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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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to the history of complaints about the building, so many people asking, why was more not done to prevent this? we will keep a close eye on what is happening to the news conference and i can see as soon as this begins we will let you know. while we wait for that to start we will get a quick check of the weather and traffic. lisa? >> yes, good morning, foggy from the north bay and, also, in the east bay around oakland and livermore right now, but the south day is doing better with temperatures on the mild side, certainly from san jose to fremont in the low 50s but, 40s in parts of the low lying areas so the fog is with us until 8:00, and mid-to-upper 50s and the warmest day of the week is today, rain by the second half of week. >> a lot of fog, as lisa mentioned, slow down, take it easy, and we are improving but this is still our slowest spot, westbound 80 heading into the
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san pablo area we had an earlier semi fire now all cleared. you are jammed up beyond highway 4, 12 miles per hour up to 28 miles per hour, and it is speeding up and improving the closer to where the lanes were blocked. hopefully it will improve the next half hour. we will check on the drive times next. >> awe are gettingng back to the oakland fire, we are waiting for officials to start a news conference on the recovery and of course the investigation. >> our reporter is at 31st and international where it is about to take place. >> sergeant j.d. nelson with the never's office is here and it appears we are getting started soon ask he said he was here right on time. he is waiting for officials from a couple of different agencies to get here before they start. we stilt have a few more seconds or minutes to go so i will catch you up on what we hope to hear. we want to hear more of the stability of the building and it will look like.
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they had to suggestion send the search. they stopped last night at sock, with a fresh crew ready to go in and search and they were told the buildings with not safe and they had to step. i am boeing to step out of the camera's way and show you we have officials here, the pre conference is about to get started. we have federals from the police department and behalf italian chef from the before battalion chef from the fire department and alameda has a few representatives. they did say this morning they have 70% of the building searched. >> let's get started. i want to check the sound we have a lot of heavy equipment including the generators. including the generators. how is the sound?
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i am the public information officer for the oakland police department. we would like to update you. we know we are coming off of a weekend, it is monday morning, and maybe not everyone has watched or has information on what has transpired since last friday, december 2nd at 11:30 p.m. a fear broke out at 13300 on 31st avenue in oakland. last evening the victim loss was 33. that is 33 family whose have lost a loved one, 33 of our loved ones who in the city of deck have perished. we would like to update you regarding additional information
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over the losses to families and our community. we have deputy sheriff providing additional information regarding the victims lost and families that have been notified. we have battalion chief updating you on the work the near department has done along with other agencies. i turn it over to deputy >> good morning, my name is modsta a spokesperson for the county sheriff. since our last update, we have located and recovered 36 victims. 36. since the last update, we have located and recovered 36 victims. of the 36 victims, 11 have been positively identified.
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their family members have been presently notified. that number is inclusive of the eight given last night. we will not update this morning, the list of names, o identified victims. we are giving the family member an opportunity to update other family members, to notify them, and give them an opportunity to grieve together before we release the additional >> good morning, again. can you hear me? the fire d -- department at 10:00 last night was asked by a.t.f. and local investigators to stop recovery work in the back of the building because we
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now feel very strongly we have the section of the building the area of origin where the fire started. the investigators will be here in a few hours to start building out their team and getting deeper into that area of the building, the become of the building, so when we enter and go straight back to the back wonderful center of the building, we have a square footage area quarantined off for additional investigation. after midnight we had crews doing surveillance on the next door roof and noticed a slight lean on the front of the warehouse at the stop of the exterior wall, we have a 3" lean going into the center of the building. for us as firefighters working
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under a wobbly potentially clopsable exterior wallet is extremely dangerous. we will not put our firefighters in danger at this point. we not put alameda county sheriff in that precarious situation. we did a full work stoppage at 12:18 last night and have not been continuing with body recovery sin. -- since. all of the contractor workers will be here at 8:00 a.m. to develop a game plan. we help we will be back in the building between 12:00 and 2:00 today to continue the recovery effort. >> we know you have questions so we will start over here and work our way to the left. >> you can describe a parapet? >> at the top of the exterior where the roof meets the wall
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there is a 5' section of the exterior wall leaning in 3". it should be straight. we are concerned that unreinforced area could collapse. [ inaudible ] >> absolutely, at this point we are using the number 70% as the area of the building we have searched and effectively done recovery on. the small area in the become for the area of origin in the front area based on the safety concern area based on the safety concern has not been searched. >> we are no closer to finding a cause. we believe the number of fatalities will increase.
