east bay around oakland and livermore right now, but the south day is doing better with temperatures on the mild side, certainly from san jose to fremont in the low 50s but, 40s in parts of the low lying areas so the fog is with us until 8:00, and mid-to-upper 50s and the warmest day of the week is today, rain by the second half of week. >> a lot of fog, as lisa mentioned, slow down, take it easy, and we are improving but this is still our slowest spot, westbound 80


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