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fatalities will increase. [ inaudible ] >> can you speak up a little bit? >> will they have to sift through the remains of the building or will it be at 100%? >> when the search is complete completeed, the primary focus has been on the location and recovery. that is what we have been talking about for the last three days. we are on day four this started last friday december 2nd. we are on our 4th day. primary focus has always been on search and recovery.
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when that is completed, they will start having the conversation and shifting this investigation to clever direction is appropriate. right now it is too early at the chief said, a.t.f. has been here and they need to determine which direction the investigation is going to go. we will keep everyone informed. we have right now 36 families not only grabbing for their lost ones but they want answers. we are working to find those answers as a city, collectively, to provide answers for the family and our community. and what can we learn from this? in our attempts to prevent this from happening again, if there are lessons learned. [ inaudible ]
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we anticipate based on the weather reports, the rain will start on wednesday and increase by friday. the fire department feels reticent about getting in too quickly today. obviously. the natural desire for firefighters and anyone in public service is to quickly get in, mitigate a situation, mitigate an emergency and rescue, or in this case recovery. we will not be going faster to get ahead of the rain. we will be just as comprehensive, just as methodical, just as analytical to make sure we are successful in a full recovery in the new few days. few days. [ inaudible ]
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majority of -- days, the majority everyone at the center of the building. sir? sir? go ahead. >> that is a have good question and we anticipate a lot of thosances to come in the next days and weeks and maybe next months. i am going to answer the question. any time law enforcement is as the oakland believed, first responders go into any situation if they notice any type of violations, if they notice any
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criminal activity, we record it, document it, forward it. i will share with you the oakland police department was one of the first law enforcement agencies in the country to have body cameras so a lot of activity we do is recorded. say we came to this location and there were concerns, whether it is criminal concern or whether it and a violation. we will have captured that on our body camera footage. this is a very large not only incident but tragedy. we immediately, working with other city services, collectively, everyone has been work through the weekend and rightfully so. we have a lot ofans to provide to families and to provide to our community. as we look at those answers we are looking at preferring our body warn footage and how many calls we have gone to and the
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types of calls, documentation, we are working with our planning of building department, with our alameda county district attorney, so we have a lot of moving parts to this and we will findance -- find answers to the question. we request patience. we want to do a thorough investigation. whichever direction that takes us, whether it is criminal or remains right now as an investigation we want to be factual with our information. factual with our information. you have a question? >> her question was more information on the potential point of origin,ject? >> yes. >> based on the significant charring and damage in the building we have areas where this steel is actually twisted and wrapped in the back of the building and we can see fire
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spread and a.t.f. and will local vairs feel strongly they have identified the section of the building that is the area of origin. it appears to be the back of the building where the artist collective was on the first floor and potentially during this concert the dance floor was just above. [ inaudible ] >> hot. extremely hot fire. extremely hot fire. no way of telling the cause. >> sir? >> sir? [ inaudible ] hard time hearing the question
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but work stoppage, absolute concern for the structure and the safety of the workers. additionally, we want to get into questions of cause of fire and where it started, but the fire department is doing an excellent job working on a lot of complicated situation buzz we want to talk with a.t.f. to have an opportunity to do a full inspection where we can provide more information. i will take one last question. sir? sir? [ inaudible ] >> set hard to determined based on the fact we have fire damage through to the roof on the back
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wall, in the rafters on the steel beams and until we have an absolute i don't want to speculate on whether it was a first or second floor. [ inaudible ] >> again, we will certainly provide more information but we would like to have a.t.f. on board, have the opportunity to determine causes, areas, things like that, we are going to conclude this portion of our paid briefing. throughout the day we will continue to provide information to you and we will send out a media availability and because of the work stoppage and we have other crews coming back and joining us it is very difficult for us to set that time. we want to come back to you with more information as the alameda county sheriff office has stated, we will provide names of
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the lost loved ones later today and make sure you have that information. [ inaudible ] >> that is the latest news conference held by the alameda county sheriff, and the fire department, and of course the police. there were major new developments we just learned, including number has been updating for 36 people found inside of the warehouse where the fires decimated so many families and lives. they say 11 people have new been identified. that is three more than we knew last night. >> they do expect the death toll to continue to rise. we heard the chief describe this as a very hot fire. the inside o the building is still unstable, twisted steel described wrapped in the back of the building and she said they feel exterior strongly they necessity where in the building
6:19 am
the fire started and that could be in the back part of the building. >> they help to get into the building between 12:00 and 2:00 but it is all in the air. they are trying to republican force the building to make sure it was safe for the firefighters who were pulled out after midnight and have not been back because they believe a portion of the front side of the building is leaning in. they say at the time it did not seem structurally sound enough for the firefighters to do their work. >> more to come on the story and hearing from the man who was in charge of setting up the event charge of setting up the event in the space, in
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>> now the accweather forecast. we have areas of dense fog in the north bay, less than half-a-mile visibility for petaluma, santa rosa, oakland is over two miles and livermore has improved to five mills, and temperatures are miler, look the at east bay, 52 in hayward, the south bay, 51 in peninsula, and mountain view and 52 in san jose, but, city, the 30s in the north bay, the forecast today is quiet, we will see partly cloudy skies with the fog lifting, mid-to-upper 50s and perhaps 60 degree temperature and tomorrow, that is when the
6:23 am
real numrs head our way. alexis has trouble in the north bay? >> a signature alet for petaluma, southbound 101 drives, we have a new crash and this is right an petaluma boulevard, south, lane number two, the last center lane is blocked because of a collision, and, the backup is growing quickly so sig-alert was issue by c.h.p. a few minutes ago. we do not have major blocking issues but a look outside the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights have been on for an hour. we will look at the drive ♪ she's the reason the good times are great. ...and the reason the tough times are easier. because she's your best friend... and your true love. presenting the ever us two-stone diamond collection... new rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets. one diamond for your best friend... one diamond for your true love. for the one woman...who's both. ever us. available at kay, jared and zales.
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>> oakland's lgbt community is in mourning, and they are saying they may know some of the victims. the port bar recently occupied on broadway and said a victim was a recent customer along with one person who is still missing. he feels more of his (s and patrons could be among the victims. >> our community is suffering and a number of the individuals that we know are missing are lgbt people and one of the reasons we founded the port bar there is not enough space for queer identified people in the east bay to gather. >> relatives and friends have been streaming into the alameda county sheriff building on east 12th veto get more information on their missing loved ones and as you can see, some people brought care packages are for the families and the sheriff staff. >> oakland mayor schaaf said the
6:27 am
victim's families deserve to know what the city knew of the ghost ship building and when, recent complains of garbage have piled up outfront and unpermitted construction inside. employees will examine all city hall transactions involving the willing. >> we have a lot of new ♪ music: it's a small world after all ♪ come join us this season, at the all new festival of holidays event... ...including the new world of color season of light show... now at the disneyland resort.
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>> breaking news. >> it is monday, december 5. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. >> we want to get back to amy hollyfield at the warehouse in oakland. >> crews have been working long 12 hour shifts trying to get through the building as much as they can with dignity and respect for the families and must be frustrated they cannot do that now? >> they are wanting to get in there and resume the search but it just isn't safe. they just told us moms ago at a press conference they will probably not get back inside the building until noon or even as late as 2:00 this afternoon. the a.t.f. will arrive at 7:00 this morning, and a consulting firm will be here an hour after that, and they will talk about their plan for today to make the intelligence safe. the fire chief said at midnight last name they pulled all crews out of the building because it is leaning. they have veteranned 70%
6:31 am
36 victims. the debt toll has gone up from 33 and new at 36. they hoped to make some more progress overnight, and especially since the rain is coming, the fire chief said the rain could hamper the surf but it will not change how they do their work. >> we will not be going faster to get ahead of rain. we will be as comprehensive and methodical and analytical to make sure we are successful in a full recoverly. at at fire chief said it was tough for the crews to pull out of the building and not be able to make progress, they wanted to get some work done but they say safety has to come first. at this point they don't know when they will give us another briefing. they say they do not know when they will have more information because they do not know when they can get into the building. we are here standing by for more
6:32 am
updates but no press conference is scheduled at this time. we asked when they are inside do they expect to find more victims and they do, absolutely. >> a lot new information. we know that 11 of the 36 fire victims have been identified. >> eight names have been released so far, and jessica has that. >> you can see the photos, the victims are all very young, in their teens, 20s, and early 30s, sarah hoda from walnut creek was a teach neither east oakland. colleagues say she was well loved. 32-year-old brandon chase an accomplished museum from hayward want by a different name. the family of donna kellogg say she wired at high wire coffee roasters. and travis hough from oakland,
6:33 am
35, art therapist for inner city kids and texted his girlfriend during the fire, the last time she heard from him. nick gomez halt, 26 years from san diego, a book design at counter point press in west berkeley. david cline, 24, recently graduating from uc berkeley with computer science degree. and among the youngest, 22-year-old oakland rain cash askew remembers at a talented we guitarist but the youngest so far is 17-year-old victim, we foe his identity and we are choosing not to reveal it out of courtesy to family. he is a minor. heartbreaking. >> we are lending more of the man who rented out the ghost ship for the party. >> he has been staying at a hotel in downtown oakland where we are with more on the video you see only here. >> yes, we are outside the hotel, guys, where the man who rented the ghost ship has been
6:34 am
staying the last night, a news crew call up with derrick derick ion almena and there are a lot of questions raised about him. this is what he said, something you will see only on abc7 >> do you have anything to say? >> they are my children, my friends, my family, my love and my future. what else do i have to say? >> a few more details have emerged about derick ion almena's background, child care officials took his children last year after fearing for their safety at the warehouse. the family was reunited in june. d.c. city officials say derick ion almena needed a special permit for the friday night party which he did not have. >> the alameda county sheriff is asking families with loved ones
6:35 am
stilt unaccounted for so save items for possible d.n.a. identification if it is needed. >> any family members or friends of the victims if preserve d.n.a.-type items, combs, brushes, security them in a background paperback. >> the sheriff said not to send the items until the coroner's bureau asks. >> this fire has touched extremely close to home for the sheriff's office, we have fund out that one of their deputies has been affected. here is how. >> the tragedy has hit very close to home for our agency. one of our deputies that we work with lost his son in this fire. >> it is unclear at this point in the deputy's son is among those who already have been
6:36 am
publicly identified. >> a large candlelight vigil planned tonight at 9:00 p.m. at lake merritt to honor those lost in the fire, you can see on facebook 2,400 people have said they will attend. >> in san francisco, residents have an opportunity to honor the victims at a candlelight vigil held tonight at 5:00 at harvey milk plaza in the castro. >> now the accweather forecast. >> good morning, high clouds streaming in, ahead of a cold front, a dry one that brought miler temperatures to the south bay, 51 in campbell, 50 in sunnyvale, the rest of the bay area in the 40s a few sheltered locations have dropped into the 30s. 50 in san pablo. but with that the low clouds have done a number on the fog in the north by. half mile to quarter-mile visibility, petaluma, oakland, liver down to three miles and a gorgeous shot from the east baylies camera and the next couple of days are quiet, cooler
6:37 am
tomorrow, and low-to-mid 50s partly cloudy skies and wednesday morning i have had rain to the north bay and it will spread south throughout the entire day and that begins at rety wet pattern over the next seven days nothing today, maybe a new sprinkles tomorrow, and by wednesday and thursday it is rainy and a "2" on the storm-impact scale through thursday. a sig-alert in the north bay. alexis? >> a crash in petaluma southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard south. the right lane is blocked. we have a significant backup. it continues to grow. it is over five miles. close to six miles. looking at the speeds, to eight miles per hour, 14 miles per hour, so heavy stop-and-go traffic. use the surface trips is a better choice. dunce fog and that could be
6:38 am
contributing factor so low down. >> walnut creek to dublin is 15 minutes. santa rosa to san francisco, including the sig-alert one hour and 21 minutes and northbound 17, traveling between highway one and los gatos at under half an hour at 29 minutes. at look at the south bay, has been quiet so far this morning, 280 at 17, filling in on the inbound side, and no major issues for you in the south by. >> i will show you the fog in less than 10 minutes. >> still ahead, the woman who is puced to at friday night's rave at ghost ship but wasn't and the vow she is making to prevent another tragedy. >> a look outside right now with abc7 the golden gate bridge is looking good this morning we started with heavy fog here and it is start telling clear in san it is start telling clear in san francisco but not in all
6:39 am
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6:42 am
top priority is fun and music and family gathering. >> she said she will dedicate her time to make sure that party promoters focus on safety. she is using social media to contact family members of those who are still missing so they can share pictures and personal information. >> fires this morning a few minutes ago said they feel very strongly they know the point of origin of the fire. amy? >> yes, they are saying it was right under where the dance floor was during this party on friday night at the warehouse and they say they are studying an area where there is twisted steel and they can see where the fear spread. that is the indication to them they found the right location of the point of origin, in the back of. ing. they brought in a.t.f. agents to help with the investigation. we asked about the twisted steel and they said it comes from an
6:43 am
extreme hot first, we got briefed moments ago, you can listen in to the chief. >> we can see fire spread and a.t.f. and local investigators feel strongly they have identified the section of the building that is the origin. [ inaudible ] >> they also updated the death toll during this press conference saying they have new found 36 victims and they do expect to release some names of the victims later this afternoon but want to give family members time to reach out to other relatives and let them know before they release it to reporters so that is one update is coming later today. we expect to see them return to the building when it is safe but it will not be until this afternoon. they say they may not have more updates for us until they can get back inside and they think it will be around noon and could be as late as 2:00 this
6:44 am
afternoon. a memorial is growing near the warehouse with people leaving flowers and momentoes at east 12th and 31st avenue. one man said he lost eight of his close e friends. >> it did not hit me until i saw there -- this. it doesn't make sense. it doesn't. it hours hike crazy right new. they were deejays, we group up in the scene together and it was an awesome place to be together. for this to happen it it was just...i loved them is much. i loved them so much. >> he did not go but has been to several similar parties before.
6:45 am
>> people would live in the fruitvale district are saying the fire is essentially everyone's fault that we collectively turn add blind eye to code enforcement. the oakland city council member said there are 200 other warehouse-type building not up to code and said the city needs to hold landlords more accountable, a city with high rent is forcing many to make do in the crews unsafe buildings, converted illegal by the landlords. >> they turn a two bedroom into a five bedroom and do their own electrical work. >> we should not way for the another tragedy. >> oakland resolution -- residents say it is too bad it take as tragedy like this to talk about code enforcement. >> woman would used to call this is calling it a death trap.
6:46 am
kelly macklyed here two years ago and showed a photo of a blocked exit and did not know it was illegal but was told it was 24 hour workplace for students. >> it is a death trip. >> it is a death trip. a house of love i made it out alive. >> she said the appeal was cheap rent and close to her job. >> if you want to show your love for oakland and the people impacted we have a special badge on facebook you can share at abc7 news bay area. >> new this morning, dr. ben carson is getting the nod from csx to be the in fact secretary of the department of housing and urban development. i have new details in the announcement president-elect
6:47 am
called ben carson a brilliant mind and said the pair talk about strengthening the economy in urban areas. curing to ben carson's aide the neurosurgeon turn down the health and human services job was of lack of experience running a for agency but this time, he is accepting the nomination, say and i quote, "i feel i can make a significant contribution particularly by strengthening communities that are most in need," the senate will have to vote to confirm the nomination. ben carson was an early and vocal supporter of trump after dropping out of the presidential race in march. >> thank you. the read deck community got together to celebrate the return of sherri papini with hundreds of shasta county residents welcoming her to take a photo together to send as a crime card to the family. she was found on thanksgiving day we three weeks after disappearing while on a jog, she is bruised and branded and obvious i still trying to process it all. everyone wanted to get together
6:48 am
for the photo and plan to sanity as a surprise. >> welcome home, sherre! >> we never lost home, we kept working and made it happen, we are so plowed of our community and thank you so much. >> the people are wearing pink because it is her favorite cover. the mayor spoke with the couple and they still have a little of healing to do. >> palo alto police arrested four suspects in the third smash-and-grab robbery a couple of weeks at bay area app stores. a 19-year-old ferguson and erica white face felony burglary driving an s.u.v. through the apple university avenue store front window at 4:30 yesterday morning stealing a large number of people and two of the four arrested are scruff -- juveniles. police wonder if it is checked
6:49 am
to two recent robberies at apple in marina neighborhood. >> today would be the 115th birthday of walt disney and you can get free admission to the walt disney family museum with doors open from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. located in the presidio with free admission not enough? mickey spouse will appear today. disney is the parent company of abc7. >> we started with wide help video fog in the bay area and now an update. >> it is getting better in the east bay but in the north bay you can see it is bad with less than quarter-mile visibility, we have overlaid the low clouds and on live doppler hd you will notice santa rosa, half moon bay, seven miles in livermore and pretty good pictures with 51 in san francisco, and mountain view, and 52 in half moon bay, so more mild than the past couple of morning, because of the blanket of low clouds.
6:50 am
we will look in the upper 30s the next hour or so in santa rosa and the delta, with fog, but, elsewhere, it is better getting going when you haveize it is 10 to 20 degrees milder in concord and livermore and mountain view. tomorrow, that is when we getting leading edge of cold air and a few light sprinkles but it will be cooler than today, today is the quiet of the day but as we get interest wednesday morning, here comes the rain by 5:00 in the afternoon, we have rain in the nothing bay, light showers overspread the bay area and by thursday we have good downpours on friday and another system tries to lift to the north and saturday we add to the rain totals and put them all together from wednesday through saturday and they look impressve from 1" to branch 3.5" through saturday. we have that to look forward to but it could be a rain and snow mix in the sierra nevada looking for partly cloudy skies with the fog lifting and tomorrow, maybe a sprinkle, chilly afternoons
6:51 am
and the rain arrives in the second half the week. alexis has a mixup in the north bay? >> we do an area are we have dense fog so you will not have a choice. you need to slow down to get around this crash, southbound 101 at petaluma boulevard south a collision with injuries blocking right lane so the sig-alert is issued and if i zoom out using the distance measuring tool it is five miles and you can use petaluma to get around that to get off of 101 at 15- to 20-minute delay if you stay on 101 to get through the stretch. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are on since 5:33 so it is congested getting through that maze and we have average drive times, slow in all the typical spots, a problem in petaluma, really, is only major blocking issue. in delays with bart with 59 trains in service and at the ace website they still are having trouble with the tracking
6:52 am
devices but ace three, one and five all on dime and caltrain has in issues report. you have regular schedule and everything is okay. another look the at crash in petaluma next. >> a if news, gas prices held steady at $2.20 and the nation around, but the bad news expect it to go up soon after officials say there will likely be a cut in production. according to aaa the average for a gallon of regular in san francisco is $2.80 in san francisco $2.6 and oakland $2.65. the walnut creek city council will vote whether to change the hours of this well-known bar after a history of violence. this is crogan moves sports bar in downtown walnut creek since 1978. police have spended for 700 calls in the last four years over incidents of violence including murder. officials want crogan's top stop serving liquor at midnight and close by 2:30 rather than 2:00 a.m. but the owners say it would
6:53 am
put them out of the business. >> we will brief you on everything that you need to know today about the oakland fire.
6:54 am
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warehouse fire with 11 identified and families notified. the chief said the number of fatalities will increase. >> two, from the live desk the recovery effort for more victims is stopped right new as we look out there. the building has been deemed too unsafe for search teams to continue. they hope to get back in around noon. officials say they have identified the section of the building where the fire starts. >> the man would ranked artist collective spoke original with abc7 last night. he was criticized heavily on social media for a facebook most that did not among the victims telling us last night they are his children, friends and family. >> two vigils are landed distant in on of the victims and in san francisco they will gather in the castro at 5:30 and in oakland a vision at lake merritt starting at 8:00 p.m. >> five, areas of fog in the north bay is better now in the east bay and temperatures are milder, at 40s and 50s to get you going and partly cloudy skies this afternoon and chilly
6:56 am
weather arrived tomorrow and rain the second part of the work week. >> at the biggest issue is in petaluma. we have a sig-alert southbound 101. it is at petaluma boulevard southbound. crash with injuries blocking the right lane and a five mile backup. avoid that area. use petaluma boulevard for the alternate. >> seven, professional athletes and local celebrities are coming together tonight to raise money for underserved children. the hold heroes fundraiser is at 6:00 p.m. at at&t park, and we are a proud sponsor. ticket are still available. go to for more information. >> we will follow all of the information on what is coming in regarding the fire. the concern i have now is the rain. if they are delayed to get into the fire, it could push them back to later in the week. >> by midday on wednesday we will see sprinkles. see you in 25 minutes.
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we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. good morning, america. now a criminal investigation. at the death toll climbs in that oakland concert fire. one of the nation's deadliest fires in decades. >> like, seeing, like, everything, like, this orange wall of fire. >> desperate families still searching for loved ones. >> please, just call us. we just want to know if you're alive or not. >> firefighters digging through the rubble for answers. the fire chief at the center of the search right here on "gma." flash flood alert. water rising across the gulf coast. stranding drivers. a mother and son rescued from this bridge. and an arctic blast is about to sweep across the rest of the country. record snow in chicago. windchills plunging below zero. tens of millions in the path of a major deep freeze.


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